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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  April 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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live on nbc 10 and telemundo 62 starting sunday at 8:00 a.m. but for now, all of us here at nbc 10. >> have a good evening. on this wednesday night, to the streets. massive crowds on the move in baltimore again. police at the ready with another night of mandatory curfew ahead as major league ball players are forced to play to an empty stadium. shock waves on everest. we reach base camp where so many remain reeling from tragedy. where the search for the missing stands. cockpit secretary. a drone comes dangerously close to a commercial plane coming in for landing. whoever was at the controls police hunt to find. and tracking your ever move. a consume alert for tens of millions of smartphone users. something you may not know about the apple
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or android device that never leaves your side. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york. this is "nbc nightly news." >> good evening in baltimore at this hour. protestors on the move again. police keeping a very close eye on marchers in the street as they prepare to enforce another night of mandatory curfew there. we have been watching as a growing crowd of peaceful marchers have made their way to baltimore's train station, then onto city hall with a large police presence awaiting them. they're demanding accountability for the death of freddie gray. let's get right to the streets. ron allen is in the crowd. ron? >> reporter: we are in the middle of a huge crowd of young people. they're heading in that direction to city hall. this is one of several marches going on all
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day. in support of gray's family demanding justice. you heard the chant we heard in ferguson missouri. no justice, no peace. why are you out here? >> because we want freedom. they need to stop killing young black men and women. we need to be out here every day. the police can't investigate themselves. >> reporter: this is about more than freddie gray? >> this is about more than freddie gray. this is about educational, social, environmental that has plagued this city for ee ons that no one wants to address. >> reporter: mostly young people. look like university-aged people. some are from baltimore, some of them out of town. they're marching and you hear their demands. they're not satisfied. they don't believe that the justice system is going to work for them. they're going to stay out here until they see justice. back to you, lester.
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>> let's go to peter alexander now. he's at city hall in baltimore where the national guard is out in force. peter? >> reporter: good evening to you. you can see that strong show of force right now. state and local police as well as members of the national guard here. this is the most law enforcement we've seen at this site all week. they've been anticipating these loud demonstrations and finally, they've arrived. the dem stragtss resumed today. hundreds marching through the streets of west baltimore peacefully. >> people are picking up bags and brooms and cleaning up. parents are keeping kids at home and off the streets. and community leaders have been urging people to head home before the curfew. >> reporter: today, the best seat in the house was on the outside looking in. fans forced to watch through the gates. >> let's go o's. >> reporter: a whole new category. games unattended by fans.
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>> one-one delivery -- >> reporter: while the hits echoed across 46,000 empty seats, this image may echo much farther. these scenes from outside last weekend's orioles game show tensions were already high. then a week of violent protests convinced the team to play today to a closed out citing concerns about taxing the city's resources. >> it's sad. it's just a baseball game. it's the part on the other side that's tragic. >> reporter: john needs baseball back too. he's a concession manager. >> out probably $350. >> reporter: this week? >> yeah. >> we need the city to be healed first. >> reporter: not far from the ballpark, customers say it makes little difference to them. most can't afford tickets. >> can you imagine how frustrating it is to stand back and watch people go to the orioles game all the
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time? >> reporter: baltimore schools opened today, police and national guard remained on alert. last night's curfew kept most of the streets, but there were limited con front tagtss and arrests. today, music suppressed the mayhem. an outdoor concert to help soothe their city. and the curfew here goes back into effect tonight at 10:00. many people in the community were anticipating baltimore police to publicly release its results to the investigation into freddie gray's death this friday. late today, the department said that's not going to happen. that they're going to hand their investigation over to the state attorney's office to in their words, protect the investigation's integrity. >> police in baltimore are hardly the only department under the microscope after a series of violent encounters with officers in recent
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months have provoked outrage and anger from coast to coast. they've come together tonight for an extraordinary conversation with kate snow about what it's like to put on the badge and go on patrol day in and day out in a climate of mistrust. >> if you had used one word right now to describe the relationship between the public and the police force -- >> i would say skeptical. >> i'd say strained. >> strained. >> misunderstood. >> people are looking at it a whole lot closer today than they were before. >> you all see what happens when these incidents get put on television. does it make you reluctant to pull your weapon sometimes? >> no. >> not at all. >> no officer i know that i've talked to wants -- wakes up in the morning and wants to shoot an unarmed black teen. our job is unpredictable as humanity is.
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>> they worry about the rush to judgment after a cell phone comes out. >> they're acting adds the judge, jury without having the information or letting the investigation take its course. >> are you all in favor of body cameras. >> yes. >> i am. >> because it shows everything. >> and it will show our side of it. >> this is a tricky question to ask. do you feel judged because of your skin color sometimes? >> no more than anybody else. and actually i don't know if anybody else wants to comment on that. some officers -- some black officers in our department tell me they have bigger issues going into some of these communities because they're labeled as betrayers. >> he hit the nail on the head. when we go out to incidents where a male black, female black is the suspect they've been shot, we take the brunt of that from our -- our own society. you know i've been called everything from traitor, uncle tom.
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>> what do you do to diffuse that? >> most times i just ignore it. i realize that it's because they're angry, they're lashing out at me. >> what would you say to the angry voices out there? >> channel your anger. channel it. channel for something positive. help us. help us help you. >> nbc's kate snow with important perspective from people doing a tough job. the devastating earthquake in nepal and stunning new images just now surfacing including this security camera video capturing the shocking moment the quake hit. terrified people with nowhere to run as a building claptss into the street. and these photos of a baby boy pulled from the rubble after 22 hours alive and uninjured. four days after the quake, hope is fading that more survivors
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will be found, but the search continues. the earthquake shook even mt. everest itself triggering a massive avalanche that killed at least 18 climbers. richard angle became one of the first journalist to reach everest and has our report. >> through the window of a rescue helicopter we finally saw it. >> and that is everest. >> the tallest mountain in the world and the site of last weekend's deadly avalanche. most died here. >> this is the everest base camp. the avalanche came down from here. the snow and rock came crashing down destroying all of this part of the base camp and they're still looking for bodies. >> hundreds of climbers remain in what's left of the long and narrow tent city. the storied staging ground for the ascent of everest. climbed because it's there. >> we decided to go up to camp one at 2:00 in the morning. >> dan from washington
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was leading his group up the mountain but one man chose to stay behind. american documentary film maker tom taplin. >> we tried to convince him to come with us. we worked really hard. >> he says taplin was worried about leaving the safety of base camp. >> everything started shaking. the mountain was falling down all around us. we got a radio call that said base camp had been wiped out. we couldn't find our friend. like an hour later, they found his body. >> he was one of at least 18 killed at base camp. many others were injured, but most survived. thanks in part to the extraordinary efforts of this swiss pilot. bad weather had grounded every other rescue helicopter in the area. rush was on his own, transporting victims to an aid stagts miles and mountains away. >> how many times did you go back and forth? >> 39, 40 times back and forth.
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>> he shuttled the seriously injured to safety all 73 of them. base camp is slowly emptying out. there will be no climbing this season this year. >> this mountain doesn't want you to be here you shouldn't be here. >> most at base camp now want to walk down out of respect for the mountain and those who died here. richard angle, nbc news everest base camp. now, alarming moment in the skies over dallas when pilots spot add flying object coming way too close for comfort and realized it was a drone. all it would take was a collision with an engine or window and a drone could cause a jordy sast-- disaster in the air. >> it's a dangerously close call. an airbus landing in dallas narrowly missing a drone inside controlled air space. >> it was a lighted drone. >> it appeared to be. maybe just a hundred,
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200 feet above it. >> the flielgt was on the final mile and a half approach. 600 feet above the ground. that's when the faa says pilots noticed the drone below the plane. they watched as it climbed straight up passing a couple hundred feet above their plane, immediately notifying air traffic control. >> they report add drone passing over the top of them. >> dallas police launch add search sweeting the picture from the air and a plea use drones responsibly. >> it's going to be similar to a bird strike or potentially worse and it could do significant damage to the airplane or an engine. >> it's illegal for drones to fly above 400 feet or within 5 miles of an airport. but it's happening more often and at major hubs. >> it raises questions about for another pilot seeing such an aircraft of what's it going to do.
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>> it's why the faa's working to teach drone operators the rules to keep the skies safe. a historic moment in washington today, the first time a japanese leader adressed a joint leader of congress. prime minister shinzo abe offered condolences for the americans killed in world war ii but he did not explicitly apologize for japan's role in that war. a lot more news still ahead. coming up what your cell phone knows about you. shocked reactions when we showed people how their smartphones are tracking exactly where they go and keeping a record including ...and the wolf was huffing and puffing... kind of like you sometimes, grandpa. well, when you have copd it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said.. doctor: symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue
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we're back now with a consumer alert for millions of smartphone users. technology in your phone that knows exactly where you are at all times tracking everywhere you go and keeping a record of it. we have what you should know. >> it is the mother lode of personal information stored right on your phone for anyone to see. on the fifth you were there from 7:18 a.m. >> holy cow. >> see all those lgs blue dots? it even maps out where you go including the date and exact times you were there. on the iphone that
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personal tracker is buried deep. location services system services scroll down even more and there it is frequent locations. this tech expert says on android devices, all your tracking data is sent straight to google. >> it knows right now here's where i'm sitting. >> and i don't need your phone for this. >> you can be any computer anywhere in the world. >> we showed this group of new moms in the park. >> i'm at home alone with my son all the time. i don't want anybody to know where i live. >> i could take my husband's phone and look at the places he's been recently. >> yes. >> maybe i won't tell him how to turn it off. >> apple says they use the information to provide personalized services and won't be sent to apple without your consent. google the maker of android telling us users have the ability
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to disable or enable location abilities. >> okay. so how do you shut the function off on your phone? let's take you through it step by step. from the home screen, hit apps, then settings scroll down to privacy and safety then hit location. then right there, google location history. hit that. and then just slide it to off. on the iphone it's a little different. we're going to walk you through that as well. hit settings scroll down to privacy, location services scroll down again buried deep to systems services. scroll down again and there it is frequent locations and slide that to off. by the way, there are several different models of an droid devices. the instruction vary slightly. even if you shut off this particular functions, your other location services like
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in colorado today, gut-wrenching testimony in the movie theater massacre trial. james holmes has pleaded not by reason of insanity. today, we heard about the youngest victim. nbc was in the courtroom. >> veronica will always be 6 years old. recently graduated from kindergarten one of many children inside theater nine that night. her teenage cousin called 911. veronica had been
6:53 pm
shot her mother ashley was also injured. >> i had my hand on her stomach to see if she was breathing and she was. i kept telling ashley that veronica was okay. >> officers rushed in. officer michael hawkins noticed veronica almost immediately. >> i picked her out and ran her out of the front entrance of the theater. i looked down and realized she was probably gone. >> the prosecution will ask survivors and first responders to relive that night. >> i can see him with the gun up to his chest and he was pointing down to the ground looking for other people. >> the shooter, james holmes sat practically motionless in court, staring straight ahead, not speaking. a psychiatrist asks him about those he wounded. >> collateral damage, i guess. >> ashley would
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finally tonight, a story about women who find themselves in the battle of their lives and the people on the mission to give them back the confidence they need to go about their daily activities even when they feel most vulnerable. here's tonight's making a difference. ♪ >> her chicago preschool class is a happy place. and 33-year-old lauren smoke, pregnant with her first child, wants to keep it that way. despite the fact she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> one of the first things i worried about is how am i going to be able to go to work and see these kids and do what i love. >> when she lost her hair to chemotherapy would they recognize her, would she feel
6:58 pm
too uncomfortable to go out. when molly lost her hair -- >> it meant that she could feel her and feel beautiful and feel like the conversation was not always about her cancer and that she didn't get pity eyes when we went out. >> so when she passed lolly's locks was secreted so make sure women would have access to quality wigs that often run into thousands of dollars. so far, more than 300 have been provided free of charge to women across the country. >> this could be it huh? >> yeah. >> as she prepares to start her chemo, lauren is fitted for her new her. >> that's half the battle isn't it? feeling good about yourself? >> i think so. i think if i feel good about myself, then it makes me think about the bad stuff a little bit less. >> helping women to face the world and the battle with new-found
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confidence. nbc news chicago. that will do it for us on this wednesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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bruce jenner's all-new plastic surgery confessions. >> he's much further down the road than he told diane sawyer. now on "extra." >> bruce jenner many steps closer to becomingher. from breast augmentation to his new nose and his drastic plan for this summer. >> what oprah's saying about losing the big interview to diane sawyer. david letterman breaks his silence about his scandalous intern affair. >> while dave admits he could have gotten fired. then the $800 million man, jerry seinfeld and his mind-boggling new tv deal. >> happy birthday to me! >> from his mansions tos his


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