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tv   Today  NBC  April 8, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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and i are not happy we didn't get the red and black memo. >> i'm sorry. we didn't plan this. >> thank you. the "today" show is up next. we'll have a local update in 25 minutes. . good morning. murder? why police officers in south carolina shoots and kills an unarmed black suspect as he runs away. that officer now under arrest in the wake of this shocking video. we will talk to the victim's family. outbreak. storms from texas to pennsylvania today. hurricane force winds and massive hail and possible tornados expected. rand's run. >> we have come to take our country back. >> senator rand paul officially throws his hat into the presidential ring and is joining
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us live for this morning interview. and what's in the box? we have something cool to show you that could change your life. we are an hour away from the big reveal this april 8th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. busy news morning. breaking news out of afghanistan where three u.s. soldiers have been shot and wounded in an alleged ambush by an afghan soldier. we will bring it to you as soon as we have it. >> we are working another big story. the outrage over yet another deadly police shooting in south carolina and this time it was caught on camera leading to murder charges against the officer. gabe gutierrez is on the story
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for us. >> city leaders are stunned. the fbi is investigating to see if civil rights were violated. protesters here today and we should warn you the video is disturbing. the outrage is growing. a white police officer drawing his gun as a black suspect runs away his back turned. the officer fires eight shots. the suspect walter scott is killed. >> shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my tazer. >> a bystander's video shows michael handcuffing scott. he is facedown on the ground and he said he feared for his life after scott allegedly grabbed his tazer. on tuesday as the video surfaced the officer was charged with murder. >> when you are wrong, you're
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wrong. if you make a bad decision i don't care if you are behind the shield or a citizen on the street. you have to live by that decision. >> police say the confrontation start said as he pulled scott over for a broken tail light and the officer's stun gun. scott's family is heartbroken. >> we can't get my brother back and my family is in deep mourning for that. through the process, justice has been served. >> the hash tag walter scott was trending on social media. in ferguson, new york, and elsewhere it sparked a national debate about lethal force by police. >> what if there was no video? what if there was no witness or hero as i call them to come forward. >> thank you, lord! >> this wouldn't have happened. >> north charleston is a city of
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about 100,000 residents and about half are african-american. black officers make up about 20% of the police force. as for the officer who is charged, he is a coast guard veteran and could face up to life in prison or the death penalty. so far he has not commented and it is unclear if he currently has an attorney. matt? >> walter scott's parents are with us with their attorney. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> mr. and mrs. scott, please accept my condolences on the loss of your son. >> thank you. >> we know the police officer said that your son grabbed for his tazer and that is why he used deadly force. when you looked at the videotape, do you see any reason for the deadly force? >> i see no reason for the deadly force because i raised my
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children better than that. my son knew better. i said i know that's not true. walter whatever he was told to do walter would have done it. >> why do you think walter was running away from the officer? >> i think he was probably -- he owed some child support and i believe he didn't want to go to jail again and he ran away. >> can you imagine and this was a question that was asked in the piece we ran, what would this situation be if the videotape did not exist? this tape wasn't made public and the circumstances of that shooting may have never come to light. >> it would have never come to
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light. they woopuld have swept it unde others. i thank god they had the video. god has my back. when i saw it my heart was broken. i said it can't be. i saw it. i couldn't take it anymore. >> mr. scott, let me ask you a straight question. do you think race played a role in this incident? >> i don't really know whether it was or not. i can't really say how the young man felt but the way i saw it on the film, the way he was shooting that gun, it looked like he was trying to kill a deer or something running through the woods. i don't know whether it was racial or something wrong with his head or what. >> as you know he has been arrested and charged with murder. are you confident that justice
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will be served in the name of your son? >> i'm pretty sure that justice will be served because god is in the plan. god is tied with all this going on and i believe in my heart that god -- they started and think god is going to finish it. i think he is tied with it. >> mr. scott, mrs. scott, mr. stewart, again my condolences and i thank you for talking with me this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> a difficult tape to watch. >> and the family is in a lot of pain. it's interesting to hear the father say he is thankful there is a tape. severe storms expected across a huge swath of the country. >> we saw it yesterday and today and thursday too. take a look at the storms that we saw yesterday in southern
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indiana. we have wind gusts up near 70 miles per hour. the wind was enough to knock the tractor-trailer over. it goes to show you the force of the wind. the power outages and a lot of tree damage in the area. today we are looking for the same general area. the similar storms. they could be very severe across parts of oklahoma kansas and mississippi. a little bit of activity and the flashes of lightning and southern illinois up near chicago. we have a few thunderstorms and as the front stalls out, this afternoon and evening, the storms start to fire up and last throughout night tonight. tornados are very possible with this type of set up. we are looking at widespread storms across the eastern half of the country. texas and the western ohio area we will see strong storms and it's right in this area from oklahoma kansas and missouri where we could see the strong
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storms and wind gusts up near 70 miles per hour and hail at least two inches and we have to be on the look out for tornados. >> thank you very much. >> now to the race to become president, rand paul launched a campaign with a fiery speech in his home state of kentucky. here's what we know about senator paul. he is an eye doctor and still practices medicine and his father is ron paul. he ran for president three times and he was called randy as a child, but his wife shortened his name to rand and he was on the trail with us. he is joining us from new hampshire this morning. senator, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning and thanks for having me. >> you are running for president and those who have watched you have seen you laying the ground work for years. you have been in office for four years. was this always the master plan for you?
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>> it's funny. you will meet people running for president and their friends will say in eighth grade he said he would run for president. i grew up more normally. playing football running track and being on the swimming team and academics and reading. never really thought about it. when i launched my career, i spent a lot of time becoming an eye surgeon and i never raul thought of it. i thought i may run for an office but never would i think there would be a constellation of events that would allow me to. i think the message i have to offer is a distinct one. i think it is resonating. >> you are now officially a candidate. let me ask you about the deals with iran and the framework deal and whether or not you support it. if it were written in black and white as president obama described it and iranians agreed to it exactly as it is described, is it a good deal and would you support it?
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>> that's part of the problem. the iranian foreign minster wrote in english it meant something different than what president obama said. >> let's take that issue off the table. >> let me answer the question. let me answer the question. the sincerity of the iranians makes a big difference. if they say the agreement didn't mean what president obama said that is a problem. so far we have seen the fact sheet. the iranians put out 500 words and the europeans put out 200 words and they don't all seem to agree with very, very little information so far. i will keep an open mind and believe the negotiation is better than war. i have been a proponent of negotiation and i say that the law is very specific in this. i voted to put sanctions on iran and they can only be relieved by congress voting to a move and a lot of time on the quarter bill
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that would actually say that any kind of permanent reduction or relief in sanctions has to be voted on in congress. >> you have had views on foreign policy that are unorthodox but you seem to have changed. you said iran was not a threat and now you say it is. you once proposed ending aid and now you support it and once offered to draft -- wait wait. now you want to increase it. i just wonder if you mellowed out. >> why don't you let me explain instead of talking over me okay? >> instead of the litany of things why don't you ask me a question. that's a better way to approach. >> is iran still not a threat. >> no no no. listen. you have editorialized. let me answer the question. you say have your views changed instead of saying my views have
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changed. let's start with regard to foreign aid. my opinion has been we shouldn't borrow money from china to send it to any country. i also realized that things will have to be done gradually and if we try to eliminate or reduce foreign aid, we will start with the countries that hate us or burn our flag. we haven't proposed removing aid and i still agree. >> but you once did. >> i agree with my original statement from years ago. all nations should be free of foreign aid and my opinion is not any different than netanyahu's opinion. when he came before congress he said you know what eventually israel will be independent of it and in israel's defense, they wouldn't be forced to buy products from outside the country. >> do you still think iran is not a threat as you said in 20007
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2007? >> that was a long time ago and events change. we are talking about eight years ago when i was not running for office and i was helping someone else run for office. i would say there has always been a threat of iran gaining nuclear weapons and that's greater than it was many years ago. we should do everything we can to stop them. i voted for sanctions and i am skeptical of the president's agreement, however i am in favor of negotiations over war. i have been one of the reasonable people in our party who has not been beating the drums for war. i think my position on iran is one that reflects the events and reflects the current history. >> before i let you go the question i was getting at in general is when you came to washington and realized i am going to run for president, have you mellowed or tempered your views at all some.
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>> what i understood is that washington is horribly broken and we have to try to fix it. the deficit goes on whether republicans or democrats are in charge. we say it's the fault of one party or the other. there is enough blame to go around but we need more turn over. i'm a big fan of term limits and we will only improve with term limits and rules with the balanced budget that force congress to do the job they seem to be incapable of. >> senator rand paul. look forward to talking to you in the future. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> natalie is here now and speaking of the white house, breaking news. you have also got breaking news out of afghanistan. >> the breaking story where u.s. troops came under attack after a meeting between afghan provisional leaders and embassy official. an afghan soldier opened fire after the official left wounding three u.s. troops. the troops returned fire
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killing the afghan soldier. it was the second such incident this year. new tensions from the u.s. and russia as u.s. officials blame russia for a recent cyber attack at the white house. they allowed access to unclassified and still sensitive information including the president's private unpublished schedule. nbc news they reported they had been hacked and they suggested that russia was the likely culprit and an investigation proved the country was definitely behind the attack. the fbi discreetly service and intelligence are investigating. history was made in ferguson missouri in the first election since michael brown was fatally shot by a white police officer. voters elected two african-american candidates to the city council. they had one black member even though 2/3 of the residents are
7:17 am
african-american. rahm emmanuel will serve another term as chicago's mayor, but getting reelected was not easy. he failed to gain a majority in february's election. the challenger on tuesday is taking about 56% of the vote. now to a much larger political stage. the presidential election and hillary clinton expected to throw her hat into the ring over the next two weeks. she asked him if he had words of wisdom for the former secretary of state. >> if you had one piece of advice to give to hillary clinton right now, what would it be? >> if she is her wonderful self i'm sure she will do great. >> we will hear more from president obama later on on "today." >> two people were rescued from a burning six-story building in
7:18 am
los angeles. the man and woman were trapped on the fifth floor. fire crews used a ladder and they were uninjured. 170 firefighter his to battle the flame and it took them over 80 minutes to extinguish. the cause is under investigation. a huge congratulations to the u-conn women's basketball team who won their tenth national championship on tuesday by beating notre dame. the final score is 63-53. all ten of u-conn's championships have come under the head coach. the huskies have won three straight titles. they are simply unstoppable. they are awesome. >> especially the king. >> that's a bracket i can fill out. we have seen how excited dogs can get when it's time to go for walks. take a look at this. this is taking this to another level. yeah you saw it there.
7:19 am
happening in the czech republic. the st. bernard running across the road pulling that poor boy on his belly. the boy gets up. that's like road rash. >> it's scary because he crosses a road. >> wow. that st. bernard. there he goes. thank you. >> what's going on? >> a little bit of everything across the country. rain down through parts of the midwest and strong storms expected and record heat. it's chilly and miserable in the northeast and we will see mountain snow in the rockies and interior parts of the northwest. that's the wea
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i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. much colder today with temperatures in the low to mid-40s. ranging between 43 and 47 degrees. breezy colder than what we saw yesterday with patchy light rain expected to continue on and off throughout the day. the winds are between 10 to 20 miles an hour to make the feels-like temperature colder. heading into thursday, more of the same. 44 degrees. if you take a look at friday we'll warm back into the 70s. but thunderstorms are expected. all right forecast. >> thank you very much. a surprising tweet in the sex scandal with prince andrew. a judge tossing out the accuser's explosive claims.
7:21 am
high profile attorney was named in the case speaks out live. >> will you still be driving at 100? the secrets to living a long healthy life in the only so-called blue zone in america. >> can you spot the problem honoring drew maya angelou? and will it be changed? first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up what will bill clinton
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get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections. that's preferred rewards from bank of america. good morning, i'm vai sick high sikahema. let's check on the temperatures with brittney shipp. good morning. take a look at the wet conditions in cape may. that's going to be the scene on and off today. expect to keep the umbrella handy and the thicker jackets out. we are seeing temperatures in philadelphia at 44 degrees. wind speeds out of the east/northeast to 16 miles an hour. the feels-like temperature is at 37. as we head into the rest of the day, expect temperatures by noon at 46 degrees. same thing with wind speeds and mostly cloudy skies. christine? thank you. let's get a check on traffic heading out the door with
7:27 am
christine maddela. >> hey, vai. things are stacking up on interstate 95 at castor avenue on the southbound side. we'll look at the drive times, 44 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. the schuylkill is slow in both directions between the blue route and the vine. and 422, this is excessive delays with 32 minutes from the vine to the schuylkill. the philadelphia mayoral race moves to center city today. issues ranged from education to jobs to taxes and to crime. candidate lynne abraham fainted 12 minutes in and was helped from the stage, but stefshe was okay afterwards. i'm vai sikahema. back to the "today" show. see you in a half hour.
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s. >> 7:30 on a wednesday morning, the 8th of april, 2015. the countdown is on to something big. can't tell you what it is sorry. something. a little close down there. >> something we can tell you. >> the big reveal coming up. let's take a look at what's making headlines. a police officer in north charleston is being held on murder charges after a very alarming video surfaced. it showed the patrolman shooting walter scott in the back as he ran away from what started as a
7:31 am
traffic stop. >> three u.s. service members have been injured in an alleged ambush in afghanistan. a soldier opening fire after a meeting between local leaders and officials in jalalabad. >> jurors are deliberating for a second day at the boston bombing trial. they met for more than seven hours on tuesday, sending two questions to the judge that are being addressed this morning. >> will it be two for one on the campaign trail. what bill clinton is saying about his role in his wife's expected run for the white house. >> the case that we have been following for a couple of months. a florida judge has ordered the sex allegations made against prince andrew and several others be struck. we will talk to alan derch wits who has been named in the case. carry, good morning.
7:32 am
>> he has been informed of the decision. an american woman said she was sexually trafficked to high profile individuals and even world leaders following a three-month legal fight. the scandal surrounding prince andrew who appeared unshaken in public caused deep concern in the royal family. the newest details have been struck from the record by a florida judge. this american woman called jane doe number three said she had sex with andrew when he was 17 and paid $15,000 by a former friend of andrew's registered sex offender. the case against the government over a plea deal reached through the scene in 2008 but the judge said the factual details regarding with whom and where the jane does engaged in sexual activity are immaterial to the
7:33 am
case. >> prince andrew will be relieved about this. they wanted to make sure he got this out there. >> buckingham palace issued three denials and the prince laid his own unprecedented statement. >> i wish to reiterate and reaffirm the statement which has been made on my behalf by buckingham palace. >> he refused to answer questions. >> the woman said you are now the third. >> his former wife sarah ferguson defended him. >> it's not his character. >> his attorney struck out earlier. >> she is categorically lying and making it up. >> insisting the claims against him and prince andrew are a complete fabrication. >> he is vowing to keep fighting in court to prove the
7:34 am
allegations are untrue. it may not be the end and jane doe 3 is free present relevant facts to the court and appear as a witness. that may have the british royals worries all over again. >> you mentioned alan derch wits. great to see you. what the judge said and did not say. the claims made by jane doe against you and prince andrew and others are not material to the case they are trying to join against the u.s. government. what the judge does not say is whether the claims made by jane doe number three are true or untrue. having said that what's your reaction? >> i feel completely legally vind dated as they asked him to strike the claims as irrelevant and put in the lawsuit. he can't determine if it's true or not. i submitted a sworn affidavit categorically denying the truth.
7:35 am
there will be an opportunity for us to cross examine this woman because we have served her. she tried to evade service, but we found her and we will cross examine her and prove they are totally wrong. >> you feel completely legally vindicated. personally vindicated? not yet. >> i am being sued by the lawyers for telling the truth on the "today" show. there is another opportunity for me to prove that what i said is true. i don't feel they negated it in another way. the media splashed the original charges on the front page of almost every almost and very few have printed the fact that they printed us legally. >> do you have a sense or indication that jane doe number three has changed her story in regards to you and inappropriate action and contact on your part? >> i hope so because she repeats what she said.
7:36 am
she will be committing perjury and will be charged and sentenced to prison. the real victim is real rape victims. when you have a situation like this where a woman makes up a charge or the rolling stone magazine case or the duke case that hurts real rape victims. that's why there has to be consequences for the false charges. >> let me ask you directly. do you categorically deny you had any inappropriate contact with the woman known as jane doe 3? >> i never met her. she made up the whole story. i can prove that. i will prove it categorically when given an opportunity to do so in court. i feel entirely vindicated legally because the judge's action puts me in the position i did legally. >> you are a legal scholar and you are used to dealing with legal situations but not used to being the center of a situation like this. what lessons have you learned as a result? >> you can lead your life
7:37 am
perfectly. i am 76 years old and never been charged with anything. one day your life changes when you are charged with something you didn't do. i have been involved with this and never knew what it means to be falsely charged. now i understand and i will fight back and not to allow these charges to go unanswered or the people who make them not to have consequences. >> let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> thanks matt. we haven't talked about snow in a while. more snow in central and northern new england. still rain but you head north and it's more of a wintry mix. thunderstorms just to the north of detroit, but we are losing visibility and it's a cold rain and across central and northern new england as we get this wind off the ocean.
7:38 am
we will see more or less snow through vermont and up across maine. wintry mix in the boston area. it will change over to rain. as far as snowfall accumulation widespread one to three, but in the ski hi i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. temperatures are much colder today. ranging between 43 and 47 degrees. colder than what we saw yesterday. patchy light rain is expected to continue on and off throughout the day. winds out of the northeast 10 to 20 miles an hour which will make the feels-like temperature colder. heading into thursday more of the same. 44 degrees. if you take a look at your friday, we'll warm back into the 70s. but thunderstorms are expected. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> where do you go on a first
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this morning former president clinton is opening up a bid for what his role would be. here's andrea mitchell.
7:44 am
>> we will go again. >> never known to shy away from the campaign vowing to step back when his wife runs in 2016 telling town and country magazine my role should be as a back stage adviser to her until we get much much closer to the election. but still offering advice even before she formally announced her campaign. i think it's important to go out as though she has never run for anybody before. sharply criticizing his wife's opponent barack obama. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i have ever seen. the man who won the white house twice -- >> if that is what you believe. >> and the convention speech for obama in 2012 said he didn't think he was good at campaigning anymore. i'm not mad at anybody. i'm a grandfather and i got to see my granddaughter last night
7:45 am
and i can't be mad. instead the former president told town and country he will focus on the global initiative but even at this volunteer event, clinton was a magnet to reporters. >> what's your opinion? >> deflecting about whether hoos wife would enter the race. >> i think i know. >> no you don't. >> just saying he will be a back stage adviser put him right back on the front page. for today, nbc news washington. >> as a couple they will generate a lot of attention. still ahead, we are counting down to the big reveal. something exciting that could change your life and it's in that box.
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carmax will be the best way to buy them. >> we are back at 7:50. a problem for the post office concerning a stamp. tamron is talking about that. what's going on? >> maya angelou's forever stamp was unveiled in a ceremony in washington, d.c. the first lady is there, oprah winfrey as well. it features a lovely quote that said a bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. it sings because it has a song. but it turns out dr. angelou may not have kinned those words. author joan walsh anglin put that in a book of poems called a cup of sun. the dnj here is she used the
7:51 am
word he instead of it as it appears on the stamp. that's the difference. the quote has been attributed to dr. angelou and even the president used it in the past. the postal service said had we known about it beforehand we would have used one of her many other quotes. the question is do you think they should replace the words on the stamp in what do you think? >> it's such a shame because there so many many wonderful quotes. >> can they preach the value of that stamp? >> that's a collector's woman now. you can fit a whole quote on a stamp. coming up a live performance from one of our favorite musical guests. flo rida is here. >> why scott eastwood always seems to be shirtless. no problems there right?
7:52 am
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7:56 am
just before 8:00. breaking news out of northampton county. a school employee was crushed to death by a car in an elementary school parking lot. this happened in palmer township. bonnie novak was pinned besides a parked car and was trying to stop her own car after it flipped into gear and started to move toward other vehicles. all schools in the easton area school district are on a two-hour delay while the superintendent meets with employees and the transportation department where the victim worked. bonnie we'll get the first alert forecast now from brittney shipp. we'll see a cold and wet start wherever you are. it looks gloomy out. and the camera here is
7:57 am
overlooking the city skyline. temperatures will be in the 40s throughout today. we'll start off in the 40s and deal with a windchill. it will feel like 39 degrees with the actual temperature of 44 with the wind speeds gusting up to 24 miles an hour. temperatures today range between 43 and 47. breezy and much colder. light rain is expected on and off with temperatures warming back up on friday. vai? thank you, brittney. we have an accident out there and we'll tell you where from christine maddela. >> major delays on the schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching conshohocken. all the cars are all stacked up because of the accident down to one lane at conshohocken. 67 minutes is your travel time from the pennsylvania turnpike to the vine. the majority of that delay is from the pennsylvania turnpike to approaching that accident site. so it is going to take you quite some time out there. so prepare to give yourself extra time. vai? thank you, christine. another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc app. back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. our special series, living to 100. what's their secret? >> i don't city any different. >> a community in southern california unlocked the key to living a long healthy life. >> like father like son. scott eastwood is saddling up for the romance, the longest ride. he will be here live. and it's going down for real. superstar flo rida stops by studio 1a to perform his latest chart topping hit this wednesday, april 8th 2015.
8:01 am
>> good morning, san diego. >> alabama, we are on the "today" show. >> hey, ann arbor, michigan. >> all the way from cali. >> from virginia. >> georgia peach is on the plaza. >> and welcome back today. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. >>. >> a moment that will live in infamy. we have been coming down to a big reveal. this is something we have talked about that we have never been able to see it touch it feel it. what is it? tech expert katie. >> how about this for a good badge et this morning. it's not in here.
8:02 am
that was so not cool. wait! your heart is stopping. >> it's ten years off my life. >> that's the big reveal. >> katie, what is that? >> tell us about it. >> what is it about that apple watch. >> there is only a few of these out in the wild and what's excite being it it's on preorder this friday and it's much a talking piece as it is a time piece. this is the closest to a dick tracy smart watch on the market. in terms of a fashionable, but functional piece. >> what are do you love about it? >> you can take and make calls
8:03 am
and look at your e-mails and send text messages but there fun features called digital touch. you can send animated emojis and digital drawings. i can literally send someone my heartbeat. little things like that are applesque and they paid attention to details. it's actually here. >> they have great features. >> i think what has been done is it's an all in one comprehensive device. for me i was using a fitness device and now you automatically can track calories and heart rate and distance. for those of us who like to get accurate log your run to the elliptical and measure your heart rate in realtime without a monitor. that's huge. >> for all of us slow runners out there. the heart rate? >> faster! >> will people be shedding
8:04 am
devices because of this? or is it add on? >> the cost is expensive. it starts at $349. in terms of being a statement piece, people will have it as a comprehensive use. >> your watch is calling you. >> it is. what's the heart rate monitor now. >> back in the next hour. she will have a full wrap up on >> now nadly has a check of the breaking news. >> more on the investigation under way. a deadly attack on americans in afghanistan. the chief pentagon correspondent has all the details for us. what can you tell us? >> the news is grim this morning. u.s. officials tell us that one american soldier was shot and killed. two others wounded in a shooting incident with an afghan soldier. the americans returned fire and
8:05 am
the afghan soldier was killed instantly. it occurred in jalalabad in eastern afghanistan following a meeting between government and afghan government officials when suddenly without warning, this soldier supposed 3 one of the friendly forces opened fire. there were at least two others wounded. their condition is not known. none of the u.s. officials who were at the scene initially were wounded in the attack. even as the americans are beginning to withdraw from afghanistan, bringing that toepd a end to a war. this is a grim reminder that the soldiers there remain in harm's way. >> absolutely. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon with the developments for us. a white police officer in south carolina now faces murder charges for shooting and killing an unarmed african-american man. the charges were filed
8:06 am
aftershocking eyewitness video emerged showing officer michael shlayinger shooting walter scott in the back as he tried to run away. he was pulled over for a broken tail light and his father who saw the video said he might have tried to run because he owed child support. >> i felt that my heart was broken and i said no it can't be. and i saw it. i couldn't take it anymore. >> the officer claimed he opened fire in self defense. >> the associate basketball coach and athletic director of among seven people killed in a small plane crash in illinois. they were aboard a cessna returning for the basketball tournament in the indianapolis area on tuesday when it crashed in a field. what caused the plane to crash is not known, but there was heavy fog in the area at the time. president obama said climate change is not just affecting the
8:07 am
nation's weather, but hazardous to american health. the president sat down with dr. natalie azar. good morning. >> when we talk about climate change we think globally but a report lays out how the environmental changes affect each of our health right now. the percentage of americans with asthma is more than double in the past three decades and president obama is pushing doctors and nurses to help address the problem. i had the chance to sit down with him tuesday and i asked what impact he has seen climate change have on people's health. >> we know there is going to be more severe wildfires. that means particulates in the area. we know the allergy season gets extended. longer summers and hotter summers mean potential heat stroke. there a range of impact. you are seeing doctors, nurses medical schools really try to raise awareness. >> what do you say to the people
8:08 am
who deny the climate change is real and it's impacting our health. >> there a number of climate deniers. i think people are starting to experience it. the good news is there is something we can do about it. we take money in the long-term. if you have one child who has three, four five visits to the emergency room for asthma, somebody is waypaying for that. >> very interesting interview and clear from the meeting that he and his administration are passionate about this. they had a coordinated mobilized effort to do something about it. >> thanks so much. it is 8:08 and we have a check on the weather. >> we have a long happy birthday to opa, your grandfather. >> he is in california. >> happy birthday opa. it's cool in california but the
8:09 am
middle of the country we are focused on from texas to ohio. it's right in this zone from oklahoma to kansas. we could see tornados break out. tomorrow the threat is going to shift further to the east. it's still looking like the europe half of the country will see the storms but from eastern missouri and most of illinois that's where we could see a line of damaging wind gusts and more i'mt( first3w alert meteorologist briltxd knee ship. much colder today.xdxd temperatures staying in the low to mid-40s rangivgk ]9 43 and 47 degrees. patchy light rain expected tofì out of the northeast 10 to 20-gh miles per hourxd thursday more of the same, 44 hzódegrees. if you take a look at your friday, we're going to warm back
8:10 am
into the 70s, but thunderstorms expected.jf >> that's your latest forecast. >> up next forgetting what will be done about the lucille ball statue. this caused a big stir. >> plus what's their secret? we will tell you. the only blue zone in the country. people are living long healthy lives. savannah? >> we will talk about the new movie. brit robertson is here and scott eastwood getting to know wrangler. we have a great new movie. first these messages.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
it's 8:14 and time for trending. natalie is dancing. time for flo rida. a nightmare will soon be over. >> we are not overstating this but the i love lucy statue that doesn't lock like lucy it looks more like elvis. it's scaring small children. it is going to be replaced. the artist apologized calling it a most unsettling sculpture. he even offered to redo it for free but the mayor said no thank you. he got someone else to create a whole new statue. >> i feel bad for the artist.
8:15 am
>> i do too. >> not good. >> we all have a teacher that made a difference in our lives. for a business man that person was his home economics teacher, mrs. meachem. 37 years after graduating high school, he never forgot her and he spent years trying to track her down. when he did, he wrote her to letter. i enjoyed your class so much. you gave your students latitude and respect. he ended with this. you were the best teacher ever. he closed with the letter a check for $10,000. he encouraged her to spend the money all on herself. >> that's so nice. are this could be your lucky day.
8:16 am
>> what's the perfect place for a first date? they surveyed the users. here's what they said is the most popular. 3rd place is panera bread. panera was 3rd and chipotle is second and starbucks is the most popular place that goes to the next point according to the website. women say better to stick to a coffee date for the first date and go out for the full dinner next. >> comfortable meeting in a bar. >> women want to escape. coffee and out. >> and decide everything in three minutes. bye. >> committing to a full dinner is a lot. >> if you don't like them -- >> you are not forced to talk. you can get a full view. >> i just go to work.
8:17 am
>> six years. >> and that is what's trending today. >> more of the special series living to 100. where we try to unlock the secrets to a long healthy life. cynthia took us to the mediterranean on tuesday. what's our stop today? >> you don't have to go to japan to find the five blue zones where people live longer than anywhere else on earth. one is in the u.s. an hour outside l.a. the blue zone solution reveals their secret and we headed west to find out what they are doing right. >> he may be 100, but he is not ready to give up the keys yet. >> when was the last time your license was renewed? >> it's good for another three or four years. >> we ride shotgun trying to
8:18 am
unlock the secrets of his long life. >> i don't appear any different than at 30. >> the doctor didn't even retire as one of the top open heart surgeons until he was 95. he traveled the globe in search of the world's longest lived people. they survive a decade longer than the rest of us. he dubbed them the blue zones. we went with him to the italian islands where men live longer than anywhere else on the globe. this blue zone where the doctor lives, the only one in the united states is just an hour outside los angeles in loma linda, california. home to one of the largest concentrations of seventh day adventists and loaded with healthy older people. >> genesis chapter 1, verse 28 lays out the answer. the answers tend to follow it.
8:19 am
>> while there is a mcdonald's here it's loma linda's grocery store that holds their secret. >> a real sour doe bread with lakto ba sill us instead of yeast. you can eat this and actually the suge ars burn more slowly than if you didn't eat bread at all. >> they have stacks of beans and lots of birthday candles. he decoed that in the blue zone solution. >> one of the things you like about the book you are not scolding us. lots of us have made bad life choices. >> you are 99 years old and you start moving tomorrow you will add that. it's never too late. >> he is improving that across the country, helping 22 communities become more like the blue zone. >> after two or three years, we will see a drop and there 1900
8:20 am
when they started. you see them drop boy as much as 30%. healthier eating and more physical activity. >> ft. worth, the best place with high obesity rates and stressed the out commuters and a well being index below the national average. he will work with the blue zone over the next five years. >> people wonder why this happened. >> he said he is living proof of that. >> now tuesday we shared with you that the longevity wine bad news for me. in loma linda, they don't drink at all. >> what you have in common is the plant-based diet and a sense of community. what's interesting is they interviewed over 200 centenarians around the world
8:21 am
and only five said they didn't have a strong religious belief. >> interesting. >> great information. >> dr. oz will be here with his take on living to 100 tomorrow morning. savannah? >> thank you so much. it is time to saddle up for the newest movie based on a best selling book called the longest ride starring scott eastwood and brit robertson. take a look. >> look. can i get you a drink? >> i should be the one buying you a beer. >> doesn't work like that where i'm from. >> okay. you're buying. >> you said that's a weird clip.
8:22 am
why? >> there is no contact. just go for it. the first meet and greet. >> it's the way it works. i think from the get go sparks fly and you guys have chemistry. did you know brit this is going to work? >> that i ask this question a lot. do we know? i don't think we do. >> we have no idea. we try to do the best we could and work good with each other and hope there is chemistry or it would work. >> you are not novices. what is it like to be a leading man and woman in a major film. exciting? >> yeah really exciting. what an honor to be part of this film. >> scott is handling it well. it feels surreal in a weird way. it doesn't feel any different for my life yet it is different. >> have you come up with a celebrity divas yet?
8:23 am
maybe lavender lilies? >> a nap. >> i would love for them to schedule a lunch break. that would be awesome. the bull riding is the context to the film. great bull riding scenes where you can go get -- i heard you were bummed out and you didn't get to do the bull riding interview. >> they pushed back. ultimately i did it after the fact. >> you really did see that. oh boy. they won't let you. how long did you stay on the bull? >> 2 1/2 seconds. >> longer than you or i. the mechanical bull like a half a second. >> this was a nicholas sparks novel. one of them was indidn't cry at the notebook.
8:24 am
>> matt and al cried at the notebook. you have a famous last name and a famous father clint eastwood. >> i have heard of him. >> you never wanted to play that part. even in your first audition you used your mother's maiden name. >> i started auditioning in the business and i used my mom's last name to see if i could do it for me. >> why was that important? did you wonder if people would think he's a star's son. >> we said that anyway. you sort of realize that you have to audition like everyone. >> have you auditioned for your dad? >> oh, yeah. some i haven't gotten roles in. >> son, i like you, but -- >> you just don't get a phone call back. >> no call. nothing? >> a call for sunday dinner but not the part.
8:25 am
>> brit you must have the coolest grandma in the world. you grew up in the carolinas and you left when you were 12 or 13? >> super young, yeah. >> your grandma wanted you to be a star. >> yeah. my mom, i have six younger brothers and sisters and both of my families were keeping them in check and my grandmother moved out to l.a. with me to pursue the dream. >> you came here with a whole shirt on and i checked out your instagram feed and a shirt is not something you see much. there is your dad on the left. >> we are california guys both my dad and i. there is a beach. >> he's a free spirit. it's good to have you both here. >> thank you. >> open this is friday called the longest ride. by the way, alan alda will be here in the next hour. over to you. good to see you. >> thank you very much.
8:26 am
what's wrong with this picture? we are going down for real with one of our favorites, flo good morning, i'm vai sikahema. just abouttpy8:30. unusually cold for this time of the ñiyear.r let's get our first alertçó forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> a cold and wet start.xd temperatures will be well5a below average. our average for this3w time of year in the ñ low 60s and today in the mid toq high 40s with rain coming down. take a look at our livei]ñi picture at cape may.oudy ande1 wetlp 3wconditions. we'll see on andok off showers so bring your umbrella before you 43 in millville, 42p atlantic city and today we'll see our temperaturesqçj the mid-40s throughout the entire afternoon heading into ékp(the evening. vai. >> let'sfá get a check on the road withñi christine maddela.
8:27 am
>> hi there, t(vai. things are improving on the schuylkill expressway just because that accident on the eastboundrside ati] conshohocken is cleared out way.c 96 minutes from the pennsylvania turnpike all the way to the vine. this is route 202 at 76 all backed up into that part of town. takeñsr a look. 95lp southbound also slow wood haven road to the vine street expressway. slow from the blue route to the vine and 26 minutes ont( 422 is also due to that problem on 76. we're following a developing story out ofe1fá northampton county. a school district employee wasqokr crushed to death by a car at an elementary school parking r right now all schools are on a sáuuájá superintendent meets with bonnie novak has pinnedjfjf against a park car at tracy elementary school last night. they say the 61-year-old was slipped intorgear and started moving forward into other vehicles.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. april 8th 2015.
8:31 am
we will get a great performance from flo rida in a few moments. >> if you are worried, we have a healthier version of pasta that you can make today. we are making spaghetti with turkey meatballs. >> also we check out a new car from brilliant young designer that goes a long way on a small amount of fuel. >> really smart kids on the plaza. first a check of the weather. >> in the northeast another chilly day, but elsewhere they are going to see a good threat of strong storms especially through oklahoma kansas and missouri. tornados are possible with wind gusts near 70. hail at least two inches in diameter with a very busy
8:32 am
afternoon and evening. we will see the threat spread to the east from the great lakes in texas, but it's in that zone in orange including eastern missouri and most of illinois where we can see the strongest storms again. as we g i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. much cold"u temperatures staying in the low çóq to mid-40s ranging between 43 and 47 degrees.t(t(çó breezy, colder than whatq we saw yesterday with patchy light rain "s out of the hour, which is going to make the feels like temperature even fá colder. heading into thursday, more of the same, 44 degrees. if you take a look at your ñi friday, we're going to warm back into the 70s, but thunderstorms expected. >> that's your latest forecast.
8:33 am
>> thank you very much. she is at it again with her new movie called desert dancer. it's a true story of an iranian who risked his to form an underdog dance company. the only one with any real importance. >> don't worry about your technique. you don't have to think about it. >> of course i do. you told me that. >> you can spend your whole life trying to perfect your technique, but you only make a difference when you find your own secret language. that's when you start communicating. >> welcome back. it's nice to see you. >> thank you so much. >> happy to have you. we had a chance to see you last night and my immediate reaction is this is not one of the roles you do for the money. this speaks to you.
8:34 am
>> you do it because it's taken years off my life. it's a whole year of training. >> it's the story of artistic repression. a repressive iranian regime and the main character is a young man who fell in love with dance at an early age. >> you look at the global scenario it's not just iran. that's one of the reasons why i love taking on films like this. >> the teacher in the movie said basically in iran there two pair bell worlds where there rules and regulations and the other takes place behind closed doors.
8:35 am
>> what i knew about iran was a news channels give us or the media. i really didn't know about it. i come from india. we love dancing. it was alien to me. >> have you danced on camera like this before. i watched you dancing with flo rida. i did see that. this has to be intimidating. this is. i think one year is daunting. when we started off, we had three months. you never get it on time and you keep getting pushed further and further. >> what do you want people to think about after they see this movie? >> i think we should really question the subject of expression itself. freedom of expression. i will be free to express what we want to express or i will be
8:36 am
forced to do things because of a threatened regime or group of people want us to put it out that way. >> it's a beautiful movie. beautifully shot and acted. always good to have you here. >> thank you. >> desert dancer will be in select theater this is friday and open nationwide on april 17th. talented kids reshaping the future of the cars we drive. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target. . >> we are focusing on young innovators with concerns over energy and pollution. we start with a unique competition. the shell ecomarathon that urges
8:39 am
them to go further with less energy. we caught up with a group of students in north carolina who are rising to the challenge. speed is not necessarily the name of the game in this marathon. it's not a race to the finish line. it's a race to efficiency. 100 teams, roughly 1,000 competitors from high schools and universities will gather in detroit this weekend for the ecomarathon, a truly unique challenge to design build, and drive the ultimate energy efficient vehicle. >> this has been one of the best experiences of my life. you learn so much doing this. >> in greensboro north carolina students are putting the finishing touches on their entries. >> for the last five years, ricky lewis, an automotive instructor has been coaching teams in his free time. >> i feel like we win every time we go. part of the challenge is getting
8:40 am
there. when they show up for the competition, everybody's car looks different. >> everyone has the same rules, but not everyone has the same funding. many of his students come from modest means. there is no school funding for this after school club. limited sponsorship don't cover the $20,000 cost of the trip. >> the money part is the big challenge. >> he fronted some of his own money to make it happen. >> i get the phone calls about the credit card being up to the limit. >> ingenuity is the greatest resource. >> this is what we picked up on the side of the road. >> nearly everything is recycled. auto bodies make from lead crutches and walkers, transformed into vehicles that will be committed into two categories. prototype for maximum efficiency or urban concept, practical designs for the roads. >> did you put them on before.
8:41 am
>> a key adviser from the start. >> the biggest thing is the confidence. a lot of kids do not have opportunities that other families might have. >> they have seen students from around the world. they came to the united states from sudan two years ago. >> i want to be an energy. >> her goals are simple. joanna said on this team gender stereotypes are left at the door. >> ever since i was 3, i have been playing with cars. i love to go into mechanical engineering and i want to go to mit. >> they are learning so much more than how to build a car. >> teamwork you have to communicate with somebody else. >> they are involved with real world problem solving. >> and adventure and a unique race where getting to the starting line is considered a win. >> it does feel good when you see it take off.
8:42 am
>> we top the say good luck to our friends at dudley high school. we are joined by the winners of last year's ecomarathon. they are from sullivan indiana. nathan brandon and team adviser brandon small. best of luck to all of you. i will start with you. you have to put it in layman's terms. tell me what you are working on this year. >> we are competing and we brought two cars. the other is the urban concept that is a new car and the first year we will compete with them. >> we will see a live picture, but you started this out of your classroom eight years ago. what does it mean to the kids. this is an educational tool so
8:43 am
they can a play science and technology and math to the bottom. the kits when you throw the competition to it they can get it. >> you are spokesperson and have an exciting experience. >> it's not just us but the entire time. >> this is the continuation of work that started eight years ago with this team right? >> it's a competition and with the spirit of innovation and we learn something more and that's how we particular successful. >> we love seeing the creations there. good luck in the competition and thanks for being here. we are making the future.
8:44 am
highlighting more young inventors and problem solvers and more introductions to the panel of judges on the show. >> coming up next a dieter's dream. healthy pasta. yes, joe said it exists. you have rip awritten a book about it.
8:45 am
8:46 am
. >> healthy is how we treat our ingredients. all 500 calories or less. >> the way you make them the
8:47 am
ingredients used. >> exactly. we start with the holy trinity of italian food which is carrots, parsley and onions. we will pulse that with and -- >> you will use that paste twice this this recipe. >> make this sauce. we cook it with olive oil and we add in the tomatoes. this is the pasta ahead of time. i will add in o reg no and chili flakes. that's a lot. and some salt. we let it cook and reduce. >> 20 minutes or a half hour over medium heat. if you buy a can, crush them with your hands.
8:48 am
and one tall egg. >> do it with your hands. >> even if you double it up you are under 1,000 calories. that is a huge portion of food. we will make meatballs. you mix the meatballs and i like
8:49 am
it smaller. you are going to bake it. you are cutting down on calories right there. >> we are not frying anything. adding cheese at the very end. you have these great ingredients ingredients. >> you put the spaghetti ahead of time and under what you just made. you used other pastas? >> spaghetti is a great one. they finished cooking in the sauce. this is not a science. as long as it takes. five or ten minutes. how many glasses of wine. it's about drinking wine as you cook. you probably know that. >> you are a wine guy. we should remind people. one from tuscany. this is the kind of food that it goes with. this is perfect for this.
8:50 am
>> perfect while eating with spaghetti meatballs. i will in a second. coming up next going down for real. flo rida performing his latest hit live in the studio. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
the hit flo rida cold 85 million singles and at it again a brand-new et called my house. >> always a place to be at my house. >> it is your house. it's a crowded house every time. we have people with a huge crowd in the studio. >> it's like wow. >> you have the new song and i think everybody has to know what it stands for. >> going down for real. >> i like the acoustic version. you have a knack for producing the hits. this one is no exception. >> this one is another fall to the ground. >> a hit record.
8:53 am
we'll let you play it with all the dancers. ♪ ♪ going down for real ♪ ♪ y'all know what it is ♪ ♪ it's going down for real ♪ ♪ >> you know who you came here to
8:54 am
see ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i know what you came here to do. it's going down for real. it's going down for real. >> . >> put your hands up. no more make up. double entend re. i know what you came here to
8:55 am
do ♪ ♪ it's going down for real ♪ ♪ hey, hey. it's going down for real ♪ ♪ it's going down for real. ♪ ♪ it's going down for real ♪ ♪ hands up hands up ♪
8:56 am
♪ it's going down for real ♪ ♪ this is the "today" show. ♪ ♪ it's going down for real ♪ >> flo rida thank you so much. my house. thank you. we will come back with kathie lee and hoda. good morning, i'mt( chris cato. it%rh8:56. time to check your forecast withñi meteorologistymc brittney shipp. brittney, kind of chilly out there. >> it's much colder than uxd yesterday. temperatures were in the high 60s. we were dealing with showers yesterday.r same thing is true today except we factor in hows7 cold it is. temperatures stayi d-40s. closer look at our t(
8:57 am
satellite/radar shot shows mostly cloudy skies and just aok few popszv of precipitation. we'll continue to see scattered showers on a'offçó throughout the day, tomorrow and heading into friday we're dealing with thunderstorms but our current temperature isñr at 44 in philadelphia, 45 in fádover, 42ái atlantic e1city. mid-30s in mt.lp pocono. medding into the rest of today, 47. today a philadelphia judge is expected to decide if these e1lp 15-year-olds will stand trial for murder. brandon smith and çóxdñityfene shooting a man out walkingxdñ his dog. the teens were playing basketball when they decided to police say they targeted james stullman who was walking his dog on( dxd for his life before the boys shot him. today parishionersxd trying to save their church from the wrecking ball will meet withl the
8:58 am
archdiocese tolp hold offok on demolishing the church in parishioners have appealed to the vatican forrhelp andok have not received añixd formal response. new jersey governori] chris christie will show off his cooking talents onfá tv xdtonight. he'll appear on a new show called@ñb
8:59 am
jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
9:00 am
>> the legendary alan alda stops by to talk about his new romantic role. a new look at the apple watch. adam levine gets a scare when a fan rushes him on stage. all that and more coming up now. >> this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today, april 8th 2015. i'm willie geist with natalie morales and al is off today. al around alda is coming up and
9:01 am
flo rida just flied. going down for real. yesterday morning, we congratulate the blue devils. u-conn can do it twice as good. the women winning their tenth national title. he now tide john wooden, the great men's coach. he is 10-0 in title games and never lost. >> for the win. >> third in a row. we will say it again this morning, congratulations to u-conn, one of the great dynasties. >> such a good guy and they respect him so much. >> up in connecticut, congratulations. a big talk today. apple watch. >> the new watch. >> isn't that great? so fancy. >> there is a song about looking at my gucci, it's about that time.
9:02 am
looking at my apple. this is the new apple watch that is taking over the world. >> katie is here with a look. good morning. first of all, it looks cool. a lot of hype surrounding the watch. does it live up to the hype? >> it's fashion and function. they nailed it in the sense that it's a statement piece as much as a time piece. you can make calls with it and read e-mails and send texts with your voice. it's awesome but again this is something that you want to wear. a number of different color band options and styles. it's all about personalization. they are not the first of the market, but they put that apple touch on it that makes you think they do a good job of creating
9:03 am
that. >> is it a one size thing? >> two sizes. this was recommended and the people who have risk. is this a 38. the 42 is too big for me so it's in terms of size options. it's what i call the ben and jerry's effect. from a leather to a sport that i am wearing. >> rose gold if you want to pay $17,000. >> that's the one you wanted. you are crazy. >> we look at the different versions. that's cute. click. of course i picked the $17,000 one. >> dylan is calling. i will go ahead and answer. >> i am embarrassed. >> how you actually answer i will go ahead and get the incoming call. like the iphone and i talk into the watch. never answered more texts or phone calls while in the
9:04 am
bathroom. >> everybody can hear your conversation. >> it's actually a good quality. you sound like you are talking on a regular phone. not like your watch. >> everyone can hear your phone conversation. >> you pick up and answer on the watch. you have an opportunity to answer on the phone too. >> you have a call. >> you talk about the limitations. you have to have an iphone. >> that's correct. if you are adamant about tracking your sleep, there is no sleep tracking capability. it's not water proof. you don't go out on a rainy day. you want to make sure you don't get it water logged. it's water resistant, not water proof. after it's a big deal. a limited number that is not even on the market. that will be resolved. and it has a price point. it starts at 3:49, but apple
9:05 am
does a great job of making you feel like you have the latest gadget. >> i was with someone last night who has the watch. >> already? >> i said take me through why i need it? it's quick interaction. you are not composing e-mails on your watch but his wife, for example, texted him while she had to take the kids to the doctor and he spoke into his phone. i'm so sorry, i will call you when i'm done. quick interface. >> i was at a business interview and i being looked down and i saw a message and i knew everything was okay and i didn't have to dig for the phone in my purse. >> i company allows you to rent them for sometime? >> if you are not ready to make the commitment, a lot of you rent it for a week and it starts at $45.
9:06 am
the final percent. >> speaking of fancy we talk about who is fancy. this new artist had a song called goodbye. i don't know if we have that song. everybody was guessing, we played it for you. we had all these different versions of what seemed to be the music video. a lot of you at home chimed in and said you thought it sounded like mio coming back with a new look on the scene. none of those videos feature the artist and it remained a mystery until last night on the tonight show. look at how they reveal who fancy is.
9:07 am
>> it's not myo. >> it's jake. justin bieber and a lot of team in have a great voice. >> they are hosting their first ever bring your own cup day. what does that mean? on saturday, all of us together will head over to the mere 7-11. you can bring a jar, a beaker, a
9:08 am
bowl. anything. you can bring buckets. all you need is that and $1.49 and they will fill your drink with your bucket of hope. it must fill into a diameter of a slurpee. just making sure. participating locations. i can't believe i'm asking this of you. >> it's the opening. you can get the ten-inch opening and have a giant bag. it's as far as your imagination can take you. i remember the 7-11 commercial. remember that?
9:09 am
>> and the snickers. no germs there. >> this is saturday between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. you cannot bring a garbage bag. i was told you can do a leave bag. >> they said the diameter. >> you can make a device. >> send us a picture of your biggest cup that you are bringing on saturday. >> that's the movie theater. >> that's my favorite. >> pretty cool. i will get emotional here. what you may not know about me because we tell everything on the show, i have a nickname. what is it? >> the prom whisperer?
9:10 am
>> that's my nickname. i wander around finding young children to make their prom dreams come true. this is all made up. i went to the prom with my best friend, tyson in which i wore a scarlet o harrah ensemble. i want every kid to have a happy prom. this was me. i met young taylor anderson from twin fall idaho and he was outside on the plaza. what did you say? >> i want to ask my girlfriend to prom. mariah. >> is she watching? you sure she will say yes? >> yes. >> for how long? >> two years. >> we are waiting for mariah to call in. have you practiced? >> i have. i have. you nervous? >> yeah. >> let me see your hands. do you have advice for young taylor. >> his hands look pretty steady.
9:11 am
>> he has been going out with her for two years. what do you think he should say. what is the line that wins you over? >> honey, baby, will you go to prom with me. >> dark natalie. real natalie. >> i think just being here. obviously he has been dating her for a long time. >> take it up a notch. >> you know what you want to wear? >> i got my stuff picked out. >> sounds nice. we hope to have mariah. stick around and we hope to have her on the phone. it's going down. >> it's going down for real. >> for real. >> dylan, over to you. >> you can't forget the fr. for real. >> we have a severe thunderstorm watch and we have this front especially this afternoon and evening across oklahoma, kansas and most of missouri. we will see the strongest storms
9:12 am
and could produce wind gusts in excess of 70 miles per hour from abilene, texas. we could see the storms that could produce torrential downpours. it's in this orange area into st. louis where we could see tornados develop. tomorrow the same threat. it's further to the east and i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. much colder today. temperatures staying in the low to mid-40s ranging between 43 and 47 degrees. breezy, colder than what we saw yesterday with patchy light rain expected to continue on and off throughout the day. our wind speeds out of the northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour, which is going to make the feels like temperature even colder. heading into thursday, more of the same, 44 degrees. if you take a look at your friday, we're going to warm back into the 70s, but thunderstorms expected.
9:13 am
>> we will get mariah in a minute, but he is appearing in the nicholas sparks romance the longest ride. we will talk to the living legend after this. ♪ there is a place where the sky is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. it's the way ranch is supposed to taste. now? can i at least put my shoes on? if your bladder is calling the shots ... you may have a medical condition called overactive bladder ... ...or oab you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor how myrbetriq may help treat...
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9:16 am
better than finish's best... the first time. as if your dishes were non-stick. cascade. now that's clean. we captured the biggest audiences in the television. >> alan alda is still entertaining us back on the big screen for a film based on a beautiful nicholas novel. he lands in the hospital for a car crash and flashes back with a woman willing to read his love letters. >>
9:17 am
are what do you care? >> alan alda is here with us. good to see you. >> you started to cry. you should see later in the movie. you really will cry. if you can't make them laugh you can make them cry. i'm in. >> romantic. you have been married how long? >> 58 years. you the romantic love letter type? >> i probably wrote arlene a love letter once or twice but i can't remember. you know what i love, arlene gives me a birthday card every year. she changes the date and puts today's date on it. it's last year's card.
9:18 am
>> the first time you met there was a rum cake that had fallen. >> the hostess made a rum cake and she put it on the refrigerator to cool. the refrigerator shook and it fell off and hit the floor. arlene and i were the only ones who went in with spoons andate it off the floor. that's how you know. two people eat a cake off the floor, that's it for life. toss the cake. ira is a 90 plus-year-old man. you are not close to that yet. it was a challenge for you. >> what's fun is to try to see
9:19 am
if you can do something you have never done before. that keeps you from being looking like a 91-year-old guy. it keeps you like a kid. >> challenging yourself. >> did you have experience with the book? any scenes where you were kicked in the rain? >>. >> pulled out of a burning car in the rain. >> what did you make of the story when you read it? >> you know what i love about this story is that it has young romance in it that is sweet to see. but the movie didn't end with the couple finding out they want to be for the rest of their lives. it deals with the difficulty of being with someone who you find out you are sort of mismatched and how do you make that work for the rest of your life? the fact is that all people who are meant for each other are also mismatched. because we are human. the ones that live side by side is much more interesting than
9:20 am
listening to your mor hormones and young love. >> we don't get to do this every day. go for it. >> they are all three stories about how i almost died on opening night. >> okay. >> the first one is -- we had to make the entrance and i had to jump up on the ladder. on opening night i missed the second step and i wound up and the latter walked across the stage and couldn't keep my balance. i had the opening line. i was playing a much older man and i had fake hair all over my face. one got loose and i took a breath and i started choking. >> we are laughing. >> i was dying.
9:21 am
>> to smoke a cigarette and all by myself and i didn't know how to smoke. i put the match and i thought it was out and i held it down by my side and my robe caught fire. you are a great liar. you did not catch fire. >> i am going to say the hair. the second one. >> the lie. >> the latter. i did catch fire and i did nearly choke. i was choking and i said look at him. coughing like that. he is so realistic. he is going to die right in front. >> alan alda, thank you so much. the longest ride opens in theater this is friday. a legend. >> coming up next, madonna reappears somewhere she hasn't been in o you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day
9:22 am
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and no more waiting for the check. new smoked chicken quesadillas on chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day. we have the ultimate comfort food and we will have the meat and potatoes and the daughter of jenny rivera will be joining us with opening up about her new book and complicated relationship with her mother. plus, adam levine getting an unexpected visit during a live performance. >> great. >> that's more of like an attack on the stage. after your local news and weather.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
credit score. good morning, ooilt chris cato cato. it's time to check your nbc 10 first alert forecast with brittney shipp. >> we are seeing rain throughout our area, scattered showers on and off throughout most of today and we're also seeing cold temperatures, staying in the mid-40s. so 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. there's a live look at cape may. you can see that the streets are wet. you want to be careful as you're heading out. but for philadelphia, 44 degrees. the feels like temperature at 36. winds out of the east-northeast at 17 miles per hour gusting up to 21 so it's going to feel a lot colder as we head into the rest of today. here's our closer look at our satellite/radar shot. more rain is on the way for us. as we head into the next few
9:27 am
hours, expect temperatures by 2:00 p.m. to be at 47 with a few isolated showers. right now the eastern area school district is on a two-hour delay after a district employee was crushed to death by a car. the start of the school day was pushed back while the superintendent met with transportation employees who worked with the victim. investigators a bonnie novak was pinned against a parked car at tracy elementary school in palmer township last night. the 61-year-old was trying to stop her car after it slipped into gear and started rolling toward other vehicles. novak was a bus driver in the district for three years. in just a few minutes from now, students and staff at delaware valley college will celebrate becoming a university. the school located in doylestown, will unveil its new sign and lay out a vision for the future to be classified as a university the state requires the school to offer a minimum of five professional master's degrees and a doctorate. in addition to today's name change the school also plans to announce details of a $1 million donation.
9:28 am
i'm chris cato. we'll be back with another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 app.
9:29 am
9:30 am
. taking a look at the headlines, a chemical that may be in popular weight loss and work out supplements. canadian officials say it's almost identical to the still land a.m. fed mean and they call it a serious health risk. they said their own review of supplements containing the chemical known as bmtea finds now specific safety concern at this time some want the fda to take another look. researchers are suggesting physical therapy may be as effective as surgery in treating spinal ste noesz in the lower back. patient who is had undergone spinal decompression surgery and those who had physical therapy,
9:31 am
after ten weeks both groups had the same level of pain relief and physical function. if you are looking for discounts this month, consumer reports has advice on where to look. sales have begun on spring clothing with retailers wanting to make more room for summer merchandise. it's a good time to shop for a digital camera and they remind to you do your research first. they say you can find sales on computers and both desk tops and laptops. april is a good time to find deals on lawn mowers. let's get another check of the weather once again. >> thanks, natalie. we are looking at the chance of record breaking hate down across the southeast. we are looking for atlanta's old record was 85 degrees in the forecast. we continue down to the gulf coast state and 30s and 40s, that's it. only 40s and 50s. we have a chance of strong
9:32 am
storms from texas to western ohio and it's this area in orange from western illinois into parts of oklahoma where we could see a severe weather outbreak that includes large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornados. tomorrow that is going to spread further to the east. widespread thunderstorms and missouri and illinois tomorrow will be under the gun i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. much colder today. temperatures staying in the low to mid-40s ranging between 43 and 47 degrees. breezy, colder than what we saw yesterday with patchy light rain expected to continue on and off throughout the day. our wind speeds out of the northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour, which is going to make the feels like temperature even colder. heading into thursday, more of the same, 44 degrees. if you take a look at your friday, we're going to warm back into the 70s, but thunderstorms expected. >> that's your latest forecast.
9:33 am
>> thank you. time to raise your mug. it is wednesday. is it healthy or is that thursday? it is the wednesday edition. we start off with adam levine. maroon five front man in anaheim, california. a fan rushes the stage and tried to give the one-time kiss. security gets her out and he admitted he was terrified. he told the crowd that the fan cut his ear with her finger nail. frightening. >> he is performing and gently turned her towards security. >> scary there. get ready for star studded caddies. he said he will not only play in the master contest for the 50 time since 2004 but charlie
9:34 am
will be his caddy. the 6-year-old was at practice. girlfriend lindsay von was there with his dad who later passed away. he said he came full circle having his children there. as for rory mcillroy, he is going different. he selected 1 d number naill horan. he is looking forward to spending a lit of time with him up there tomorrow. you and other one direction fans will love this moment. if you can pick a dream caddy, who would it be? >> harry styles. >> duh. >> tiger woods. i will go with someone who knows the game. >> madonna returns to the cover
9:35 am
of cosmopolitan after 25 years. she is still as outspoken as she was then. the 56-year-old star made four different covers for the magazine's 50th anniversary and posed for the 25th anniversary issue back in the good old days of 1990. inside the mag, she said the world hasn't changed much since being called into society. i had people giving me a hard time because i didn't think you could be sexual or have sensuality in your work or be intelligent at the same time. the fight never ended. she dropped details about working with kanye west on the latest album calling it a little bit of a bullfight. i would say. while they did not agree on everything and madonna and kanye.
9:36 am
>> the thoughts in my head right now. amazing. could it be that jennifer lopez and her ex-are back together again? the speculation about their reunion has been running rampant two weeks ago on the set of "american idol." the 28-year-old posted a video to an instapage with the caption look who i found on the beach. watch. >> what are you doing some. >> passing you. >> you can't pass me. >> j-lo said i'm single right now. they are in love. i think so. i think she hates the negative attention they received and people are just going to dive into your personal life. you don't go bike riding with
9:37 am
your ex. >> i love you together, j-lo. the classic meat and potatoes dinner with a new i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. me, when i had a blood clot in my leg that could have traveled to my lungs. that's why i took xarelto®, too. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. i took xarelto® for afib... an irregular heartbeat that can lead to a stroke from a blood clot. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. hey, well i'm glad we got together. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. i tried warfarin before, but the blood testing routine and dietary restrictions had me off my game. tell me about it. let's see,
9:38 am
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9:41 am
new way to get work done on your schedule. the app makes it easy, the power of angie's list makes it work. call, click or download the app for free today. if you are in need of comfort food, roasted potatoes and wait for it rocky road cookies. >> the final top chef who competed against his brother, michael. now brian has a new cookbook called home. recipes to cook with family and friends. good morning. >> so excited about the meat loaf. this meat loaf is ridiculous. it's based on my mom's childhood meat loaf. there is always a meat loaf in the kitchen. hers has pineapple on top. i started with bacon.
9:42 am
it has a smoke to it, but not too much. >> you said bacon al roker went -- >> we will render it down until it's crisp. i love the spiced ketchup. is that kid friendly? >> yes, but it has more ingredients to it. so we get to a great ketchup and the pan has spice to it. we take this vegetable and we will fold that into the meat. what we have is ground beef and pork. if you want just beef, it's fine. you mix the two together. >> why do you like that combo? >> it's a better texture and it's more balanced. i like the roundness of the flavors. we need to add this to help me out here. >> have you nod heard?
9:43 am
>> we have panko bread crumbs. we mix the eggs and the milk and the salt too. what we get here is -- >> you have a cake pan here as well. >> this is kind of dirty here. you have to work that. >> look at the meat loaf. they have parchment paper in there. you have salt and make the glaze they use to glaze the top of the meat loaf. >> go to is where you can find the complete recipe here and make it for your
9:44 am
family. >> we will smash it down andskpand glaze the top. it will go into the oven at 350 for about an hour. >> i want some of that. >> this stuff right here and what we have is a recipe inspired by my son. >> they started making these potatoes. he was 6 years old at the time. that's a message i love in the book. they summed up the whole thing. he is just up there and inspired by what they are doing. >> it is summed up on the website. also in the book. the book is home. you can find these recipes. up next, the late jenny rivera with one of the biggest latina singe it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir® an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c.
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
i use it for cooling scalp relief in a snap. mi bebé ha crecido tanto. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. >> we are listening to the grand
9:49 am
senors. the performer passed away more than two years ago in a tragic plane crash at the age of 43, leaving her fans and family mourning her untimely death. her oldest father has tons of fans of her own and social media followers is with us and has a book called forgiveness and the spanish version is number on amazon and the spanish and english version on i books. good morning to you. a lot of people are waiting for this book. >> they are and it's doing really well. i'm so thankful and grateful. >> it had to be hard to write because it deals with forgiveness. a lot that you reveal in this book starting with your relationship with your mom. >> it was difficult, but very healing. i wanted more than anything to write this for myself and also for people out there that have lived the same experiences. it's so important and crucial.
9:50 am
it's central to forgive. it gives you the wings to fly and feel free of old baggage. >> such a great message. you have been through so much. tell me about your relationship with your mother, jenny. what was she like? >> she was my husband, i was the wife. we were business partners. so much. we were like so close. to me she is still here. we did have a falling out and a lot of things were said. i wanted to set record straight in this book. i was accused of sleeping with her husband. after losing your mom, it's something like you have to kind of -- i feel like as a woman and for me, i needed to set the story straight and tell exactly what happened. the tabloids can really destroy a lot of things and didn't want them to destroy the beautiful relationship my mom and i still
9:51 am
have. >> you write about in the book i know my mother is not here to respond to my comments and i love her and this is in no way an attack on her. >> i love my mother so much and i want everyone to see that. it's so important that the world knows we went through so much together, it's not fair that outside people are going to come in and try to destroy that. with that, i obviously touched on that subject. it's so much more. it's my journey to forgive. >> forgiveness as well for your father who sexually abused you when you were all of 8 years old. he is now in prison for that. you have come to forgive him? >> absolutely. he never asked for forgiveness, but i have forgiven him because it's taboo in our community and it needs to be spoken about to stop happening. >> it's a fascinating read.
9:52 am
this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> going to the prom, you have this cute sign for your date. it says -- >> i'm in the city that never sleeps but i still dream us at prom. will you go? >> this is to mariah your girlfriend. we built this mariah, will you go to the prom with me. it is around 6:00 a.m. in the morning. she was asleep and we were trying to reach her. have we awakened her? >> good morning, sunshine? you awake, sunshine? are you kidding? we are working on the
9:55 am
connection. the word on the street is that she is nearby, at least we are working on it. >> okay. >> this is killing me. i'm about to pass out. willie?
9:56 am
good morning, i'm chris cato. it's 9:56. it's a dreary cool wednesday out there. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it's not going to feel like spring over the next two days. today the mid-40s, same thing tomorrow. take a look at this picture. we're seeing low-hanging clouds our temperatures in the low 40s atlantic city 44 millville 36 in mt. pocono and mid-40s for
9:57 am
philadelphia. our visibility has been reduced to a mile and a half in atlantic city, two and a half miles for parts of delaware. as we head into the rest of today, cold and wet conditions expected to continue. you can see the scattered showers. our temperatures will range between 43 and 47. chris. >> this morning police are still trying to figure out why a man shot his father in the head while the father was driving on i-76 in montgomery county. investigators say the 22-year-old man was in the back seat and shot his father who was driving the car. it happened during the evening rush hour near the conshohocken exit. the man's mother was also in the car. his father is in critical but stable condition this morning. now, we just checked with police and they tell us they're waiting on the district attorney's office to approve charges. they're still not saying what prompted the shooting. in just a few minutes from now a health and wellness fair will begin called warm up to wellness. you can get cancer screenings nutrition counseling and other tune-ups for spring. more than 20 different vendors will be there and admission is free. it runs through 2:00 this
9:58 am
afternoon. i'm chris cato. we'll be back with another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 app. have a great morning.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's one of our favorite days, it's wines day wednesday it's april 8th and look who we've got hand delivering our wine today. >> this doesn't happen every day. >> look at the butler. >> i thought it would be nice. >> alan thank you. >> the legend. >> we deliver. >> i was telling him earlier this morning how much i loved the new movie. >> thank you very much. i know, it made you cry. >> i cried my eyes out.
10:01 am
so much reminds me of you and your wife and the marriage that you all have had. >> thank you. >> people were interviewing us last week, everyone who came in said how they cried, but one woman cried during the interview. yeah. >> that was strange. >> have you ever seen that before? >> oh my god. >> aftershock. >> it does. >> you go to buy a newspaper. congratulations on your wine. >> by the way you haven't tasted the white. >> take a sip of the white, it's so worth it. this wine is the best stuff. how do you like that stuff? >> very good, so i'll have a case. >> i'm delivering it to you. >> thank you. >> alan congratulations on the movie baby, it's fantastic. >> love it so much, thank you. >> and, i really did love this movie. alan broke my heart. >> and i really did love the wine too.
10:02 am
you go to these things not knowing what to expect. i didn't know alan was in it. and there he was. >> one of the finest actors alive where he's a national treasure. >> he certainly is. we have a big show today. >> we do. >> young stars of that movie are going to be on with us tomorrow. >> look forward to seeing them. everybody is excited because flo rida is in the house. he's an instant joy new cd and new song. >> he's going to do one for us. >> yes he's going to spend the whole hour. >> he'll be on my radio show. we're busy with flo rida. >> does he know you're in love with him today? >> i walked downstairs, hair, soaking wet, and he looked frightened, i didn't care because i was happy. >> he does make everybody happy. >> and the lovely and talented, we haven't seen this film, but look at that. she's in a new one called desert
10:03 am
dancer. >> it's amazing. >> oh gosh. >> i can't wait to talk to her about that. >> the power of dance. >> do you know what today is? first of all, it is lovely lilliana's luxe -- >> luxury -- >> yes -- >> luxe for less. >> and also birthdays. >> we didn't know that either. >> we didn't know we got him a cake, delivered it. >> he wanted wine. the man wants wine. it's on its way to you. >> hello lilliana. >> every wednesday you play a game with us. >> we do, okay, so today's game is guess the price. we've been asking you to guess the item. hoda, will you stand up and show us your lovely dress. >> okay. the trend we're talking about today geometric. super cute. guess the price on this dress on the facebook page and kathie, you're wearing a gorgeous bracelet. so cute. >> i didn't know which way to wear it. >> i like it up, you see the
10:04 am
bold detail. you can make it up. >> okay. >> go to the facebook page and guess. >> and how much they are. >> hints, under $50. >> under 50? >> yeah. >> frugal too. >> i want to know whose dress you're wearing. >> amazon fashion. how crazy is that? >> one shoulder. >> yeah, i love the one shoulder. we have amazon fashion. eyelashes there, and now my dresses there. >> wow. >> all right thank you. >> would you like words of wisdom? >> yeah, here it goes. >> doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full, be thankful you have a glass and grateful that there's something in it. >> awesome. >> perfect. >> and it's my mother's favorite poet, anon. >> she's the best. >> he or her? >> i think it's a he. >> okay. >> we have a shoutout at our hometown paper here, daily news, which was very nice of them. we have two big dots yesterday. >> we were awfully friendly.
10:05 am
>> anyway, celebrating our seventh anniversary. >> that was fun. >> and that was my yellow. apparently, lift it up, that's the color you wear on a seventh anniversary. ellen and matt has been going at it. they have started a prank war with matt. "today" show fans are getting in on the prank. >> yes. >> so this is a poster that a fan held out on the plaza. this is what it read. ellen sent me to spank matt lauer. >> okay. everybody thought it was very clever of ellen. >> hysterical, except ellen saw the sign and said she didn't realize assign that. >> maybe it was a person named ellen, but maybe not our ellen. she decided to challenge her viewers, take a look. >> let me be clear, i did not send that woman. but she had a good idea. so if you want to go to the "today" show with a sign for matt i came up with this one right here. it says ellen sent me to find
10:06 am
matt lauer's tickle spot. you can go on our website, print it out, and you have a copy of that. make it larger than what you're printing out probably and go to the 30 rockefeller plaza, new york, new york. and hold it up, and the more people we see doing that, then i'll have more things for you to go and hold that up as well. >> oh my gosh. >> he's mortified. >> he's going to die. >> he's not going to like that. >> he's a germaphobe. >> who knows where his tickle spot is. people will do what ellen. i have a good idea, who knows for sure. >> you do know? >> i think most of us have an idea. >> anybody who's been in the dressing room with him knows. all right. we did tell you about the lucille ball statue. we showed you on monday. >> beautiful woman. >> in her home state of new york, here's what the statue looked like. a little frightening. all right.
10:07 am
>> that's the strangest hairline, and everything is off. >> it's terrible. >> bottle of vegetables, that's how you know it's her. >> the mayor agreed there should be a new sculpture. >> i feel bad for the original sculpture. >> who gives a death threat because of a bad statue? >> i don't know, but somebody threatened the guy. >> they're going to fix this for less than ten grand. they started a kick starter fund, and it may just fix the head and leave the body, who knows. >> i don't know. came in well either way. we're sorry. >> people do go crazy about ridiculous stuff in terms, statue does not look good, but to give a death threat to the person, not good. >> not good. julia, and you guys know her faults. >> she is funny. >> she cut her hair, she changed
10:08 am
her hair dramatically for this season. >> yeah. >> her character. >> he's not the president. she had to have a power hairdo. i still think that's a wig. maybe she cut it. anyway, she talked about -- >> it is a wig. >> she talked about how people were fascinated and judgmental they were about her hair. men don't get that stuff, women, you cut your hair and it's a whole situation. >> i think it's cute. >> i think she looks adorable. >> wasn't he funny yesterday? >> so funny. i do think there is a deal with women and their hair. it's a double standard. it's always going to be a double standard. >> more than a change. much more scrutiny. >> first of all, men look like they look. >> trim it, shave, it's the same. when i was in local news, they all wanted everyone to get the anchor haircut so that everybody looked alike, that doesn't make sense. >> take it seriously. long you're not taken seriously. there is hoda. >> yes. >> that is what they wanted?
10:09 am
what year was that? >> that could work. that took a lot of work. that looked like the old oprah hair. >> yeah. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> and boy, that was a great hair day. i was like it's working. feels good. >> put it back up again please jimmy. look at the way your co-worker is looking at you. >> is that your hair? >> that was a big day. >> okay. all right. we want to tell you a story that'll really make you happy. this is about paying it forward. there's a gentleman named kevin purd. he loved one of his teachers and wanted to track her down. a couple years. he loved her. he was her co-ed food teacher. couldn't find her, changed her name. he finally found her. she called her to say how much
10:10 am
she appreciated her. >> can you imagine how flattered she was? called me after all these years. that was enough, bye bye. >> two days later, goes hadder to mailbox, in it is a handwritten letter. >> in there also were $10,000 check. >> yes. >> she had to spend the money on herself. now this is, this is not a rich man. he's 56 years old, father of four, works in construction distribution. >> oh my gosh. >> sending checks to former teachers since 1992. >> what a great thing. >> i think that is lovely. did you have a teacher that made a huge difference in your life? >> i love mrs. rosebrock. everyone loved her, one of the creative teachers who took you outside to do work and one time showed up and didn't say a word. you watched her and weren't sure. everything was, she was way ahead of her time. and she didn't last long in the school because she wasn't a curriculum person. >> right. >> how about you?
10:11 am
>> many teachers that i loved and wonderful to me. one that changed my life was when i was a senior, early and she's got married and i can't remember her last name anymore. i'm so sorry. she says that i should go into the america's junior miss pageant, nobody did that. it was the most uncool thing you should do. she was my english teacher. if you don't do it, i'll flunk you. and i did it. >> did it and it changed your life. >> it sure did. yep yep, yep it did. anyway it is national couple appreciation month, what's that got to do with it? >> we're going to celebrate. with who knew. >> should be national teach every appreciation month too. >> it should be. >> who knew you know who's here, one of the biggest rappers, nicest guys around. >> he is a sweetheart. >> flo rida today, i'm going to fight hunger. today, i don't want to be hungry.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
flo rida has sold 85 million singles worldwide. >> i thought it was 50 million. >> now they have upped it. the star is out with a brand new cd, my house, he's here with us in hour house. which is also your house because you're always here. >> one of the best smelling men in the world, isn't he? >> thank you. >> i want to tell you, when you show up at the "today" show. people have a reaction. like your assistant chrissy, right when you start singing, people run up because they want to feel that energy and that light. >> yeah. >> i mean, and you cross all kinds of boundaries, don't you? >> yeah definitely owe it to growing up in miami, florida, different cultures. beautiful women, hot beaches. >> uh-huh. >> life is good for mr. floe. >> yes. >> it's so cool, when you drop an album you wonder how it'll
10:16 am
do. one of the singles went platinum. >> it's going crazy. >> gdfr which stands for -- >> going down for real. ♪ >> oh yeah, do you feel it? >> i can feel it. look at christie. >> that's what it is. do you know when gdfr, you knew that was going to be a hit right away? >> immediately. definitely. actually saying going down for real. we were in debate about that. >> can i ask you something, what does it mean? >> for real? live right here? >> yeah. >> yeah, i'm authentic. >> okay. >> why did you write a song
10:17 am
called i'm authentic? >> i'm authentic. >> she doesn't like rap music but i like you. i love you. >> don't you think? >> one sweet person. >> what am i doing over here? >> it's all love. >> it's all love. >> now, we were with you -- what'd you say? >> oh yeah, that would have been something. >> oh. anybody got a twizzler? anything? >> remember we were in l.a. -- we might have a little clip of this. let's see the hold days. ♪ >> singing. i sing well all right. >> wow, hoda.
10:18 am
wow. >> bad in your mind's eye when you're up on stage with flo rida, it's the best moment ever. when you realize you're really singing, not so great. >> you did amazing. >> we did? >> yes. >> how's your social life? how's the other part of your life? >> for the most part i love different things, i'm at home, but most of the time i'm out on the road. that's far enough. you know start out with this. >> so you haven't found the right person yet, so until you do -- >> patience is what got me here. i have to be patient. >> so many women in your family right, six sisters you have? >> seven sisters. >> seven sisters. and a mother who bore all those children. >> all of us. >> everyone doing well? >> everyone's doing excellent, thank you, jesus. >> we love you, flo. >> he's going to sing a song in a little bit. >> yep yep. >> uh-oh.
10:19 am
>> i'm going to trade places with you, baby. >> hoda, move it on over. move it over. >> let's see one. >> uh-huh. >> i'm going to be the referee. >> oh my god! >> oh yeah. oh yeah. >> hoda's leaning in. >> that's it? that's it. >> i have a boyfriend. >> i can't break up a happy home. >> that's true, he's a nice person too. >> wow. >> hoda wanted to. you need a good laugh, you're about to get one. >> when you lean like this -- >> no, i did not. >> right after this. >> no it wasn't open. >> it was, you wanted to kiss him dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover?
10:20 am
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10:22 am
leaning. >> i wasn't, so leaning for him to kiss you. >> look at you. oh. >> look at your face.
10:23 am
>> that's it? nothing like the disappointed kathie lee's face. >> i waited point me again -- >> i waited patiently. did i not? >> you look good. >> we all got the memo. >> we're all wearing monica dresses. >> we love with judy gold is here, and if you are headed to new york any time soon, catch judy's new show, it's called clifton the musical. who do you play? >> eleanor roosevelt. >> of course you do. >> right there. >> eleanor, come on. and what else? >> and i play linda tripp, the two most attractive women. >> you were flattered. >> i can't believe how fat i look. >> you know. >> such fun. >> it's is fun. it's a great story. it's hilarious. >> who plays clinton? >> tom -- >> memorize the name. >> galantic. there's two bill clintons it's
10:24 am
the story how there's two of them. >> oh. >> william jefferson. >> and billy. >> it's such a great, you couldn't write a better story. >> couldn't make it up right? >> exactly, and the characters are so rich. and it's unapologetically kathie. >> you you cannot overact. it's so funny, the ensemble is great. >> do you sing? >> yes i do. >> sing a little diddly for us. >> what would the script say? >> linda tripp, linda tripp owns a christmas store in virginia if her german -- yes. linda tripp would sing -- ♪ do you see what i see ♪ god isn't that terrific? eleanor has a whole big number with terry butler. >> what does she sing? ♪ you can't foresee how strong you should be until you put them
10:25 am
in hot water ♪ >> but she was not -- she had that like affect. i'm madonna, okay. i am the new madonna. if you listen to her speak, she is like that. >> judy in -- >> you will laugh your -- off. >> who's hotter news? >> you know what, in the next week, it'll be like who? >> you're on for a crowd this big your everyday dishes will only go so far. literally. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra. now even more concentrated... just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this other liquid. here's to the over extended family gathering.
10:26 am
a drop of dawn and grease is gone. i recommend nature made vitamins. because i trust their quality. they were the first to have a vitamin verified by usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand. nbc 10 news starts now.ñrko >> good morning. just about 10:30.#0qi p'ñi unug11e cool apriljf morning. first alert forecastt( with brittney shipp. >> we're in the low 60s, but2#
10:27 am
today in the mid-40s. livez] look outsidek =] at the poconos. you can see the cloudyñi skies. on and off showers today. it is a cold start to the morning. 43 degrees in philadelphia. 43 in pottstown. 36 in mount pocono. 45ñi in dover. and 42 in atlantic city. a few spotty showers and another batch of rain moving intoçó theñi c@ cf1 o ouple of hours. expect our temperaturesw3 to pretty much stay the same in the mid-40s. vai in. >> thayou, brittney. we're learning moreñi about a bus driver crushed by a car in the parking lot of an elementary school.!xzr(t&háhp &h; vestigators say bonnie novak died after being pinned against($o cf1 o arparked car at tracy elementary school in palmer township last night. the entire easton area school district was on a7oo two-hourñi delay while the superintendent met with the transportation employees. investigators sayw3lp he 61-year-old was trying to stop her car after it had slipped into gear and started moving towards otherxdçó z(vehicles. novak was a bus driver in the district for threet( years.
10:28 am
and happening now, the philadelphia zoo is offering up a snea+ñpeek oft( a new art exhibit that uses jfrecycled materials. 12w3 artists crafted sculptures from items like spark plutoy plastic bottles and cardboard boxes. zoo visitors will learnjf how to make a difference for wildlife and hacwáat. the exhibitrcalled second nature o%%11e opens thisñr weekend and will run through the end of i'm ikahemanr a full hour of news in 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and we($er with the nbc 10 app.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we have such an eventful show so far. we are back with more wines day wednesday, ready to play the weekly trivia game called who knew. this april is couple's appreciation month. we have our favorite couples. kathie lee is across the street and ready to hand out $100 to everyone who gets it right, and for those who don't, they get her wonderful cd. isn't that great. all right. here to help me out is editor in chief of the knot, hi rebecca. are you ready to play? >> all right kath, we're ready. >> visiting from north carolina, ben and jennifer met on the set of which movie? daredevil, 13 going on 30, or goodwill hunting?
10:31 am
>> i don't know. >> this is good she gets a lovely everyone has a story. >> isn't that sweet. the correct answer is daredevil. i didn't know that. >> may not have been a major success. they're celebrating their ten-year anniversary coming up in june. >> how sweet. such a cute couple. >> all right over to you. >> cute couple look at them, they're from tulsa. which movie to president obama take the first lady to on their first date? american president, back to the future part ii, or do the right thing? >> i'm going to say c. >> they wanted this. >> allegedly. all right. the correct answer, do the right thing. >> do the right thing. they was their first date. three years later they got married. >> uh-huh. all right back across the street. >> i have to give them a different cd, they don't have little kids. where are you from examine.
10:32 am
>> florida. >> which of the following songs did tim and faith perform together. i need you, everywhere or my best friend. >> c, my best friend. >> yay. >> such a good day for kathie. >> the correct answer is i need you. >> exactly. >> really sweet. >> and it's great first dance song too for weddings. >> i like the new -- not so new, the short hair. >> looks great. >> all right over to you. >> i'm sorry i'm busy here. who's next? where are you from, sir? >> you. >> texas. >> okay, all right. which of the following on-screen couples play a couple in one major film? >> a. >> no. but i like the way you said it a, no. >> with a lot of confidence. all right. the correct answer in this one is ryan gosling and rachel mcadams. >> and the movie was "the
10:33 am
notebook." big iconic movie. >> okay, over to you, kath. >> where are you from? which of the following professional athletes married another professional athlete? ann drink, peyton manning or carmelo anthony? >> c. >> nope. >> kath's running out of, kath is running out of cds. the correct answer of course, andre. >> and stephy mcgraph, both tennis players. they've been married for over a decade. have a couple kids. so it's oftentimes you do see the celebrity couples that are also athletes and like tiger woods lindsey von. >> his game turned around when he got with her. time for one more. >> beautiful california ladies. out of the eight times that elizabeth taylor was married how many times did she marry richard burton?
10:34 am
0, 2, or 3. >> two. >> somebody got it right. >> yes indeed. >> she married him. >> she married richard burton married even after that but was really crazy about this that she had more marriages after he gave her this 33 carat ring which is spectacular. $8 million is what it auctioned for. >> unbelievable. oh wow, all right. thank you so much, we appreciate it. all right. still to come, lilliana will reveal the prices of luxe for less items. and freida pinto, right after this. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking keeping-up-with- your-girlfriend- even-though-you'll-feel-it- later kind of woman you are. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin
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10:39 am
the beautiful freida pinto, first burst on to the scene as one of the breakout stars of the oscar-winning star, slum dog millionaire. now she's appearing in a new movie called desert dancer which follows the true story of an iranian dancer who risked the life to form an underground dance company. she's one of the members who at one point explains what dancing is truly all about. take a look. >> dance can be anything, just waving good-bye or sitting down to pray or raising your fist in the air because you believe in something. you taught me that. >> aw. >> this movie looks unbelievable. hoda and i just wanted pieces of it that they sent over to us
10:40 am
and we wereson sobbing. >> they're making more movies these days. go fast, blow it up or human interest stories. and this is based on a true story. >> this is based on a true story. a true story that i can did not know of. whatever you hear about iran or the regime or, you know, just freedom of expression is all through news channels and version of the actual story, but to actually hear what the story is all about from the circumstantial is phenomenal to be a part of a film like this. >> it's an illegal dance group basically. >> you're not allowed to dance at all in their society, right? >> at least not what they are trying to do as well. i mean there's a -- >> that kind of excitement. >> you, i would imagine watching this i didn't know freida is of a dancer. is freida a dancer? >> darn good actress. >> acted like she's a dancer.
10:41 am
>> i'm actually quite happy when i saw the final piece because i go that's one year of training, if i had 30 years of training, i feel like it would have been so much easier. >> how much training did you have to do? >> about four hours a day, six hours a day, for the last six months was eight hours a day. >> "dancing with the stars," you'll nail it next time. >> you're dancing in the desert, which looks strenuous. >> it is because you don't realize how much more difficult this is not dancing on a flat surface. and they try to throw boards under the sand, so it made it worse. we were kind of bansing off planks and it didn't feel natural, right. >> and morocco. >> yeah. it was meant to be the better time of the year, it still gets hot, it's the desert. >> what do you hope people will take from the movie? i think a lot of people probably don't know how oppressive it was at the time this was filmed. >> it's such a global subject
10:42 am
matter as well. you know, we talk about "charlie hebdo," things that happen in india, film gets banned, and or things that happened here in america. and really, the obsession of freedom of expression is a universal subject. and so i really hope that people watch a film like this, it starts a conversation. and i really also hope that we don't incriminate a certain country, oh, that happens in iran, this doesn't happen in my part of the world. you need to take a look at what's happening in my own world. >> any time you try stop something natural. look at a baby, we're supposed to dance. >> right. >> right expression and joyous to your creator. >> thank you. >> you're so beautiful by the way. >> isn't she? not allowed to come back, okay. >> get over it okay. zblb t-shirt or something. >> you would. >> don't ask.
10:43 am
no. no, you don't want to do it. >> i love a challenge. bring it on. bring it on. what do i have to do? >> put it in your mouth. >> oh no. freida, freida this is a mistake. >> did you ever see lady in the tramp? i'm the tramp. >> select theaters this friday. nationally on april 17th. >> most of it. >> i just made you two. get ready to bust a move, special performance by flo rida. >> right after this. the tramp. oh, i love game night. ooh, it's a house and a car! so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof! no one? remember when we used to raise the roof, diane? oh, quiet, richard i'm trying to make sense of flo's terrible drawing. i'll draw the pants off that thing. oh, oh, hats on hamburgers!
10:44 am
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earlier we had a chance to
10:49 am
speak to flo rida about his amazing career and his singles. now a performance from him. this time with the track off his new cd called my house. which is out now here in flo rida. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:52 am
♪ >> it's my house. >> love, love love flo rida. up next, big reveal around the corner. but first this is "today" on nbc. >> why do you have a twizzler? >> coming up.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
we're back with lilliana and our weekly segment, luxe for less. we veal that lilliana had dressed hoda in a dress that one, and me in a cuff, this one. we asked you to post on facebook and guess how much they were. we gave them a benchmark, everything's under 50 schz
10:56 am
surprising to me. what is the verdict? >> are we ready for the prices? hoda, on your dress, it is $49.99 from marshalls. we love it. so cute. shocked. >> $49.99. >> one penny. >> and kathie, this fabulous bracelet is $19.99 from so cute. and we have the great finds here. this are $7 from >> wow. >> so cute. all under 50 bucks. >> terrific. >> quite the adventure today we played the twizzler challenge a few times. >> oh yeah. >> i was waiting. >> he did give it to you. >> yeah he did. >> then there's more, judy. >> oh my god. freida pinto. >> well, and we didn't to want leave lilliana out it wouldn't be fair. we're going to go for a two-fer
10:57 am
on this one. >> oh yeah, girls gone wild. >> uh-huh. >> anyway, tomorrow scott eastwood robertson from the longest ride. >> you need lipstick. we'll be back everybody see you tomorrow. >> that's what you get lilliana.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a gathering of mayoral hopefuls as they reflect on the important issues and one scary moment that stole the spotlight in their first televised debate last night. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. nbc 10 brought you the debate between the democratic candidates. just minutes into the debate last night, former district attorney lynne abraham fainted. the debate stopped while abraham was helped from the stage. a doctor said she experienced a sudden drop


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