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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  April 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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after collapsing during last night's televised debate lynn abraham is getting set to return to the campaign trail this morning. we'll let you know what she's saysing about her fainting episode. and a car collision with a big pothole ended up damaging a whole group of cars. and what happened after the crash could have him facing more serious charges. we are off to a chilly start with temperatures taking a dive. and more wet weather is on the way. it's 44 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we have had a couple nice days weatherwise. >> hope you enjoy spring. >> we may be dialing the calendar back to march. brittney shipp is here with the first alert forecast. brittney? >> much colder conditions today and we are dealing with the wet pattern to stick around for the next three days. taking a live look outside, it's a bit of a dreary wet start. especially down in cape may. and it's wet enough the roads are slick.
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be careful of that heading into the next few days with on and off showers. by friday we are talking thunderstorms. as far as today is concerned, expect light rainfall. temperatures are down anywhere between 10 to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. only in the 40s right now for philadelphia. 44 degrees. 43 in pottstown. 44 in allentown. 42 degrees in atlantic city. heading throughout the rest of the day, breezy conditions and much colder. patchy, light rain will continue. and our temperatures will range between 43 and 47 degrees. our average being 61. and yesterday we were at 69. that's a big drop. about 25 degrees colder today. i'll let you now when we start to warm up and also dry out. that's coming up in my seven-day forecast. now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter christine maddela. good morning. good morning brittney. we are seeing that precipitation on the roadway. so be careful there. we could have slick spots heading out this morning because of the wet weather in our area like brittney said especially down the shore and in certain parts of delaware.
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taking a look at interstate 95 right now this is in delaware interstate 295 to 95 that is going to take you ten minutes for the commute in the other direction. if you are heading out elsewhere on 95 through northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road to the vine street expressway we'll get a green light. 13 minutes there. also green on the schuylkill expressway. 422 heading out on the bridges, they are all clear. chris? new from overnight, the car crashed into the abandoned building injuring two people in the car. it happened at 11:30 at market and wood streets in bristol, bucks county. the car glanced off the porch of a home and smashed into a building across the street. the victim should be okay. no word on why the driver lost control. in philadelphia police arrested a driver who tried to run from the scene of a crash wednesday night. the driver hit a big hot pothole, lost control and crashed into a parked car. that parked car smashed into two other vehicles. there were warnings around the
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pothole. and nbc 10 brought you the mayoral debate live last night. we remember one of the candidates' moments that they would just like to forget. take a look at this. 12 minutes into the debate at the kim maine center lynn abraham fainted. the debate among the democratic hopeful stopped briefly while abraham was helped from the stage. the doctor said she experienced a sudden drop in . >> the lights went out. and the doctor who was a nice gentleman jumped up on the stage and also the producer for nbc 10 10. i said i want to get up and they said, i don't think so. >> no rest for the mayoral candidates as they attend a forum at the national museum at jewish history later this morning. we'll be there live as well coming up. and you can count on nbc 10 for in-depth coverage of the race for philadelphia mayor on
4:34 am and on our news app. you can read up on all the candidates including their responses to questions from nbc 10's jim rosenfield he asked about education, taxes and crime. and the philadelphia school budget crisis was one of last night's topics. matt delucia is live this morning at the national constitution center. what is shedding light on the school budget crisis? >> reporter: these are to professional actors on stage hired to portray the stories and the interviews that were collected from students parents and teachers. and the message is to get education funding out there. and the issues that are focused here on the state in a way that goes beyond numbers and statistics. a group of tackactors has been working to craft performances done from interviews done throughout the state and from
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those part of the education system here in pennsylvania. i spoke to an tackactor playing the role of 11 different stories. >> these are real people. that also puts a little pressure on you because it's like okay the people who i'm playing actually might be in the audience and they are watching me and see how i'm handling their words. but i think the message that is being sent in this play is so important that i'm just like this is great. this is exciting. >> reporter: there are two performances tonight and tomorrow here at the national constitution center. and there were 400 tickets but both shows are sold out. the folks putting on the school play say their journey does not end here. what they want to do next, i'm putting that part of the story and will see you at 5:00. live outside the national constitution center mat delucia, "nbc 10 news." philadelphia police are investigating a kidnapping on jeweler's row. take a look at the surveillance video. here it is. they want you to focus on the
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burgundy van. that's what they have in the abduction of a jewelry worker that was beat and tased just before the van left the parking garage on chestnut street. the van demanded security codes to the jewelry store where the victim worked. >> she offered them rings she had on her finger when she told them it was worth about $300 they put it back on her finger. they said we're after the big stuff. >> the van was last spotted at a wawa on bartum avenue. the captors released her at a cemetery in upper darborough. and investigators say drexel
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university is investigating a law professor's e-mail. drexel released a statement saying they are investigating this to see if it affects the community. and yesterday players are being investigated at saint joseph's university for hazing. they said they are facing the investigation head-on and with our heads held high. this is too important to do anything less. and students who walked out of class yesterday said they did it because the teachers punishment was not stiff enough. this is following an indent involving a teacher who made racist comments toward a student. officials gave the teacher a two-day suspension. a trip back from the final four ended with disaster. >> a small plane crashes. we'll tell you who was on board and what may have caused the
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aircraft to go down. that's coming up. and could a union complaint leave the complications for the democratic convention in philadelphia in 2016? see what one union boss is asking party leaders to do. and where did spring go? temperatures today in the mid-40s. plus i'm tracking the wet pattern. when we expect to dry up is coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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good morning. much colder for us today. it feels like the 30s. almost 20 degrees colder than this time tomorrow. we don't want you to be caught off guard. cold and wet conditions expected today. we are seeing most of the light rainfall moving into parts of dover right along the shore. more rain is on the way for us heading into the rest of today, but also tomorrow. then it will see organized thunderstorms as we head into
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friday. so a closer look at our weather, another round of on and off showers is expected continuing into the afternoon. picking up getting closer to 4:00 p.m. same thing heading into the 11:00 hour tomorrow. by 11:00 p.m. we are still dealing with pockets of moderate rainfall. then you notice heading into friday evening the thunderstorms are affecting your evening commute. make sure to stick with nbc 10. we'll keep you updated on what to expect as we head home from work especially on friday. but temperatures right now at 37 in the pocanos. 43 in trenton. the 43 degrees right now in dover. today will be breezy much colder. patchy light rain with temperatures ranging between 43 and 47 degrees. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. all right. 20 minutes before 5:00 now. you may need the windshield wipers later this morning. >> christine maddela is here with the latest on the traffic. >> we had and accident on interstate 76 but that's
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cleared out of the way. the wet weather could cause you problems, though. be on the lookout for slippery roads because of the wet weather we're seeing. here's a live look at the toll plaza in atlantic city. five minutes of drive times from 455 to the walt whitman bridge. a little slow heading into new jersey, but not much. nothing to slow you down no major accidents or delays. heading out on the bridges, all clear. it was an incident that left a family of eight dead. >> yes, this morning we have new information on that situation in maryland. authorities are now confirming how the victims died. and we're learning just how long their bodies may have gone undiscovered coming up. plus whern itn it comes to preventing gun violence there's something more preventive than health screaming. we'll tell you what should be examined instead.
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4:45 now. the woman accused of setting her
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baby on fire is indicted on murder charges now. shortly after giving birth, piper kimberly doused the newborn with accelerant and put her on the side of the road. police have not released a motive. if dorvilier is convinced, she could face life without parole. happening today, lower merion police are discussing a community report on policing and raids. this is follow-up from a video and photo taken by a neighbor showing police detaining two african-american men shoveling snow. police are expected to release figures showing the ratio of arrests in the township by race. and we have a link to their report on the nbc 10 app and on >> that is racial profiling. and it has to stop. >> and citizens expressed their concerns during a township meeting last month in lower merion. the issues stem from a woman
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complaint that police targeted men she hired to shovel snow because of their race. police say their officers acted appropriately. it's a quarter to 5:00 the jury resumes deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev could see 17 charges resulting in the death penalty. his lawyers admit he took part in the bombings but claim his dead older brother was the mastermind behind the attack. on now to decision 2016. and republican senator rand paul of kentucky is now an official candidate for president. paul launched his white house run in louisville yesterday. the senator said government spends too much and has too much debt. paul reached out to minority voters in his speech and calling for economic and social equality. if elected, he would bring change to washington. >> washington is horribly broken. i fear it can't be fixed from
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within. we the people must rise up and demand action. >> rand paul is the second republican senator to announce a run for the white house following ted cruz two weeks ago. now another term in office for chicago mayor rahm emanuel after failing to achieve a majority against four other candidates in february's election, he faced a showdown in the first runoff election for mayor. the former white house chief of staff won that race with about 55% of all votes. and voters in ferguson missouri elected two african-american candidates to city council. until yesterday, five of the six council members were white. this is the first election since michael brown and african-american teenager shot and killed by a white police officer last august put ferguson at the center of a national conversation about race and policing. and philadelphia's urging those to avoid the convention center during next year's
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democratic national convention. they sent a letter to each democratic committee asking them not to plan any events at the convention up center because of what he called unfair practices. they plan to send the letter to other national and state officials. the letter said in part the democratic party and the carpenters union have been allies for decades in the struggle for workers' rights. and the dignity and equal treatment of all the citizens. the spokesperson said the dnc is already booked and running smoothly. nearly one in ten american adults have a history of impulsive anger and access to guns according to researchers at duke university. the new study shows that more than 1% of adults with anger issues carry firearms outside of their home. experts say examining an owner's history of violence ochbtffenses could be more effective than a health screening. there's no immediate word on
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what caused a small plane to crash in central illinois killing seven people. the passengers were returning from the ncaa championship basketball game when the plane went down near bloomington airport yesterday morning. among the victims, illinois state university's associate head basketball coach and a deputy athletic director. the ntsb says there was fog in the area but it is not clear if that was a factor in the crash. and investigators in maryland say the family of eight killed by carbon monoxide poisoning were found nine days after they were last seen. authorities confirm seven children and their dad died after he left the generator running in the home's kitchen. the investigators say all the children appeared to be sleeping at the time of their death. the u.s. and canadian crews are trying to free ten commercial ships stuck in ice in lake superior. a sudden wind change created the 35-mile ice field. ice cutters have to break a path to them so the ships can get out. officials hope to be through the
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field by tomorrow. good morning. heading into today, temperatures will be colder than what we saw yesterday. plus we are still dealing with the unsettled wet pattern so wet conditions expected for the workweek. cold days for today and tomorrow. we warm up by friday and we start to dry out by the weekend, which is nice. saturday and sunday look really good. a closer look outside right now for philadelphia mostly cloudy skies. 44 degrees. it feels like 37. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. you want to bundle up heading out the door. we are pretty much dealing with temperatures feeling like they are 30 degrees this morning. the current conditions are at 37 in the pocanos. 43 in trenton. 43 in glassboro. temperatures staying in the low 40s right now in dover. a big difference from this time yesterday. 16 degrees cooler in pottstown. down 15 degrees in philadelphia. down 18 degrees in dover.
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and 14 in millville. satellite radar shot shows wet conditions for us expected on and off throughout the day. even heading into your thursday so your late morning hours still dealing with the rain. same thing tonight. by thursday afternoon, we're going to start to see more of a moderate rainfall and then friday we really start to see a line of thunderstorms organize heading into your evening hours. it's going to affect the evening commute times. we are dealing with the possibility of thunderstorms as we push into friday as well. so be careful heading home from work but a closer look at the next couple of days here. temperatures will be well below average. the average this time of the year 61 degrees. 46 for your wednesday. dropping down to 44 on thursday. well below average. but we go back above average as we head into friday which is nice. so if you plan to head out to the phillies game wind speeds out of the east at 10 to 15 miles per hour. temperatures stay cold 42 degrees by 7:00 p.m. by 9:00 p.m. same thing. still dealing with the lower 40s. 41 degrees as you head home at
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11:00 p.m. the seven-day forecast shows we are in the 40s again tomorrow. but take a look at friday we are at 72 degrees on your saturday and sunday. expect temperatures back in the 60s and drying out. eight minutes before 5:00. this is the time you leave the house, we'll let you know what to expect. >> christine maddela has a look at the roadways. any problems christine? taking a live look at interstate 295 right at the black forest pike you can see traffic moving along quite nicely out there. this is the area where we have been watching some overnight construction. but it's not slowing anything down. overall, 76 95 that's from earlier out there. and 476 is all in the clear right now. and you can see on your drive times, woodhaven road to the vine street expressway is going to take you 12 minutes. we are still getting the green light on the schuylkill and 422 in montgomery county. chris? a surprising source of revenue for the tsa. find out what travelers, many of
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you are leaving behind that is allowing the security agency to cash in. that's coming up. and do you like donuts and hot dogs? why not have both at the same time? we'll show you a new food attraction at a local ballpark. oh, boy.
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the mayor of wilmington is talking about growing gun violence in the city. there have been nearly 30 shootings and nine murders in the city so far. 77 killings are still unsolved. yesterday dennis mayor williams walked along the areas caught by crime until he met dorothy whose grandson was murdered over the weekend. >> maybe you aught to do something. you haven't done nothing. >> we are going to combat this thing together. we are going to do our job. >> the mayor says he is still fighting to make the city safe. he said his latest plan
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operation disrupt has cut down on crime. philadelphia school officials and a local bank are launching a new program to help make high school students smarter about money matters. the school district and citizens bank kicked off a series of workshops yesterday. this is part of national financial literacy month. the workshop will focus on checking and savings accounts how to obtain credit and knowing your rights as a consumer. >> as you start to learn young, you start to develop behaviors necessary to be successful. and now once you have families and what you teach your children really helps you to build and grow a very strong life. >> more than 50 workshops will be available for students throughout the month of april. when you go through security at the airport, there's something that you and many americans may forget about. and it's adding up fast. the tsa says people remove loose change from their pockets at airport screening checkpoints and forget to claim it when they are done. that money is documented and turned into the tsa financial office and then the agency gets
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to spend it on security operations. last year that pocket change added up to nearly $675,000 just at philadelphia international airport alone. we left behind almost $7,000 in change there. the agency released this statement saying, the tsa makes every effort to reunite passengers with items left at the checkpoint. however, there are instances where loose change and other items are left behind and unclaimed. >> i could have used some of that change to buy a few of these. all right, tracy, get ready. you may like hot dogs and you may like donuts. >> it's been a long time since i've had either one but i like the idea. >> you may like bacon and jelly. who doesn't like these? how about all those combined in one? the wellilmington blue rock says many will like this. this is a new look at the new betweenie sweenie donut dog.
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it will give you a sugar high if you eat that down. it has the sweetness of a raspberry donut. >> i feel like the guy from men's wearhouse, you will like the way it taste, i guarantee it. >> krispy kreme planned to make the donuts but they nixed the plan. so another bakery happily took the challenge. >> i would try a bite. i will. in north jersey wildlife officials are testing a coyote for rabies after the animal attacked a man in his backyard in saddle river when he was attacked from behind. it also attacked the neighbor's dog last week. authorities euthanized the coyote after tracking it down in the woods. talk about an unusual sight in center city as well, this raccoon got stuck on top of a banner across from the cathedral of basilica saints peter and
4:59 am
paul yesterday morning. this caused traffic troubles as a number of people stopped to take pictures. animal control had to call in other city workers to help get the animal down because it was so high up there. a ladder and long pole were used to help rescue the raccoon and bring the animal to safety. if you like to drink, this could be for you. especially if you like to drink on the police department's dollar. the newtown police department in bucks county needs 20 volunteers willing to have a few alcoholic drinks under supervision to train new officers to do field sobriety tests. the classes will run the first week of may. if you're interested call newtown police. >> there are so many don'ts. >> they may get a lot of phone calls. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. a candidate collapses.
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you saw it live last night here on nbc 10. this morning, a recap of last night's debate and an update on how lynne abraham is doing. and protesting through a play. this morning how students are drawing attention to the school budget crisis in philadelphia and beyond. plus, how about cold and wet to start your wednesday out here? as we take a live look at center city philadelphia, 44 degrees. you need the umbrella heading out the door this morning. grab a jacket too. we are about 20 degrees colder this morning than we were yesterday. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll find out more on the change of weather from brittney shipp. good morning. good morning. a lot colder this morning than yesterday. that will continue as we head into the afternoon. temperatures are not going to budge much. we'll stay in the mid-40s. a live look outside right now, top of the cold weather, it's also wet out. make sure to take it easy heading in from work. we expect to see slick roads. a closer look at the satellite radar shot shows isolated showers and light rainfall on and off th


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