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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  April 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"nbc 10 news" starts now. vice president joe biden is visiting philadelphia today for the second time this year. we're live with more on what brings the vp to town this time around. will she fight? today we could learn what a philadelphia mom accused of leaving her disabled son alone in the woods will be extradited home to face charges. thunderstorms rolled through our area overnight bringing heavy rain and the threat of flooding, but the first alert radar is tracking the end of today's wet weather. still, some areas aren't in the clear just yet. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. i heard that this morning. we're expecting a turn around. let's get our first alert
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forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill. >> unless you're leaving the house right now, vai, you'll leave the umbrella home and plan on bringing your sunglasses. we're going to break out into bright sunshine. however, right now, clouds and light rain falling on the ben franklin park way. live view from the comcast center. heavy downpours. moved into new jersey with some thunderstorm activity. thunderstorms crossing delaware bay moving into central cumberland county. meantime, cape may, atlantic city getting a break from the rainfall. the threat of flooding is decreasing right now. flood warning is just expired or actually been canceled in northern new castle county in delaware delaware. a flood advisory in effect for 15 minutes thanks to the heavy rain that we saw overnight. the rain ending this morning. in fact by 6:00 in philadelphia we can see the clouds moving out. hovering into the 60s at noon
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with bright sunshine and a breezy afternoon. noontime, 62 degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast telling you what to expect when i'm back in ten minutes. let's see how the roads are fairing. jessica boyington checking it out. >> the bad news is the roads are wet. the good news is no one is driving on them. we're on the schuylkill expressway. roadways looking nice and shiny. you can see water gathering in the sides there but everything moving along nicely if you're headed eastbound westbound, no problems. the rest of our drive times, look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound, 14 minutes and 14 minutes from the woodhaven to the vine. no problems if you're headed out the door on the blue route. all of the roads and bridges are clear but we are dealing with construction on the ben franklin bridge resulting in speeds being down to 35. >> thank you, jessica. now to some breaking news. "nbc 10" is live on the scene in
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king of prussia where crews evacuated the penndot district office after it filled with some smoke. this happened within the last 45 minutes. investigators tell us that there was an electrical problem inside the building. right now they're bringing in fans to clear out some of the smoke from the upper floors. no report of any injuries here. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is also heading to the building. he's going to give us some more information and a live report coming up once he arrives. happening today, vice president joe biden makes his second visit to philadelphia. the nation's number two will tour pico headquarters with the secretary of energy. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live for us in center city. jesse, what prompted this high level visit? >> reporter: vai, the nation's chief executive and his number two both on the road during the week that encompasses earth day, which is tomorrow. the president will be down in the florida everglades tomorrow talking about the dangers of global warming. later today vice president biden and the energy secretary will
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tour pico headquarters in center city. afterwards the vice president will discuss investing in the nation's energy infrastructure. the obama administration touts gains in clean energy and fuel efficiency standards in cars and trucks but some republicans are pushing back on calls for the nation to cut carbon levels or enter into an agreement on emissions levels. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it puts more burden on this country. the house speaker's office says the obama administration has been on a, quote, crusade against affordable american energy. the president counters that these issues are bigger than the person that occupies the oval office. the vice president begins his tour at 2:30 this afternoon in center city. you can expect some traffic delays with that. live in center city, jesse gary "nbc 10 news." a philadelphia mother accused of abandoning her disabled son in the woosds will go before a judge this
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afternoon. nyia parler is scheduled for an extradition hearing to return to philadelphia. this comes one day after health officials released her from the hospital. police say parler left her 21-year-old quadriplegic son in cobbs park. her son has cerebral palsy and cannot communicate. a passerby found him five days later. he's recovering. philadelphia police say they plan to charge parler on attempted murder. paul hoschwender pleaded no contest to abusing nine students in two school districts. the families of two 8-year-olds say they did not check his backgrounds. that would have shown similar abuse complaints in his past. we have some new information about a washington township police officer fighting to get back on the force. officer joseph dibounoventur was
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cleared of misconduct in the arrest against paul moriarity. all charges were dropped. and last month they acquitted him on all charges. they're arguing that his suspension is unlawful. a soccer player at the university of delaware is facing rape charges. paul defeo went back to the accusers home after meeting her at a restaurant over the weekend. the victim says that's when he sexually assaulted her. he's charged with rape and strangulation. a woman walking to her car in the fish town section of the city was robbed and raped. two men stole her purse and threatened to shoot her if she fought back. the attackers then took her to an alley and assaulted her. there has been no arrests yet in this case.
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the time right now is 4:36. dozens of new jobs up for grabs. >> the local company looking for new workers later today and how you can apply. plus a new way to monitor surroundings. the high tech seating that's coming. coming your way today, sunshine after a stormy night. things are starting to settle down along boat house row. 60 degrees right now at 4:37.
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grocery chain aldi is looking to fill several positions. 450 40 store associate positions is up for grabs. it's for jobs in new jersey only. if you're interested, there are two locations hosting hiring events today. aldi along state route 35 in hazlet and the aldi on king george's post road in woodbridge township. today the mayor of trenton is asking city residents to clean up. about 2,000 people have already
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volunteered to help with the 28th annual clean communities litter march. this event comes one day before earth day. and the environmental protection agency is introducing a state of the art park bench today. >> i'm guessing this is related to earth day in some way, right? the timing has to be there. >> it's hang in philadelphia. the epa says the interactive park bench has a built in monitoring station that measures air quality and the weather. officials say it's a unique way to get the public to participate in measuring weather information. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. 20 minutes before 5:00. the rain is starting to taper off. still coming down in philadelphia, but look at that temperature, 60 degrees. the heavy rain has ended in the city. there are still a few spots on the radar screen with heavier showers. you can see lighter showers farther north and west moving into berks county. look at the more moderate
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showers moving through lower bucks county and in the pemberton area in central burlington county it's really coming down. the storms are moving off of the northeast at 40 miles an hour. it's fast moving and it will be clearing out. you can see the tail end of the wet weather moving into delaware right now. so your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast improving conditions. you'll see sunshine from mount pocono. 55 degrees into the 60s from alan town, quaker town, up to 67 from northeast philadelphia. doylestown 63. 66 in mount holly. not bad at the shore either. rain had ended for most points right along the shore. clouds will break for some sunshine for cape may, vineland and dover. up to 66 degrees this afternoon. look at the 60s today from westchester, drexel hill and swedesboro. there is more wet weather ahead. the seven day forecast when i come back in ten.
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tim tebow means big business in philadelphia, right? >> yes, indeed. still ahead, how some places are cashing in on the eagles new addition to the bird's nest. >> whether fans like it or not. plus a neighborhood nuisance being left behind in up and coming philadelphia neighborhoods and how homeowners are fighting back.
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just about a quarter of 5:00 a.m. and we have new information on this breaking news in king of prussia where crews are on the scene of a smoke-filled penndot building. this is a live picture where we just learned a small electrical fire sparked inside that building just before 4:00. i guess about an hour ago. one employee was inside at the time. he wasn't hurt but we have dispatched "nbc 10's" matt delucia to the location. as soon as he gets set up we'll have a live report from him coming up at 5:00. new this morning in philadelphia's school budget crisis superintendant william height is asking pennsylvania lawmakers for some more money.
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height says the state has not adequately funded public education in philadelphia and the district cannot make any more cuts. at that cording to a report released by rutgers university philadelphia is the most under funded major urban district in the country. height says he is optimistic about getting more financial help from the state this year. senator bob casey is calling for action after reports showing delays and mismanagement at the philadelphia's veterans affairs regional office. the senator sent a letter to v.a. officials for fast work to implement recommendations by the attorney general. they found data manipulation wait times for claims-related issues that dragged on for almost a year and a pattern of behavior that left veterans without the services that they need. >> the philadelphia va needs a reminder about for whom they work. they work for veterans they work for their families and they work for taxpayers. >> the house veterans affairs
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committee is holding a hearing to focus on the philadelphia office. president obama's senior adviser will join philadelphia mayor michael nutter for a conversation at city hall. valerie jarrett is in town for the lead on leave empowering working families across america tour. she's expected to highlight a sick leave law passed by city council earlier this year. the obama administration wants congress to give every worker in america access to paid sick time. >> you don't want to have young people coming into the workplace, employees not well. the next time you go into a restaurant. just think about it. if that restaurant does not provide paid sick leave? do you want to eat somewhere where food is being prepared or served to you by people who are not feeling well? of course not. >> according to the white house, 43 million americans don't have a single day of paid sick time. authorities in delaware county have a new tool to fight drug addiction but say more needs to be done to combat the growing problem. the upper darby police say they
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have saved a dozen lives by administering narcan. as of4s monday police officers saved 39 people using narcan. they need adequate funding for drug education and treatment to fight the growing use of drugs in the area. >> community members in camden county gathered last night to honor two officers who were killed in the line of duty 20 years ago. haddon heights officers were both shot trying to err is of a warrant. john norcross's brother were shot shot. >> it's so heartwarming to be remembered and have them remembered the way they were. i got to meet the family that my brother rescued today for the first time and see their
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grandchildren. it was amazing. >> haddon heights rededicated the town clock in both patrolman norcross and investigator mclaughlin's names yesterday. now to a digital exclusive story you'll find only on ditches like these can be found all over neighborhoods in the city. the streets department estimates there are 1700 of these city wide. they're open by contractors and utility companies who need to connect lines to new row homes. neighbors say they're often poorly maintained hazards. >> we're all for, again, the community being built up and we love what's happening to the gentrification of the neighborhood but we need to maintain the neighborhood to keep up the values. >> honestly i don't think we saw this coming. as you recall there was a sustained period of time where
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there was literally no construction going on the market tank and all of a sudden we emerged from the downturn of the economy, the market picks up and we have unprecedented work done in the city. we need to adjust to that relatively quickly. >> council president clark says the city should be doing a better job addressing construction issues like this that affect residents' quality of life. you can read about clark's plan to streamline development issues in the city on and on our mobile app. plus, find out why it could take months to have a construction ditch fixed. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a rainy start this morning but the rain is moving out and the temperatures will be moving up into the 60ed. you see them. some low clouds over the city. those clouds will be clearing for sunshine. fog in the pocono mountains while northeast philadelphia still getting some light rainfall. atlantic city, cloudy and 61 degrees.
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this is the pocono mountains. the rain has been steady overnight. that's producing fog in the pocono mountains. the rest of the area light fog for reading and allentown. the rest of the area is fog free. not rain free. still tracking some showers, moderate showers moving through lower bucks county. you can see some isolated downpours in lower montgomery county. still light rain in the city. nothing like the heavy rain we saw overnight. the thunderstorm activity is quickly dying down. that's moving through south jersey right now. there's the tail end of this system. could be moving out this morning. stand by you'll need your sunglasses today. look at the nice breaks in clouds. we'll have a sunny afternoon though the wind will be blowing helping to kick the clouds out of here. today, 67 this afternoon. 68 tomorrow with a chance of some showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hour. won't be an all-day rain on wednesday. by thursday breezy and 58 degrees. another cool day friday with
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sunshine. look at those morning temperatures, thursday and friday morning into the 30s and by saturday we'll be looking at partly sunny skies. this weekend into the 60s. up to 64 with sunshine monday. 4:51. a little bit of fog out there still. you may have to navigate some of that in some places a i little bit of rain. but you will need your sunglasses. i like driving with sunglasses on. >> yeah maybe the top down today, right, if you have a convertible. >> don't have a convertible. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. what's happening out there, jessica? >> we're not dealing with any sunglasses and we have reduced visibility. some rain hitting our majors. taking a look in new jersey. when you see cars going by around king's highway, you can see some rain slipping up underneath the cars. definitely we know the roads are wet and slippery. give yourself extra time when you head out the door. elsewhere in new jersey in glassboro, a gas main break
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closing all lanes in the area. you want to take route r555. no problems on 95 the schuylkill or the blue route. back to you at the desk. and montgomery county musician wins a pulitzer prize in music. julia wolfe's work is empowering. she grew up montgomeryville. she describes herself as a musical ren know dwad. a new layer of security will be added at the airport. next, a problem with employees that sparked this change. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
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the company is based in texas but sells products nationwide. workers will undergo background checks every two years. the decision comes after baggage handlers were smuggling guns on planes. anyone with access to secure areas will be fingerprinted. airline workers traveling as passengers must be screened before boarding a flight. employees are also subject to random screenings. now to the jersey shore where the new owner of atlantic city's revel casino is allowed to cancel leases with former businesses inside the property. a bankruptcy judge ruled that glen straub can either renegotiate with the tenants or find new renters. some include restaurants nightclubs. revel closed its doors in november. north country polo club bought revel for $82 million. the philadelphia historical commission will hold a hearing on the fight to save a catholic
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church in fish town. the supporters tell us that the commission has accepted its nomination for a hearing to decide if the church should be considered an historic building. the archdiocese says the building is unsafe and would cost too much to repair. a rash of fires in bucks county have members of one church on edge. someone set fire to the playground at resurrection church early sunday morning. firefighters found a cross burning on a front lawn as well. the vandals smashed out a bathroom window and started the fire. >> they brought tools with them to break that window. there's no way they could have broken that window with their fist or foot. they had to bring tools to break in. it seems premeditated. >> the falls township fire marshall is asking for the public's help if anyone knows anything or knows who's behind the crime, they're asked to call police. state officials in delaware have reached a settlement with a
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former poultry vaccine plant accused of contaminating bottles in mills. this is the largest on record for the hazardous site cleanup plant. cleanup costs could top $10 million after accounting for water filtration well replacement and the ongoing investigation. today the nfl schedule will be released. that's going to happen a little bit later on this evening. eagles fans are counting down to see what's in store for the birds and when they'll play what teams. our countdown clock shows they have 15 hours to go. the ink is barely dry, by the way, on tim tebow's contract. >> you know this is going to happen. local businesses are already scrambling to cash in. the presidentle company is
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tebowing. our partners at the philadelphia business journal says retailers won't be stocking up. that's because jersey sales suffered when tebow signed with the new york jets and barely played. eagles fans, however, they're of course more optimistic. >> iblg believe that we'll be winning the super bowl this year. >> with tim tebow's help? >> of course. >> they sudden have a ton of tim tebow jerseys in there. >> a ton? why not? >> you'll buy one. >> of course. >> modell says they will receive a shipment of tebow's jersey. "nbc 10" is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. we'll cover it all. we'll take you live to chicago on draft day next week our draft day special airs thursday april 30th from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. we'll hear from the coach on
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some of the eagles picks. the eagles blueprint airs sunday, may 3rd at 11:35 only on "nbc 10." they always say when tebow goes where -- there's an economic impact. >> even if it's short lived. we'll see. if we get a boost, would he'll take it. >> we'll take it. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. "nbc 10" breaking news. smoke fills the penndot building forcing crews to evacuate. we are live on the scene in king of prussia asking questions about what caused the problem and if anyone was hurt. focusing on energy. that's what vice president joe biden will be doing when he visits philadelphia today. we're live as the city prepares for the vp. thunder, lightning and heavy rain. the storms that moved through while you were sleeping are starting to clear. expect slick streets, however, and a few showers as you head out the door this morning.
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good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rosemary connors. you may need the umbrella for a little while this morning. meteorologist bill henley tells us to get the sunglasses, right, bill? >> the umbrella right now if you're leaving the house. still some showers in the area. if you wait a short time we'll see the rain come to an end. the clouds over center city those will be clearing. the steadier rain in new jersey moving towards burlington county. there are heavy downpours off to the north and west moving to northern berks county passing maiden creek right now. still some showers in the immediate philadelphia area. the heavier downpours pushing out of bucks county into mercer county currently. so stand by. a little bit of rain left over. none of the big storms that we saw overnight. those have already moved off shore. and the temperatures hovering near 60 degrees for the next few hours. sunshine will break through by 1:00 this afternoon. 63 degrees as the


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