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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: this is going it be a rally that will impact people across the broader city area. live pictures from the northwest side of city hall see a crowd that's easily in the realm of several hundred people. their attention focused sort of on the west side of dilworth park as a number of speakers are reinforcing some of the mess sacks we've been hearing repeatedly over the past couple of months and as we move over here toward the corner of jfk and 15th street see what's the beginning of some of the traffic issues we've witnessed out here earlier, a few minutes ago as a second crowd was approaching city hall here. 15th street was shut down. right now see traffic is again getting by here. bus routes did not seem to be having any problems. we can tell you what you've been hearing on the ground are the themes we've been hearing repeatedly over the past several months, this is unity with baltimore. we actually spoke with some of the early arrivers about why they were here. >> having grown up through the
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'50s and '60s and '70s, all led up until now, i'm concerned about the way things seem to be going back with. >> reporter: what message do you hope people get from what they're seeing today? >> the message, the primary one is that it's unity. we all need to get together. >> reporter: that is the message that we're hearing reinforced from the podium of speakers right now. again, a crowd of several hundred people out here mostly gathered on the apron of city hall. it doesn't seem to be causing any significant issues on city hall property just yet. we'll be honoring it though. i did speak to an organizer of this rally just before it started. she told me she was expecting a, quote, peaceful and on rally. so far, so good on that front. we are obviously monitoring it on the ground and philadelphia police has a significant presence here. we'll keep on eye on what's
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happening. that's the latest from city hall, george spencer nbc 10 news. >> people exercising their first amendment rights. we're learning more about the arrest and death of the baltimore man at center of the issue here. freddie gray died after severely injured in police custody. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray is in baltimore. >> reporter: there is new information and questions tonight in the death of freddie gray gray, the 25-year-old who was severely injured and later died after apprehended by baltimore police. today investigators revealed the transport van gray was riding in made a previously unknown stop the day he was arrested. >> this new stop has been -- was discovered from a privately owned camera. >> reporter: citing the integrity of the process, it's the only information police shared publicly today. after turning over initial results of their investigation into gray's death to the state's attorney. >> making sure that we look and overturn every rock is more important than just coming forth and giving a document. >> reporter: still we are learning new details in this case. a charging document obtained by nbc news indicates after fleeing
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from officers gray was apprehended without force. taken into custody for alleged possession of a switchblade knife. the "washington post" is reporting information obtained from a sealed police document. quoting an unnamed prisoner who rode in the van with gray after his arrest who says he heard banging against the walls of the van and said he believed gray was intentionally trying to injure himself. the "post" also reports that prisoner couldn't see gray because the men were separated by a metal partition. doctors and others say there's no way gray's spinal cord injury was self-inflicted. >> no way in the world this man would have been able to hurl himself up inside the van and produce those kinds of injuries. ridiculous. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, so does the effort to heal. today, members of the baltimore ravens delivered food and supplies to families in the areas most affected by the riots. >> giving these people hope that, you know a better day will be you know on the horizon. >> reporter: hope this community
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desperately needs right now. protests are scheduled here and across the country through the weekend. the police and national guard say they'll maintain their presence and the curfew for as long as necessary. jay gray nbc news baltimore. and back here in philadelphia, skyforce 10 once again over the protests in center city going on right now. a large group at dilworth park and city hall. we're going to monitor what's happenings and bring you updates as they happen. a hit and run driver confessed a crash that sent a temple university student to a hospital. she's in extremely critical condition right now. nbc 10's deanna durante has been talking with police and temple students. deanna, they say this should be a warning for others on campus? [ no audio ] >> i think, like the philadelphia infrastructure is made for bicycles.
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there are some roads that have bike lanes, but for the most part it's like you have to be like on your toes in order to be safe. >> reporter: emily is in her senior year and ready to graduate. the 22-year-old rachel hall is ready to graduate as well but instead is fighting for her life at temple hospital. hall was riding her bike when hit by a car at park and diamond streets. the woman was knocked to the ground and severely injured as the driver sped off. >> he was afraid, he panicked and left but he did come clean today and give us all the details of the crash. >> reporter: hours later according to police they say an 18-year-old confessed saying he only had a learner's permit and panicked when he left the scene. he was driving his dad's car, police say, and it was the man's parents who called police and told them the car was parked on the 900 block of marvine last night. this is the third serious hit-and-run that's made headlines in the past few weeks and oftentimes it's running away that makes it a criminal act for drivers. >> somebody hits somebody leaves the scene and that
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person's killed it's a three-year penalty. mandatory. so the best thing, obviously, is just to stop. and many of these crashes, it's not always the driver's fault. just stop pull over call the police. we'll do a report, we'll do an investigation and probably won't get arrested if there's nothing wrong. >> reporter: now, hall is listed in critical condition at temple hospital. and police say that they are waiting inging upon the district attorney to approve charges before they name the 18-year-old suspect. reporting live in north philadelphia deanna durante, nbc 10 news. investigators want to know what caused a fire that destroyed this classic car repair shop in chester county this morning. blaze began in hansbury enterprises in east coventry around 3:00 in the morning. firefighters had it under control. about 45 minutes later. no one was hurt but several cars inside the garage for de destroyed. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nbc 10 at la salle university in olney where some students
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were wearing only shorts and t-shirts today. but will it stay this nice into the weekend? >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with what's on tap first for this evening. sheena? >> yeah, we have a few isolated showers around. most of us though will be staying dry. here's a live look out at center city from the adventure aquarium. dry conditions here. just more clouds than we saw yesterday. now, the isolated showers, those have really started to move into parts of delaware. mainly new castle county. this is moving from salem near red lion just south of pennsville, south of newark. we'll be watching this shower. it was a pretty big thunderstorm earlier in south jersey through cumberland and salem counties but now it's really starting to fall apart. a few more very isolated showers in parts of lancaster county around providence. we'll be watching these but all these are mainly moving from east to west. so trying to get out of the area. temperatures right now have cooled down quite a bit. 62 in philadelphia. 62 degrees northeast philly. reading still sitting at 69 though. 70 degrees in lancaster.
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low 60s through south jersey and in delaware. now, for the rest of this evening by 6:00 p.m., we'll be staying in about the mid to low 60s. 8:00 tonight, around 60 degrees. still mild. still looking at mostly cloudy skies. the clouds are going to hang around by 10:00 p.m. temperatures by then in the mid 50s. now, tomorrow we expect to be a little bit cooler than today. and we could still see showers lingering into the weekend. but not all weekend. so i'll show you that forecast as well as the blue cross broad street run forecast. that's coming up. it is eagles draft day, and nbc 10 has you covered from lincoln financial field to chicago. live look right now at lincoln financial field where a draft party's about to get started. nbc 10's keith jones and jacqueline london are live on the field. >> there have been a lot of guesses about what chip kelly lan plans to do tonight. >> so much buzz about it jim and renee. we're at lincoln financial field where the nfl draft party will take place.
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3,500 tickets have been sold. it's sold out. they'll watch the draft on the big screen go through obstacle courses, a 40-yard dash maybe keith will test his skills at. >> everyone here is wondering what will the eagles do? wwcd? what will chip do? if you've been living under a rock, take a look at this video. the biggest rumor involves oregon qb marcus mariota. chip kelly already said he loves him. number 8 will likely go in the first two picks. everyone has been talking about what the eagles might give up to trade up for him. the eagles have the 20th pick in the first round. >> a lot of people are wondering how much chip kelly hmay have spoken to tennessee already if they're going to try to get mariota. we'll be watching and have a better idea of which direction this might go in in about three hours. >> that's right. we're going to be watching live at lincoln financial field. for now we're going to send it back to you guys. >> don't miss all the excitement. find it only at one place. nbc 10. official eagles station. our draft day special begins at
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7:00 tonight. we're live at the eagles draft headquarters in south philly with player profiles and inside information with our draft experts. that's "eagles draft day" live tonight at 7:00. and get this you can join the conversation right now on our nbc 10 facebook. chime in. if you were chip kelly, what would you do with your first round draft pick? see what everybody's saying and then add your voice. to this now, they're making payments for a new house, but the sandy storm victims say it's in a parking lot instead of their lot. their fight for their family's future. later on "nbc 10 news at 5." plus, this. bra bandits. the thieves hitting one store over and over and over at a pennsylvania mall. and caught in court. two men are surprised when they're handcuffed right in front of a judge, but not for the crime they were accused of committing.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> skyforce 10 over the reality at philadelphia city hall. hundreds there in sympathy with the protesters in baltimore. we're following this and we'll bring you updates throughout our newscast. meantime, new at 5:00, police arrested two atlantic county men accused of stealing
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booze from an egg harbor township liquor store. get this they were put in cuffs while in court to face charges for a different crime. robert handy and clayton scott now have a longer list of legal problems. philadelphia police hope you can help them find the man in this surveillance video right here. they say it shows him stealing a laptop computer from an old city apartment building late last month. while the manager was out of the building. you can see the man walked into the security office. short time later he walks out with that computer bag right there. german security agents foil what they say was a planned boston marathon-style attack. they raided the home of a husband and wife suspected to be islamic extremists. inside the home police found a pop bomb with nails. 100 rounds of ammunition. and parts of an assault rifle. it's believed the attackers were targeting a cycling race set to take place tomorrow. thousands of spectators show up to watch this race every year. new video into nbc 10 shows
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the moment a powerful earthquake shook nepal. a tourist shot the video near kathmandu in the moments the ground began to shake. at first, the buildings started swaying, and then they collapsed on themselves. you can see people in a large square. they're reacting in shock right there. saturday's massive quake killed more than 5,800 people destroy thousands of homes, and other buildings as well. people more than 400 miles away in tibet felt the ground shake as well. a port worker recorded this video the moment the quake hit. it shows people there screaming and running. you can see mudslides along with a lot of smoke and dust rising into the air. but some sighs of relief today from the hard-hit region. rescue teams actually pulled a teenaged boy alive from thecollapsed building in fe palnepal. he'd been trapped for five days between two collapsed floors of a hotel. the boy was found to only have minor injuries. a review of health
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inspections at a blue bell ice cream plant in texas reveals problems. it shows state health officials found several violations over the past four years. blue bell pulled its ice cream off store shelves last week. listeria was found in blue bell that contributed to several deaths and illnesses. they stopped production for the next few weeks to clean their machinery and retrain their employees. back now to decision day for the philadelphia eagles. >> chip kelly will finally lay down his cards and show his plan for the upcoming eagles season. >> your official eagles station has you covered for draft day in chicago. the team making its picks for players coming up tonight. >> comcast sportsnet's john clark live in chicago where the draft will happen tonight. john? >> reporter: yeah, i tell you, the anticipation is amazing after 51 years in new york city the draft is now in chicago and you take a look behind me there's fans everywhere. thousands of fans at draft town. see the eagles jersey behind me? 15. eagles fans are wondering who the birds are going to take with
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their 2015 draft pick. i think you know who chip kelly really wants. take a look. marcus mariota. his oregon quarterback. chip kelly recruited him there. there's reports flying around today that chip is talking to tennessee about trading up to the number two pick to get his guy, marcus mareiotamariota. other teams are reportedly talking to the titans as well. and the titans they like mariota as well. so they may just stick with him as their second pick. the thing is, do the eagles have enough to get up there and get their guy? i caught up with former eagles offensive lineman, the great john runyan. he's going to announce the eagles second-round pick to the world tomorrow night and he's not so sure the birds can get their guy. >> i don't know if he has enough ammo to get there, and willing to take that leap. you know? i kind of -- i do believe he's a rational guy. >> reporter: you do? >> he's not going to do anything -- he's done a lot of
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weird stuff this off season but there's a plan there. you'll never know what it is until he's gone and writes the book about it so you can actually buy it and read it. >> reporter: right. >> that's the process. >> reporter: there is a plan there for chip kelly, but if he were to trade up from 20 to 2 to get mariota, it would be the biggest jump in eagles first-round draft history. the last one was 2003 12 years ago with jerome mcdougal. we'll have a lot more coming up for you at 6:00. for now, i'm john clark. live in chicago. sending it back to you. >> all right john. be sure to watch our eagles draft day special tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. head coach chip kelly will address you, the fan, live. plus learn about the players' profiles and get inside information from our draft experts. and then on sunday hear exclusively from head coach chip kelly and some of the eagles picks on our post draft special, the "eagles blueprint," airs
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sunday may 3rd at 11:35 p.m. only on nbc 10. the official television station of the eagles. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well more clouds around today, but still a nice day. little bit cooler than it was yesterday. and we had an isolated thunderstorm earlier this afternoon. that's weakening moving into parts of new castle county. tomorrow will be a little cooler than today. again, to end out the week. then as we go into the weekend, perfect race day weather. we're going to warm back up as we go into sunday. really anything you're doing, it's going to be nice out this weekend for that. flags blowing on top of the air mark building in philadelphia. winds sustained near 15 miles an hour. currently it's 62 degrees in philadelphia. 15 degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. we did get around 70 degrees today. mid 60s for allentown, pottstown, westchester. 63 wilmington. 58 already in mt. holly. 59 degrees atlantic city.
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61 in millville. as we go through tonight, all the clouds. those are going to hang around. temperatures will stay on the cooler side. the one thunderstorm i was talking about earlier, that moved through south jersey mainly cumberland salem counties and moving into new castle county really dying out here. we're not seeing lightning strikes. some rain is moving into new castle county near red lion. a couple isolated showers in lancaster county. if we look at the big picture, rain to our south with thunderstorms. also to our west. we're kind of in this dry slot here so i don't think we'll see too much more even though there's rain pretty close for the rest of this evening, we should be staying relatively dry. i think most of the area will. future weather as we go through tonight, clouds hang around. even into tomorrow. so friday most of the day we should be rain free but you will notice the clouds around. cooler temperatures too. here's friday. 11:00 in the morning. then through the afternoon tomorrow, we could see some isolated showers again through the area. i don't think everyone will see this but there's still that chance. we we go into saturday to start
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your weekend saturday afternoon. we could see scattered showers around even late saturday night. going into sunday conditions really improve. so as far as sky conditions and temperatures, i think sunday ice's going to be the best day with sunshine and warmest estest temperatures out of saturday and sunday. possible thunderstorms tonight. most will be staying dry. 43 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow we'll see the clouds around. it will be a cooler day around 6 o degrees. chance for isolated showers through the day. we go into saturday some showers could be lingering. it won't be any kind of a washout, though if you have any plans. 70 for the high on saturday. then we go into sunday for the blue cross broad street run and it looks really good still. we've been seeing nice weather for sunday morning all week for race day and still looks that way. 8:00 in the morning 55 degrees. 9:00 a.m. 58 degrees. by 10:00, right around the low 60s. take a look at monday and tuesday, though we really warm up into the 80s. mid 80s as we go into tuesday.
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>> thanks sheena. it is a big project impacting hundreds of thousands of drivers. coming up under construction the new information about work to replace a busy bridge in montgomery county. and a hiker's walk in the woods pays off big for a pennsylvania man, more than one way.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts
5:24 pm
respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> skyforce 10 over the rally at philadelphia's city hall. hundreds are there in sympathy with the protesters in baltimore. we're watching developments. we've seen this crowd grow over the past hour and a half. we will bring you developments as they happen. new information about efforts to repair a busted bridge in plymouth township montgomery county. penndot says crews began construction on the plymouth road bridge this week. a large sinkhole badly damaged the bridge last month. more than $2 million project should be done by the end of august. there's a desperate need for volunteer firefighters in the state of pennsylvania. pennsylvania state senator randy says there are 50,000 volunteer firefighters in the state. in the '70s there were 300,000. he says the state needs to come up with a strategy to boost those numbers.
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well a guy was looking for mushrooms but found a small fortune instead. a pennsylvania mushroom hunter stumbled across $63,000 in a state park in howard township last weekend. that's in center county. as tempting as it may sound to keep that cash the man turned it all over to police who say someone did report losing a large amount of money a year ago. how it ended up in a forest well that's another story. a growing crowd rallying in center city. >> they say they're fighting for justice. >> reporter: and it continues to grow down here. but the protesters are staying peaceful. we'll tell you what they plan to do next coming up. and the fate of a priest. a philadelphia judge sends him back to jail but is this the end of the story in the fight over his future, next. a vandalism spree in a jersey shore community bragged about online. now police say the mayor's son is one of the culprits.
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>> he was raised better than this, knows better than this. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg with why the mayor says he did it.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now, hundreds are outside philadelphia's city hall right here. they're rallying for justice. skyforce 10 over this demonstration that's already causing some traffic trouble during rush hour. protesters say they understand the pain baltimore is experiencing with the death of
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freddie gray. >> they say police actions are taking lives and they want change. nbc 10's drew smith live at city hall where the crowds are gathering and growing. >> drew, tell us about the mood there right now. >> reporter: i want to show just how much this crowd has grown. look over here a new pocket of people developed around a drum circle. back this way, people holding posters. of course, people out here trying to get on camera. there's some people over here also trying to keep the peace, and police are far away giving them some room. hoping that peace will last here. philadelphia police do not expect local protesters to recreate what we saw in baltimore. >> we do not tolerate people breaking and burning and doing things like that and we're optimistic that won't happen. >> reporter: they repositioned a significant amount of officers and they're also relying on others to keep the peace. >> we've got some people that we work proactively with. some people in the clergy that we called out who are a calming
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force. >> reporter: protesters say philly has the same symptoms as baltimore. >> speaks up, they can stop all the madness that's going on in the world today. >> reporter: they argue that the police force is too aggressive with unchecked power. >> you need police who are fair who look at all the facts. >> reporter: city leaders welcome the discussion. >> everyone can express their first amendment rights. >> show me what democracy looks like. >> reporter: they don't want violence to distract from their message. some businesses court, and a local school closed early to a avoid the crowd. >> we wanted to get ahead of this rather than trail it and deal with possible dangers to our students. >> reporter: police say they respect people's rights to protest, but they have a message for anyone who plans to break the law. >> don't. real simple. don't. just don't disrupt. whatever your message is. >> reporter: and you're looking live at 15th street right now. you can see the traffic
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situation is not too bad but a lot of people are avoiding this area because there are people moving in and out of the streets. police are on all the corners and public transit is going smoothly right now. septa planned for a couple of bus detours to try to avoid some of this area. of course there are still several hours left of this protest right now. we'll stay on top of it for you. live in center city drew smith nbc 10 news. and still on this subject, mayors from across the country are right here in philadelphia today to talk about violence. part of the second annual convening of cityies united. conference includes 57 municipalities working from leaders across the country. the goal here to develop an action plan to reduce violence plaguing african-american men and boys across the country. >> we are coming together mayors, young people, philanthropy philanthropy, the private sector, government to say now is the time. yes, there is crisis in our cities across the country, but this is the moment that we make
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change. >> today's panel discussion focused on improving the relationship with communities of color and law enforcement. right now, monsignor william lynn is sitting in prison. today a judge revoked his bail. lynn served half of his sentence after being convicted of child endangerment. state superior court threw out the conviction in 2013 and lynn was placed on house arrest. the state supreme court reversed that decision monday. lynn is the former secretary of clergy for the archdiocese of philadelphia. his case heads back to superior court for a review. in atlantic county a judge sentenced william leap to 32 years behind bars for a crash that killed 9-year-old ryan and paralyzed the boy's best friend. prosecutors say he was drunk in april of 2011 when he rear hended thehend ed ended the car the boy was riding in. the impact pushed the car into an oncoming suv in hamilton township. family friends and former co-workers honored a philadelphia firefighter who died in this kensington
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warehouse fire. engine 56 in fox chase dedicated a street sign to fallen firefighter daniel sweeney. a portion of the road between raun and kendrick streets is now firefighter daniel sweeney memorial highway. he and lieutenant neary died in 2012 when a burning warehouse collapsed on them. to new york city now, jurors in the etan patz murder case are now done for the day and they are still deadlocked. pedro hernandez of maple shade burlington county is accused of killing the 6-year-old boy back in 1979. prosecutors say he confessed a few years ago but hernandez's headquarters argue someone else did it claiming hernandez is mentally ill. today was the 11th day of deliberations. yesterday jurors sent a note to the judge telling him they're unable to reach a unanimous decision. etan patz's disappearance helped draw national attention to the plight of missing children and their families. new at 5:00 victoria's
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secret revealed. surveillance video showing two women stuffing bras into a bag during a heist at a mall in wilkes-barre township. the second time this has happened. these women hit the store at the wyoming valley mall last week. the stolen bras are valued at more than $7,700. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> there's boat house row looking live at it. it's been another beautiful day out there. hopefully you had a chance to enjoy it. may not be quite as nice tomorrow. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with what we can expect tonight. sheena? >> well, you know the clouds we had around today, those are going to hang around tonight and tomorrow too, and we still have the chance of showers in the forecast. right now, though most of the area is dry. the one shower that was moving into new castle county, that's already kind of rained itself out and died out. lancaster county moving through providence just south of lancaster, we have one shower here and just a few minutes ago there were lightning strikes in
5:36 pm
this. so it is continuing to move out of lancaster county. mainly moving from east to west. and we'll be watching for anymore isolated showers or isolated thunderstorms later on this evening but i think most of us will be staying on the dry side. 64 in allentown. dropped down to 62 in philadelphia. so far we've been around 70 degrees s degrees. now we're cooling down. 59 atlantic city. 61 millville. 07 70 degrees in lancaster. the rest of the evening, mid to low 60s. we'll see the clouds around tonight, too. 8:00 tonight, around 60 degrees. still fairly mild. by 10:00, mid 50s. we'll be cooler as we go through tonight. by tomorrow, it's actually going it be a cooler day than today. i'm also tracking showers into part of your weekend. we will see some improvements with 80 degree temperatures in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you that coming up. now to decision 2016. vermont senator bernie sanders is running for the democratic nomination for president. the 73-year-old sanders announced his bid today.
5:37 pm
he joins hillary clinton as the second official candidate for the democratic nomination. sanders is an independent who caucuses with democrats in the senate. and three republicans are also in the race of course. texas senator ted cruz kentucky senator rand paul and florida senator marco rubio. running for a reason. a local mom is putting in the miles. her inspiration for the blue cross broad street run is close to her heart. her story ahead. plus, sanitizer safety. why the government is taking a closer look at some of the products health care workers use.
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today hundreds of people got a behind the scenes look at everything the kimble center has to offer over the next year or so. kimmel president and ceo gave her inaugural address today. she gave a multimedia presentation. she highlighted past accomplishments and plans for the future. and those include the 2016
5:40 pm
international festival of the arts. it will feature presentations from more than 150 artists including high nighing acrobatics and other performances. it is draft day for our eagles. thousands will watch the draft tonight at a big party down at the linc. >> after a lot of speculation, we're finally going to learn what chip kelly plans for our birds. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. >> and keith jones and jacqueline london have a great seat for all of this. they're at the linc where all the excitement is going to play out. this is the big night, guys. >> that's right. the party is picking up. withdrew can probably hear the music louder than the last time we were on. they're setting up for the nfl draft party at the linc. people running 40-yard dashes run through the inflatable eagle tunnel to get a feel of the players. it's really going to be kicking up in terms of excitement tonight. >> thousands of people are outside the gates right now. on everyone's mind what is chip kelly going to do especially after a tumultuous off season?
5:41 pm
where to even start here? let's start with shady mccoy first shady gets traded to the buffalo bills, second the birds get alonzo in return. nick foles returns to the st. louis rams as you recall. in return we get qb sam bradford. jeremy maclin reunites with former eagles head coach andy reid and biggest surprise eagles sign demarco murray from the rival dallas cowboys. lest we forget at the one guy creating the most buzz surprisingly, quarterback tim tebow. >> people were puzzled why tim tebow came on board. it will be interesting. a lot of time smoke screens are up with the coaches and what they're saying. we're going to hear from chip kelly tonight around 7:00. he'll address the crowd here and speak. it will be interesting what he has to say one hour prior to the draft. >> that's right. who will chip kelly pick as the new face of the philadelphia eagles? potentially that guy could be decided on tonight. we're going to have all the coverage you need. for now we're going to send it back to you inside the studio that isn't as windy as it is out here.
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>> it is a little. >> is it drafty out there, guys? >> oh come on. >> oh geez. >> the pun. >> that was really bad. >> we'll try to do better as we visit with you again. all right. nbc 10 as the draft covered for you like no one else. be sure to watch our eagles draft day special tonight at 7:00. chip kelly will address you the fans live. plus we're live at the draft in chicago and at eagles draft headquarters in south philadelphia with player profiles and inside information with our draft experts. that's "eagles draft day" live tonight at 7:00. another big event, the blue cross broad street run. it's this weekend. coming up meet the local mom on the run for a really good reason. she's drawing strength for the marathon from a source close to her heart. and a few more showers in the forecast as we go into the weekend, but conditions will improve for the blue cross broad street run. so i'll show you that forecast plus some 80 degree temperatures in the seven day. that's coming up. plus, he served in the u.s. army and thought he was a u.s.
5:43 pm
citizen, but it wasn't official until today. all new at 6:00 why this veteran didn't find out about the mistake until decades later.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:45." hundreds of protesters at philadelphia's city hall. skyforce 10 over center city. dest deaths of freddie gray in baltimore and brandon tate-brown in philadelphia. tate-brown was shot and killed by offices here in philadelphia. philadelphia police say this is the car involved in a hit-and-run crash that badly injured a temple university student. investigators say an 18-year-old has now confessed to hitting rachel hall as she rode her bike near campus last night. they're waiting on the d.a. to
5:46 pm
approve charges. federal health officials want new data on the safety and effectiveness of hand sanitizers used to hospitalized. doctors offices as well as in nursing homes. the fda is worried about two things. can the cleaners be absorbed through the skin? and also are they harmful? another question is there a possible link between the use of the antiseptics and the growth rather, of superbug bacterias that are resistant to antibiotics? the fda right now giving manufacturers of anti-bacterial products two years to submit their information. a south philadelphia native will run the blue cross broad street run for a purpose. beating cancer. >> linda riley runs as part of a team for the american cancer society called determination. nbc 10 tracked her down more than 100 miles away. ♪ >> reporter: 125 miles away from
5:47 pm
broad street there's this street in carlisle, pennsylvania. this is where linda riley runs. >> i decided that i wanted to do something more with my running. >> reporter: 5ks, 10ks, even marathons. dedicated. to her family. >> they just -- you know they're just there. >> reporter: at first, she ran for her 8-year-old son, alexander. who is autistic. you really like to run, don't you? >> yeah. >> reporter: then for her mother if law, her uncle, mentor, and now her father. >> ever since that day, it's just life has been a roller coaster. you know just trying to go through and make sure that he's okay. >> reporter: over this past thanksgiving he was diagnosed with lieueukemia and like the rest of linda's family who's had cancer, it's tough to take it in stride. >> healthy, strong people that
5:48 pm
have passed away you know and i know i wanted to do something. >> reporter: with every step she takes, there is hope. >> i hope i can wind up like my mom. she's my inspiration. >> reporter: 10-year-old charlotte is following her mom's lead. so is her dad. >> she's accomplished a tremendous amount you know in the 20 years that i've known her, and she continues to amaze me with everything that she can do. >> reporter: and it's when she's running solo like she will during this broad street run that she pulls her strength from friends and family. mile after mile. >> finally, you turn that corner and you're in south philly and that's home for me. >> reporter: home. now 125 miles away. but worth the journey every single step. >> linda riley, so many stories. nbc 10's so excited to partner
5:49 pm
with independence blue cross and philadelphia parks and recreation to broadcast the race, the stories from start to finish for the first time this will be televised live. before the race watch our live race special friday night at 7:00 p.m. "ready set run" the blue cross broad street run. then watch the race live right here on nbc 10 and on our sister station telemundo 62. it's this sunday our live coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well a bit of a cooler day today. the clouds are still with us too, and this is going to be the case for tonight, even tomorrow. staying kind of cloudy. the clouds will be hanging around with us. then tomorrow we will be still a little bit cooler than today. we'll be around 60 degrees for your friday. but don't worry because then as we go into the weekend, just in time for the blue cross broad street run, we have pretty perfect race day weather just in time. now today in philadelphia, high temperature got to 72 degrees.
5:50 pm
average high 69. so a couple degrees above that. but now we go into friday we're going to drop down about 10 degrees. it's going it be cooler tomorrow. you'll notice that. by saturday we warm back up to near 70. and by sunday we're talking about the mid 70s with sunshine. and the pollen levels those are still high too, because of all the drier air in place. a 9.8 today. tomorrow, we still stay high at a 9.8, even saturday. then look at sunday. at 10.1. pollen levels are going to go up a little bit by the end of the weekend. that's just an indication we expect nice weather. whenever it's sunny and dry out, pollen levels do get even higher. for now we're still seeing the cloud cover around. temperatures are on the cooler side, too. 62 in philadelphia. currently. 62 northeast philly. we have drop with our temperatures. 58 mt. holly. 59 atlantic city. areas north and west in the mid to upper 60s. only showers around are in lancaster county at the moment. we could have a few sprinkles starting to form in salem and new castle county. for the most part right south of
5:51 pm
lancaster, that's where we see a little bit of heavier rain. we'll keep watching the radar the rest of this evening. still a chance of isolated showers around. most of the rain is to our south and west, though where we have thunderstorm activity. i think most of us will be staying dry for tonight. future weather keeps the clouds around tonight. and tomorrow it will be a cloudy and cooler day friday. by the afternoon, there's a chance we can see some isolated showers. i don't think everyone will see these. going into the weekend, you notice the clouds still hanging around. still spots of green here on future weather. so there's still a chance that we could have enough moisture around to give us scattered showers saturday. going into sunday though it looks really good. conditions clear up. dry air moves in. and the warmer temperatures start to settle back in which will lead us into 80 degree temperatures going into next week. tonight, though isolated thunderstorms. still possible. mostly cloudy. most of us will stay dry, though. 49 for the low in philadelphia. 43 north and west. then tomorrow, clouds will be around. cooler than today. around 60 degrees. chance of isolated showers around. and that chance lingers into saturday. we warm up to around 70 degrees.
5:52 pm
sunday we see more sunshine than saturday. temperatures around the mid 70s. and for the blue cross broad street run, it looks really nice. 8:00 in the morning, 55 degrees. 9:00 a.m. around 58 degrees. by 10:00, around 62. and the winds will be fairly light. now a look at monday. 80 degrees. tuesday, 85. going to feel a little more like summer as we go into next week. we're right back here on "nbc 10 news at 5." well but first, we've got to tell you what's coming up on nbc 10 news tonight at 6:00. south jersey police officer in the right place at the right time there to rescue a baby. how his quick thinking actions pulled it off and why the baby's mother is now facing charges.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
skyforce 10 once again over the streets of center city philadelphia. a large crowd gathered in dilworth far at city hall. they're in solidarity with protesters in baltimore. we're going to monitor what's happening here. if and when this crowd begins to move through the streets, which we're told could happen once remarks are finished here at city hall. we'll follow this and bring you any updates as information warrants. the white house wants to get more students to visit their local library so today president obama set an example. he stopped by this library in washington, d.c. to announce
5:56 pm
two new reading initiatives. white house worked with major book publishers to get $250 million in free e-books. they're also asking local governments to help put a library card in every students' hand. president obama says this will help more low-income students get access to these valuable resources. >> suddenly you know that can even things out between poor kids and rich kids. everybody's got the ability to learn, everybody's got to have access to information. >> philadelphia's one of 30 cities to take part in the president's initiative. the city's committed to providing library cards to everyone who wants one. south jersey, the diocese of camden welcomed a group of seniors to new homes in newly remodeled apartments of cherry hill opened today. offered affordable housing to seniors and the disabled for the last 32 years. the new facility also has a community garden. coming up next on "nbc 10
5:57 pm
news at 6," calling for justice in center city. >> a crowd growing outside city hall showing their support for peaceful protesters in baltimore. taking a live look at that rally from skyforce 10. we have team coverage in the air, on the ground, covering every angle of what's happening and really how it's affecting traffic and businesses in the area of city hall. that's coming up next. well cooler temperatures for the next 24 hours at least but it's going to start to feel like summer in the seven day. i'm tracking a big warmup to help you plan ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. shock. shock. shock. shock. that's all i can say. >> police get a break in the case of a vandalism spree at the jersey shore. and the suspect's identity caught investigators by surprise. who he is. next on "nbc 10 news at 6."
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪ nbc 10 news starts now. >> a growing crowd calling for justice in center city philadelphia, right now. skyforce 10 over a large rally outside city hall. they've gathered in solidarity with demonstrators in baltimore. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> demonstrators have marched from university city and other areas to city hall. since it all began about 90 minutes ago, the group has been orderly. large number of people closing a few streets and some commuters
6:00 pm
are changing their route home. unless you're joining the rally tonight, you probably want to avoid the area around city hall. >> that's right. the demonstration is one of many happening all across the country. in response to the death of a baltimore man. freddie gray suffered spinal injuries when baltimore police arrested him april 12th. we have team coverage of tonight's demonstrations. we're going to begin with nbc 10's drew smith at city hall. >> and drew, the crowd was on the move and has been growing this afternoon. how are police handling this situation? and are they on the move again? >> reporter: well they are still staying contained here in dilworth park which is the good news if you're traveling in this area. take a look. these are the protesters. they were speaking here at around a group right here. you can see a lot of them are now starting to flow off of the park and onto the sidewalk here. if you take a look around over here, you can see some of the police officers on the outskirts of the demonstration. they're trying to make it clear that they were giving space to the protesters to do their thing here and


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