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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  March 29, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a delaware county police force is mourning the loss of one of their own. coming up in a live report details on the shooting of an off-duty officer inside his own house. dozens of animals at the philadelphia spca can't go home with new owners because the adoption center is closed. we'll tell you what's putting their rescue at risk. as we take a live look outside over center city temperatures are below freezing across our area this morning. the sun will be signing later on, but it really won't help us warm up. we'll have to wait for that later on in the week. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this sunday.
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first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the frigid conditions outside. good morning michelle. >> good morning, rosemary. yeah, we're looking at temperatures in the 20s, windchills in the teens this morning, so we are off to a frigid start. it's going to be cold all day long once again, and we won't get that warm-up until late in the week. here's a live look outside. we're looking at the flag blowing, still seeing a breeze this morning, not windy like yesterday, but still breezy. we'll see the winds lessening throughout the mpb an 26 degrees right now in philadelphia. 24 in horsham, 25 in wrightstown. 25 in wilmington. same story as we scoot to the north and west. but mt. pocono 15 degrees, that's the actual air temperature right now. 14 in shenandoah, 22 in reading, 27 in bluebell. and south and east temperatures mainly in the 20s also. 26 in millville. 26 in mt. holly and 27 in beach haven. you factor in the winds, we just showed you that breeze. it feels more like the teens across the area, but it feels like 1 below zero in mt. pocono on march 29th.
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it feels like 12 right now in reading. it feels like 16 in philadelphia. and it feels like 16 degrees in millville. so every spot feeling like the teens, with the exception of mt. pocono feeling much colder than that. as we go throughout the afternoon, we'll have lots of sunshine, but temperatures not rebounding all that far. we're going to still be well moreau below what typical for this time of year. by 3:00 p.m. 43 degrees. we'll talk more about the frigid forecast this morning, the cold forecast this afternoon, and a warm-up on monday that will be in just a few minutes. now to a developing story. homicide charges are expected to be filed today in the deadly shooting of an off-duty darby borough police officer. the 26-year-old, described as a shining star by his chief, was killed in his house late yesterday afternoon. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in darby township where it's been a busy night for investigators. >> reporter: darby township is spearheading this investigation,
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because the crime took place here, but the county and the borough also lending a hand in the investigation, searching for clues in what one officer said is an unnecessary loss of life. officials still have not released the identity of the 26-year-old victim, but we're told he was shot yesterday once in the chest in a second-floor bedroom inside his home on magnolia avenue in darby borough. medics rushed him to penn presbyterian hospital but he died due to the gunshot wound. during the overnight hours, police interviewed a woman who was in the home with him. neighbors identified her as his girlfriend and police say there have been domestic disputes before. they recovered a gun and are not searching for a suspect. a very popular officers. neighbors are reacting to his death. we'll hear more about that coming up in 30 minutes. we're live at darby township jesse gary nbc 10 news.
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new from overnight, no one was hurt when a fire ripped through a bakery in north philadelphia. crews were called to the scene on north 22nd street around 2:30 this morning. they found the fire burning in the basement of delicacies bakery. the fire did not spread to apartments above. also new from overnight, police are looking for the person who stabbed a man in the head in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. right now, it's unclear what led up to the stabbing. the victim is in stable condition. a philadelphia police officer has been suspended from the force after investigators say they was driving drunk on the job. this morning, officer darryl cathey is facing dui charges. he's also accused of assault and reckless endangerments. authorities say cathey was driving a marked cruiser with three flat tires and bent rims in southwest philadelphia. according to investigators, he had bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol. a sergeant and other officers say that as they took cathey
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into custody a struggle broke out. police commissioner charles ramsey tells us that he intends to dismiss cathey from the department. now this by the way, is not the first time that the officer has been in trouble. in 2011 he was dismissed from the force after being charged with assaulting an ex-girlfriend. he won his job back in 2013 through arbitration. for a second day, a warehouse fire in north philadelphia is impacting some commuters. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. the fire started in a vacant warehouse on westmoreland street around 2:00 a.m.. it took crews more than four hours to get it under control. that's because nearby septa tracks made it difficult for firefighters to maneuver. septa suspended service on the plant yough line for the rest of the weekend. firefighters are continuing to look for hot spots at that building more than 24 hours
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after the fire started. the fire marshal will determine exactly what caused the blaze was the interior of the building has cooled off. it's unclear when a north philadelphia animal shelter will reopen its adoption center because some of the pets are sick. the pennsylvania spca on erie avenue say a number of dogs have an upper respiratory illness. the cats there are healthy. the wellness clinic surgery, and grooming areas are open but the animal shelter has been closed now for more than two weeks. the spca says it will take part at an off-site adoption event today in philadelphia with the a northeast shopping center on roosevelt boulevard. you can check out adoptable dogs and cats from noon until 4:00 in the afternoon. today is palm sunday which marks the beginning of holy week for christians leading up to easter. archbishop charles chaput will
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celebrate mass at saints peter and paul. psalm sunday marks jesus' entry into jerusalem, where christians say that crowds greeted him by waving palms. it's also called passion sunday. still ahead, paying tribute to a hero. how one community is honoring a fallen pennsylvania state trooper killed in the line of duty. and new information on the cause of that explosion in new york. what utility crews say they say months before the blast that leveled three buildings. and countries across the world go dark to shed light on a growing concern. the global effort to bring about change, next. lots of changes in our weather this week. today, it's another cold one. temperatures in the 40s later on this afternoon. starting out frigid, though. temperatures right now in the 20s. windchills in the teens. but we're going to warm up on monday. we'll have those details and also tracking some rain and snow in your seven-day. that's all straight ahead.
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a special ceremony honored three fallen police officers in burlington county yesterday. it marked the 40th anniversary of the day a sniper shot the monte holly officers. a new plaque was unveiled paying tribute to the men. >> she's so proud that you are part of what this police station and everybody, and all the trouble they went to make a special day for us. >> officers elshire and worth died that day. officer holmes was paralyzed and died 17 years later from complications related to his injury. the memory of a fallen pennsylvania state trooper will live on after a community named a street in his honor. corporal bryon dickson died last year when eric frein ambushed and shot him and another trooper outside of the blooming grove barracks. frein was on the run for seven
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weeks before authorities captured him. yesterday, officials held a ceremony for dickson in dunmore lackawanna county where he lived. they unveiled a street sign niz honor. trooper alex douglas, who was wounded in the shooting made his first public remarks since the deadly ambush. at the ceremony he said he is still recovering but hopes to return to the force. a very cold start to our day. temperatures in the 20s, windchills in the teens right now. still seeing a little breeze out there, not the windy conditions we saw yesterday, but still breezy. waking up to partly cloudy skies. we'll see lots of sunshine when that sun does come out. a live look along boathouse row, and temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below what was then 24 hours ago. it was cold yesterday and it's even colder this morning. temperatures mainly in the 20s across the area. some spots, a little colder than that, though. 26 right now in philadelphia. 22 in lancaster. just 15 in mt. pocono. 26 in millville. and 27 in atlantic city.
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as we go throughout time we're going to not see those temperatures rise very far. even by lunchtime, just 37 degrees in philadelphia. staying put in the 30s by lunchtime, and probably on making it to a high around 45 degrees later on this afternoon. 57 is normal and that's where we typically come in but we're going to be well below that today. sunny but cold today. we'll talk more about today's cold forecast and a pretty big warm-up for your monday. we'll talk about that, coming up. happening right now, crews are on the scene of a fire at an apartment complex in philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood. this is a live look from east ash mead street. firefighters were able to get the blaze under control at about 5:15 this morning, so within the past half an hour or so. we're checking to see if anybody was injured and we'll keep you updated. new clues this morning surrounding the co-pilot who crashed a commuter jet into the french alps. why some reports suggest he was seeing doctors for a physical
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we have some new information this morning about the explosion that leveled three apartment buildings in new york city. back in august utility workers found that the restaurant's gas line was tapped and there were several leaks. service was shut down at the end of the summer while repairs were made. now investigators want to know if thursday's explosion was because of a similar gas theft scheme. meanwhile, two people are still missing. in los angeles, authorities are investigating the cause of a commuter train crash. the train slammed into a car at a crossing near the university of southern california yesterday. the driver and the train's operator were seriously hurt. although the operator's condition has improved. 19 passengers on the train suffered minor injuries. according to investigators, it appears the driver of the car did not see the train and tried to cross the tracks. we now know the identity of the captain of the germanwings
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plane that crashed in the french alps earlier this week. sources tell nbc news that his name is patrick sonderheimer. he joined germanwings last may, but was with parent company lufthansa for more than ten years. investigators have said co-pilot andreas lubitz lost sonderheimer out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane, killing all 150 people on board. meantime, there are reports that lubitz was examined for vision problems that could have affected his ability to remain a pilot. nbc news has not been able to verify that. german prosecutors found torn-up doctors notice excusing lubitz from work while searching his house, but they did not say if the illness was mental or physical. more families of the crash victims arrived in france this weekend. they walked to a memorial of the site where the plane went down some of them carrying flowers. secretary of state john kerry is not returning to the u.s. today. instead, he's staying overseas for the ongoing iran nuclear
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talks. kerry's decision to stay in switzerland comes after signs that an agreement may not be reached ahead of tuesday's deadline. yesterday, he met with iran's foreign minister and later with the french and german foreign ministers to discuss the remaining obstacles. kerry was supposed to attend events today and tomorrow in boston honoring his late senate colleague, edward kennedy. back here in the u.s. an alabama man is facing attempted murder charges after police say he is behind a spring break shooting in panama city that injured seven people. three of those victims are in critical condition. authorities say several of the injured are students at alabama amu university they were on spring break at the time. police arrested 22-year-old david daniels in connection with the shooting spree. >> seven people shot, one people in jail. spring break. that's it. and i'm through talking. >> investigators have not yet released a motive in the case. a rutgers university student is facing attempted murder
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charges after police say he stabbed another student. according to new brunswick police, both men took lsd last night and one of them became aggressive and then stabbed the other. the victim tried to run from the scene and police found the suspect naked and pacing inside the apartment. the search also turned up a large amount of drugs and cash. now to news in ocean county. the nation's oldest working power plant is back to full power. the oyster creek plant in lacy township resumed normal operations yesterday. it went offline last week because of an electrical issue. the plant generates enough power to supply electricity to 600,000 homes. this weekend, countries all over the world are turning off their lights to mark earth hour, a campaign to raise awareness about climate change. in paris, the eiffel tower went dark for five minutes. in italy, dozens gathered to watch the lights of st. peter's basilica to go out.
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more than 7,000 similar events were held worldwide. all right. we are off to a frigid start this morning. we're looking at temperatures in the 20s. we're looking at windchills in the teens. so as you head out this morning, you want to prepare for that. we're going to see cold temperatures all day long. temperatures only reaching about 45 degrees later on this afternoon. so weather headlines on your sunday morning, yeah, another cold one today. it was cold yesterday, it will be cold today. and then we're going to have a brief warm-up on monday before we're cold once again on tuesday. milder on monday into the 50s, close to 60 degrees on monday. so that will be nice. and more rain and snow on tuesday. we're tracking a clipper system that could bring us a little rain and snow tuesday. a live look outside, we're looking at partly cloudy skies this morning and we will see lots of sunshine once that sun does come up. 26 degrees right now in philadelphia, winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. temperatures across the region 22 in allentown, 22 in reading. just 15 though in mt. pocono. 26 in philadelphia. same story to the south and
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east we're looking at temperatures in the 20s, 27 in atlantic city and a cold start in dover, 25 degrees. factor in the winds and it feels much colder than that. the air temperature is cold we have a breeze outside, and feeling like the teens across the area. like 16 in philadelphia. feeling like 1 below zero in mt. pocono and feels like 16 in dover. sunny skies today. once we get that sun up we will see sunshine as we head throughout the day, but that sunshine will not warm us up. we're going to stay about 12 degrees, if not 10 degrees below what is typical for this time of year. so cold day today, lots of sunshine, breezy conditions but the winds kind of lessening throughout the afternoon. so not by by later on this afternoon. then increasing clouds throughout the night. now, what happens monday morning, we're going to see some rain and snow showers. so by 5:00 to our western suburb you might want to plan this into your monday morning commute, rain and snow even if it's not a lot. monday by 4:00 we'll see clouds giving way to sunshine. so more sunshine on monday.
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probably the partly cloudy skies, temperatures really popping up to near 60 degrees. and then as we go throughout the overnight, tuesday, we're looking at more rain and snow later on tuesday. so some wet weather coming in on tuesday. but for today, lots of sunshine it will be cold, though 43 to 46. feeling colder than that probably the upper 30s to low 40s. winds out of the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. tonight, 33 in philadelphia 29 north and west, increasing clouds out ahead. those showers, the rain and snow showers early on monday. and we'll see partly cloudy skies later. rain and snow 56. and feeling really good on thursday, 66. same story on friday but could see a shower maybe a thundershower on saturday 50 degrees. march madness is heating up. two teams have already punched their ticket to the final four. highlights of yesterday's wild games are next in sports. plus one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl goes cliff diving while on vacation. can you tell who that is
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good morning to you. i'm danny pommells. the flyers' season will come to an end soon. a rare season where the orange and black will miss the playoffs. in large part because of games like we saw yesterday. it was kids day here and in south philly some cute ones on hand. third period flyers on the power play they need a goal and claude giroux comes through. we go to the shoot-out. vinny has been in the doghouse and this effort won't help. doesn't even get it really on goal. so brent berm's chance to get the victory, yeah beats steve mason. flyers fall 3-2 in the shoot-out. to the ballyard now. we are just over a week away from opening day.
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how about it monday april 6th the phillies and red sox will play ball right here on nbc 10. but until then things winding down in the grapefruit league. fill yisphillyies taking on the team. it wasn't a good day for jerome williams on the bump. joe mallard takes him deep to right. four innings of action, phils fall 7-1. there are just six teams left in the ncaa tournament with two teams punching their ticket to the final four last night. let's have a look. kentucky up on notre dame a two-point game. grant takes it the length of the floor. look at the play here though. but comes up empty from the corner. kentucky wins 68-66. a tight one. they improve to 38-0 advancing to the final four. bo ryan leading wisconsin. second half frank the tank.
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nice reverse deuce. he was all scores with 29. wisconsin wins again, 85-78. kentucky/wisconsin matchup in indianapolis. to pigskins now. when chip kelly took over control of player personnel this off-season, no one could have imagined a ul the changes he would make. names like macklin mccoy harrison are all gone. demarco murray, maxwell, and long sowzo are now here. that made the charity event thursday more like a people reunion. but the current birds currently hope the changes pay off. >> i think everyone knew there was a chance to lose mcphee. and then the trades you know i think those in the front office have showed the they're going to do what they can, i think, to improve that teams. . >> there's turnover in the nfl, you never know what's going to happen, but obviously there was a lot of action and you know, i'm hopeful that because of this, we'll be a better team and these are the moves that chip
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and the people in charge felt like need to be met. >> well from the final things i would probably never do tom brady, you just won your fourth super bowl. how are you going to celebrate? by taking a 30-foot jump off a cliff. the patriots' qb posted this video on facebook with a caption, never doing that again, #airbrady. he got some air. all of new england holding their breath watching that. hey, when you're the best i guess you can take those types of chances. well that's sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. big honors for a jersey shore teen. she got to meet the commander in chief. sparkle prevard, from atlantic city, was one of the winners from the boys and girls clubs of america youth of the year. she and the other winners met president obama earlier this week. by the way, this is the first time in the group's history that all of the finalists were young women. an off-duty officer is killed inside of his own house. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in
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darby township with the latest on this investigation. jesse? >> reporter: rosemary investigators have a gun, they've interviewed a person but they say they are not looking for a suspect. i'll put all of that together for you, coming up after the break. all right. and dress warmly this morning. you're going to need it. temperatures in the 20s, windchills in the teens. you need the gloves, the hat, the scarf. here's a live look outside. we are looking from our cape may camera, but it's dry, partly cloudy skies tomorrow. lots of sunshine today. we'll see another cold one today, warmer on monday. details, straight ahead.
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we are following a developing story in delaware county where an off-duty police officer was shot and killed inside his own home. an update on the investigation is next in a live report. plus a philadelphia teenager is behind bars accused of stabbing his own mother to death. the story he told police is coming up. is this the return of winter or what? temperatures are dipping below freezing this morning, as we take a live look outside at boathouse row. the end of march feels more like february. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get right to the forecast now with first alert


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