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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  March 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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breaking news tonight out of delaware county. within the last hour, police confirmed that an off duty officer was shot and killed inside his home in darby
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borough. randy gyllenhaal joins usdozy live where the news conference just wrapped up. what are the police telling you? >> reporter: they are not releasing the identity of this officer yet. they want to notify all his family first. but police do tell us this off-duty darby borough officer was shot and killed in a bedroom in his own home and they want to interview a woman who was with him at the time. detectives look for answers inside the home of a darby borough police officer, the 26-year-old cop was shot in the chest and killed. a woman was inside this home with him at the time. neighbors say it was his girlfriend. but so far no charges have been filed. police say they could be coming down tomorrow. >> there is no danger to the public with somebody being on the loose that shot this
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officer. >> yeah he's a good neighbor. we'll miss him. >> reporter: neighbors say the cop was liked on the block but they heard fighting next door and police were called to settle disputes. >> we are sad about it. >> reporter: the fellow officers say the young cop was a true public servant. he was also a firefighter. >> he was a shining star in the department. he was an even-tempered nice guy. anybody that met him, he always had a good word for him. >> reporter: now police tell us homicide charges could be filed tomorrow but they do want to gather more evidence about what exactly happened during this shooting. it happened about 4:30. police have responded to domestic issues at this house in the past but it is too early to charge a suspect.
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we first told you about this breaking news through a push alert from our nbc 10 news app. you can download it for free to get breaking updates sent right to your smartphone. and another big story we're following tonight is the return of winter-like weather this weekend. nbc 10 was on penn's campus in university city. certainly hope you kept your coats and hats handy tonight. taking a look outside at eighth and market in center city the winds will be dying down tonight. the temperatures though will continue to drop. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn schwartz is tracking the spring chill. not the weather we expect to see on the last weekend of march. >> absolutely. we have a cold night and there is still wind blowing. not as much as there was earlier but just enough to make it feel even colder. down to 25 degrees in allentown
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already. 17 in mt. pocono. 27 in atlantic city. 29 in dover. how cold is it going to be when you get up in the morning? not 120. that should be 10 in mt. pocono. 18 in allentown. 19 in reading and quaker town. 21 in norristown. 23 in mt. holly. 21 in vineland and 21 in westchester. snow flurries today and more significant show possible in the seven day. you can download the nbc 10 weather app to track the drops in temperatures overnight and plan for the rest of your weekend. new at 11:00, aaño deadly stabbing in philadelphia's winfield neighborhood. police are looking for the person who stabbed a 24-year-old man in the chest right around
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3:00 this afternoon at the fairway commons apartment. that victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. tonight a phg÷áhelphia police officer is suspended from the job after investigators say he was caught driving drunk while he was on duty. within the last few hours, the officer had a preliminary arraignment. >> reporter: this is the reaction we received at the home of philadelphia officer darrell kathy. >> talk about what happened last night. >> i can't. >> do you know what happened to him last night? >> reporter: one neighbor is talk. >> are you surprised he would be on the job and charged with dui? >> no. >> reporter: a spokesman with the police department says he was on duty when police noticed him parking a marked vehicle with three flat tires and bent rims. when a superior spoke to the 26-year-old officer the superiorvín
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noticed that he had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. but he indicated he did not know he was operating the car with when being placed in custody, the six-year veteran struggled and assaulted a superior. his neighbor says she is not shocked. >> i seen disturbing things happening. >> reporter: the commissioner plans to suspend the officer for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. at police headquarters, monique braxton nbc 10 news. >> this is not the first time that the officer was caught on the wrong side of the law. he was charged in a domestic violence incident back in 2011 and dismissed from the force then but won his job back in 2013 through arbitration. a community is remembering a fallen penn state trooper. corporal brian dixon was honored with a street named his memory
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today. a survivalist shot him outside the blooming grove state police barracks. that prompted a 48-day manhunt. a street wasiz unveiled today. trooper alex douglass who was wounded in that shooting also made his first public remarks during the ceremony. he hopes to return to the force. the trooper thanked the community for their xt month. a north philadelphia animal shelter has temporarily closed its adoption center after a number of dogs got sick. a representative from the spca confirms that the dogs are suffering from an upper respiratory illness. the cats are healthy. while the adoption center is closed the wellness clinic is
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open as are the surgery and grooming areas. family members stabbed in their philadelphia home. why the police didn't have to go far to find their suspect. new clues behind the murder in the sky in france. why the co-pilot was receiving medical treatment that could have compromised his ability to fly. coming up we'll hear from a couple of eagles on the changes that chip kelly made to the roster. it's deja vu for the flyers. we have the highlights when nbc 10 returns.
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we're following breaking news right out of bensalem bucks
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county. a search is underway for a missing six-year-old boy in bainbridge court where a canine unit is at work right now. we're sending a crew to the scene and will have more information from that scene just as soon as we learn it. next on nbc 10 news at 11:00, firefighters are still putting out hot spots from this massive warehouse fire. the impact the inferno is having on commuters hours later. we have been feeling the wrath of weather-like weather this weekend. but spring is in sight. i'm tracking warmer temperatures in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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fire crews are still working to put out hot spots at this warehouse fire in north philadelphia and it is impacting some commuters. it started at 2:00 this morning on westmoreland street. overhead power lines and7my septa tracks made it hard to fight the fire. the septa service had to be stopped for the rest of the weekend. we have new information tonight in a deadly stabbing. a teenager is now charged with killing his mother and critically injuring his own grandmother. philadelphia police were called to a home on reynolds street yesterday morning. 19-year-old zachary prichet said
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there was a home invasion but he helps was the attacker. new details are emerging about what may have motivated the co-pilot who deliberately flew his airliner into the mountains this week. andre yes,sir andreas lubitz's girlfriend is speak out. investigators are focusing on his mental state and medical records after finding torn up sick notes at his department which declared him unfate to work on the day of the crash. lubitz was being treated for vision problems which may have jeopardized his ability to fly. hundreds came out to help the march of dimes tonight. this is the eighth year for the
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fundraiser. it was the brain child of dave wagman. he lost his child to a birth defect. the event has raised about $80,000 in the years since it started. it was an experience of a lifetime for a south jersey girl. she met president obama this week. this is video from the white house on monday. sparkle is a member of the atlantic city boys and girls club. she was one of this year's six national finalists for youth of the year. sure doesn't feel like the last weekend of march. about to go into april and it's feeling more like january out there. these temperatures are more typical of january. we do have warmer weather coming on monday but we also have a chance of rain and snow in the forecast. we have clear skies now.
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but it's still cold and it's still windy. 30 degrees. 22-mile-an-hour winds, gusting to 28. and we've had three coldumv months in a row. january, two degrees below normal. february about 10. now march at least 4 degrees below the long-toriumerm average. the temperatures are in the mid-20s already in some parts of the area. it is mighty cold and still windy. we still have that northwest wind sustained at 22 in philadelphia. 21 in allentown. some of the winds are starting to die down. it won't be as windy in the morning. there still will be some wind. with these low temperatures it's going to feel cold when you get up. 10 to 15 degrees colder than at this time last night. if you thought it was cold this morning wait until tomorrow
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morning. still snow flurries and snow showers. we had some in cape may. and more significant snow up in the boston area. the next system to effect this is coming into the northern plain states. that is in the form of rain at the moment. but let's see what happens here. dry during the day sunday. nice and sunny. but look at monday morning. an area of rain maybe a little snow up to the north. that's a weak system moving through. the rest of monday is fairly nice and mild. and then another one comes in on tuesday. that could be a mixture of rain and some snow in northern parts of the area especially. but more substantial rainfall with that one. and then it's going to get warmer later in the week. i promise you. eventually it will get warmer. clearing and unseasonably cold. sunny but unseasonably cold
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during the day tomorrow. high temperatures in the mid-40s. the average high this time of the year, 57. long way from that tomorrow but close to it monday. after those morning rain and snow showers then tuesday, rain coming in with some snow to the north and that's a chillier day. and then it starts to warm up especially by tvbñb'ay and friday. showers and maybe thunderstorms on friday. live and in your living room the flyers season will come to an end soon. a rare season where they miss the playoffs in large part because of games like today against the sharks. it was kids day. some cute ones out and about. in the third period, 2-1 sharks. the wrister, his 23rd of the season. tied at 2.
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in the shootout this effort will not help at all. so it's skating in for the win just like that. the flyers fall in the shootout 3-2. to the ball yard now we are just over a week from opening day. monday april 6th phillies and red sox right here on nbc 10. until then things ut like a sun bather at the shore. are those days coming soon? joe mauer a two-run yoke. phillies fall 7-1. when chip kelly took over control of player personnel no one knew what changes he would make. demarco murray byron maxwell
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and kiko alonzo are now here. the current birds certainly hope the changes pay off. >> everyone know there was a chance we would lose mack in free agency. that's the way it goes unfortunately. and then the trades you know chip and the front office have shown they will do whatever they can to improve the team. >> you never know what is going to happen. but obviously there was a lot of action and you know i'm hopeful that because of this we're going to be a better team and these are the moves that chip and the people in charge felt like needed to be made. >> the eagles have more moves to be made. in the ncaa tournament kentucky held off notre dame. wisconsin beat arizona. those two will play in the final four. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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celebrating life and raising funds for a cure.
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nbc 10 was at the union league of philadelphia for the joel anthony gingrith jr. annual gala fundraiser. it raises money for brain tumor research. a good cause out there tonight. but people contending with january-like temperatures. >> you need the heavy coats. tomorrow it will be colder. 25 in philadelphia. 18 in places like allentown and wind on top of that making it feel colder and 45 tomorrow for the high. but monday will be warmer. getting closer to 60. >> waiting for the warm up. that's nbc 10 news for now. "saturday night live" is next. have a great night.
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gentlemen, thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, the reason i asked you all here is because we only have until the end of march to get something done in the middle east. that's hard to do


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