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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. >> right now on nbc news today we're on the scene of breking news in west filled. we saw them haul a suspect out of the building and put them in this police van. we are learning more about what sparked the situation and how it's been resolved. we're also following new investigation into a government mess in a delaware community. and i it's a mild start to your work week. a live look at the philadelphia skyline across the area. this is "nbc 10 news" this week on this monday. i'm chris cato.
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after a beautiful sunday we begin with meteorologist bill henley. yesterday was a winner. >> it sure was. it will be a marvelous monday, too. lots of sunshine. and a nice warmup maybe warmer than yesterday. news view along center city. there's a little bit of a chill in the air. 44 at nbc. 41 at pottstown. 40s around millville and allentown. with sunshine they'll be coming right back up. just a few high clouds around. 46 degrees by 6:00. by 9:00 middle 50s and still climbing at lunchtime today. your hour-by-hour forecast we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back at 10. now your morning track, katy zachary. >> good morning, bill. very few cars on the entire stretch i-75. 9 5 or 76.
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some of our typical trouble spots as we get into the morning, 95 will take you 13 minutes to go south between wood haven and the vine. on 76 13 minutes. moving into new jersey right now, a live look at your drive times on the 42 freeway. it will take but five minutes to go north between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. in west filled a man suspected of an overnight assault has just been taken into custody after a standoff with the police. jesse gary is live. you saw moments ago i guess this is a man they were talking to there that was hauled off by police there, right? >> reporter: that's right, chris. they put him in the back of a philadelphia van and put him
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into custody. chief inspector small is here. tell me how this all came about. i understand he met a woman at a bar, came back to the residence and what happened from there? >> the female stated that this male that she had met earlier in the night at the bar sexually assaulted her, threatened her with a gun and went in her purse and stole about $20 cash. she called 911. when the police arrived she pointed out the condominium where the female stated this male was living. police knocked on the door he refused to answer but we could see through the window he was inside the property. due to the fact that this female said he was armed with a gun, threatened her with a gun and sexually assaulted her. police contained the front and back and notified s.w.a.t. she called the cell phone number which she gave and they
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surrounded her. >> reporter: did they go knock on the door and use the bull horn or how did this happen? >> yes. we were knocking on the door yelling his first name using the bull horn. we were using the cell phone number although he never answered the cell phone. after several minutes the male finally answered the door and surrendered to police so he is going to be transported to the special victim's unit where he will be interviewed. the 34-year-old female victim she has been transported to special victim's where she is being interviewed. right now we have a sexual assault and a robbery and a simple assault due to the fact that this suspect supposedly pointed a weapon at this female and threatened her. >> reporter: chief inspector, thank you very much. i know you're busy and it's a fluid situation. i appreciate your time. the gentleman is headed to special victim's in custody. we'll stay on this story coming up in the next 30 minutes. live on the story, jesse gary
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"nbc 10 news." now to local chaos in kol colwyn. it's part of what the mayor called a crisis over colwyn's crisis. we saw paula brown fired. she showed up last friday morning and she plans to show up for work again this morning, right? >> reporter: that is correct, chris. there is a special meeting tonight to discuss the fate of paula brown. you might remember on thursday night council members voted to fire her as a way to save money. brown called the action illegal and stayed in her office all night. she eventually left. the saga continued. after they brought documents out of the building questions about struggling finances continue to swirl. council manfred lescher have
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been telling vendors that the burrow can't pay bills. a local gas station stopped paying its bills. the burrow is under state supervision because of a million dollar short fall. there are questions about finances and mismanagement. we come back to burrow manager paula brown. she'll be back here later this morning. she will come to work and pack her belongings in the event that her firing becomes official if it isn't already. again, the questions remain as a result of what happened on thursday night and of course this is something we will continue to follow right here on "nbc 10." right now live in colywn i'm matt delucia. later this morning we may learn why the philadelphia woman who's accused of abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods will be charged. she'll be extradited as early as
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today. she dumped her 21-year-old disabled son in the woods leaving him with a blanket and a bible. her son laid there for five days until someone found him. >> i wouldn't label her a monster. i'd label her somebody who was highly strained and made a very bad decision, very bad decision. >> police say they'll charge her with reckless assault. her son is recovering at children's hospital in philadelphia surrounded by family. happening today a judge in south carolina will decide what's next in the jeweler's row kidnapping case from philadelphia. "nbc 10's" tracy davidson is live in the digital operation center. we know one of the three men from a week ago. >> reporter: we do. a judge will hold an extradition hearing for kyrie day.
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now he and his attorney will find whether they'll fight extradition. gay and two other men abducted a woman on april 4th. they're accused of torturing and robbing the victim. a surveillance camera captures images of the van. they tried to get the woman to give them security codes from the jewelry store where she worked. when she refused because she didn't know them police say the men beat and tasered her and dumped her in a cemetery in darby in shackles. live in the digital operation center tracy davidson "nbc 10 news." police in cumberland county continue to investigate a shooting outside of a bar. a fight broke out that led to a shooting outside the bar killing one man and wounding another. and the trial will continue
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today for six former philadelphia narcotics officers who are accused of kidnapping and stealing from suspects. investigators say over six years they used their position to rob suspected drug dealers. the corruption trial is expected to last months. the city has paid out more than $750,000 to settle lawsuits in cases involving the former officers. in north jersey opening statements are set to begin today. they're accused of abusing their three adopted children. the judge declared a mistrial when the prosecutor mentioned the death of one of their children. they're not directly charged with that child's death. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning. coming up on 10 minutes after 4, the temperatures they're
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falling. there are a few high clouds starting to move into this picture. looking across the delaware, absolutely dry this morning. you won't need your rain gear but you'll need your jacket first thing this morning. allentown, millville, 38 degrees. it stays completely dry today but showers are in our near future. you can see some of them off to the north and west. first alert radar, those will steer clear of us. there are high clouds moving all through with the showers and warm air surging into the area during the day today. these first clouds, they'll be moving out and sunshine will be bright this afternoon leading to a pretty good warmup and a pretty good breeze coming out of the south. that's part of what's going to help us warm up. 10:00 we'll be in the low 60s in philadelphia. up to 60 degrees in allentown and upper 50s in millville. the chill will quickly disappear with clouds out of here this
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afternoon. look at the temperatures. 73 degrees, philadelphia. 70s for trenton, wilmington and allentown. the forecast for today, calling for lots of sunshine. afternoon breeze will be picking up. south southwesterly winds to 18 miles an hour. 70s this afternoon. but there's some cooler weather and damp weather ahead. the weekend forecast back in 10. let's hope the damp wet weather isn't part of the forecast. 11 minutes after 4 and it's time to see how the roads are shaping up. "nbc 10" katy zachry there. any news? >> i am trying to find out about an accident between a car and a septa bus. very few cars on the road. typical of this kind of morning. no accidents to report on the entire stretch route 1 in bucs county. drive times in delaware between
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295 and 495 it will take you ten minutes to go both north and south on 95 between those routes. things in delaware. i need to update this ben franklin bridge. looking good. betsy ross and walt whitman looking good. >> a busy morning shaping up. thank you katy. a fiery plane crash in florida, they're trying to figure out why it went down and who was on board. another republican going to throw his name into the race following a long awaited announcement on the democratic side.
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a deadly crash at disnghi world. a lamborghini crashed into a guardrail killing the passenger and injuring the driver. it is an event at that allows visitors to drive vehicles. the passenger was a 46-year-old man from florida. in florida four people died when the plane crashed near the fort lauderdale executive airport. the plane took off from orlando and tried to make an emergency landing. it's unclear what went wrong. the crash is under investigation. and we have an update on the fishing boat that ran aground last week in ocean county. the 77 foot "captain gavin" is now free. a tugboat helped return the beach boat to the water late saturday night. it was carrying 600 pounds of scallops when it ran aground. now to decision 2016. republican senator marco rubio is expected to enter the
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presidential race today. he will make an announcement in his hometown of miami. key party helped elect rubio in 2010. his parents left cuba in the 19 20z 20s. now on the democratic side hillary clinton of course made her run for the white house official with a tweet and a video. >> i'm running for president. the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. every day americans need a dhoin and i want to be that champion. >> clinton used that video to announce her second bid for the white house. she'll tackle economic inequality as president. clinton's first campaign stop this week will be iowa a state she lost in 2008.
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we've got women's reaction to the announcement. >> i don't think there could be a better representative for female representative. i feel she's too middle road. >> she cares about family, she cares about the economy, she cares about women. i think that's a good thing. >> keep up with our domestic policy and she was good as secretary of state. it would be even better if she became president. >> what about new jersey governor chris christie. he is still undecided about running for president. a recent nbc news poll though found that only 32% of republicans could see themselves supporting christie. he was one of the rising stars before the new jersey jam bridge broke. the investigation centers on
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lane closures on the new york bridge. candidates in the race for philadelphia mayor are coming off of a busy weekend. a diverse audience heard the candidates news on current issues and what each would bring to the city in coming years. we're counting down to some important dates on the "nbc 10" election calendar here. tuesday, may 19th is the primary and tuesday, november 3rd voters will head to the polls. today marks the beginning of a new and improved 59th street transportation center in philadelphia. septa will break ground on the terminal. their goal is to break ground and make the terminal more efficient. renovation should be complete by november. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> getting a pretty pleasant start this morning. a little bit of chilly in the air, a little bit of chill in the air. that will disappear with bright sunshine. right now 45 degrees. the wind is calm. that's part of why the temperatures have come down so nicely. bright sunshine at the shore and a quick warmup today on our way to the 70s but right now most of the area in the 40s. williamstown pottstown and doylestown all near 40 degrees this morning. camden is 43. hat ten field is 39 degrees. radar is completely dry. no sign of showers today. tomorrow a different story. look at the line of showers and thunderstorms moving into chicago and the midwest. that's a possibility for us. showers tomorrow afternoon. by the time we get to the weekend looking at sunshine, 70 degrees on saturday and a little bit cooler on sunday up to 63 with the wind blowing. on track for another nice weekend this week. seven day forecast is coming up
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in the next half hour. bill, sounds good. 19 minutes after 4:00 now. we have news to tell you about on the reads this morning. there's been a couple of accidents. "nbc 10's" katy zachry has the information for us. >> we're trying to get exact information from the scene. more details coming up. 476 at macdade boulevard. very little volume along 476. 78, 309 and 422 look great if you're heading to the poconos or lehigh valley. 295 and 42 look good. taking an early look at mass transit, septa, river line and patco all running on or near
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schedule. another security scare at the white house. this one prompted by a preschooler. plus a real life spider man pulls off a thrilling stunt. how he managed this high rise fete coming up. remembering a legend in the philadelphia sports world. how familiar ily and friends are saying good-bye to stan hochman.
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a 4-year-old caused a security scare at the white house. the child crawled under a bike rack. secret service agents rushed to the grounds and found the 4-year-old. the mom and dad probably had a long talk with the 4-year-old. congress will be getting
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back to work following a spring recess. they plan to discuss president obama's recent actions. they want to normalize relations with cuba and they are demanding a more active role in the nuclear negotiations with iran. they're working on closing a big gap between amtrak and first responders. at 30th street in philadelphia casey will call on the fcc to allow the police access to the same frequency that the fcc uses. they made that request earlier and now they have not reacted. now to the story for a final good-bye for a local man, stan hochman. he covered sports for "the daily news" for more than a half a century. he was inducted into the sports hall of fame in 1988 and he was
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a regular guest on sports update. >> i think because we have a knowledgeable fan base is because they have 55 years ever reading stan hochman. water is flowing again to about 100 customers montgomery county who were without service for hours. aqua america says a 10 inch main broke. crews replaced that main and service was back on a few hours later. a prince daredevil is being called a real life daredevil. he kraldcrawled this building around dubai. he does this without any safety equipment. he climbed the 75 foot tower in
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dubai. staying true to form, he did it without a harness. ♪ ♪ >> good music, good weather, really good food. it all added up to a great day in manayunk. this was the manayunk street food festival. an estimated 35,000 came out for that gourmet food truck fare. the simple to the sophisticated were featured. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. bit of a chill in the air this morning. a few high clouds overhead but it is dry. right now 44 degrees at 4:26 in philadelphia. katy zachry is in our traffic center. >> things are looking good on 76. headlights out there but no significant volume or accidents
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to report. i have an accident with a septa bus. details coming up. plus the war of words over financial woes. why is the fired burrow manager coming back to work today. we'll have a live look in kol win when we come back.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. >> we're following that breaking news out of west philadelphia where police just arrested a sexual assault suspect after a standoff. we have a live report coming up. this morning we're following another day of drama in a delaware county burrow struggle with economic struggle. what's ahead for colwyn's burrow
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crown council and a fired worker. another warm day ahead. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. how about that sunshine today? >> beautiful. >> good stuff. meteorologist bill henley is standing by. bill, any sunshine breaking through at 4:30 this morning. it's sunny somewhere, just not here. not at this hour. 44 degrees here at "nbc 10." clear skies. this is live view from center city. clear skies. the temperatures have come down. now there are a few high clouds that have started to move in. it will likely not get much chillier than it is now. cool at 41 on pottstown, wrightsville. north philadelphia airport 45 degrees. 46 in rocks borrow and 48 in north philadelphia. sunshine, few high clouds. temperatures climbing nicely. middle 40s at 6:00. 9:00 in the


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