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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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police officers will be charged. here are the key points as the state attorney's news conference is continuing live. she says there's enough evidence to file criminal charges and all six officers involved in gray's arrest will be charged. she says the arrest was illegal. >> i been recording. >> the findings are comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation coupled with the medical
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examiner's investigation that mr. gray's death was a homicide has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. >> one of the officers is charged with second-degree murder. other charges against the other officers include manslaughter and assault. one officer charged with second-degree murder. the others facing charges including manslaughter and assault in baltimore. we'll continue following that news conference for you. we're going to talk to jay gray covering that. we'll talk to him in about 15 minutes. people in philadelphia held mostly peaceful protests in center city in a show of solidarity with a protesters in baltimore. protesters tried to force their way on to the vine street expressway. police didn't let them do that. one person was arrested and taken into custody.
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600 people came together to call for change in the wake of freddie gray's death. >> this country loves to suppress any kind of honesty about what's going on in the system. we're not here for this today. >> i came out here because the tone has to change. >> the crowd marched for miles yesterday through philadelphia at times bringing entire city blocks to a stand still. there were two arrests total. new jersey state troopers will stay into baltimore until next week may longer. yesterday gophervernor christie extended their deployment.
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this video into our news room about half an hour ago. he was governor christie appointee. in september 2013 he was involved in e-mail exchanges about shutting down lanes of that bridge. one e-mail said time for traffic problems in fort lee. lane closures on that bridge led four days of back up an investigation found no evidence that christie was involved in any scheme. the governor declined to comment this morning when asked about the report that wildstein will plead guilty.
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state with nbc 10 news for this breaking coverage as well. a gas line has been ruptured by car that ram into a house. we understand that there are evacuations taking place here. this is happening at the intersection of wood street and mill street in bristol. residents are being evacuated. a ruptured gas line. right now there are no reports of any injuries. we'll keep you posted on that as well. 11:04 and the clock is ticking as we countdown closer to the blue cross broad street run on sunday morning. right now at the pennsylvania convention center the health and fitness expo leading up to the race is well under way. that's where nbc 10 joins us live now. a lot of runners heading there to get their gear ready, right? >> reporter: a lot of runners are already here. you see the doors just open a couple of minutes ago and the runners will be coming here to
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pick up their bids and other race related gear. there are a will the of vendors out here. you see all sorts of gadgetry and shoes and running items to help people be at the top of their game on sunday morning. you can see the crowd and the items out here now. about 70 different vendors out here this morning. we have our nbc 10 booth on the other side. you can meet up with some of our folks throughout the day. the run starts at 8:00 sunday morning. 36 years now the city has been doing this race but the first time ever live on television. you can watch it right here on nbc 10. you figure ten miles by car is not so bad but running that distance is a little more difficult. this has been a long journey for some folks young and old from near and far coming out to prove themselves and get that determination out there. some of the runners say they know it's a difficult run but rewarding once that cross that finish line.
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>> i needed an outlet to release my anger, release everything i had bottled up inside of me. the challenge with my sister helped to bring me closer to her and my family and made me happier. >> they have to come to that point where they prove themselves ifs they're going to keep going or stop. they struggle through that. they put one foot in front of the other and prove they can do anything that life throws at them. >> reporter: you see everything is going on right now. people are starting file in here. plenty of time. we have 40,000 runners who will be basictaking part in the run. we'll see you right there at the starting line on sunday morning. >> you know it will be there at the starting line. you can watch the run live on
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nbc 10 sunday may 3rd. live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. don't want to steal glenn's thunder but it should be awesome weather for that run on sunday. we're a little cooler today than we were yesterday, right? >> this is going to be the coolest day we're going to see in quite a while. we have a real impressive warm up on the way. a lot of clouds out there in certain directions. some sunshine in parts of the area. you can see some of the holes in the clouds here but it's very cloudy to the west. very cloudy to the south. there's a few showers around. see them generally in pennsylvania and very light parts of chester county and
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berks county seeing those showers now. temperatures in the 50s which is cooler than it's been. it's only 53 in pottstown. it's cool at the shore with the wind coming in off that chilly ocean. the future cast shows some of those showers developing and increasing as we go into the early afternoon. this is mostly in pennsylvania. looks like it's dry in new jersey and delaware. the further north and west you are the better chance you have of seeing a light shower during the afternoon. you see which way they are moving. they're not moving to the east. they're moving more toward the south and southwest. talk more about the possibility of showers over the weekend and just how much it's going to warm up with the seven day if a few minutes. sky force 10 over this news as well. five-day forecast fire investigators looking for the cause of a house fire in
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wissinioming. crews quickly had fire under control. you can see there officials tell us no one was hurt. smoke could be seen for miles after fire broke out at a home in north philadelphia. the home was vacant. the fire started around 7:30. it's under control. investigators are looking into how it started. a woman was injured when a fire started in her home this morning. firefighters got to the house around 2:30 this morning. they found heavy fire in the back. they say she suffered smoke inhalation. no wrdord on her condition. a person died in this crash overnight. the driver crashed into a tree after losing control on ocean heights avenue. a second person inside the vehicle was air lifted to a hospital. investigators are still looking into the cause of that crash as well. an update now on the
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breaking news we brought you ten minutes ago. the district attorney said there's probable cause to file criminal charges against six police officers in the death of freddie gray. we're awaiting an nbc special report that should happen in two minutes from nbc news out of baltimore. before we get to that let's get to this new information on a stand off in montgomery county that ended late last night. authorities are calling this a murder/suicide after the victim died. neighbors heard gunfire. a woman who was shot was found lying in the parking lot. witnesses saw man run into a house. police surrounded the house and evacuated neighbors. officers later went into the home and found the man dead. he's a 56-year-old man who lived at the house. the 36-year-old woman was taken
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to the hospital but she died later too. a murder/suicide police are calling this. she was hit by car that kept going. she is still in criminaltical condition. police say the drooiiver is 18 years old. investigators say the teen has only a learner's permit and confessed. >> he panicked because he only had a permit and left. >> police are still waiting for the district attorney's officer to approve charges. new information on this fire
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at the red stone grill. it's in a shopping center called the promanade. we're told the fire started in the kitchen area. check out this video. watch the bottom left of your screen as a cvs security guard struggles with a suspected thief. let's get,000 to this special report. good morning. six baltimore police officers are being charged in the death
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of freddie gray. the charges include second-degree murder manslaughter and assault. warrants have been issued for their arrest. gray was arrested last month after police say he ran from them without provocation. he later suffered an injury and died one week later. it's a story that's garnered national attention sparking protests across the country. >> reporter: good day. this was a stunning announcements just five days after riots ravaged this community, the baltimore state's attorney, the daughter of two police officers herself announcing that all six officers involved in the arrest of that 25-year-old freddie gray who died last month many this city in police custody that charges would be filed against them. they range from second-degree murder that carries a sentence
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of 30 years to manslaughter assault and misconduct. o they denied repeated help. they denied him. he died of a severe spinal cord. he was arrested illegally and committed no crime in the west baltimore neighborhood of this city. he was put down face down on the floor where he was so badly injured. >> in the untimely death of mr. gray my team worked around the clock, 12 and 14 hour days to canvas and interview dozens of witnesses, numerous hours of video footage, listened to video
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tape at the same times. the findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation that mr. gray's death was a homicide which we received today has led us to believe that we have probably cause to file criminal charges. >> she's the youngest lead prosecutor in any major city in america. she was at the fore front of this entire case. she concluded with a call for peace from people throughout the entire community of more than
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600,000 people. that's a stunning announcement within the last 20 minutes. >> thank you. this is rapidly developing. be sure to stay with us at nbc news. we'll have full coverage this evening on nightly news. we return you now to your previously scheduled programming. >> as you just heard that six baltimore police officers with will charged in the death of freddie gray the man who died. one of those officers will be charged with second-degree murder. those officers denied repeated requests for help from gray after he was injured and that gray had committed no crime. there was no reason he should have been arrested. she also said that he was put face down on the floor of that police van. we'll continue monitoring the developments coming out of baltimore and have new
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information later in our newscast. i'm tracking showers that could affect your weekend plans. i'll tell you when to expect them. that's just ahead. kmart has no money down layaway. clothes? no money down!
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dozens of emergency workers surrounded a construction site this brooklyn.
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he was trapped in a trenched. no word at this point on that worker's condition. a buck's county community center is holding a fund-raiser for the relief effort in nepal. it will be at the culture center tonight. we got this new video in showing the immediate aftermath of the 7.8 quake. evac evacuees were seen here sitting on a mountain as land slide happened around them. 600,000 homes were destroyed or damaged in the quake. anger and frustration are mounting as people are watsing for assistance nearly one week after the quake.
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more than 6200 people were killed. it's being called the most powerful earthquake to hit nepal in more than 80 years. cleanup efforts continue this morning. crews cleaning out rubble and debris from homes and buildings that crumbled in the quake. most of the people have moved back indoors. we have cooler conditions during the day today and a lot of clouds but that does not mean the weekend is going to be like there. it is cooler today. the temperature still on the mild side. a little bit below average. we'll have 70s over the weekend though. even warmer next week. we're going to have that super sunday weather that we've been promising for quite a while.
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the direction is out of east. it's keeping the moisture in and temperatures down a bit. 58 degrees. five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. yesterday was cooler than the day before. we're in the 50s throughout the area. it's fairly uniform with the east wind coming off of that east ocean. let's see what we're getting right at the shore. it's windier at those places too. it's kind of a nasty day at the shore. you can see some moisture coming up from the south.
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the low level clouds are coming in from the northeast. we got a lot of moisture convergeing but not a lot of rain. that's obviously not moving toward the east. as we go through the afternoon we'll see some more showers develop right in that same area. not all that heavy then as we go into tomorrow there could be some showers developing during the afternoon. not a whole lot of activity as you see right there. it will stay mostly cloudy the isolated showers. seven-day forecast, probably sunny skies tomorrow. again a chance of a shower in some spots. temperatures up near 70 and closer to 80 on sunday. 84 monday and tuesday. look how warm that is there before some more showers.
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going to be warm next week. for many families the warmer weather means it's time to hit the playground but you could be making a common mistake that could lead to some serious injuries for your small child. we'll tell you what to look out for.
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a u.s. ebola clinic is now
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closed. there's a sharp decline in the number of victims. liberia is conducting a 42-day countdown to be ebola free. a milestone. the news came down about half an hour ago six baltimore police officers will be charged in the death of freddie gray. one charged with second-degree murder. we'll tell you what baltimore district attorney just announced about the invest gaigsagation and more charges could be coming.
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we're getting new information by the minute on that breaking news we're following out of baltimore where there are now arrest warntsrants for the arrests of the officers
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involved in the freddie gray case. we laid it out here for you. the state attorney wrapped up a news conference. she said the arrest of freddie gray was illegal. there was no reason to arrest him and she says there's enough evidence to file criminal charges against all six officers involved in the arrest. one officer facing a charge of second-degree murder. the others will face charges like manslaughter or assault or misconduct. this comes just five days after riots ravaged the city of baltimore as the community called for answers in gray's death. >> the people of baltimore and the demonstrate traitors across america. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. >> just moments ago we learned of a baltimore police officer's union statement defending the officers. it says they are not responsible
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for gray's death. that was part of a letter given to the state attorney before she announced those charges this morning. to other breaking news, we're expecting a guilty plea for a former aid to chris christie. he's appearing right now in federal court in newark, new jersey pleading guilty for his role in the george washington bridge closure. he was governor christie's appointee. in september 2013 you'll remember he was involved in those e-mail exchanges with kelly about shutting down lanes of the bridge. one e-mail said time for some traffic problems in fort lee. a town who's mayor did not support christie's re-election bid. lane closures led to four days of back up. an investigation found no evidence that christie was involved in any scheme.
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the governor declined to comment this morning when asked about reports that wildstein would plead guilty. cooler today than it has been over the last couple of days. there are some showers in parts of the area this morning. nbc 10 meteorologist is here. it could be a good day at the ballpark too. >> it's a pretty good day for out door activities. nice and comfortable and cooler than it's been over the last couple of days and cooler than next week. a lot of clouds that's helping to keep the temperature down as we go through the day. you can see the clouds are thickest north and west. we have some warm moisture from
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offshore coming into new jersey. the nor'easter itself that we've been talking about for days just to the south. the rain is just south of delaware. the other showers are pretty light. they are pretty far to the west. western chester county and parts of berks county very light as well. we may get some more showers developing during the afternoon. temperatures are in the 50s everywhere kept down by the east wind and the clouds and especially cool right at the shore with the wind coming in off the ocean. the future cast hour by hour does show a few more showers developing during the afternoon. mostly in the pennsylvania portion of our area. the heaviest of the activity is well west of our area. it's not totally dry today. it won't be totally dry tomorrow either. we'll have the timing on those showers plus just how warm it's going to get in that seven day in a few minutes.
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a dramatic scene in istanbul when protesters went against orders to not march in one of the iconic scarequares. today was the first large demonstration since they gave police expanded power during demonstrations. crews used water cannons and tear gas. another isis sympathizer is behind bars in the u.s. federal agents say miami residents tried to buy a gun from an fbi informant. they say he was planning a lone wolf attack.
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>> hit him on the sides and they stopped the truck and came out with bullet proof vests and m-16s. >> agents say they found close to 300 rounds of am knew in addition inside the armt. the coast guard has suspended the search for the missing inging boater from alabama. local police are handling the recovery mission. crews did find the bodies of five boaters who died when nearby hurricane force winds hit during a sailboat race. republican lawmakers aim stop a law that protects the rights of workers in d.c. who ended a pregnancy. the bill makes discriminating against employees who have abortions illegal. a gop house sponsor pillbill could clock the law.
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transportation officials will unveil new rules for tanker cars. many people have argued it's long overdue. older tanker cars have played roles in explosions. marijuana sales in colorado have gone up in smoke. officials stop the sale of legal marijuana because some plants may have been sprayed with a pesticides. a chemical would make it dangerous to smoke. as of know the state certified lab doesn't test the vast majority majority. no word on how long this ban will last. the r and b singer best known for the song "stand by me" has died. ♪ don't be afraid ♪ ♪ just as long ♪ as you stand stand by me ♪
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>> ben e. king was 76. his publicist said he died yesterday of natural causes. he began his career with the drifters. 40 years ago local civil rights demonstrators fought to open the gates of gerard college to people of color. >> some of them reenacted at the front gate. that helped a lot of economically disadvantaged city children who came from a home without one or both parents. some of the original protesters were part of today's ceremony and rally. >> you chose to join a struggle
11:39 am
that would benefit your children and their children and in fact these very children standing here today. >> back in the '50s, school officials caught to keep it all white giving up after 14 years of fighting. parents of young children as you take your kids to the park this weekend, you may have to wonder which is safer, letting them slide down the slide alone or having them sit on your lap. this may help you make that decision. you may be surprised that doctors say parents should never go down a slide with their child. that's because they say the child's legs can get trapped underneath the parent and lead to broken bones. a study found that 14% of tibia breaks in tods hers having when going down a slide on a parent's lap. one mom said she was trying to be safe and ended up having to take her son to the er. >> his foot hid the side and my body went to the other side and aheard it and i knew.
11:40 am
>> must be an awful feeling. >> the mom wants playgrounds to post signs that warn about the dangers going down like that. some of the playgrounds have signs like that. a safer option is for the parent to wats atit at the bottom to catch the child. some big sports on tap. you have the blue cross broad street run on sunday. be mayweather fight and the nfl draft continues and there's the run for the roses right here on nbc 10. the festivities are under way for tomorrow's kentucky derby. 21 horses are slated to run at churchill downs. lye coverage begins tomorrow. back to the richest prize fight that's set for tomorrow night in las vegas. squaring off at the mgm grand.
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mayweather is expected to earn a pretty nice paycheck. $150 million, maybe more depending on how the fight turns out. the philippines has declared tomorrow a national holiday. several championship titles are on the line as well for the winner. we're just two days away from the 36th annual blue cross broad street run. thousands of people flocking to the race to cheer on the 40,000 runners that will run. nbc 10 is very excited to partner with philadelphia parks and recreation to broadcast the entire race from start to finish for the first time. before we get to the race you can check out our live special. it's called eded ready set run. it airs tonight at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10. i'll have the forecast coming up. i'm also tracking showers for the weekend and a big warm up. i'll break down the timing just ahead.
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he's pleaded guilty for his role. david wilestein admitted he did that. he closed the lanes in
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retaliation against the mayor of fort lee. the mayor did not endorse governor christie's re-election bid. we'll watch that for you and let you know what happens. okay. let's move onto some nfl draft news here. >> he was southern california's leading receiver last year. he's versatile. he can also return kicks too.
11:46 am
those eagles fans are so quiet, aren't they. before the draft they were yelling do the deal. that's because they wanted chip kelly to get marcus mariota. kelly did talk with the tennessee titans about trading up but the talks didn't go anywhere because the price was just too high. the eagles will have the 20th pick in the draft tonight. we're all watching to see who they take next. you can count on us for complete draft coverage. we'll have you covered on our post draft special. you'll hear from coach kelly and some of the eagles draft picks. the eagles blue print airs sunday may 3rd 11:35 p.m. there's a lot going on this weekend and this month. in fact, one of the nation's oldest and most acclaimed literary festivals kicks off today, may 1st. the 31st annual celebration of
11:47 am
black writing will feature artists and arthurs. we're excited to talk about this. she's with us here this morning. tell us why this month long event has become such a big deal. tell us why it's become so big. >> it's become so big because we realize there's very few opportunities for people across our community to have the opportunities to write and come together and communities of writers and readers to bring their children and it's not just the literary word. it's the artistic part of it is song writing. it's film. it's everything that we think of what it means to be a fully functioning human being. we get to bring that to our community. >> i was looking over a list of the highlights for this month. there's so many big things happening. it's hard to talk about all of them.
11:48 am
he's going to be part of this. he's going to be honored. >> he is going to be honored for first ever award for excellence in visual literacy. >> visual literacy. i like that. >> taking it beyond the written word and putting it into the context of what it means to be fall human and be able to engage with all parts of our community. he'll have an exhibit in our gallery of rarely seen photographs which we're excited about. >> when we talk about black writing and black art you can't help but talk about moments of social change that occurred in history and how art has played a role in that. i'm struck because you're coming to us on a morning where we had this huge announcement about the police officers being indicted. we had nice peaceful protests. is what you're doing this month what the art sanctuary doing, how is that important to addressing a lot of need for
11:49 am
change that people see as needing to exist? >> absolutely. this worked. it shines a light on community that other people sometimes don't see and realize it. it's a way of us bringing people together using art to have conversations that are sometimes too difficult to have in any other kind of environment. we used this environment to say to the world we can use our art to experience each other, to communicate with each that we're all one part of the large human family. >> we hope to see people of all backgrounds attend this so it does foster those conversations. that's why vents like that are so important. it lasts all may. for a list of vents, there's a lot of them.
11:50 am
you can go to our website, or check the nbc 10 app. glenn will tell us about some weather, i hope. >> i'm going to talk about the weather and the warm up that will be taking place this weekend. it's cool today but tths not going to stay like that over weekend. 70s over the weekend. it's going to be a super sunday for the broad street run. we've been saying that for a long time and that's what's going to happen. we've got cloudy skies especially looking toward the western sky. the winds still out of east and that keeps the cooler air in and ta bit of moisture. the pollen fairly high today but just going to get higher and higher over the next couple of days especially on sunday and
11:51 am
monday. that's the only problem with the pollen. the race day weather, that's about as good as it gets. hardly wind today at 8:00 a.m. sunshine, upper 50s going into the mid-60s by time. that's a good bit warmer than it is right now. 51 in coatsville with thick clouds. 55 in trenton. watch how cold it is at the beaches. stronger winds there. it's a little bit on the nasty side. 13 degrees colder than this time yesterday in atlantic city. 5 to 10 degrees colder across the rest of the area. got lots of clouds. some of them coming up from the south around that big
11:52 am
nor'easter. others coming into western suburbs or a few showers occurring mostly in burks down. farther to the south there's the rain. it was a close call but it stayed just to the south as we expected. there's the future cast showing isolated showers to the north and west and during the day tomorrow we could see some showers develop during the afternoon, not too many around but i can't promise it's going to be 100% dry over the weekend. just maybe 97%. there's the clouds today. generally in the low to mid-60s. a little bit below average. the average is close to 70. upper 70s on sunday with sunshine, light winds and on monday it's warm and it gets
11:53 am
even warmer on tuesday. we'll be right back.
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♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
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awareness of a disease that robs people of the ability to
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walk. we're talking about ms. walk ms is saturday morning at 9:00. here is video of one of the past walks in recent years. ms is disease of the corral nervous system that can lead to paralysis. the cause is unknown and there's no cure which is why fund raisers like walk ms is so important. the philadelphia walk has raised almost $200,000 in research and programs. ellen is all new with jack black plus alison sweeney. then it's nbc 10 at 4:00. battling the blues. new findings about women and depression. how your skin color could be factor in your mental health. that's this afternoon. weather is something that should lift people's spirits out there today. >> it's not bad. most of us will not be seeing any rain today through early next week. it will be cooler today, warmer tomorrow.
11:57 am
warmer than that on sunday and then early next week 80. >> have a great morning, a great friday. see you at 4:00. kmart has no money down layaway. clothes? no money down! outdoor living... no money down layaway or leasing! home accessories - no money down layaway or leasing! kmart has no money down layaway or leasing
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kmart. where shop your way members always get more.
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