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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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with. look at the warmup from the 30s, 40s, 50s into the upper 60s by 1:00. southwesterly winds will be increasing and then we'll be tracking some showers moving into the area. medding out ingding ingding heading out the door jessica boyington. >> a fatal accident on the boulevard. a live picture of that scene. daylight starting to set. you can see police activity. you can see a mangled vehicle that pushed into this tree. lane closures as well as we head over to the maps. i can tell you exactly where this is and how to get around it. that's the roosevelt boulevard on the inner drive approaching borbeck avenue. closed between tyson and ryan. schuylkill expressway around route 1, no real problems headed eastbound. westbound 12 to 13 minutes
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headed from the vine into the blue route. tracy? we are following breaking news out of paris this morning. police arrested an islamic extremist who was planning to attack churches in france. the suspect had an arsenal of heavy weapons. officers found the man because he accidentally shot himself and called an ambulance and emergency crews followed the blood trail and found weapons. sfrans has been on edge as you know, since gunmen attacked the "charlie hebdo" paper and two supermarkets back in january. overnight we learned that a man died in this house fire in bucks county. sky force ten flew over flames in plumbstead township. it broke out around 8:00 p.m. but it was midnight when crews recovered the body of a man in the rubble. no one else was hurt. investigators trying to figure out how that fire started. also a fire broke out in the city's logan last night. everyone escaped this one. they responded to a large fire
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on the second floor of north 13th street. still no word on how that one started either. happening today philadelphia school leaders will look at what needs to be done to improve city schools without spending a whole lot of money. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live with the details. tell us more matt. >> tracy, you think of schools and you think of classrooms and helping children but now the idea is to help everybody in some unused space into a clinic. they had a hearing recently on this topic of transforming philadelphia's public schools into school-based family service centers. they would offer clinics and a did the classes, for example. some schools do this. darrell clarke and others have gotten support from colleges and hospitals to keep doing this and expanding. several colleges are on board with the idea especially since 40% of children live below the poverty line. clarke is taking the model from cincinnati.
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it's already being done in two to three schools but he wants to expand it to all of the failing schools in the city. >> how about putting that council person district office in there so the community can come in and get services from the city in that building? children can get clinical services from that clinic that's in that particular building. these are the type of comprehensive approaches that we need to take as it relates to the education of that child. >> reporter: south philly high school where we are, for example, has adult classes for those learning english as a second language. the meeting tonight is open to everyone. that will be at the community college of philadelphia tonight at 6:00 in spring garden. for now live in south philadelphia. matt deluv sha, "nbc 10 news." a gloucester county mayor has a court hearing on drunk driving charges. jeffrey hamilton was arrested in december. during his arrest caught on dash cam video you can hear hamilton asking officers to call the wool rich mayor, which the officers did not. today hamilton's attorney is
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expected to present evidence that the mayor was on medication that could have affected his behavior. this morning police are looking for two men for robbery charges. police say this man in the surveillance video targeted three people this past week. he shows the badge. tells victims he's a cop before making off with their belongings and cash. he struck once in darby and twice in west philadelphia. in one instance he stole a woman's burst. in gloucester county police are investigating what caused a pickup truck to crash into four children. neighbors tell us the children ages 4 to 14 were playing on chestnut avenue last night. one kid was using the bike it pull two others in a child carrier. the fourth was playing in the street. the truck hit them all. we do not know their conditions. the driver did stay at the scene. 6:04 now. two cousins will spend the next few decades behind bars for
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their role in the murder of a drugstore investigator. a judge sentenced white and parks to spend 15 to 20 years in prison for third degree murder and they'll spend an additional 7 to 14 years in prison for robberies. white and parks co-opoperated to convict three others in the murder. it could be a few weeks or months before a couple of delaware businesses can reopen. the moments after the blast sent people streaming from shops and restaurants in wayne monday night. peco crews are working to fix the underground cable that caused the fire. state lawmakers in harrisburg will honor a murdered philadelphia police officer. two statehouse members from philadelphia will offer a resolution commemorating the life and service of sergeant robert wilson iii. robbers shot wilson to death in march when he stopped them from holding up a video game store in north philadelphia.
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the officer was at the store at the time to buy a birthday gift for his son. authorities charge ramon williams and carlton hicks with the murder. his family and fellow officers will be in harrisburg for the resolution. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're getting a sunny start this morning. we will see sunshine but there are some clouds in our future too. check out the pocono mountains. see scattered mountains in shawne. 50 degrees in philadelphia 42 in pottstown and trenton down to 46 degrees. the forecast hour by hour showing the temperatures that will be climbing from the 40s into the 50s and then 60s. chilly start for mount pocono trenton and dover. 46 in dover. the clouds will be on the increase and storms this afternoon could produce some damaging wind and hail and then behind those storms they'll be clearing up this evening. a chill turning chillier by tomorrow morning.
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we'll see the numbers in the 30s. getting close to the 30s for the pocono mountains on northeast philadelphia atlantic city both at 47 degrees. there you can see some clouds in the distance. this is a view looking towards center city from here at the "nbc 10" studios. we'll get nice sunshine to begin the day but then the storms this afternoon as those clouds will be increasing. right now radar not showing any activity in philadelphia. we did see a few sprinkles first thing this morning move through the allentown area. those have now moved off to the northeast. look at the rainfall that is moving into central pennsylvania and farther to the west potential for storm. you can see heavy rainfall in central indiana. that's a cold front that's going to be coming our way today. sunshine to start with. clouds and showers this afternoon. 53 degrees for mount pocono. 69 degrees for trenton, northeast philadelphia. after sunshine the storms roll in this afternoon. eventually will make their way to the shore as well with gusty winds during the later afternoon
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hours. 68 in cape may, vineland before the storms roll in. you can see 70 degrees in swedes borrow before showers take over. high 64 in westchester in wilmington drexel hill and philadelphia. the seven day forecast with the chilly weather heading our way when i'm back in ten. eight minutes after 6:00. time for another check of traffic. we'll see how things are shaping up on the boulevard. >> that's where we've had a fatal accident. jessica boyington is watching what's happening there and to get you around it. >> thank you, tracy. we are, unfortunately, dealing with a fatal accident out in the rhoanhurst area of philadelphia. it is closed in between approaching b 00 rbeck avenue. you can see police activity on the scene. an absolutely mangled vehicle right into the tree right here. all of those lanes are closed
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between tyson avenue and ryan avenue as we head over to our maps i can definitely show you to take bustleton avenue to get on by the scene as there will be some accident investigation there for quite some time. heading out the door to 95 approaching gerrard avenue. still showing green lights on our drive time. you can definitely start to see some added volume here in the southbound lanes as we approach our area bridges, the betsy ross no problem, no problems for the walt whitman bridge. for the ben dealing with three lanes open as opposed to the usual four into philadelphia. tracy. it's 6:09. governor wilson is making a move that he says will save the state millions of dollars while providing more help to those in need. we'll talk about the big change coming to the food stamp program. and it can be tough to find a parking spot in philly but technology is making them a little bit easier. we'll explain.
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11 days and counting before runners participate in the blue cross run. a few days to get a free bib. you can enter a sweeps stakes. registration ends friday. "nbc 10" and telemundo 62 will also broadcast the entire race start to finish on sunday may 3rd. you will soon have to be a little bit older to buy tobacco products in princeton mercer county. according to the town adopted an ordinance that requires people to be 21 which is older than the state requirement of 19. princeton is the sixth town to adopt this. the law goes into effect within three weeks. now to the primary race for
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mayor of philadelphia. the candidates focused on housing at their latest forum. all seven mayoral hopefuls shared their views on the future of housing. rosemary connors served as moderator. questions focused on the lack of affordable homes, falling affordable home rates, foreclosures and ending homelessness. here's a look at the six candidates running for philadelphia mayor there on your screen. the winner of that primary will face the loan republican candidate, melissa murray bailey. this is the "nbc 10" election calendar. primary is tuesday, may 19th. general election takes place tuesday, november 3rd. people who want to receive food stamps in pennsylvania no longer have to go through asset tests. the asset tests prevented people with too many asseting from getting food stamps. tom corbett started this to prevent fraud. this impacted the disabled and
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elderly who needed them. the change will save the state $3 million a year in administrative costs and error. teachers and bus drivers in the easton area school district will volunteer their time to provide free lunches to disadvantaged children. it provides school lunches and according to lehigh valley live the government is allowing the district to continue the program for six weeks. it doesn't cover staff so volunteers are stepping in to fill the need. >> to the lehigh valley now this morning where there's new life for an alan town soda company that closed earlier this year. reports show that businessman paul eisler has purchased the a tree beverage company. it closed after 97 years in business. vice president joe biden looked ahead into the future of energy during a visit to philadelphia yesterday after touring peco's headquarters. he spoke about the importance of protecting the nation's energy
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system from storms. >> it's increasingly outdated. much of it was built decades ago and that can't handle today's demand. >> peco is using a $200 million federal grant to develop a new technology. >> 16 minutes past 6:00. there's a new app that can help you find a parking place in philadelphia. the makers of an app called spot park are bringing the service to philadelphia. it started in boston. the app can help you rent someone's personal parking space instead of feeding a meter or paying to park in a lot. spot park takes a 15% cut of every transaction. >> 15 minutes after 6:00 let's get back to some breaking traffic news we've been following this morning. >> the fatal accident on the roosevelt boulevard and as volume starts to build it will become a bigger problem. "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. >> unfortunately we are dealing
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with a fatal accident in the rhowanhurst accident. unrecognizable vehicle into a tree. closing northbound in between tyson avenue and ryan avenue. that's approaching borbeck avenue. police activity on the scene there for investigation that have accident scene as well. you do have to have a door on the boulevard you want to talk bustleton avenue to get by. you can start to see volumes building in. saying 3:00, but as you're heading to the schuylkill expressway i'm he starting to see a little bit of a jam when you're starting to merge on the schuylkill from the vine street expressway. route 42 out in new jersey the drive times looking nice and smooth headed northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge 4 minutes. five minutes southbound from the walt whitman bridge into 55. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the sun is coming up and we're going to see a lot of sunshine to start with. it's going to be fading as the
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day goes on. live scene from the "nbc 10" studios. sunshine and chilly temperatures 506789 degrees. that's one of the warm spots in philadelphia. 9 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. the pocono mountains a few scattered clouds. there were a few sprinkles to the lehigh valley and pocono mountain overnight. there are breaks in the clouds right now. the first patch of clouds not looking very impressive. this is what's on the way. thicker clouds in western pennsylvania into the ohio valley and even into the midwest will bring us a chance of storms this afternoon. then see the winds blowing behind those clouds? that's cold air that's going to be arriving for tomorrow. hour-by-hour forecast shows nice and clear, 8:00 this morning. the clouds will be increasing. could see some spotty showers during the morning hours and noontime maybe a few sprinkled into delaware and south jersey. then off to the north and west for allentown. there's the line of storms that we're watching for this afternoon. strong storms with gusty wind
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and heavy rainfall will start clearing the area by 5:00 this afternoon and then they'll be out of here this evening. stand by. keep the umbrella handy for this afternoon. you'll need sunglasses to start with. sunshine fades and temperatures climb. upper 60s to near 07 degrees. gusty winds coming with the storms. colder temperatures for tomorrow. 36 and 56 in the afternoon. the chill stays with us on friday. 57 the high after a morning low of 38. partly sunny and turning milder this weekend, pretty good timing there. dry for saturday. 64 degrees. upper 60s possible sunday with some sunshine turning partly sunny monday with a high of 65. >> 19 minutes past 6:00 right now. after checking out this year's game schedule for the eagles, it's safe to say the nfl loves the birds. nfl fans mark the calendars. 2015 scheduled is out. five games on national tv including two right here on "nbc
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10." also the home opener against the dallas cowboys and the birds will play on thanksgiving for a second straight year. eagles/cowboys game way too early but it will be great. >> sooner than you'd like to see them play? >> much earlier. not enough tension. who knows what's going on with the season yet. >> next week we'll take you live to chicago on draft day. our draft day special airs thursday, april 30th from 7:00 to 8:00 and then you'll hear exclusionvely from head coach chip kelly and some of the eagles pick on the post game schedule. a ride home turned into a wild one. a school bus hops a curb skids across a lawn and then hit a house in burlington county. we will tell you what police say happened to the driver just before the accident. governor christie is hitting the road and this time he's making a stop that will reach people nationwide.
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else'it's about 6:24. this is the theme from one of our cameras atop the comcast center. we're looking for showers, highs near 70s. meteorologist bill henley is back in a moment with the timing of those storms. we now know why a school bus crashed into a home in burlington county. investigators say the driver had a medical emergency and called his supervisor just before the crash to say that he wasn't feeling well. the bus hopped a curb skidded across the lawn and hit this house in mount laurel. a father of one of the students on board tells us what the students saw next. >> the bus driver passed out, fell over and after that he went into like emergency seems like he had a mild heart attack or
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something like that afterwards. >> now there were 12 students on board at the time. they're doing okay but no word on how that bus driver is doing. and good morning, everybody. i'm jessica boyington with your traffic this morning. we are dealing with a fatal accident out in rhawnhurst so the roosevelt boulevard is closed between tyson avenue and ryan avenue for an accident investigation. you want to take bustleton avenue to get on by. additionally heading on into philadelphia from new jersey we're dealing with construction on the ben franklin bridge. only three lanes are open as opposed to the usual four and we're going to check this with mass transit for a second. for now we'll send it over to meteorologist bill henley who's looking at a beautiful shot of center city. good morning, bill. >> does look nice. good morning jesse. the sunshine is going to be fading and the temperatures well they'll be climbing in spite of the clouds moving in. we will warm from the 40s and
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low 50s into the upper 60s to near 70 this afternoon. there is growing concern in one community in about your ton county and we do mean growing. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live in florence county with a home on the edge. >> reporter: chris, it is a race against time for the people living in this house behind me because their backyard is literally sinking into the delaware river. coming up we'll tell you what looks to be causing this dramatic erosion. philadelphia is growing and you can tell by the revitalization happening in the city. now the airport is getting in on the action. 165 days that's how long president obama's nominee for attorney general has been waiting for confirmation but the wait may soon be over.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. a deadly crash shuts down roosevelt boulevard. we'll tell you how to get around this accident. look at this a backyard that keeps getting smaller and smaller. we are live this morning to find out why this property is disappearing and what it means be for homeowners. and a live look outside. the weather is clear for most of us in our area now but all of that will change. >> we may have sunshine now but thunderstorms will be headed our way. live look at "nbc 10" first alert radar. we'll have the timing of their arrival in the first alert forecast. good morning, im'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. >> tracy, we'll see the clouds take over later this morning and this afternoon. early this morning the storms will arrive in reading, allentown, lancaster and be heading into our area possibly in time for the afternoon commute. this morning headed out the door right now you'll need your sunglasses and a jacket too. it is chillier this morning in
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spite of sunshine and the nice sunny view from the lowe's hotel. temperatures dropped into the 40s for most of the area. 46 in trenton. wilmington has just moved up to 47. it's still in the low 40s in pottstown. 50 degrees at philadelphia international. sunshine, bright to start with. 54 degrees. look at the warmup. by 11:00, 65. showers will be sweeping into the area by noon with gusty winds. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> good morning, bill. we are on top of roosevelt boulevard where we're dealing with a fatal accident in the rhawnhurst neighborhood. you can see police activity on the scene and an absolutely mangled almost unrecognizable vehicle that has crashed into a tree right here. so, again, the inner drive is closed and that's between tyson avenue and ryan avenue. you can take bustleton pike to
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get on by that investigation scene for the time being. as we head out the door for the schuylkill expressway around gerrard, you can see construction activity. if you are headed westbound you can see from the vine street expressway 16 minutes and 17 minutes. starting to slow a little bit if you're headed eastbound as well. >> 6:32 now. take a look at this. a burlington county home is on the edge of a cliff and today engineers will be there to investigate if the erosion can be stopped and the home saved. the home in florence township on the bank of the delaware river. that's where "nbc 10's" katy zachry are this morning. people living inside the home are scared. tell us more. >> reporter: that's what they tell us and it's understandable. they live in this home behind me on east front street. when you go into the backyard you see they have feet before their backyard literally drops off into the delaware river.
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again, at that i can a look at the dramatic video from sky force 10. the gaping hole is the odell's backyard. the homeowners, lynn and chris, tell us the erosion has been happening the past few weeks. it was made worse this past week in the rain. the sinking soil recently exposed a county drain pipe supposedly sealed years ago. it's been leaking and that's likely the cause of the erosion. >> couldn't understand why it was happening. just didn't look normal. >> every day there's a little bit more that goes. it's taking its toll. believe me it's taking its toll. >> reporter: you can imagine how it's taking its toll. the odells say up till now the officials weren't taking any responsibility. the odells are hoping that will change. there's fear because the engineers coming out may tell them they have to leave their home because it's too live to
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stay in. reporting live katy zachry "nbc 10 news." happening today, a court hearing for new jersey u.s. senator bob menendez. earlier this month he pleaded not guilty and vowed to fight the charges. prosecutors accused him of using his senate office to help a friend in exchange for gifts and campaign donations. the court has tentatively set the senator's trial for july. more than a dozen bags of heroin in the hands of a first grader. philadelphia police want to know how that child ended up with those drugs at school. investigators tell us the child showed off the drugs to friends in the cafeteria at william kraft elementary school in kensington. the other students did the right thing. they told a teacher who called a police. >> the woman accused of abandoning her son in the woods is expected to return to philadelphia any day now to face attempted murder charges.
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nyiaparler waived her extradition rights. they found her son in the woods. they say he was there five days. the mother left him there to visit a boyfriend in maryland. a major renovation project for philadelphia international airport will be officially announced today. they'll announce an airport project that will expand and modernize the airport. revenues and grants will fund the updates. the project is expected to take 12 to 15 years to finish. new jersey governor chris christie still hasn't said whether or not he will run for the republican nomination for president, but at least three members of christie's 2009 team are backing another possible candidate. they've donated thousands of dollars to the political action committee of former florida governor jeb bush. christie spent the day in washington on the americas along with secretary of state john kerry. christie spoke about his trips
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to mexico and canada. >> we need to make these neighbors of ours a first thought, not an after thought. the fact is that the best way to do that is to meet people. let them know by your physical presence and what's going on in their country that they're important partners of ours. >> the governor visited canada on a trade mission in december and traveled to mexico for a trade mission last fall. governor christie will be looking for some laughs today. no details of the appearance have been announced yet. the last time he produced the evolution of dad dancing. he made numerous appearances on late night with jimmy fallon. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coming up on 6:37 and it's a chilly start this morning but we've got sunshine at least to start with.
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this afternoon storms will be rolling through and with those storms strong winds and the potential for hail but by tonight temperatures turn colder. the storms clear out and the temperatures will be coming down for the next couple of days. right now we're watching them start to climb. 45 degrees in reading. scattered clouds dry in center city. 50 degrees and 47 with sunshine in wilmington. look at the sun coming up over center city. beautiful sunshine. it doesn't last. you'll need sunglasses this morning and umbrellas this afternoon. i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms. we did see a few sprinkles move through the pocono mountains. the clouds will return with more wet weather. dry for allentown which saw a few rain drops to start with. reading had some rain drops as well. now that activity is to the west. steady showers. light showers through central pennsylvania. the heavier rain is now in western pennsylvania and in the ohio valley. that's a cold front that's going to come through with the storms
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this afternoon and behind it the temperatures will turn colder. but today before the storms roll in we'll see a nice warmup. allentown, reading, quaker town into the lower 60ed though. northeast philadelphia and mount holly. late afternoon showers for rehoboth. swedes broke and hit 70 degrees. the showers will arrive in westchester which will top out at 64, 67 in drexel hill, wilmington and philadelphia. the forecast is calling for afternoon storms and gusty winds. the temperatures peek in the 60s to near 70. it gets colder starting tonight. 7 day forecast with details on how long that's going to last when i come back in ten. bill so you'll have sunshine for your drive this morning but you could also run into some delays especially on the boulevard. >> right. the incompetent be ner drive closed down because of a fatal accident. jessica boyington is following that for us jessica.
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>> thank you, tracie and christ. we are dealing in the rhawnhurst area of philadelphia. you can see a hardly recognizable vehicle that has crashed into a tree. you can see tow crews on the scene as well as police activity there as well closing a portion of the roosevelt boulevard this morning. that's northbound on the inner drive approaching borbeck avenue. we will keep you updated but you want to take bustleton avenue to get on by. we are getting word of an accident out in upper marion as well on route 422 at north gulf road underpass. as we head out on to 95 we're starting to see major jams approaching gerrard avenue. you can see 32 minutes. these are the southbound lanes here. you know most of us have had computer problems that make you want to scream. well, there's one man in colorado who may have taken things a little too far. we'll explain how he shot his computer down for good joompt
6:40 am
and this is the blast that sparked an investigation. and now a change. they'll get results as they're increasing food truck safety. searching for answers in baltimore. how the department is dealing with the case of the man who died in police custody.
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at 6:43 a live look at citizens bank park. beautiful morning. the phillies are honoring earth day with citizens bank red goes green today. for tonight's game against the marlins the game will celebrate sustainability while bringing awareness to living in a cleaner, healthier environment. >> we have new information this morning on when the senate might
6:44 am
vote on president obama's nominee for attorney verbal. the nomination of loretta lynch has been held up by gop leaders until a sex trafficking bill could be resolved. the senate plans to vote possibly later in the day. 6:44 now. the "nbc 10" investigators have gotten results in a push to make food trucks safer. months after a deadly explosion in philadelphia last july you all remember this video. pennsylvania state representative tina davis says it's time to change the law for food truck investigations. the law prohibits cities from inspecting propane tanks. now after months of reporting by the "nbc 10" investigators, davis tells us she will introduce a bill to give the city of philadelphia and other communities the right to do those inspections. >> i find it shocking. i don't think it should be. i think they should have the ability to do this. >> now davis says she hopes to
6:45 am
get that bill passed by the end of next month. today teachers and staff in the gloucester city school district will find out if their jobs will be cut next school year. principals will hand out letters about a reduction in force today. "nbc 10" was at gloucester city high school last night where cumulative community members voiced their concern about the cuts. the cuts are needed for a $5 million budget cap. the former owners of revel are now talking about what went wrong with the casino hotel in atlantic city. topping the list an expensive energy contract that costs $2 million more than the actual energy use. others are pricey food and drinks and an initial disdain for day trip gamblers. revel shut down without ever showing a profit. the owners of trump taj mahal are accusing union workers of wagging economic warfare. the union claims the letters
6:46 am
that were sent are protected free speech but the casino says they were misleading and urged patrons to visit other casinos. the letters were sent out shortly before the judge sent the casino's request to cancel the contract. some survivors of a college dorm fire are traveling across the country to talk about fire safety and prevention. shaun simons and al vare ra yanos survived the seton hall fire that killed three students and injured 54 others. they spoke with students and shared the video, after the fire. they admitted they thought the fire drill was a prank. >> we want to bring a purpose to why this happened to us. by sharing the story we want to insure. we don't want this to affect anybody else ever again. we don't want somebody to go through and endure the pain we went through. >> the two students you see here were charged with setting the fire. joseph la poor and joseph ryan
6:47 am
said they lit a banner on fire and it quickly spread. the case will be presented that dzhokhar tsarnaev should be executed. yesterday they showed a picture of tsarnaev making an obscene gesture in a jail cell months after the attack. they show him unrepen tent. tsarnaev's defense team is expected to give their story on monday. the time is 6:47. we're now hearing from the baltimore police commissioner after the justice department announces a federal investigation into the death of a man who was in police custody. investigators are looking for civil rights violations suffer rounding the treatment of freddy gray. he died after suffering a spinal injury when police arrested him in april. an attorney for the gray family says they are determined to get answers. >> the man was arrested for literally running while black or
6:48 am
as we also jokingly on the inside say, felony running. >> nbc news spoke exclusively with the city's police commissioner about how the department is dealing with the death of freddy gray while community members continue to demand justice. >> there's pain in our community and they're reacting to the trauma that has taken place in this community, and i think there's also pain within this police department, too, and so what's the best thing to do? let people voice their concerns. >> we found out within the past four years baltimore has paid out nearly $6 million in judgments, settlements involving claims of police brew tamt and civil rights violations. sky force ten over breaking news now. we've been following reports coming out of montgomery county. this is graderford prison. emergency crews are on the scene where a person has been treated for breathing in too much smoke.
6:49 am
now we jups saw what a period to be a prison guard taken out on a stretcher. it's not clear if that's the one being treated for smoke inhalation or someone else. no idea how that fire started. we do understand things are under control. this is happening in graderford montgomery county. we're gathering information to find out what happened. as soon as we have more to pass along to you, we certainly will. well, when a computer gives you problems some people might think about causing it some damage. well a colorado man shot his uncooperative computer eight times. they treated this picture and jokingly said it was a computer that was killed. in all seriousness, the man could be fined for illegally discharging a weapon inside city limits but i know the feeling. that helps when you want to throw it against the wall. >> that is probably nothing the office i.t. expert is going to be able to take care of there at this point. let's go to new york.
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time for a check at what's coming up ahead on the "today" show. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning. >> good morning. >> chris and tracy, good to see you both. coming up on a wednesday on the show tens of millions of people at risk. there's severe weather that al is tracking from new mention i could he up to new england. also ahead, dr. oz is fighting back against other doctors who says he promotes quack treatments. we'll hear what dr. oz has to say exclusively. >> then what advice would you give to your younger self? that's one of the questions that we asked some very famous guests at last night's time 100 gala. plus another can't miss make your today surprise for a mom who devotes her life to helping others. plus the property brothers are here. >> working on the backyard on this earth day when we get started on a wednesday morning here on todd. guys back to you. >> that will be great. look forward to it. see you at 7:00. >> you've got it. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist
6:51 am
bill henley. >> coming up on 9 minutes before 7:00 and we've got sunshine to start with. it's not going to last all day. need a jacket too. it's chilly outside. 9 degrees cooler in philadelphia. that 50 degrees, that's one of the warmer spots. late day showers and thunderstorms will roll through cape may but before they reach cape may and the shore they'll reach philadelphia and allentown which is starting to see a few scattered clouds. those are coming in advance of the storms that are already moving into western pennsylvania. these are the storms that will move through this afternoon. behind them colder air that's going to be here tomorrow. your hour-by-hour forecast dry at 9:00. you can see high clouds moving into delaware and farther to the north and west for allentown and reading. chances of showers at noontime. there is a slight risk of showers in philadelphia. not expecting storms at that time but look to the north and west. reading, allentown early this afternoon we'll see the storms move into chester, montgomery
6:52 am
bucks counties. that line of storms which could produce damaging wind and hail will be in the philadelphia area at 3:00. trenton, philadelphia wilmington seeing that line move through during the mid afternoon hours. and then pushing towards the shore by 4:00 in the afternoon. still some scattered showers in the wake of those starms and we could see some thunder and lightning at 5:00 in the area but by this evening by the time the phillies take the field at 7:00 we will see drying conditions and it will be getting chilly with some gusty winds as well. the forecast is calling for sunglasses to start with. umbrellas this afternoon. gusty wind and a strong thunderstorm rolling through the area. before they get here we'll warm into the 60s to near 70 degrees. behind the storms here comes the chilly weather for thursday and friday. morning temperatures in the 30s but high in the 50s. lots of sunshine sunday. bill 8 minutes until 7:00 right now. let's see how the traffic
6:53 am
situation is starting to shape up out there. >> jessica boyington is following it for us this morning. jessica? >> thank you, tracy and chris. good morning, everyone. yeah we're starting out in the rhawnhurst section of philadelphia dealing with a deadly crash on the northbound side around the inner drive near borbeck. it's closed between tyson and ryan avenue. tow trucks are on the scene. police activity. you want to take bustleton avenue to get by that scene. as we head out to new jersey long side disabled bus taking out the right hand side shoulder at 295. as we take a look at the rest of the drive times, 95 southbound heavy trip. 34 minutes if you're headed southbound from wood haven road into the area. chris, back to you. it started out as a small hole, it took down a tree and half a backyard. next, it could be the home. "nbc 10's" katy zachry is live
6:54 am
in florence county. what's happening? >> reporter: imagine, chris, waking up to this. check out the video. a backyard literally sinking. you'll hear from the people living inside this home and we'll show you what's likely causing this dramatic erosion.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
i'm katy zachry live in florence township where behind me some homeowners are losing part of their backyard to the delaware river. here is the dramatic video. huge chunks of this property have eroded away. what's left is a gaping dangerous drop to the river below. the couple here says their backyard has been eroding for two years but the erosion got worse after this week's heavy rain. in fact the sinking soil
6:58 am
unearthed an old county drain pipe that was supposedly sealed years ago but it has been leaking and that is likely the cause of the erosion. now later this morning engineers are expected to come out here assess the erosion. the homeowners fear they'll be told to leave their homes. reporting live in florence township katy zachry, "nbc 10 news" news". and good morning, everyone. i'm jessica boyington with your traffic for your morning commute. we are dealing with an accident a fatal accident actually out in rhownhurst. northbound approaching borbeck avenue was closed for the predominant part of the morning for tyson and ryan avenue. we're just getting word that it is in the process of reopening. for the time being to avoid the delays in the area take bustleton avenue to get on by. as we take a check on 95 approaching gerrard avenue heading southbound you can see that's where most 69 day lay is.
6:59 am
34 minutes. as for ongoing construction on the bridge expect delays there. "nbc 10" first alert weather. we've got some sunshine. sunshine is up and a few high clouds are moving in. you can see them clearly in this live view from sky force 10. we'll need sunglasses to start with but take your umbrella with you. this afternoon looking for storms to move into the area. before the storms move in we'll get a warmup after a chilly morning. 40 in pottstown, 43 in trenton and wilmington at 47 degrees. storms on the way for later today. by noontime the heavier weather moving towards reading and then early this afternoon, that's when the first heavy downpours moving through philadelphia and there's a potential for gusty winds and hail with those storms. so keep an eye on the sky if you're going to the afternoon hours. temperatures 60s today. chilly starting tomorrow. no danger at all to blossoms
7:00 am
we hope with the cool down, right, bill? >> oh, no, they'll be fine. >> thanks bill. fresh out of time. we'll be back with your local update in a few minutes. >> see you then. good morning. breaking news. a heavily armed man in custody accused of planning to carry out an imminent attack on churches in france. we're live with what investigators are saying about the arrest. from new mexico to new england, al's tracking the threat of severe weather stretching 2200 miles across the country. i was embarrassed. ben affleck apologizing for pressuring pbs to omit his slave-owning ancestor from a documentary. now the network is opening its own investigation into what happened. and the "time" of their lives. >> time is running out for me to -- >> become president with matt lauer. >> we go behind the scenes at th


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