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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the big one, education funding. as you can see, the stage is set for this evening's debate. it is expected to be an exciting night. vying for the job of mayor, the six democratic candidates must convince the people of philadelphia tonight that they have a fix for one of the city's biggest funding problems. >> don't think i'm any different than anyone else in philadelphia and thinking what the most important issue is the schools. >> a lot of the kids are getting shorthanded. >> a lot of people are worried about education, bringing local control back to the city. >> anthony hardy williams believes -- >> reporter: so far, only two candidates have been using the air waves to reach voters. >> councilmen at large, representing the whole city. >> the ads that are on tv now, they're not even their own ads. they're paid for by what are called super pacs and that is treemly benefiting anthony hardy williams and jim kenney. >> reporter: political analyst
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predicts williams and kenney who have solid support from other politicians and unions may be cautious this evening, unlike the other candidates. >> i think you'll see an aggressive abraham. she's not shy at all. i think in terms of nelson diaz oliver and street, you'll see those folks really try to get their messages out there. >> reporter: on stage in less than an hour, we could witness a real turning point in the race. if it seems predictable, just wait. the action will heat up in these weeks before the primary. >> 2007 we may have said the same thing. all of a stud councilman michael nutter comes up from fifth or last place to take the lead so who knows. we could see something similar this year. >> reporter: a lot of preparation and work has gone into tonight. it's expected to be a fantastic debate. a lot of action here. i also can tell you that all of the candidates are already here at the kimmel center. they are looking forward to this evening. reporting live inside the pearlman theater, rosemary connors, "nbc10 news."
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>> not much time left to wait now. thanks so much, rosemary. again, tonight's debate starts at 7:00. you can see it right here on nbc10. you can also watch it live on the nbc10 app. then, of course stick around for our post-debate analysis. we'll be looking at your comments on facebook and twitter and what you thought of the candidates tonight. it all starts at 8:00 on the nbc10 app. now to your first alert weather. taking a live look at south philadelphia where the rain's been coming down. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a closer look. this wet weather just the beginning. on top of that it's going to get much colder? >> yeah renee, it's already starting to get colder. it was up near 70 degrees. now we're down in the 50s in parts of the area. the wind has shifted a bit. now the northeast wind is in and the temperatures are going down and the rain is falling down too. we have some in new jersey. we have some in pennsylvania. some in maryland about to move into delaware. you can see a steadier rain
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across the lehigh valley and the poconos. we have some down through the philadelphia area. generally on light to moderate side. and more consistent rain in south jersey. look at these temperatures. they've really dropped. it was 69 in philadelphia. now it's 58. now it's down to 50 in mt. holly. they were 71 degrees a couple of hours ago. this cold air coming down from the northeast called a back door cold front and, boy, is it coming in here. boy, you're going to continue to feel it. scattered showers through the evening, just a chance of a thunderstorm mainly in delaware or south jersey. and temperatures down in the 40s this evening, so take the winter coats out and get ready to keep them for a little while. i'll tell you just how cold it's going to get and when the heaviest rain is coming with the seven day in a few minutes. use the nbc10 app to stay on top of the latest weather updates. it has an interactive radar and the hour-by-hour forecast for
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your neighborhood. new information tonight in the brutal kidnapping of a center city jewelry store worker. take a good look at this van. police say it's their key to making an arrest in the case. investigators say the kidnapping victim was beaten and tased as the van left a parking garage on chestnut street. the captors demanded security codes from a jewelry store where the victim worked. >> she offered her car. she offered a ring she had on her finger. when they said -- when she told them it was worth about $300, they put it back on her finger. they said, we're after big stuff. >> the van was spotted at a wawa on bartram avenue before 5 p.m. saturday. the woman was dumped in a cemetery in darby borough. another shooting overnight is adding to crime concerns in wilmington. a man was found shot in the head. right now he's in critical condition. there. have been nearly 30 shootings and 9 murders in wilmington so far this year.
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77 of those killings are still unsolved. today the mayor of wilmington joined police as they spoke to neighbors about the growing gun violence there. nbc10's delaware bureau reporter tim furlong joins us live in wilmington. what did neighbors have to say about the crime in their community? >> reporter: they simply want it to go away. just when you think things have cooled off, we had another violent weekend. today we met a grandmother whose grandson was killed saturday night. today she wanted to make sure the mayor knew how frustrated she is. wilmington mayor dennis williams out among the people walking neighborhoods recently hit by violent crimes. it was handshakes and selfies until we met dorothy. >> i feel like maybe he'll do something. you haven't done nothing. >> reporter: over the weekend she lost her grandson. he was murdered right here. >> that was my first grandchild. and that hurts. it hurts. >> reporter: she let it all out today on the mayor she voted for. >> i wasted my vote. i wasted my vote.
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>> reporter: she said to the mayor many things residents told me they would like to say to him. they wonder why he never went to the governor wilmington crime panel meetings. a new york city police commissioner issued this 200-page report saying wilmington needs a bigger, better trained homicide unit and also said the city should bring in an outsider to be deputy chief in charge of crime strategy. >> we're already strapped for cash. >> reporter: he's a former city cop. he says hi latest plan says it has cut down on crime. his plan didn't save dorothy's grandson. he promises he is fighting to make the city safe. >> we'll combat this thing together. nobody can ride in here on their white hat and say they saved the city of wilmington. we're going to do our job. >> reporter: if the mayor and others don't do their job, other businesses will choose to leave. that consultant report says the
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police force homicide unit needs more members and more training. they also say with so many people upset for quite a long time now, community policing and foot patrols are huge. delaware's attorney general will have meetings about just that topic tomorrow night. live in wilmington tim furlong, "nbc10 news." the epa has confirmed a toxic pesticide is to blame for making a delaware family sick while they were on vacation in the u.s. virgin islands. investigators say methyl bromide was used at the resort was the family was staying last month and also used several other times in the past year there. methyl bromide is banned indoors because of its health risk. the department of justice is investigating why that ban was ignored. steve and his wife are recovering from their illness but their two sons are still in a coma. they're being treated at the children's hospital of philadelphia. new at 6:00 people in chester county have another way to reach 911. starting today they can send a text message.
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officials say that texting 911 will help the hearing and speech impaired. it can also be beneficial if the caller is unable or afraid to talk. and during severe weather events, text messages may be more likely to get through. however, officials say you should still try to call 911 first. chester county is the first of several counties in the region to adopt the texting program for 911. burks, bucks and montgomery county plan to work together on a regional system. members of the women's softball team at st. joe's university now responding to allegations that they took part in hazing. today members of the team released this statement through the school newspaper saying they are facing the allegations, quote, head-on and with our heads held high. the school is investigating whether some of the girls forced younger players to participate in unsanctioned hazing. the team statement also said in part, as a team we are devastated by the allegations. we take an immense amount of pride in our program. and the thought of our community
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thinking less of our character is the hardest piece to swallow. from our jersey shore bureau atlantic city former revel casino is getting a second chance. today a deal closed to sell revel to florida developer glenn straub. he paid $82 million for the casino. now, the casino cost $2.4 billion to build. the deal was finalized after four earlier attempts as you recall, to sell revel. all four of those attempts fell through. but straub has now not finalized his plan for that property. from our south jersey bureau celebrating the expansion of camden county charter school. today local leaders came together for a ground-breaking ceremony. the school is expanding to include a new building to allow seventh grade students. they say they've gotten good community feedback about these plans. >> it's a community school where parents are engageded in education of their children because it's a welcoming building, a welcoming staff.
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>> the new building will accommodate 350 more students. getting veterans the care they need. new numbers show how many have waited more than 30 days to get an appointment at the philadelphia va hospital. plus did a 14-year-old in lehigh county plan her other mother's murder? a closer look at the text messages she sent right before the killing and how her lawyers are responding to that evidence.
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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we have breaking news coming into nbc10 here. we understand there is a huge police presence. this is on i-76 west at matson ford road. we're told a shooting happened here. one victim involved in the shooting. again, traffic backed up in the area of i-76 west and matson ford road. we've got skyforce10 on the way to the scene there. as soon as we get a picture, we'll bring more information to you. stay with us on that story. well now going to the lehigh valley. a 14-year-old girl has been accused of plotting and taking part in her own mother's murder. and tonight her lawyer's talking to nbc10 about those allegations. police say sheryl was killed
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outside her home in lehigh county then her body was buried in a shallow grave in south whitehall township. jamie and her boyfriend caleb jones are both facing charges in her mother's death. doug shimell spoke to the teen's lawyer today. doug, what's the defense here? >> reporter: her lawyer tells me that after they met today at the lehigh valley jail the defense is rather simple. a child was manipulated by a grown man. her corner says she is finally starting to realize her mother really is gone and that jamie is charged with her murder. >> it rips your heart out at times because of her youthfulness. you think about the brutality of what happened, while you're sitting there talking to a 14-year-old. >> reporter: she and her 20-year-old boyfriend, caleb barnes, an army private are accused of plotting and carrying out the stabbing death of jamie's mother when she demanded
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they stop dating. >> he was able to manipulate her, control her, coerce her. she's not the controlling factor here. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was caleb barnes who stabbed sheryl in the neck the district attorney released deleted texts just before the march 15th murder that they claim show jamie as a co-conspirator. quote, she threatened to throw me out of the house. i want her gone. another says i'm going up to the bathroom while you do it okay? why don't we wait until we get into the car with her. barnes responds, fine. then another text from jamie, just do it. >> i want to go through each text as to what she meant by those, too. they do sound damning at times. we'll have to deal with those. >> reporter: john waldron says the text from his client are just a one-sided snapshot that don't show what caleb barnes' true role might be. >> there are other text statements, other telephone calls, there's other interviews that took place. so, until you see them all in totality you can't really pick
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and choose. >> reporter: john waldron says he is also retaining the services of a forensic psychologist to help evaluate his client as well. live in allentown, i'm doug shimell, "nbc10 news." we are now getting more details on what let up to a deadly plane crash in chester county last month. according to a preliminary report from the ntsb the owner of the small plane was doing a flight review because he reportedly had not flown since 2011. witnesses say the first takeoff had to be aborted. once it left the ground, it never got above 200 feet. richard and joe of drexel hill were both killed in that crash. va hospitals in pennsylvania still have some work to do when it comes to reducing wait times for veterans. now, the associated press looked at numbers over the past six months. according to their review the philadelphia va had nearly 7,000 patients who waited more than 30
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days for an appointment. and that puts them over the national average. the hospital says it offers specialized treatment which can lead to longer wait times, but they say they are also making changes to reduce those numbers. that warm air is already gone in parts of the area. temperatures are plunging. we've had some rain. we've got a wet week here. rain at least portions of the day, each day through friday. a huge temperature drop. some of that occurring right now. and more coming tomorrow. weekend changes on the good side. now outside the station, the flag was blowing the opposite way just a couple hours ago. we had a southwest wind. now we've got an east/northeast wind gusting to 23. look at the temperature, down to 58. that is quite a change. and it's only 50 in mt. holly. 51 in allentown.
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mt. holly with 71 degrees three hours ago. 52 in atlantic city. 51 in stone harbor. that cold air is coming in fast and everybody's going to be in the cold. look at this temperature drop in 24 hours. some of this drop a lot of this drop happened in the last three hours. 15 to 20 degrees colder. so it's in. and so is the rain. you can see more and more showers across the area. we continue to see the rain falling near the shore. not all that heavy. same thing with the poconos, lehigh valley berks county getting into it. the northeast wind that's come in. the warm air being pushed out of the picture. and once those east winds are in here they're going to stay in here through wednesday and into thursday. it's just going to be hour after hour of this nastiness. and the northeast wind dropping
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the temperatures. by 10:00 we're already down into the 40s with showers, maybe a thunderstorm down in delaware, south jersey where the warm air still exists. but once it gets colder the chance of thunderstorms goes down. here's tomorrow morning. it's 44 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. let's see how the temperature goes during the day. all the way up to 45. then it goes right back down. so, temperature's not going anywhere tomorrow. it's just going to be cold and windy and damp all day. then here's wednesday night. going down into the 30s. and look at that. that's the possibility of a little freezing rain in the poconos. tomorrow night and into early thursday morning. do you believe that? freezing rain. and then on thursday, it doesn't warm up much either. so phillies had beautiful baseball weather yesterday. just the opposite's happening tomorrow. the wind's coming straight in out of center field. it will be harder to hit home
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runs, if they get to play. wind out of the northeast and temperatures only in the 40s. remember it was in the mid-70s yesterday when they were playing. what a difference. and thursday doesn't look much better. showers, just a chance of a thunderstorm. breezy colder. temperatures down into the low 40s. and during the day tomorrow, breezy and still cold all day in the 40s. much of the day in the low 40s. thursday, pretty much a repeat performance of wednesday, but friday, wow, what a difference. temperature jumps back up to 72. thunderstorms. but then everything moves out and we have a beautiful sunny, comfortable weekend. >> thanks. i'm john clark. eagles sign a receiver and a cornerback. plus lesean mccoy has taken a few shots at chip kelly and shane victorino with a very nice gesture.
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i'm john clark. eagles signed a few more free agents today. mostly for death. a cornerback who can also play e.j. right here he gets beat by riley cooper for a touchdown. he gets a one year deal. also signed a special teams player and receiver from the chargers. shae tuitu'u coming to the eagles. lesean mccoy going through his first workouts in buffalo. he says he won't return chip kelly's phone calls but he will speak to him eventually. his quote, i don't think chip likes or respects the stars.
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i'm being honest. he likes the fact it's chip kelly and the eagles. jackson, high flying take off the top defensive or quick elusive lesean mccoy. i don't think chip liked that. it's not only sunny in buffalo but chilly in philly. here's shady on the nfl network. >> i think here is more of an nfl type of feel. being with coach reid for so long, you get used to something like that. a player's coach, the nfl type of personality atmosphere. and then for two years in philly, it wasn't like that as much. not in a negative way but different. you know, it was more like the college feel. >> more like a college feel. phillies back at it tomorrow against the red sox. shane victorino got a standing ovation in his return to citizens bank park yesterday and he showed he cares about the citizens of philly. gave the 10-year-old son of
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officer wilson. he was invited to help out with the grounds cry. here is shane stalk being it on "breakfast on broad" on the comcast network. >> he might not have understood you know what it meant at that time but hopefully as time goes on and he gets older, he'll understand you know what that and, you know as a father figure to go out there you know to have him be honored at the game and what his dad did to serve the community of philadelphia, you know makes it very special. >> shane still doing good things for the city of philadelphia. i'm john clark.
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a reminder. don't miss tonight's debate between democratic candidates for philadelphia mayor. starts at 7:00 right here on nbc10. moderated by jim rosenfield. for all of us here at nbc10, thanks for watching. i know we've got a little bit of rain heading our way, huh? >> rain and the cold weather. it's already getting cold out there. so, be prepared.
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>> thanks glenn. and "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is next. on this tuesday night, knocked out. a widespread power failure in washington. the state department metro stations museums, even oprah and the first lady left in the dark. questions about our nation's power grid. violent storms moving across the country. heavy flooding and hail. a deadly plane crash in thick fog. now the tornado threat building tonight. off and running, rand paul makes it official. the second big name to jump in the race for president. and secrets to living longer from the places where a lot of people live to be 100. now the american cities trying to copy what they do. "nbc nightly news" be. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is


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