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tv   Today  WCAU  March 31, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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on the nbc 10 app. they are free. have a great day. thank you for watching. . good morning. breaking news. a d.c. area hospital in lockdown after an inmate being treated there escapes. shots have been fired and a massive manhunt is under way. we will go there live. today exclusive. defense secretary ashton carter saying it will take time to defeat isis but how much. >> do you mean a year or decades? >> our candid conversation. >> unanswered questions. why did a new york area mom drive into the path of an on coming train killing herself and five others. her daughters speak out for the first time. >> i know who my mom was and i know she would never
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intentionally hurt people. >> tidal take over? a streaming service from the biggest names in music. will the hefty price tag drown out your interest this tuesday, march 31st 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. >> it's starting off as a busy news day. >> a breaking story out of virginia. >> the search for an armed and dangerous prisoner after a brazen hospital escape. on the scene for us tom, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are in fairfax hospital in virginia outside of d.c. and this started at about 3:00 when a suspect being treated here who is being held
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on federal bank robbery charges overpowered a private security guard and escaped with a gun. this is the scene at the hospital. we have a massive police presence. s.w.a.t. teams and state and city and county police all here. they are looking for the suspect who is 6'1" 170 pounds. he escaped wearing only a hospital gown. no shoes. he does have a gun. police have been using the reverse 911 people calling people and warping them to stay inside. warning them there is a man with a gun potentially armed and dangerous. they have been on the loudspeaker in the hospital telling patients to stay in their rooms because they don't know where the suspect is. we have a massive police presence in the area and that caused a massive headache in the washington, d.c. area with roads in and around the area shut down and roadblocks as well.
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there unconfirmed reports of shots fired, but since 3:00 a.m. the suspect has not been seen. a major independent the washington, d.c. area on lockdown with the surrounding neighborhood and many on the roads and highways. >> stay there and keep us posted. >> another major story is the backlash against a new law that some argue discriminates against gis. amid boycotts and protests fix this now is the headline with the newspaper in indianapolis. gabe good morning to you. >> good morning. the fallout in the business is agreeing. nine ceos that signed a letter delivered to the governor for the law to be changed. the ceo of marriott had the
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strong words, calling itity yosy. >> the stark editorial on the front page of the indianapolis star. it comes after more protest from monday night's meeting opposing the religious freedom restoration act. >> they're open for business and we are not stand for discrimination. >> the openly gay diver greg luganis. >> it is hateful. >> it is aspect gay and partly because of the same-sex marriage being overturned last year. the governor wrote indiana's new law contains no reference to sexual orientation, it's simply law that bill clinton signed in 1993. >> does this law allow businesses to deny services? >> no it does not. >> they are trying to add language to clarify the intent.
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>> it is to set a high standard of when government attempts to impact or burden someone. >> the back slash growing, a convention and concert have pulled out of the state and connecticut is banning travel to indiana by employees. the house speaker told me that lawmakers are trying to draft new skplj they hope to finish that by the end of the week. matt? >> tim cook the ceo wrote a piece on this same subject and they were getting louder and louder. >> the final four will take place this weekend. we will watch this plane investigation. investigators in germany and france to the copilot of the doomed germanwings flight. we hear from one of his friends for the first time. katy good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning,
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savannah. we will hear from the friend and he defends andreas lubitz and they revealed that he was suicidal in the past but this morning a lot more questions than answers as this investigation far from over. what was he thinking? french prosecutors say all they could hear was steady breathing. no prayer or claim of responsibility. no words. no motive. in the week that passed they searched his parents's home and his apartment in duszle dover and spoke to members of his family and combed through medical records. doctor's notes excused him from work the day of the crash and evidence he was treated for suicidal tendencyiestendencies but still -- >> we have not found anything
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that is giving us any hints that enable to to say anything about his motivation. >> with the lack of obvious intention, speculation has been growing. it was a break up or loss of eyesight. a dark of his dreams? just rumors and hate doorgd this friend who didn't want his real name used. i only knew him as a friend low, nice and helpful person. when i saw him with his girlfriend he looked really happy, he said. i cannot imagine he would have done something like that. >> and though the prosecutor's office found efz of suicidal tendencies in the past they found no evidence of suicidal tendencies or aggressiveness of others in his medical history. this is bringing up a lot of debate about medical
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confidentiality laws and whether or not they need to be loosened for pilots. >> a lot of questions. >> let's go to boston and the trial where the defense is laying out its case after two weeks of witnesses for the prosecution. pete williams is covering the trial for us. good morning. >> good morning. the defense lawyers are hoping to show that the major steps in preparing for taken by his older brother. the government rested bringing its case to an emotional close. several jureors wept as they learned what one of the marathon bombs did to martin richard, his parents cried in court as they saw autopsy pictures. a doctor testified that it damaged the boy's entire body and drove six nails and 20 bbs inside. he placed a pressure cooker bomb loaded with nails and bbs a few
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feet away. he was seen walking away from that spot about ten seconds before the bomb exploded. the same blast killed this chinese student and one piece of the bomb went clear through her body. they have shown for 15 days and he looked straight ahead and slouched and chatted with his lawyers. they doubt the lawyers will call him to testify. he would have to explain his actions including what he did nearly a half hour after bombing the scene. >> i can see it now, so while three people were bleeding to death, you were buying milk at whole foods, is that true? >> the defense may have a few more witnesses to call and they could begin deliberating. the same jury would sit through the next trial on whether or not
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he gets the death penalty. >> now a closely watched deadline around the world. >> the clock is ticking as iran and six world powers reach a pleasure deal on the program. andrea mitchell is in switzerland for the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this is so unclear. other delegations and the russians and germans and others are saying they are optimistic. they said it's about 100% although nothing is 100%. they are working on a statement of what they agreed to but i talked to officials and they said it's only 50-50 that they would finish. they gkd a couple more hours or finish with john kerry doing a news conference and saying we didn't do it. this could be negotiating
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tactics. they didn't come up with what limits to put on iran and nuclear research and development and whether or not they are demanding sanctions lifted in june automatically on a final agreement rather than phased out to keep an eye on iran in case they cheat. >> you will keep an eye on it for us. >> the fbi ruled out terrorism after the deadly incident near the headquarters in maryland. two men wearing women's clothing and wigs tried to drive an suv on the campus. they kept driving through the security gate. officers killed one of the men and critically wounding the other. they found drugs and a weapon and it was determined this incident was isolated. it presented no additional threat to the nsa. two u.s. workers were kill and a third injuried when their helicopter went down to mississippi. it happened after 25 miles
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northwest of biloxi. they were monitoring a controlled burn and the lone survivor of the crash was airlifted to a nearby hospital. the ntsb investigating at the scene. a coyote walks on to a bar. not a joke it. showed up on the roof of a bar in queens new york. what it was doing, who knows. not sure how it got up there, but some think it climbed out of an interpret warehouse building. they responded to the scene, butt coyote got away somewhere in queens. nobody likes to return to the parked car only to see it hooked up to a tow truck. one man decide he was not going to let it happen. he climbed inside the truck. he drove off the back of the truck. now we don't recommend this
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method of escaping a tow. had to say that i guess. i'm sure they are hot on his trail. >> i'm glad to know it works. just fyi. >> mr. roker is off and we have dylan with a check of the weather. >> it is snow. it is warm everywhere except the northeast which is where we have snow. erie pennsylvania and southwest new york state and detroit seeing a wintry mix. this will dive down to the south and east. a few flakes as we go into new york city but most low through pennsylvania where we see the highest elevations. just an inch or so into scranton and new york city. again, widespread moisture and mostly in the today you brighten the room. glidden high endurance paint. check. drop cloths. check. painter's tape. check. rollers and trays.
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check aaaand check. ♪ woooow. looks nice! it's caribbean blue! you mean caribbean (pronounced cah-rah-bee-an). caribbean. (the way dad pronounced it.) agreeing on a color? done. with everything you need for a makeover at walmart's low prices you can trust every day, what project will you take on? good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start but that's going to fade. clouds on the increase we're looking at rain this afternoon. the first raindrops could arrive later this morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north. 55 degrees in parts of delaware and south jersey. clearing skies, sunshine tomorrow, but just 50 for the high temperature. the warm up happens thursday and friday, 60s for both days. expect showers on friday to last into saturday morning. and drying out for the rest of the weekend. have a great day.
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>> and that's your latest forecast. >> and the first interview with the new secretary of defense, ash carter. the fourth defense secretary in just six years and he will have the fight against isis iran and aggressive russia as well. he returned to his high school alma mater for the future of our fighting forces and we will begin by getting the take on a nuclear deal with iran. >> how can you trust iran to keep a deal? they cheated in the past. what's to say they won't in the future? >> it can't be based on trust. it has to be based on verification. >> what do do you if you don't get a deal? is it back to the druing board? >> the military option will remain on the table. there is a good agreement is worth waiting for and completing the negotiations. >> the map is on fire.
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not just a more powerful iran but the march in syria. >> you are known for your candor. are we winning right now? >> it's too early to say we are wing. it will take time inflict upon isil and we're still building the coalition and forces. i'm confident we will win. >> do you mean here? >> it's hard to know that. it's going to depend on how quick low we are able to build the forces to sustain the defeat. it's the last game of the defeat. >> american counter terror efforts were dealt another blow when the government collapsed, forcing the evacuation of special forces that have been battling alg qaeda's most aggressive branch in yemen.
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>> we are going to continue to prosecute the operations and whatever happens on the ground. >> were you able to do that when you pulled the special forces out? >> we have to do it in a different way. >> the branch in yemen is very, very much focused on attacking us and in particular our air travel. >> the secretary is also dealing with the aftermath of the obama administration's prisoner swatch. last week bo berg dal was charged with sdergz. >> do you think the white house made a mistake in wrapping its arms around him and saying that he served with honor and distinction when the administration knew there were at least questions about the circumstances of him walking off the base? >> i don't think anybody fully knew the s. >> wouldn't they know from debriefing other soldiers at a minimum that he expressed
7:18 am
reservations and he walked away? >> there is clearly an investigation going on right now. we won't get into that. we have a principal and we bend over backwards in favor of trying to return an american service. >> have huh an occasion so far in your short time as secretary of defense that i will state a position that you may not like sir. >> i certainly have. i never think about whether he will like what i say, but whether i am saying to him makes sense. >> thank you, mr. vice president. >> i have to ask but the swearing in ceremony. did you laugh or cringe? >> i laughed. we are great friends of the bidens. >> visiting with troops who will detroy to iraq carter was thinking big about how to attract the fighting force of the future.
7:19 am
>> you have young people who may or may not have a strong memory of 9/11 to motivate them. >> these kids are different. when i was at this high school they wanted to experiment and try things and don't top the go into a big ridgid institution. they want to go to one that is agile and nimble and that's the pentagon i want to make us for the future. >> interesting background. he is open to changing the culture of the military to get people to want to join. >> it's a hard job, but in terms of credentials and intelligence he has all the tools. >> carson is here and something new in the music world. >> it was a big show. >> big stuff stood alongside jay z and launched his new streaming music services. let's go to the next half hour.
7:20 am
willie geist will walk you through everything and why it may change the music business. we want to ask you because a lot of the early chatter about stilths about the price. what are you willing to pay for? nothing, $10 a month or 2o a month or let us know the survey with willie and we will have results for results for >> it's higher than spotify and others but hd videos and high fidelity songs. >> still coming out of a speaker. >> do they have eight track? >> thank you. >> coming up is democratic senator elizabeth warren reconsidering the calls for the white house. we will ask her. >> and the daughters of a mom at
7:21 am
center of a train crash speak out for the first time. what is haunting them two monthses after the accident. first, this is on nbc.
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it is 7:26. we are breaking news in skyforce 10 over the scene of a fatal accident on interstate 78 in greenwich township. this crash involved two tractor-trailers there. on the other side you can see the fededex tractor-trailers. it is not clear how many people are hurt on the westbound side of the highway that is shut down. more on that and more we'll check on traffic with christine maddela. we are seeing that view from skyforce 10. this fedex tractor-trailer flipped over on its side so you can see all lanes shut down. and this has been out there for several hours. so it is causing problems in that area. elsewhere, we'll look at your drive times.
7:27 am
we've got slow going on 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway to take you 40 minutes. also slow on route 422 from route 29 to the schuylkill expressway. and let's check on the forecast with bill henley. >> it's the last day of march and cold outside. temperatures drop into the 30s overnight. and we're still there. bright sunshine in center city 39 degrees. look at mount holly, 30 degrees. on the way, rain and snow to be moving in this afternoon. snow in the pocano mountains with rain in philadelphia with temperatures in the 50s. thank you, bill. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in a half hour.
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let's take a look at whether or not it is making headlines. a man hupd for a prisoner who overpowered a security guard in virginia and fled with the guard's gun. the hospital is on lockdown and police are searching for the suspect. >> the gates of the nsa, two men wearing women's clothes tried to
7:31 am
drive a stolen suv through the gate. when they refused to stop officers killed one of the men and wounded the other. >> the resignation of aaron schock takes effect today. the 33-year-old stepping down in the wake of a spending scandal and ethics investigation. >> stand by and listen closely. the music and the way we get it is about to change. jay z and madonna behind a new streaming service comes with a big price. willie understands all of this and he is going to explain it to us. >> it's called tidal, but it will cost users as much as $20 a month, double the price of spotify's premium option. many fans are asking how much more will we have to pay to listen to the music we want? >> look how we can all do this together and this is really a
7:32 am
powerful moment. >> monday was the beginning of a new era in music. at least according to the industry's biggest names. kanye, madonna, beyonce, daft punk and others announced involvement in the service tidal, touted at the only service to be owned most lie by the artists themselves. the launch was full of star power, but light on specifics with few new details about how tidal plans to win fans and artists away from spotify, the streaming service currently at the top of the charts. anyone will have to spend at least $10 a month and audio will cost 20 double the premium rate. jay z bought a major stake earlier this year and recruited the biggest names to invest in the service as well.
7:33 am
will fans that don't want to pay a monthly premium still be able to stream her latest hits? unlike spotify, they have no free option for consumers. taylor swift had a public break up with spotify over royalties, pulling her music from the service and writing in a "wall street journal" op ed valuable things should be paid for. industry experts said she may be the exception and not the rule. >> you are not going to have to pay tidal to pay kanye and madonna and jay z and beyonce, but there is a chance that to hear music from these artists first, you might have to go to tidal. >> they're had a major push back some mocking the slogan. tidal for all makes no sense. the majority of your fans study and have no income not to
7:34 am
mention people who are poor. others defended the cost and the artists. i don't understand how people can complain about the fee when we spend that on coffee. >> we spoke to spotify and we did not have a launch on tidal. they teamed up to launch a premium service by beats music that was not immediately successful but it is being relaunched by apple as a service through itunes setting up a very interesting battle. you have dre versus jay z. the advantage is better sound quality and also you may get exclusive music from these artists. >> i don't notice the sound quality. i listen through my iphone. >> if you pay cheated if you pay 9.99 and you are not hearing the song in the same way as someone who pays $20 is. >> you will have to come to tidal to get some of these
7:35 am
artist's music. >> if they have that leverage that could make the difference. >> trying to figure out how the guys drink the champagne. how much would you pay to listen to music, 66% said nothing. $10 a month is 27%. bad news for tidal. 1% said they would be willing to pay that. this will be an ongoing debate. back to you. >> the 1 percenters. >> a check of the weather. >> we are getting into the stormy season and the chance of stronger storms in oklahoma and texas. we have the dry line and the moisture coming in from the southwest. they battle against each other and could see storms fire up. from west texas into northern florida we could see a marginal risk of stronger storms but it's in this area in red just to
7:36 am
the north of texas and wichita falls and oklahoma where we could see mostly large hail. tomorrow we will see the storms from north to south with an area in red including parts of nebraska and kansas and over in iowa where we could see isolated tornados good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start, but that's going to stay. clouds on the increase. we're looking at rain this afternoon. the first raindrops could arrive later this morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north. 55 degrees in parts of delaware and south jersey. clearing skies, sunshine tomorrow with just 50 for the high temperature. the warm up happens thursday and friday, 60s for both days. expect showers on friday to last into saturday morning. and drying out for the rest of the weekend. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. up next the lingering mystery over a mother's actions behind
7:37 am
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. >> we are back at 7:41 with our interview with the family of ellen brodie the driver at the center of a deadly commuter train crash here in new york on february 3rd. nearly two months later the reason for the accident remains a mystery, leaving her daughters danielle julia and alexa with
7:42 am
more questions than answers. >> 911 what's your emergency? >> there was a car hit by a train. >> a deadly accident made national head loans. >> the train exploded? are. >> yes, the front car just exploded. people were jumping out. >> six people lost their lives between a head on collision between a train and suv, it would be hours before they learned the identity of the driver. >> i was watching and she told me to turn on the news. because danielle said this is bad. i started watching it. >> dozens were injured and hundreds awaited word about their missing loved ones. the brodie girls didn't know it yet, but the driver was there mother 49 yore old ellen commuting home from work. for reasons we still don't know, witnesses say the crossing gate came down on brodie's car. >> she looked at me and gestured to come back and i backed up
7:43 am
again further to indicate there is plenty of room. >> instead of backing up she drove forward into the path of an on coming train. >> all units. more ambulance are required. this is a train accident. >> all three brodie children are home and hours have passed without a word from their mother. >> the curiosity in the sense of being puzzled. >> so i called her voice mail and i was like we are starting to get really upset. why isn't she picking up and i called my dad and said do you know where mommy is. when i said about the accident he goes i'll drive around. >> was at this time dad who told you the news? >> he drives home and we see two police cars right behind his car and he was like she's gone. >> i remember that night we all slept together.
7:44 am
it was hard. >> the sisters are trying to remember their mother by how she lived, but are haunted by the unanswered questions. >> i was able to picture it and i kept replaying it in my mind. was she hurt? was she in pain? did she know? >> that scares me and i can just imagine her stopping the car and looking at the car. i tried to avoid the news because -- >> you don't want the details? >> obviously the way it happened is really upsetting. i don't know not knowing would make it better. it's so unimaginable and feels so unreal. >> their grief has been compounded by an unexpected source of pain. >> some people on social media criticized your mom. >> i went on google and searched my mom's name and reading the comments. the fact that people are saying i don't feel bad for you her. >> she is irresponsible.
7:45 am
>> how could she do that. >> i know my mom would never, never intentionally hurt people. >> how i am feeling right now, the other five families are feeling that way. the way i am feeling is i don't have a mom anymore. all the other tragedies, it's hard to comprehend my mom is the reason for that. she is not a murderer. >> it's tragic and horrible and a lot of times people want to find a reason. they don't want to think it could have been me. it was an accident. >> you memorialized your mom and said you vowed to speak with her every night. you will be there when i go to prom graduate and go to college. i will always think of you when i smile because it's your smile. >> i felt like i had to say that. i needed to let people know how much i loved her and how she was my best friend and my relationship with her is stronger nan a lifetime people
7:46 am
have with their mother. >> they are lovely and you can only imagine them watching the news of this tragedy in your community and slowly putting the pieces together that maybe it's your mom in the middle of that tragedy. >> more that was compounded by the criticism. >> coming up rate to reconsider. we will talk politics with elizabeth warren and the possibility of taking on hillary clinton for the we have very different parenting styles. fritz, go get it! pchu! you can't have enough... of the chicken. oh..i..okay, i think we're good. he's all about fun. but i...i like to have a little discipline. oh, i'll just get one, just in case. i think you just go a little bit overboard... with all this food. it is a sale, so... you keep going! it's great food at a great price! she makes such a good point! thank you, lilah. no problem. now through monday at petsmart hurry in and save on the food, toys and treats that you and your kids love. 'cause pethood's better with a partner. our eyes they have a 200-degree range of sight. which is good for me... hey! ...and bad for the barkley twins.
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7:51 am
ones. oh yeah the weekend and people are going to get drunk and think i'm sexy said fat chicks everywhere. >> others were offensive to the jewish community and they led to responses like this. they won't be watching. sad to someone as ignorant as trevor noah. others came to his defense saying jokes are jokes and regardless a lot of people are wonder ing why no one thought to comb through the twitter could. we will have more news after this. >> carson thank you very much. we top the go to something right now we are seeing live. a police chase is occurring or has just occurred in falls church virginia. remember earlier we told you about a shoot at a hospital where a prisoner being treated overpowered a guard and escaped with that guard's gun. >> that are of course set off a frantic manhunt happening around the washington, d.c. area. falls church, virginia at a
7:52 am
fairfax hospital in the area. this is somebody who has we understand it is was held in the jail on changes that were brought to the hospital overnight. somehow were able to overpower a guard and let to this. >> we will have the latest information in a little while. we will have much more after your local news. ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
a few minutes before 8:00. skyforce 10 is at the scene of a breaking news story. they just arrived on the scene with fire crews on the scene of a house fire at 64th and girard in west philadelphia. there are no reports of injuries. looks like the fire may possibly be out. firefighters are on the ground there. we are making phone calls and will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as warranted. let's get the forecast now from meteorologist bill hen lee. >> it is chilly and clouds will be building. you'll need sunglasses to start and a winter coat because it's cold. look atoms river, 32 degrees. pottstown and doylestown at 32. in northeast philadelphia
7:57 am
mid-40s. that just updated to 42 degrees. a nice warm up ahead and wet weather. the snow will become rain moving into philadelphia. thank you, bill. we'll get a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert reporter christine maddela. >> 78 in berks county near the lehigh county line still backed up due to this crash involving this overturned tractor-trailer. another tractor-trailer and car, this is a fatal crash that happened hours ago, but all the traffic is still backed up out there near exit 40 on interstate 78. so it is causing quite a delay. elsewhere, 95 southbound a lot of volume from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. that stretch is going to take you 44 minutes. if you are traveling on 76 eastbound from the blue route to the vine 16 minutes. also slow on 422. vai? i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you in another half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today," will she run? we will talk to elizabeth warren about taking on wall street and washington. if she will answer the challenge to make a run for the white house. we tackle the age-old question who is god? three very different spiritual leaders open up about what modern day americans do to keep in touch with faith. >> i want to cry and feel and dance. >> and he has a sound as sweet as honey. darius rucker and celebrating an album with a live performance
8:01 am
this tuesday, march 31st 2015. >> we are here at the "today" show. >> good morning from tennessee. >> all the way from california for mom's 60th birthday. >> we are celebrating landon's seventh birthday. >> good morning and welcome back to "today" march 31st 2015. a pretty morning out on the plaz amp a. not as cold as yesterday. >> not bad. happy to have darius here. this guy has done so much in
8:02 am
music. successful at everything he does. >> he's one of the nicest guys. going back to hootie and the blowfish. a great guy. >> the sound track for the morning. >> no question. nat low has a check of the headlines. a man hundred dollar is under way for an armed risener who staged a dramatic steap. good morning. >> good morning. we are at the fairfax hospital outside of washington and this happened at 3:00 this morning when a suspect being treed for trying to harm himself is being held on bank robbery charges. he overpowered two of the private security guards took off wearing only a hospital gown and having the gun. this resulted in a massive search and a reverse 911 call
8:03 am
said no dope your door and stay inside as s.w.a.t. teams have been looking for the suspect in the hospital and the neighborhood. correspondingly and an unrelated series of events there was a police chase through the same area and the nearby highways within the last hour or so that ended in a dramatic fashion in a crash on the highway. that chase is unrelated to the suspect. they are looking for a man who is 6'1" and about 170 pounds. again last seen wearing a hospital gown and having a gun and no shoes. she armed and dangerous and they believe he has taken off in a vehicle that he stole. a toyota vehicle. they are looking for that suspect and his girlfriend. >> in falls church virginia. thank you. >> the indianapolis.
8:04 am
>> is talking about the frshs freedom law. it allows businesses to graeme nate and the governor is striking back saying it contains no reference to sexual orientation. >> authorities say the remains of more than half the passengers in the german plane crash have been identified by dna. on monday prosecutors announced that the copilot had suicidal tendencies before getting his license. he locked the captain out of the cabin and crashed the plane into the french alps i canning all 150 people on board. the california fire captain injured while battling a house fire is battling for his life. his fall into the flame was caught on tape. the 25-year veteran suffered
8:05 am
life-threatening burns to over 65% of his body and he remains in critical condition. >> an amazing sight that thousands of reindeer made a spring journey. crowds came out po to watch and more than 3,000 reindeer had spring hurders moving the reindeer across the road. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> i found this sign out here and this is alex and it's her 16th birthday. she said if she gets on tv you will get a car. is he watch something. >> i would like a bmw, dad, but i don't think that's going to happen so i will stick with a hyundai. thanks, dad. >> better gas mileage. let's look at the weather across the country. in the west and the central part of the country, warmer temperatures everywhere but the northeast is warm.
8:06 am
highs expected to hit 91 degrees in las vegas that would tie the record. phoenix could break the record. 94 degrees should hit 95 today. 60s and 70s all the way up to fargo and down to kansas city. dallas should hit 83 and we are warming up in the southeast and good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start but that's going to fade. clouds on the increase. we're looking at rain this afternoon. first raindrops though could arrive later this morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north and 55 degrees for pars of delaware and south jersey. clearing skies. sunshine tomorrow and just 50 the high temperature. the warmup happens thursday and friday. 60s for both days and expect showers on friday to last into saturday morning and drying out for the rest of the weekend. have a great day.
8:07 am
that's your latest forecast. >> thank you so much. coming up next matt used ping pong balls to exact revenge on ellen. ellen respond and it's so wild we can't show it to you. >> how far is this going to go? >> maybe forever. >> also coming up on here's the question do you believe? we are posing that question. who is god? let's go inside to matt. >> we classed up the joint the helen mile an houren is here and she is a woman trying to reclaim a bit of her past. >> it's a true life story about a woman who got married -- >> amazing. anything she does in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members
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8:11 am
>> trending is extra delicious this morning. how would you like lunch? >> it usually ends around 11:00 a.m. how many of us have raced towards mcdonald's at 10 time 59
8:12 am
to get that egg mcmuffin? no more. they will test an all day breakfast menu. >> five words. what took you so long? >> two words, answered prayer. hot cakes around the clock. it is limited to a few locations in the san diego area. >> they will test it and roll it out. they have sagging sales and this is the plot to get people back. >> as long as they don't make it at 9:00 and serve it to me at 5:00 i love this idea. >> it's such comfort food at any time of day. >> the egg is not just for dinner. >> i'm surprised this has not been tried before. doesn't everyone feel this way about an egg mcmuffin? >> a game changer from moms visiting the ballpark. the cincinnati res unveiling a
8:13 am
new nursing suite. boasting a kitchen et bathroom lockers and a diaper changing area. you don't have to miss any of the game. you can learn more at today at any time com. the line for the girl's room is forever. >> the option. >> the whole family. >> i think is looksinize. >> the time has come. this may be her raciest prank yet. >> you have to admit, ellen, it took a lot of balls to pull off
8:14 am
this prank. >> i have seen this in its entirety. you don't top the go there early in the morning after an egg mcmuffin. i couldn't look at it. >> there were several of them and we decided not to put them up. >> if you have a strong stomach, an unedited clip. i find this hard to believe. game on again. here is the most bizarre story of the day. russell crowe said he was on the receiving end of prank phone calls by michael jackson. he learned the fake name he would use at hotels and would call up asking are there any wall there is?
8:15 am
what's holding up the roof? that was the level of the prank calls. this was one step up from prince albert. the pranks withstand on for two or three years. that's funny. that's like is your refrigerator running? >> it's running or yes. is your refrigerator running? what did i say? >> runny. >> what's choots trending today. >> the big question who is god today? jenna bush haeger has more on that. jenna, good morning. >> according to our exclusive survey 2/3 of adults believe got exists. fewer americans especially young people are affiliated with an organized religion. i met up with three religious leaders who are trying to change
8:16 am
all that, answering big questions along the way. >> god is jesus. >> god is love. >> god is possibility. >> who is god is hardly a new question but it's one asked of today's religious leaders all the time. >> i'm jude as smith in los angeles and you go at lahara. >> from manhattan. >> i'm from los angeles. >> when they all said got. >> he said okay abraham. >> one thing all of these leaders have in common is the desire to help the congregations find a meaningful and especially modern happy with whoever they believe god to be. >> acceptance was imprinted on my mind and my heart and you will be a preacher to your generation.
8:17 am
>> the bible who declares he who knew no sin became sin for us. >> the pastor commutes weekly to los angeles where his services in hotel ballrooms struck few clouds and celebrities like justin bieber. >> people are looking for causes bigger than themselves. they want to know their life matters beyond the 9 to 5 savings could and having a retirement fund. >> they find the approach more relevant. >> church is different these days. i grew up in church and it was stiff. those days are long gone. >> people want an experience like wow, this is hot. i want to cry and feel and dance and move. >> the reverend in new york city has a prot stand church using the old to attract the new. >> this is an old building. when you walk in there loving
8:18 am
people at the door who hug you before they know you. you look around the room and there old people and young people and every ethnicity and tribe. >> inclusiveness is often what attracts the newest members to her congregation. >> it took me time to realize god loves me no matter what. whether you are gay or whatever it is. >> i believe in hope more than anything else. >> talk about why some religions can feel exclusive. >> i don't want to work for the god who is not for the woman. i don't want to work for a god who doesn't respect a man or doesn't respect catholic nuns and priests. we have got to love god and expect that god loves all the people and there is grace for all. >> rabbi sharon agrees. >> it's not just us opening our hearts to god, but trying to receive.
8:19 am
>> she draws 100 and she uses smaller house parties to maximize connection. >> part of my job is to help people recognize that within our tradition which is 4,000 years old, there is incredible depth and beauty and majesty and mystery that can help each of us live lives of incredible meaning and purpose. >> what's going for god's perspective? >> he brings a dialogue with other experiences with religion. >> the intimacy of a home she finds makes asking the tough questions easier. >> why do bad things happen to good people? >> i don't think god makes bad things happen. they find meaning in the suffering. >> despite the influence, nochbt lead none of the leaders have the answers. they put all people in the same boat. there moments when you lose
8:20 am
your faith? >> a faith that is big enough to hold anger and to hold resentment and struggle and wrestling is a faith that can hold me. >> and loss and pain and grief, there is always doubt. what makes faith beautiful is our moments of doubt. >> i haven't lost my nath love. >> i think everybody wants to feel like their life has an impact. she gives us that. >> all three are making a huge impact in their communities and beyond. middle church here has been hosting first responders and they are right across the street from the building that exploded last week and they have been helping the entire week. i love these people because they were so open. >> i love as you see more and more that more churches realize the need to be open and accepting of people of all faiths. >> not so rigid. >> thank you very much. you can hear more from those religious leaders on our website
8:21 am
at tomorrow on do you believe, we will tackle the question you can be spiritual without being religious? savannah? >> thank you so much. elizabeth warren has taken on wall street and members of her party said she should run against hillary clinton. one of the priorities is giving middle class families a fighting chance which is the title of her new memoire. that's new. senator warren it's good to see you. >> good to see you. you didn't think you would get away with this without saying are you going to run for president? >> i'm not running and i'm not going to run. i'm in washington and i have this great job and a chance to try to make a difference on things that really matter. i think we need to lower the interest rate on student loans and put more money into medical research. we need to raise the minimum wage. nobody should work full time and
8:22 am
live in poverty. we need to strengthen social security and expand the reach. there is a lot to fight over this minute. >> let me make sure we underscore it and bold it. i have to tell you i have read every single interview you have done in the last year where people ask will you run for president? it seemed that you were hedging a little bit. i don't hear that now. are you unequivocally saying i'm not running for president in 2016. >> i'm not running. i'm not running. what i am doing is fighting for senate issues that are powerfully important. it's a good part of why i wrote this book. >> you care so much about the issues your supporters say you are the perfect forn go inperson to go in and fight for them. they are afraid hillary clinton won't give voice to the issues. >> we have a lot of places we need to be fighting on core issues. student loans.
8:23 am
i have a student loan bill. it is obscene that the united states government is making a profit off the backs of our kids. i will tell you something. that is personal for me. i am somebody who my daddy ended up as a janitor and my mom worked for minimum wage at serious. the only way i went to college because of a $50 a semester community college. that opened a million opportunities for me. something i talked about in the book and what it created for me. i ended up in the senate. i want the same opportunities for our kids today. i want a world where every kid gets a fighting chance. >> this is something you feel passionate about. you came out of the private sector and came to wash for this purpose. i have to ask you whether you think hillary clinton in 2016 is she the right messenger for that? do you think she will give a credible voice to the issues of
8:24 am
whether the middle class is getting a fair shake? >> we need to give her a chance. >> we know she is running. >> and to lay out what she wants to run on. that's her opportunity to do that. this is really the point. i admit that everyone needs to be talked about in every race and every part of this country about how it is that we build a future. because right now washington is working great for those who have money and power. it's working great for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers. it's not working so great for the american people, for real families. that's where we have to make a change. >> possibly i'm beating a dead horse, but did you ever entertain the possibility of running for president? >> no. what i'm working on are the issues that people of massachusetts sent me on. i have never run for office
8:25 am
before. this grows out of my lifetime's work. as i talk about it in the book how it evolved from both how i grew up and the early work i did. what was happening to america's middle class families and how they were taken one punch after another. we end up with people across this country who work hard and play the rules and who are barely making it paycheck to paycheck. that's in part because choices that have been meads in washington and tilt the playing field in favor of those who have lobbyists and fortune 500 companies and in favor of the biggest financial institutions and against real people. >> elizabeth warren always good to get your perspective and we put the speculation to rest this morning. >> good to see you. >> the book is a fighting chance. matt over to you. >> i don't think she is running.
8:26 am
>> i don't think she is running either. >> doesn't sound like a possibility. >> i will be shocked if she runs. good morning. i'm vai sick heam ark.k heemck hema. let's get a check of our forecast. >> clouds in the air. take a look at this view from the melon bank building. clouds streaming past the comcast building. showers here today. you can see snow. northwestern suburbs will see some snow but it's going to be rain as it moves into philadelphia, and most of the areas are looking at rain. pocono mountains will see some lightly accumulating snow during the day and into tonight. now the temperatures are warming up fairly quickly. 42 now in philadelphia. it's 44 in dover, so stand by for clouds to take over and rain
8:27 am
arriving later this morning and this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. traffic, looks like we've got problems and here are the details. >> interstate 78 a portion of it still shut down due to this crash involving two tractor trailers and a car. a deadly crash that still has interstate 78 shut down right at exit 40 and all the traffic is still backed up. 222 is a viable alternate. let's take a look at your drive times also. 95 southbound. still slow. an earlier disabled vehicle to the vine street expressway. it will take you 48 minutes. >> thank you. student at rutgers are teaming up with fast food workers at the raise the wage rally that will happen around noon on the campus of rutgers camden. part of a national campaign by the service employees union to raise the minimum wage. the fast food workers want their 15 an hour. much more and another update in 25 minutes. we'll see you then.
8:28 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods.
8:29 am
bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
8:30 am
we are back at 8:30 the 31st and final day of march, 2015. we are gearing up and it came in like a lion and still a lion. we are gearing up for a little southern style and one of the biggest names in country music. our friend darius rucker will perform a hit for us in a little while. >> looking forward to that and look who else is here.
8:31 am
helen mile an houren and herrren. >> michelle faun has more than a billion views on you tube and seven million people subscribe to her online beauty advice. her hottest trend for spring. we have scoured the plaza and found two volunteers and it's time to tick them. >> where is amy hardy? where are you from? >> new york. i'm a librarian. >> right here in new york. your big makeover is tomorrow. there is one. >> where is peter? right here? hi! >> you are from the tampa area with your wife and two kids.
8:32 am
that i say you wear the same thing all the time? >> i like it. >> this is what you wear all the time. >> not all the time. most of the time. >> i think he looks good. what's wrong this? >> i don't know. another had. you will go for a big makeover. you are up for anything? >> sure. >> up for anything. >> you make that feel ominous. they feel excite and they will reveal all tomorrow morning on today. trust me you don't want to miss it. >> it is cold in the northeast, but things will turn around into april. it moves to the east and we could see light snow especially back to northern pennsylvania where an inch or two is possible. stronger storms through oklahoma and texas. those will spread to the
8:33 am
southeast into tomorrow. tomorrow could seat strongest storms from iowa to nebraska and kansas as well. an isolated good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start, but that's going to fade. clouds on the increase. we're looking at rain this afternoon. the first raindrops though could arrive later this morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north and 15 degrees for parts of delaware and south jersey. clearing skies. sunshine tomorrow, but just 50 the high temperature. the warmup happens thursday and friday. 60s for both days. expect showers on friday to last into saturday morning and drying out for the rest of the weekend. have a great day. >> we have music the the band from old dominion university. >> thank you very much.
8:34 am
oscar winner helen mirren never fails to impress us with her movie woman in cold who battles the austrian government to reclaim a participating stolen by the nazis. now you would like to be reunited. >> wouldn't that be lovely. >> make you a witch woman. >> do you think that's what this is about. i have to do what i can to keep the memories alive. >> nice to see you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> did you know the story before you took on the role? it is a true story. >> it's an amazing story and it completely escaped me. it was the equivalent of the
8:35 am
statue of liberty here in new york. >> the no ona lisa of austria. she goes back to find this and not because it's worth a fortune, but it helps her connect to her past. >> i think so and who knows why, but certainly that was a part of it. her was wiped away as it was for so many. amazing things home people now come to me and saying that was my grandmother's story or my mother. they had to get on with life and they were quiet for so many years about what happened to them.
8:36 am
now they can start talking about it. one of the things that was never fully explained is that you are a dentist. >> my dentist, i was telling him about the new role. he said you have to see my mother. she was that woman. she came from vienna from a similar background. he sent me an e-mail with a film of his mom which i started. it was similar. she was the woman i played. -it's a great story about immigration and america gave maria refuge and a life and only through the american stream court that she managed to get the painting back. it's a great story about the
8:37 am
power and the positive values of america. i know you know what's coming and so many articles talk about you as a fantastic actress and someone who exudes sexuality at your age. >> it's very, very very old. >> no, it's not. is it something you are conscious about? >> no of course not. that would be terrible. mash. >> we have the person people see us to be and the person we are. we let other people see what they see in you and let them get on with it. >> do you not like the word sexy? >> i don't. it's overused and it limits
8:38 am
qualities and to this very narrow rather mundane place and human beings are so much more complex and interesting and deep and everything. and i think the -- i wish there was a burden word. >> we have been avoiding each other because of germs. you heard i had a cold and you were like seriously, stay away from me. how are you enjoying broadway? playing the queen. >> i don't think you have seen it. it's great. very funny. they are out here and positive
8:39 am
and responsive and energetic. it's just great. >> audiences respond to great acting. helen mirren great to you have. woman in gold opens in select theaters tomorrow and nationwide on april 10th. how to pull offspring's great trends. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door. so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ ♪ the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink.
8:41 am
we are back at 8:41. her videos have been viewed over a billion times. now she is getting ready to launch a new channel today. straight from her trend report some of her greatest beauty
8:42 am
secrets for spring. we are talking about make up? >> yes. trends. >> just the way fashion does. >> it comes and goes but there a few staples. the bold brow look. she is sporting something that is very easy to do. i always recommend whenever you are crowding a brow look they are personal. in the eyes and before you start, you want to study the shape of your lids and the shape of your forehead and your eyes and i like to take a matte brown and lightly reshape them a bit and at in the structure. >> you are matching them with a natural color with an eye shadow. >> of course. a lot of girls are trying their hair purple or green. your brows are two to three
8:43 am
shades lighter than your natural hair color. blending it in it's all about the pencil. using the brow pencil. whatever works best for you. if you can draw a line you can fill in your brows. that's how you do everything. you brush everything out. it softens any of the harsh marks. >> the next trend is the hombre lid. it's cool and hard to pull off. >> this was popular in south korea last year. unlike the pastel lip, how do you create this hombre feel? you want a light color like a nude or cupcake pink and at it on the top of the lips.
8:44 am
>> gorgeous model. >> a pale lip color. the second is a pop of color. it can be a pink or a red. any pop of color. you want to add it in the center. i like to use a brush. i'm all about the brush. that gives you the best control. you want to add it here and this gives it that beautiful fairy tale look. >> did you line the lips differ? >> no. you don't want to because you want it to be soft and give it that beautiful look. no lip lining and all about the hombre that is soft and springy. >> the darker on the inside and you brend it with the brush. a mappeda, thank you very much. >> very easy. >> finally we have gladys. >> a lot of women are indim
8:45 am
tated by anything sparkly, but try it out first. with graddisladys, i helped highlight the eyes and brightens them up. it's like coffee for i eyes. the other thing is the skin illuminator. what this does is reflects light off of the cheeks. just with your fingers and add it on the high points of the cheeks. >> on the apple of the cheeks. >> last but not least, this is my favorite part. adding a touch of that champagne highlighter right on the cupid's bone. that gives it that angelic halo effect. >> i had never seen that before. >> gladys you look beautiful as do all of our models. congrats on that.
8:46 am
appreciate it. darius rucker will perform his new hit for us but 50 this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
. >> 8:48 and we are back with darius rucker out with his fourth country album called southern style. good to have you. welcome back. >> you have another hit with homegrown honey. i know you were pop music, but can you hear a song and know it's going to be a number one hit? >> sometimes, but with homegrown i said that. sometimes you know and sometimes you don't. >> i have a simple question for you. are you going to run for president? >> i'm definitely not going to run for president.
8:49 am
>> you said this album is the countriest album yet. did you feel freer and country music is in the area of pop. >> that helped me make that decision. it was so big in the country song and have been wanting to make more country records. just because you like it. a lot of people go the other way. you still playing golf? >> as much as i can. >> i know you get emotional on the golf course. >> doi. >> it's microphones. that might be a deal ender. >> that are would be bad. you enjoying it? >> loving every minute of it. >> i don't know about you, but when i feel country music, one instrument i want to learn to play? >> the banjo. >> the slide guitar that prompted them to give this guy grief. >> what are you playing? >> homegrown honey.
8:50 am
>> darius rucker. ♪ sitting at a bar in new york city ♪ ♪ the kind of girl that has got that song ♪ ♪ they never seen nothing like it ♪ long legs in your cowboy boots ♪ ♪ know there ain't nothing about it ♪ ♪ the way that you move shake it down to your roots ♪ ♪ teach me thou do that thing you do ♪ ♪ nothing sweeter than wine ♪ ♪ i take a simple smile ♪ ♪ the homegrown hone ♪
8:51 am
♪ honey, honey so money, money, moan ♪ ♪ you have a country road carolina soul ♪ ♪ baby you're just so homegrown. >> trying to think of something cool on say ♪ ♪ turn around and saw you walking my way ♪ ♪ dancing to a sweet old alabama song. the way that you move, did your mama teach you how to do that thing you do ♪ ♪ i'll take a simple smile and the boys at home can't leave you alone. little homegrown honey, honey honey, so money money money ♪
8:52 am
♪ you have a country road carolina soul ♪ ♪ baby you are just so homegrown. >> baby you are driving me crazy. i'ma a long way away from where i'm from but baby you feel like home. the way that you move you shake it down to your roots ♪ ♪ did your mama teach you thou do that thing you do ♪ ♪ love is sweeter than wine and i bet the boys at home can't leave you alone.
8:53 am
>> baby you're just so homegrown. hone honey, hone just so money money, money, baby just so homegrown. >> darius will be back with hoda and kathie lee later. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> good news. woo are getting the band back together. >> also they are joining us and then huh helen mirren on. you have heard her on jimmy fallon? >> yeah. >> al is taking over my tuesday trend. what he said is the hottest trend ever. >> can i make everyone jealous? i got a bunch of guitar picks from darius. >> back with hoda
8:56 am
good morning everyone. i'm chris cato. it's 8:56. we should have rain moving into the picture later this morning. let get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> the philadelphia area will see rain and the pocono mountains expecting snow. certainly cold enough. still some clouds visible here and more and more will be moving in. a little break of sunshine here
8:57 am
and there. that sunshine is going to be fading, and here comes the snow moving through central pennsylvania. the snow in the pocono mountains and temperatures are nicely above freezing from reading, allentown, philadelphia now up to 46 and climbing expecting rain in those locations. clouds taking over. rain developing and temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. >> investigators could release surveillance video today of another attack at a septa station. police say a group of teens attacked a man on the "l" platform at 15th and market streets yesterday afternoon. he went to the hospital with minor injuries. now, this comes less than two weeks after a group of teens attacked another teen on a subway platform at broad and locust. in yesterday's attack septa officials say teenagers got into an argument with a man and one them punched him. officials are hoping surveillance video will help them find that group of teens. later today, students at rutgers university camden will team up with fast food workers for a raise the wage rally that will happen around noon on the campus of rutgers camden. it's part of a national campaign
8:58 am
by a service employees union to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15 an hour. organizers say this rally will call for a mass worker strike and student march in philadelphia on april 15th. i'm chris cato. we'll be back with another update in about 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 news app. now we go back to the "today" show. have a great tuesday. ♪ ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink.
8:59 am
so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ ♪
9:00 am
. >> this morning on today's take, teaming up with billy crystal to be the newest odd couple. you won't believe what this guy found on his suit live on the air. with us and all that and more coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall from rockefeller plaza. >> it is the last day of march, the 31st 2o 15. along with natalie morales and
9:01 am
al is on assignment. we were saying i felt like i haven't seen you in three weeks. >> we were here in the beginning and the end of march. >> very busy. all over the world. >> we have been on assignment for a long time. >> i'm glad you are back. >> feeling a little bit unbalanced. >> you sit down and the table is doing one of those. i can't move forward until it's fixed. don't talk to me. let's not start talking until that is fixed. >> you can't go on with the show until the chair is fixed? >> i need a pack of matches. >> fold up the nap stin in there. and i will have that.
9:02 am
>> i was a waitress for 11 days and it was the hardest jop of my life. of my life. >> you feel better? >> i feel better. you know what i'm excited about? the tidal thing. you had jay z and daft punk. >> kanye looks thrilled to be there. >> you never see it. >> they are introducing a music streaming service called tidal. it costs 10 or $20 a month. unlike spotify or pandora it has no free option. you are paying either way. in addition beyonce and nicky minaj among the investors.
9:03 am
are you willing to pay to get access to this? you willing to pay for more thing. they said the music quality is better. the higher fality sound. they said you will have to get the artist to get some of this. are you willing to put cash out? >> i pay the cable bill and netflix and there is so much now that you have to pay for and i'm not on spotify and i feel like i should be, but i don't know. to me it's like is it that high quality that i need to be on it? >> i guess the referage is you need it to get their music. >> i downloaded the app and could not bring myself to click
9:04 am
on it. there is a big deal on the side that said upgrade option. i kept hitting no and saying do i really need? >> that answers the question. >> i have spotify and pandora. i did the upgrade on all of those. i don't have a radio and a car. i don't have a radio in my home. the only way to listen to music and i can't download an entire album when i will only like one song. >> then you want to mix it up. with the music service you can do a play list. my niece had a birthday and i'm not that good. this is easier, but $20 a month? i saw this and i was like month? we asked you, how much would you pay to listen to your favorite
9:05 am
artists. 71% said i will pay nothing. 23% said $10 a month. $20 a month is 1%. >> age-wise, my nephew is in college. he is figuring out a way to get his $20 a month. people in our age group who transition from me the eight-track and cassette. >> you pay for sirius every month but i love talk and you get news and i feel like you get so much. for me it's worthy of paying that amount. >> the title has to make a better says of why not spotify for free? >> they a commercial right away.
9:06 am
>> and dre is coming out and trend rez nor and they will use beats music through itunes. >> i have beats and it's not free. the good thing for the consumer once they jump in the game the prize has to come down. we will see what happens there. here's a good debate. house warming gifts. >> sorry this real. listen, on cafe mom, a person posted an invitation she thought was inappropriate. hello, a friendly reminder about the house warming party. we will be registered at bed bath and beyond and target. home improvement and gift cards are welcome. if you have questions, feel free. i don't like the way it was structured. the gift came first. it should have said i'm so excited to shame the warmth of
9:07 am
our new home with you guys. as you know we are settling in for the first time and we're registered. >> i never heard of registering for a house warming. if you are having a baby or getting married. but a house warming? why is it different? you invite people into your home to say we want you as a guest. we will bring you something like a bottle of wine or a candle or something small. this seems like home improvement gift cards would be appreciated. $25 maybe? some of the wedding registries i wish i had gone to your home. i love giving baby gifts, but your wetting, i don't know if it's going to last. i went to a wetting where it was multiples.
9:08 am
you are introducing yourself to the neighbors by saying buy me stuff. >> a leveller would be a nice gift. >> you can do that on your iphone for free. >> does it cost? >> for free. do you have a leveller? >> i tried to hang a picture the other day. >> do the eyes move in the picture? >> why would you say that. you know i live alone. that's scary. scoot over. >> there is an app for a leveller. >> download that right now. this is an odd story. a local fox weather man steve frazier in the twin cities. he happened to find something in
9:09 am
the back of his suit during a live broadcast and decided to take it out. take a look. >> i'm sorry. you have a kink in your neck. i thought it was just tight, but never mind. let's go to the weather. >> i realized i made that sound worse than it was. that was dark natalie. what did he pull out? >> the hanger. >> he explained he had been at the gym or something and it was in the shirt? >> how do you not feel like a metal hanger is in your back. >> have you left a tag in? >> a tag, but a metal hanger? >> there is a new viral campaign, the egg cracking. egg crack challenge supports awareness of the juvenile diabetes fund. >> a wonderful cause. we have twizzlers and this is
9:10 am
the new order to raise money. it's a great idea that people are challenged to raise money. i don't think it's a good idea when eggs are involved. >> thomas roberts issued a challenge. wait until you see who challenged him. >> here we go. that was good. so i just did the egg crack challenge. i get to nominate three people over at the "today" show. matt lauer tamron hall and erica hill. >> eew. are you going to do this later in the show. >> the money i saved. and wearing a suede dress that gave me pause. how much time do i have to decide? the end of the show i have to
9:11 am
decide? it's an amazing cause and i don't want people to think that i do not support the cause. >> you can write a check. should you write a check anyway. >> i could do both. you can tweet me and use the hash tag today's take. i have a feeling since i was the who was dumped what you will say. >> think anyone will say snow. >> why are my hands shaking? he was like ouch. >> the good thing is you can then issue your own challenge. you can keep it going. >> i'm not eligible. conflict of interest. i will tell you about it later. >> good morning, guys. how do you not see or feel the hanger in your shirt? he was so buff. he thought it was his muscles.
9:12 am
>> you can understand in a jacket. >> in my shirts? let's transition to snow. this is going to move through the grassy surfaces. we will keep an eye on th good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start but that's going to fade. clouds on the increase. we're looking at rain this afternoon. the first raindrops though could arrive later this morning. temperatures in the upper 0s to the north and 55 degrees in parts of delaware and south jersey. clearing skies and sunshine tomorrow but just 50 the high temperature. the warmup happens thursday and friday. 60s for both days. expect showers on friday to last into saturday morning and drying out for the rest of the weekend. have a great day.
9:13 am
. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> up next, how excited are we about this man? your kids know him as olaf from the highest grossing movie of all time josh gad along billy crystal. he knows his own name and recognizes it. he's back. >> you are talking about me. >> you look dapper. >> ♪ ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making
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9:16 am
♪ ♪ introducing new country time lemonade starter with real lemon juice. a fresh, new way to make country time. >> as josh gad was telling us he was one of the favorite guests on the show. he was just cast on the version of beauty and the beast and he will voice one of the characters in the movies. >> after i am? this is such a fun year for me. >> it was a fun year for kids as
9:17 am
the voice of olaf, the snowman who loves summer in frozen. he will be in the sequel frozen 2. he plays himself somewhat. >> comedy is like heart surgery. it gets botched all the time. if you keep it loose and don't overthink it, you can you can fix people's hearts. >> i loved you on wall street. >> thank you. >> good to have you back. >> so good to be back. i had no choice. my publicist told me i had to.
9:18 am
billy crystal teaches you so much. every day is a master class doing the show. i am working with this guy who has 30 plus years of experience and he is one of the sharpest guys still in the business. he is teach teaching something new. >> how did you team up? >> there was a script they give you and then -- you memorize the lines on the script and you speak them to each other. >> and it works? >> most of the time. >> billy crystal said i want you. >> i was doing -- billy crystal and i met when i was doing a benefit which was the only way
9:19 am
you get to meet billy crystal. >> and we met back stage and he lookeda the me and said i'm doing this now show based on a series and i would love for to you take a look at it. curb your enthusiasm and seinfeld. i saw this area when they had this bit they did and i was 92 tears. this was one of the most random funniest things i have seen. the idea of playing these two guys happened to team up to do the comedy show. it was so fascinating to me. first i said what's the money like and then i said i'm in. >> always the first question. >> i never get it. >> i will make sure. >> he is the new pro.
9:20 am
>> we talked about the wild year you had. it seems to me that you wouldn't go back to so quickly. were you surprised when the phone call came in? >> that movie with kevin hart was huge. >> i wasn't searching for tv, but i love a challenge. i love whether it's broadway or movies, i am looking for something i haven't done before. the idea of playing myself and a version of myself really i only share 4% of the character traits with this version. it scared the be jesus out of me. i wasn't sure if that was one of
9:21 am
those. that's the third. whoa, whoa. helen mirren was throwing f bombs. i was definitely not searching for it but it so appealed to me and the idea of working with billy is a dream come true. he is. i was very fascinated by that. >> so much fun. come visit us more often. any time you are in new york come visit us. in thesomer time. come o. >> i don't think the people at home do. >> the comedians did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
9:22 am
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9:24 am
♪ ♪taxes are your year,♪ ♪only much simpler.♪ ♪you can handle simpler.♪ ♪intuit turbotax.♪ ♪it's amazing what you're capable of.♪ >> partaking a rook at the headlines, a new study suggests allowing your children to sip alcohol may trigger them to drink earlier. kids who taste alcohol before middle school are five times more likely to have a full drink by ninth grade and times more likely to get drunk the first semester of high school. the bigger your wallet the better for your child's brain development. the financial standing affects the surface area of children's brains regardless of race or genetic answers. even a small raise for parents can have a bigger effect on brain size and test scores.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
rules of greek! good morning. i'm chris kateors. it's 9:26 and time to check your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. any showers out there yet? >> we're tracking them. they are coming if from the northwest. snow in the pocono money tap. expect to see raindrops in philadelphia. not a lot of rain to start with just a few sprinkles this morning and this afternoon we'll see the steadier rainfall and temperatures in the 30s and low 0s at that mt. pocono accumulating snow in the mountains. clouds are quickly moving in. look for rain to develop this afternoon with temperatures in the 50s. today investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire in delaware county. officials haven't released the victims' identity. neighbors tell us though the victim is an elderly man.
9:27 am
the fire started around 7:00 last night at a home on west jackson street in darby township. neighbors tell us the man was loved by everyone on the block and was a collector of junk. fire officials say those possessions actually made it hard to get inside the home during the fire. in philadelphia investigators are trying to figure out if someone set fire to this garage on purpose. it happened on north fairhill street in north philadelphia just before 5:00 this morning. crews quickly put out fire. no one was hurt but officials say the fire looked spishts. get ready for some delays if you drive on ridge avenue in philadelphia. penndot will start repairing and resurfacing ridge avenue between northwestern avenue and 33rd street tomorrow. that means drivers can expect lane closures from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. during the week and some road work will take place during the daytime the following week. i'm chris cato. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc news 10 app. now we go back to the "today" show. have a great tuesday.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
it's a tuesday morning. easter is five days away and you might be think about treats to make with the kids. >> here are the best ideas on you tube by the made by mommy you tube channel. you will start with willie over there. >> we are. we are going to make chocolate eggs. >> peeps, right? >> for the popeeeps and the egg. you want to take the melted chocolate. >> those are crunchy fried nootdsnootd
9:31 am
noodles. >> this is the cupcake addiction channel. she has the largest channel. i'm making a mess everywhere. woe will stir this around and fortunately for me they don't need to be perfect. if you have them chicking outsticking out. you will take a spoonful and plop it down on the paper. >> makes a nest. >> give a little hole in the middle with your spoon so your bird has somewhere to live. >> you can use your baby births or you can put eggs in. you can do eggsa loan. up to you. >> i love it. >> it's great now. of course it's time to dial the eggs. that was a cute idea, but the
9:32 am
chirming chip egg. >> the first step is to -- looks like you have this item. a basic triangle. you is stick to school blue or something. you draw eyeballs and you want to make sure you don't forget the feather because that is the cutest part. a yellow feather. >> with the glue gun, the dries almost instantly. >> absolutely. >> let's check in with dylan once again. good morning.
9:33 am
i'm meteorologist bill henley. a sunny start, but that's going to fade. clouds on the increase. we're looking at rain this afternoon. the first raindrops though could arrive later this morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to the north and 55 degrees for parts of delaware and south jersey. clearing skies. sunshine tomorrow but just 50 the high temperature. the warmup happens thursday and friday. 60s for both days and expect showers on friday to last into saturday morning and drying out for the rest of the weekend. have a great day. >> that's your latest forecast, guys. >> dylan, thank you very much. to paraphrase, there there a few thingses to be certain. getting rave reviews for the performance on broadway. >> we have the comedy playglamour star.
9:34 am
take a look. >> i really, really love that this play. ♪ make way for bad, badness. the darling of a major set ♪ ♪ >> wow. that's a party. >> she is playing broadway all right. good morning. >> we talked about the reviews with the "wall street journal." this is the performance that will make those lucky enough to have seen it decades after the fact. we are writing and we might as well start practicing the acceptance speech. what is it when you read reviews like that, what do you think? >> it's funny they haven't read those because my parents were in town. i said you know what, don't. i want to keep my focus.
9:35 am
>> so we just ruined it. >> the striking of the record of course. >> we mentioned you may have destined for the role. do they have a voice coach in high school and they saw this part and said you are going to play it one day. >> if you get it, you should do it. the composers and they said i should do it. we haven't revised it. four years ago, they said it's time. >> i follow ow all things social media. do you that. >> absolutely. >> it's on instagram huh this photo they put on. you put it up. >> on angie's list? >> lock at you. 16 years ago.
9:36 am
broadway. charlie brown. you went on to win. will you look at that on the journey today? even with the reviews you head? >> it gets me emotional. the typical experience of a show like that. there is only six of us in it. we know what we went through. it's the time of my life when it grew up in that way. the only time it will happen that way. i am ready for that and the time that i was strap in a ball. >> that's something you don't remember. >> is it too early? >> thank you very much. >> you are not ploeg up the stage and bring down the house, your nightly ritual is to draw yourself a bath and turn on
9:37 am
bravo and drink whatever andy cohen is playing that night. housewives and you go down the list. >> some people are alcoholics and i'm andy cohen. i love everything on the show and it's because i don't have to invest. i will go conscious. >> she snapped or i married a bleep. i love all of those. >> you are difficult. you if could get a cast to join, would it be atlanta on a or beverly hills. >> you team to give far more than the shopping center. >> you are just being honest. >> kids, congratulations for everything. we love fashion. so why isn't my tuesday trend without fashion?
9:38 am
al is taking i love chico's. and it definitely gives me stories to tell. some say i know how to make a statement, but really, i just wear what i'm wild about. i'm always up for colorful conversation and like to keep things easy and carefree. i know what i love, and there are many sides to my story. if these clothes could talk. only at chico's and [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week fine lines appear to fade. one month deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy.
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9:42 am
a very good friend of man, a darling man whose advice i take every day of my life, suggesting this topic. al roker toll me about the food craze sweeping the nation. kids young and old are talking about one thing. high end jerky. beef jerky. not at the convenience store on the shelf which is fine too, but elk turkey, teriyaki, tarragon. tamron. here with tasty options of how to make it ourselves, we have a private chef. good to see you. we have a video and we couldn't snow of al saying you have to do beef jerky. i said like slim jim?
9:43 am
he said no, this other stuff. i was hooked. >> it is sexy. it is ch krirks and trend hrkschic. you have an options of cheese and take a tooth pick and beef jerky. people won't think i am serving old meat? moving on we were looking at the back of this. 80 calories and super high protein. 10 grams. >> you can travel with this in yack back tack and take the trail mix. turkey, we have shart nay. they have like six different flavors and you have the silt on and house of jerky. al mon, you can get dried salmon.
9:44 am
>> i went out with the grill and the only meal i was able to eat gave me elk jerky and it was the most amazing thing. we will make darmle jurky. >> you want it melt it down all the way. >> we have the jerky king on the line. al roker, are you there? >> i am here. >> i like the jerky. >> what's your favorite? >> you got me on this. aren't you glad you did this? >> we are making a jerky with carmel? >> that sounds good. >> you want it melt it until it's deserved. butter makes everything better. lots of butter.
9:45 am
add salt and we have jerky here. you can add your flavor in there and remove it and we will pretend this is done. here's the warmle. we will pour it over the popcorn. we top the sthar to make sure it mixes. it will be amazing. we are out of time. diy jerky. all the ingredients and stick it in this bag right here. go online the recipe is and we will have all of the informationon jerky.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing new country time lemonade starter with real lemon juice. a fresh, new way to make country time.
9:50 am
. >> now the week long series, do you believe in the question who is god today? >> here to talk about faith, religion, and spirituality. from new york reverend katherine henderson and professor of religion. such a pleasure to have you with us. let's start off with the question, it seems like more people recognize the need for spirduality. what do you see assed the major change? >> i grew up in an orthodox home and i came back to my home faith. my religion as a duty. it was a media experience. people have an order where god was something they department feel was immediate for them.
9:51 am
they shifted towards experience. that was the juice of the religious experience. we don't want the ideas that speak. the spirituality is brigging backed in experience back into the context where it's mored in and more experiencial and more tangible. >> how do you keep them relevant so that they can apply them to modern life? >> well, i think that where i see young people, millennial, the 20 and 30 somethings as well as seasoned leaders, they are often out there on the streets. we have seen not just religion and traditional spaces but people out on the streets. the last time we were together, hussein and i were on a wooden ark at the climate change march. rolling down the street on a flood bed truck.
9:52 am
we had an imam and a rabbi and minsters. that's not a joke. we were there together on the ark and it was an intergenerational event. a lot of young people are really looking for meaning and for justice. how are we going to create a world that is a world of human flourishing. >> before we go, whatever the age group, what advice tough that applies across the board? >> the thing is that religion is not like a pair of clothes. i struggle with my sense of being an atheist and we look at religion as being a discipline. if we think about going to the gym and work activities, they are part of a discipline as well to find that spirituality. stick with it and find the congressigation that teaks to
9:53 am
you. >> it's versus brief. we want to do things that open the heart and create a compassionate world. >> awe thank you all for joining us. it's been a pleasure. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's the last day of march. let's get our forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> saw the last bit of sunshine this morning, vai. quickly fading in the area as clouds take over and that's going to lead to some wet weather. mostly cloudy view now from center city. fortunately the temperatures are climbing. 47 degrees in philadelphia. we're heading for the 50s this afternoon. headed for the mountains, pocono mountains, some snow light snow
9:57 am
will be mixing with some rain. in the allentown area, especially this evening. rain in philadelphia taking over this afternoon. southwesterly winds to eight miles an hour. >> and in just a few minutes the police chief of darby borough is expected to come out with an update of the shooting death of officers mark hudson. right now the girlfriend of officer hudson is charged with a domestic crime. last august she threatened hudson with a knife when he told her to leave his home. on saturday hudson was shot and killed with his own service gun inside his own home. sources tell nbc 10 that finch was there at the time and authorities expect to charge her with murder. for now they are holing her on charges from the incident last summer. and breaking news. sky force 10 at this accident scene at bishop and springfield avenue in upper darby. we don't have any information on this but you see fire crews
9:58 am
there, paramedics on the ground. we'll get more information and bring it to you. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in another 25 minutes. you can always get the news from the nbc 10 news app.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! ne of hoda's favorite days of the week, "boozeday tuesday." >> "boozeday tuesday"! >> i'm very delighted to say good-bye to march. >> it's over. >> we have a fantastic show for you today. >> sometimes we say we have a fantastic show and we don't mean it at all. but today we definitely do. we have the academy award-winning actress helen mirren she's in a really special movie that opens in select theaters tomorrow.
10:01 am
you'll love to see what she did last night with jimmy fallon. >> and she might have something to say about kathie lee and i. >> and another incredibly talented artist, darius rucker. he's got a song in store for us i think. >> by the way, he is such a ray of sunshine, that guy. he brightened up studio 1a earlier and he'll do it again for us. >> and it's spirituality week here. and we want to know, what is god to you? my friend eduardo verastegui is in the house. >> by the way, he's fine. >> he's got a fantastic movie coming out called "little boy" that broke my heart, it's so good. but you know what else breaks my heart -- >> look at all these stars. look at kristen chenoweth. >> we love your work especially
10:02 am
everything you do -- >> this is the way kristin warms up. >> a little this, a little that. >> you're killing yourself. you're unbelievable, you little machine. >> i call her the beast. >> she's doing eight shows a week. it's not a well-known show, is it? >> no, no, no. >> do you have six outfits -- >> why are you wearing gloves? >> because i don't want to get germs. not from you÷ >> matt's sick. >> what if matt touched this table? >> this is not his table. >> matt doesn't touch other people's things. >> and you've got to see just the amazing, herculean effort that goes into this show. >> i was going to come out to your house when we started rehearsals. it's a great show. >> you're so amazing. when you sing, the place just
10:03 am
stops. and we're just so happy -- >> there's nothing she can't sing. it's really really obnoxious. >> go see her show. peter gallagher is also there. understudies are geniuses on broadway. you know what we need to do as members of the broadway community we need to wish the legendary and dear jimmy neiderlander a happy birthday. >> oh! >> we love you. >> kristin, have a great day. >> don't drink too much girl. >> thank you for that advice. >> bye sweetheart love you. >> my sister's friends are here.
10:04 am
they came all the way from dubai. nancy and shelton are here, i want to say thank you for coming to see us. >> that's a long trip. >> they flew all the way here just for us -- not really. >> last night was the big airing of justin bieber's roast. >> it was on comedy central. >> apparently it was so -- risque isn't the word to use. it was so vulgar and porn-ish -- >> can you imagine his mother sitting through any of that? >> ludacris, snoop dogg, shack and martha stewart. >> martha stewart was the real surprise. let's hear what she said.
10:05 am
>> i want to give justin bieber some tips when he inevitably ends up in prison. i've been in lockout and you wouldn't last a week. the first thing you'll need is a shank. i made mine out of the pintail comb and a pack of gum. i'll show you later. it's so simple. >> good for her. martha is exactly like that. whether she's stuffing a chicken or whatever she's doing. justin did get serious in the final moments of the show. everybody was expecting a joke. that's not what they got. this is what he said. >> i turned a lot of people off over the past few years but i know i can still turn out good music and turn everything all around. there was really no preparing me for this life. i was thrown into this at 12 years old. and didn't really know what i was getting myself into. there's been moments i'm really
10:06 am
proud of and a lot of moments i look back on and i'm pretty disappointed in myself for. i'm a kind-hearted person and through it all i lost some of my best qualities. someone once told me it's how you rise from a fall that truly defines you as a man. i'm taking that challenge. thank you for taking this journey with me. thank you, god, for your grace and for never giving up on me. >> that part makes me cry. a lot of us have been praying for this young man for a long time. i'm close with his mom. people called her a terrible parent. that is so not true. she loves that boy. she's fought for him and prayed for him for years. >> you have to believe he can turn it around. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> he seems like he is walking the path. >> he's got a great pastor. so he's got the better people around him now. >> this is exciting, i've been dying to see this.
10:07 am
this is apparently what may be america's biggest closet ever. >> is it bobbie thomas'? >> no. >> is it lilliana's? there's a show called "the super lives of the super rich." teresa roma is her name. she has a three-story closet. >> 3,000 square feet. >> welcome to my closet or better known as my she cave. i've been tagged as the woman with the largest closet in the world. so i guess if that's the title they want to give me, i'll take it. >> teresa rommer loves to show off her closet. all 3000 square feet of it. it's so big, it's bigger than most people's houses. >> oh my god! oh, my god! >> that cost $500000 to build. in new york, that would have been $5 million, you know?
10:08 am
>> what do you do with all that stuff? >> she can't possibly wear every one of those pairs of shoes -- maybe she does breakfast, lunch and dinner out and changes for each thing. i don't know. >> wow, that's a lot of space for -- i think my new york city apartment is about 870-something square foot or 900. >> how many pairs of shoes do you have? you have the tori burch's you've been wearing for seven years. but frugality is a wonderful quality. >> i'm just lazy. >> when was the last time you went shoe shopping? >> you know what -- >> they bring them to you -- >> ivanka trump came with her shoes one time and i always wear hers. i've been out of season for ten years. who cares.
10:09 am
>> "secret lives of the super rich" airs tonight on nbc. >> let's take a peek at these. let's watch. ♪ when she wakes me she takes me ♪ ♪ when she wakes me she takes me back ♪ ♪ i know it's going to be ♪ ♪ all right ♪ >> lexie versus joshua. adam had to pick. i think he picked lexie. let's see. >> adam, who is the winner of this knockout?
10:10 am
>> the winner of this knockout is joshua. >> joshua moves on. congratulations. >> lexie, anything you want to say to your coach. >> i just want to thank you -- >> there it is! >> i knew it. she sounds like christina. >> but think about what's marketable. and i think she's going to -- >> two quick pictures of the school i spoke at yesterday. they were such sweet, sweet people. we had such great fun with them. i want to thank the young kids. they're call physically chahere. to my new frie sidney i was telling you about. god bless you, sidney. she's an academy award-winning actress, helen
10:11 am
mirren, we'll talk to her about her newest ♪ ♪ nah nah nah ♪ kraft natural shreds not made with just any milk we start with fresh milk carefully selected from only us dairy farms ♪ masterpiece masterpiece ♪ because to make something amazing you gotta start with something amazing ♪ masterpiece ♪ kraft natural cheese ♪ masterpiece ♪ (song "peter cottontail" plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with walmart's low prices you can trust every day, there's even more to celebrate this easter. walmart.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
she's an academy award award-winner and a queen on broadway. we love her. >> we do love her. we are talking about helen mirren who's starring in the new film "women in gold" based on the real-life story of a woman who was an austrian jew. >> she was forced to face a painful past. take a look. >> i'm not going to back to that place not now, not ever. >> i don't understand. >> they destroyed my family. it killed my friends. an they forced me to abandon the people and the places that i love. >> that was over a half a century ago. >> you think that's a long time? >> it would be a few days, that's it.
10:15 am
we would be in and out. >> you're not listening to me. i would rather die than go back there, not for all the paintings in the world. >> riveting. >> we're so happy you're with us today. >> thank you. >> i loved this movie. it's so special. >> yes, it is. and it's an amazing story that i didn't know anything about. somehow it escaped me. it's a fantastic story. it's a great woman's story but it's a great story about memory and about family about a terrible time in our european history, a moment when people suffered such incredible tragedy and hardship. and devastating emotional loss of their families. and it's obviously about all of that. but it's also a great story of redemption and restitution and justice. >> between you and -- >> yes, absolutely. >> ryan reynolds for those of you who didn't recognize that gorgeous hunk of man. >> i think randi would be
10:16 am
thrilled to have -- randy, the original lawyer, who's still very young. he must have been in his 20s when he did this. >> she just recently died, didn't she, maria? >> not too long ago. unfortunately she died a few years before the film. i would have so loved to have her there. >> you got into character. a dentist gave you a little window into how she might sound? >> yes, i was telling my dentist in los angeles about this role i was playing. he said, oh you have to -- my mother is exactly that woman. and he sent me a film, a little home video of his mom who was from vienna from a wealthy jewish family in austria and close to the same age. it was perfect. >> shewe noticed you had a lot of
10:17 am
fun on fallon last night. a little bit of a wild side. let's see what he did get you to do. >> where do you keep your academy award? >> i keep my academy award on the stairs of my house in london, halfway up the stairs. >> and the award goes to helen mirren. >> oh, thank you, i'm so honored honored. i would like to thank my whole crew and my husband. i love you, darling. >> it was my idea to do the award thing. i said, let's do an award, you give me an awardened i'll do my oscar speech. >> we don't know you for this comedy, this comedic side you should do a rom-com.
10:18 am
>> well, it's a funny place. it's not a comedy but it's a comedic -- >> there you are. we'll come and see it. you're there for a limited engagement. >> yes, until the end of june. >> at the tonys. >> helen, we love you. thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you very much. >> she likes our show. >> i love your show. this kind of show for me, you made it such fun and naughty and feisty -- >> we have that on tape. we can rest. helen mirren is in "bombwoman in gold," opened nationwide in may. coming up also, darius rucker has something to celebrate. >> and we just might be able to get him to sing ab
10:19 am
10:20 am
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10:22 am
♪ love it. that of course is the darius rucker singing his hit song "home-grown honey." it's hanging out there as we speak. >> the song is off darius' brand-new album which is out today called "southern style." he's about to take that southern charm of his on the road when he kicks off his tour in may. lucky for us, we get to have him here first. how are you doing, darius? >> i'm doing good. >> there's something that happens when you walk into the room. it happened this morning in the studio you just light it up. and this particular cd, i love it. you say it is your country-est of all your records? >> this record, we concentrated on -- we're starting to go this way. with this record, so many people seem to be going the other way with rock and pop and i love it. but i wanted to make a country record. >> it's where you grew up, where you come from.
10:23 am
you're from charleston, south carolina. >> sure am. >> we love in love with that town and that people. >> whoosat is it about the place? >> the people. the food and the beach doesn't hurt either. it's a great city. >> do people still come up to you and say, there's hootie are have those days past? >> that's very rare. the people who come up now think they're really funny. >> like you've never heard it before. >> people ask if we're getting back together and we are. it's just a matter of the right time. >> do you enjoy going on tour? >> i love playing for people. >> as much as you hate leaving charleston, the good thing about it, the payoff is you get to meet these great people that love your music all around the country. what do you do in a brand-new city? >> usually i have the kids with me. so we try to find something cool to do --
10:24 am
>> how old are your kids? >> 19 13 and 10. >> they were not thrilled to be here today. >> it was early. >> sweet kids. >> beautiful family. >> you talked to "us weekly" and chatted about some 25 things people may not know about you. your favorite album of all time is -- >> "abbey road". >> favorite city in the world? >> charleston. no doubt about it. >> what do you love more than anything else? >> family. no doubt about that. they're everything to me. i grew up in a great family and i played music for so long and all i cared about was being on the road. and then i started having kids, it was like, that's the last thing i want to do is leave them. >> you have beautiful children. you're a beautiful guy. thank you so much for coming to see us. >> cease singing for us. >> this is a great song. you want to download it. it's called "southern style".
10:25 am
and then we ask the question, who is god? eduardo verastegui will be with us. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair with the fastest retinol formula available, it works on fine lines and even deep wrinkles. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. stop hoping for results, and start seeing them. rapid wrinkle repair... ...and for eyes rapid dark circle repair. from neutrogena®. my budget was always second guessing me when i'd buy stuff for the family. fingerhut. fingerhut. fingerhut. (door hinges creaking) just click on over to to get the credit you deserve and great stuff for your family. oh, not fingerhut. pastels have rebelled... new color sensational rebel bloom lipcolor from maybelline new york bold pigments... kick pastels to a new bright. honey nectar adds a sumptuous feel. new color sensational rebel bloom...
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♪ maybe it's maybelline.♪ ♪ hey... hey! ♪ for kids having fun means getting dirty. and sometimes, really dirty. fortunately, all® oxi fights tough grass stains better than the leading value detergent. a lot better. so it's perfect for all the pig-pens out there. thanks, mom! waawaawaawaa. give us your worst we'll give it our all®. nbc 10 breaking news. >> it's 10:26. breaking news just in to nbc 10 police have just announced that the girlfriend of darby borough police officer mark hudson will be charged in his murder. investigators say finch is the
10:27 am
one who shot hudson inside his darby township home over the weekend. they say they never let go of her as a suspect. >> we always from the beginning had suspicions that she was the one. there was only two people in the home when the incident occurred. and it was the officer, officer hudson and the female girlfriend of his. >> finch is currently being held at the george hill correctional facility on assault charges for an earlier incident involving the fallen officer. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> last day of march and we're going to get some rain to start with. right now the clouds have moved into the area after sunshine at the shore. that's now a cloudy view of cape may. we're watching the wet weather move in. already a few rain drops in chester county and upper montgomery county and bucks counties. farther to the north, it is snow. some snow mixing into the allentown area and points to the south this evening.
10:28 am
47 degrees right now and climbing up to 50 degrees in dover. temperatures in the 50s with rain arriving this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. a live look at citizens bank park in south philadelphia. fans are getting excited with less than a week untille phils home opener. fans will have a few more things to be excited about after today. ballpark officials will host a preview party to show us the new food the fans can enjoy this season and announce a high tech system to help fans order food during the game and introducing a new phillies line made by chads ford winery. another update and full hour of news in 30 minutes.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on thisand our series of " "what do you believe"? >> we posed the question to some of our crowd members. here's what they had to say. >> to me god is love. >> god is everywhere. it's within all of us. >> very artistic. he made the mountains and the heavens in a beautiful way. >> he's a spirit who's always inside us and never goes away from us. he never leaves your side. >> god is my comforter.
10:31 am
my best friend. >> god has never changed. he's the same god from the very beginning to now. >> i think of him as a man with a beard and kind of long hair. >> i have an understanding of why i'm here and a faith. and i understand where i'm going because of god. >> and here with us is -- >> thanks for joining us, everybody. >> eduardo verastegui, a mexican actor and producer who rediscovered his belief in god and is now making movies like his new one out, it's a great movie out next month. it's called "little boy" and it's to help others find their faith. >> i adored it. and mackey austin is a theologian. welcome gentlemen. >> thank you. >> this is funny. when you introduced me to eduardo, we had that lunch, you said you made a promise to your
10:32 am
mother. >> yes. >> what did you promise her and how did it change you? >> i moved to l.a. 13 years ago and two years later i realized how much it influenced how people think. i made a promise to my parents and my mother that i will never use my talents to offend my faith, my family or my latino culture and i will invite her to see our films and i won't have to cover her eyes. and i will treat all women about how i would like my mother to be treated. >> did you get a lot of work? >> no. after i made that promise, i ended up not working for four years. >> wow. you then attemptedyou were tempted to say, lord, i'm not working -- >> you have to be faithful to him. >> this is a big step for someone to say something like that, isn't it? how often do you see something like that?
10:33 am
>> what's amazing is at auburn seminary where i work, we are a leadership development center. so i have trained more than 5,000 folks. and this kind of coming to a life of meaning, wanting to make the world a better place with everything we do, there's a trend here. and as a dad who worries about my kid and who worries about the planet this is very good news. >> i've seen a resurgence of faith among young people today that i haven't seen since the '60s and '70s when the jesus people -- that's what they were called then. is that true in your experience? >> absolutely. there was just an article in "the new york times" over the weekend about generation z and their desire to make the world a better place. >> the social justice? >> that's right. kids are doing it really young. i was talking to my daughter this morning at breakfast. and she said what are you going to say to the big questions? and i said it's all about love and how we put that love into
10:34 am
practice. >> how do you answer that question who is god today? >> god is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow. god is love. it's all about love. that's my hope as a filmmaker. our goal was to produce films that when people leave the theater they leave entertained but full of god and full of love, inspired to forgive more and complain less, inspired to do the right thing. that's what "little boy" is all about. >> this is such a special film isn't it? >> this movie is a sign to make up the little boy, the little girl that we all have in our hearts. sometimes when we grow up, it falls asleep, that little boy in our heart. the capacity to love big, to dream big to do great things with your life. that's what i'm trying to do in
10:35 am
hollywood, make a platform to inspire more. >> we wish you both a beautiful holiday season. >> and to you. >> thank you so much. >> say hello to your daughter for us. make sure to check out eduardo's latest film in theaters april 24th. he's got the number one song on the country charts right now. do not miss it. darius rucker is next. then, two's company but three's a crowd. no one knows that better than the it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® comes in flextouch® the only prefilled insulin pen with no push-button extension. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus® which lasts 28 days. today i'm asking about levemir® flextouch®. levemir® is a long-acting insulin
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10:40 am
here we go. she is a former foot model. he is a former shoe salesman. >> what could go wrong? >> together they make a perfect fit in nbc's newest comedy, "one big happy." elisha cuthbert and nick zano plays a couple who want to have a baby together. but liz is a lesbian. >> lizzi yeshgs ise is looking to get back into the dating scene. >> we'll have to talk to her about her texting and driving. >> preemptive nagging, that's a strategy. >> i wish i had a one-on-one date with her. but i told her tuesday and thursday are our league nights.
10:41 am
now we're all living this lie. >> aren't you glad your business is back open for business? >> big-time. >> pretty soon, there will be a line around the corner. >> you crazy kids. >> you guys have cute chemistry. welcome and congratulations. >> thank you for having me. >> you were friends before this whole deal aren't you? >> which i think helped. nick convinced me to do the show because we shoot in front of a live studio audio. >> was it terrifying for exciting? >> he promised me it wasn't going to be scary. >> i lied. sorry. >> but i'm glad he convinced me to do it. >> it's produced by ellen. you know it will be funny. >> does she hang out on the show? >> she does, which is intimidating because she's the funniest woman on the planet. >> she'll show up before tape night pop in and do a ten-minute set in front of the audience. and the audience is roaring. >> she should do that each show. >> then we have to go on after that. >> we have to follow it.
10:42 am
it's like led zeppelin opens and then we go out. >> does she give you tips, more like this, less like that? >> she uses hand signals. >> like a flight attendant? she was more concerned about making sure that our chemistry showed on camera and that we brought our real friendship to the screen because if it's believable, people will like it and enjoy it. she was great. great advice. >> the hardest thing about writing is making people care about the characters. when i saw the pilot, you do like you as the characters very much right from the beginning. and you pull for them. >> that's great. >> that's the hardest thing. >> did you know when you read the script you would enjoy doing it? >> i read it and after i read it, i thought of elisha and she was on vacation -- >> in florida. he was like you've got to do this? i was like, wait, i'm having cocktails.
10:43 am
>> i was like, i know your on vacation and your husband is very busy. but please do this with me. >> and i read the script and i was laughing out loud. and he was right, it was brilliant. i'm just glad we get to do it -- >> she kills it. >> she does. >> tell us about the large-breasted english girl. >> the who? >> you didn't notice? >> i didn't notice. >> she plays prudence. >> she walks around naked so she's pixelated. >> she's so funny. >> was she naked? >> she was. there was one moment where she walked by and i dropped to my knees because i was so startled by it. remember it? >> i remember. i'm just listening. >> she was in front of the audience. i was like, put some clothes on. >> we're going to play one second of a song with the term "happy" in it.
10:44 am
>> focus. >> what was it? >> i don't know drink. >> next song. >> the turtles. >> we don't know, drink. >> "the partridge family." that's all we have. but we have to give a shoutout to nick's grandma. >> look at grandma. >> she's right there. give a wave. >> nice to see you. >> thank you for coming. >> i love a man that brings his aunt and his grandma. >> you can catch "one big happy" tonight at 9:30, 8:30 central right here on nbc. darius rucker is getting ready to sing for us right after this. >> drink! you've got some work to do! if you need me, i'll be cleaning the gutters. today, the house won't know what hit it.
10:45 am
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♪ the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> as we promised time to get the party going with the newest song by darius rucker. >> here he is performing a great song called "southern style" off his brand-new album of the same name. >> take it away. ♪ ♪ sunkissed hair and not much makeup ♪ ♪ high-heeled boots that lace up ♪ ♪ two first names that came from ♪ ♪ her grandmas on both inside ♪ ♪ she ain't ever read much
10:51 am
faulkner ♪ ♪ but she could have been his daughter ♪ ♪ she grew up on muddy water ♪ ♪ southern style ♪ ♪ southern style free and easy ♪ ♪ southern style warm and breezy ♪ ♪ if you met her, man, believe me ♪ ♪ you'd want her to stay a while ♪ ♪ says she don't believe in strangers ♪ ♪ only sinners with a savior ♪ ♪ because her mom and daddy raised her southern style ♪ ♪ she's a friday night light lover ♪ ♪ a billy graham fan like her mother ♪ ♪ wants her daddy and both brothers to walk her down the aisle ♪ ♪ she loves oysters raw for dinner ♪ ♪ lil' wayne and lynyrd skynyrd ♪ ♪ keeps her tan lines in the winter ♪
10:52 am
♪ southern style ♪ ♪ southern style free and easy ♪ ♪ southern style warm and breezy ♪ ♪ if you met her man, believe me, you'd want her to stay a while ♪ ♪ she shez she don't believe in strangers ♪ ♪ only sinners with a savior ♪ ♪ because her mom and daddy raised her southern style ♪ ♪ ♪ southern style free and easy ♪ ♪ southern style warm and breezy ♪ ♪ if you met her man, believe me ♪ ♪ you'd want her to stay a while ♪ ♪ she said she don't believe in strangers ♪ ♪ only sinners with a savior ♪ ♪ because her mom and daddy
10:53 am
raised her southern style ♪ ♪ you can love her, you can hate her ♪ ♪ but you ain't ever going to change her ♪ ♪ if you want her then you'll take her southern style ♪ ♪ southern style ♪ ♪ southern style ♪ >> yes! love us some darius. >> that was awesome. darius rucker will be back here on may 13th with a special surprise. so please mark your calendars. >> we'll be back with more in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
10:54 am
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10:56 am
coming up tomorrow, the couple behind the blockbuster tv
10:57 am
mini series "the bible". >> and they'll tell us what happens next. plus how to look thinner by dinner. >> what?
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, nbc 10 first alert weather radar is tracking wet weather on its way. much of our region will get rain. some places will see snowflakes falling. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. march is not exactly going out like a lamb this year in some parts of our area this afternoon. it looked more like the middle of winter. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast and an explanation. glenn? >> vai, especially here in the pocono mountains, it is going to be looking like winter this afternoon and evening. this is french manor. it is cloudy. but it won't be too much longer before there is some snow moving


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