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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  April 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a hit and run in pottstown, montgomery county. a police officer is in the hospital with injuries, expected to survive. this started around 9:00 when officers were pursuing a suspect, that suspect drove straight at the lower pottstown officer who was outside his car. the driver hit the officer then sped off. that person was later taken into custody. we have a crew on the way on the ground and will bring you knew information as we get it. got evening. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. a south jersey pastor arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl. police tell us the abuse went on for years. >> randy gyllenhaal is live at
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the church. what are people in the congregation saying? >> reporter: they cannot believe it. this church pastor has been a leader here for decades, according to the church website a war veteran, ordained bishop. but police have now charged him with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. >> up in the heavens i saw jesus standing! >> reporter: for over 30 years bishop james simmons jr. has been preaching at the new life in christ ministry the spiritual leader of the south jersey church. >> welcome anybody no judgment. >> reporter: which is why people here just can't believe the accusation. >> no, not at all. not at all. never got that impression never ever seen him do anything like that. >> reporter: franklintownship police arrested the pastor yesterday. he's accused of starting a sexual relationship with a teenage girl 17 years old. police are calling it abuse, saying it continued for four years.
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now police don't want to reveal much about the victim only saying that she was not affiliated with the church. right now they don't believe any of the abuse happened inside these walls. >> i don't think -- i don't think it's true. >> reporter: simmons posted $150,000 bail. but nobody answered at his home and his lawyers did not return calls for comment. churchgoers remain skeptical of the charges saying they want to hear from the pastor come sunday. >> he's a great man. he will help anybody, take the shirt off his back and give to it someone. >> reporter: went the last few minutes i was able to reach the bishop on the phone at his house. he did decline all comment. live in franklintownship new jersey randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. breaking news out of phoenix, arizona. five are dead in a home after a suspected fall hi dispute led to
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gunfire. the three men and two women are adults. another woman escaped told police it stemmed from a family fight. police are not looking for any suspects. philadelphia police are searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in kensington on monday. overnight we learned 2-year-old david alesea jr. died from his injuries. his mother josephine was carrying the child when they were hit by a white infinity m series sedan. the mother was released from the hospital but stayed with her son at st. christopher's until the end. relatives directed anger at the driver who never stopped. >> shame on you for just going right by here. hitting two innocent lives, taking one. and you're out there like nothing. >> family members tell us they hope the driver will surrender to police. here is a better look at the type of car police are looking for. it's a 2006 to 2008 white infinity m series sedan. philadelphia police say they
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will soon ask the driver suspected in another deadly hit and run to turn herself in. if not they say they'll go get her. 4-year-old abdul wilson was killed after he was hit by an souvenir 57th and litchfield on monday. philadelphia police now have in custody the black ford edge rental car seen in surveillance video. saved on septa, the heroic leap one man took after a passenger tumbled onto the tracks. septa released surveillance of the ordeal. the bottom left of your screen, a man is going to fall on the tracks right there. this is at the 15th street station. happened around 7:00 last night. while some passengers scattered a guy in an eagles jacket jumped down to grab the man. several others helped pull him out. >> this was a case where everybody almost in view jumped in and got involved. between running to the cashier hitting the emergency box, helping pull a man out, everybody got involved and that's great to see.
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>> septa says the man's okay. it's commending the good samaritans but the agency advises a safety route would be notifying s inging septa or using the emergency call box. the eagles' busiest offseason ever. and today another huge development, nbc 10 is now your official eagles station. >> come on. >> bringing you more coverage than you've ever seen before. bigger access better analysis the beginning of a new era for fans. >> you might be a lifelong eagles fan but you've never seen the birds like this before. a live look at lincoln financial field tonight. the calendar it says april, but with big plans happening for draft it's like football season's a couple of weeks away. >> keith jones gives us a glimpse of what's in store. >> this is one of the biggest moves of the offseason. that's saying something these days. fans we talked to in south
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philadelphia, they're excited. nbc 10 is your source now for unrivaled, unmatched, all-access coverage of the birds like you've never seen it before. big-time moves on and off the field. mccoy, macklin, foles. three top-selling jerrys. what the front office is calling the busiest offseason in eagles history. winds of change. nbc 10 is the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. we'll guide you to one of the most-anticipated seasons yet. unmatched, exclusive locker room access. >> we're in the nfl. know what i mean? to be a part of nbc, which is the leader of their industry it's a natural fit. >> reporter: for every preseason game nbc 10 will bring you a halftime and postgame show. here are the games you'll see only on nbc 10. the eagles at home against the colts and ravens. travel to wisconsin to plate graings and play the jets in new jersey. we'll kick off a season full of
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uncertainty. what question would you ask in my shoes? >> the coach, chip kelly, wow. putting me on the spot. >> there's a lot you'd ask him a lot. >> just to see if eagles move up to get mariota or not to see if sam bradford's going to be the quarterback. >> driving home the eagles' latest announcement. >> i'm new to florida. i like florida. but i always come back to my hometown. >> catching up with extended coverage? >> definitely, i always watch it. >> that's not all. this is the biggest offseason in team history. so everything's going to be paying attention to the nfl draft. it is just two weeks from today. what will chip kelly do? we'll take you live to the draft site in chicago and have expert analysis to break down what might happen in this year's draft. the draft day special airs thursday, april 30th 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. we have you covered after the draft.
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hear from the coach and some of the eagles' pick. post draft special, "eagles blueprint," airs sunday may 3rd, at 11:35 p.m. really exciting. before football there's the boys of summer. what a perfect night for baseball. >> tonight the blue rocks kicked off their season in wilmington. in february of team sold opening-night tickets for the price of the temperature that day. it was just 4 degrees. a lot of people here got their tickets for just 4 cents apiece. tonight fans got their first taste of the team's new sweeney dog, a hot dog with a sweet doughnut roll, bacon, jelly. >> that's quite a mixture. it's a mild spring night. >> tonight on first alert radar, rain moving in just in time for the morning commute. more details from sheena parveen. >> we have rain approaching, mainly our western counties. we'll be here for the morning hours, during the morning rush. here's a look at the radar and
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light rain for chester, lan lancaster counties. we'll see this spread across the area. overnight the rain moves in and early tomorrow morning, by 8:00 we will see some showers around. maybe not everyone will see rain for the morning commute. south jersey and delaware expect the showers. temperatures around 60. along i-95 temperatures mid to upper 50s. scattered showers in areas through the lehigh valley up near the poconos. you should be mid to low 50s. still the chance for scattered showers. i'll show you if this will linger into your weekend. warmer temperatures in the forecast too straight ahead. the man who landed a gyro copter on the lawn of the u.s. capitol yesterday appeared in court today. postal worker doug hughes is charged with violating restrictioned air space and operating an unregistered aircraft. hughes was released and is free to return to florida but must confine himself to his home. hughes said he was trying to
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deliver hundreds of letters to congress to draw attention to campaign finance corruption. hughes is now barred from operating any aircraft and must stay away from the u.s. capitol and the white house. cell phone video shows a man being rescued from a 1ing home in north philadelphia around 7:00 tonight. the victim is in stable condition. crews say tools cluttered the home, making it a tough fire to fight. it's believed the flames started in the basement. police found a loaded shotgun inside that house. now to decision 2016. allentown's mayor expected to join the race for u.s. senate. ed pawlowski is expected to announce. pawlowski has been mayor of allentown since 2006. he had a short-lived run for governor last year. pawlowski oversaw expansion and development in downtown allentown and helped avoid big tax increases by leasing the city's water and sewer system.
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sentencing scheduled for tomorrow for the man convicted of killing a philadelphia police officer. rafael jones was found guilty of murder and other related charges in december. he shot and killed police officer moses walker jr. in august of 2012. the officer was confronted by jones as he walked to his bus stop after his shift ended. mcfarland testified that jones pulled the trigger. a woman convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper 42 years ago may be returned from cuba as relations between the nations now thaw. cuba has agreed to talks about returning fugitives, including joann chessmark, now known as asada shakur. she killed westerner forester then escaped to cuba. keep our schools open.
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that was the message at this rally outside philadelphia school district headquarters tonight. protesters are upset with the district's plan to close kensington international business high school. the school would merge with kensington urban education academy and students say the school district didn't notify them until this past monday. the school reform commission will hold a public hearing on the plan to merge the schools in two weeks. coming up we have showers moving in. it will be around for the morning commute. i'll show you if it will last into your weekend. a delaware little league shed van calldalvandalized one of their buggies stolen. how that buggy ended up being one of the first clues about what happened and the unexpected cost it means moving forward. what would you do if you were on a plane and the guy next to you was snoring? >> a woman was faced with that situation and took matters into her own hands. what she did that got her kicked off the flight.
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i'm trapped in this plane and i called my job but i'm in this plane. >> you're where? >> i'm inside the plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. >> that frantic plea for help from the dark inside an alaska airlines jetliner. part of the 911 call made by a baggage worker trapped inside the cargo hold of the plane on monday. authorities released the call today. the worker fell asleep in the hold before the plane took off from seattle. the captain turned the flight around after he heard loud banging from underneath. the trapped worker is fine and back on the job tonight. new at 11:00, in chicago authorities removed a southwest airlines passenger from a plane because of what she did to the snoring passenger sitting next to her. the woman was aboard a flight scheduled to depart from midway international airport this afternoon heading to manchester, new hampshire. take a look. witnesses say the woman began
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jabbing the sleeping passenger with a pen because his arm touched her. the woman was allowed to take a different flight. tonight southwest airlines says there were no injuries. supermodel ceo, philanthropist kathy ireland was honored tonight in delaware. for the annual padua academy women's achievement dinner. the former "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover model runs an international fashion and furniture design company. she's a leader in the fight against human trafficking. she shares this message when speaking to young women. >> do not let opinions of others or your circumstances define or destroy you. don't let anyone put you in a box. don't let anyone silence you. >> earlier ireland shared her message and spoke openly bit the all-female student body at the high school. she told about the pros and cons in her models and design careers. new at 11:00, a little
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league vandalized in north wilmington. >> police are searching for the criminals who ransacked the little league baseball complex overnight. tonight, nbc 10's george spencer found the crime has already been turned into a lesson for 600 young players. >> they'd obviously been smashing glass up against this -- >> reporter: brett margolin showed us areas they spent the day cleaning up. >> this place was covered? >> yeah everything was sticky. >> reporter: vandals ransacked the entire little league complex overnight, jeopardizing an evening full of baseball games. >> it's just sad. it was all over the place when i came. it was pretty tough. >> reporter: police uncovered it all unexpectedly. one of these steel buggies abandoned on mt. lebanon road. shattered glass blanketed this patio. the shed busted open littered sprayed with sticky soda. port-a-pottys pushed over and more.
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as organizers made their rounds they discovered that every single padlock on every shed had been cut and even where vandals didn't steal anything, they still left their dents and their mark. >> they appeared to be having fun breaking things. >> reporter: a group of parties showed up ready to clean and change locks. the vandalism cost several hundred dollars in damage and brings new, unexpected security costs. but today's quick teamwork by parents allowed the games to start as scheduled. reinforced little leagues off the field lessons -- >> i say to my kid all the time if all you're learning from coach is baseball you're learning all the wrong things. >> reporter: and tonight for players, it seems the lessons are learned. >> how to work hard. just try our best and everything. if we don't do well, try harder next time. we have rain approaching the
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area. by tomorrow morning you'll be waking up with a rainy morning commute. so rain starts overnight tonight before a lot of you actually hit the roadways. you'll notice the wet roads when you wake up. showers tomorrow starting with the morning commute hours. some of it's lingering through the afternoon. great weekend. the good news is the timing of the rain clears it out before the weekend. temperatures are mild around 60 degrees for the area. we're going to stay like this. even as we go into tomorrow morning. it's still going to be mild regardless of the rain and through the afternoon, it's going to be a warm day. the showers are approaching from the west. harrisburg seeing more heavy rainfall. this is all moving into lancaster for the moment approaching the philadelphia area. by tomorrow morping this rain will be spreading across the area. there is a big swath of rain to our west that will move through tomorrow scattered the rest of the day. future weather overnight that rain moves through. 4:00 6:00 a.m. this is how early you leave 6:00 a.m. you're going to be driving across 95 or anywhere in
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no one or delaware this is the area that has the best chance for rain falling at this hour. we get closer to the middle of the day. we could have a period where we don't really see any rain. the clouds will be around. through the afternoon, a few scattered showers come back. this is 6:00 p.m. we can't rule out the chance of a thunderstorm or two. temperatures will still be warm near 70. late tomorrow night, it clears out and we could see some fog developing. especially along the shore where you see those more gray-looking clouds. that could be indication of quite a bit of fog around. then through the afternoon, saturday we do expect sunshine. temperatures warming to near mid 70s. 75 saturday afternoon. we'll be watching an area of disturbed weather to our north. for the most part we'll be staying dry for the weekend, looks pretty good. tonight rain overnight. it stays cloudy and mild. temperatures in the mid to low 50s for the overnight hours. tomorrow will be near 70 degrees again. scattered showers through the afternoon. i think a majority of the lighter, steady rainfall will be in the morning with the
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possibility of a thunderstorm through the day mainly the afternoon hours. so saturday we're going to clear out nicely. warmer. temperatures in the 70s. sunday a little cooler, about 65 degrees. 10 degrees cooler. we'll see increasing clouds sunday. and that will lead us into a rainy, windy, cooler monday start. remember that before you head out why are temperatures are going to be back into the mid 60s. ryan howard dropped a seventh in the phillies lineup tonight. how bad did cole hamels struggle again tonight?
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i'm john clark. phillies manager ryan stan berg dropping ryan howard in the lineup tonight.
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howard hitting seventh for first time in nine years. how does the big piece do? 1 for 3 in the seven hole. bad night for cole hamels. very first pitch, escobar taking him deep. gone. now bottom of the 15th, tied 2-2. michael taylor takes cole deep. cole has given up multiple homers in two of his first three games. he only did it three times last year. in the sixth ryan zimmerman. the double to right. two more runs score. hamels gives up five runs. phillies lose 5-2. five straight losses. florida state quarterback jameis winston has been sued by the woman who had accused him of sexual assault. this comes just two weeks before the nfl draft. eagles now have three inside linebackers to fill two spots. chico alonso was added to michael kendricks and d'amico ryan. he's hoping three is not a crowd.
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>> we play our defense, base defense, with two linebackers on the inside. but i don't see if we can possibly add some more kind of schemes or we can possibly have three backers on the field. where me kiko, and michael are out there together. that would be a nice mix-up. we definitely have a lot of pieces to play with. the sixers coach brett brown says inwg is going to be important next year. he says we need to see we're moving forward. brett says he doesn't want to coach a revolving door. he says next season he wants to see consistency with the players. >> to quantify the wins that -- now, that is just unacceptable for next year. i'm not going there. we need needle movers, we need talent. and so when do you overreact, when do you blink, and just feel like enough's enough. we have to do it now. that's when dangerous things happen.
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union visiting yankee stadium tonight taking on new york city fc. down 1-0 until the 86th minute. sapong airborne finishes. union play to a 1-1 draw.
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a warm greeting tonight between the mayor of philadelphia and the governor of pennsylvania. they were body part of the 75 the anniversary celebrations for the naacp legal defense and educational fund. comcast is a proud sponsor of the event and i was happy and honored to serve as emcee this evening. just a great event. andrea mitchell serving as moderator for a candid discussion on race. a really good night. >> great weather for anything that you did today. >> how about tomorrow? >> yeah hopefully enjoyed today because tomorrow, scattered showers moving in in the morning hours for the morning commute.
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remember that. temperatures still year 70. the weekend looks pretty good. >> very nice. thank you. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh...
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will ferrell chelsea peretti, musical gu


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