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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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e found dead in their new jersey home in september. >> exactly how they died has been a mystery until today. the prosecutor's office released the report this afternoon. joyce sheridan had eight stab wounds to her sxhaed a fatal wound to the heart. she had defensive cuts to her hands. detectives recovered two kitchen knives. police believe john sheridan stabbed his wife and then cut himself in the neck and torso. they believe he set the bedroom on fire and pulled a large armoire onto himself, crushing his ribs but say he was alive at the time the fire was set. friends and coworkers say in the days before the deaths john sheridan was acting upset, withdrawn and overly worried. the sheridan family released a statement disputing the findings. they say quote, this conclusion seeks to convict our father based on little more than rank speculation. we will be filing a lawsuit challenging the conclusion announced by investigators. we will not allow our father to be convicted based on guesswork resulting from an inadequate and incomplete investigation simply because he is not here to defend himself.
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friday started out wet. >> sheena parveen is here now. we're already 10 degrees below normallial and it's going to get colder. >> that's right. today chilly especially with any showers around. we still do have some light rain around. it's mostly along the shore from cape may and points north. and even through sussex county. some of that heavier rain we saw in southern delaware that has kind of moved out. we're now just seeing drizzle throughout rest of the area. here's a live look out at center city. we pretty much have dry conditions here. just overcast skies. if you're heading out this evening, we will be keeping the clouds in the forecast but it will be a dryer night tonight than what we had last night. null temperatures we're looking at mid to upper 40s north and west. 48 degrees in reading. 44 pottstown. 47 in philadelphia. 45 degrees in millville. it is kind of chilly outside. as we go through tonight, it will get colder.
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starting off your weekend, it will be a cold one for your saturday. for this evening, though if you're heading out for this friday evening, by 6 p.m. temperature around the mid-40s staying cloudy by 8 p.m. mid-40s. still clouds around. by 10:00 we should be in the low 40s. coming up, we'll talk about how cold the weekend it will be a chance for snow flurries. that's straight ahead. a second tragedy for a south jersey special medicine teen. the medical van his mom drives was stolen and then totaled in a crash. >> cydney long has the details and explains what the teenager er 's family is counting on now. >> i guess he just jumped into my vehicle and took off because it was less than a minute. it happened so quick. >> reporter: lopez says she and her 15-year-old son m.j. can't catch a break. >> i'm thinking it's a prank. i'm looking all over and then immediately called the cops.
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>> reporter: someone stole her medical van, leaving police on a chase, and totaled it. lopez relies on the vehicle to take m.j. to the doctor and his grandparents in new jersey. just a week ago m.j. rose above the worst tragedy in his life paralyzed from waist down when a drunk driver william leipe hit. m.j. just testified and feeling like things were finally looking up. >> he's my strength. he is my strength. that boy keeps me going. that's why i have to be positive. i have to stay positive. >> reporter: it's routine for lopez to bring her son down this ramp. she admits she had the van running. it was parked right here when it suddenly vanished. she's just happy m.j. wasn't in it. >> maybe i was going to be in a tragic accident with my son going to new jersey taking him. i have to look at it as maybe i was saved.
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i don't know. >> reporter: police caught the driver who slammed the van into several cars in a woman's home. now the lopez/guzman family has set up a go fund me site hoping someone will help them with the purchase of a new van. lopez had limited insurance. >> he took me out of my car. now i have no vehicle. and the lady the house that got hit, her house is boarded up. people don't respect what other people work so hard for. >> reporter: from philadelphia cydney long, "nbc10 news." turning now to the latest on the crash of germanwings flight 9525. a german hospital is denying reports that it treated co-pilot andreas lubitz for depression but it does confirm he was a patient there over the past two months. earlier today, investigators announced they found a doctor's note at his apartment indicating that lubitz didn't tell lufthansa about an illness. the note excused him from work over a number of days. that includes tuesday, when investigators say he deliberately crashed a passenger jet into a mountain in the french alps killing 150 people
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including two americans with ties to our area. neighbors are stunned. >> i cannot imagine that he has done it with intention. that does not fit in this picture for me. >> authorities say they didn't find any suicide note or any claim of responsibility. at his apartment they don't believe the crash was motivated by politics or religion. for more on the unfolding investigation into this tragedy, tune into "nbc nightly news" at 6:30. big brother is watching as they say. long-awaited cameras are in place in a bucks county neighborhood. >> the now high-tech cameras went on line in bristol days ago. they're an extra set of eyes. their job is not about catching crimes but, rather preventing them. here's nbc10's deanna durante. >> people aren't out here selling drugs 24/7 like they were 20 years ago. >> reporter: ralph johnson should know. 20 years ago he was a beat cop walking the streets in bristol
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neighborhoods under siege by drug dealers. they can't stop it completely because -- >> no we're not that naive to believe it doesn't happen. it just moves it to other locations, other than the street corners, where people have their kids playing. >> reporter: techniques have evolved over 20 years. while patrol cars still roman these areas, cameras have popped up. >> they're tag readers, so they can actually grab a tag, they can run the tag for stolen. >> reporter: as acting chief in bristol, the newest cameras have went online. he says many residents asked for cameras to control the drugs. >> we can sit on the porch and don't have to worry about watching drug deals in front of you or in front of the children. >> reporter: police can sit on one corner and see what's happening in another. they say it's making criminals think twice about doing it and police say it's working. deanna durante, "nbc10 news." police in delaware are
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looking for two men who stole 200 skrab water meters from a wilmington water company. on wednesday the men were seen walking into united water on first boulevard around midnight. they got a storage trailer where the water meters were being stored. if you recognize them, please call police. sick of the constant pounding. you know this. drivers know all too well the damage potholes can cause. >> this time of year it's nearly impossible to avoid them, but relief for drivers could be just down the road. jesse gary. >> reporter: the plant behind me takes the raw materials, puts them together to make the pavement we drive over. what's inside this plastic bag? well, that could be the formula that fixes the flourishing potholes around this region and state. and that's a relief for any motorist.
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this smell section in bucks county could pave the way for relief from potholes. spring freeze/thaw cycle seems to grow craters by the day. >> in front of my house is like a stripe of potholes. >> my tires are messed up from it. i think i bent two rims. >> i don't know if there is a road they can make that you know prevents us from having pot holes. >> reporter: there may be. this box contains high strength synthetic fibers, similar to the one used in police kevlar vests. >> there's fibers in the great wall of china, in the pyramids so the concept has been around for a long time. >> reporter: they make it stronger and less likely to crack. >> when you try to pull something apart, it resists it. that's tensil strength, you can't pull it awart.
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>> reporter: 43,000 tons of the fiber-reinforced asphalt is being tested in bucks county. approval for use across the commonwealth is expected this summer. >> these fibers will essentially hold everything together and extend the life of it. >> reporter: extend the life of the roadway about 40%. however, it comes with a 10% increase in production costs. that could mean higher fees. motorists we talked to today say, money well spent. live in king of prussia, jesse gary nbc10. we do know pothole season is in full swing. crews across the region are working nonstop to fill those holes. philadelphia street departments have filled more than 15,500 potholes since the beginning of the year. our cameras have captured road crews out working filling up those caters. no word how many more need to be filled or how long the process will take. peco customers, get ready to possibly pay more. the utility wants to raise its rates. how much more money you would
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have to pay each more and the recent for the hike. new rules. secret service agents remain under a mike sop. here's a new policy about agents and alcohol.
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we're awaiting a verdict from italy's high court in the appeal of amanda knox case. knox's boyfriend is in court.
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he and knox were accused in the murder of knox's british roommate. they were convicted in 2009 and then acquitted by an appeals court in 2011 but a higher court threw out the acquittal. their lawyer made a final appeal to the court saying there were errors of, quote, colossal proportions in the guilty verdicts. if knox's earlier conviction is upheld, she could face extradition. she's currently free in the u.s. prosecutor for poland's military are charging two russian flight controllers with kriblgting to a 2010 plane crash. that crash killed poland's president and 95 other people. the plane went down in russia while trying to land in poor visibility. right now poland's relationship with russia's tense over the conflict in ukraine. new rules are in place for secret service agents when it comes to drinking and driving. a new policy prohibits agents from driving government-issued cars within ten hours of drinking. the new rules were issued in
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response to two agents who drove through a secure bomb threat investigation scene at the white house earlier this month. they had been drinking at a bar nearby. it replaces an old one of prohibiting staff from driving while under the influence of alcohol. harry reid is leaving the u.s. senate. in a video posted on youtube, the 75-year-old nevada native said after some 30 years in congress, he's retiring at the end of his term. reid, who suffered a serious eye injury in january says he says has been contemplating leaving his job for months. he insists neither the accident nor his demotion to senate minority leader from majority leader influenced his decision new former congress jesse jackson jr. spent his first entire day at a mayor myrrh halfway home. he arrived at the facility called volunteer says of america. he was released from a federal prison in alabama and will serve out the remainder of a 2 1/2 year sentence at the halfway
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house. a judge imposed that sentence after jackson pleaded guilty to spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal items. >> i'm prayerful and hopeful that we're a country of second chances. that the american people and the people of the city of chicago will consider me for a second chance. >> jackson is scheduled to be released in september. after that he will spend three years on supervised release. he will also have to complete 500 hours of community service. to texas where a crash sent a school bus tumbling onto its side. you see it there on the side of your screen. police say it happened after another driver ran a red light striking the bus. four special education students were inside. they weren't hurt. but went to the hospital as a precaution. the bus driver broke his arm. 24,000 baby chicks died in a florida fire this week. officials don't know what caused the blaze but say is went to
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five alarms before it destroyed the chicken house wednesday night. fortunately, firefighters were able to protect nearby propane tanks from exploding. a small plane landed safely in south carolina last night, but not on the runway. the single-engine plane with five people on board landed on a spartanburg highway after the engine failed. the pilot successfully maneuvered around power lines and an oncoming car. police in denver colorado are trying to track down an alleged cell phone thief using selfies. the phone's owner says someone stole it at a bar on friday. she thought it was gone for good. until she got on facebook monday. there were dozens of selfies believed to have been taken by the alleged thief. the owner says she's been analyzing the pictures trying to find the details about the woman's identity. >> there's a mcdonald's because i saw her hat on one of the selfies.
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doing my own detective work. >> the owner went to denver police. officers are now offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. well cloudy day but it's kind of chilly out there. here's a live look at citizens bank park. you can see, we still have the overcast skies but as far as is rain is concerned as we go through tonight, we won't be dealing with it like we saw last night. as we go into the weekend, though we will see big changes. a cold weekend in store for you, especially saturday, saturday night and sunday morning. we could also sigh he -- see flurries around. for now though if you're heading out tonight, temperatures will only be dropping from here. 47 now in philadelphia. areas north and west about the mid-40s. 48 degrees in reading. 48 wilmington.
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mid-40s through south jersey and delaware. 41 degrees right now in wildwood wildwood. here's a look at the radar. if you're heading out this evening, i don't think you'll need your umbrella. along the shore and parts of delaware, we're dealing with very light rain. right off the coast of sussex county, you see more moderate rain but that will continue to move away and along the shore from cape may to atlantic city maybe just some sprinkles but overall we're seeing conditions improving for tonight. cold temperatures will continue to move in for the weekend. right now we're in the 40s but we have 20s not far away at all. 27 degrees in detroit and buffalo. and this cold air will continue to filter in to start off your saturday. here's future weather. as we go through tonight, some of the clouds they'll be hanging around for your evening hours. then early tomorrow morning we'll still notice those clouds around. it will be a cloudy start to your weekend. a cold and windy start, too. so that saturday afternoon wekdz even see some more moisture moving in, which could give us very light showers or
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even just some flurries around. that's one thing we'll be watching. saturday night, there you notice that cold air still around and then you see some snow possibly ocean county burlington county. this wouldn't be long-lasting. at this point we're watching the chance of showers and even flurries. notice how it lingers offshore. sunday morning we could see that as well. those cold temperatures last through sunday morning too. we will be seeing the chance again for those snow flurries as we start off your weekend. for tonight, though rain is ending in new jersey and delaware. temperatures dropping down to the mid-30s. philadelphia upper 20s north and west. tomorrow a windy and cold day. 39 to 42 degrees. just don't be surprised if you see that tomorrow. then we go into your sunday. that's going to be the better day out of the weekend. now, sunday morning will be cold, 25 degrees. by the afternoon sunny, 45. next week we start off near 60 degrees. sea lion invasion. did i grab your attention?
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well thousands of these animals have made their way to the coastal community of astoria, georgia. but not everyone's happy about it. i'll tell you why. port of astoria leaders say they're destroying the docks. they're also costing the port money because they can't tie up any boats there. a group called the sea lion defense brigade argues they should be embracing these visitors. >> people that come to visit these guys are more than willing to spend money on tourism, on seeing these guys visiting these guys. >> listen to that sound. the sea lions have been attracting people to the docks but right now their fate remained unclear. changes coming to a prominent law school in wilmington. today widener university announced it's splitting up. the reason for the new direction and what that means for students and neighbors. plus new businesses, trains and other vehicles are just part of a proposed half million dollar septa budget. what riders can also expect to
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see and how you can learn more about how your ride could be changing. join me sunday for nbc10 @issue. should minimum wage workers get a raise? supporters say it's a necessary step towards addressing income inequality but others say an increase would be bad for businesses. you'll hear from both sides. it's been nearly a decade since her death, but terri schiavo's story continues to influence the public debate. we'll show you how her philadelphia area family is continuing their fight. also getting a life-saving cure to people in need. see the simple way you can help. and bridging the digital divide. see how a program to provide discount internet service is taking steps to reach more people. coming up sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc10.
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widener university's law school has two campuses. pretty soon they'll become two separate law schools. the north wilmington law school will be called the delaware law school and the harrisburg location will be the widener commonwealth law school. the route 202 campus is much bigger than harrisburg's. the schools say more independence will be good for the school and local business.
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>> their success breeds our success. again, we consider them a very you know invaluable partner. >> the delaware campus has 12,000 alumni practicing law throughout the world. for years vice president joe biden was an adjunct professor at the school. today philadelphia city council members learned what's being done to help school children with disabilities. they got briefed from 19 different service providers for the disabled. they countered with the public center law center. american history on display today for some german exchange students. 23 students and two teachers toured the battle ship "new jersey" this afternoon. earlier today they learned about county government. it's part of an exchange program with collingswood high school. the students will also visit new york and washington. collingswood students will travel to germany this summer.
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more developments from new york city. >> a gas explosion leveled apartment buildings and touched off an inferno. next the search for victims still not found and what the city's mayor is saying about the cause. plus this -- >> jersey shore firefighters housed in a trailer. 2 1/2 years after superstorm sandy flooded their firehouse and some believe it's making them sick. >> to me it's an embarrassment to the city and it's an embarrassment to the neighborhood. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg and i'm asking city officials why it's taking so long to rebuild. plus saved by septa. coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00, how a bus driver went above and beyond his duties to get a 4-year-old girl off the streets overnight.
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right now, 5:30 a a cool start to a cold weekend. a live look at boat house row. we didn't get above 50 degrees today. >> it will only get colder. let's talk to nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. what can we expect? >> we can expect the cold to keep moving in. today drizzly, muggy. in some places, the temperatures have remained on the chilly side. 44 degrees in pottstown. 47 in philadelphia. 45 in millville. 44 in dover. 44 northeast philly. these numbers will continue to drop down. if you have plans this evening, it's going to stay colder than this as we go overnight tonight
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and even to start your weekend. so, for your saturday, it looks kind of cold. radar showing a few sprinkle as long the shore but most of the rain has moved away from the area. for the rest of the evening, just the clouds will be hanging around so is it will be a much dryer evening than last night. around 6 p.m., mid-40s cloudy. by 8 p.m., will still see the clouds around mid-40s and then we'll see that drop to low 40s by 10:00 tonight and in the 30s by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and cold and windy through your saturday afternoon. also, we could see snow flurries or of a few snow showers around. i'll show you details on that coming up. now to the latest on the building explosion in new york city. >> nbc10's jonathan siff tells us rescuers are still looking for victims. >> reporter: that frightening explosion in the east village left behind smoldering wreckage and took its toll on the psyche of new yorkers everywhere. >> yesterday was a very scary
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day. all i can do is think about the people that lost their homes. some people have been living here for decades. >> reporter: today mayor de blasio toured while cadaver dogs searched for two men still unaccounted for, 23-year-old nicholas figueroa which was on a date in the sushi restaurant and 28-year-old marcos lucone. one who worked next door is still in shock. >> the whole area was shaking. we just can't imagine what is going on. >> reporter: now investigators are getting closer to what was the cause. >> the gas line was inappropriately accessed internally. >> reporter: sources tell news4, investigators are now looking into whether they turned off kron con ed inspectors. the owner smelled gas and 15
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minutes later, the explosion. >> 3:00 in the afternoon, 15 minutes later, the owner of the sushi restaurant smelled gas. and he called the owner of the building. at that point, who then called a contractor. >> reporter: reopening second avenue could take a week. but some have vowed -- >> we don't give up. >> reporter: -- to get back to work like the people at stage restaurant across the street from destruction. >> we opened. we don't give up. we have to 24 hours. we're open 24 hours. >> reporter: tonight new york city mayor bill de blas yoe said it could be sunday before so many are able to return to their homes and businesses. lower manhattan, andrew siff "nbc10 news." be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" tonight at 6:30 following "nbc10 news" at 6:00. . new although 5:30 a water main break caused this muddy
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mess in philadelphia's brewerytown section this afternoon. the water department says it has since repaired the main along north newkirk street. water has been restored to several dozen customers. crews are now trying to restore service lines to a couple of customers. one person is dead two other people badly wounded. >> the attack happened this morning in philadelphia's bridesburg section. harry hairston has been following the story. what's the very latest? >> i just got off the phone with police. they say they have not arrested nor charged anyone in this case. >> we all said something bad's going to happen. >> reporter: some neighbors on reynolds street in bridesburg woke to the news of a triple stabbing on their block. police say inside a feces-filled home medical examiner pronounced a 50-year-old woman dead and grandmother in critical condition and the 18-year-old son is in serious but stable condition. investigators tell us they made four visits to the house since
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last september. once for a disturbance loud music and a person screaming. today's call was for a person with a weapon. kelly mcgrath lives across the street from where this morning's stabbing happened. she told us the 18-year-old was rarely seen outside the home. she says she's also had concerns about his mental and physical health. >> he seemed malnourished. he was very, very skinny. >> investigators also say they believe these are the only three people involved in this crime. they also tell me they're waiting to talk to the son and a grandmother once their conditions improve. back to you. in south jersey police need your help identifying two people in a robbery that sent an elderly man to the hospital. these are photos of the man voorhees police are looking for. they say they robbed an 83-year-old man on preston avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital after suffering facial injuries. new surveillance video into
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nbc10. three suspects wanted for breaking into a public storage facility facility. police say two men and one woman broke into the building on caster avenue saturday night. they say they got in through a hole cut in the roof. the suspects made off with 35 guitars, 10 amps electronics and other items. 2 1/2 years after hurricane sandy, many places have been rebuilt, repairs made. >> for some firefighters are still whey waiting. one of ocean city's firehouses was flooded by sandy and ever since the firefighters have been staying in temporary quarters. nbc10 jersey bureau reporter ted green burg isberg is live for us. >> reporter: every city-owned building here that was damaged by superstorm sandy has been fixed except for this fire house. some firefighters say the long wait has gotten them sick.
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>> we've been in it too long. >> reporter: ocean city firefighters say they're tired of being stationed in a trailer. >> just time to get back into a regular station. >> reporter: 2 1/2 years after superstorm sandy flooded their fire house at 29th street and west avenue the trailer is still home base for about 15 professional firefighters during every 24-hour shift. >> it's unacceptable. >> reporter: station 2's damaged building now only houses department vehicles. the trailer sits next door. >> guys that have had some respiratory issues. they're stationed here that they never had before. >> we've had the air quality and the trailer itself tested on two occasions. it came back with no problems. >> reporter: so what's taken so long? officials say they first thought fema would pay nearly the entire price of a completely new fire house, but the agency later decided the existing building could be rehabbed instead. on top of that an initial plan to renovate and expand was then determined to be too costly so
5:37 pm
it took time to draft a less expensive option. >> it's not an isolated incident when you have fema involved and, you know, just like people are dealing with recovery of their own homes and things of that nature. >> reporter: city officials hope to have the fire house ready to use again late this year or in early 2016. until then, firefighters will stay in the trailer. >> it's an embarrassment to the city and it's an embarrassment to the neighborhood. >> reporter: and i've learned there's a growing cost for the trailer as well. fire department officials tell me that so far the city has spent more than $40,000 to rent the trailer. that's exceeding its value of $30,000. live in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." peco customers may soon be paying more for electricity. next the reason the utility wants to raise its rates and how much more money peco customers will have to pay each month. and drivers listen up if you take the pennsylvania turnpike.
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several miles will be closed to traffic. the reason for the detour and what you need to know to get around.
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peco is asking for an electric rate increase of $190 million. the money would be used to replace equipment and improve infrastructure. so, will customers pay a price if the request is approved by the utility commission? total monthly bills for residents will go up about $6 a month. small businesses would pay about $28 more a month. and large customers, close to $850 more. now, if the plan is approved the increase would go into effect january 1st. i'm nbc10's vince lattanzio with this digital exclusive. some pictures and more discovered in colorado during a burglary investigation.
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but they're a long way from home. investigators believe they're from philadelphia. now, colorado authorities are trying to get these family artifacts back to their rightful owners but they need some help. tap on the nbc10 app right now to find out who you can try help find and take a look at the keepsakes and try to track down these local owners. in this digital exclusive story you'll only find on the nbc10 app. septa riders news about the future of your commute. the transit agency is planning new businesses training and a half billion dollars in improvements. we'll tell you what that means for you. animals are tracking the rain clearing and colder air moving in just in time to start the weekend and a chance for some snow flurries or snow showers. we'll talk about the timing on it coming up. a national security test. >> plus, professor turned unriley passenger when this outburst was caught on camera. new at 6:00 what we've learned
5:42 pm
about the future of her job at a local college campus.
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we have new information about a video that showed college fraternity chanting racial slurs during a party at the university of oklahoma. today the university president released findings from its own internal investigation. >> reporter: two weeks after university of oklahoma's sigma epsilon fraternity members singing a chant. today the president announced an investigation into the incident. >> our purpose is to learn lessons and be held accountable.
5:45 pm
and then move forward. >> reporter: he says the chant was taught to pledges as part of the formal and informal pledgeship process and that the investigation revealed it was learned during an sae national leadership conference four years ago. >> this is an nbc news special report with lester holt. >> we're coming on the air with breaking news italy's supreme court has issued a new ruling in the murder case involving amanda knox and her former italian boyfriend. knox is the american who served four years in prison in italy for the 2007 murder roommate meredith meredith kirchner. knox was convicted a second time in absentia. the second decision the court decided today. we want to go to nbc's kelly cobiella with the decision in rome. >> reporter: lester good
5:46 pm
evening. absolutely stunning decision from the five panel judge here in rome just a few minutes ago. convictions for both amanda knox and her former boyfriend, raphael raphaelraf raphael raphael raphael. both wiped out. the only conviction that stands now is one against amanda knox for slander after she accused someone else of the murder very early on into the investigation. she was given a three-year sentence for that time served according to the judges. what does it mean? it's the end of the legal road for both amanda knox and her boyfriend. both maintained their innocence throughout. now after ten hours of deliberations today, this final ruling that the case is over. both free to move on with their
5:47 pm
lives. >> kelly cobiella in rome. we're told there were gatherings in seattle where amanda knox lives, people waiting and watching, as she remains in this country and could have faced a possibility of being tra diet inging extradited. we'll have a lot more coverage on this coming up on "nbc nightly news." and the latest from the crash of germanwings 9525. some major developments there regarding that co-pilot and what we've learned about him. all of this on our website, for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, los angeles. six flags great adventure going solo. the park will cut down 18,000 trees to build the largest solar farm in new jersey. it's expected to be up and running by next year. six flags says it will replant 25,000 trees over seven years.
5:48 pm
the amusement park says the solar farm will be capable of meeting all of its energy needs. the park president says solar power will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. more than 1,000 gas station attendants in new jersey are getting a healthy check from the labor department because they found many employees across the state were underpaid. since 2010 the men and women who pump gas were denied minimum wage and overtime payments. $5.5 million will be split among the workers. that's about $5,000 apiece. well kind of a cloudy but chilly day today. temperatures did get a little colder than they were yesterday. in fact as we go into the weekend, it will be even colder than what we had around today. possible flurry assist we go into your saturday. either flurries or maybe you could see a passing snow shower.
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next week the mild air finally comes back. we'll look at temperatures near 60 degrees. here's a live look outside, center city from adventure aquarium. we still have the clouds around but we don't expect rain tonight like we did last night. if you're heading out for this friday evening i don't think you need to worry about the umbrella, but the clouds will be hanging around. 47 degrees right now in philadelphia. so we have remained in the 40s for a majority of the afternoon. areas north and west mid-40s. upper reading. 45 millville. 44 degrees in dover. the rest of the evening for tonight and temperatures will be dropping down from there. we'll be getting into the 30s for most of the area. locally, though you only see rain for parts of sussex county and maybe some drizzle along the shore, but sussex county is really the only spot in delaware we are seeing. the rain around longneck near lewis, delaware on the much lighter side. as we go through tonight, though, again, we don't expect that rain like we had last night. we'll just be seeing the clouds
5:50 pm
around. friday 9 p.m. tonight you'll be expecting a dry evening. then we go into your saturday in the morning we don't expect too much but the winds will be increasing and the cold air will be here through the afternoon. then we'll have a disturbance trying to bring in some moisture. this could be in the form of a snow shower or snow flurry. the majority of that moisture could be up to our north and east as well. some of this could try to linger even into sunday morning. then you notice starting to move offshore. a cold start to your morning on sunday. through the day sunday we'll be seeing a lot of developing sunshine. so fairly nice conditions for the second half of your weekend. as far as highs tomorrow 39 for allentown and reading. 40 in quakertown. 40 degrees for doylestown. also trenton. 40 norristown. tomorrow closer to the shore low 40s. vineland 39 degrees. 42 for the high in dover. and around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs high temperatures around 40 degrees. so yeah, it's going to be a cool start to your saturday.
5:51 pm
but sunday is looking like the better day. for tonight, though, raining in new jersey and delaware. temperatures dropping to the mid-30s for philadelphia. upper 20s north and west. tomorrow windy and cold. don't be surprised by the wind tomorrow. chance of flurry and snow shower and those temperatures only topping out around 40 degrees. we go into sunday more sunshine even after a cold start. 25 for the morning low sunday. but we top out in the mid-40s. we go into monday temperatures near 60 degrees, chance of rain and snow possibly for tuesday. american astronaut scott kelly and his russian counterpart blasted off this afternoon. their mission, to spend a year in space. the trip was nasa's first attempt at a one-year space flight. their soyuz space capsule will dock at international space station and once there they'll undergo medical tests. folks, it's back. a tour of philadelphia that takes you from turf to surf and it started today.
5:52 pm
ride the ducks takes visitors from all over the area past dozens of philadelphia attractions like the betsy ross house and the liberty bell. eventually launches itself into the delaware river for a cruise along penn's landing. it costs under $30 for adults and $19 for kids. here's an opportunity to explore career options. nbc10 and berks catholic high school in reading, berks county where some students took part on career day. this year seniors were allowed to take part. a few of the students even got to check out one of our nbc10 live trucks. a half a billion dollars in improvements. >> septa is looking well into the future. the new budget calls for new trains buses and more. what it means for riders and what you can learn about plans for the future. all new at 6:00 a school employee's social media post about this deadly police shooting cost her her job.
5:53 pm
what a judge has to say about the school district's decision to fire her.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. a new $530 million septa budget covers 2016 plus a 12-year capital program. it includes bridge rebuilding and replacement work.
5:56 pm
more regional rail parking, the overhaul of power substations and escalator and elevator improvements at the center city concourse. other budget goals include new bilevel trains, 525 new diesel electric hybrid buses. septa plans to improve its infrastructure by replacing tracks and improving grade crossings. happening this weekend, expect to be detoured if you plan to drive the pennsylvania turnpike, at least on sunday morning. the turnpike will close in both directions between bensalem and delaware valley exit starting at midnight. the ez pass only exchange will also close the eastbound turn traffic. officials say they hope to reopen the highway around 6 a.m. workers will be removing steel girders from the bensalem turnpike. a longer bridge that will link to i-95 will eventually take its place. coming up next on nbc10 at 6:00, a septa bus driver jumps
5:57 pm
into action to get a 4-year-old girl out of the -- off the streets overnight. >> i was like oh you've got to be kidding me. not this time of the night. 3:00 in the morning, a little girl. >> the treat she was after that made her wander away from home. and why police won't be filing any charges. cooler conditions tonight and then temperatures continue to drop this weekend. i'm tracking the winter-like weather and even a chance for flurries in my nbc10 seven-day forecast. a six of my month investigation into the suspicious deaths of cooper hospital ceo and his wife is complete. but loved ones are not satisfied. that they plan to do now, next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
Ășa tonight at 6:00 murder/suicide. investigators have now revealed what happened before the bodies of a new jersey ceo and his wife were found in their burning home. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. a final report says cooper university health system ceo, john sheridan killed his wife joyce, set their home on fire and killed himself. the investigation goes back nearly six months when firefighters found the sheridans bodies in their burning home on september 28th. in october the sheridans' four sons hired a private investigator to look into their parents' death.
6:00 pm
less than a month later the somerset prosecutor ruled joyce sheridan's death a murder with stab wounds to her chest. now today the prosecutor's office says it was a murder/suicide. nbc10 reporter cydney long is at cooper hospital. you just received a statement from the sheridan's sons. what are they saying? >> reporter: the couple's four adult sons are not buying it. in fact, they call this investigative report, quote, incomplete guesswork. they say their father is now being convicted after his death of a crime he could have never committed. loved ones say there's no motive no forensic evidence and no knife ever recovered tied to the stab wounds of john sheridan. the sons of john and joyce sheridan tell nbc10 the somerset prosecutor's ruling that their parents' death are a murder/suicide, quote, speculative, and they plan to file a l


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