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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: today a council committee tweaked a bill that could have prevented an explosion like this from happening again. the july 2014 incident killed two people and wounded more. >> the proposed amendments. >> reporter: one amendment calls for smaller propane tanks on food trucks. another struck downwarding as naming the fire department as the sole inspecting agency. right now state law only allows the state department of food and sfri to inspect propane tanks. council president tells us he hopes this latest version of the bill will lead to the state backing off. >> i still, frankly speaking along with the fire department would like to have full authority to ultimately do all of the inspections. >> reporter: the philadelphia fire department wants some time to think about the amendments before they support the bill. >> we're going to go back. we're going to do the due diligence, do the investigation, and then we'll come back with some suggestions. >> reporter: philadelphia's director of inspect says the fire department is leaning with the state, but those meetings
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have not accomplished much. >> the fire department engaged with the state to enter into an mou, a mutual -- memorandum of understanding to allow the fire department to do these inspections. the state did not allow us to do that. >> reporter: president of the philly mobile food truck association, robert mitchell, says he's been in business for three years and has two trucks. even with the state law in effect the department of labor and industry hasn't been at his truck. s when was the last time someone came down to inspect your program? >> the state of pennsylvania or the state of new jersey? >> reporter: state of pennsylvania. >> state of pennsylvania, i can't recall. >> reporter: we asked the department of labor and industry to interview with us about their role. they refused. council is expected to meet again on this issue in about two weeks. for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." similar ordinances do exist in similar cities. austin houston, boston washington, d.c. all inspect food propane tanks at least once a year. the fire department handles the inspections in those cities.
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well the weather just can't seem to make up its mind can it? from snow showers this morning, temperatures in the 50s later on and back to some snow for some tomorrow. >> hard to believe. first alert radar showing the system moving in bringing a mix of snow and rain to our area. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a closer look on the timing of all this. >> the fact it will be coming in mostly during the daytime hours, more rain than snow. if it was occurring at night, it would be a different story. now, live picture of citizens bank park. dry conditions out there. the day started off with some snow in parts of the area. look at the temperatures now. low to mid-50s across much of the region. we're close to 60 in dover. dover will be close to 60 again tomorrow but much of the rest of the area isn't going to be as warm. part of the reason all the clouds will be around. a few sprinkles up toward the poconos and lehigh valley but
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not much in the way of any kind of threat farther to the south we have the windy conditions now but the wind will be diminishing as we go through the night. cloudy skies developing by morning. and then we watch the next system coming down from chicago. it has rain with it now but it will have more snow as we go through the night tonight. it's going to be one of those close calls. we'll tell you who's going to see what and when with the seven-day in a few minutes. from our south jersey bureau, the stepfather of a 9-week-old girl has been charged with her murder this evening. manuel mikes is being held on $1 million bail and also charged with child endangerment. a 911 call came in around 6:30 for a baby that wasn't at a millville, cumberland county home. they say mikes initially claimed that the child suffocated after they fell asleep together and he tried to perform cpr, but police say the child suffered head injuries. >> no parent should, you know have to go through that
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especially with a baby. my god, the baby's life. >> police say an older child was home at the time but the child's pregnant mother was hospitalized. we're following new developments in the death of an off-duty darby bureau police officer. they now have the officer's one-time girl in custody. these charged with assaulting him last august. authorities tell nbc10 investigators they also are prepared to charge finch with the shooting of officer hudson. he was shot with his own gun inside his darby township home last saturday. in addition to his full-time job as a police officer, he was also a volunteer firefighter. the names of two people killed in a small plane crash inest chester county yesterday are still not known. the faa and ntsba are looking into that crash. the piper went down moments after taking off from brandywine airport in goshen township. the pilot and passenger both died.
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body shop owner in delaware county accused of orchestrating an elaborate insurance scam. police say part of his scheme involved staging car crashes. tonight they have a warning for the shop's customers. here's nbc10's deanna durante. >> reporter: shortly after his arrest, frank wilson owner of transformers collision specialists, didn't want to say much. prosecutors say a tip led them to put his two auto body shops under surveillance and watch. >> he sometimes would take a forklift and ram them into the side of the car or back. other times, it was a steel beam at 850 summit avenue he was drive the car once he got inside 850 summit avenue he would close the door and drive the car into a steel beam. to show further damage. >> the delaware county district attorney says he would make more damage or do superficial repairs to maximize payout. investigators say these ten took part. >> these individuals, our position is, knew what they were getting into.
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>> reporter: despite wilson's arrest, the auto body shop was open today though workers refused to talk to us. and whelan says there are people who may have no idea what was done to their cars. >> there were innocent individuals that took their car there that had no idea that he was enhancing the damage. >> reporter: wilson posted his bail and denied doing anything wrong. >> all we can do now is speculate. got to be the judge. >> reporter: the da says he fears repairs done to some cars may be enough to cover up the damage to the eye but more damage could still exist. that's why he's asking people who took their cars to that repair shop, get them checked out by another mechanic. deanna durante, "nbc10 news." a man accused of spying inside a local target dressing room is behind bars tonight. abington police picked up the man over the weekend. police say he spied on a woman in a fitteding room at target on old york road more than a week ago. police say he returned to the store a few days ago, carrying a pen with a built-in video
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camera. target workers called 911 after they spotted him. abington police say, if you think you were a victim give them a call. new at 6:00 a jury just awarded more than $38 million in punitive damages in connection with shooting deaths of a northeast philadelphia kraft foods plant in 2010. this after security company was found negligent in the deaths of two employees there, combined with other damages, the families of the victims will now get more than $46 million in all. a coworker was later convicted of killing the two women after an argument. testimony will resume tomorrow in the corruption trial of six former philadelphia narcotics officers. jurors heard opening statements in the trial of the six officers today. the officers are accused of beating up drug dealers and then stealing their cash and drugs. their arrests led to dozens of convictions being overturned. the trial is expected to last about ten weeks. a union leader accused carl icahn of trooi trial to quote,
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disembowel the united states. commenting on stockton university and trump taj mahal. today union president said icahn, quote, has slave labor at the taj. a boarded up facility at the plaza and now he's sticking his foot out to trip the best development this city would have seen in years. icahn has not responded to those comments, but last week the taj mahal's parent company defended its decision. it said stockton was fully aware of an old legal agreement that prevents the showboat from being used as anything other than a casino. stockton says it's trying to save the deal but it will have to sell the showboat if an agreement is not reached in two weeks. new at 6:00 philadelphia has announced when its bike share program will hit the streets. the indigo bike share prachl will begin on april 23rd. bikes will be parked at 70 docking stations throughout the city and available 24 hours a
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day. you can get a bike using a membership card or credit card and then return it to any docking station. they have flood insurance to protect them from rising waters. now they also have to worry about rising premiums. next at 6:00, the new charges that will affect homeowners across the region. plus new security measures at citizens bank park. how it will affect fans headed to a phillyings game this season. this reminder -- the democratic primary for philadelphia mayor is may 19th. i'll be moderating the first debate between the candidates at the kimmel city next tuesday, april 7th. you can see it live right here on nbc10.
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federal judge in harrisburg is deciding whether to strike down a new law intended to protect victims of crime. some say it's infridging on free speech. the question allows victims to file injunctions against defenders who add to their mental anguish. convicted philadelphia cop killer filed the suit along with prisoner rights groups saying it violates first amendment rights. the law went into effect after his prerecorded graduation speech at vermont's college. serving a life sentence for the 1981 killing of philadelphia
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police officer daniel faulkner. the phillies announced new security measures. the home opener a week from today and fans will notice something different when they walk into the stadium. rosemary connors reports from citizens bank park. >> reporter: phillies fans buying tickets for the start of the season got a firsthand look today at the metal detectors outside each gate. many welcome the new security at the ballpark as safety as sporting events has become a top priority. >> too many things going on in this world, especially after that airline crash. >> it's going to make them feel a lot better. >> reporter: is it enough? >> i don't know. you know you never -- that's a question you really don't know, but it's a start. >> reporter: unlike the airport where you've got to take off your shoes before you go through security, you don't have to do that here but once you get to the metal detectors, you have
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sfo get your cell phone and keys out of your pocket. >> since the boston marathon bombing, baseball walked inward and said okay what can we do now to not only keep the fan experience fun and entertaining but also keep ballparks as safe as possible. >> i will find it an inconvenience and an annoyance. i didn't mind them checking my bag as i went in but i think this is a little overkill. >> reporter: bags and purses will still get checked. while the metal detectors may seem brand new, the phillies actually introduced them last year at the right field gate as part of a pilot program. this year they're at all entrances. will it deter you from going to games or coming out? >> not if they win. >> reporter: something all fans are hoping for this season. reporting from citizens bank park, rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." eagle fans have seen increased security. in 2013 the nfl announced new security limiting the size and type of bags fans can bring into
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the stadium. they don't have walk-through metal detectors but they use metal detector wands. nbc10 is your home for the phillies home opener monday april 6th. they kick off the season against the boston red sox all right here on nbc10. with jacqueline and keith. do you have flood insurance? >> get ready for higher prices starting as soon as this week. beginning this wednesday, everyone with flood insurance required for a mortgage will be forced to pay more. that's thousands of homes along the jersey shore and delaware. new federal guidelines will tack on new surcharges. experts say that means flood insurance people yuls go go up on average between 15% and 37%. they say the debt-ridden national flood insurance program is to blame after big losses after hurricane sandy and katrina. >> if it goes up too much i won't be able to afford it. >> this is a phase-in of new
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premiums that will take place over the next five to ten years. >> rates a-r based on which flood zone the house is located in and how far off the ground it is. the lower the home, the higher the premium. we've had a really cold weekend out there. we got warmer today. started to feel a little more like this time of the year. we're tracking rain and more snow. there was some earlier this morning in parts of the area including official snow at the airport, 0.1 of an inch. a huge contrast tomorrow. some places will be cold other places will be warm. and everybody's going to be warm by the end of the week. we have a fair amount of sunshine out there right now, 56 degrees. pretty windy, though. 18 gusting to 30. it's 11 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. we're 57 degrees today. almost exactly average. we haven't been there in a while. tomorrow we cool down.
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wednesday it's cool. and then we start coming up. thursday, 64 degrees. friday, warmer than that. right now we're in the 50s. fairly uniform temperatures. in the 50s. tomorrow big difference. at least a 20-degree difference across the area at times. there's the west wind. that is pretty strong here. gusting to 30 in philadelphia. 31 miles an hour in reading. 35 miles an hour in the poconos. got a couple showers up there. had some snow up there this morning. look at the radar from 4 a.m. to a lot of places saw at least some flurries if you were up early enough. some sprinkles coming through, lehigh valley, the poconos. the main system coming our way is near chicago. that's racing in our direction. and it is definitely going to be affecting us tomorrow. i expect this to start the day dry. the morning rush dry. later on during the morning, the rain comes in. not as much in delaware, though.
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here's the snow in parts of the area. poconos, lehigh valley. some is darker color indicating bursts of snow. here's 7:00. still precipitation falling by then and the surn's going down we may see some little bursts of snow even into the philadelphia area. it's going to be one of those interesting days. of course the big temperature contrast, 36 in the poconos. 40 in allentown. 44 in quakertown and doylestown. when you go farther to the south, high of 62 degrees in rehoboth beach. a lot of rain there. in delaware and extreme south jersey. 50 degrees in chester. for the rest of the night tonight, going to be seeing clearing and the wind is going to be diminishing. 37 by morning. philadelphia, 30. north and west. during the day tomorrow the rain develops. not necessarily happening during the morning rush, but we're going to get a bunch of hours of
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rain during the day. mixing with some snow especially in the poconos. the next best chance is in the lehigh valley valley. and the third best chance is some of the higher elevations north of the pennsylvania turnpike. it's just going to melt on the surfaces, except for the lawns. but it will be interesting. 40 to the north. 62 in southern delaware. seven-day forecast breezy and chilly everywhere on wednesday. and we all warm up thursday and friday. friday, the warmest of the days but also the wettest with showers and possible thunderstorms. we cool down over the weekend but just a chance of showers coming for next monday. >> thanks. john clark. the eagles' wild season continues. sign a former cowboy. why ryne sandberg calls the phillies' effort today unacceptable.
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i'm john clashgsrk. eagles signed receiver miles austin to a one-year deal for $2.3 million. derek dunn confirms those numbers. a two-time pro bowler for the cowboys but he's been injured a lot throughout his career. missing 15 games over four seasons with hamstring injuries and a kidney problem. he played last year for the browns. he's from north jersey. went to monmouth university. the birds created some cap room for this year by extending linebacker rye onans for another year. he's coming off a torn achilles
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last year. phillies winless in the last six spring games. today they lose 18-4. ryne sandberg says today, is unacceptable. zach ef lynn starting, coming over in the jimmy rollins deal and he did not fare well giving up four runs including the four-run bomb to marte. slowey competing to be the fifth starter gives up six runs, five earned. in between innings after that strikeout, tempers flaerre. benches empty. piethe flyers officially eliminated from the playoffs. >> back of your head you always think you have a chance. so when you're officially eliminated, it's not a good feeling. >> we have to finish up strong. be a part of the effort we're
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putting forth during a tough time. sixers are preparing for next season with knoll playing forward. brett brown tells us the difference for his new role. >> i think it was a real eye-opener defensively. you know i think having to run down the floor and usually go to the rim and make plays at the rim and then have to worry where kevin love is was foreign to him. >> you can catch sixers/lakers on comcast sportsnet. look at the faces of the el salvador national team. what's wrong? they're playing the wrong national anthem for them. look how confused they are. disrespectful. the redskins can't get anything right. jim, back to you. >> ouch. all right, john thank you. tonight on "nbc10 news" at 11:00, the rumors might be coming through. the big addition that could be coming to the heart of center city.
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we'll have details tonight on "nbc10 news" at 11:00.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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april's right around the corner. and still snow. >> well it was very cold over the weekend. we had some flurries on saturday. even in cape may. we had some snow this morning. some parts of the area going to get some snow tomorrow, too. but then it's going to change. by the time we get to later in the week it will be in the upper 60s. then we're talking about easter weekend, we're talking about beginning of baseball season so the snow may be a thing of the past by the time we get to the weekend. but tomorrow some areas will have some especially in the poconos, lehigh valley. maybe a little accumulation in the poconos. and a big contrast from north to south. 40 in the lehigh valley to 60 in southern delaware tomorrow. >> wow. >> best day there? i don't know what to pick on that one. >> thursday's looking good. friday will be warm but showers. >> little bunny was jumping because it was cold. >> i don't think that was it.
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>> for all of us here at "nbc10 news," thanks for watching. >> the news continues now with "nbc10 news" nightly news. on this monday night, warning signs. a bombshell twist as investigators reveal the co-pilot who crashed that plane had been treated for suicidal tendencies. and new information tonight about the terrifying final minutes onboard. deadly confrontation at the nsa. a crash and shooting outside the heavily fortified s agency. firestorm over a controversial new law that critics including the ceo of apple says gives businesses a license to discriminate while supporters say it's really about religious freedom. line of duty frantic efforts to save a firefighter, 25-year veteran plunging from the roof of a burping home. and surprising new findings about the amount of


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