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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  April 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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view from center city nothing falling from the skies just the temperatures coming down. the wind starting to pick up. 12-mile-per-hour wind in philadelphia reading, allentown feeling that same wind. and that's giving us windchill readings in the 30s. pottstown freelies like 33 degrees. 34 in trenton, 36 in wilmington. you're going to have to bundle up to start with and keep a jacket with you through the day. it will warm up but not much. 48 degrees, 10:00, temperatures in the upper 40s, 51 at 1:00 the winds picking up to make it feel a bit chillier. the winds will blow clouds back into place after we see sunshine to start with. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood back in ten right now let's check in with jessica boyington in the "first alert" traffic center. >> good morning, everyone if you're heading out the door in the next few minutes if you're out in new jersey in gloucester you're probably going to pass through this accident.
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two lanes blocked. drive times are still up around the area. as we head out to the schuylkill expressway around spring garden street you see no problems really in any direction. 12 minutes from the vine into the blue route or eastbound currently no problems there. out on 422, drive times looking good as well. police say a driver crashed a stolen suv wall into at 21st and somerset street in north philadelphia. we've been following this breaking news for almost an hour now and there's still no sign that investigators are ready to clear the scene here. authorities say three people were inside that car, including a 16-year-old. all of them were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no word on conditions or charges. you can count on nbc10 for updates as we get new information out there the morning. we have new information out there the night about a firefighter recovering from
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minor injuries suffered in a flash fire in a home in wilmington. that's basically when a wall of flames shoots out at firefighters. this started in the basement of a home in east lawn avenue. investigators have not determined the cause. we have new information that philadelphia police are looking for an armed man who tried to rob an off-duty officer. nbc10's katy zachry is live at the police station in west philadelphia. katy what you can tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you this morning the off-duty officer is okay. he was in plain clothes. and he did have a gun on him. he managed to fire shots at the attempted robber. here's video of the scene soon after the shots. police tell us the gunman ran under a parked car and then ran away. police don't know if the suspect was shot or not. in the case he was. they sent an alert to nearby hospitals to be on the lookout
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for him. the officer held up he's a five-year veteran. he had just gotten off duty from work in the 12th district. before that he was an officer for the upper darby police department. now, at this hour police tell me they are still searching for the suspect. coming up at 6:00 you'll hear why police think that this gunman targeted one of their own. reporting live outside of southwest detectives katy zachry "nbc10 news." it's 5:33 we have new information on the dench of an autistic woman in philadelphia and the caseworker who was in charge of her. police sound christina sankey's body in west phil the day after she walked out of a mae's store last year. authorities say sankey was with her caseworker at the store. the philadelphia inquireenquirer is
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reporting. mcqueary claims the school ostracized him from the community after he testified about former assistant coach jerry sandusky. while on the sand he told late coach paterno that he saw sandusky with young boys in the showers. one of the suspects is charged with more than 150 counts of possession of child pornography. now, here's video of the first part of the sting operation that happened last week. police arrested 21 people in bucks, delaware montgomery and philadelphia counties. expulsion from school and charged as criminals. that's what some students could be facing following this brawl that was caught on video at a septa station this week. the fight happened tuesday afternoon at the spring garden station on the broad street line. high school students attacking each other on the platform. one person actually fell down on the track but wasn't hurt.
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nbc10's randy gyllenhaal spoke to one septa rider who said he is not surprised. >> i've been living in philly for nine years, and it's been happening. >> septa's police chief said surveillance video has helped identify some of the students in the brawl. happening today, philadelphia's new bike sharing program getting going at eakins oval. you can pay per ride or buy a membership. all you need is a helmet and off you go. speaking of a helmet bet this for $10 donation uber will deliver a new helmet to anyone renting a bike share bike. the promotion begins today 11:00 to 4:00. using the uber app. the $10 will go to the bicycle coalition of philadelphia. uber will match each donation.
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a sudden spike in the area hits the area. many cases involve teens. this morning a warning that every parent needs to hear. and breaking with tradition. we'll tell you what one local university is doing that it hasn't done in more than 150 years. bill. >> it's a chilly start this morning. ballpark has an afternoon game. but temperatures are not going to warm up all that much. we'll see some clouds in the distance. right now, it's 44 degrees at 5:36.
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now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. 5:38. we're about a half hour away from sunrise. the skies are starting to brighten up but there's a definite chill in the air. yesterday, it was the cold air sweeping in that actually produced those storms and going to give us some sunshine this morning as it clears out but the winds will stay with us this afternoon, a breezy day and that's going to blow clouds back
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into the area. look at these numbers, 39 in allentown. 41 in northeast philadelphia. an atlantic city is 43 degrees. live view from the nbc10 studios a few thin clouds in the distance. not much wind just yet. but the wind will be increasing later this morning and this afternoon. we'll watch the radar screen for a few sprinkles later today. snow showers i'm tracking this morning. look at the snow showers blowing into pennsylvania. those are not going to make it into the mountains but we will see some of those clouds as we go into the afternoon. that will limit the temperature of 42 degrees for mt. pocono. 52 at reading and quakertown. high of 56 in northeast philadelphia. low 50s, 53 for norristown and mt. holly. clouds and sunshine. you'll see more sunshine this morning than this afternoon. vineland and dover. the chill is in the air. philadelphia, 54 degrees. 55 in drexel and 56 in
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wilmington. there are temperatures that go higher fortunately timed for the weekend. the forecast coming in ten. >> thank you, bill. the fact that he said snow showers. >> i didn't hear that at all. >> we're checking traffic with jessica boyington. how are things looking? >> i'm going to say great. i say hello to my jersey people. we're doing a jersey check, 70 you're fine. 11 minutes heading northbound in the opposite direction. now, just watch out for ongoing construction on 295 in the northbound lanes in between 42 and the black horse pike. small lane restrictions until 6:00 a.m. we do see an accident in gloucester city on the freeway, i-30. blocking two lanes we'll keep you updated on that. if you're heading into the city
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today on the ben franklin bridge it's down to three lanes. it's not affecting anybody. there's not a lot of volume and during our rush hour, you'll have small delays. >> st. joseph's university has named its new leader. for the first time in school history the position will be held by someone who is not a member of the clergy. mark reed will become the new president july 1st. he's from another jesuit school in philadelphia. he relayses robert gillespie. gillespie has been in charge for three years. not a single shot fired. the impressive record that's earned one police department an internal pat on the back. and not giving up we have new video of former rutgers player eric legrand who was paralyzed. we'll share a chapter of his inspirational road to recovery.
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a quarter to 6:00. we continue to follow breaking news out of north philadelphia where police say a driver crashed a stolen suv into a church parking wall. here's a live look at the scene, 21st and somerset. all three people in the car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries including a 16-year-old. no word on any charges. 1500 people are being
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evacuated from a town in chile after a volcano erupted. this appears to show rising and striking at the time we see the eruption there at the volcano. authorities say it really took them by surprise when it started erupting yesterday. there was apparently little warning with this one. officials are keeping people out of that area and have closed schools. this first volcano erupted in 1972 and considered one of the top three potentially most dangerous among chile's active volcanos. happening today congress is expected to take up a vote for attorney general loretta lynch. they held off with the confirmation followinging a human trafficking bill. petraeus reached an agreement back in february. investigators say he exposed veteran secrets to a lover and
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buy 0ographer. today, the parents of michael brown plan to file a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson missouri. brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a police officer in august. lawyers for the parents have been talking about filing the lawsuit since march. and police brace for deadly protests following a death there. demonstrators took to the streets last night demanding justice for freddie gray. he died sunday from spinal injuries suffered while in police custody. officials have suspended the six officers involved in his arrest. from the jersey bureau new information shows for the past two years no officer with the camden county police department has fired a shot from their weapon while responding to a report of a person with a gun. that includes nearly 4,000 incidents. the police chief praised the force for its professionalism and high level of restraint.
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in the lehigh valley doctors say they're seeing more overdoses caused by synthetic marijuana. investigators say dozens of patients of all ages are showing up in emergency rooms all over allentown. the lehigh county coroner said at least eight people have died from suspected marijuana overdoses in recent weeks. >> there's all these negative side effects and that's what we're seeing. not just getting that euphoric high. you're not just getting the munchies that traditionally you saw with marijuana. you're getting all of these bad side effects that you weren't expecting. >> doctors say those drugs could cause breathing problems kidney problems and muscle loss. delaware governor jack markell will announce new campaigns to prevent underage and binge drink. this is an extension of an already existing campaign. this is aimed at young people
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ages 12 to 25. it was fashion for a good cause in philadelphia. nbc10 at the american heart association go red for women fashion show last night, meteorologist bill henley served as the emcee. go red for women provides them with tools they need to reduce their risk of heart disease which is the leading killer of women in the u.s. i'm sure there was talk that information that people need to know? >> absolutely. in addition to the runway show with all of those great dresses three cardiologists, the three women there, gave advice. it was a great event and so nice to raise awareness for a disease that kills so many women. and had you nice weather for that after the storms cleared out yesterday evening. this morning, we're just cooler right? >> chilly. it is chilly this morning. temperatures have been falling overnight. you see clouds over the ballpark. an afternoon game today, you have to bundle up if you're
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heading to the game. it will be in the 50s. low 50s. and the wind will be getting stronger for game time. right now the wind is pretty quiet, 10 to 12-mile-per-hour wind in philadelphia. nice and clear. plenty of sunshine to start with. there will be clouds blowing in during the day. western winds at 12 miles an hour at philadelphia international. look at the temperature, 6 degrees colder than yesterday. 44 right now. at the shore, getting ready for sunshine as clouds are offshore. it's going to be chilly all around for today and again tomorrow. look at the 30s. pottstown, doylestown toms river. and 38 for collegeville and eagleville. farther west gilbertsville, providence all up in the 30s. it's go to be chilly. and waiting in the wings, that's colder air coming in with the the clouds and this is going to stay with us tonight and again tomorrow. so standby.
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you'll need a warm jacket. sunshine to start with and some clouds rolling in this afternoon. and a chilly wind. the wind will be picking up to 18 miles an hour. could be higher gusts today. tomorrow sunshine. a colder morning, 35 degrees. up to 56 in the afternoon. then milder weather this weekend. saturday 62 degrees. 64 on sunday with partly sunny skies. and we will be in the 60s next week. there's a chance though, we'll see a shower later wednesday. 10 minutes before 6:00 getting ready to head out the door, trouble spots to know about. >> things have been pretty smooth so far. let's get to nbc10's jessica boyington following traffic. >> good morning, chris and tracy. and good morning to our delaware people out on 495 at philadelphia pike no problems at all. definitely good news. we love to see that. northbound, southbound currently, no problems there. woodhaven road into the vine street expressway 14 minutes.
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only 13 if you're heading eastbound on to center city to the schuylkill and blue route, southbound on the schuylkill 15-minute trip there. speed, up on gloucester city new jersey northbound side 130, two inlas being blocked due to an accident. chris, back to you. here's something that you'll see today, happening today those purple phlash tour buses back in service. you can hop on and off at two dozen stops in philadelphia. today and tomorrow it's free after that $2 per ride. the penn relays begin in philadelphia. a sure sign of april. competition starts this morning. the races run through saturday. it's the world's oldest an largest track and field meet at franklinfield at the university of pennsylvania. a former rutgers football player is making huge strides this morning after suffering a paralyzing injury.
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this is eric legrand who tweeted this showing him bending forward. the tweet reads getting me back muscles stronger little by little. the spinal injury happened during the game. and doctors nationally gave him a 0 to 5% chance of regaining neurological function. this morning, he's inspiring the injured and athletes alike. it's take two for a dover police officer caught in camera with the windows down and the musics up. ♪ play play play ♪ >> remember this guy? yeah, it's kind of hard to get it out of your mind. we'll show you his latest cruiser concert. and this one will have you doing a double take. and it's not all about the music anymore. we'll tell you which comedian will be head lining this year's musicfest.
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5:55 now, happening today -- the camden school district will release a new tool designed to help people learn more about its schools. school information products will offer families guides to city schools. this is in response to feedback
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from the community who asked for this resource. today the distinct will release a family school guide and a web page. and "the washington post" annual list taps 38 schools in pennsylvania. downingtown was the only school district in the state to have all of its high schools ranked. the school were posted on difficulty of curriculum. and the beach house owned by real housewives star teresa giudice is going to be auctioned off. she's serving prison time for mortgage fraud. food and running for president. those were two hot topics on "tonight show" with jimmy fallon. the guest was new jersey governor chris christie. take a look. >>. [ laughter ] >> the governor got into a pint of ice cream.
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he said that's his favorite dessert. and also fielded jokes about his weight. but when it came to when he'll announce his run for president, here's what he said. >> well i've got a day job. i'm the governor of a small state of 9 million people across the river. i'd say may or june we'll let everybody know what we'll decide. >> today, the governor will hold a town meeting in new jersey said to be in boston later in the day for a fund-raiser. actor and comedian jerry seinfeld will be the first nonmusic act to headline musicfest. ticket prices start at $80. and they go on sale may 1 fifty. ♪ ♪ play play play ♪ >> remember that? a dover police officer caught on camera jamming out to taylor swift. the video went viral and he became an internet sensation overnight. well, now, he has a new act and this one, he has a partner. check it out. ♪
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♪ maybe we found love right where we start ♪ >> the dover police department posted this dash cam confessional to youtube. it shows two officers singing along. they appear to have fun with it. that's fun. he's singing, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i see a buddy cop skit in the future. you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc10 news" at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. breaking news an suv slams into a wall in north philadelphia, sending three people to the hospital. a robber in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood well he pulled a gun on the wrong guy. an off-duty police officer. we'll have the latest on the search for the would-be thief and the officer involved. >> and it's a chilly morning and it will turn into a chilly
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afternoon. we'll get the "first alert" hour by hour. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. yes, the calendar says what april 23rd? but it's feeling a little more like end of march. meteorologist bill henley has explaining to do. bill. >> it's a little below normal. temperatures at 44 degrees. normal low temperature is 47 degrees. we're not that far off the mark this morning. there's a wind blowing to make it feel chillier but not a strong wind. the flag is out west at center city. that's the view from the loews hotel. at philadelphia international, look at the 30s now, allentown at 38 degrees. wilmington is down to 39. it's 40 in trenton. a chilly start but we will start with sunshine. in fact bright sunshine is just minutes away. 48 degrees at 10:00. and then the wind kicks in this afternoon. winds to 21 miles an hour. and that's going to blow clouds back into place. 51 degrees as the phillies take
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the field against the marlins this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with the forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, let's check in with jessica boyington at the "first alert" traffic center. good morning, everyone. happy thursday we're doing relatively great on the schuylkill expressway volume is super light. towards the king of prussia area. if you're headed from the vine into the blue route only 12 minutes. definitely a good thing. as we take a check on the p.a. turnpike the majors doing fine as well. roadways are dry. and headed westbound from route 1 to valley forge, 22 minutes. no problem. and the mountains walker city that currently has cleared it was blocking two lanes on the 42 freeway northbound. chris. back it up breaking news. mentioned a moment ago, a live look at 21st and somerset streets in north philadelphia. you can clear


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