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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the shore in ocean county. some locally heavy -- briefly heavy rain. what we can expect along the shoreline, 60-mile-an-hour winds are damaging winds. we've had reports of wind damage with trees down across the area. galloway township still seeing heavy rain. mystic county egg harbor ocean counties. as we go farther north into ocean county this is where we have heavier rain moving towards toward stafford township accompanied by high winds. the wind is the main issue for all this. for chester county we're seeing heavy rain approaching. east nottingham across 95. this is starting to move into new castle county. also for parts of northern chester county and also approaching the philadelphia area. so this is one spot that we'll be keeping our eye on as well. for now, some of the strongest storms, some of the highest winds are moving toward our shore points in parts of burlington and ocean county. here's ocean county again.
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there you see heavy rain accompanied with high wind. there you see galloway township and atlanta county going into burlington county. mystic island briefly heavy rain and damaging winds near about 60 miles an hour. that's another thing we can expect for our shore points. winds near 60 miles an hour. this is damaging wind speed. we've already seen a 71-mile-an-hour wind gust at philly international airport. so that's one thing we'll definitely keep you on top of us as we go through the rest of the afternoon. let's head over to first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> i'm adding up our peak wind gusts. 71 miles an hour at philadelphia international airport. lehigh peak wind gust of 55 miles an hour. 48 in northeast philadelphia at the airport there. 48 miles per hour in new castle. if we show you what that looks like, if we map it out for you, all the reports of strong peak wind gusts, this is what it looks like. a lot of our counties seeing really strong wind gusts. this is turnersville with a peak
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wind gust of 60 miles per hour. so, this all happened closer to 2:55 -- 2:05 if you were in lehigh and 3:08 for the trenton airport. that's in mercer county. as we go into the rest of today, we will continue to see isolated thunderstorms capable of producing wind gusts close to about 60 miles an hour. that's when we have severe thunderstorm warnings. it did expire two minutes ago. one thing we continue to get in are these pictures. we would love for you to send them in. wind damage from westville, new jersey. i'll continue monitoring all the wind damage reports. i'll have another look when i see you again. jim and renee. >> thank you. stay with us as these storms whip through our area. you can track it yourself with our "nbc10 news" and weather app, download them for free to get the first alert forecast to your smartphone. >> we'll keep an eye on the weather. we just got video from septa
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police of a brawl that erupted on a subway platform. >> the frightened students at spring garden station on the broad street line. randy gyllenhaal just heard from septa about this. >> what are they telling you? >> reporter: the dramatic fight was caught on video at the spring garden platform yesterday. septa police and local school district have come out saying, quoted this is outrageous behavior and somebody could have been killed. let me show you the full video caught on surveillance camera. septa says this is a large group of high school students standing on the platform waiting for a train, when a large brawl breaks out. at least a dozen students involved. some video too graphic. at one point a student jumping on the head of somebody else on the ground. sources believe some of the victims are from ben franklin high school. this is not the first fight that septa has caught on their surveillance cameras. they want students to know that one, this is not the place to have a fight. somebody could have fallen onto the tracks. two, they say anybody fighting will be caught on video and then arrested.
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>> but the message we're trying to get out is if you're going to act up on septa, we're going to have a picture of your face. and we're sharing it with the school district. between the two of us we're going to address it so that no one gets hurt. >> reporter: in this instance septa says they have identified at least two of the victims and at least a few of the suspects involved. they are beefing up patrols at some hot spot stations and they say a criminal investigation is currently under way. live at septa headquarters, randy gyllenhaal "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news begins with two south jersey homes on the edge. evacuations have been ordered here. these homes are in danger of falling into the delaware river. the people who live there have been told to get out. a landslide led to the gaping hole in those houses' backyards. >> the residents walked away today knowing it could be the last time they live there.
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this erosion is happening behind two florence township homes. now engineers and the county are trying to figure out the problem. cydney long is joining us live from florence township. >> a lot going on out there. bring us up to date. >> reporter: i can tell you that engineers at this point can't point their finger in one direction to place blame on this right now, they say it would be pure speculation. what is clear about what caused this giant ravine in the backyards of these two florence township homes were muddy rains, along with discolored water at the delaware river that chomped away at the banks. the wind and rain this afternoon may make it worse. the hardest part for the homeowners is they're forced to leave indefinitely. just empty, much like her backyard lynn odell isn't sure how she will cope. >> i don't have words for that. i don't.
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this is our home. we put a lot of effort into, it a lot of love in this house. >> reporter: leaving the home she planned to retire in because of this. a gaping giant ravine that has ravished their backyard to the point a geotechnical engineer contracted by the township says two homes feet from the delaware river, are in imminent danger. >> the engineer is basically saying he feels this is an imminent house. i don't think he can define hours, but days. >> how did it get to this point? >> we have no idea. >> the township says it's too early to point to a county storm drain and sealed as the culprit. right now the concern are pending storms. >> don't see any movement at this time because there's always the possibility depending on the weather and any additional rain
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or even the wind could affect drying out the sand. the oe dels say they will handle it delicately. >> we haven't gone over. >> reporter: public works crews installed more fencing and a warning this is private property. there should be no trespassing. families are both working with their insurance companies and the county and township to determine exactly what caused this and how to fix this. live in florence township cydney long, "nbc10 news." two officers from the same south jersey police department caught on the wrong side of the law. >> the lieutenant is facing assault charges at a liquor store after millville's top cop was arrested for allegedly driving drunk. nbc10's drew smith has the latest on the fallout from millville. >> reporter: the people of millville tell us they're upset not only because the people out making arrests are also facing
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charges, but because two of those people still work here. one is still in charge of the entire force. a millville city administrator who declined our request for an on-camera interview says they're under review but still working here. >> they should be fired. >> reporter: police tell us lieutenant carl hager was charged with assault. they say it happened at this liquor store. two days before that the person in charge of the department also got in trouble. you see him here from a past interview with nbc10. his own department charged him with driving drunk and reckless driving. >> it's not right. he should be fired. i would be fired from my job and i work at rite-aid. >> reporter: both cases were forwarded to the cumberland county office. we haven't heard back. the city so far is sticking by the officers, even as residents complain. i think the police are out of
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control. thinking they can do whatever they want to do. >> reporter: the city says there's no policy for putting officers on leave or suspension for these type of charges. >> seems to me people aren't keeping enough of an eye on the police themselves. >> reporter: people argue there's no room for the officers to behave badly, too. >> getting hard and not getting arrested, you're supposed to help us. you're supposed to protect us, not out getting arrested. >> reporter: detectives tell us the lieutenant is working here today. we asked to speak with him and we're told he's not commenting. drew smith, "nbc10 news." lights are back on in wayne after an underground blast shut down power in the heart of the shopping area there. now, peco tells us it fixed the cable that touched off the underground explosion and fire monday night. some stores left damaged by the blackout are still closed.
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cell phone video after it happened. some businesses on north wayne avenue have a lot of damage to clean up. now to a freak accident inside a philadelphia impound lot. police tell us a city employee parking lot was killed after another employee drove a truck over it. keith jones is live in our digital operations center with the man who was killed and how this happened. >> reporter: we're leaving more about that guy who was killed in that tragic accident. his name is jeff bayers. he died when the philadelphia parking lotto truck was backing up and hit him. the lot is between argon and snyder. bayers was from maple shade, burlington county. he worked for the parking authority for 13 years. mayor nutter spoke about the tragedy this afternoon. >> told by the parking authority, great worker, loved by his colleagues.
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there were a number of personnel at the funeral. our prayers go out to his family. >> nbc10 was also on the ground of the scene. jeff bayer is 60 years old and father of three. police are still investigating this crash. the philadelphia parking authority calls it tragic. reporting live in the digital operation center, keith jones, "nbc10 news." we have new information today about a fire. nbc10 learned the fire which injured several officers started in a cellblock. skyforce10 over the prison as one kf was taken by ambulance treated for smoke inhalation. prison officials tell us the fifrs quickly contained. a fallen philadelphia police officer was honored by lawmakers in harrisburg. two pennsylvania state house members from philadelphia offered a condolence resolution. it commemorates the life and service of sergeant robert wilson iii. sergeant wilson's family and fellow officers received a
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standing ovation at this ceremony this morning. officer wilson was shot and killed trying to stop a robbery at a gamestop store in north philadelphia. the officer was in the store that day to buy a birthday gift for his son. while he was inside, two men tried to rob the store. officer wilson drew fire away from customers and employees when those robbers began shooting. ramone williams and carlton hipps are charged with officer wilson's murder. the vatican confirms pope francis will stop in cuba before he visits the u.s. this fall. the pope is credited with helping to restore diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. francis' visit to cuba would be a way for him to push that process forward. the world meeting of families takes place in philadelphia the last week of september. pope francis will visit on the final two days, september 26th and 27th. count on nbc10 to bring you live coverage. a multibillion dollar renovation project is about to take off at philly international airport. airport and city officials
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announced plans for the project today. the res lags of a dispute paved the way for that work to begin. it will include a longer runway, also able to accommodate planes able to fly longer international routes. also interior renovations and a people mover to help passengers travel between terminals. mayor nutter welcomed the news. >> regional competitiveness, the movement of people and goods across the county the state. >> the project is expected to take 12 to 15 years to complete. >> the fight over controversial delaware county housing development isn't over yet. the beaver valley conserve antsy. they planned to approve it but they want to keep the land preserved as open space
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institute race for philadelphia mayor is focused on arts and culture as well as parks and recreation today. . the candidates will discuss those topics during a forum at free library of philadelphia at 5:45 tonight. here's a look at the six candidates. the winner will face the sole republican candidate, melissa murray bailey. check out the nbc10 elections candle. primary held tuesday may 19th. general election will take place tuesday, november 3rd. the criminal case against new jersey's senior u.s. senior, is back in a courtroom today. lawyers for senator bob menendez are in newark for a pretrial conference. earlier this month a federal grand jury indicted menendez on bribery and corruption charges. he's accused of accepting millions of dollars from a friend. to boston where several jurors cried as relatives of
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victims testified at the sentencing of boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the brother and step brother of the m.i.t. police officer sean collier took the stand this morning. they told jurors his death has devastated the family. he died in a shootout with dzhokhar tsarnaev and his older brother days after the marathon bombings. this is the second day of testimony in the penalty phase of tsarnaev's trial. earlier this month, a jury convicted tsarnaev on all accounts. now they'll decide if he should be sentenced to life in prison or be executed. atlanta county grandmother will likely spend the rest of her life in prison. >> she was accused of killing and chopping up her husband and then moving with her remains. ted greenberg was in court as emotions ran high again. >> reporter: loretta burrows would have to live to be 112
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before she would be eligible for parole parole, a sentence the judge said was by design to keep her from society. >> that's all i have. >> reporter: raymond sat feet from loretta burrows as he told a judge how the murder and dismemberment of his brother, danny, left him as a severely depressed person who no longer looks forward to tomorrow. >> what she did to my brother, horror movies and nightmares are made from. and i'm living in both. >> your honor, i'm sorry for my crime. >> reporter: the 63-year-old grandmother cried constantly during her sentence today for the 2007 killing. last month a jury convicted her of stabbing danny to death in their mays landing home and keeping his remains when she moved. they were found in a pair of plastic containers in a house in vintner two years ago. >> the court has not seen anything as brutal until al
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capone ordered the valentine's day massacre. >> reporter: the judge sentenced her to 55 years in prison. loved ones believe she didn't like her husband's plan for the couple to move to florida and then spread lies about him running off with another woman there after he was dead. burrows maintains danny pushed her during an argument before the deadly stabbing. >> there's such a thing that two people loved one another too much making the relationship toxic and difficult, then i truly believe danny and myself were guilty of this. >> anything that comes out of that woman's mouth is a lie. the only thing she's regretful of is being caught. >> reporter: they are working on an appeal and plan to file that. ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." go back to our first alert weather coverage.
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this is the aftermath of the severe weather moving through as you see a tree already chopped up as the weather came through in lower marion. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp has the latest on the fast-moving storms. >> we have another severe thunderstorm warning issued here. for parts of kent county sussex can county stretching into cape may. that's our next concern. as you take a closer look we see wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. that's all possible when we have a severe thunderstorm warning. heavy downpours also a possibility. if we fly you up this one has just expired. it was going to stay in effect until 4:30 but we'll take to you wilmington where we'll see moderate downpours. in new garden east nottingham, seeing moderate rainfall coming down. we show you through one of our cameras what that looks like you can see the raindrops on our lens. we've seen steady rainfall in
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philadelphia and wind gusts up to 71 miles per hour. as we continue to track some of these showers as they move to the east we expect to see another round of showers moving into parts of cherry hill closer to 4:49. most of the concern is going to be for severe thunderstorm warning now in effect for cape may pp parts of kent county and sussex county at least until 4:30. we have another 11 minutes. we to want show you the damage reports here. we've seen peak wind gusts where you see the blue circles. reports of peak wind gusts between 40 to up to 71 miles per hour. you can see this is widespread wind damage that we're slowly starting to get more reports in. we have one coming out of parts of new jersey where we're seeing downed trees. in georgetown where that severe thunderstorm warning is in effect, at least until 4:30
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we're seeing a peak wind gust up to 40 miles per hour. that's a strong wind gust. take a look at atlantic city our wind speeds are gusting up to 32 miles per hour. looks like it's calmed down a bit everywhere else. we're seeing wind gusts around 21 for northeast philadelphia and breezy conditions in mt. holly. the threat is not over as we head into the next hour or so. we could see another warning from toms river. for now it's in effect mainly for cape may and kent and sussex county. we'll still be under the threat of some of these more severe thunderstorms popping up until 6 p.m. by 10 p.m. we're dealing with scattered showers near the poconos and our temperatures will to 30 degrees in the poconos. we could see a few snow flurries heading into our overnight hours tonight. you want to be careful, especially driving with these wind gusts close to 30, 40 miles per hour as we head into the rest of the night, evening for your evening commute.
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this is going to continue into the overnight hours and windy as we head into thursday and friday. we'll continue monitoring these wind speeds. our main concern is the severe thunderstorm warning in effect for cape may, kent county and sussex county. our forecast shows we'll see cooler temperatures as we head into tomorrow and also into friday. a warning from doctors. the drug putting dozens of people in the hospital from our area just this week alone. the push to take over pennsylvania's worst performing schools if they don't shape up.
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new jersey governor chris christie getting ready for an appearance on nbc's "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. last time he was on when he teamed up with jimmy to perform the skit of evolution of dad dancing. the republican governor is said
4:25 pm
to be a likely presidential contender for 2016. a school that caters to children who learn differently broke ground on a new 60,000 square foot campus today. the new aim academy is going up along the schuylkill river in con sha hawken. it supports students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. aim academy has close to 300 students at their current campus. our top story -- >> showers and thunderstorms, strong wind gusts. good news is the system is moving quickly? >> yes. i'm still tracking a severe thunderstorm warning that will stay in effect until 4:30. for the next couple of minutes, i'm tracking what that means as we head into tonight and what's in store for the rest of your work week. plus local hospital officials say it is the worst outbreak of exposure to a specific drug they've seen. that dozens of young patients showing up in local ers after overdosing on synthetic
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tracking showers and thunderstorms moving quickly across our area. there have been heavy downpours and strong winds pushing system along. live look from citizens bank park. a wet afternoon. a little wet in south philadelphia right now. the phillies hoping to dodge showers and get that game in later this evening. it is a wet afternoon. if you look at our camera behind us, big raindrops. >> the attack of the giant raindrops. let's get that behind us.
4:30 pm
>> nbc10 meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking this system. >> where is the heaviest rain right now? >> we'll see another batch moving into philadelphia. not only is it attack of the giant rain drops but strong winds. it just happened severe thunderstorm warning just expired at 4:30. it was for parts of kent county sussex and cape may, which is expiring. a lot of time with severe thunderstorm warnings it means these thunderstorms are capable of producing small hail gusts up to 60 miles an hour and heavy downpours. if you take a close look we're seeing light rain moving into sussex county but seeing wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. if we show you where our next batch of rain is going to move into philadelphia right now, it's closer to concord, moving into chester, when you see the reds, yellows, oranges, that's more of a moderate downpour happening. same thing for woolwich. the next 30 45 minutes, we'll see the showers move to the
4:31 pm
east. track it upper darby, closer to 4:39. 4:49 for philadelphia. 5:00 in cherry hill. that's where we'll see the heaviest rain. outside in philadelphia it's not actively raining but we're tracking the next batch of moisture that will effect philadelphia. the international airport picked up a wind gust at 71 miles per hour. 55 in lehigh. 48 in northeast philly and 48 in new castle. i'll let you know if we're expecting any more wind speeds and how that will affect the phillies game. i'll have that in my full forecast. to this now -- whistle-blowers from philadelphia in washington to talk about the mismanagement at veteran affairs regional office they say is costing taxpayers and depriving veterans. >> it comes after an internal investigation at the va found problems in philadelphia with the handling of veterans's claims. rosemary connors joins us with more on today's hearing. >> the whistle blowers testified
4:32 pm
about thousands of pieces of mail unopened in the office, old claims made to look like new ones. they told members of congress these paperwork problems are not solved and the only way to fix them is to replace management from the top down and that includes the new director of the regional office who's already under fire for her move to philadelphia. >> i think i think the phrase systematic failures and mismanagement might be a gross understatement. >> reporter: congress is taking its turn putting philadelphia's regional affairs office under the microscope after last week's report from the va inspector general revealed serious paperwork problems here. like duplicate paperwork to vets along with a backlog of claims. today the house va committee listened to testimony from whistle-blowers who work in the philly office. >> i have personally reported erroneous and duplicate payments in 2010.
4:33 pm
i reported them to irs, osg, iag. it's never been fixed. >> reporter: also under review a $00,000 payment in relocation costs made to diana reubens who moved from washington to philadelphia to become the new director of the regional office. >> it does not pass the smell test. pags such an exorbitant amount of a federal employee to move three hours down the road is a an abuse of taxpayer funds. >> reporter: she admitted she would not have made the transfer without that relocation package. >> i opted to avail myself of a program for relocation to ensure i could make that move as expeditiously as possible. >> so you couldn't have moved quickly without $300,000 relocation package? rubens did not answer that question. she talked about the need to streamline claims process so veterans are getting the
4:34 pm
services they need. rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." a woman on washington square in center city was surprised to discover this stranger in her living room attempted to take her clothes. police say this woman is the suspect right here. they say the thief ran away without taking anything when confronted by the resident. surveillance from march 14th shows her allegedly breaking into a second apartment and taking several items there. you're asked to call police if you identify the woman. happening today, philadelphia city council considers a big change for philadelphia schools one they say won't cost a whole lot of money. later today council members will take part in a workshop with the possibility of switching public schools into school-based family service centers. where health and social services all located in or near schools. it's already being done in a couple of philly schools. daryll clark wants it to expand to all failing schools in the city.
4:35 pm
>> how about putting council district office in there so the community can get services from that building? children can get clinical services in that particular building? >> the meeting tonight is open to everyone and will be at community college in spring garden at 6 p.m. low performing schools in pennsylvania could be affected by newly proposed legislation. the bill would remake the philadelphia school district into a state-run system. low performing schools could face closure by the new district. funding would be based on a per student allocation. paulzboro mayor pleaded guilty to dui in gloucester county courtroom. the judge also sentenced him to pay about $700 in fines and attend a 12-hour resource class. police arrested hamilton back in january. he can be heard on dash cam video asking officers to call the mayor of woolwich township
4:36 pm
because they're friends. the officers did not make the call. a push to raise the main mum wage at city hall they raise the wage pa to $10.07 an hour will benefit tens of thousands of workers. a new report finds a higher minimum wage will help improve the local economy. full-time worker in pennsylvania makes below the poverty line for a family of two. st. joseph's university has a new leader. for the first time in the school's 164-year history it's not a mechanic of the clergy. mark reed will be the new president of the catholic university. he comes to st. joe's from fair field university in connecticut. he replaces gillespie, who's been in charge for a difficult three years for the school and has not had the support of some faculty groups or administration. turning 21 in a local college town will be more than the right to legally drink alcohol. >> a new ordinance is banning
4:37 pm
cigarette sales for anyone under 21. the south jersey town banning sales to young customers and who will have to wait to light up. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 -- he was paralyzed during a rutgers football game but he continues to not let the injury beat him.
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only 56% of american parents have a living will or trust document. of those who do have a will only 40% have updated it in the last five years. survey also found that more than half of adult children don't know where their parents keep their estate documents. sasha and malia obama joined the first lady for the annual take our daughters and sons to work day at white house. mrs. obama took questions from the boys and girls club of greater washington and d.c. offices also selected young people to join in.
4:41 pm
president obama is calling on businesses across america to join in on take your daughters and sons to work day. back to the weather. nbc10 first alert weather tracking showers, thunderstorms moving through our area right now. >> we've seen reports of heavy downpours and strong winds. taking a look over a wet center city. look at those raindrops. the rain picking up in philadelphia right now? >> that's right. i'm tracking another round of showers moving into philadelphia. also, when this is all going to clear up. and when our wind speeds will start to die down. i'll let you know exactly what to expect coming up in my full forecast. all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 they're turning heads wherever they go and septa isn't alone here. now other mass transit systems with buses sporting controversial ads.
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our nbc10 news views bringing us impact of today's storms and strong winds. look at this tree down. this is in westville, gloucester county this afternoon. a mature tree there that's fallen onto a house. done a lot of damage to that house right there. brittney will have our full forecast with the latest coming up on these storms. if you're under 21 you'll no longer be able to buy tobacco products in princeton, mercer county. they expanded the ban on tobacco sales, now the fifth town to pass this law. goes into effect in the next three weeks. some local kids got a chance to do what they do best -- signify earth day. >> they got dirty. first raiders at ridge park got down and dirty today to celebrate earth day. children plant flowers and watered a butterfly garden. got themselves wet cleaning up the harriet park in plymouth
4:46 pm
township. sounds like they had a lot of fun, too. delaware got in on the earth day act by holding several events across the city. kids got a chance to learn about planting on arbor day. they got tips for improving the environment for various cities in delaware. now taking a look live at citizens bank park today, the phillies will honor the earth in tonight's game against the marlins. included in the celebration is a chance to take a selfie of the phanatic just for earth day today. robin christianson has been re-elected to his first full term. he won tuesday's mayoral race defeating carol ton kerry and retired school teacher george. christian san has been mayor since last june. he won a special election last april. we've been telling you about
4:47 pm
this. want to show you this tree from another angle in westville, gloucester county. looks like it came as close to the house as it could get. it hit the house. look how it hit the roof on the corner. that's in new jersey. but here in philadelphia the rain once again is picking up britney. >> that's right. we've seen strong wind gusts with our isolated thunderstorms from this afternoon. peak wind gusts at philadelphia international airport up to 71 miles per hour. so it's no wonder we're starting to get pictures in just like that. if we take a closer look at the radar, we're still not done with all these showers. in fact some of the heaviest downpours moving into parts of philadelphia. if we take a closer look at where all these showers are going, they'll continue to track to the east. light rain in bensalem but we'll see heavier rain picking up there. more of a moderate rainfall probably in the next 20 minutes or so. this is what it looks like. one of our cameras from our
4:48 pm
comcast center. you can see the rain is coming down at a pretty good clip and dealing with wind gusts up to 21 miles an hour. if we track some of that precip moderate rain coming down in upper darby. by 4:45 -- by 4:53 cherry hills will see a little more rainfall. 5:02 morristown and closer to 5:06 we should see most of this rain moving into gloucester and camden county. we're tracking another batch to egg harbor and mays landing. that's a moderate to heavy downpour. another round is starting to move into parts of delaware. new castle kent county will start to see more activity closer to 5:00 for wilmington. let's take a closer look at our wind peak gust where we've seen a wind gust up to 45 miles an hour, up to 55 miles an hour in lehigh. new castle at 48.
4:49 pm
as we go into the next couple of hours, we're dealing with a threat of very strong wind gusts. we're reporting wind gust at 45 miles an hour. up to 32 in atlantic city. breezy conditions right now in mt. holly. we progress the model it shows by 5 p.m. still dealing with the threat of isolated strong thunderstorms producing gusts. upwards of 40 miles per hour. that will mainly be confined to toms river, atlantic city as we go through the next couple of hours. by 6 a.m. hugging the shore. we even will see a few lingering showers moving into the poconos closer to 9:00 10:00. as temperatures drop with the cold front sliding across our region, we will see temperatures dropping to about 30 degrees in the poconos. won't be out of the question to see a few snow flurries. here's a closer look at future wind speed as we go through 1:00
4:50 pm
tonight. we're dealing with wipdnd gusts by 30 miles an hour. these wind speeds will be gusting to 30 miles an hour. as you head back home with another secondary weaker cold front that will move through on thursday. if you're planning on heading out to the philly game tonight, these wind speeds are still going to be whipping out of the west. 20 to 30 miles an hour. our temperatures will start to drop, down to 60 degrees by 7 p.m. mid-50s by 9 p.m. we're staying in the mid-50s as we head into tomorrow and friday. we recover with our temperatures heading back into the 60s this weekend. a warning from doctors in the lehigh valley. >> the worst outbreak they've seen to exposure of a specific drug. dozens of young patients showing up in local emergency rooms after overdosing on synthetic marijuana.
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live look. our nbc10 team of meteorologist will keep you prepared as showers and storms protect parts of our area this afternoon and evening. concern and a warning from doctors in the lehigh valley tonight. dozens of patients showing up in local emergency rooms with drug overdoses. it's not just any drug. >> that's right. doctors say those patients are o.d.'ing on sin sthetic marijuana, known as k-2 spice and other names. deanna durante live with more on what doctors want you to know. >> reporter: doctors say there's a belief synthetic marijuana is safe and will give you the same high for the real thing but they
4:55 pm
say it doesn't and it comes with very dangerous side effects. >> extremely agitated they're delirious. >> reporter: dr. robert is the director of emergency medicine in allentown. he says pashlgts coming in high on k-2 or synthetic marijuana need to be restrained for their own safety. he says he doesn't know why there's been a sudden uptick in patients but he says since the start of the month the hospital has treated 30 people who have overdosed. >> they're fairly inexpensive. last time i looked you can get a small pack of one of these for $30. >> not only is it illegal, it's also deadly. the lehigh county corner says at least eight have died. those who have been saved, according to doctors, have ended up on ventilators with serious breathing problems. >> we often don't know what it is until they wake up and tell us. >> reporter: doctors say they can treat us but because the overdoses come with aggressive
4:56 pm
behavior they can hurt themselves or those trying to help them. this hospital we're told is increasing its security inside the hospital. they say many times patients are brought in, they're brought in with police and these people could end up facing charges after their discharge. reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 fast hoouf moving storms are blowing through our damage. >> sheena parveen is tracking them for us. >> we're tracking these showers and storms move through. aside from the rain we still have the threat for high winds. coming up i'll show you where these are headed and what kind of damage we've seen so far. the feds fan out. what the fbi was doing at rose montd college and why they say it's nothing to worry about.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
bú:ú(ú( take a look at the damage. a tree crashed into the house in gloucester county. >> another look at the same scene. you can see how the tree was ripped up by the roots as the powerful storm whipped through just a short time ago. >> in delaware county pouring rain, wild wind ripped branches from trees,s toing them around like toys in drexel hill.
5:00 pm
>> in lower marion nbc10 cameras found this tree just toppled over. crews out there armed with chain saws made quick work of that mess in haverford. we're getting lots of calls and pictures from people telling us how this storm is battering their neighborhood. >> check out the scene in the heart of center city, philadelphia. a live picture right here. another round of showers began pelting this camera about ten minutes ago. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking it all. when did the storms move out for good? >> for good would be later on this evening, but for parts of the area already north and west lehigh valley, shouldn't expect any more. depends where you are, though. i think after 7 p.m. 8 p.m. we should be in the clear. here's what the radar looks like currently. we still have heavy showers around and still those high winds. we've seen winds gusting near 40 miles an hour today, even higher with any storms around. so, near haverford near 76 across philadelphia moderate to heavy rainfall. this


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