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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  April 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it was a wild night in the montgomery county community starting with a police chase, then there was gunfire and a hit and run before it was all over. we'll have the overnight developments in a live report. and we are off to a rainy start this morning. here is a live look at boat house row. some of us are waking up to light showers, but stick around. you'll want to see the first alert weekend forecast. >> definitely want to see tomorrow's outlook. it looks night. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connor. let's get to bill henley. need that umbrella bill. >> seeing steady rain in the area that will break. not going to be an all day rainfall, but clouds are going to be hanging in there for most of the day. you can see the clouds now over center city. 55 degrees at 5:00 with the steadier rain now in new jersey and some scattered showers in delaware. the radar showing they're making some steady progress to the east. light rain. just a couple of spots where it's coming down a bit heavier.
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you can see a moderate shower moving past mullica at this hour. the showers will break. we'll see clouds and 62 degrees at 10:00. by 1:00 this afternoon, 68 degrees. we'll be in the 70s this afternoon in spite of clouds and more showers later today. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather to show you when you can expect that next round of wet weather to move in later today. right now let's check in with "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. good morning, jessica. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. if you're headed out in the west oak lane of philadelphia, you may pass by this scene. we don't have any road closures in the area right now. you can see a vehicle off the road. slippery roadways. something definitely to watch out for. police activity on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. on my maps i can show you the alternates and exactly what is going on there. west oak lane. take ogontz avenue to get on by.
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additionally, we have an accident on the schuylkill expressway. these are the eastbound lanes. switched over to the shoulder not setting anybody back too much. our drive times are up and moving. currently if you are headed eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway only about a 13 minute trip out in center city as well. clearing. currently clearing. in the process of clearing on the vine street expressway. from westbound broad street into the schuylkill expressway. rosemary back over to you. >> thank you, jessica. new from overnight, we have information on a police chase montgomery county that ended with an officer in the hospital. the officer opened fire on a suspect just before the suspect's car hit the officer. the chase started around 9:00 last night in lower pottsgrove township. it ended at the intersection of high street and moser road in pottstown. "nbc 10's" matt delucia joins us from lower pottstown. the driver who allegedly hit the officer is in custody, is that
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correct? >> reporter: that's correct. and the officer is doing well recovering mr. his injuries. here's what the lower pottsgrove police chief is telling us about what happened. last night officers were pursuing a man from this area. they get to the intersection of high and moser in pottstown and the car stops. when the officer got out and he approached the vehicle for some reason he felt threatened and fired two shots at the suspect. then the suspect drove off and in doing so hits the officer with his car. now some things are still under investigation at this hour why the suspect was being stopped in the first place and also the suspect has a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. police are trying to figure out if that injury came from the officer's gun or someone else. that suspect was picked up not long after the officer has hit by the car. the officer is expected to be. minor injuries. he was alert and talking with his family as of a few hours ago so of course we're going to stay
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on top of this. for now live in lower pottsgrove township. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." philadelphia police shot a suspect who they say was holding a gun in the crowd. police tell us a man took off running after officers noticed him holding that gun. an officer shot the suspect in the leg. he's in stable condition facing charges. we're following some breaking news on the pope's visit to the united states in september. the vatican says pope francis is considering adding a stop to cuba during his trip but no decision has been made yet. the u.s. and cuba are working to restore diplomatic relations. the pope's trip will include a stop here in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. happening today, a judge will officially sentence a man who murdered philadelphia police lieutenant moses walker jr. rafael jones already knows he will spend the rest of his life in prison. that's because he waived his right to a trial in exchange for
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prosecutors not seeking the death penalty. officer walker was a 19 year veteran of the police force. he also served as a deacon of higgs church in north philadelphia. he was 40 years old at the time of his murder. in august of 2012 walker was wearing plain clothes walking to a bus stop in north philadelphia when jones and another man tried to rob him and shot him. jones accomplice was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison after testifying against him. the family of a south philadelphia fruit vendor is holding a vigil tonight to remind the community to keep looking for his killer. 68-year-old don ly had just finished loading his truck outside his house on vollmer street when somebody stabbed him several times and slit his throat. this happened two years ago tomorrow and it's still a mystery. ly's children say their father had no known enemies and police do not believe robbery was the motive because ly's wallet was still in his pocket with cash inside. the surveillance video is
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vector'svector investigate investigator's best clue. it shows the suspect walking away. police would like to hear from you. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a judge says he will not reduce the charges against three friends from bucks county who are accused of attacking a gay couple m center city last year. defense lawyers had asked to reduce aggravated assault charges and drop conspiracy charges against the defendant. prosecutors say two men and a woman started the fight with the couple because of their sexual orientation, beating one man so badly he ended up in the hospital with several broken bones. kathryn knot concern her ri began and phillip williams are due back in court on september 21st. all three remain out on bail. a contractor is the latest to face charges in a corruption scandal. christopher zp opp earned more than $1 million using cash and cronyism. he's the president of an engineering and surveying firm. he's the 13th person to be
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charged in the scandal. philadelphia police say if the driver in a deadly hit and run does not turn herself in then they will go get her. the driver hit and killed 4-year-old abdul wilson on monday in kingsessing. police recovered the vehicle which was captured on surveillance video hitting the child and driving away. the lawyer for the woman told "nbc 10" that they are cooperating with the investigation and that she will turn herself in but so far she has not done that. and philadelphia police are still looking for the driver in another hit and run that killed a child this week. yesterday morning 2-year-old david alsea jr. died from his injuries. his mother was carrying him when both were hit by a car in kensington. relatives expressed their anger about the driver who never stopped. >> shame on you for just going right by here changing two innocent lives, taking one. you're out there like nothing.
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>> family members tell us they hope the driver will surrender. here's a better look of the car, 2006 to 2008 white infinity n sooer residentialcesidential -- series sedan. philadelphia mayor race all seven candidates will talk about the city's tourism industry. that event is closed to the public by the way. public health took center stage at a forum in center city yesterday. the candidates discussed challenges facing social service agencies and access to care in the city. the highlights of that forum will be released to the public later this spring. we're counting down until the big day on the "nbc 10" election calendar. tuesday, may 19th is the primary and tuesday, november 3rd voters go to the poles for the general election. quite a big story for us here at "nbc 10" this morning. the eagles have a new broadcast home. >> yeah, "nbc 10" is now proud to be the official television station of the philadelphia eagles. it's a new era for fans with
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"nbc 10" bringing you eagles coverage like you've never seen before. we're talking pregame, half game, post game top analysis special shows and features. the timing couldn't be better with the 2015 eagles schedule coming out soon and the nfl draft starting april 30th. we'll have more on nbc 10's new eagles adventure coming up in the next half hour. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 9 minutes after 5:00. rain gear keep it handy. we've got some steady rain in the area this morning. the light rain will move through and then it's going to be on and off showers this morning for the commute and this afternoon for the evening commute. and in between we'll see temperatures climb. and this weekend it gets warm. in fact summer like temperatures on saturday with changes ahead for sunday. right now, 56 degrees the allentown area saw the light rain. tapered off there. 56 degrees at northeast philadelphia with rain and
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millville has some light rain right now and 54. you see the rain coming down on beach avenue. that's a live view from the marquise de lafayette hotel. most of the area steadier along the coast lines and the jersey shore. already tapering off north and west. scattered showers montgomery and lower bucks county seeing some steadier rainfall. spotty showers north and west and a possibility we'll see some late day showers as well. outside chance of a thunderstorm later this afternoon. hour-by-hour forecast shows, look at this 10:00. mostly dry. clouds hanging in there. this afternoon we'll see the showers return during the afternoon and evening hours. a line of showers and this is when we could see some heavier downpours, possibly even a thunderstorm. so today not an all day rainfall but certainly showers to start with will be on and off this morning. at 7:00 57 degrees. we'll be in the 60s by 10:00 and then near 70 degrees at 1:00 with temperatures climbing into
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the 70s this afternoon but it will be warmer this afternoon. weekend forecast looking nice and sunny. temperatures saturday afternoon, 79 degrees. turning partly sunny and cooler on sunday. seven day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. 11 minutes after 5:00 on this friday. it's going to be a wet commute for drivers this morning. >> yeah, may want to take a little extra time out there on the roads this morning. take it a little slower than usual. "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington may tell us about other things you want to get around right, jessica? >> definitely. something you want to get around in cherry hill new jersey. a house fire in the area. in the process of being cleared. we are losing a lane on haddenfield road. we'll keep you updated. west oak lane section of philadelphia, still an accident in the area. no road closures though. if you want to take ogontz avenue, that would be a good way to go. additionally out on the schuylkill expressway that
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previous accident cleared out of the shoulder so right around south street currently no problems. if you're headed eastbound, you can see speeds are up. if you're headed from the blue route to the vine street expressway only about a 12 minute trip. as for the rest of the majors, everything doing fine. no problems from 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine and no problems on 422. >> thanks for the update jessica. what police say may have sparked the tragic situation in phoenix. plus, a man accused of training with isis and planning an attack on american soil is expected to enter a plea. we'll break down the case.
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there's some new information about the five family members found dead after a standoff and shooting in phoenix. all victims are related, three men, two women. investigators believe a family dispute led to the shooting and an hours long barricade situation. officers found out about the shooting when somebody inside the house left with two children and called 911. dispatchers could hear the gunshots in the background. happening today. an ohio man is expect the to plead not guilty to terror charges involving isis. prosecutors accuse abdu ram shake muhammad of traveling to syria last year being trained in weapons and explosives and traveling home to plot an attack. he was born in somalia. his brother was killed in battle
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last year after joining al qaeda in syria. this weekend marks two decades since the oklahoma city bombing. victims and their families will hold the remembrance and memorial. 168 people died including 19 children. people who were there that day say they are still pushing forward. >> basal skull fracture broken nose six fractures along each jaw line. a ruptured spleen. both legs were severely broken from the knees down. >> timothy mcveigh and terry nichols were tried and convicted of the attacks. mcvai was executed and nichols received multiple life sentences. today president obama will welcome the italian prime minister to the white house. it's believed the two leaders will discuss a wide range of global topics including ukraine, libya, and isis militants and with italy in recession, the prime minister will also seek
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the president's support for the president's economic program. also today, first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden will meet with veterans. the first lady and dr. biden will visit a veterans center in maryland. they want to highlight how the facilities have improved resources for veterans and for their families. from our trenton bureau this morning. >> there is a new place to help the homeless in trenton. this is the new coordinated entry and assessment services center on perry street. employees will assess the needs of homeless and help them find permanent housing. the motto is a pathway to your home. >> to make sure that not only did we address homelessness for families but those most at need who are individuals who don't have housing, we know housing is an essential tool that is needed to rebuild lives so this facility will be used to help as the entry point to get them back into housing. >> officials say the center will provide a single place where the
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homeless can go to get comprehensive services. the u.k.'s number one tv fundraising effort is coming to the u.s. the u.s. will air red nose day sale. all proceeds go towards helping needy children. it's on may 21st. a judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging trenton's paid sick leave law. activists rallied outside of superior court in trenton before the ruling yesterday. members of new jersey's working families say the lawsuit is the work of corporate lobbyists. meanwhile, the lawyer for the trade group that brought the lawsuit tells us that mandatory sick pay is unconstitutional. >> 85% of the voters adopted the law last fall and we're here to defend the city and the voters of this town. >> beyond the police powers the power delegated to municipalities to legislate on matters of general concern, such
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as employer and employee relations. >> according to the judge ruled that trenton is entitled to protect the health of its citizens by requiring paid sick leave. three charter schools in new castle county are having trouble meeting enrollment requirements. state officials placed free area charter schools, delaware design high school and prestige academy on formal review in order to receive the proper state funding, each school is required to reach 80% of their enrollment goals by april 1st. the state will decide by june whether the schools can stay open. 19 minutes after 5:00. now it's been a busy friday morning already. we have an accident out in west oak lane and other things going on. >> yeah, certainly the weather isn't helping drivers this morning. let's check in now with "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> right now what we're seeing behind me is a livid yes of an accident out in the west oak lane section of philadelphia that you just mentioned.
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you can see a dangerous situation right there and definitely wet roadways. something to pay attention to. this is on cheltenham avenue and 19th street. we head on over to our maps i can show you how to get around that area. take ogontz avenue to get on by that scene. we will keep you updated on the cleanup of that incident as there is currently no closures in the area but can you take an alternate to get around. additionally a house fire in cherry hill new jersey. it's resulting in a lane closure. additionally, the vine street expressway around 8th street really no problems you can see if you're headed east. westbound 2 minutes. eastbound from the schuylkill expressway up to 95. as for the rest of the majors everything fine. schuylkill no problems 95 no problem, 422 currently in the green. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. watching some green on the radar, too, as rain has started
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things off today. light rain has already pushed through philadelphia. starting to taper off. you can see the low clouds hanging right over the city. the clouds will be with us for most of the day. still reporting light rain in philadelphia international. 55 degrees. really didn't get cold overnight. it's been a light rainfall for cape may. showers will break. not an all day rainfall is what i'm expecting. with breaks in the rain we'll see the temperatures climb into the 60s and tap out in the 70s this afternoon. nobody's cold even north and westward. typically a bit chillier. bucks county lang horn delaware river and at new gold, 54 degrees right now. lower 50s for doylestown furlong, warrington both at 53 degrees. not a cold start but a bit damp. there's the last bit of steady rain from philadelphia. steady rainfall in new jersey. more showers north and west that's a possibility later this afternoon. in between the rain showers
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that's when we'll get the warmup and look at the clearing. farther to the west into the midwest, that's our weekend weather. for today though, keep the umbrella handy. cloudy skies and occasional showers this morning and again later this afternoon. in between, that's when we'll see the temperatures warm up into the 70s. we'll be closer to 80 degrees saturday afternoon. a bit of a summer preview tomorrow. won't last though. cooler. partly cloudy on sunday. still a nice day sunday with rain holding off until monday. that's where we can see some showers and some thunderstorms to 63 degrees monday. storms they're out of here for tuesday and wednesday. 70 tuesday afternoon. breezy and cooler wednesday and thursday. a major airline is now serving up free beer wine and a three course dinner. next how you can take advantage of that complementary food and drink and where you'll have to go to get the percs.
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weren't you the one that told me a minute as there was no such thing as a free lunch? >> i think i did say that yeah. >> this morning we're talking about free beer and wine. >> we'll see how free it is. that's what united is offering its passengers on its international flights. that's in addition to the hearty three course meal. now, remember, this is for international flights only. those who like their music on vinyl will celebrate record
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store weekend. there will be record releases and live shows at independent music stores tomorrow. some stores that are participating include repo records and rainbow records in newark. it's a rainy start this morning. don't leave the house without your rain gear. you'll need an umbrella all day long. it is a steady light rain falling in the area including cape may. right now it's 55 degrees here at "nbc 10" at 5:26. roads are a bit damp. following them in the first alert traffic center is jessica boyington. morning, jessica. >> morning, bill. happy friday. outside on i-95 on cottman avenue. taillights headed southbound. you can see roadways are damp. we'll see how that affects drive times coming up after the break. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live where a police officer is
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recovering after being hit by a car. what led up to that moment. we'll have that after the break.
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this is "nbc 10 news." a police officer is recovering after a chase through montgomery county and before it all ended in a hit-and-run
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crash, that officer fired his weapon at the suspect. we'll have a live report. plus a hero in an eagles jacket saves a man who fell on the rales in a septa station. plus we are looking at a wet end to the work week. light rain is falling across the area. it looks like there is fog out there. the rain could continue off and on but saturday will be a different story. we're looking forward to that. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato. you may need that eagles rain jacket this morning as you step out the door. light showers around the area. meteorologist bill henley is in. >> good morning. we're seeing the wet weather to start with. it won't be here all day. showers during the morning commute and we'll get a break. that will allow the temperatures to warm up. no fog. you can clearly see across the delaware. low clouds have produced light rain still in the area especially in new jersey. that's where the steadier


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