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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  April 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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reward in hate and run accident involving a mother and her toddler. we learned the 2-year-old boy was hit monday night and died from his injuries. family members and police are continuing their search for the driver. matt is live for us at the accident investigation district in north philadelphia. what have you learned in the past few hours? >> reporter: police tell us that the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of that driver has increased from 10,000 to $20,000. multiple sources confirm that 2-year-old died at 1:38 this
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morning at st. christopher's hospital. he had been declared brain dead shortly after he was hit while walking with his mother near a playground. that happened on the 2700 block of mascher street. the 19-year-old mother is recovering but at this point police have not made any arrests or identified who was driving the car seen on surveillance video. i got new details from a police source a more narrow description of the vehicle. a 2006 to 2008 model white infinity m series. witnesses on scene reported seeing two men in the car but beyond that there's no firm lead. i've been talking with family spokesperson this morning that says that david's family is thankful the reward has been doubled this morning. they hope it might encourage somebody to come forward with new information to try to get some justice for their 2-year-old boy who died earlier this morning. live at the accident
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investigation district i'm many, a, the, t matt delucia. police are still processing the car involved for evidence. they say they will ask the driver to turn herself in. so far they have not asked. the lawyer for the driver said the police told -- that she told police where to find her vehicle and handed over the keys. a tour bus carrying members of the country group lady antebellum caught fire. one of the buses blew a tire. they were on their way from nashville to texas. lady antebellum is known nor songs i need you now and run to
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you. everyone is safe and sound after the fire. of course stay with nbc 10 and our nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. a school bus collided with an suv in camden county this morning. the accident happened just after 7:30. sky four 10 over that scene. students on the bus attend camden county technical school. three school buses and a dump truck collided near lincoln. these are pictures from the intersection of dupont and fitzgerald road. no one was hurt. one bus driver was treated for minor injuries. none of the students were hurt. state police are investigating the crash. if you liked yesterday's
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weather you're really going to love being outside today. it's a little cooler and windy at the shore. still, wonderful weather as we take a look at new jersey. britney shipp is here with our forecast. >> 60 in pottstown. 64 in millville. if you take a look at atlantic city 59 degrees. still in the 50s. over the next eight hours we'll be at 66 degrees. by 4:00 p.m. 69 and temperatures by 7:00 p.m. at 65 degrees. it's going to be a nice comfortable day for us. once again temperatures staying above average with plenty of sunshine expected to continue today. i'm tracking changes as we head into tomorrow. by time you wake up you head to work tomorrow. we're going to see a bit of light rain starting to move in.
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this won't be until the early morning hours. that's when you'll notice the light rain starting to move through. this will continue on and off throughout the day. the good news is it will be clearing out of here as we head into friday evening. your friday night plans should be on the safe side. a weekend beauty and i'm tracking more rain. i'll go over the details and what you can expect as we get closer the your weekend. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. police arrested to robbery suspect who is led them on a chase through northeast philadelphia overnight. you're looking at the car police say the suspects tried to get away in. police say the suspects pulled several armed robberies yesterday mostly in the bustleton neighborhood. the robbers ditched car on nester street. delaware state police are investigating a deadly accident in newark. authorities say car was going
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the wrong way on interstate 95 when it crashed into a tractor trailer. this happened at 2:00 this morning. the driver died and an autopsy will be performed. the tractor trailer driver was taken to the hospital with injuries. he's expected to survive. another car hit debris but the driver was not hurt. in atlantic county the accident investigation continues in the case of a driver who struck and killed a pedestrian there. sky 4 ten threw over the scene. crews shut down the highway for a time. no word if police will file charges. police are investigating a deadly car crash in bucks county. authorities tell us man lost control of his car at route 413 and lower mountain road in buck bucking bucking
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buckingham township. it ended up in a group of trees fp drive r died at the scene. this morning police are working to get to the bottom of a suspicious death near philadelphia international. firefighters got call about a car on fire yesterday afternoon on fort mifflin road. they found the charred body of man in the driver seat. they also found an empty gas can in truck. the tags on the car are connected with an address in south philadelphia. also today, jury deliberations are under way in the etan patz murder case. he con fezzed edfessed to killing the 6-year-old boy who vanished. advertise lawyers said he made up the confession the prosecutors said the man is on trial -- the right man is on trial. we have new information on the chaos in colwyn. council filed paula brown citing
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a need to cut spending. council president said a temporary manager will be brought in in 12 weeks to help train employees who will take over brown's duties. new information this morning, a 16-year-old girl has admitting to causing a deadly crash in north eastern pennsylvania that killed three bucks county teenagers. a judge will sentence the teen on three counts of homicide by vehicle for that crash that happened in wayne county back in september. the three teens killed attended council rock high school. three others were hurt in the accident. lehigh valley educators are authorized to go on strike after months of failed contract negotiations. teachers voted after the school board rejected their request to extend a deadline to vote on a contract proposal. if you live in philadelphia you may soon be getting a property tax notice.
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the city mails out reassessments yesterday. they will have lower assessments than last year. more than 58,000 property assessments are going up. today marks the start of a project to restore oyster beds. they plan to build snail shells. they will place baby oysters on the wreath. up with of the best ways to boost habitat for oyster and other shellfish in the bay. 101 and the conversation far from dull. >> you have to earn it. >> does he want to be president? conversation with the governor about politics health and what he's saying about running for
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president this 2016. a tiny aircraft raise a big red flag in our nation's capitol. new information on a postal worker stunt that breached one of the most secure areas in the world. it will be nice again today but i'm tracking rain. that's all coming up after the break.
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will he other won't he? new jersey governor chris
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christie still isn't saying whether he'll run for president in 2016. he was asked about it this morning in a one-on-one interview. >> it seems like forever we've been talking about the potential of you running for president. >> me too. >> now things have changed. you have a got a political team in place. you've got a pac that's up and running. you're here in new hampshire and you'll be here again later in the week. what are you waiting for? >> i've got day job to do which is really important in new jersey as the governor. we're still going through the really personal part of this decision. with me and the family. you do that. you don't rush that decision. you do that in the time it takes. >> i've known you for a long time and there isn't one way you can give to me you haven't already made the decision. it's just a question of you not announcing the decision. >> why should i try to convince you if that's what you think. it's the true.
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it's the absolute truth we have not made this decision. >> we could be talking during a week where indictments could be handed down in what's known as bridge gate. while nobody thinks you'll be indicted, some of your close add visors of the past could be. how much has bridgegate tarnished you? >> i don't think anybody likes to have something like that happen on their watch. it's no question it affects you. in part because it was bad thing that happened but also because of the incredible coverage that it got. >> let's talk about some numbers. >> prior to bridgegate your national popularity somewhere in the high 40s. afterbridgegate about 28%. in new jersey, prior the bridgegate in the upper 60s. after bridge gate 35%. that's a big hit. >> if they played as many
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negative things about you as was played about me it's going to affect anybody. that's in the past. poll numbers go up and down based upon your performance. i'm far, far from finished with my career. you have the chance go back up again. >> in the big picture there was a time when people talked about 2016 all the buzz on the republican side was about you. >> yeah. >> is it possible that while you were dealing, and i don't want to call them distractions because that makes them sound trivial, that your moment passed? >> i don't know and neither do you. we'll see. i've been the front-runner before. it's place where the bulls eye is on your back and everybody is shooting at you. that's okay. i'm fine with where i am now because i haven't changed. all that other stuff is artificial until the begin begins. >> i want to end this with five questions. i want you to complete the
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sentences for me. president obama made my country. >> weaker. >> in 2017 obama care will be. >> repeal and replaced. >> in 2017 gay marriage will be. >> decided by the u.s. supreme court, i suspect. >> which way? >> don't know. >> in 2017 common core will be. >> probably no longer a factor in american life. >> last one, in 2017 my work address will be. >> we'll see. i don't know. i don't know. >> what do you want it to be? >> i'm going to make that decision in next couple of months. i'll tell you this folks up there know me pretty well. if i decide i want to do this, i'm going to do it honestly and go at it as hard as i can.
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i will never give up who i am because that's the thing that stays with you forever. >> matt asked governor christie about his health and weight you'll hear what he had to say about that. robert mendez is expected to be in court in a separate case. he's been behind bars since then. his lawyers are pushing for his release. he denied allegations he accepted nearly a million dollars in exchange for political favors. a new poll released this morning shows a majority of new jersey voters think senator robert menendez should resign. more than half the polls say she should not resign and is not trustworthy. 80% say what he did is illegal or unethical.
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good morning. you're taking a live look outside. you can see the flags are blowing. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head into the rest of the day. beautiful conditions expected for us. we're staying nice and dry on the thursday. as we head into tomorrow i amtrakingam tracking big changes. it's not going to be heavy downpours but you want to keep your umbrella heavy as we head into the end of the workweek. beautiful conditions for us. our first headline is the rain i'm tracking as we head into tomorrow. we stay nice and mild above average and a weekend beauty. we'll stay dry on saturday and sunday. for philadelphia right now 61 degrees a mix of sun and clouds. still dry out with our humidity down to about 27%. our microclimate current shows in the poconos we're at 54 degrees with plenty of sunshine
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and 59 closer to the shore. breezy conditions for us today as well. around the rest of the region we're at 62 degrees in redding. 60 in pottstown. 63 in blue bell. temperatures at 61 in wilmington. closer to the shore we're at 53 at beach haven. 60 in dover. temperatures will place close to 70 degrees today. it's going to be a beautiful day. we're seeing mainly sunny skies. as we push into our overnight hours the clouds will increase. by tomorrow morning you could see slick roads out there. it's going to be steady for a few showers here. we'll see break around lunchtime. another round of light showers. you'll notice by 7:00 8:00, most of the rain is out of here. if you plan ongoing out to dinner you should be on the safe side. as we push into saturday morning
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we'll see sunshine returning which is nice. it's perfect for warm up with our temperatures pushing into the mid-70s on saturday. we'll drop down a bit but we'll stay dry. notice we're staying well above average as we head into the next few days. highs attemperatures in philadelphia pushing to 70 degrees. 66 in chester. 67 in wilmington. a little bit cooler at the shore. close to 70 degrees for philadelphia. our temperatures will range between 68 and 71. most slinny skies expected for us today which will be nice. seven-day forecast shows we'll see warmer weather as we push into the weekend. we have to get through the scattered showers as we head into tomorrow and then another chance of rain on monday. even the possibility of thunderstorms and temperatures dropping back down into the low 60s by monday.
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thank you. next, how long experts say you should wait between kids and later why a hollywood heavy weight took action to stop hundreds of wartime artifacts from going on the auction block in new jersey.
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declare the outbreak over
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tomorrow if no new cases pop up. measles cases linked to the theme park began last december. the disease spread to several other states. the outbreak reignited a national debate about vaccinations since many who fell ill were not immunized. african-american men who are obese have a significantly higher chance of developing prostate cancer. that was the finding of a new study that looked at how race and obesity affect prostate cancer risk. obese white men had a lower risk. researchers aren't sure why weight has more of an affect on african-american men's risk. people who snore may experience age related memorialy loss earlier than others. cognitive decline about ten years earlier.
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memory loss was delayed about ten years when treated with a c-pap machine. the new study suggests breast-feeding could help new moms quit smoking. 70% of the women who quit smoking during pregnancy relapse within a year. women who breast-fed for three months were less likely to resume. experts say smoking after whield bit can have harmful affects on baby who may be exposed to secondhand smoke. another study suggests women may be having their children too close together. experts say mom should wait 18 months to give their bodies time to recover and increase the chances the next chance will be full term. researchers found about a third of women became pregnant again sooner than later. we're following breaking news this morning. a tour bus carrying members of the group lady antebellum caught
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on fire. we'll tell you who was on the bus, how they're doing and what caused this fire. with the warmer weather comes the pesky, sometimes disease carrying mosquitos. see how these fish are cutting down on the number of those little blood suckers, at least in one area.
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♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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just about 11:30 checking out our top stories a reward in hit and run accident involving a mother and her toddler is up to $20,000. we learned overnight the 2-year-old boy died from his injuries. the pair was hit monday night. police are still searching for the driver. a school bus collided this morning. it happened after 7:30.
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the students on the bus go to camden county technical school. new jersey governor chris christie said he hasn't made a decision to run for president. he did sit down in a one-on-one interview. we'll have more in a few minutes. we're following breaking inging news out of texas. this tour bus was carrying members of the hit country group lady antebellum. this is video from more than an hour ago just outside of dallas. one of the bus's tires blew a tire. that led to the fire. the passengers were on their way from nashville to texas ahead of this sunday's academy of country music awards. lay lady antebellum is known for
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songs i need you now and run to you. singer hillary scott said everyone is safe and sound after the fire. stay with nbc 10 for updates on this breaking news. we take a live look at philadelphia's iconic boat house row. what a nice day? >> what a nice day. if you're going to have a repeat these are the types of days we want to see. we're seeing a few clouds pushing in from the west. temperatures staying well above average for us. i am tracking changes as we head into tomorrow. as we approach friday morning that's when we'll see more changes. you'll be dealing with light rainfall here. throughout most of the area we could see pockets of a moderate rainfall.
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as we continue to progress the model closer to lunchtime we'll see the showers tapering off and then we'll see another round as we head into the evening hours. most of the showers should clear out as you head out for dinner time friday night. current temperatures 56 degrees. 61 here in trenton. temperatures in philadelphia in the low 60s. same thing in wilmington. our highs around the area today will be nice and warm. 66 degrees in quaker town. we'll see temperatures warming to 67 for wilmington. coming up i'm talk about the rain that's going to return for the end of your workweek. a weekend beauty. beautiful conditions saturday and sunday. i'll go over the details in my seven-day forecast. we're learning more about the arizona police officer seen on dash cam camera running down a suspect. before moving to arizona he
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worked for the new york city police department. while there he was at the center of lawsuit. in 200 r5 02005 the plaintiff claimed he pointed his gun at him and ordered him to get back into the car. the officer threatened to shoot him and choked him. the officer's defense team denied the allegation but admitted he pointed a gun and ordered the man back in the car. the city did pay the plaintiff $20,000. an armed robbery suspect was shot and killed after fighting with police overnight. the man tried to rob the woman at the supermarket a few hours earlier. the university police officer was hurt in the fight. his injuries aren't considered life threatening. a postal worker who flew a mini helicopter to the capitol is expected to make an appearance in court this afternoon. the man has been planning the
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stunt for more than a year. >> one of the challenges here is we're open to the public. >> reporter: the gyrocopter landed on the west lawn nearly undetected. florida letter carrier was arrested for an act of civil dis diso bead yens. >> i'm going to have 535 letters and those letters will be addressed to every member of congress. >> reporter: he was outspoken about his plan and was questioned by secret service agents in the past. >> they express his platform on campaign finance reform. it's bothered him for years and years that corporations can buy politicians. i think they might get the message. >> reporter: he took off from gettysburg pennsylvania.
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>> he's a very very very very good guy but very committed to the concept of democracy and capitalism. >> reporter: the area around the capital has a strict no-fly zone. now lawmakers want to know how the postal worker was able to get so far. he's expected to face a judge later today. he's facing several charges under title 49. those are laws governing transportation. right now president obama is welcoming the wounded warrior project's 8th annual soldier ride to the white house. he's there with the vice president. a live look at the event. they are slapping fives to the riders. they are riding to raise awareness about bicycle rehab for wounded warriors. this morning a marine helicopter is back on base after it made an emergency landing on
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california beach. the chopper set down yesterday. crew members were taking part in routine training when the chopper received a low pressure warning. that's why they brought the chopper down. no one was hurt. near san diego two army national guard reservists face a court hearing today on federal gun charges. the two are accused of selling assault weapons and ammunition to an agent posing as a member of a mexican drug cartel. you're looking at a neighbor's cell phone video of the sting operation in suburban san diego. they sold ammunition and body armor to the undercover agent. video shows police officers in ft. worth, texas from rescuing family from a burning home. they noticed heavy smoke coming from the home. the video shows one of the officers kicking down the front door and then man and a woman rush out to safety.
11:37 am
an officer also helped rescue the family's dog. investigators say the fire started in the home's electrical box. a georgia mother of five is accused of playing naked twister with her daughter's friends and have sex with two of the teens. she faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of minors. she told her sponsor she let the teens drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. she said she lost custody of her children because of the party. new jersey governor chris christie is making the rounds as a possible presidential candidate and as we showed you earlier, he sat down with matt lauer to talk about his political future. matt talked to him about a personal injury his weight loss surgery. >> how are you feel something. >> i feel great. it's the best thing i've ever done for my health.
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i look back on it now and wish i had done it years ago. i wasn't ready to do it. you have to really be really mentally. it's a lot of hard work. >> you can watch more of the intervie right now on the nbc 10 news app. the search for malaysia airline flight 370 that vanished more than a year ago could be expanding. searchers will start covering a wider area of the indian ocean if the jet liner is not found in the next month. malaysia australia and china are leading the search for the boeing triple 7. the plane was carrying 239 people on the flight. today marks one year since the deadly ferry disaster in south korea. this morning people came together at a memorial for the more than 300 people who died. most of the victims were students. the ferry capsized in april 16th of last year. investigators say it was
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overcrowded. the court sentenced 15 crew members to serve prison time in connection with the tragedy. israel is marking its annual holocaust memorial day today. in tel aviv people came to a stand still as sirens pierced the air. it's to remember the six million jews killed. israel's president an prime minister participated in a ceremony at the country's official holocaust memorial site. the vatican says it's ended its takeover of a group of nuns. they made the announcement earlier today. it started three years ago in 2012 when the vatican accused the group of taking the position that undermine catholic teachings. this signals a major shift in tone and treatment of sisters
11:40 am
under u.s. pope francis. auctions in lambertville we draw the artifacts. the 450 items capture life in world war ii. a time when japanese americans were imprisoned. >> i spoke with george takkei's people as well. i would say a combination led us to the decision let's find another way to do this. >> rago auctions plans tworko work with the owners of the artifacts to find a permanent home. time magazine released its most influential people in the world.
11:41 am
bradley cooper is on the cover. received and then forgotten. do you still have a handful of gift cards. why now is the time to dust them off and use them. tracking plenty of sunshine today but we are tracking rain as we head into the end of your workweek. i also have a great looking weekend forecast. i'll go over the details.
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more than 1300 reports of problems including one person who had a minor injury. if you have one stop using it and return it immediately for a full return. you may have forgotten about the gift cards that you got over the holidays. experts say you should be using they will now especially at the stores in question are in financial trouble. bob hanson tells us more. >> reporter: gift cards are popular every holiday season. they make an easy gift to buy and a fun win to spend the too often they are forgotten. >> the longer you hold onto a card, the more likely you are to forget you have it. >> reporter: shelly hunter calls
11:45 am
herself the gift card girlfriend and is a spokesperson for gift she says not only do they get lost but sometimes they lose their value. >> we have pretty good consumer laws that make sure stores don't expire them or have fees. if a store goes out of business the rules change. >> reporter: if gift cards are often worstless. that's the case with millions of dollars from radio shack. >> you know it's having financial trouble the urgency is greater. >> reporter: scam artist vs been going after gift cards. take precaution. >> inspection the packagpackaging. buy from the middle of the rack
11:46 am
or the back instead of front where the thieves have less likely to have tampered with those. >> reporter: she said she's a big fan of gift cards but don't let them gather dust. >> if you have a gift card from the holidays and you haven't used it you should be using it by now. >> that was nbc bob hanson reporting. it's an event that will tempt your taste buds. hundreds will gather to indulge of the flavors of the philadelphia. thank you very much for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> let's start with you ivory. tell me about this event and what it does. >> it's a wonderful event. we're coming up on our 11th anniversary anniversary. there's three course dinner, table size with wine pairing.
11:47 am
it's a lot of fun. they get to interact with their guests and enjoy the cuisine from each of the different chefs. >> let me ask you more about the american liver foundation. we hear about the american heart foundation but tell me more about what kind of work you do. >> there's 30 million americans with live disease. this is very important for us. our goal is to raise awareness and advocacy for the people. a lot of people only think liver disease has to do with alcohol or drug abuse and that's not the case. >> tell us about some of the samplings that you'll provide tonight and how you got involved. >> i got involved because i saw the work they were doing and the opportunity to give back to the
11:48 am
community. we like the opportunity to showcase what we do. some of the sampleingeingssamplings, we have homemade pasta that we'll be doing. some pickled vegetables. we're doing a hanger steak. >> how many restaurants are involved? >> we have 14 involved. >> good sampling of folks and good way to get involved. i know in is charity event but let people come and see and
11:49 am
sample your food. you think it's the best -- >> best italian restaurant in the city. i try to go once a week. happy hour is 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. krou you can't get that anywhere else in the city. >> the flavor of philadelphia is taking place at the loews hotel. it's from 6:00 to 10:00. tickets are still available. appreciate you coming the today. good luck. >> thank you. >> appreciate the support. we're going to see more sunshine. a few high thin clouds. i am tracking rain. with weekend looks beautiful. we'll stay dry and most of sunday. for philadelphia 61.
11:50 am
we'll see a bit more moisture moving. 62 degrees right now. atlantic city, plenty of sunshine. 63 in quaker town. 64 in coatsville. temperatures in blue bell at 63. 61 in wilmington. 61 in mount holly and right along the shore we're still in the 50s. it is beautiful out. satellite radar shows we're seeing a few high thin clouds moving in from the west. as we head into tomorrow that's when things will change. we'll see clouds increasing. by 6:00 a.m. we'll see a few slick roads out there. that's one thing to give you a little heads up on. nothing to really mess up your morning commute. heading into our 6:00 hour we'll see scattered showers throughout
11:51 am
the hour. after 7:00 8:00 we'll see clearing. your friday night dinner plans are safe. you'll notice by saturday we'll see clearing skies. we bump them up a bit. we'll push them to the 70s for philadelphia. same thing for pottstown and the mid-60s along the shore. temperatures will range between 68 and 71 degrees. we'll see the wind speed out of the southeast, 3 to 9 miles an hour. our seven-day forecast shows that as we head into today, temperatures at 70 degrees. we track the scattered showers that will affect your morning commute as we head into friday. by friday night you should be in the clear. 69 degrees will be your high. 77 degrees. plenty of shun shine and warm heading into sunday. 66. still above average. we head into monday we track another chance of rain and this time we could see thunderstorms.
11:52 am
it's kind of hard to figure out when you want to wash your car. go to saturday.
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11:54 am
happening this weekend the
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philthe phillie wine weekend. organizers are inviting people to come out saturday and sunday. there will be food and raffles. >> it would pair well with almost all the foods at ash burn alley like sausage and peppers. i think we hit a home run on this. >> i think he just talked brittney into going. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 michael douglas sits down with ellen. are voters getting an unfair shake on the jersey shore. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. time to get another look at final forecast. >> that's right. it's a nice forecast.
11:56 am
apart from the rain that's going to move in tomorrow but those will be light on and offer showers throughout the day. we'll see the rain in the area by your morning commute. 70 degrees today. just gorgeous and a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. we stay warm but we have to contend with the showers. plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures in the mid-70s. start making your plans to be outside. on sunday partly sunny. monday we track another round of rain, even the possibility of thunderstorms and we dry out nicely in time for the phillys to come back home. >> i get my free car wash monday. >> you get your free car wash. i'm going to pay for mine on saturday because i want the car to look nice. >> thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
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