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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  April 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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just yet. >> we got to put everything through the district attorney to get charges approved so he's not in custody right now but it's going in that direction. >> reporter: now, we're told that that 18-year-old suspect in the custody of his parents. we stopped by his neighborhood. we knocked on the doors. there was no answer. people in the neighborhood say they sawrelated to. reporting live in north philadelphia deanna durante, nbc 10 news. protesters are getting ready to rally in stentcenter city philadelphia. >> expected to demonstrate outside city hall. skyforce 10 is live right now. their goal is to show solidarity with protesters if baltimore, where people have been protesting, of course. they're protesting the death of a man. police custody. >> demonstrators have voiced their concerns about the police shooting death of brandon tate-brown in philadelphia. he was reaching for a gun during a traffic stop. family members say that gun was planted by police and they're
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now suing. nbc 10's drew smith is live in center city. >> courts have closed early. one school had early dismissal. what are protesters an police tell you we should expect? >> reporter: unless you're planning to come down here for the protest, you might want to avoid this area. take a look, protesters lining up. getting ready to start in a half hour at dilworth park. see bicycle officers from philadelphia pd getting ready to deal with the situation. this is supposed to be contained to this park but police say based on their past experience, it's likely people will madge out into the streets and disrupt traffic. it's not supposed to look like this. the violence earlier this week in baltimore. but organizers are calling it the "philly is baltimore" protest. their facebook page has 2,000 people listed as attending. philadelphia deputy police commissioner says he'll have a significant amount of officers out here to do three things. >> protect the people marching. protect the people that work
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here. people that traverse the city. >> reporter: organizers are giving out these fliers which say this is not just a baltimore problem. they plan to make demands from outside city hall but police doubt they'll stay there. >> they will be disrupting traffic. we anticipate that. and we have to allow that to a degree. >> reporter: septa having to detour buses. subway stations should not close. meanwhile, this south philly charter high school decided to dismiss students around noon. >> safety of our students is paramount. >> reporter: administrators tell us a lot of the students here rely on public transit. >> we wanted to get ahead of this rather than be trailing it and having to deal with any possible dangers to our students. >> people have a right to free speech. >> reporter: at a meeting today, city leaders discussed how to fix some of the issues the protesters are complaining about. mayor michael nutter said he doesn't expect problems. >> we anticipate a peaceful gathering in which everyone can express their first amendment
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rights. >> reporter: police also say they're optimistic that people will obey the law, but they warn those who have other plans. >> they have a right to prostesttest have a right to be heard. let them be heard and don't be disruptive. >> reporter: back live here protesters are getting ready to start just around 4:30. we also spoke to a business around here that did let employees out about an hour ago. also the school we mentioned and the courts have been closed for about an hour. live in center city, drew smith nbc 10 news. right now there are mu developments into the criminal investigation into the death of freddie gray. baltimore police revealed this afternoon nearly 100 officers have been injured since the violence started there monday. also today, police turned over to a prosecutor what they know about freddie gray's death. the prosecuteor will decide whether charged are warranted. today she asked for patience as she investigates. the department has already suspended six officers if baltimore. freddie gray died from a spinal
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injury a week after police arrested him april 12th. police also revealed today they discovered a new shot made by the van carrying gray after his arrest but haven't said what happened during that stop. >> know that getting to the right answer is more important than a speech making sure we look and overturn every rock is more important than coming forth and giving a document. >> there are signs throughout baltimore that life is getting back to normal now. schools are open. cars are rolling as usual through streets that have been cleared of debris. baltimore baltimore's mayor is applauding residents for obeying an overnight curfew. count on nbc 10 news to bring you developments from center city as the protests here get under way. we have several crews on the ground. we are in the air with skyforce 10. plus our network of live sky cam networks keeping tabs on the action. other news now. it's back to prison today for a former high-ranking catholic church official from philadelphia. this morning, a judge revoked bail for monsignor william lynn.
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lynn was the first u.s. church initial to be prosecuted for his handling of priest abuse cases. he's been on house arrest since the state superior court overturned his conviction in 2013. but earlier this week pennsylvania's supreme court reinstated the ruling. the prosecutor said lynn needs to go back to prison but lynn's attorney says the judge did not have that authority. >> i think there is no support, legally or factually, for what she did, period. she's wrong. i'm going to prove it. >> lynn's lawyers say they will file an appeal. a rare moment of joy in nepal today as rescuers pulled a teenage boy from the rubble some five days later alive. take a look at the frantic efforts to bring that 5 15-year-old to safety. it took rescuers hours to reach the boy who was trapped under debris from a seven-story building. he managed to survive there for five days. rescuers cheered and celebrated after his release. and you want to take a look at
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this video. it captures the moment the deadly quake began. you can see buildings start to shake and then just collapse. and tourists gathered in this square. this was outside kathmandu. since then nepal has been rocked by more than 70 aftershocks. so far, more than 5,800 people have been found dead. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> great day here to be outside. this theater class from the university of the arts took things outside at rittenhouse square today and really who can blame them? i hope they're getting some work done. not as nice as yesterday, but really not bad at all. >> not bad at all. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. glenn, you're tracking a cool down? >> right those winds are coming in off the ocean. the flag's blowing from a different direction. and so yeah it's going to be cooler tomorrow than it is today. we also have some isolated showers and thunderstorms around. most of you are not going it be getting wet tonight.
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in comeumberland and salem county not only a couple showers but even thunderstorms. since they're not moving very much you can get some isolated flooding. now, they tend to develop toward new castle county in delaware. they're not moving that much. they're kind of redeveloping there. the future cast shows those showers over the next couple of hours, and then they fall apart. we're left with clouds for much of the rest of the night. but not much in the way of rain. it's down to 65 degrees after hitting a high of 72 today. and that's a sign that temperature on its way down. let you know how much cooler it's going to be and if it's going to warm up for the weekend with the seven day in a few minutes. new surveillance video shows one of the men suspected of robbing three temple university students at gunpoint. police say two men broke into the student's home on 13th street in north philadelphia tuesday night. they took off with drugs and $5,000 in cash. if you recognize this man, call philadelphia police.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a fire in philadelphia's germantown section. at least one person was hurt here when this apartment building went up in flames along 2 avenue just before 11:00 this morning. still trying to find out exactly how serious that person's injuries are. skyforce 10 over germantown today as philadelphia firefighters worked to save a burning home. this was the scene along east colter street around 1:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt. a philadelphia police officer is going to be okay after crashing her cruiser in frankford this morning. skyforce 10 captured the scene at tacony. it appears the police suv collided with another car. the officer was taken to the hospital but it expected to be released sometime today. a woman was stabbed inside her home in gloucester county. police found the victim around 4:00 this morning on williams avenue in deptford township. no one has been arrested. from our delaware bureau neighbors in wilmington are calling for change after two women were shot this week. several church groups gathered
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at the refuge center today to discuss the deadly shooting. artice brown was killed tuesday night just sitting outside with her kids when she was shot. her aunt spoke at today's gathering. she said police and local leaders are not doing enough to protect their communities. >> it continues to happen. it continues to be bloodshed in the streets. and it continues to be nobody that acts like that they are concerned about it. >> a 19-year-old woman was altsstaltsso hit in the leg. the internet is still down at rutgers university. they hope to have an update on the latest cyber attack to cripple its computer system. internet service went down at rutgers monday morning. second cyber attack on campus this month. the fbi is already investigating that first attack. from our jersey shore bureau stockton university may scrap plans to transform the show boat casino into a satellite campus. he called the deal to use a former atlantic city casino a
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mistake, but he says he still may want to use another facility in a.c. as a campus. electronic cigarettes could soon be added to delaware's indoor smoking ban. the statehouse is debating a bill today that would do just that. e-cigarettes would be included in a 12-year-old law that prohibits smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues in montgomery county where drivers have a much nicer and safer place to park. county opened its newly renovated main street garage in norristown today. the garage was originally built in 1984 and leaders say it needed some serious work. >> there were electrical problems, the floors were buckling, the stairwell had to be closed because it was unsafe. that's all changed now. >> garage also added l.e.d. lighting to make it more energy efficient. county officials say they saved about $2 million on the project which will be put toward other infrastructure projects. well here comes the boom. artillery training at joint base mcdire lake hurst will have
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things shaking around that base starting at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. in burlington and ocean counties. eight days the u.s. army national guard will be firing artillery and detonating explosives so poemeople who live around there may hear and feel it and may travel further during overcast conditions. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing. justice for malala. a court sentenced ten people to life in prison. m malala was shot in the head for her fight for education. she won the nobel peace prize and was was given the liberty medal of freedom in philadelphia last year. guilty as charged. what most voters think about new jersey's senior senator robert menendez. a new poll shows 58% of new jersey residents believe menendez is guilty. 28% say it's very likely he's guilty. far lay dickinson university
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conducted this poll. earlier this month a federal grand jury indicted menendez and a friend on corruption charges. the democratic senator is accused of accepting nearly $1 million from that friend in exchange for political favors. to the run for the white house. decision 2016. bernie sanders says he's in it to win it. the senator from vermont officially announced his presidential campaign today. sanders a registered independent but he's going to run as a democrat. he says his campaign will focus on income inequality and campaign finance reform. >> the result of the disastrous supreme court decision on citizens united we now have a political situation where billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates. >> sanders said he will also focus on climate change and offer a proposal for tuition-free education at all public colleges and universities. sanders is the first candidate to challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. today in a tweet, clinton
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welcomed sanders to the race. meantime, three republicans have also joined the race. texas senator ted cruz kentucky senator rand paul and florida senator marco rubio. all right. on to the eagles and the hopes of eagles fans. they're soaring about the possibilities. >> that's right. it is draft day. excitement is building. as we anticipate what chip kelly might do tonight to shape the team's future. count on nbc 10 your official eagles station, to bring you coverage like nobody else can. we are at the draft live in chicago today. and that's where we find comcast sportsnet's john clark. >> hey john. lot of buzz in the windy city about decisions that will be made just hours from now including the big question of course, what is chip kelly going to do? >> reporter: yeah there is so much buzz. everywhere you go, people are saying, what will chip kelly do? as you said. will he get marcus mariota? look at these eagle fans. they made the trip out here trying to figure out who the birds can get in this draft. right now they sit at number 20 but you have to wonder can they
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get up to number two and work a trade with the titans to get chip's oregon quarterback marcus mariota? take a look at the scene here at draft town. they have shut down some of the roads around here. thousands of nfl fans from around the country are coming here to see who their team is going to take and there are reports today flying around that the eagles and chip kelly are in serious conversations with the titans about trading up to get the number two pick but tennessee is also talking to other teams as well. maybe three to four teams about that spot and maybe tennessee will wind up taking mariota on their own. but chip's personnel director ed manowits said never say never about chip getting marcus mariota, but they believe the more draft picks, the merrier. >> we view it as every pick as an opportunity to improve your football team. so the more picks that you have the more opportunities you have to get great players.
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certainly if there's a great player that's up there and it makes sense from a compensation perspective, you know we'll look at those avenues as well but, you know, fillphilosophically, we'd like to make eight picks or more, not less. >> reporter: you heard from ed. let's hear from the fans. eagles fans. i'm going to ask one of you at a time who do you want the eagles to get tonight? >> let's go, chip, get mariota. >> reporter: mariota? how about you. >> mariota. >> reporter: mariota for you, too. >> marcus mariota. let's go chip do it, pull it off. >> reporter: what if they're not able to get mariota? who do you want them to take? >> this is our expert. >> doesn't matter. just anyone. >> reporter: mariota, that's your guy. >> putting all of our eggs in one basket. >> reporter: eagles fans you want to do an eagle chant out here? >> give me an e, give me an "a," give me -- >> reporter: amazing how big the draft has become. eagles fans making the trip.
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they want to see marcus mare yoelt mariota be chip kelly's quarterback. it would be an amazing steal, one of the biggest trades in nfl history if chip kelly can get this down. for now, in chicago, in draft town, john clark, back to you. >> go birds. all right. thank you john. fans are already inside lincoln financial field to see what choices the eagles will make. nbc 10 will take you there live this afternoon at 4:45. ♪ >> wow, that music gets you going, doesn't it? don't miss the excitement of draft day, one place, nbc 10 your official eagles station. our draft day special begins at 7:00. chip kelly will address you the fans live. plus we're live at the draft in chicago and eagles draft headquarters in south philadelphia with player profiles and inside information with our draft experts. that's "eagles draft day" live tonight at 7:00.
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all right. want to go to breaking news. this coming to us out of los angeles. what you're looking at here is what we're told is a police chase. certainly not a high-speed chase, but this car is where the -- our sister station's helicopter is following it. going now down a dirt road. again, some sort of police chase coming to us live from los angeles. we do not see the police cars in pursuit, however. >> right here, there's a school right over there. >> but we hear the narration from the chopper. again, we'll keep an eye on this. some sort of police chase coming to us out of los angeles. well, from los angeles, we e come back here to philadelphia. running ten miles is enough to make anyone hungry. fortunately, participants in the blue cross broad street run can look forward to some good eats at the finish line. students from st. catherine day school and archbishop carol high school started packing up snacks for the runners today. they filled 16,000 boxes with what else tasty cakes, bananas
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and other snacks. those will later be put in bags and handed out to the runners. watch the blue cross broad street run live on nbc 10 and latino sister station telemundo 62. it all happens this sunday may 3rd. our live coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. all right. hanging right now via skyforce 10, protesters here making their way from university city to city hall right now. that's where there is going to be a rally. protest centers around the deaths of freddie gray in baltimore and brandon tate-brown right here in philadelphia. gray died in police custody. tate-brown was shot and killed by officers. you see these folks walking slow by down the street from university city. again, to city hall. we'll keep on eye on this thanks to skyforce 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it felt like spring today, and we're thinking spring. newark delaware found plenty
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of people shopping for flowers at richardson garden center today. now, if you went outside earlier, like at lunch tooiltime and it was feeling nice and mild things have changed just in the last couple of hours. it is no longer as warm as it was earlier in the day. we're tracking a few showers, most of us not getting wet tonight. but a few are. it will be cooler for just about everybody tomorrow at the supersunday forecast for the broad street run is still looking good. now the flag blowing from a different direction. coming off the ocean. east wind at 16 miles an hour. temperature down to 65. that's down 7 degrees in just a couple hours. we're 11 degrees colder than this time yesterday. and look at mt. holly. 60. trenton, only 60 degrees. while it's 70 in lancaster. obviously the influence of the ocean is taking over with those east winds, and let's take a closer look at the effect here.
4:20 pm
there's lewis, delaware only 55. avalon 54. beach haven, 55. it will be at least that cool if not cooler tomorrow because we got another day of those east winds coming. so in new jersey, it's 10 to 15 degrees come ss ss cooler than yesterday. in pennsylvania, west of philadelphia it's not that much cooler at all. quite a change. and in the middle of that change, these thunderstorms developing. weakening a little bit in cumberland county. still fairly strong in salem county. about to cross the river into new castle county in delaware. just south of wilmington. but the bulk of the activity is well west well to the south and not moving in our direction. there's that northeast wind. speaking of directions. and as we go through the night tonight, and into tomorrow you'll find a lot of clouds but not a lot of rain and temperatures way down from what we saw today. look at that. only 50 in atlantic city. at noon tomorrow.
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and then temperatures getting into the low 60s in pennsylvania but maybe not even reaching 60 in parts of south jersey. and for the race, it's looking good. hardly any wind. temperatures getting into the mid 60s by 10:00. now, for the rest of the night tonight, we've got just those isolated showers. and then mostly cloudy elsewhere. 49 degrees for the lows. not too cold. fairly cloudy and cooler tomorrow. just some isolated showers. temperatures struggling to get over 60. and the seven-day forecast little bit milder on saturday. still a chance of a shower. and then on sunday, it's sunnier, it's warmer and it gets even warmer monday and tuesday before some showers come in on wednesday. everybody's affected by it. >> pennsylvania's sewers overflowing more than any other state. the nbc 10 investigators uncover dated guidelines on how to fix them and how it's impacting your
4:22 pm
wall wallet. health experts say the plague is back. people being treated and why doctors say it may have been transferred from a dog. the cell phone bill refund you may not know about and why you need to act on it now coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country.
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nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪ there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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welcome back. the white house wants more students to visit their local library. president obama set an example, stopped by this library in washington, d.c. to announce two new reading initiative pss. the white house worked with major book publishers to get $250 million in free e-books and asking to put a library card in every students' hand. this will help more low-income students to get access to these valuable resources. >> suddenly you know that can even things out between poor kids and rich kids. everybody's got the ability to learn. everybody's got to have access to information. >> philadelphia's taking part. 1 of 30 cities to go so.
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the city has committed to providing library cards to everyone who wants one. in south jersey, the diocese of camden welcomed a group of seniors to new homes, newly remodeled village apartments of cherry hill opened today. the apartments have offered affordable housing to seniors and disabled for the last 32 years. the new facility also has a community garden. now back to one of our top stories on "nbc 10 news at 4." >> a temple university student from south jersey is critically hurt by a hit-and-run driver. today an 18-year-old suspect came forward and confessed. police told nbc 10 the teen has only a learner's permit and was driving his father's car. 22-year-old rachel hall of mullica hill right now in critical condition. you think it should be a priority? >> it is definitely a priority. working on the storm water manual is definitely a priority. >> why does it take so long then? >> flood fears. new at 4:30 it's the work of mother nature but why are local
4:27 pm
storm systems so outdated? that's what the nbc 10 investigators are asking. then sacked by scandal. a career in the nfl made him famous then he became infamous when he shot himself in the leg. now this former pro player becomes the first to be charged with a new state law in our area. then coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," lingerie heist. the search for brazen bra bandits in a pennsylvania mall.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. this is nbc 10 news. >> exactly one year ago, flooding from center city to chadford delaware county hit our area hard. homes were under water and cars trapped as city streets turned to rivers. today, we're still faced with
4:31 pm
the threat of flooding rains. >> inadequate storm systems continue to threaten homes erode budgets and dump sewage into our rivers. the nbc 10 investigators found nowhere is it worse than in pennsylvania. but investigative reporter mitch blacher found the sate relies on decade-old solutions to fix this urgent problem. >> guys we paved too many roads, built too many homes and get too much rain to avoid flooding our storm water systems. in the delaware valley it is not just money at stake but some of our country's most historic landmarks. 50 feet from george washington's headquarters at valley forge valley creek chips away at the ground above. the u.s. park services has been watching the deterioration for years caused by more rain, more pavement and inadequate sewerses >> with every storm, we're seeing more and more of this washing into the creek. >> reporter: pictures tell the story. this one snapped in 1990 shows a ridge above valley creek. since then, it's been washed
4:32 pm
away. time and water has led to erosion and flooding from the darby creek to the wissahickon valley water shed. it wasn't always like this. >> we cut down the hills, filled in the valleys, dumped our sewage in the streams and paved over it and sent it out to the rivers. >> reporter: villanova professor robert traver has seen storm water flood streets and destroy property throughout the delaware valley. the world renowned expert on storm water says our sewers are overloaded. >> we get about a half inch of rain which we probably have 18 times a year we have raw sewage going into the schuylkill and the delaware river. >> reporter: according to the american society of civil engineers, every year billions of gallons of untreated sewage are dumped into pennsylvania's waterways. the engineers say inadequate storm water systems cost each american household an average of $3,100 a year in damage and cleanup. flooding can lead to rising insurance rates, rising taxes and individual property damage. by 2040 engineers predict the
4:33 pm
cost will double. statewide, the department of environmental protection is in charge of fixing those old problems, but the nbc 10 investigators found the state storm water guidelines for new development have not been updated in a decade. >> in the case of storm water, there has been a lot of change and we recognize that. we definitely make that a priority. >> reporter: dominic rocco is a regional manager. >> working on the storm water manual is definitely a pryioritypriority. >> reporter: why does it take so long? >> to you it might sound like it's taking too long. they've been out there for decades and haven't been updated. >> reporter: the team working on new recommendations stalled because of the recession. >> now that we see a little bit of a rebound, i think it's the right time. >> reporter: in philadelphia leaders are fighting the problem head-on. instead of making sewers bigger the water department hatched a plan to put less water into them. >> philadelphia was the city that figured out how to make green infrastructure work.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: water commissioner commissioner's plan is considered a worldwide model. they absorb or store thousands of gallon of runoff in underground tanks. in all, hundreds will eventually line city streets. back in valley forge she will work to protect history. >> along this creek, they're washing out. >> reporter: it's a battle she may not have a chance to win. >> storms used to only had 10 15 years but it's anywhere now. >> to give you an idea of the scope of this problem, according to the american society of civil engineers, pennsylvania sewers are so full they overflow more often than any other state. now, as far as money to fix storm water systems in the last three year the federal government has cut pennsylvania's clean water act money by $50 million. a lot of money. >> wow. as mitch said a major factor in those deteriorating storm systems is how much rain and snow goes into them. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane"
4:35 pm
schwartz looked at our historic rain totals and you found a trend, right? >> yeah a tremendous trend. it's all across the northeastern united states. we're seeing more extreme rainfall and snowfall events than we have ever seen before. and just since 2009 we've had the wettest year on record in philadelphia. we've had the wettest summer on record in philadelphia. we had the wettest single day, i remember i was stuck in it in camden a couple summers ago. and the wettest march, june july, and august. all of those records just in philadelphia. the second and third biggest snowstorms ever recorded. and the two biggest snowiest winters? winters in history. there is a trend. there's more extreme weather across all of the northeast than any other part of the country. >> all right. we don't see that trend reversing, do we? >> not really. there's no reason for it to. >> all right. >> really testing those storm
4:36 pm
drains. thanks mitch and glenn. all right. happening now, protesters marching to a rally outside philadelphia's city hall right now. skyforce 10 live over the marchers near market street and 19th. centers around the deaths of freddie gray in baltimore and brandon tate-brown in philadelphia. gray died in police custody. tate-brown was shot and killed by officers. now, as you see those protesters moving toward city hall, let's take a view of city hall from the ground. police expecting a large crowd. they're looking for some traffic disruptions out there. as you see here this crowd is peaceful. so they are recommending that drivers stay out of this area. this is around city hall. nbc 10 has multiple crews at this location. nbc 10's drew smith and george spencer, they're there. count on us to bring you developments as this protest continues. to this now, former nfl star plaxico burress is accused of failing to pay taxes in new jersey.
4:37 pm
mercer county prosecutors say he owed nearly $48,000. now, he submitted an lex tronic funds transfer but that transfer failed and now he's the first person in new jersey to be charged under a new law that makes doing that a crime. just like passing a bad check. burress faces up to ten years in prison. he spent 20 months in jail after accidentally shooting himself in the leg and violating a new york weapons law six years ago. and a live look now. the philadelphia museum of art which is about to bring its paintings to the people. starting in may, the museum plans to place reproductions of famous works in about a dozen communities over the next six months. it's calling them inside-out exhibits. the first sight includes the delaware building in media. high quality pieces from monet and pablo picasso. today, help in the fight for
4:38 pm
cancer. >> for local people who don't have insurance. also beat the clock. your chance to possibly get hundreds of dollars back from your cell phone company is about to expire. and later, contaminated by your canine? the rare and serious illness that could be spread from dogs to people.
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people in delaware have a new tool in the fight against cancer. the state health department says it will now offer lung cancer screenings as part of its screening for life program. the program is offered to uninsured or underinsured delaware residents and also covers breast cervical and prostate cancer screenings. lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in delaware. in south jersey camden county hospital is making big changes. today kennedy university hospital in cherry hill broke ground on a $65 million revitalization project. officials at kennedy say it's all about improving the service they give to patients. >> this project is the first step for us in our continued
4:42 pm
journey to transform the health care experience for our patients which we know we provide top level quality care. >> when this project is completed, the hospital will have a new outpatient facility, increased parking, and a 22,000 square foot lobby, and this is just phase one of a $200 million expansion at kennedy. phase two will include the building of a new acute care facility. that project will get under way late next year. but time is running out for this. >> deadline for cell phone owners fast approaching. if you don't act fast you could lose out on hundreds of dollars. also later, spreading sickness. federal health experts concerned about the possible connection between dogs and the rare illness they may be passing to people. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," a hike in the woods in a pennsylvania park turns into a bonanza for one guy. he was looking for mushrooms, instead he found money. it's what he did with it that has some surprised.
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here's an update now on that chase we were following in los angeles. it's now come to an end with the driver crashing. happened just a few minutes ago. the driver swerves and loses control and then slams into several things before the car finally came to a stop. there in the middle of the street. a few seconds later the driver surrendered. put her arms out the window. officers took her into custody a short while later. not clear why they were chasing her in the first place. and happening right now, a rally being staged outside philadelphia city hall. we have seen this crowd grow over the past 45 minutes. skyforce 10 live over demonstrators. nbc 10's drew smith says the protesters are blocking traffic. this is around 15th and jfk. police have blocked off the street there. there are about 500 protesters.
4:47 pm
the protest centers around the deaths of freddie gray in baltimore, and also brandon tate-brown in philadelphia. now, gray died in police custody. tate-brown was shot and killed by officers and the d.a. has said he will not bring charges in this case. >> big crowd there in dillworth park. on to this now. philadelphia eagles fans getting ingting amped up as well. >> that's right. it is draft day. all eyes are on chicago and chip kelly's next move for the birds nest. nbc 10's tim furlong live at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. >> tim, thousands expected there tonight. and it's not even game day. >> reporter: i think a lot of eyes are on hawaii tonight, too. just kind of saying. yes, in about an hour the gates are going to open at lincoln financial field. 4,000 people. sold out for a big party here. see our nbc 10 crew getting ready for our draft night special that's at 7:00. there's keith and everybody. come out here on the field, see there's a rock wall. they're setting up all sorts of football activity. if you come here tonight, do all sorts of football activities.
4:48 pm
it's going to be great for the entire family out here. again, the gates open at 7:00. chip kelly is going to address the fans. of course, at 8:00 we're going to finally find out who the eagles pick. i will say i've seen a lot of oregon jerseys. we know who the fans want. we'll see what happens. if you want to talk to us on social media use #eaglesnbc10. live inside the linc great spot it be live huh, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> don't miss all the excitement. you'll find it in only one place. nbc 10 your official eagles station. our draft day special begins at 7:00. chip kelly will address you, the fans live. plus we're live at the draft in chicago and at eagles draft headquarters in south philadelphia. with player profiles, also inside information with our draft experts. it's "eagles draft day" live tonight at 7:00. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> and i've got my special eagles bow tie on in honor of today's special event.
4:49 pm
we're tracking some showers. there's one heavy shower not that far from lincoln financial, but it looks like it's going to pass to the south. it's cooler tomorrow than today. a lot cooler. we still have super weather coming in for sunday for the broad street run. we've got cloudy skies over much of the area now. 65 degrees. temperatures going down already. east wind at 16 miles an hour will help do that. and the wind is blowing the pollen around. it's fairly high today. tomorrow saturday and then it gets even higher on sunday. that's about the only problem with the sunday weather. look at the wind coming straight out of the east. and that is keeping things cooler. it's also 10 to 20 miles an hour. so that makes it feel cooler than that. so you can see it's cooler to the east. 62 in doylestown. than it is to the west. 70 degrees in lancaster. closer you are to the ocean, cooler it is. 60 in mt. holly. it's 70 in kennet.
4:50 pm
59 in wrightstown. even colder, avalon beachhaven with the wind right off the ocean. lewis, only 53. there's the one cell that came from cumberland county keeps redeveloping. then into salem county. and now it is appearing to weaken some just in the last few minutes. still pretty heavy right near red lion and christiana. looks like it's headed in general direction in newark delaware, south of wilmington south of philadelphia, and this is about the only storm on the map. right over bear. this is bear road where the heaviest rain is right now. greatest amount of rain well to the south with that nor'easter that developed, and to the west. so we are kind of in between. we get clouds we get the northeast wind we get cooler weather, but not real stormy. as you can see as we go into tomorrow, again, much cooler at the shore because of that east wind and that east wind is going to continue tomorrow then change
4:51 pm
over the weekend. isolated thunderstorm tonight. mostly cloudy skies. 49 for the low in philadelphia. 43 north and west. tomorrow a lot of clouds around. significantly cooler. but some isolated showers possible. high temperatures only around 60. again, cooler toward the ocean. then saturday just a chance of a shower. but a pretty decent day. certainly milder. 75 gorgeous degrees on sunday. then into the 80s early next week. well, you've heard the expression sick as a dog. >> what about this getting sick from your dog? today, federal health officials issue a warning about a rare illness that may be transferred from canines to humans. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," double trouble for these two guys. how a trip to court ended in a trip to jail for the local men.
4:52 pm
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thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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you have just one day left to get cash back on bogus charges from at&t. tomorrow's the deadline for cell phone customers to apply for that refund if you had cramming charges added to your bill. cramming is the practice of billing customers for services they didn't pay for like ring tones, trivia, sports scores. the government fined at&t more than $100 million for cramming. to find out how you can apply for refund log on to all right. it began with a pit bull. >> health officials say a dog is possible for spreading the plague that ended up infecting four people in colorado. the dog's owner euthanized the animal last summer but then he became sick with the plague along with another person and two people who worked with the vet. all four have recovered. this is the largest outbreak of new monic plague in the united states since 1924.
4:56 pm
next all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," protests in center city. >> skyforce 10 live over the demonstration. protesters say they want justice. they are angry at the deaths of black men at the hands of police. we're looking at the impact this protest is having on traffic and businesses next. and a few isolated showers across the area. some could linger into the weekend, then conditions improve. i'll show you that forecast coming up. keith and jacqueline? we are live at lincoln financial field. can you believe it? we're just three hours away from the draft. >> there's been so much anticipation for this. the big question will chip kelly land the player who will be the face of the franchise for years to come? a preview next at 5:00.
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takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 5:00 demonstrators have marched from university city through center city. they are now at city hall calling for justice. skyforce 10 live over the group. they're showing their solidarity with baltimore protesters. well, they walked right down the middle of center city streets. >> that meant traffic trouble for the rush hour could still continue to be a problem. we have live team coverage on the ground and in the air. nbc 10's george spencer starts us off from city hall. george? >> reporter:
5:00 pm
>> reporter: this is going it be a rally that will impact people across the broader city area. live pictures from the northwest side of city hall see a crowd that's easily in the realm of several hundred people. their attention focused sort of on the west side of dilworth park as a number of speakers are reinforcing some of the mess sacks we've been hearing repeatedly over the past couple of months and as we move over here toward the corner of jfk and 15th street see what's the beginning of some of the traffic issues we've witnessed out here earlier, a few minutes ago as a second crowd was approaching city hall here. 15th street was shut down. right now see traffic is again getting by here. bus routes did not seem to be having any problems. we can tell you what you've been hearing on the ground are the themes we've been hearing repeatedly over the past several months, this is unity with baltimore. we actually spoke with some of the early arrivers about why they were here. >> having grown


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