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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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though, the winds will be diminishing. a live look at center city. mix of sun and clouds out there. as we go through the rest of the evening, the clouds will start to break up. temperatures mostly staying in the 50s to start off your evening. starting tomorrow morning into the afternoon, we have rain moving in some parts of the area. we'll be seeing snow showers, too. not everybody, though. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the timing. who can expect the snow and the big difference in temperatures straight ahead. to our other big story this evening. the investigation into the death of an infant. just 9 weeks old. >> the suspect is the baby's stepfather. police say this looks like an accident at first. cydney long is live in millville to explain for us. >> reporter: jacqueline, i can tell you the home where that 911 call rang in from is only about four minutes from the police parking lot. detectives tell me they arrived extremely quickly. when they did, they found this
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stepfather performing cpr. he feared the child had suffocated that he rolled on top of her while they were asleep. but an autopsy found something far different. >> very heart-wrenching when anybody hurts a child. i have children. i'm a grandparent. >> reporter: neighbors who live along summit street in millville are shocked with the arrest of 33-year-old manual mikes. police say what happened inside this home was murder. that mikes' 9-week-old infant stepdaughter suffered blunt force trauma to the back of her head. >> my heart is broken to see any type of harm or injury come to any child, because i think, you know i don't -- in all actuality i don't know what to think. it's very heart of my wrenching. it's very sad. >> reporter: mikes initially indicated the newborn suffocated after they fell asleep together and he tried to perform cpr. police and ems also tried to save her.
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police say an older child was home at the time, but the mother was hospitalized. no one answered the door at the family's home today. >> no parent should you know have to go through that. especially with their baby. my god, the baby's life is just beginning. it's just horrible. >> reporter: neighbors along fifth street tell me this couple kept to themselves. some of them didn't even realize the mother was pregnant. in the meantime mikes is being held on $1 million bail. he will be arraigned on those murder charges tomorrow morning in bridgeton, cumberland county. live in millville, cydney long, "nbc10 news." prosecutors have a special warning for anyone who brought their car to a delaware county auto body shop. the owner of transformer collision specialist in darby was arrested today. police say 45-year-old frank wilson worked with car owners to enhance the damage to cars that were reported to be an accident. the district attorney says wilson would use a forklift or
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drive cars brought tore repair into a steel beam to make the damage worse. many car owners may not know the real damage done. >> what he would do is only superficially fix it and then put the outside cover on and the damage would still be in the interior. so if had you your car fixed at transformer collision, you may want to have someone take a look at it. >> reporter: ten co-conspirators were arrested along with wilson and charged with fraud. we're falg a developing story in maryland. >> a deadly shooting outside the gate of the national security agency. rear developing developments from our digital operation center. >> authorities are providing new details tonight about today's shooting at the national security agency. the nsa is located at ft. maedeade. two men disguised as women tried
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to enter the nsa facility in a stolen car this morning. officer open fire at the men after they rammed a police car. one suspect was killed. the other in a hospital. police officer also in the hospital. officials haven't said how that officer was hurt or how seriously the officer's injuries are. but the fbi says the incident is not believed to be related to terrorism. complete coverage of today's shooting at the national security agency will be ahead on "nbc nightly news" at 6:30. meantime, we'll continue to monitor developments outside of ft. meade, maryland. new information now on a deadly wrong-way crash in new york that killed two people including a new jersey police officer. the investigation into that crash is being moved out of union county. it will now be handled by the middlesex county prosecutor's office to avoid a conflict of interest. linden police officer abad jr. was off duty and driving when
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the car crashed earlier this month. police are not saying what caused that crash, but according to public records, he had two dui arrests in the last four years. prosecutors rest their case in the boston marathon bombing trial. the piece of evidence they showed the jury and why the case is far from over. also income inequality. philadelphia can boast a lot of things but according to a new stud y the wealth of its residents is not one of them. the gap between richest and poorest. can an apple a day keep the doctor away? what new research shows about the fruit's medical powers.
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prosecutors rested their case in the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the last thing the jury saw, gruesome autopsy photos of the people who died in the 2013 terror attack. in opening statements, tsarnaev's attorney said he participated in the bombings but his older brother was the mastermind. the defense made it clear their strategy is not to get an acquittal but to save him from the death penalty. aaron hernandez's murder trial, his fiancee testified for the second day. the former nfl star's high school sweetheart. hernandez on trial for killing
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odin lloyd. new video shows the moment when a california firefighter fell through the roof of a burning garage. you can see that the firefighter is surrounded by smoke here. after falling through the roof right is there, a giant fireball shoots up from below. cell phone video shows fellow firefighters using an axe to cut the side of the garage to get to him. the 25-year veteran of the fresno fire department is in critical condition with second and third-degree burns on 70% of his body. the truck driver who led los angeles deputies on a low-speed chase sunday is now behind bars. deputies initially received tips about a stolen tanker truck. investigators say that chase started after they spotted the man driving recklessly. the driver eventually stopped and surrendered. former israeli prime minister olmert has been found guilty of unlawfully accepting money from an american supporter. the ruling came down today in jerusalem during a retrial on corruption charges.
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back in 2012 olmert was acquitted of charges he accepted cash-stuffed envelopes from a u.s. businessman when he was mayor of jerusalem. but his long-time confidante became a state witness and offered recorded statements with olmert about receiving the cash and that led to the retrial. in switzerland this evening, a nuclear deal with iran looking less likely with the self-imposed deadline tomorrow. steve handelsman has the latest on the politics and the uranium. >> reporter: the mood at the talks was not good. gloom said one negotiator. president obama told secretary of state kerry to keep trying. in boston, he quoted ted and jack kennedy. >> let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate. >> reporter: one hang-up is how long any deal would last ten years or more. another is what iran does with its fuel for potential bombs. years of purifying has gotten iran 22,000 pounds of uranium
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that is part bomb grade. vladimir putin is offering to take iran's stash to russia and dilute it but leaders say that would bruise their national pride. they're promising to die lurt their own uranium but they want to keep it. >> an attempt to weaken the u.s. position or to preserve a capability that's certainly not in the interest of the united states. >> reporter: if president obama buys a plan that leaves iran's uranium in iran, it might be harder to sell to iran who charge he's giving up too much. >> today there are at least 64 senators, possibly more, that are willing to condition, reject or otherwise take issue with the agreement. >> reporter: also wary is iran's supreme leader who warned today of what he called the deceptive tactics of iran's enemies. he means us. even if there is a nuclear deal iran is making clear, resuming
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normal relations with the great satan won't be part of it. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. honoring the legacy of the late senator ted kennedy. today political leaders gathered in boston to dedicate an institute named for the man who dedicated his life to political service. the $78 million facility will be called the edward m. kennedy institute for the united states senate. kennedy died in 2009 after serving nearly a half century in the senate. he was remembered as a liberal lion who could not only work with but win over republicans. >> he knew how to give take and get results. >> i had no doubt the place would be a little more productive and a lot more fun if he were there. >> the institute includes a life-size replica of the senate chamber and of kennedy's office, as well as memorabilia. it's located next to the jfk presidential library. a wind-fueled wildfire continues to burn in central
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montana this afternoon. little progress from the four choppers tasked with fighting the flames. at least 3,000 acres have already burned and people living in the stillwater county area are being forced to leave their homes. two homes, in fact were destroyed. investigators are looking into what sparked the flames. overseas dangerous gusty winds in moscow reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. in some areas, public transit is suspended because of falling trees and damaged power lines. these high winds are expected to stick around until tuesday morning. well our windy day will start to diminish as we go through tonight, so you'll notice the winds lightening up. as we go into tomorrow, we're also tracking rain and some of you could even see snow. the best chance for any accumulating snow that would be in the poconos with higher elevations. warmer temperatures as we go through this week mostly by the end of the week we're talking about upper 60s for a couple days. easter forecast looks pretty decent right now.
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and phillies home opener doesn't look too bad either. a live look across the schuylkill river near the art museum. temperatures in philadelphia, 56 degrees. we're still dealing with the clouds and wind gusting near 30 miles an hour. again, that wind will start to lighten up tonight. and the skies will start to clear a little more as we go through this evening. now, the average high temperature, 58 degrees. today so far we got to 57. right where we should be this time of the year. tomorrow will be cooler. near 50 degrees. same thing on wednesday. then thursday we're going to be closer to the mid-60s. by friday, we could be in the upper 60s. for now, though we're all pretty much in the 50s expect for the poconos, 46 degrees. fairly mild today compared to yesterday. about 10 degrees warmer or so depending on where you live. tomorrow, though the map will look different with temperatures much colder to the north and warmer to the south. locally, could be seeing a few sprinkles, areas north and west around the poconos, lehigh valley. tomorrow some of that activity could be in the form of a few
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snow showers. way off towards chicago, that's our next weather system. that will be moving in through the day tomorrow. so grab your umbrella. future weather overnight, we'll stay pretty much on the dry side. things will be fairly clear. the skies will start to clear up quite a bit. then tomorrow morning for the morning commute i think most of us will be dry. here's 9:00 in the morning. we'll see increasing clouds. a majority of the moisture, though, that will still be off to our west. we get closer to the lunchtime hour, 12:00 in the afternoon, 1 p.m. we could start to see snow trying to move. that would be wet snow. mostly just rain through the philadelphia area. then we go into the afternoon hours. the moisture keeps moving in. colder temperatures in the poconos could support some snowfall. there's a chance we could see that through parts of the lehigh valley. that's around the evening rush. we go later into the evening when it starts to get a little darker outside. temperatures dropping a bit. 7 p.m. we could see some heavy rain around. and there's still a chance that we could see some rain/snow mix. areas north and west of
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philadelphia. then that will start to clear later tomorrow night. don't forget umbrella as you leave tomorrow morning. you'll need it through the evening. for tonight, clearing skies. less wind around. temperatures dropping into the 30s. colder tonight. 37 for the low in philadelphia. 30 north and west. tomorrow we'll see a rainy day with the mix and snow areas north of philadelphia. quite a temperature difference because of that. we could see areas only getting near 40 degrees north of philadelphia. more like the lehigh valley. and up near the poconos, staying much colder than south of philadelphia for parts of south jersey and delaware. we could be around 62 degrees. that's why we don't expect snow everywhere. that's a good thing. wednesday, sunny skies, breezy kind of chilly 50 degrees. mid-60s by thursday. friday we are looking at showers around. it's going to be a rainy day friday but a warm rainy day. near 70. over the weekend doesn't look too bad. easter sunday looks pretty good 53 degrees. for the home opener, we'll watch for that chance of showers.
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chester county federal investigators expected back on the scene of a deadly aircraft. >> a single-engine plane went down to west goshen county. they are trying to figure out why the plane crashed moments after takeoff from the brandy brandywine airport. tim furlong shows us a university program designed to train young pilots. >> reporter: delaware state university has a successful aviation program that pushes safety first. >> the fed does a great job of regulating the pilot certification and also the aircraft certification. the faa does a great job with that. >> reporter: then you hear crash stories like the one in chester county over the weekend. we don't know what happened there yet but it gets people near airports like this one in kent county thinking. >> some of these flight students may misjudge and may come down
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into one of our communities. >> reporter: the delaware state instructors make their pilots in the making know what they're doing in the simulator before they go up in one of the school's 11 planes. a big part of flight training focuses on what to do if and when the bad stuff happens. they want their pilots to have a plan "b" to keep themselves, their aircraft and the people on the ground safe. >> we encourage, as soon as you get in the air, you're looking for a place, an alternate place to land if necessary. >> reporter: instructors say they stand by the statistics. hundreds of thousands of takeoffs at big and small airports around the country and still very few crashes. they say the odds are in your favor. >> it's very slim, yes. i wouldn't be -- would live near an airport with my own family. i'm not that fearful of something happening. >> reporter: tim furlong, "nbc10 news." the sexual assault under investigation on the campus of lehigh university. authorities say a woman told them she was attacked early
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friday morning inside the richards residence hall. the woman is not a student. she told police her attacker is someone she knows and no one's been arrested. you know the saying an apple a day may not keep the doctor away however new research shows it could help you avoid the pharmacist. they studied medical history of adults who ate an apple a day compared to nonapple eater and they found no significant difference in doctor visits or overnight hospital stays but apple eaters had slightly higher odds of avoiding prescription medications. from history to culture. philadelphia boasts a diverse mix of people and backgrounds but when it comes to what its residents make a new study shows there's not much to brag about. why income across philadelphia is so unequal. and the phillies home opener is now just one week away. this season there's something new you'll see before you ever step foot in the ballpark. the security changes you need to know about.
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a live look at citizens bank park. nbc10 will air the phillies' home opener one week from today. before fans can see the home team action, they have to go through a new layer of stadium security, going through metal
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detectors at every gate. the phillies tested out the new policy at the end of last year as part of a pilot program. fans will have to take out their cell phones, cameras and keys from their pockets. they won't have to take off their belts or shoes. security will still check purses and bags. >> all 30 clubs are doing this this year. even when our fans travel to other cities to see the phillies, they will see some type of metal detection at all parks. >> the boston marathon bombing is in large part what prompted major league baseball to require the metal detectors at each ballpark. remember, nbc10 is your home for the home opener, april 6th. catch our pregame special at 2 p.m. then at 3:00 the phillies kick off their season against the boston red sox right here on nbc10. eagles fans have seen stepped up security in recent years, too. in 2013 the nfl began limiting the size and types of plastic bags fans can take into
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stadiums. right now lincoln financial field does not have walk-through metal detectors but they do use detector wands. when it comes to the biggest disparities of income inequality, philadelphia is near the top of the list. a study found in most major cities the rich earned nearly 12 times more than the poor and the gaps appear to be widening. in a study, people in 50 of the largest cities in the country were split into two groups. in 2013 philadelphia residents in the top 5% have brought home more than $150,000. those in the bottom 20% earned as little as $13,000. americans are barely saving. that's according to a new study by about 20% of americans say they aren't saving at all. and nearly half aren't saving more than 5% of their incomes. america's best savers the middle class. more than one-third say they are saving more than 10% of their income. meantime, a link between your
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family's income and brain structure. researchers say parental income affects brain surface area in children and teenagers. higher incomes are linked to better cognitive skills however a family's income doesn't permanently change a child's brain development. researchers suggest wealthier families have access to better resources which could affect a child's brain structure. ashton carter was in our area today visiting his alma mater to discuss the future of the american military with students and he chose abington senior high school on his first stop. he graduated from the school in 1972. today carter told students roles for soldiers are changing. he emphasized how the military is evolving. >> we're going to keep making sure that anyone who's able and willing to serve their country has a full and equal opportunity to do so. whether you're man or woman,
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gay, lesbian or straight. >> about 1,000 students teachers and local leaders attended today's speech. carter also outlined other possible changes to attract and keep quality service members, including allowing older people to enlist or rejoin the military creating new programs to pay -- to help students pay off student debt, and doing more to allow sabbaticals for service members. to this now, called the religious freedom restoration act. >> but it is raising a lot of questions about exactly who it protects. of chief concern, does it also allow for discrimination against home section homosexuals? ahead, a look at the national debate. more pain for victims of superstorm sandy as flood insurance rates get set to spike. >> if it goes up too much i won't be able to afford it. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg with who will get the highest bills and when. remember the democratic primary for philadelphia mayor
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is may 19th. i'll be moderating the first debate between the candidates at the kimmel center next tuesday, april 7th. you can see it live right here on nbc10. if you have a question for the candidates, let us know. you can submit them right now on or the nbc10 app.
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right now at 5:30 despite some sun, we're not looking for feeling much like spring. a live look at the beach in cape
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may as we search for more seasonal weather. we certainly won't be seeing that tomorrow, though. >> no. nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking rain and snow for some of us. snow sheena? >> yes. depends where you live but not for everybody. always nice to look at the beach in cape may. makes you feel like summer is right around the corner which it is but it may not feel like that tomorrow depending where you live. here's future weather. we'll be watching this area throughout chicago right now. by tomorrow it will be here. we can expect rain and snow from this. the main snow area will be north and west philadelphia. quite a temperature difference. colder air where you see the snow here and warmer air farther to the south where we just expect the rain. so, before you head out tomorrow, you definitely want to grab that umbrella. for the rest of the evening, though temperatures will be staying around to the 50s by 6 p.m. coming up we'll take a closer look at what you can expect. that's straight ahead. for 2 1/2 years we've been
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showing you the seemingly endless efforts still ongoing as jersey shore residents and businesses rebuild after superstorm sandy. >> now thousands face a new hardship and it's a costly one. we'll go to ted greenberg. flood insurance is about to go up for sandy victims. and millions of other americans. >> reporter: they are. those changes are coming this week. depending on where your house is and how high it is the difference in price could be significant. >> if it goes up too much i won't be able to afford it. >> reporter: first, joe's home was wrecked by super storm sandy. then his flood insurance spiked from $500 to $650 last summer. now he's facing even higher premiums. >> i am paying so many flood-related dues right now, it's been two years but it will be two years before i'm finally
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paid up. >> reporter: starting on wednesday, april 1 ls everyone with flood insurance required for a mortgage will be forced to pay more. >> millions of homes. >> reporter: as flood policies come up for renewal, new federal guidelines will tack on surcharges. $25 for year-round homeowners. $250 for houses not used as a primary residence and businesses. >> it's a phase-in of new rules. >> reporter: the president of thomas heist insurance says flood insurance premiums will spike on average between 15% and 37%, depending on which flood zone a house is located in and how many feet off the ground it is. the lower the home the higher the premium. experts say you can blame the increases on the debt-ridden national flood insurance program. and big losses after sandy and katrina. >> we always encourage ornsz of the older homes to go out and get an elevation certificate.
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find out exactly how high your home is and there's ways to save money. >> reporter: and he also says when you get a questionnaire in the mail about whether your house is used as a primary or secondary home make sure you send the form back. if you do not, you're going to be automatically slapped with that $250 surcharge. ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." a south jersey school is in mourning after the death of one of its students. police say 18-year-old smith was killed in a crash last night on i-295 in mt. laurel burlington county. we'll show you some video from a traffic camera. they tell us she was driving north on 295 when she lost control of the car and hit the guardrail. then police say a tractor-trailer hit smith, killing her. crash remains under investigation this evening. today nbc10 confirmed smith attended the burlington county institute of technology westhampton campus. le school's president wrote a
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letter telling families they will offer counseling to anyone who needs it throughout the week. from our trenton bureau fight over christie administration's 2016 budget proposal movers to the state assembly assembly. putting revenues at $34 billion. today the assembly budget committee heard from the office of legislative services and the state treasurer. legislative budget officer says this year the estimates don't clash. last year they did. christie's projections fell about $1 billion short. that shortfall resulted in cuts to the state's public pension fund. a trunk filled with heroine and cocaine. delaware state police arrested two men during a traffic stop that quickly escalated. troopers say denzel small and another man were spotted in a speeding car along churchman's road in newark. once they pulled them over, troopers smelled marijuana coming from the car. they say that's when they found more than 250 grams of heroine, crack cocaine and powder
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cocaine. surveillance video from this crowded septa bus is now the center of an assault investigation. it involves a driver. suspect was asked to clear a walking area while riding route 23 last week. the driver says the man got upset, pulled out a knife and threatened him. he was last seen exiting the bus on erie avenue in north philadelphia. rutgers university is working to get its computer network fully running after a weekend cyber attack. university officials say the attack began friday. it interrupted internet service. the internet was slow and sometimes not available at all on campus over the weekend. there's no evidence any confidential information was compromised. a university spokesman says the system is now working on campus but university servers were not available this morning to off-campus users. a handful of students walked out of class in montgomery county this morning. it was a show of support for victims in the wake of a nude photo scandal. someone posted pictures and videos of girls at the school
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along with their names on a file-sharing website. police and the montgomery county da is investigating. a prominent bucks county family at the center of a $20 million insurance fraud scheme went before a judge today. that judge will determine if there is enough evidence to put four members of the risoldi family on trial. prosecutors say they carried out an insurance scheme involving three fires in five years at the family's mansion in new hope. >> the official position of the fire department is we have no comment. we'll let the justice system take its course. >> the hearing is expected to last all week. passover begins on friday and today some people in need got help to get ready for the holiday. rabbi isaacson from congress gait gags beth solomon handed out free food vouchers to bus loads of shoppers at the shop rite in northeast philadelphia. they allow some members of the community to buy food for
5:37 pm
passover which is often more expensive than what they normally buy. a new law is creating a lot of heated discussion. it's called the religious freedom restoration act. but doesn't protect your religious beliefs or create the opportunity to discrimination against others. why it is sparking a national debate. and even though the first alert weather team is tracking snow, we have left winter behind. that means it's time to focus on your yard. hear what you need to do so your lawn looks great this summer.
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a live look at wells fargo center. a little more than an hour from now, the 76ers will take on the los angeles lakers. tonight sixers are hosting a fan appreciation night at the wells fargo. the team will give away more than 4,000 prizes including
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autographs and sixers member beel, yeah a big-screen tv that's a nice gift. they're also giving away gift cards and much more. it's also dollar hot dog night. all team stores will offer discounts of up to 50%. i'm nbc10's vinz lattanzio with this nbc10 digital exclusive. when should you give babies food? pediatricians are changing their guidance. one local doctor even says the medical community has been giving parents the wrong advice for years. tap on the nbc10 app right now to hear the new guidelines that doctors are preaching and how the medical community is trying to clear up a lot of confusion. it's a digital exclusive story from our partners at news d.c. you can have it available right now on the nbc10 app. the sun's out. maybe you can hear the birds
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chirping. and in just weeks, the landscape will be bursting with color. what experts say you should be doing right now to make sure your grass is ready for the warm and hopefully sunny weather ahead. sheena? >> yes, there is some of that in the forecast. we have sunshine and warmer temperatures before we get them i'm tracking rain and snow showers as early as tomorrow. i'll show you the timing coming up. and also just in time for spring, philadelphia helping you take a bike ride around the city. we have details on when the new bike share program will hit the streets. that's coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00.
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here are some stories making headlines on nbc10 at 5:45. a south jersey man is charged with the murder of his stepdaughter. a newborn baby girl.
5:44 pm
she was 9 weeks old. the suspect identified as manuel mikes of millville is being held on $1 million bail. authorities say the child had head injuries. beginning this wednesday, everyone will flood insurance required for a mortgage will have to pay more for coverage, including thousands of homes along the jersey shore. experts say insurance premiums could go up on average between 15% and 37%. experts blame the increase on big losses after sandy and katrina. prosecutors say the owner of a body shop charged insurance companies for work he didn't do or created even more damage to cars in order to get a bigger payout. wilson is charged with fraud and corruption. ten others who worked with him also face charges. a bombshell today about the mental health history of the co-pilot responsible for what appears to be the deliberate crash of that germanwings plane last tuesday.
5:45 pm
here's nbc's claudio lavagna. >> reporter: while german prosecutors tried to find more evidence that it was the co-pilot andreas lubitz who flew deliberately that germanwings plane into the french mountains last tuesday, german investigators say that they haven't found a suicide note or a written claim of responsibility, but they did say that he underwent some psychotherapy treatment some time ago before he was granted a pilot's license. he had at that time been in treatment of a psychotherapist because of what is documented as being suicidal. this of course will rain forth the theory it was him who deliberately flew the plane into the french mountains in the french alps. many families keep arriving to lay flowers over that makeshift memorial that was built about two miles from that crash site. we know as of today, 325 family members have arrived here.
5:46 pm
200 to 300 more will arrive over the next month. the media have been kept at a distance from a family but we spoke to a mayor of a nearby town who spoke to the families and said they're both distressed because of the loss of their loved ones and also angry at the alleged co-pilot's role in the crash. the whole local community said they were thunder struck by this tragedy and they will be scarred for generations. claudio lavagna, nbc news. for more on the latest developments on the plane crash and the co-pilot tune into "nbc nightly news" coming up at 6:30. still breezy outside right now. we expect that wind to last through the evening and diminishing overnight. then as we go into tomorrow we'll be tracking rain and snow showers for some of you. not everybody. it's going to be quite a difference from north to south. warmer temperatures as we go
5:47 pm
through the rest of this week. mostly by the end of the week. mid to upper 60s in the forecast. some will be coming along with some more rain and easter not looking too bad at all. the phillies home opener next monday. 50s north and west. 58 degrees in wilmington. 56 in millville. so, it is quite a bit warmer than it was yesterday at this time. about 10 degrees or so warmer outside. here is a live look out at citizens bank park currently where we're seeing the clouds clearing and we'll continue to see that trend as we go overnight tonight. clouds breaking away but temperatures still dropping into the 30s. locally on the radar, though we're pretty much dry but areas north and west closer to the poconos, could be seeing a few sprinkles. by tomorrow we could be seeing a few snow showers in those locations. now, the area we're watching is just north of chicago. doesn't look too impressive right now. when it gets into our area we'll see cold air also moving
5:48 pm
in at the same time. so depending where you live and the time of day, we could be dealing with some snow showers for some. future weather, though for the overnight hours tonight, we do stay on the dry side. it's going to be another chilly night. in the 30s. by early tomorrow morning, you'll notice those clouds moving back in. 9:00 tomorrow morning, clouds are increasing. moisture, most is off to our west. closer to the middle of the day, we'll see rain moving in rain of snow off to our west and northwest and the snow starting to move into the higher elevations. the poconos have the best chance for any accumulation, which would be on the lower end, maybe an inch or so. north and west through the lehigh valley, there's a chance we could be seeing some wet snow falling in that area. it depends on how heavy it is. so far for everybody else it's going to be too warm for that. just some rain. by 7 p.m. tomorrow evening, we could be dealing with heavy rain and maybe still a mix areas north and west. that's what this model's showing. then we go into tomorrow night
5:49 pm
and all this moisture starts to slideoff shore, setting us up for a sunny day wednesday. skies clearing, 37 for the low in philadelphia. 30 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, not everybody will see the snow. this is mostly going to be areas north of philadelphia, north and west. but it will be rainy for pretty much the entire area as we go through the afternoon hours. temperatures could be nearing the low 60s. 40 degrees the farther north you go, so that colder air could support some of that snowfall. we don't expect it to amount to too much. wednesday, breezy, chilly. 50 for the high. it will be sunny. we go into thursday warming to the mid-60s. upper 60s friday. that does come with rain. easter sunday looks good. chilly, 53. fairly dry. then monday, 62 degrees, in time for the phillies. high-tech math help on the way to students in philadelphia. sheridan elementary honda motor america announced the grant at the school giving access to
5:50 pm
thousands more students to a math software program developed by the mind research institute. that program helps kids with math concepts by using puzzles. several philadelphia schools already use it. helping people with disabilities find work. that is the mission of a new program announced today in new jersey. the new jersey career transitional education program is an online program aimed at helping people who live in institutions find jobs. they say the funding they have now will provide assistance to about 20 people. the money will help cover the cost of tuition as well as loan them laptops to take the courses. as you can tell spring hasn't exactly sprung just yet, but there are ways you can start preparing your lawn for the warmer weather when it eventually comes. experts say you should give the soil additives and nutrients to help it thrive. but resist the urge to overfert lidz. they also say the biggest problem in the spring are the weeds that pop up. the simplest truck to wipe them
5:51 pm
out is an all-in-one application. >> weed and feed is the best way to go. it's going to weed out any kind of pesky weeds, clover dandelions things like that, and feed the grass throughout the season. >> experts also want to remind to you water your lawn. they recommend 30 minutes for ten days straight for new growth. for maintenance one inch a week until the heat of the season. >> we're all feeling like we're ready to do that after this winter. >> oh, please bring on the warmer temps as soon as possible possible. it is the new law that has a lot of people talking. >> and a lot upset, the religious freedom restoration act. many believe it fosters hate and discrimination. how authorities are trying to clarify their message. coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00, a war of words. who accused a wealthy casino owner of trying to, quote, disembowel disembowel, atlantic city.
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5:54 pm
sthu this weekend, indiana will host college basketball's biggest party, the final four. >> right now the hoosier state is in the spotlight for a very different reason. growing opposition to a new religious freedom law. nbc10 national correspondent jay gray has details. >> our state! >> reporter: right now indiana is in a state of confusion and conflict over a new religious freedom restoration law signed
5:55 pm
by governor mike pence. >> we're not going to change the law. okay? >> reporter: it's not okay. for a chorus of critics who say the measure allows businesses to refuse service to customers based on their sexual orientation. the mayor of seattle and governor of connecticut have both banned official travel to indiana. >> we don't allow you to use your religious freedom to discriminate against somebody else. >> reporter: a growing number of businesses are lining uch against the new law and in an op-ed in the"the washington post" today, tim cook the openly gay ceo of apple said, this isn't a political issue, a religious issue, this is how we treat each other as human beings. high-profile opponents like miley cyrus and charles barkley have criticized and call for a boycott. for the final four to set off in indianapolis the ncaa is promisinging to examine the implications and how it might affect future events. today republican lawmakers
5:56 pm
conceded they may need to reword the message. >> we want to encourage our colleagues to adopt a clarifying measure of some sort to remove this misconception about the bill. >> reporter: supporters point out there are similar laws protecting religious freedom in 19 other states. governor pence insists, indiana will stay on that list. jay gray, "nbc10 news." a bike ride to reduce gun violence made a stop in wilmington today. the gun control advocates are part of the third annual bike ride from newtown, connecticut, to washington, d.c. each rider represents one of the 26 children and teachers killed in the 2012 shooting at newtown sandy hook's elementary. they are remembering those lost but the cyclists are also drawing attention to a campaign to require all gun buyers to go through a background check. they also want to ban on high-capacity magazines. the ride will end at the steps of the capitol in washington. coming next on "nbc10 news"
5:57 pm
at 6:00, stealing car parts and staging crashes. >> those are just some of the accusations against a body shop owner in delaware county. how police say he pulled off this elaborate insurance scheme. a mixed bag in tomorrow's forecast. who could see snow and who could see rain. plus a big warm-up later this week. also nine months after this deadly food truck explosion in philadelphia new safety rules still aren't in place. today city leaders respond to questions from the nbc10 investigators. that's next at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 leaders in philadelphia delay action after the nbc10 investigators expose issues with its new food truck safety law. >> the city promised changes would be made after last year's deadly food explosion but nine months later inspections on trucks is on hold. >> today the city began a new push to get this law passed. but a roadblock still stands in the way. >> nbc10's harry hairston joins us with those details. >> today could have been a giant leap forward in getting propane tanks on hundreds of food trucks driving around our area inspected. instead, the ordinance just inched its way toward becoming reality with the state being the biggest hurdle.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: today a council committee tweaked a bill that could have prevented an explosion like this from happening again. the july 2014 incident killed two people and wounded more. >> the proposed amendments. >> reporter: one amendment calls for smaller propane tanks on food trucks. another struck downwarding as naming the fire department as the sole inspecting agency. right now state law only allows the state department of food and sfri to inspect propane tanks. council president tells us he hopes this latest version of the bill will lead to the state backing off. >> i still, frankly speaking along with the fire department would like to have full authority to ultimately do all of the inspections. >> reporter: the philadelphia fire department wants some time to think about the amendments before they support the bill. >> we're going to go back. we're going to do the due diligence, do the investigation, and then we'll come back with some suggestions. >> reporter: philadelphia's director of inspect says the fi


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