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tv   Today  NBC  April 10, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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going to miss you guys. >> congratulations. we're going to miss you. the "today" show is up ex-innext. we'll have an update in 25 minutes. test. >> good morning. breaking overnight, massive tornados tear through illinois. >> he's over! he's over! >> call 911. >> go go! >> one person dead and others trapped in rubble. in one town every building damaged or destroyed. count down to launch. nbc news learned hillary clinton will announce she is running for president as early as this sunday. >> new video, new questions. gas can footage showing a traffic stop that led up to the police shooting of michael scott who recorded the final deadly
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encounter between his family for the last time. >> then cry for help. >> i can hear them. >> the chilling 911 call from sandra bullock with an intruder in her home as an alleged stalker heads to trial. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. matt has the morning off. we have willie and dylan here today. the weather is the big story this morning. >> the real story is in the midwest. terrifying pictures out of illinois. >> an entire town north of alcohol was devastated by a massive tornado. the damage is still being calculated as the threat of more
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severe weather moves east. kevin tibbles is on the scene for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: it was a night horrifying heavy weather across the midwest, but illinois bore the brunt. it was not one building that was not touched by the tornado. several people unaccounted for and at least one woman is dead. storm chasers captured the unbelievable footage as it knocked over a semi. >> he's over! go go go! >> leaving a huge swath of destruction, touching down in rochelle illinois about 75 miles west of chicago. >> it was huge and coming right for us. >> 12 people took cover in the basement of a restaurant trapped there for 90 minutes until rescue workers got them out. >> i'm in shock. i have no job and no car.
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>> i have been blown away. >> the roof of the restaurant was blown off. a semi parked nearby toppled over. remarkably everybody made it out with minor injuries. >> i have been at the department almost 35 years now and we never had anything come through like this. >> several homes were flattened and power lines down as iter to through the region. >> oh, my gosh! >> particularly hard hit, at least one death is being reported. some 50 structures were levelled. one person said it was like a bomb went off. >> probably 95% of the town is gone. >> first responders working through the night in a methodical search and rescue operation as they begin to assess the damage. and the first responders for a third time will be going door-to-door searching for
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people unaccounted for. there crews from several counties and several hundred miles away coming to work on this case. people will begin to assess the damage. >> kevin tibbles, thank you very much. >> you warned us yesterday about severe weather and more today? >> not nearly as severe as yesterday, but tornado watches were issued. 5:00 local time thursday. this is the line of storms when the super cells developed and we ended up seeing several reports of tornados. you saw the funnel clouds and we moved north of chicago. we had reports of 11 tornados in illinois because of this storm system. we will see this move eastward and we have a watch in effect from parts of west virginia to eastern tennessee. this is about 10:00 eastern time this morning. as it moves to the east we will see the threat of showers and
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storms increase. today we are not looking at widespread tornados. it will be more hail and damaging wind gusts. if you hear the rumbles of thunder, you want to get inside. >> then it gets better? >> the weekend looks fantastic throughout the entire country. >> the silver lining. big news in politics this morning. the presidential race after months of speculation and build up hillary clinton is ready to make her candidacy official. kristen welker is in washington. what did you learn? >> two sources close to the campaign told us former secretary of state hillary clinton will announce she is running for president as early as sunday. she will make the announcement on social media and hit the road next week campaigning in key battle ground states including iowa. >> don't you some day want to
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see a woman president of the united states of america? >> she hasn't been subtle but hillary clinton is about to make it official. she has been laying the ground work recruiting president obama's top staffers setting up office space in brooklyn and dropping hints for months. >> i'm back! >> no stranger to the campaign trail, she will try to avoid the mistakes she made. >> she acted like the inevitable nominee and appeared scripted talking to big crowds. >> stay away from the talking points and be comfortable to let people see you. >> in a general election matchup with challengers like jeb bush scott walker and ted cruz things get tough onner. they are already on the attack for using her personal e-mail while serving as secretary of state. >> she erased the files.
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>> she will have to defend her foreign policy record and try to pick up where she left off seven years ago. >> although we were not able to shatter that glass ceiling this time it has about 18 million cracks in it. >> can she breakthrough? analysts say the strength of her campaign will depend on her message which is a closely kept secret. the republican field gets more crowded on monday when marco rubio is expected to announce his campaign from florida. savannah? >> thank you very much. >> we are now seeing the moments that led up to the deadly police shooting of walter scott. for the first time the family of the officer charged with murdering him is speaking out. gabe gutierrez has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: this new video fills in some of the gaps but not all. it does not show the actual
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struggle. state investigators are saying they were suspicious of the shooting from the very beginning. this morning dramatic dash cam video showing the traffic stop last saturday moments before he shot walter scott. the officer asked scott for his license, registration and insurance card. >> i don't have the registration. >> he just bought the car from his neighbor. >> no registration in there and no insurance. >> he walked back to his car and then about 30 seconds later scott bolts from the car. the next time we see scott he is running from the officer and fires eight times, killing him. in a written statement, the head of the state agency investigating the shooting said we believed early on there was something not right.
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the cell phone video confirmed our initial suspicion. the officer's mother did she hasn't watched it and doesn't know if she ever will but she is apologizing to the scott family. >> i want them to know i'm sorry this happened. >> and remembering better times, her son growing up in new jersey and when he graduated high school and began his career in the coast guard. >> he's not a bad person. he's a good person. >> two families torn apart. >> i will miss his phone calls. he called his mom every day. >> i know their family is grieving. our family is grieving. i would hate for this to happen to anybody. >> erin sharp said she has not seen her son since the incident. he has not entered a plea. why did scott run from the car. we don't know for sure.
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his family said he may be trying to avoid jail time because he was arrested for owing child support. we just don't know for sure. >> gabe gutierrez in north charleston. >> the family of walter scott met and the man who changed the case captured the shooting on his smart phone. craig melvin was there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. he said he first showed that video to some of walter scott's family because he wanted them to see precisely how it was their loved one died. thursday evening an emotional reunion. a grateful mother and raw emotion for the man who turned it into a national focal point.
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the 32-year-old whose cell phone video has been seen by millions had a triple message. >> is there anything you wanted to say to the family or the children or walter's parents? >> the truth, you know mr. scott, won't, like i say. this was just happening. god was there for a reason. he put me there for a reason. >> he was supposed to be there. >> while walter scott's parents prepare to bury their son, they have been given another. >> thank you for another son, god. you are welcome here any time. any time. >> a reunion that won't stop here. >> i don't know how this will turn out without the video. i want to thank you. i don't know how much i could
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thank you more. >> that was walter scott's son there. after he left they are making funeral plans. walter scott will be laid to rest tomorrow. they plan to file a civil lawsuit against the north charleston police department. >> thank you very much. extraordinary to see the families meet. >> natalie is here with another controversial police encounter caught on camera. >> this one out of los angeles this morning. we have the exclusive video. a violent alter kigzcationaltercation. the incident being described by california officials as disturbing. here's halle jackson. >> suspect being tazed. suspect being tazed. >> this was the scene after san berno deputies caught up to a suspect on the run, fleeing after police say they tried to serve a warrant for identity theft. deputies are tazering the
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suspect and caught on camera two officers begin beating him facedown in the dirt with his hands behind his back. they are joined by several others kicking and punching him and he appears unresponsive. his girlfriend demanded answers. >> these are the people who are sworn in to protect people and this is what they do. >> the county sheriff's office is ordering an immediate internal investigation after cameras on a helicopter from knbc captured it on video. >> obviously it's disturbing. we will investigate thoroughly and we take allegations for any perceptions of unlawful use of force seriously. >> he is being treated for injuries and so are three deputies involved in the chase. halle jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> hard to watch that. president obama arrived in town on thursday night on the eve of what could be an historic
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encounter with president raul castro. he is there to attend the summit of the americas. they are expected to interact. on thursday secretary of state john kerry met with cuba's foreign minster between the two sides in more than a half century. >> a security guard was shot and killed by a man who allegedly kidnapped a woman in a domestic dispute. the guard approached the vehicle that matched the suspect's car and the driver shot the guard and led police on a chase. police blocked the suspect vehicle and exchanged gunfire. an officer and the suspect were both wounded. the man was taken into custody. a tragic story out of los angeles. a 13-year-old boy is dead and 8 yore old remains in grave condition after the car they were in plunged into a harbor. two adults escaped and they don't know if the vehicle was
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driven into the water intentionally or accidentally. an investigation is now under way. if you think all politicians are full of hot air, this is the picture for you. take a look. vice president joe biden stole the binky from the baby he is holding and the picture was posted on facebook. former mayor michael bloomberg's son. he is saying give me back my binky. >> the vice president can throw it on the ground. >> thank you so much. >> dylan, what's it looking like outside? >> we have to keep an eye out for storms but we could see lightning and hail and wind
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gusts. the rest of the country looks okay. high pressure builds back in and te in the 70s. temperatures good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a first alert weather day with the potential for severe storms later this afternoon. a few breaks of sunshine before the storms roll in. and temperatures will be in the 70s today. the storms are out of here for tomorrow. sunshine and 66 but windy on
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saturday. the wind dies down sunday. the temperatures are up monday to 70 degrees. but keep your rain gear handy for tuesday. rain showers move through, 68 degrees. behind them cooler weather wednesday and thursday. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. >> we previewed it now that the day arrived for the apple walk. >> i didn't realize how lucky we were to have our hands on the walk. no one had that chance until sunday night pacific time. the apple watch is available to preorder and for the first time people can see it. they can go in the store and do what we did. we got close to it. we didn't try it on. only matt had it on. for the past apple product launches we have lines surrounding the stores but this time around apple posted it to the internet and wanted people
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to order online instead. many did just that. can you believe it? this was the sign that greeted the apple fanatics. we'll be back in their best arnold schwarzenegger voice. you said 12:01 and it's 12:05. please? you could order using the apple app, but people started taking issue with another thing and that would be the shift time. some of the models got until may. this is stunning to me. this $12,000 model, some ordered this and it's not available until august. $12,000? august. that's how long you have to wait until that one. that's how many ordered it. benjamin said see you in two weeks. my new best friend. he bought the $700 model. we need to hang out. it will be in stores april 24th.
7:19 am
some of the models will be available two weeks after that. very interesting. >> people jonesing for that. >> apparently. >> we thank you very much. >> apple loves our site crashed. darn it. so exciting. coming up you will hear a chilling 911 call by sandra bullock as an alleged intruder was breaking into her home at that moment. >> a bizarre handwritten letter from robert durst. what he is saying from behind bars. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. good morning i'm vai sikahema. we are closing in on 7:30 and severe weather is on the way for later today. we'll get the first alert forecast from bill henley. we have issued a first alert. right now we are seeing low clouds and a steady mist. the thunderstorms have moved out for now. that's a live view from center city from the adventure aquarium. the first storms of the day are now offshore. the next storms arrive with warmer temperatures this afternoon, though it's pretty chilly outside right now. 30s and low 40s. these readings really have not budged this morning. 42 in northeast philadelphia. while south philadelphia is currently 41 degrees.
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the showers are on track for this afternoon. thunderstorms, too, but before they get here some breaks of sunshine and the temperatures warming into the middle 60s. first alert weather day, the potential for severe storms late this afternoon and this evening. they could bring damaging wind hail and heavy rain. thank you, bill. get important information delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. today is a good day to do it. the free download is from we'll get a check on the roads friday morning now with christine maddela. the ben franklin bridge is still seeing problems. you want to take the betsy ross or walt whitman to get around that. 95 is stacked up, 50 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. i'm vai six he ma. sikahema. now back to the "today" show. have a great day.
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back now at 7:30 friday april 10th. that's our happy crowd out on the plaza. cloudy now, but it should warm up. let's get spring going. a look at the headlines, a massive tornado goes from fair dale illinois. the twister was caught on camera. this is the scene there this morning where everything there was damaged or destroyed. >> officials in south care lineolinea released dash cam of the shooting in south carolina. he was pulled over for a broken
7:31 am
tail light and the officer is now charged with murder and can be heard chasing after him. >> hillary clinton will announce she is running for president as early as this sunday and plans to make the announcement on social media before going to battle ground states like iowa. harry potter creator j.k. roweling and the bobltpossibility of a new installment in the harry potter series. >> sandra bullock with 911 as an intruder broke into her home. the chilling call she made at the time. >> for 15 minutes everyone in this los angeles courtroom listened intently to sandra bullock's voice and breathing heavy as she called 9. >> i'm locked in my closet and i
7:32 am
have a safe door in my bedroom. >> suspect joshua corbett broke into the actress's house last june. >> i hear them. i hear someone banging on the door. >> to your bedroom? >> she was home alone, her son not there during the dramatic moment. >> i can't hear anything. i am locked in my closet and it's a safe door. >> finally 15 minutes after bullock dialled 911, officers arrived. >> someone's knocking on my door is that them? >> corbett faces several charges including stalking and burglary. in a pretrial hearing, a detective read from letters he was carrying when he was arrested. >> i love you. to have you in my life there is only misery. i waited and waited and you never come. >> corbett pleaded not guilty and he is a troubled young man who needs help.
7:33 am
>> he in his mind thought he was married to sandra bullock. delusional as it is that's what he thought. he was not there to hurt her. >> the judge must decide if he is able to stand trial. in a case that featured the oscar winning actress who faced a real life drama. nbc news los angeles. >> you can think of anything more terrifying? >> i can't. imagine if she had her baby. >> good she a safe door though. so scary. >> new information in the robert durst case. he appeared in a louisiana court and now we are hearing from the accused killer himself. stephanie gosk is on the story. >> he was arrested in new orleans for the los angeles murder of susan berman but the gun found in his hotel room is delaying his extradition to california. while durst maintains his
7:34 am
innocence, he apparently sent a handwritten letter to the "los angeles times." it gets sloppy in places with grammar and spelling errors. the return address reads robert durst. it goes to this address. i love watching the traffic come up la cienega and merge to santa monica. >> a true example of hollywood gone berserk. he suffered full-blown hido ensevulous. >> this story provides insight into his thinking or his frame of mind. >> did you write the letter? >> durst pled not guilt tow gun charges in a new orleans court and faces a federal gun
7:35 am
possession charge as well. >> one thing is very clear. he is not leaving the state of louisiana. >> legal analysts say that's good news giving them more time to prepare their case against durst. he is accused of killing his friend in 2000. they tried everything to get him to los angeles despite the murder charges and for now the extradition is on hold. >> when i played baseball i was a shortstop and my coach said you have to go where they hit the ball. that's what we are going to do. >> they said he is saying nothing about the case. if any of this gets published, please copy me. signed bob. the next court is may seventh. an evidentiary hearing for the gun charges. they will argue it should be
7:36 am
thrown out claiming the search was illegal. >> the case continues to draw people in. it's fascinating. >> it's getting more and more fascinating. >> a turn for a check of the weather from dylan who is in for al. >> and we are still keeping an eye out for storms across the east coast. we have an area of low pressure just to the north of michigan here. we have a trailing cold front that is causing thunderstorms into west virginia. a lot of flashes of lightning. on the back side of this area you can see we have strong winds. we have high wind advisories and watches in effect. winds near about 35 to 40 miles per hour. it's possibly going to cause minor damage with the gusts near 60. this area into southern texas, we could see stronger storms.
7:37 am
we are not looking at widespread tornados but wind damage and dangerous lightning and flash flooding good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a first alert weather day. the potential for severe storms later this afternoon. and a few breaks of sunshine before the storms roll in. and temperatures will be in the 70s today. the storms are out of here for tomorrow. sunshine, 66 but windy on saturday. the wind dies down on sunday. the temperatures are up monday to 70 degrees. but keep your rain gear handy for tuesday. rain showers moving through, 68 degrees. behind them cooler weather wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> just ahead, is it black, golder or white dress all over again. is this cat going up or down the stairs?
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>> down obviously. coming up next rossen reports. you need to see this before your next flight. >> coming up how to escape a plane crash. what happens if you actually land in the water. tips to what you should do and today, i'm going to fight hunger. today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food. my family gets the food we need. i'm so glad we could help. i'm so glad somebody helped. hunger lives closer than you think. purchase participating items at walmart and you can help secure a meal for someone through feeding america food banks. fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than
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reports, surviving an emergency aboard your flight. how to escape a plane if you needed to. jeff rossen is here with good information. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. i fly all the time and maybe you do too with your family. i will admit i fly so much i tune out when the flight attendant is giving the instructions. i know how to fly and i know what to do when there is an emergency. a lot of you are doing the same thing. a wake up call for you and me. we are simulating a crash landing and showing you how to escape. >> brace for landing. >> in an instance when the plane is filling with smoke, we just crash landed. >> leave everything. >> every move is critical. every mistake, costly. thankfully this is just a drill. but in real life the stakes are
7:43 am
monumental. passengers on this u.s. airs fly evacuating after a take off emergency. on this jet blue flight oxygen masks dropping and filling with smoke during an emergency landing and just last month, two more planes in trouble. an air canada jet getting off the runway. the passengers again escaping downslides and everyone made it out safely. so today we are getting rare access for the training facility one of the most intense programs in the industry. preparing me for a worst case scenario liz layton a veteran flight attendant with 18 years experience showing me what i did wrong in my escape. like when i tried to get out through the front door. >> go to the back! >> i came because it was the closest, but you blocked me.
7:44 am
>> because you saw fire outside. that's why there was a flight attendant at each exit encouraging them to never ever open up the exits. >> passengers should never open the door. >> i'm glad you brought that up. i fly a lot and the flight attendant says are you willing and able to open the door? what's that about? >> willing and able to assist us if we need you in an emergency. you must follow our instructions. >> don't open this door by myself unless you tell me to? >> exactly. >> i department even realize i stopped to grab my phone. >> leave everything including purse, phone, keys everything. >> here's another mistake. i jumped down the slide the wrong way. >> you went down the slide, it was like going down a water slide. you put your arms straight ahead. >> like a zombie. show me.
7:45 am
>> it's easier for the people at the bottom to pull you up. what do do you if your plane goes down in the water? >> under your feet see that life vest? pull it and tear this and put the straps behind you and put it over your head and attach the two straps to the front center. it's very important not to inflate it while you are inside the airplane. wait for the flight attendant to call you to the door. now i want to you pull and cross your arms over the vest and jump into the water. swim to that raft. >> you don't realize how hard it is to swim wearing your real clothes, jeans and a shirt. they can be very slow. think about how scared you would be in a real situation right now. >> at the raft my fellow passengers helping me in. >> at the end of the day, we have your back. we will do everything we can to ensure you are safe.
7:46 am
>> she is the real deal. here's the good news. according to the ntsb most airplane crashes are survivable. it comes down to how you escape. the key piece of advice, the flight attendants are trained for it. you heard the jet blue video. brace, brace. you are up right if they tell you to brace. if there is a seat in front of you, you put your forearms across and keep your head down on the seat. if there is no seat in front of you, you put your head between your knees and arms around your ankles like this. that's how you brace. if they tell you to brace, you know what to do. >> i would have done everything wrong. try to open up the emergency door. >> prepare to open the doors. they are not asking you to open it. they want you to help them. >> i would have started ripping it open. >> that's a heavy door. it's not easy to do.
7:47 am
they are first responders. brace for impact. >> go to the slide. >> thank you so much. some really good information. coming up a tough story. taylor swift's mom is ill and why she decided to go public with the information. >> diving into our old photo album. for better or worse. this is national sibling's day. we will reconnect wrangler with his brothers. the american dream is terrifying. american history is the history of the scary thing being the exact thing we have to do. cross that ocean. walk on that moon. sign a 30-year mortgage on a home. scary sure, but no match for our colossal self belief.
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an amazing human being who will make choices of her own. toyota let's go places. tamron happy national sibling's day to you. >> thank you, my darling. our viewers have been sending photos of families and siblings and we decided to share some with you. do you recognize this anchor? it's savannah. with your own brother and sister. willie here flexing his muscles. his sister quite impressed. natalie is the middle child on the left in the dress there.
7:52 am
and can you guess this meetorologist? dylan and her two brothers. here's my flash back putting my brother in a headlock. >> you were always fashionable? >> those were dickeys pants. look at matt even though he is not here. with his sister. we know that al is the oldest of six and there she with his beautiful family. carson with his sister and that leads up to coming up we will introduce you to -- sit, sit. good boy. some of the wrangler's siblings. our audience will meet them for the first time. this is amazing how well wrangler is doing. he is on cast. come over. sit. are you excited to see your siblings. he is working for treats. he is really doing well.
7:53 am
>> wild kingdom over there. boom. >> thank you. >> coming up on trending. what would be madonna's most epic performances ever. you have to see her with jimmy on the tonight show. >> first on a friday morning, your local news. with my android from tracfone, i can... order more shaving cream. pay the electric bill. keep towels piping hot. get kids to sit still. play beard styling tunes. learn new razor tricks. hire a pro waxer. post before and after pics. i can do all that with my android from tracfone. 90-day plans start as low as $20. unbeatable nationwide coverage. no contract. for a limited time save $20 on the unimax maxpatriot. now just $49.00. tracfone. do everything for less. brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate.
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. almost 8:00. i don't know if you can tell but that's center city behind me. it is foggy and overcast today. we'll get the first alert forecast from bill henley. bill? clouds are hanging in there with fog and misty conditions. we are already seeing thunderstorm activity in cape may, beach avenue is socked in this morning with fog. right now on the radar we are showing no steady rain in the immediate area but it's a line of storms that are to the west and to the southwest that will be heading our way for this afternoon with the potential for severe weather. the temperatures are starting to climb now 43 degrees. still chilly outside in philadelphia. the rain will keep things cool to begin with. breaks of sunshine and we'll see a big warm up this afternoon. 64 degrees and climbing into the low 70s. but heavy storms moving through during the late afternoon and evening commute.
7:57 am
thank you, bill. we'll be checking things out the door with christine maddela. >> hi vai. the ben franklin bridge is all backed up because of the overturned tractor-trailer on the westbound side heading into philadelphia. two lanes get by but take the betsy ross to get around that. 295 near girard is stacked up. 58 minutes is your drive time from woodhaven road to the vine. 422 is also slow. five people escaped a house fire in philadelphia's frankford section overnight. firefighters are recovering from minor injuries and are expected to be you can to. right now investigators are looking into what caused the fire. and the date will be set for the priest on his third trial for child sexual abuse charges. father mccormick will be in court today as the two previous cases they couldn't reach a verdict. i'm vai sikahema. get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 app.
7:58 am
see you in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
message. taylor swift reveals her mom's cancer battle and the reason her mom wants her to go public. plus an exclusive interview with j.k. roweling as she opens up about the possibility of another book in the series. >> i'm not going to say i definitely won't. >> it's a family affair. our pup we a purpose reunites with two brothers as we celebrate national sibling's day friday april 10th 2015.
8:01 am
>> good morning, louisiana. >> good morning, arizona. i'm 40 today. >> all the way from florida. >> from delaware. >> good morning albuquerque, new mexico. >> i get extra credit if i say hi on tv. >> here we are. 8:00 on april 10th 2015. it's a friday. we are totally going wrangler wild today. not just wrangler anymore. wrangler and his siblings. this is huge. >> tamron told us it's national sibling's day. catching up with two of his brothers. he is know one of nine. two of the brothers are here.
8:02 am
webster and woodrow are his brothers. their guiding eyes puppy raisers. our good friend. wrangler's puppy. how did the reunion go? >> it went great. they were excited to see each other. they had a little play time and they got to get their stillies out. >> did they remember each other? >> sometimes. sometimes they don't. it depends on the dog. they were all very happy to see each other. >> wrangler is in class with one of his siblings right? >> yes. >> how are they doing? >> they are doing awesome. >> we have two puppy raisers here. you are a high school student and you are taking care of this one. how do you manage that? >> it's definitely hard but it has a purpose when i'm doing homework it's an opportunity to lie down and relax. it's important for them to learn
8:03 am
that. >> they are having a beer or whatever they do when they get together. >> you want to meet the rest of wrangler's famry tree go to put in the hash tag, the orange room. we want to see the pictures. >> let's go inside. natalie, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. a deadly tornado caused widespread damage and extreme weather tears through the midwest and the threat is not gone yet. kevin tibbles is in the devastated town of fair dale illinois. good morning. >> it was a horrifying night of heavy weather across the midwest, but illinois really bore the brunt of this. every single thing was affected
8:04 am
by this. only one death was reported but they are still going house to house for see if there were other people inside. just down the road in a restaurant 12 people were trapped inside of that building when the roof collapsed upon them and it took first responders sometime to be able to get the people out that was building. fortunately no serious injuries reported there. a scene of utter devastation here in this town. it will take a long time to get it back on its feet. back to you. >> thoughts are with those people there. dylan will have more on the forecast coming up. newly released video shows the start of the north charleston traffic stop that turned deadly. it shows the officer telling him he was pulled over for a broken tail light. scott opens the door and starts to run. his family said there was a
8:05 am
warrant for his arrest for failing to pay child support. the shooting was captured on cell phone video by a witness. he remained jailed without bond on a murder charge. >> the eyewitness who captured walter scott's death on his cell phone camera had an emotional gathering thursday night, met scott's family for the first time. scott's mother embraced the 23-year-old and praised him for having the courage to turn over the video. they call him a hero. nbc news learned hillary clinton will announce she is running for president as early as this sunday. she is now 67. the former first lady and secretary of state is the overwhelming favorite for the domination. no other major democrat stepped forward to challenge her. she is expected to campaign in iowa next week. fans of barca know the team star but could he do this?
8:06 am
the reserve player on the team used his foot to hit the long distance shot into a basketball hoop and nothing but net on that shot. 8:05 and another check of the weather from dylan. >> good morning, everyone. we brought wrangler. i am just noticing wrangler is getting excited. >> the weather going on across the country through west virginia and eastern kentucky and tennessee. we will see the storms with a severe thunderstorm watch at about 10:00 this morning. up and down the east coast and
8:07 am
we will see a risk of stronger storms and not nearly as strong as yesterday. we are looking for isolated wind gusts and some hail up to about an inch good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a first alert weather day. a potential for severe storms later this afternoon. a few breaks of sunshine before the storms roll in and temperatures will be in the 70s today. the storms out of here for tomorrow. sunshine 66. but windy on saturday. the wind dies down sunday. the temperatures are up monday to 70 degrees. but keep your rain gear handy for tuesday. rain showers moving through, 68 degrees. behind them cooler weather wednesday and thursday. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, dylan. >> thank you very much. up next this tissue is able to put this baby to sleep, but will
8:08 am
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it's 8:12 and it's friday. there is only one thing to do. trending. >> we are kicking off with the latest viral image that is tugging at the very fabric of this great nation. remember the dress debate? >> and white gold. >> everybody was split over the color. here's the latest one going viral. the cat picture. is the cat going up the stairs or down the stairs. >> i'm going up. >> dylan said up. >> i think he is going down. >> two downs and an up. >> earlier i thought it was down but now i see it going up. >> i'm an up. people who say it's down they are looking at the stair lift. that can be the top of the
8:14 am
stair. >> now you havestein going down. when you see the stair lip. >> you can only see it from the perspective of the foot of the stairs but those say it's going up say they are looking at the light from downstairs. >> the questions and answers. it's frustrating. >> it's like a half empty and half full kind of question? as we ponder this great mystery, there two epic performances from madonna on "the tonight show." a unique take on holiday using classroom instruments. ♪ holiday ♪ ♪ celebrate ♪ >> she sang her newest song
8:15 am
called be, i'm madonna. she went through the halls on 30 rock and unleashed what jimmy calls the best performance yet on the tonight show. >> i just want to be her. ♪ what do you think you are ♪ >> you can watch the performances at >> the shot goes through. >> she has still got it. look at her. >> it's fascinating. >> you should join in. >> is that madonna? >> here's the question now. does it actually work. we showed you this video from a dad who claimed he could get his
8:16 am
son to sleep in 42 seconds. the trick, stroking the baby's face with toilet paper. one of the most popular videos. savannah went home and tried it on baby vail. what were the results? >> i tried it twice and i don't know if you can hear this but not only did it not make her tired, she started screaming and squealing with joy. there she is. she loved it. she loved it. >> can we cancel the rest of the show and just watch that? >> it worked on mike perfect. all right, guys. >> i could watch that all day. >> you have to do friday's fishbowl. put 90 seconds on the clock and we will answer as many questions as we can. queue the music. 90 seconds.
8:17 am
>> the worst way you have ever been dumped. >> i have never been dumped. >> i love it. >> a handwritten thank you notes or e-mail. >> handwritten all the way. >> the best way you have ever dumped someone. >> i don't know if i have ever dumped someone. >> okay. what did i get? >> what's the last lie you told? >> me one right now. >> the worst thing you ever did as a kid? >> i stole a winnie the pooh doll from sears. my mother made me give it back. >> which celebrity would you take to a desserted island? ooh, i don't know. >> what's the color of your underwear? >> can i check in i don't know. >> did you put them on?
8:18 am
>> it looks blue to me. >> one thing you would never wear? >> a thong bikini. >> don't say that. do you like the orange couch, no really. >> no doi not like the orange couch. nothing changes around here. >> the best movie quote or song lyric of all time. let's go crazy. >> good one. out of time. >> that was so good. >> revealing. >> blue underwear. >> that's what's trending today. >> something else getting a lot of attention online a personal note from taylor swift to her fans. chanel jones has been following that story. >> the emotional letter was titled just so you know. her mom andrea swift has been diagnosed with cancer. they are hoping her message will
8:19 am
inspire others to be tested. known for her close relationship with her fans taylor swift now revealing something close to home. news that her mother andrea has cancer. in a post the pop star explaining she asked her mom to get a health screening last christmas. the results came in and my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. i would like to keep the details of her condition and treatment private, but she wanted you to know. they are urging others to get screened. your parents may be too busy juggling everything they have going on and maybe you reminding them could possibly lead to an early diagnosis. >> this is a wake up call for all of us. it's a good idea to get them screened. it affects the whole family not just one individual.
8:20 am
>> swift whose family moved to nashville to pursue her dream at 13 always sung her mother's praises. >> and mom, thank you so much. i love you. >> during her fearless tour she asked what it's like to have mom on tour. >> and you your mom have a cool relationship. >> it's a different kind of friendship than the cool mom who tries to party with her daughter. she is my best friend. >> taylor dedicated a song to her mom, entitled the best day. after this latest news it's no surprise with millions of loyal fans are responding with kind and supportive words. with hash tag pray for mama swift. stay strong love to your mom. and ally brooke sending so much love and prayers to your family.
8:21 am
as the 25-year-old swift ended her message saying i hope and pray that you never get news like this. love you, taylor. >> our hearts and prayers are with taylor and her family. there people who haven't been to the doctor for years. they just don't go. it's a reminder to get the check ups. >> thank you. >> chanel meantime one in 68 children are diagnosed with some form of autism disorder. what happens to the kids as they grow into adulthood? kate snow has been looking into that transition for us. good morning. >> for three years, we have been following a family an amazing mother who has been doing all she can to provide what her son needs. on his 21st birthday all that would end. she was terrified. they compare it to falling off a cliff. >> when eric was 3, he was
8:22 am
diagnosed with autism. >> eric! you want some bagel? >> his mom, mary stopped working to devote her time to helping eric. >> i'm sure you would do anything for your son. >> any help that he needed we gave to him. >> when eric got older, that help came at a school for children with developmental disabilities. they covered the tuition and eric loved it. >> it's a place where he is understood. he is cared about. it's like a family to him. >> it wasn't a family he could keep because under federal law, children with disabilities like autism have to leave school by the age of 21 and there is no federal or state system required to take over. eric understood what was coming and he told them he wanted to put off graduation.
8:23 am
>> you don't want graduation for five more years? >> no not yet. five more years of school. >> pretend or real? >> real. >> we were with eric on his last day of school. >> can i give you a hug? would that be okay? goodbye. >> after that final bus ride eric is stuck at home all day with his mom. he started to lose his language skills. >> i can't sit in a circle so if you can't sit in a circle. >> mary looked at day programs for eric offered by the state and couldn't imagine putting her son in one. >> what i saw was just frightening. >> what did you see? >> rooms full of people with their heads on the table,
8:24 am
wandering around. just being in storage. >> mary started paying out of pocket for activities to get eric out of the house. >> we saved money and we don't have retirement but it's like people asks you how much does it cost to raise a kid with autism. everything you've got. >> she found a program for adults with developmental disabilities. >> breakfast. >> eric's art has been in exhibits and he told some of his drawings. >> you just think he does have a chance at a life away from me. >> this is a new beginning for him. >> she worried about herric's future and the future of the country with about a half million children with autism expected to age out of the system over the next 20 years. >> it's not going get better
8:25 am
until parents get together and enforce change. >> mary and her family allowed us to follow them hoping that other families will be inspired to raise their voices too. r family had a difficult choice. their dad was getting transferred for work to florida. you won't believe what the florida officials told them about moving to that state. >> this is a disorder that touches almost every family directly or indirectly. we focus on the kids so much and as you say -- >> it's a spectrum. not everyone has the same condition eric has and some go to college and get a ph.d. and other people need a lot of support. >> some good questions, kate. thank you. >> you can find out more sunday night at 7:00 6:00 central here on nbc. coming up a "today" exclusive.
8:26 am
j.k. rowling opens up about life after harry potter and the chances of another look. 50 your local news and weather. morning, i'm vie vic. let's bring in meteorologist brittney shipp to track this wet day for us. >> it is a first alert day. here's a look outside right now. a dreary end to your workweek. it's a first alert day which means you want to be very careful as we head into the rest of today. we're watching for severe storms damaging wind which could produce hail and heavy rain. right now temperatures at 42 degrees with rain coming down in philadelphia. the windchill is at 37 degrees. we're going to continue to warm up back to the 70s today but there's that strong line of thunderstorms which we are watching as we head into the
8:27 am
afternoon. christine maddela is keeping an eye on the morning commute for us. >> the ben franklin bridge is still a mess on the westbound side heading into philadelphia because of an overturned tractor-trailer. you'll want to take the betsy ross bridge or walt whitman bridge to get around that. interstate 95 is all stacked up. you can see at girard a lot of volume. your drive time 62 minutes from woodhaven to the vine express. this morning the weather is causing delays at philadelphia international airport. some arriving flights are running about an hour 20 minutes late. departing flights could also be affected. if you're flying out today, be sure to check with your airline. you can track today's weather by using the nbc 10 weather app that delivers important information right to your smart phone and tablet. the app is a free download from our website at back to the "today" show. we'll see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 on a friday morning the 10th of april, 2015. i will be honest. it is not a warm day, but dylan said we are headed in a warmer direction. >> it's all going to change. >> an exclusive conversation with j.k. rowling. is she really finished with harry potter? her first interview in nearly three years.
8:31 am
>> ronan farrow is here and a look at fraternity on college t some are doing to prevent alcohol-fuelled problems. some say it's not enough. >> sugar ray leonard is here and what they are doing boost your interest in the sweet science. you know what that is? the sweet science. let's get a check of the weather. >> they said it was going to get warmer but it's still going to rain. the sun doesn't come out until the weekend throughout most of the country. the showers and storms down to texas and florida and the gulf coast. it won't be that widespread but the rest of the country is looking quiet. highs in the 60s up and down the coast. 50s and 70s through the plains. on sunday we will see a chance of scattered showers and storms from minnesota down to texas.
8:32 am
still along the gulf coast and the eastern half of the country looks good and the western half looks good too. temperatures are pretty uniform throughout most of the united states. in the 60s and 70s. friends down here. >> it's my birthday with all my good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a first alert weather day. a potential for severe storms later this afternoon. a few breaks of sunshine before the storms roll in and temperatures will be in the 70s today. the storms, out of here for tomorrow. sunshine, 66. but windy on saturday. the wind dies down sunday. the temperatures are up monday to 70 degrees. but keep your rain gear handy for tuesday. rain showers moving through, 68 degrees. behind them cooler weather wednesday and thursday. have a great day . of blam
8:33 am
>> that's the latest forecast. >> thank you very much. attention all you muggles out there. it's hard to believe it's eight years since the last harry \ blam f als, will she write for kids again? she talks about that and the charity she devotes most of her time to. >> you have been away from a camera for a couple of years which means you have been busy finishing the next installment of harry potter. >> no. i haven't, but even as i asked about it somebody on you tube makes it look as though i gave it. i am afraid i haven't been writing the books. i hate saying that. i feel i wrapped harry's story up. you have to know when to -- >> people would beg to differ.
8:34 am
>> i have always said i'm not going to say i definitely won't because i don't see why i should say that but harry potter as in what happened next to harry and hermine hermine. you are not saying no. >> in all reality, j.k. rowling is most likely to write an eighth book for the series. one of the best selling book series in history. she is focusing her attention and fortune, a fortune once estimated to be worth $1 billion on helping the 8 million children living in orphanages and institutions around the world through her charity. >> take me back to the trigger of what caused you to go in this direction? >> it was a single photograph in a newspaper. i came across a boy who appeared
8:35 am
to be caged. the image was so disturbing i wanted to turn the page. i have turned the page. i felt very a shamed of myself. i thought you have to do something about this. >> you reminded people. >> i created the harry potter book and it's a light for him. >> and your statement, does it shed light on it? >> that's right. it's two-fold. bring the problem to light. we are literally trying to show the world what the institution doss do to children. we need to shine a light on the problem. bringing light into darkness. we are looking to help these children and greatly improve their life. >> one of the goals to educate people is dispel myths and tell
8:36 am
them about things that are true. we heard the term. >> this is an important point. >> many of the kid ares not orphans. >> 80% of the eight million children living in institutions have a living parent who would like to care for them or immediate family. >> would like to care for them. >> they ran out of options. the single largest driver of institutions is poverty. if you are faced with a situation where your child can starve or we will put it in the institution where it will be fed. you want your child to live. >> isn't it the goal to eliminate all orphanages? aren't there institutions that are providing enormously important services for children in need? >> the evidence is we can give better care. we can have social workers and community workers and it can be
8:37 am
repurposed and they remain with the parents. >> when you deal with information like this and it weighs on you heavily i can see it there. i am not trying to analyze you, but is it one of the reasons when you were finished with harry, you went to adult books? it was too hard the dichotomy of writing children's fantasies while you were dealing with the children's tragedies in parts of the world? >> no. it's not. i have never shied away in my writing for children or adults. i definitely will write for children again because i love writing for kids. that will definitely happen and that will come alongside this work and maybe i will get to read that new work for some of these children. >> is it fair to say you will be as proud if not more proud to have this as a major part of
8:38 am
your legacy with what you have done with children's bit rature? >> no question at all. this is a problem. so many problems in the world. we hope you will find a cure. we can make this happen. globally we can change this. >> i love someone with that big of an influence with such a big megaphone using it for the good. >> turning the page and then saying no. how many of us have done that? matt is going to have a lot more of her interview on monday. he recently had a disturbing dream and the lessons she learned from failure. >> getting another book out. >> that's the way i feel.
8:39 am
>> more of that on monday with matt. ronan farrow looks at college fraternities. would they be better off going alcohol-free? this is "today" on nbc. anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target.
8:40 am
8:41 am
back with 8:41. a look at greek on college campuses. >> rutgers university announced an unusual move a ban of all fraternity and sorority house parties for the rest of the semester after alcohol-related incidents. ronan farrow has been on this story. >> it has been a tough spring for fraternities. in the cross hairs, they confronted them and we headed down to what has been ranked one of the biggest party schools in
8:42 am
the country. take a look at this. >> from turnities ityfraternities around the countries -- >> we are sick of it and we will not stand for this to happen on our campus any longer. >> they remain on suspension after a former member kicked off after the existence of a secret facebook group used to extend nude images of incapacitated women. >> i think obviously alcohol plays a role. could i say that alcohol took these pictures in the first place? sure. did they leave this on the page for weeks and weeks? of course not. >> kaitlyn reported on the culture for weeks. >> i spent a year reading the civil lawsuits against fraternities.
8:43 am
never once read in which a whole paragraph did not explain very clearly how everyone had drunk to the point of blackout. >> when you drink alcohol, when you put a house full of people making stupid decisions, you your moral compass is broken. >> he left his fraternity after a horrific hazing experience. he asked us to conceal his identity. you share your dark et secrets and you are in an organization you feel safe with. so when you have these experiences especially when there is alcohol. >> he encountered a culture of sex. >> the way people talk about women is appalling. i mean they're these objects and they are these things. >> fraternity houses like kappa delta row are part of a new wave
8:44 am
of scandals and some are trying to clean house. >> what we did which is uncommon we did alcohol-free housing. >> rich is the president of phi delta beta which is one of the first to have an alcohol-free house. some of the most intense at penn state. >> the chapper was literally here. right here. >> that's correct. yes. >> for years and years, we were very successful. it was just a series of behaviors and incidents that were in violation of the common wealth laws and our policies. we made the decision to close. >> a study by the fra turnity of the ten years shows grade point average is up and insurance premium is down and a steady increase across the chapters nationwide. the north american fraternity conference calls alcohol-free housing a positive thing for
8:45 am
fraternities to consider. it remains one of the few to do so. >> i am proud we made the tough decisions. i'm not sure that is always the case in the fraternity. >> it's important to know they are a problem. the north american conference identified three big issues of sexual violence and hazing and alcohol. they created commissions to deal with each of those. some people say that should not snuff. >> this has been an eye-opening season for fraternities. >> it certainly has. people are demanding change. >> you see the fraternities on campuses at large. >> it's hard for them. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up next our judges are ready to meet the young wizard to change the world. what they're doing. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
back now with the drive the future series. a contest with our sponsor is focusing on great ideas from kids. retired nasa astronaut with the journey to space in 2008 and 2009. we also have 18-year-old jack who took top prizes at prestigious science fairs after working for a detection test for pancreatic cancer and the author of a book called breakthrough. alyssa chavez wants to save young lives in the hot seat reminding parents not to leave parents behind in hot cars. you have picked three winners today. what were you looking for? what stood out about these? >> we were looking for
8:49 am
creativity and things that can help people advance civilization. helping get viral medicine and places in india and all over. the ban from alexis and helping kids not get bullied. >> we will get to those in a minute. you were a high school student. when you started, you didn't know what a pancreas was. what's in store? >> nowadays with the internet regardless of your passion, you can change it. that's what's cool about all of these. they are having an innovation. >> my advice is go with it. you can do and be anything you want. go with it and believe in yourself. >> let's meet the three winners. alexis martin is 8 years old. tell us about your ideas. the bully -- >> the aspect bully band. >> if you are being bullied, you
8:50 am
would press a button and it has your location and name and the teacher would come to the location and stop the bullying. >> you even have a jingle. can you sing it? >> okay. the anti-bully band ♪ >> you press it? >> yes. >> the teacher can come and find you. that's awesome. and you have different colors i see. >> you have red, orange yellow light blue and dark blue for the boys. purple pink, black and white. >> whatever you are selling, i am buying. you are awesome. >> come on in buddy. this is 9-year-old gus hickman from boise, idaho riding in on his mountain bike. me about your invention. >> my invention is a chinstrap.
8:51 am
>> me about it. >> it's supposed to be easier to kids to use the chinstrap. >> that's tension under there. >> really. >> you turn the dial and it tightens it. solving a major problem for kids who wear helmets. >> it's fantastic because a lot of kid when is they don't put their el met on they can have brain injuries. we want to minimize this and this is a great invention. >> great work. good job. >> let's move to the next one. from rockville, maryland. you are changing refrigeration, my friend. what did you do? >> thanks for having me. >> of course. thanks for being here. >> so there 1.5 million kids that are dying because they are not getting and effective
8:52 am
vaccines throughout the world. the numbers are higher for just people. that really motivated me to create the vax wagon. >> this transports vaccines. it stays refrigerated. how does it work? i turn a crank and what happens? >> the temperature shows when you turn the crank that is the temperature in which the vaccines are stored at. right now it's 21 degrees celsius. room temperature. when i start turning this -- >> i don't need a big refrigeration unit to travel with. they can go bad? >> it can. this can be powered by a bicycle or a motorcycle or even service animal. >> 15 years old. you are a genius. well done. >> this is shiloh and she is 15 from sunnyvale, california. what did you invent?
8:53 am
>> it's a hat for the blind that detects ob tastacles using an away of things. >> give me an idea of how this works. i have a giant head and there is nothing i can do about that. >> you will feel vibrating motors. >> i do. >> they are responding to the obstacles. you can feel my hand over here and you should feel it moving. >> that's remarkable. >> the led i put on the hat for demonstration show the vibration pulses and motors. >> how was this idea born? >> that's an interesting story. one day i was demonstrating one of my robots to some children and i used an analogy of a robot is blind and i placed sensors on it. then i was attending a presentation and the specialist was describing his idea for a guide dog.
8:54 am
that got me thinking why don't we put sensors on the blind so they can navigate like robots. >> it's great. >> we are so impressed with all of you. our judges with the young people. thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. congratulations. >> well done. >> really appreciate it. remember a cool car we showed you. it is set to compete in the ecomarathon. we want to see good luck to that team. coming up next we are staying on the subject of science. sweet science. tamron tells me boxing legend sugar ray leonard and kid chocolate are here. this
8:55 am
8:56 am
sugar way leonard is here. tell us about boxing on prime time. >> nbc saturday night. we will step in the ring with good morning, i'm chris cato. it's 8:56 on kind of a gloomy friday morning. let's get your first alert forecast now with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we're going to see a first alert day today as we head into the afternoon and the evening for a potential severe storm. you can see our cape may camera you can barely make it out. foggy conditions and we're seeing light rainfall and
8:57 am
drizzle throughout most of the area but it's this line of thunderstorms that's slowly going to transition toward us the rest of the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms expected. our temperatures will warm between 72 and 76 degrees with warmer air coming up from the south. our first alert day includes severe storms damaging winds will be a possibility, hail and heavy rain. i'll have your full forecast when i see you again. chris. >> remember you can get important weather information delivered straight to your smartphone or tablet. it's a free download. you can get it at philadelphia police are looking for two men who robbed a man as he was leaving a parking garage in center city. it happened around 3:30 this morning near 5th and pine. the robbers pulled out a gun and took the man's wallet and cell phone. philadelphia police also want to find the man who robbed a bank in a top hat. he went into td bank just after 7:00 last night and handed the
8:58 am
teller a note demanding money. the robber got away with more than $400. a delaware county school has confirmed two more cases of whooping cough. radner high school confirmed those cases yesterday, which makes a total of three cases at the school this year. the school is urging parents to watch for symptoms of whooping cough. it begins with cold-like symptoms and progresses to long coughing fits. i'm chris cato. we're back with another update in 25 minutes. have a great friday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
inside the hopes with a boxing legend. orange is the new black is almost back. the latest from the ladies of litchfield. rev run heats up the kitchen with a sunday run. all that and more. >> from nbc news this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tam hon hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome on this friday morning, 2016. a big crowd out on the plaza. you always love that. i'm willie along with al and
9:01 am
tamron. it's cold and dreary and we are told by the end of the day, you don't believe it. >> al roker wore his suit at the beginning of the week. this is rough weather throughout the country. we are not explaining. >> the story that took our breath away yesterday. an l.a. courtroom heard the recording of sandra bullock's 911 call when she had to hide in her home from an intruder. there was a man in her home and we have the tapes as she called for help. >> i'm locked in my closet and i have a safe door in my bedroom and i'm locked in the closet right now. i hear them. i hear someone banging on the door. i can't hear anything.
9:02 am
i'm locked in my closet. and it's a door and it's shut. so i can't hear anything. >> there was a portion of the call that was edited. it's much longer than that. she was home alone and her son was not there. the authorities arrived 15 minutes after she called. >> you could hear the fear and panic in her voice. someone who would do everything she could. she got into the safe room and the closet. >> the suspect faces a number of charges including stalking and burglary. they could not be reached for comment. whether you are a celebrity or anyone else whether you are a man on the other side of the door, it doesn't get scarier
9:03 am
than that. >> i can't even listen to that. it takes my breath, way in a way that i am conflicted about listening to this. you hear such extreme fear in someone. i know it was played in court, but when i heard it i felt guilt. all you hear is sheer fear. hopefully something will happen legally that she is protected. whether they are celebrityies or not. >> apple watch. here's the transition. starting at midnight pacific time. they came available for preorder. they had the watch in studio and matt got a chance to touch it. apple encouraged people to go online. they didn't want us waiting in line as we had done since the 90s. the first iphone since 1997.
9:04 am
the thing that i am so intrigued about, it becomes available april 24th two weeks and you get your watch. people online have been talking about the shipping delays. they are so frustrated. we had one, for example. the guy's watch will not be available until august. it is supposed to take two weeks. what is more stunning to me is this was the $12,000 model. they wait for the $12,000 model until august. >> the rose bowl is 17,000. did they make one or did they make several and that many people have $12,000 available to buy the first generation of the watch. >> it's an unlimited supply. >> who are the two. >> there people who have
9:05 am
$12,000. >> thank you for that geography lesson. >> they do that if you order a fancy car and make you wait. >> it's like a hand made. >> it's a whole entourage that wakes you up and put it on your arm. good morning. for $12,000, you will wait until august. >> i can't imagine. by september, version two will come out and you will be like i just got mine in august. >> i read the reviews like with anything. the reviews are mixed. the feedback is that this is a first generation phone and the technology tvs, it has its bugs. the question also is -- >> i think people really love it. the reviews that i read like the one in "new york times" became an extension of her body.
9:06 am
my wife appreciated it. when i was putting the phone down i could look at the watch and see if it's important or not personality. i asked people on twitter. is this an unnecessary luxury or a must have. it's interesting to see the feedback. some said i ordered by 3:15 but i'm not happy with the four to six weeks ship time. after six months i should have had more. absolutely a necessary luxury. was up and done by 3:05. a lot of that back and forth. what i got is i will wait and see until the reviews come out. >> i didn't wait. >> 3:01. >> i rushed out. >> the basic. the sport. i got sucked into the hands of
9:07 am
my 18 or 19-year-old nephews. >> so much you can do and you have to spend a few days with it before you get it. >> if you want to pay for your groceries, you can do that. >> if gi on amazon. >> amazon is dangerous. >> they will have it. another great episode of lip synch battle. anne hathaway is incredible with wrecking ball. we saw the video of ann earlier. this is wrecking ball. take a look.
9:08 am
♪ ♪ >> that was emily blunt doing janice joplin. totally into character. we have anne right now with her performance of wrecking ball. that's amazing. i love it. she sold it. what do you think won? >> yeah yeah. that is not fair because the props are so darn good. >> the announcement. >> let's see what happened. take a look. >> and lip synch battle champion
9:09 am
is -- hathaway! >> there you have it. they were both fantastic. it's so fun. everybody gets so in character. >> i'm going to be on that show in july. i was not aware of all you could bring to bear. the wrecking ball and the thing and -- >> did you get to ask for it or did they say this is available to you? you can't tell that. >> it is a well produced show. i will go even bigger. >> you were in front of a rap icon. and you did the hit song. >> you brought it. >> you are the guy that when you tweeted gee golly which you have never said you have this clean cut anchorman and& that kid.
9:10 am
man. >> you have to give it to anne hathaway. >> that's great. >> you have to go full in. >> wow. this one has us all going hmm, what was he going for? >> going full in. >> vice president joe biden, i think he is definitely having a moment with the daughter of former mayor michael bloomberg. you see in the vice president's mouth, the pacifier in his mouth. not sure how that moment happened. >> the binky is moving. >> get on the binky right now. >> i think we should have a caption contest of what the baby is saying. what is that baby thinking? >> the baby has the best bangs i
9:11 am
have seen since michelle obama. what is jasper thinking? give me that thing back right now. >> that's a stranger so it's weird, but what parent hasn't done that? >> lick the finger and it falls on the floor you and lick it and give it back. >> let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> good morning, guys. we are watching this cold front that has been producing thunderstorms for the last several days. some have been severe and you can see it is right in the pittsburgh area. it stretches all the way back down to parts of louisiana. this is the cold front moving eastward. we will see a chance of scattered showers and storms. into the east coast as well. it's in the red area of southern texas into the mid-atlantic region where we could see stronger storms. we are not looking at widespread tornados.
9:12 am
the chance of dangerous clouds and lightning and heavier downpours and the wind gusts that could cause damage. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a first alert weather day. a potential for severe storms later this afternoon. a few breaks of sunshine before the storms roll in and temperatures will be in the 70s today. the storms, out of here for tomorrow. sunshine, 66. but windy on saturday. the wind dies down sunday. the temperatures are up monday to 70 degrees. but keep your rain gear handy for tuesday. rain showers moving through, 68 degrees. behind them cooler weather wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> we will talk to you in a few minutes. sugar ray leonard and kid chocolate. oh my gosh. look at sugar ray. >> you kidding me? >> still got it. i would say we would go a few
9:13 am
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9:16 am
we are very excited. he is one of the greatest boxers to lace up the gloves. the first to win in five different weight classes. >> an olympic gold medalist. ray is the analyst for the premier champions here on nbc. joining us is the star for tomorrow night's fight. good morning, guys. we are back. we are so excited. my amateur and professional career is on and. >> you have quite a view. al michaels will be. this is big time and prime time.
9:17 am
for many, many years, the true boxing fans this pushes you off. this guy here is incredible. kid chocolate, who are you up against and how are you looking? >> i'm looking good and -- he is the champion right now. i will give him that much for saturday night. >> we are biased in this fight because you were married to one of our producers. how is he doing? >> he has been on the show like three times and it's a positive thing to be on the show all the time. what i do and for my son. >> i was asking you about that
9:18 am
already. >> he broke a lot of heards. >> let's talk about the fight coming up on that. how do you see that shaking out? >> i'm excited. my family wants to be at the fight. they are not real boxing fans but this is an event like it has been back in the day. that fight is going to be about it. the money they are making is astronomical. it's not about the money, but the legacy. it's about history. at this point in your career who brings their a game. >> who do you like? >> may weather without question. if there is anyone who can surprise his opponent is paquiao.
9:19 am
. >> you fought may weather and anyone who gets the family dynamic, it would be you. >> that fight is $99. natalie wanted you to show it. >> does this feedback help you with? >> it normally-you see how it is. that's how you do it. >> this is not set up like this.
9:20 am
>> i want to try the jump rope. >> tomorrow night at 8:30. here on nbc. >> am can be up next all the news you need before you leave the house this morning and alyssa milano upset a before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression or unusual changes
9:21 am
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9:24 am
year. forecasters in colorado state anticipate seven tropical storms will form and only three will become hurricanes. the atlantic hurricane season is june through november. the nation's largest chain walgreens is close being 200 stores. they are a shift in strategy for walgreens who estimated they were opening a new store every 17 hours. it will affect stores in areas where people seem to be move away. genetics largely is influenced whether a child loves school and wants to do well. they studied 13,000 twins from countries and found 40 to 50% of the differences in motivation could be personality differences that person inherit. a trick shot like you have never seen before. martin montoya for barcelona
9:25 am
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alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) good morning i'm chris cato on this first alert weather day. the weather is causing some delays at philadelphia international airport now. some arriving flights are running about an hour and 20 minutes late and departing flights could be affected too, keep that in mind. let's get your forecast now with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we're mainly seeing light drizzle right now and cold temperatures to start. as we head into the afternoon, we'll see a big-time warmup warming about 30 degrees into the 70s. plus we're tracking severe storms so it is a first alert day. you can see how foggy and dreary it is in center city but a closer look at the line of thunderstorms slowly making its way eastward toward us should get here as we head into the afternoon and evening. our entire area has a chance to
9:27 am
see thunderstorms, but the best chance for severe thunderstorms looks to be in southern delaware today. as we head into the rest of your afternoon, you'll notice our temperatures will continue to climb and we'll see our chance of thunderstorms in philadelphia closer to 4:00 p.m. this will continue through at least 8:00 p.m. tonight with the best chance near cape may. chris. a traffic note here the delaware river port authority says that tractor-trailer that overturned earlier this morning causing the big mess on the ben franklin bridge the tractor-trailer has been uprighted and two lanes are back open now. the truck should be cleared shortly. today a trial begins for two men arrested after this philadelphia wedding fight in 2012. two wedding parties got into a brawl at the sheraton hotel in society hill. matthew sofka is accused of assaulting a police officer who tried to break up the fight. the uncle of one of the brides died of a heart attack. this morning the fire marshal is looking for the cause of a fire that raced through a house. it caused heavy damage and crews think it started in the kitchen.
9:28 am
i'm chris cato. we'll be back in half an hour with another update. have a great morning.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> welcome back to today. today, did you know it's national siblings day. we are family. we are celebrating our families from friday photographs. some of them embarrassing perhaps. >> we will see. natalie is the middle sister here. >> there you are. >> in the purple dress. the holly hobby dress. >> not embarrassing at all. >> what's embarrassing? >> a beautiful little girl. >> it's adorable. >> yeah. >> this picture of willie geist. >> that's embarrassing. look at that hair. >> adorable.
9:31 am
it's embarrassing for my brother who is in a headlock. everything about my happy. we have al first. they have the same exact smile. i love it. >> radient. >> and then me and my sister. >> what are you doing there? >> she looks impressed. >> i think she was told to be impressed. my mom was yelling at her, be impressed. i don't know where that is. it's like cape cod or something. 1984. also my picture is from 1984.
9:32 am
my two older brothers. >> don't you have that on your phone? >> my glasses were always about this. equally available. please. >> brittany is on it. >> with the family photos you will give us the weather. across most of the country. a couple of scattered showers and along the gulf coast too. look at the rest of the country. we are looking at widespread sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. 70s back to the plains. 70s and 80s and showery starting tonight and saturday in the pacific northwest. sunday is clears out and we will see a lot of showers into texas on sunday.
9:33 am
doesn't good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a first alert weather day. a potential for severe storms later this afternoon. a few breaks of sunshine before the storms roll in and temperatures will be in the 70s today. the storms, out of here for tomorrow. sunshine, 66. but windy on saturday. the wind dies down sunday. the temperatures are up monday to 70 degrees. but keep your rain gear handy for tuesday. rain showers moving through, 68 degrees. behind them cooler weather wednesday and thursday. have a great day. >> our producer got the photo so fast. there you are on the left. >> the size of my entire head. >> when did you grow into your glasses glasses? >> this photograph with the
9:34 am
phone. >> there. >> that's amazing. >> where are you planning all of this stuff? >> we know that. thank you, dylan. >> here we go. this is the weekend and it's time for the exchange. >> news taylor swift shared with her fans this week. her mom was diagnosed with cancer. in a letter on tumblr after bugging her mom to get her health checked out, she was given the upsetting news. taylor is keeping the condition and treatment private, but she wanted parents to get checked out for early diagnosis and easier battle as well. fans and celebrities are sharing well wishes pray for mama swift
9:35 am
and lady gaga saying god bless you and your family. we will all be praying. she thanked her fans and said i hope and pray that you never get news like this. our thoughts and prayers are with taylor and her family as well. she and her mother pointed out, remind everyone that you love to go get checked out. get the cholesterol checked and get a physical. >> update nudge. >> their bond is so tight. she talks about believing in her child and helping her child's dream come true. let's take a turn to exciting tv news that is here. by it i mean season three of orange is the new black. it is out next week with new faces. joining the ladies in the prison with the old faces that are there too. they are up to the same old tricks. take a look.
9:36 am
>> how am i better? >> it's so nice to see them. >> maybe this is back to where i am supposed to be right now. >> the world is better in black and white. and red. >> the show returns june 12th. one of the show's stars taylor schilling will join us april 20th. so looking forward to hanging out with her. she is pretty awesome. another story is alyssa milano is putting her foot down after having her breast milk confiscated at the airport. she tweeted at heathrow airport, they took my pumped breast milk away. ten ounces gone. not okay. security told her the milk would have been okay if she had a baby with her, but then tweeted why
9:37 am
would i need to pump if i had the baby with me? they tweeted back saying without a baby present, the carry on rule of liquids up to 3.4 ounces stands. they called the breast milk a miracle and seeing that it was thrown away she was heartbroken. she said the policy needs to change. she is a mother of a 7-month-old daughter and 3 1/2-year-old son. what are your thoughts? >> boy. i have a hard time breast-feeding that for me pumping was like liquid gold. i would have been very upset. i am with her on that. it's hard. the 3.4 ounce rule, but that's not much when it comes to feeding a baby. >> they need to review the policies. our sift is the number one thing, but these things come up with the conversation.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. >> the iconic front man and his beautiful wife justine. 18 two of red rum sunday. they began cooking up fun and food for us all. >> after years of eating chinese delivery it's time to celebrate the idea of cooking in and reinvent the favorite take out wheel. take a look. >> we have a watch. we got one a couple of years
9:43 am
ago. >> i remember seeing that. the left of the boiler. in a box. the lock box. one of my hid records. good morning. the people walk down by the water heater. >> walk this way. it doesn't stop. >> i understand we will be cooking one of your mother's recipes. >> we had to show you how. >> this is a half of onions chopped and a half of a green pepper. >> put it in olive oil. >> this is three garlic cloves. >> is it intimidateing to
9:44 am
prepare? >> it was. how they grow so hard and it's so good. >> that's olive oil. then you put your jar of tomato sauce. i used roasted. ada little flavor in there. i don't know if you can get this. this is the recipe. you cook it down. what i do is you are supposed to make bacon, six pieces of bacon and crumble them up. you put them on this towel. >> you season this before you put it in?
9:45 am
>> no. >> i put my bacon in here. then you put your shrimp in. we are moving. >> you cook it down together. willie take over. >> maybe my husband will do that. a warm banana split. >> so joey you rev and run. you grilled the to matemato and cut the banana in half. >> right on the grill. >> with the skin on and look at that. >> put it in here. it smells so good.
9:46 am
>> you can get all of these recipes on from the cooking channel. it airs wednesday. so good. >> look how it is. >> the cooking show and family show. no matter whose recipe it is. did you use the loo paper in there? i did. how was it? it was good! why do you think that the ripples work? because it gets it all clean.
9:47 am
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9:50 am
. >> run for today. i get to run the state women's half marathon. we are gearing up from head to toe. an active runner for 25 years. great gear you will have to have to get you ready for your work out. good morning. you tested all the stuff out. >> we have them helping us as well. >> we will start with high tech styles. these are clothes that keep you warm when it's cold and cool you when it's hot. the best part when things really heat up they wick moisture and keep you good. kim is wearing the technology. they are made with anti-microbial fiber so it does a great job of keeping you dry. anti-chafing. they both have compression
9:51 am
clothing. it's all the rage these days. >> you turn them inside out so you can see the technology. >> you can see the mesh. they hold you up and in. they are flattering for both men and women alike. they also are reportedly good to warm up your muscles and help keep muscles and spraps at bay. >> i wore those compression socks at the boston marathon and i swear by them. it keeps you energized. >> they are supposed to hold everything in. these are compression running socks and they are nice and bright. you won't miss them if you are running down the side of the street but they have reflectic fabric. safer running at night. >> and the new trend with the time of barefoot running and now this is the maximumist. >> these have a ton of extra
9:52 am
cushioning and support. this is supposed to help stabilize your foot and give you that cushioning so if you are pounding the pavement mile after mile. >> it's not heavy which i like. >> very, very light and they look a little bit crazy, but these guys have been running with them and they swear by them. they don't feel heavy? >> not at all. >> now tell us about -- you have to wear your head phones and your gear to play with. >> watch out. these are the aftershocks. those don't go in your ear. they use conduction technology and they send it through your cheekbone. >> we are out of time but we will have more on all of this. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> coming up on the weekend -- >> you may have heard we are doing something called run for today. this weekend was one week left until the big race. we are giving you final tips from the experts. let us know what to eat and tell us about the carb load the night before. she will have us for the whole week with our training and our gear. we will get you ready to go. >> did you 12 miles yesterday. >> the most i have done is 8. >> you will be fine. >> 12 miles. wow. that's great. >> is this for a half marathon? >> yes. >> that's why i run. you have to run with that. we will look forward to the weekend
9:56 am
good morning i'm chris cato. it's 9:56 and we're tracking storms on the way to this area. let's check your forecast now with meteorologist brittney shipp. it's going to warm up quite a bit too? >> almost 30 degrees but it's a first alert weather day because of the potential storms heading in. this could affect your evening commute so take it easy as you're heading home. there's a live look outside right now at cape may. you can tell foggy conditions and slick roads. if we take a closer look at the
9:57 am
line of thunderstorms we're tracking just to the east right now of pittsburgh and that's what's going to be heading our way as we push into the rest of the afternoon and evening. but mostly cloudy conditions for philadelphia right now. 43 degrees. our temperatures will start to warm up as we push into the afternoon and even into the late morning hours. by the afternoon we're talking about temperatures close to the mid-70s for some of our areas, but our first alert shows a chance of severe storms damaging wind hail and the potential for heavy rain. stick with nbc 10. of course we'll keep you updated. >> of course you can stay on top of today's storms with weather information delivered straight to your smartphone or tablet through the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download. you can get it right now at the app store. philadelphia police are looking for two men who rocked a man as he was leaving a parking garage in center city. it happened around 3:30 this morning near 5th and pine. the robbers pulled a gun and took the man's iphone and wallet. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 app. now we go back to the "today" show. i'm chris cato.
9:58 am
have a great friday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> oh yeah. >> who is this? i like this. >> it is a lot of goodness. it is a lot of happiness. >> it's try day friday. april 10th. we've got a fantastic show for you today. >> one of the funniest people from one of the funniest shows. matt walsh. >> that whole show is just perfect. it is the perfect comedy. it is written so well. and it is national sibling today. we'll celebrate with two sisters who each gave each other the ultimate gift.
10:01 am
it is a really extraordinary story you have to hear to believe. we've also got another anniversary this week. the 5th anniversary of "bobbie's buzz." >> that's so nice. today's the day we give it away. we'll pick five lucky winners and give them a special prize. i want to say a very very sibling day to my sister mish and my brother dave. i'm sure you'd like to do the same. >> my sister and my brother. i love them! there is a request. when you're speaking to somebody and you're having a conversation, some people fill the blank spaces with either ums or er and some people fill them with the word "like." >> that's the thing. it can be a verb. i "like." which is a verb. what is "like" --
10:02 am
>> it's like it's raining. it's like it's raining. >> i could just look and see. >> but like just look. you guys look clueless. >> that is the point. like right now, for example the haitians are all like they need to come to america. when i like had my father's birthday party, like i was totally buggin'. >> i love "clueless." >> that was a wonderful movie. >> when you're describing quantities, like it's about half a glass of wine use other words like "about" or "around" or "approximately." it is "approximately" a half a glass of wine. >> nobody i know is going to say that outside of new york. >> it's like a half a glass.
10:03 am
>> just pause before you're about to say it. gives you a little chance to reform your sentence. >> ask your friends and family to point it out. this is weird. if you start to someone and they start counting how many times you say it -- >> you know you're going to resent the heck out of them. don't you think? >> yes. >> use hand movements instead. >> as if we were talking. >> i don't think that's an improvement. >> not at all. >> so figure it out yourself. we don't care. here is a question if you're in or ever been in the dating world. how long should you wait before you have sex. >> define "sex." define what the word "sex" means. >> what does like sex mean? so this survey was done by a very esteemed british adult toy company called love hurricane. love honey says -- >> are they the same people with
10:04 am
the bad cleaning habits this past week. that worries me. >> by the way -- >> remember them? >> by the way, some friends of mine told me that they don't change their sheets every week if they're not getting busy with it. >> if they haven't soiled them. >> yes. >> i don't want to meet your friends. i don't want to know these people. >> but if you don't get busy with it do you have to change them every week. >> you sweat. you drool. you change body fluids. >> that's not happening -- >> you exchange body fluids just laying there next to one another -- like. or is it lying? i don't know. the love honey company, i'm happy for you. 32% of the women say they wait until the fifth date. why? what's so magical about the fifth date? you couldn't stand the guy the first four why are you even on a fifth? >> no. you like the guy. >> don't say "like"! >> you are interested in the guy so they're saying when should you have sex. this group is saying wait until
10:05 am
your fifth date. a lot of people say sex on the third date. i disagree with both of those. >> and what do you say? >> i think you should at least wait 30 days. at least. to have sex. >> how about waiting inle marriage hoda how about that? >> no i think that's good for some people. no one i've ever met. no, no i think it is good for some people. but i do think you don't know you're in love -- in love. >> which is -- in lust is different. >> right. you don't know you're in love -- i like the four seasons rule. you go through the four seasons with somebody. see what they're like during christmas stress what they do on their mom's birthday, how they deal with life. >> let's just go back to talking about adult sex toys. you know what my husband's adult sex toys are? a football a golf club and a
10:06 am
tennis racket and a fishing pole. >> what does that even mean? >> those are adult toys. >> oh. "adult" toys. yes. 15% of the women said they would have women on the first date. by the way, it must -- i don't know -- i don't want to judge anyone but can you imagine just how meaningless it must be honestly if you're just giving it away left and right? >> i -- you know what? you know how i feel about these things. i think intimacy is so special. it is a gift from god and we have made it crass and vulgar and common and we've gotten rid of romance which i think is one of the saddest things in the world. >> i agree. >> this movie that we like that comes out today, "the longest ride," these kids -- they woo one another. they romance one another until they realize that they -- >> i love that. >> it is so much more fun. the build-up.
10:07 am
if you guys can't remember the name of the person you just slept with saying good-bye fred -- i'm sorry -- ethyl. i don't know. it's got to have more depth. >> you're absolutely right. there is something about longing, wishing, hoping and waiting. >> then you get to my age and that's all you do longing and wishing and hoping. all right. you want to live a happy life? >> where should we live? >> well it ain't here. >> yes, it is. >> not really. the 100 most populous communities in the u.s. >> these are where the happiest people live. please gro to number five -- el paso texas. >> oxnard south oaks ventura, california. >> three, raleigh, north carolina. >> two, surprise -- honolulu, ah.ah hawaii hawaii. >> the number one people where the happiest people reside --
10:08 am
north port/bradenton. >> there is something about the laid back. the air. the balminess. you get off a plane. you see a palm tree. it is balmy. you're transported. hoda and i are very excited today because it is national pet day. everybody loves -- we're not going to be with you tomorrow so we brought in pictures of our beloveds. >> show yours first. >> i never get to talk -- i do get to but i rarely do. that's lola and bambino and louie. >> bam of course is in the center. >> well he's the littlest. but they've never met a camera they didn't love. >> would you like to see my cutest little boy in the world? >> yes. little blakie. >> oh my god. looks like he's smoking a cigarette. >> this is an article in "wall street journal" that talks about why we melt for puppy pictures. even if they make a mess on the
10:09 am
carpet or chew your favorite shoes. >> it's like a chemical thing. when you look at the puppy's face or dog's face you get calmer. so in honor of national puppy day, we want to give our "aw" moment of the week. >> oh my god! they all want to be around the monkey! >> who doesn't? >> oh my -- look! >> they're just so lovable. he's individually taking care of each one. >> and he knows where to rub -- like by the ears.
10:10 am
>> aw! allrightee. guess what else it is today? >> what? >> time for "friday funny." >> hey, hodi what happens to a frog's car when it breaks down? >> i don't know. >> it gets "toad" away! hey, hodi? >> yeah? >> why shouldn't you write with a broken pencil? because it is pointless. hey, hodi what did jay-z call his girlfriend before they got married? >> beyonce? >> fiance. hey, hodi what's a pirate's favorite sweater material. >> i don't know. >> tachlt rarrrr-gyle. that's all i got. i liked them. coming up we'll select our lucky "give it away" winner soon. matt walsh joins us. so fun. right after this.
10:11 am
10:12 am
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10:14 am
it feels like we've been talking about it all week and now the return of one of our favorite shows "veep" is almost here. >> one of the reasons we love the show so much is because of a man named matt walsh. he played mike mcclintock. now that selena is the president, he's been promoted to the white house press secretary. >> oh my gosh. >> but he may be the only one excited about all the changes. take a look. >> mike you can barely cope.
10:15 am
how are you finding the new setup? >> i'm actually kind of famous now. >> really. >> yeah. i got recognized on the street today. a guy that met me forgot me met me, then recognized me from tv then remembered me again. >> great story, mike. >> that's just part of why we love it. >> you are so funny. >> i think that is a great story. but boring. >> are you still just having the best time? season four now. >> season four. should be great. greater than ever. yeah. it's been really fun. we're super excited. comes out sunday. >> how hard would it be to maintain the kind of enthusiasm you have through doing those long hours, a show that you were contracted -- contractually obligated to but you're going dear, god, get me out of this. >> like an indentured comedy servient. but i'm not. i can leave any time i want.
10:16 am
>> i'm trying to go a different direction than your typical -- how's it like for the fourth season? >> well if it was terrible i would leave. i would leave. >> all right. that's what i wanted to know. >> maybe i would kidnap somebody's child. >> there you go. something interesting! >> i agree. >> so selena is the president. hallelujah. has it changed the whole -- like how is it for you? we saw a little -- >> i think the stakes are higher because her decisions have global repercussions. she's not the blightest bulb so she's going to probably start world war iii. god forbid she really was president. >> in addition to "veep," which we love. you're a busy man. >> so busy. i'm not one of the most influential people in new york -- >> you're not alone. >> go ahead, hoda. >> you should be honored, too. >> please. please. >> so you're in a movie.
10:17 am
you are called "a better you." >> yeah on a little itunes site coming this summer. >> look at you, mr. director. >> it is about a hypnotherapist that can dpixfix everyone but himself. >> this is a little indie project. but those are the best movies these days in many ways. >> yeah. yeah. >> little stories with the big studios -- >> the character comedy where you just follow a simple journey. >> see, now you're interesting. >> yeah. what else you got? >> bring it hoda. >> i've never killed anyone. i still vote. >> when should somebody have sex? >> when? what age? like what season? >> after how many dates? >> after how many dates? give me their age. >> zero until like -- >> how old? >> high school kid? college kid? older? >> older. >> so a grown-up person living in new york? >> yeah. >> to guarantee a successful relationship? >> yes.
10:18 am
>> you looking for the big picture? >> that wasn't in the question! >> i would say three. is that too many? i feel like i'm old-fashioned. is three too many? >> i said marriage. >> oh please. you did not do that in your life. >> yes, i did. >> did you really? >> yes, i did. >> i support that then. but not many people do that. >> i know. i'm lonely. >> no you're not. you have your ethics -- >> i feel like you are a he regretting this decision. >> no. i'm regretting haveing you on. why did we have him back? >> there's too much bad chemistry. i need to be an influential person. >> i don't make the grade. >> this sunday "veep," don't forget, on hbo. up next the sixth anniversary for "bobbie's buzz." we'll showcase some of heryiest items
10:19 am
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10:22 am
it's time for "bobbie's buzz." guess what? bobbie's been giving us all the buzz for five years now. today we're going to celebrate our anniversary with bobbie, her fifth today. >> "today's" style editor and's editor bobbie thomas. >> i want to revisit some of our favorites. flowers that don't fade. these are my flowers from like five years ago. but they are great. they last for up to six months or longer they say. hot girl pearls. fantastic. these actually go in the freezer and then you can just -- they magnet on and off. >> another one of your
10:23 am
favorites, i still use this all the time. >> it is a scrunchy with hair on it. >> so while she's doing that getting it ready, this is another one of our favorites. this covers your greys. you get more time in between your hair color sessions. >> look at this. look. >> sometimes i nef get the samver get the samples back from the people. >> by the pool -- >> matching colors. this sticks to anything a holster for your hot iron. this one was that broke our internet. these are eyeliner stencils. you love this custom color matching. send them nail polish you can't find anymore and they'll match it. tamron hall and others have been
10:24 am
asking about baby foot. yes, it works. donna is wearing a towel topper. >> stop it donna. >> this is workout wear with weights in it that we featured. the awesome cell phone case by selfie that we all love. >> yes. >> we have a gift. we named bobbie's dog. she got married at your house. she's having a baby all on the show! so here's a little -- >> happy aen versenniversary bobbie thomas. >> we love you, ladies. coming up can plastic surgery help your likability? hasn't helped me. >> we love you, bobbie. headache? motrin helps you be an
10:25 am
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10:26 am
claritin provides non-drowsy 24 hour allergy relief and it's the number one pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. in class and out, your kids can live claritin clear. ♪ 5 unique whole grains... ..with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios. this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> good morning. just about -- just before cbñ i'm vai sikahema. philadelphia international airport reports weo4i related delays arriving flights areñ running an: o average of 1 hour and
10:27 am
20 minutes late. to the q our meteorologist brittney shipp. >> you can see why the airport is seeing delays. as we head into the afternoon, and also into the evening, that's when we track the possibility for severe storms. you want to be careful driving home today.é@ =eq in pottstown. 42 in reading. thvá 60s, even the 70s. this is a line of thunderstorms that is going to head our way as we push into the afternoon and evening. here is how it is going to break down. we're still seeing light rain and drizzle. as wee1x5eñ closer to 2:00 3:00h north and west of the city and the poconos and ) er to louis andñi cape may. by 5:00 p.m. still dealing with the threat. the threat of severe storms at least through 8:00xd p.m. can track storms today and get important weather information delivered right to your smartphone andççó tablet with
10:28 am
the nbc 10 weather app. a free download you can get right now on our website at philadelph#aflp mayoralñi forums today. one starts in a few minutes at 10:30 at the cast iron building on arch e1street. the other at 7:30 tonight at fox chase elementary scho street. voters go to the polls tuesday, may 19th.ñi for the primary in w3philadelphia tuesday november 3 is the general election. there is only one republican mayoral candidate, so no primary for republicans. a full hour ofñi news in 30ñi minutes. get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 app.
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10:30 am
we're back on this try day friday. and today is national sibling day. to celebrate we have two sisters who gave each other what may be the ultimate gift. i think it is. the gift of children. >> yeah. their incredible story came to us from "pacific standard" magazine. we'll meet them in just a minute, but first -- here's their story. >> reporter: it all started with the marriage of their parents when jodi's father married shannon's mother. he adopted shannon and the two officially became sisters. years later, jodi and her husband, paul were having difficulty getting pregnant because jodi wasn't producing enough eggs. that's when her younger sister shannon, stepped in and donated her eggs. jodi and paul had a beautiful baby boy. seven years later when shannon wanted to start having kids of her own, she and her husband were heartbroken to find out
10:31 am
that shannon couldn't carry a baby. but she knew someone who might be able to help -- her older sister jodi offered to return the favor and carry the baby shannon wanted so badly. but it wasn't just one baby -- nine months later they welcomed beautiful twin girls. now, thanks to the selfless love of two sisters, each one has the family they've always dreamed of. >> jodi and shannon are with us. we know the story, and we're still breaking up here again. you guys it's just beautiful. >> wow. now did this start off -- in the beginning when it started was it a casual conversation about a difficulty with conceiving? what happened? >> not sure how casual it was. >> im'm thinking it was pretty casual but with joedi everything is a joke. hey, can i just borrow some of your eggs? okay. >> when did it go to a serious plan that this was really going to happen?
10:32 am
>> you talked to your boyfriend at the time. >> yeah. i think jodi had suggested, and i willingly said yes but i had no idea what i was getting into. i didn't even know what ivf was. i said yes. she sent me information in the mail. >> it was 13 years ago. >> right. so it was new then pretty much. wasn't it? was it a good experience for you or was there a moment when you're going "i love my sister. i love my sister. that's why i'm doing this. i love my sister." what was your experience? >> it was pretty smooth. i got a little sick in end but it was to her benefit because it meant i made more eggs for her. yeah. it was actually very easy. she definitely got the raw end of the deal here. i think i was done in about two months. >> what about returning the favor? how did that conversation come about? >> she was having her own problems. and i just felt like be i had to do this for her. i mean she had done so much for me already. here i have this beautiful son.
10:33 am
and she's having trouble having children. >> when did you learn about the fact that it was twins? >> i think i knew before she knew. >> oh you did? >> so i was -- right after the implant, about a week afterwards they draw levels. they draw blood levels. and i called in to find out if i was pregnant at all. and they made a comment, said -- it sounded like no. i said oh i am not pregnant. she said well no you're pregnant but the levels are really high. i might have multiples. >> what did you think when you heard that? >> oh my god! i feel so guilty! she's doing this for me and now to have twin pregnancy! >> how was your pregnancy? >> twras ait was a pretty good pregnancy. i swelled earlier than i did with the first one. i was so big. >> how big were you! >> i just kept thinking i can't
10:34 am
get any bigger than this. >> that's the way bobbie feels now. any woman that's gone through this knows that feeling. >> how old are the kids? >> jacob will be 13 in a couple of weeks. >> and my girls just turned 6. >> what do they know? >> jenny and teaguen have known from the beginning. i always wanted it to be a part of their narrative. didn't want a stigma attached. i was so proud of what jodi has done for me their baby album which they love to look at. >> you guys are amazing. thank you for coming to see us. >> i'm still crying! >> read more about the sisters' amazing story on up next -- thank you, jerry -- perceptions of plastic surgery. does going under the knife make you more or less likable. >> we'll talk to a grandmother who spends nine months a year alone in the arctic. all about her life below zero.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
according to the american society of plastic surgeons 15.11 million cosmetic surgery procedures are performed each year. >> we know that that can result in a more youthful appearance but now there is some proof it can also maybe, make you perceived as more likable. >> here to explain the results -- fascinating -- of that study, dr. michael riley, assistant professor of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at georgetown university
10:40 am
medical center. welcome to you. >> thank you very much. >> you've had some nice work done. you look darn good. >> not giving away any of my secrets. >> first you did this study yourself. right? what prompted you to do this first of all? >> well the main reason i did this was because i wanted to find out why people were having the results they were having after plastic surgery. a lot of it is good but as we all know we've seen people out on the street who just don't look that great. >> they've ruined their looks actually. >> we as plastic surgeons don't even have ways to measure those bad results or ways to discuss it. i wanted to devise a study that would allow us to assess greater changes that happen to people after plastic surgery. >> these results surprised us. >> you used just white women to control the study. >> i did. it was 30 white women operated by myself and steven davidson one of my colleagues. we had the patients assessed for a bunch of character traits. not just femininity but
10:41 am
attractiveness. likability femininity social schools, are they trust worthily. this was based on studies done in behavioral science literature that prove we judge these traits about patients all the time. >> look at before and after photos. two women who had facial plastic surgery. donna in her 50s. so after her surgery she was viewed as more likable. >> this particular patient -- yes. this is donna. she had an upper and lower eyelid surgery. she was perceived as more likable and more extroverted after surgery. in addition to being more feminine pandand attractive. this is not a radical change. she had the bags taken from under her eyes. >> she still has -- she changed her hair. i think that's the biggest thing. >> the hair is better. she had some skin removed from her upper eyelids basically making her eyes appear a lit more wider, a little more youthful. more likable. >> is she happy with the results?
10:42 am
>> she is fabulous. she actually talked about how much of a change this has made just for her daily life. >> next in her 60s barbara. >> barb had a lower eyelid lift and a facelift. in this particular example she -- as you can see, her eyes look a little bit wider but i think the biggest thing that happened to barb her cheek looks smoother. the area around the mouth and eye is where you can tell if someone looks more likable because they don't have the sired tired, sagginess. the jowls, as we age we look like angry face. >> yeah! because by then you are angry! a lot of stuff's happened. >> don't tell me. >> now when someone walks in oto your office and say they think they need plastic surgery, do you ever say, you don't need it? >> absolutely. i do reconstruct you have
10:43 am
surgery for cancer patients but i want to make sure what i do cosmetic surgery i do something good for the patient. that's what the study was about, what are we doing beyond just pulling the skin tighter? are we really helping someone out by making their jowls go away and what impact does that have on them down the road for the rest of their lives? >> do you see patients who come to you for reconstructive from bad surgeries from before? >> yes. we do. >> that's the biggest risk. people may hate what they've done to themselves. >> you are a delight. >> thanks so much. still to come, five lucky fans will win an amazing prize when we give it away. and what's it like to live in the arctic? listen to this -- in below zero temperatures. and alone. >> we're going to gipdfind out right after this. you've got some work to do! if you need me, i'll be cleaning the gutters. today, the house won't know what hit it. show the garage who's boss. check. put a new shine on the family wheels. check. tame the jungle you call a yard. check.
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national geographic channel's "life below zero"
10:49 am
follows sue akins who lives 197 miles north -- north -- the wrong direction -- of the arctic circle. 500 miles from the nearest city and 80 miles from the closest road. she is the warden of a river camp and base for hunting groups that she calls her home. when the freeze be winter comes, you know what she does? she stays an lives all alone there. we are so lucky to have you joining us now. you are an amazing woman. she doesn't even use face cream! she has the most buttery hands for someone who lives that much north of the arctic. tell us why you don't. >> why i don't use products? number one the store is 500 miles away. i have to pay somebody else to shop for it then fly it up. >> just for that jar of cream. >> most expeditors are men and you say get me some cream, you may get a whole different kind
10:50 am
of product than you planned on. >> so you chose this life. and you said ever since you were a little girl when people asked you what you wanted to be you said -- >> i said light housekeeper keeplighthouse keeper. in the late '50s early '60s you were supposed to say mother. >> there's something so romantic about a light house. >> i'm after the seclusion. i crack myself up. i don't mind hanging with myself. so the isolationist lifestyle works for me. >> but if you're comfortable for people like me and hoda -- >> yeah but i know there is an exit strategy. >> these are timed events. >> you've got that in common with her. >> i like that too, i like to know i can get out. >> you guys are kindred souls. >> you are obviously by yourself when bad things happen as well.
10:51 am
>> it is the yin and yang of it. it is a very positive thing for me to do the isolation, but when something major happens -- >> what happened with the bear? tell us. >> the really short synopsis? i call did an alpha push. there was a juvenile male bear. he was too young. the chicks didn't dig him yet. he didn't have any alpha territory. he had been burying a karacaribou on my territory every night. i'd dig it up and send it down river. he was getting upset. i knew sooner or later it would come to a head. i wanted to get another set of water before it froze up solid. and i don't want to go into too much detail. i look for him. i had to use two hands to put the pump in the river. i didn't see him. put the rifle down. he was hiding. they're so intelligent. he snatched me up drug me into the tundra. you can still feel where his
10:52 am
teeth went into my head. i had to -- after he was down had it been a sow or older bear i wouldn't be here. one of the steps in becoming an alpha bear you subjugate somebody. i tried to call for help, sewed together the head and arm. i had to get that bear before he came back because i knew i wouldn't be walking long. found him, shot him. gps'd it for whatever reason. don't know why i did that. but legs gave back out in the river. i drug myself to the camp. waited ten days for somebody to find me. >> okay. my god. >>nd a you think you have problems. unbelievable. they can see -- no more complaining, hoda. about anything! >> you are tops.
10:53 am
>> we love you. >> thanks. >> there's the exit. up next we'll pick our lucky winners and "give it away." but first -- >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
it is time for klg and hoda "give it away." every friday five lucky viewers win a special prize. >> almost 10,000 of you entered this week. this week's prize is a -- nealy nealypisnealyp bistro set. it is available in red, black and white. >> the entire look retails for $405 and is available at your local pier i import store or where you'll also find
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endless decor possibilities. >> we're going to give it a spin! come on. get in there. get involved. >> you go first. >> the first one is -- tony lopez from st. louis, missouri. >> all right. and then number two -- joy rodden, new richmond ohio. >> this is debbie nowzer donnelly idaho. >> here we go. marsha witters from lancaster, pennsylvania. >> last one is ruth newbauer ember grove heights, minnesota. >> congratulations to all of our winners. if you didn't get lucky, please enter again for next week's prize. >> for complete rules go to our facebook k lchlt gchlt and hoe da kotg and hoda kot
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11:00 am
this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> at 11:00, we're tracking storms that led to potential, possibly severe weather. live look at radar showing the system that is heading our way. we have issued a first alert for today because parts of our area could see the same kind of dangerous weather later today that ripped through the midwest. and here is a look at the damage left behind after a tornado hit the town of fairdale illinois 15 to 20 houses in that town were swept right off of their foundations last night. many more were damaged. a woman was found dead inside her home and at least 11 people were injured in this storm. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the storm as it is headed our way. >> you can


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