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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now at 5:00. missing, philadelphia police and the fbi are looking for two missing trucks. it's a high-profile search involving several levels of investigators. the trucks vanished from two different places in philadelphia. >> homeland security wants you to be on the lookout for the vehicles and the man suspected of forcing a homeless person to rent one. nbc 10's cydney long is live in center city. what's going on here? >> reporter: it was that homeless man's family who initially went to police with their concern. with such a busy weekend planned this weekend. 40,000 runners alone for the blue cross broad street run and, of course, their fans. police tell us they are eringe ing erring on the side of caution. police don't know his intentions or whereabouts. this is surveillance footage of a suspect police say along with
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two accomplices who forced a homeless man to open a bank account inside a td bank last sunday. that victim later forced to rent a u-haul truck with arizona license plates ag30928. it remains unaccounted for. >> we had% uy some large special events on saturday and sunday. and we had the broad street run. certainly, we don't like to -- the idea of two vehicles of this nature being unaccounted for. >> the second missing truck, a penske. 16-foot box truck with indiana tags 2245222. it was stolen a day and a half later, some time between monday night and tuesday morning along washington avenue. >> unfortunately, the vehicle had been parked in an unsecured location. it was not covered with any surveillance video. >> police say more often than9ç of paying for rental trucks. >> this way, there's no record of who wented edrented the van.
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>> the stolen vehicles comes two days before philadelphia's blue cross broad street run when the city will be bustling with crowds. >> of course we are communicating with my partners and the fbi. so we've gotten this word out to everyone. so we're just taking that a step further at this point and asking the public to then become part of that effort to locate these vehicles. >> now, on the stolen penske box truck, police tell us there was no sign of broken glass and also there were no keys that were left in this vehicle. anyone who knows the person who was in that surveillance footage at the bank or has seen these abandoned trucks in and around the city you are asked to call police. they will need to be dusted for fingerprints if and when they're found. live in center city, nbc 10 news.;8f we are following a pair of developing stories. first in montgomery county sky force 10 over pottstown a short time ago where firefighters rescued a child from a burning home.
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this is second and johnson streets. there are two homes on fire here. no word on how seriously the child is hurt. we are keeping an eye on this situation for you. and now to logan where philadelphia police are looking for a killer. nbc 10 along north 16th street. someone shot and killed a man here a little over an hour ago. no word yet on why it happened. we are also following major developments from baltimore. all six officers charged today in the death of freddie gray are in custody. >> gray died after suffering a spinal cord injury in police custody. his death is ruled a homicide. jay gray gives us a closer look at today's action. >> her words -- >> we have probable cause to file criminal charges -- >> echoed across the city. >> justice has been served. and we appreciate. >> states attorney marilyn mosby announcing all six police officers involved in the arrest of freddie gray will face a
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range of charges including second-degree murder manslaughter assault and false arrest. mosby described in detail results of her independent investigation, which shows gray was not carrying a switchblade which police said was the reason he was arrested. denied medical aid despite asking repeatedly and was placed in hand and leg restraint restraints and laid face down inside a police transport van. >> the manner of death deemed a homicide by the maryland state medical examiner is believed to be the result of a fatal injury that occurred while mr. gray was unrestrained by a seat belt in the custody of the baltimore police department wagon. >> the baltimore police officer's union issued a written statement that says in part none of the officers involved are responsible for the death of mr. gray. and calling for an independent prosecutor to take over the case. as the case now moves forward, many who have spent the last two weeks demanding information and accountability say they're encouraged but plan to keep the
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pressure on officials here. >> right now, it's a step. >> police and the national guard will continue their show of force and a curefew for at least this weekend. jay gray, nbc news, baltimore. and stay tuned for the latest at 6:30. today, police are praising the effort of the officers during baltimore related protests in center city. despite a few skirmishes, no one was seriously hurt. hundreds of protesters tried to force narrow way on the vine street expressway and a show of solidarity with the people of baltimore. >> i can't say enough about the phenomenal job that the men and women on the police department
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did. you were out there, you witnessed it. the professionalism, the restraint. >> did get a bloody lip when he was hit by a bucket thrown from the crowd. two people were charged with disorderly conduct. new at 5:00 believe this a reported alligator sighting in south jersey. police gave us this photo. a man says he spotted the gator while out taking pictures of birds. the man was at pennsauken said the animal was swimming near an observation rock. three former aides to governor christie are in more legal hot water. david wildstein pleaded guilty in federal court in north jersey. bridge kelly and bill baroney were indicted. prosecutors say the trio engineered a plot to close lanes on the george washington bridge.
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investigators believe it was an attempt to exact revenge against ft. lee's mayor for not endorsing christie's reelection. >> he and others orchestrated a deliberate and illegal scheme. >> he's fully accepted responsibility for his conduct leading to the traffic jam. >> they will be arraigned on monday. governor christie released a statement about the indictment that reads today's charges make clear that what i've said from day one is true. i had no knowledge or involvement in this act. new at 5:00, the police department celebrating its two-year anniversary by pointing out the progress made in that time. the department marked the anniversary with a gathering at pine point park. two years ago, took over public safety in cam camden. the department says the city's become a safer place. just in case pennsylvania
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governor tom wolf made arrangements to maintain subsidies. today, he wrote a letter to the u.s. department of health and human services declaring his intent. the reason the u.s. supreme court could wipe them out. a lawsuit says the obama administration is unlawfully providing subsidies to people buying health insurance using health wolf wants pennsylvanians to be covered just in case justices rule against the administration. less than two days from now, thousands of runners will be pounding the pavement along broad street. >> the broad street run starts early sunday morning. i'm ready to take part in it. nbc 10's tim furlong live at the pennsylvania convention center in center city. these runners are ready, man. >> yeah they are getting ready, they're getting excited. you know what else today? they're shopping. this is runners looking for new gear and information. you have the american cancer society, so many other organizations here.
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einstein orthopedics is here. we've been trying to find that one item that everybody's talking about, that everybody is gathering around. and it appears this is it. i give you foot belt. >> this is the hottest product at the expo because it is such an everyday thing you can wear. >> i'll give you a little demo here. >> why am i buying it? well phone, obviously, money, probably lip gloss. keys. got a lot of room for a lot of things. >> $27 today. >> comes in different sizes and colors. >> if you're running, you definitely want your standards, your phone with you so you know where you're at and how far you've gone, you want a key and card or cash in case you need to buy some water. >> and it's cool. >> it is pretty cool. $27 is what it costs. they've sold a lot of them today. but i want to show you what we
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would give you for free if you came out here and came to the nbc 10 booth. you can get a free fan that you can use on the side of the run. we also have dry erase boards here. this one says go georgy that's for george spencer. and water bottles. come, pay your $27, see the nbc 10 stuff, we'll give it to you for free. and coming up at 6:00 tonight, we are going to have more from runners. i ask all these people, why do you do it? why do you run? interesting stories. and this guy he's taking a picture. i want to apologize for our camera camera thumping you in the head. >> thank you very much tim. and before the race our live race special tonight at 7:00 p.m. called ready set run, the blue cross broad street run. and watch the race live here on nbc 10 and our sister station telemundo 62. our live coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. and ahead at 5:45, not
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everyone is running the ways is hitting the pavement to train. i went along with the team from independence blue cross. see how they used hundreds and hundreds of steps to get their pre-race workouts in. and believe me there are about 1,000 steps there. and i got to experience every single one of them. >> you did it though. >> i did. that's right. they could be a mile long rolling past our backyards every single day. crude oil freight trains is what we're talking about here. but today, new rules were unveiled to protect people living near the tracks. and bringing history back to life. 50 years ago, a pivotal event took place at gerard college. and today, the impact is being felt once again. also ahead john? >> yeah thanks keith, live in chicago for the nfl draft. coming up we're going to hear from the eagles first round pick nelson aguilar and see when he meets chip kelly for the first time since joining the birds. it's all next.
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♪ there is no royal blood in this country. nothing is reserved for anyone. it's all just out there... ...waiting... ...for someone to reach out... ...and take it. and the ones who do... ...these are the kings and queens of america. ♪
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i run because of the community. i volunteer with students run philly style. it's a mentoring program that uses long distance running to teach goal setting. often times we're asked to help coach them through something we've already done before. but this program gives me the opportunity to work with them accomplishing a goal together. >> why i run, brought to you by einstein orthopedics and mossrehab. another suspected isis sympathizer is now behind bars, this time in florida. federal agents say miami residents miguel diaz tried to buy a gun from an fbi informant to carry out a lone wolf attack. he went by the name azizi on
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social media and allegedly said he had a rifle to fold up and take into a stadium. authorities say he also intended to scratch the word isis into his shell casings. >> so two other trucks and two vans hit him on the sides and stopped his truck and came out with f-16s and stuff like that. >> agents found the rifle and 300 rounds of ammunition inside diaz' apartment. federal authorities recently indicted a philadelphia woman for trying to support the terror organization. she's accused of communicating with isis fighters and buying a plane ticket to meet them in syria. police arrested her last month. if convicted, thomas could get 15 years behind bars. some people will be missing after a three-story building collapse in washington, d.c. this morning. that's according to d.c.'s mayor. it happened at a parking garage at a famed watergate complex. our sister station reports two construction workers were injured in the collapse search and rescue teams remain on the scene. hours later, the area of the
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garage the collapse was under construction at the time. the collapse prompted the evacuation of that watergate complex. in less than two hours, the second round of the nfl draft begins. >> that's right. and a short time ago, the newest philadelphia eagle landed here in philadelphia. and talked about being picked. comcast sportsnet live in chicago. john? >> reporter: yeah hey, nelson aguilar who the eagles got at number 20. the receiver out of usc, it's a guy that a lot of draft experts really like. and a lot of people say nelson reminds them of jeremy maclin who left the eagles in free agency. let's take a look at nelson arriving today. and he got to meet chip kelly for the first time after being drafted by chip kelly. and chip says there were three or four players at number 20 they liked in the first round, but nelson aguilar was the best out of all of them. and chip says he has a mindset like receiver jordan matthews
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that he's always working to get better, always wants to improve, and really has a lot of character. and nelson was born in nigeria, moved to the states when he was 5:00 and it was a wild ride of a weekend for him. >> definitely got a great chance to be with coach before he gave the decision to have me here. and i really wanted to be in this place with this coaching staff and these people. right now, you know i'm in a comfortable situation. it always starts with the people. we have truly special people and coaching staff and the players they bring into this organization. >> nelson got a text last night from eagles quarterback sam bradford who reportedly was really fired up about nelson joining his receiving corps. we'll have a lot more coming up at 6:00. more on the mariota rumors and did chip kelly offer eagles players or didn't he? we'll have more on that in an hour. john clark, live in chicago,
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we'll see you then. >> thank you very much. speaking of sports a lot happening this weekend. >> you've been prepping for that. >> we also have the mayweather pacquiao fight and, of course the run for the roses here on nbc 10. the festivities are underway for tomorrow's kentucky derby. you're looking at the annual pegasus parade. yesterday in louisville. 21 horses are slated to run at churchill downs. live coverage of the 141st kentucky derby begins tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 right here on nbc 10. get your fascinators ready. the richest prize fight of all time set for tomorrow in vegas. mayweather and pacquiao will square you have at the mgm grand. mayweather's expected to earn $150 million, maybe more. pacquiao's native land the philippines has declared a national holiday for tomorrow. and by the way, several championship titles will go to the winner.
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all right, this was the coolest day of the week as expected. and now as expected we're going to be seeing a significant warm-up over the weekend. and that's going to lead us to beautiful weather for the sunday race the blood street run. great conditions for that. and 80s next week. 80 degrees plus, multiple days some people might think it's too warm for this time of the year. not yet they're not thinking that. but you might be thinking that by the middle of next week. they've got cloudy skies across a good bit of the area. 61 degrees, the wind continues to be out of the east. but it's dying down it's only 59 in redding, that is as warm as it's been all day there. 59 in mt. holly and low 60s in other parts of the area. but it's cooler sight right at the shore. coming off the cool ocean.
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it's 52 in beach haven, 49 in avalon and 48 in lewis, delaware. that is cold for may 1st in the afternoon. and you see that onshore wind. but it's already dying down inland. just a few miles an hour. and so that is going to be the trend over the weekend. much less wind than what we've been seeing lately. by 8:00 a.m. practically no winds at all. and not much all the way through the race. temperatures getting into the mid-60s with a lot of sunshine and fairly low humidity. now, a lot of clouds around, but very little in the way of rain. we had showers earlier in burkes county. and that's about it. the main rain still south of delaware with that nor'easter developing and staying down well south of us. well, the east wind continues for a while, but it really is going to diminish as we go through the night tonight and by tomorrow morning we have a little bit of a northwest wind.
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so that's the end of that stuff. so we got a chance to warm up. plus, we've got more sunshine. so 70 degrees won't be so difficult. during the day. and as a matter of fact, this particular computer model has us getting above 70 degrees with one or two little showers popping up perhaps, during the afternoon, most of us not get rained on. and then on sunday here we are 9:00 a.m., hardly a cloud in the sky. and so that is looking pretty nice. but look at those temperatures getting into the upper 70s on sunday afternoon. tonight, partly cloudy 48 for the low in philadelphia, 43 north and west. tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds more sunshine than today. high temperatures in the low 70s. that's significantly warmer than today. and 7-day forecast, warmer than that on sunday with all that sunshine and, again, light winds the whole weekend. and then it gets summer-like. 82 degrees on monday, 80 with
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some thunderstorms possible tuesday and into wednesday. and then it rebounds back to 80 at the end of the week. many of us have desk jobs and because of the phone and the computer we spend hours every day just sitting. and we've been telling you how sitting can increase the risk of early death. health experts say you can do something minutes a day to offset that danger. and if you worry about your kids and outdoor fun, listen up. you have to hear why experts say it's more dangerous to go down the side together with them.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change
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that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. it's older americans month. the united way of greater philadelphia in southern new jersey put together hundreds of care packages at mercy fitzgerald campus volunteers sorted and packed bags for seniors in need. the program called aging at home. connect seniors with resources to support their ability to live at home. all right. listen to this. walking two extra minutes each hour could offset the hazards of sitting too long. several studies have linked sitting to earlier death and other health conditions. but researchers found the quick stroll can lower the risk of dying prematurely. low intensity activities did not provide the same benefit. you may have used them while washing your face or brushing
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your teeth. microbeads are plastic particles used in abrasive products. today in washington a house committee discussed legislation that could ban the product by 2018. the problem, the tiny particles are too small to be processed by water treatment plants. >> some nonbiodegradable plastic microbeads getting into the waterways and causing environmental problems and ultimately cause health problems. >> new jersey is 1 of 5 states that passed its own legislation banning the products. >> well, working as a gas station attendant could be dangerous. >> and tonight, we have video proof showing you why. videotapes show armed gunmen robbing this bucks county attendant and forcing him to the floor. he's now in hiding. they stole cash but took something else much more valuable. and if you think going outside's the only way to train for the blue cross broad street
5:27 pm
run -- i take you along for one of the uphill workouts. plus we are learning more about the six baltimore police officers now charged with freddie gray's death. one of them hails from south jersey. who he is still ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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now at 5:30 armed gunmen rob a bucks county gas station not once but twice. and each time, the same victim is at the register. he's now in hiding afraid for his life. >> and the gunman made off with more than cash. they took something that's priceless, especially these days. nbc 10's deanna durante is live to explain. deanna? >> reporter: yeah, i spoke with that victim. he says he's had to change his whole way of life. and although the thieves took a lot of cash from that gas station, they also stole his cell phone, his lifeline to his wife and family who are in nepal. >> the video was shocking a gas station worker is taken by surprise. he's pushed to the ground and held at gunpoint as a masked gunman steals whatever he can stuff into his pockets. this is the second time this week the man has been robbed. these images are from a security footage on monday. and they show the same man being led into the station by a man who is masked and armed with a gun. >> there's indications that it's either the same guy or they knew each other.
5:31 pm
because by his account, they look different, but said the same thing. >> so you're out of the hospital and okay though? >> the victim has left the state for work. he was briefly hospitalized after being beaten in wednesday's attack. but says more than anything he just wants his iphone back. it had the only photographs of his wife that he has. his wife is missing after an earthquake rocked nepal. >> we would like to get this phone back to the guy because of the situation with his wife. >> reporter: police say the thief may have tried to cover his tracks but managed to leave behind evidence. and they are working to track that phone and hope at least they'll be able to return that to the victim. who is afraid for his own life and fears for the lives of his family. >> again, that phone very important here. police are hoping that the video you saw is the biggest piece of evidence that maybe since the guy's face is covered, you may recognize the coat he was wearing or the way he moved, and you will call them and at least tell them where they can find that cell phone. reporting live in bristol township, nbc 10 news.
5:32 pm
and in the meantime nepal is calling on the international community for more aid. government officials are requesting money along with grain, salt and sugar. this comes as the country's death toll rose to more than 6,200 people today. rescue teams continue to search the rubble for survivors. the morgues are already full. new information tonight about federal safety regulations for trains carrying crude oil. the new rules unveiled today on a response to fiery train crashes. in the united states and canada. today, federal transportation officials said thousands of older tank cars must be phased out. in their place, new tankers with thick outer shells and they are man thermal linings to keep them from rupturing. the new regulations could go into effect october 1st. and a lot of these tankers come through philadelphia every
5:33 pm
day. and there were no leaks and no one was hurt. take a live look outside right now. warm and sunny spring day out there today, we stayed in the low 60s under cloud cover. things were about to change. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to explain, it's getting warmer, glenn. >> it will be. it's going to be warmer sunday than it will be saturday. and saturday's warmer than today. and one of the places is going to get warmer, the pocono mountains. we've got a few peeks of sunshine there, saw a few peeks at the shore, which is only in the low 50s over the last couple of days with that wind coming in off the ocean. we're seeing more and more dry spots in this satellite picture, which is a sign of things to
5:34 pm
come. the atmosphere drying out a bit. not seeing anything on the radar right now. saw a couple of showers earlier north and west. we see temperatures in the upper 50s to the low 60s. they're fairly uniform across the area. and much cooler, though, right at the shore where it's in the 40s. and across the philadelphia area, we're going to be seeing a lot of clouds to start off with but they're going to be breaking up through the evening. temperatures down into the mid-50s. we'll see just how warm we get this weekend. and even warmer next week. >> all right, thank you very much. new york city still no verdict in the etan patz murder case. and once again jurors wanted to listen to some of the closing arguments. he's accused of killing this 6-year-old boy back in 1979. prosecutors say he confessed a few years ago, but hernandez' lawyers argued someone else did it claiming he's mentally ill.
5:35 pm
he was 6 years old at the time of the disappearance, became one of the first missing children featured on milk cartons. if hernandez is convicted, he faces life in prison. but on wednesday, jurors sent a note to the judge saying they were unable to reacho]n unanimous decision. jury deliberations will resume monday. michaelnutter wrapped up the second annual cities united conference in center city. mayors and civic leaders from across the country spent the last three days in philadelphia to take action. the goal was to develop a plan to reduce violence plaguing african-american men and boys across the nation. >> we intend, it is our focus, it is our national, verbal commitment to reduce violence by 50% in our respective cities by 2020. >> to do that mayor nutter says the group will work on reform in each city. next year's conference will be in birmingham, alabama.
5:36 pm
>> from our jersey shore bureau need a job, well you could be in luck. many businesses are scrambling to find help as the season quickly approaches. help wanted signs up along the coast. the company hires about 1600 seasonal employees each year. and with just three weeks to go before memorial day weekend, they're looking to fill about 500 positions. >> it is seasonal but a good six months. if there's folks out there unemployed that want to pick up a summer job, we'd be happy to have them here. >> pierre: tomorrow afternoon, seaside heights, 21 area businesses will interview potential employees at a job altogether, about 400 openings. that job fair will be at webster avenue and the boardwalk from noon until 3:00. the world, the nation and the city of philadelphia are much different places today than they were 50 years ago. and today, the city marks five decades since freedom fighters decided to force change at a now
5:37 pm
iconic institution. ahead, how this civil rights march at a college came back to life. and forget the street one race team does all of the working out indoors. ahead, how blue cross's team never leaves the building as they prepare for this weekend's marathon.
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5:39 pm
welcome back. vince lattanzio with this exclusive story. do you remember mike rossi, he got this letter from abington school district after taking the kids on vacation to see them run in the boston marathon. the absence wasn't excused. so angry, he posted the letter online and it went viral. but now the son of the principal who signed the letter is speaking out. after his mother began getting harassed. tap on the nbc 10 app to hear the take on the whole controversy why he actually agrees with rossi.
5:40 pm
available on the nbc 10 app and nbc >> thank you very much. the blue cross broad street run is this sunday. and trust me the nbc 10 team including vince and i, we've been training hard to get ready. but while most hit a treadmill or pavement one running team never leaving their building. meet the blue cross blue streak. wait until you hear about their uphill workout routine. well after spending today in the 60s it's about to feel a whole lot warmer out here and it starts this weekend. see how high temperatures will go in the first alert 7-day forecast. plus the rest of the season suspended. all new at 6:00, why st. joe's softball team will be sitting the sidelines for the remainder of the year.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
here's some of the stories
5:43 pm
making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:00. philadelphia police have called in the fbi to search for two missing trucks. one a u-haul van with arizona plates that was fraudulently rented and never returned. a second larger penske box truck with indiana plates was stolen. authorities have released a surveillance photo of a man they're looking for. they say there's no evidence to say the missing trucks are connected or anything is terrorism related. new legal fallout from the jersey jam bridge scandal, david wildstein pleaded guilty in federal court in north jersey. a former chief of staff to the governor and a top port authority official were indicted today. baltimore's top prosecutor filed charges against the officers involved in freddie gray's arrest. one officer faces a second-degree murder charge, the others face manslaughter or assault charges. gray died from a spinal injury suffered while in police custody.
5:44 pm
and as those police officers in baltimore are prosecuted the justice department is taking action. the agency announced $20 million in grants to get police body cameras on officers nationwide. the officers charged in gray's death weren't wearing body cameras at the time. instead, this was caught on cell phone video. they hope the use will help improve community relations. >> about the way our law enforcement officers interact with the residents we are charged to serve and to protect. >> the aclu says it supports using these cameras as long as police didn't record video constantly or violate privacy. baltimore's mayor plans to launch a body camera pilot program. police departments in our areas are using cameras already. that includes new jersey police departments. dublin borough police and richland police are using the
5:45 pm
equipment. camden county police are testing body cameras. so is philadelphia's 22nd district. last december, we told you about more than two dozen officers in north philadelphia testing six different models and brands to see what works best. it was all part of a six-month pilot program. >> when you train for a 10-mile race, you can run just about anywhere. trails tracks treadmills. >> i've tried them all. you can also run in the street or even up the stairs and that's what dozens of people do every week inside the independence blue cross building. meet the blue streaks. i join them. >> more than 600 feet tall, 45 stories high nearly two football fields stacked on top of each other. inside blue cross headquarters, some take the elevators while the blue streaks take the stairs. >> it's a total body workout. you're working your quads and your calves and your hamstrings. >> 56-year-old head of security joseph lynch runs them every wednesday with about 30 or 40
5:46 pm
other employees as they prepare for the blue cross broad street run. i joined them donning a fashionable go pro on my head all in the name of good tv. his advice for me. >> take your time, you know, challenge yourself, but don't we don't want you to get hurt. >> no promises. minutes later -- >> let's do it! >> let's go! >> we're off. i'm right behind joe to start, winding the stairwells counting the floors. he says it's aerobic and at this point, i believe him. >> how you guys doing? >> good. >> reporter: floor after floor, minutes later, rounding the 19th -- >> brutal. >> reporter: and continuing on with 20 other employees from nearly every department. meanwhile, my photographer takes the elevator. so let's fast forward all the way to the top. >> tired. >> half way there. now for the descent, the blue streaks actually have about 160 members and counting.
5:47 pm
they can all do this at their own pace. >> take one step at a time and see what your body will carry you from there. >> more than 1,000 steps later -- finally the end. together as a team feeling like a blue cross, blue streak, we finish. >> there's one common thread. everyone has a goal to get that work in daily. >> joe is in such good shape. competing with him on those steps, impossible. >> you killed it though. 40 flights? >> that's very nice of you. we'll be wearing the gopro on my chest this time for the broad street run. you can see how much i'm struggling through the 10 miles. i think we got it though. >> you might blow everyone out of the water. >> who knows. >> nbc 10 is excited to partner with independence blue cross. and philadelphia parks and recreation to broadcast the race from start to finish for the
5:48 pm
first time. before the race watch our live race special tonight at 7:00 p.m., it's called ready, set run. and preparing for the blue cross broad street run. then watch the entire race life here on nbc 10 and on our sister station, telemundo 62, our live coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. i don't know about you, but i'm tired just watching them run up those steps. i can't believe. i think i'm doing great if i can go up three flights of steps. all right. we've got a weekend warm-up. it's cool today, the coolest day we're going to see in quite a while. and super weather for that race on sunday. doesn't really get any better. and then temperatures 80 plus next week. that's a little warm for runners, at least most runners. and a lot of clouds still around, but some peeks of sunshine, at least the wind is not blowing very much.
5:49 pm
it's only 7 miles an hour, 61 cloudy degrees in philadelphia international right now. the one problem we have this weekend is with the pollen. we haven't had much rain in a while. and so the pollen builds up. and saturday is going to be higher than today. sunday is going to be higher than saturday. so that's the one issue over the weekend. going to take some extra medicine, perhaps, if you need it. 63 in allentown, it's only 59 in redding. and it hasn't gotten any warmer than that during the day today. 61 in philly 61 in wilmington 59 in mt. holly and wrightstown, and of course much colder at the beaches. 49 in avalon 49 in lewis, delaware. it's going to be warmer than that, 8:00 in the morning on sunday in philadelphia. but hardly any wind. lots of sunshine got up to 65 degrees by 10:00 a.m. perfect conditions there. you can see on this satellite picture, lots of clouds around, couple of peeks. of clearing. but way more clouds than sun.
5:50 pm
that's for sure. during the day today. and the radar, well, couple of showers kind of west of the poconos, but nothing really in our area. you have to go down south of delaware, see some of that rain from the nor'easter that's been hanging down south and staying down south. not much in the way of any rain in the area overnight tonight, during the day tomorrow, could be couple of little isolated, tiny showers coming through that means if you get hit by one, unlucky enough to get hit by one, last 5, 10 minutes then it's gone. so we've had a lot worse than that. and then sunday, i don't expect to see even that amount of showers in the area. partly cloudy tonight, 48 for a low in philadelphia, 43 north and west. and during the day tomorrow. more sun than clouds. a lot more sun than today. highs in the low 70s. and the 7-day forecast, there's that picture perfect warm day on
5:51 pm
sunday, then gets even warmer monday. the humidity increases, chance of a thunderstorm on tuesday as a front approaches. but it doesn't really drive through here. and so it's looking pretty warm all week next week. >> like the sound of that. thank you very much glenn. this might surprise you to hear. parents, as you take your kids to the park this weekend, what's safer? letting them go down the slide alone or having them sit on your lap. well doctors say parents should never go down a slide with a child. the reason, the child's legs can get trapped underneath the parent and lead to broken bones. a study found 20% of tibia breaks happen going down on a slide on a parents' lap. it's the safer thing for the parent to wait at the bottom of the stairs, at the bottom of the slide, i should say for the child to come down there so they could catch them. >> a lot of people don't know that. >> that's right. the civil rights movement had strong roots in the philadelphia area. >> and freedom fighters looked back at their fight today. >> next how this march at
5:52 pm
gerard college helped to change the school and how the city looked at race relations 50 years later.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
woke up this morning -- >> history came to life today in north philadelphia. rallies were held at gerard
5:55 pm
college marking 60 years since a pivotal civil rights rally helped the change in school forever. >> harry hairston reports. >> reporter: today, dozens reenacted that 1965 march to desegregate gerard college. the images captured in these photos, the memory still clear in the minds of those who protested that demonstration against inequality. he tried to escape police violence by scrambling under a police vehicle. >> that's when they pulled me out from under the truck and knocked me out. >> the philadelphia freedom fighters again today -- could not attend much less stand at the steps. the school originally opened to educate poor white males, but this time, there would be no police clashes. instead, the voice of the college's black president.
5:56 pm
>> cecil b. moore, you started something that not only gained national attention but had long standing consequences in philadelphia and in our nation. >> today's event comes one day after a march for equality and justice in the streets of center city. a demonstration tainted by clashes with police. a demonstration like many mayor michael nutter says has made a difference. >> and yes, we have made progress. but we cannot get leery. we cannot get tired. we still have more work to do. >> mayor nutter spoke of his support to those seeking justice in baltimore. words came just hours before prosecutors announced they are filing charges against those police officers allegedly involved in the death of freddie gray. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. coming up and all new at 6:00, a local connection to the six baltimore police officers now facing charges for the death of freddie gray.
5:57 pm
one of the officers served a south jersey community for several years. what neighbors have to say about the former local firefighter and the charges he now faces in baltimore. cooler today, but we're in for a warm-up this weekend. i'm tracking the changing temperatures to help you plan ahead. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. plus a fight for a jersey shore family's future. trying to rebuild after sandy. why their new house is still without a home. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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5:59 pm
all new at 6:00 nbc 10 has learned a former south jersey firefighter is one of the six baltimore police officers now facing charges for the death of freddie gray. tonight, all six officers facing charges are in the custody of their own department. >> here's what we've learned about the investigation in baltimore today. freddie gray's death was ruled a homicide. again, all six officers are facing charges, one of them charged with second-degree murder. the top prosecutor said the officers failed to get gray medical help even though he repeatedly asked for it. gray died april 19th from a severe spinal cord injury. the prosecutor said there was no reason for gray's arrest in the first place that it was illegal. today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter spoke about the charges. >> and it is certainly our hope that the people in baltimore and folks across the country see
6:00 pm
this kind of decisive action will see there can be justice in that the system must work its course. >> and, again, we're learning tonight, one of the six baltimore officers served a south jersey community as a firefighter for several years. >> randy gyllenhaal live tonight in washington township new jersey with more on this local connection. randy? >> well we've been talking to his fire chief who tells us edward 29 years old, spent about ten years as a firefighter here at the washington township new jersey fire station. he left here in 2012 to go join the baltimore police force. and on april 12th of this year he was one of the officers involved in the arrest and death of freddie gray that's caused protests around the country. the cell phone video that captures freddie gray's arrest. you can see a bicycle officer in yellow leading him into a transport van. that baltimore cop is one of six now charged in grey's death. identified by neighbors as edward niro a


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