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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> and breaking right now at 11:00, two of the people at the center of the jersey jam bridge scandal are now facing charges in federal court. former port authority director bill barone arrived a short time ago. he's expected to make a public statement following his court proceeding. and bridget kelly also arrived at the courthouse in newark this morning. a judge will arraign barone and kelly on nine federal charges in connection with the lane closures on the george washington bridge in september of 2013. on friday david wildstein pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. they allege that the tree ceo caused the traffic jams as
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payback against a mayor who did not support christie. christie is not implicated in the scheme and said he knew nothing. barone is expected to make a brief statement after he's indictmented and we will bring it to you live. we now know the name of the 19-year-old woman who is charged with attempted murder after police say she threw her baby into a river in allentown. police say johnesha perry pushed her 1-year-old son in a stroller to the middle of the hamilton street bridge yesterday and threw him into the river 52 feet below. she then jumped in herself. witnesses called police. two officers pulled the baby out of the water and performed cpr reviving him. the mother had minor injuries both are in stable condition in the hospital. from our south jersey brother, authorities are trying to identify a body found by children in camden. police say the kids were walking along the delaware river yesterday when they spotted a man's body on the riverbank near adams avenue. authorities hope an autopsy will
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help them determine how the man died. and still happening right now in burlington county crews are still trying to put out a stubborn brush fire. skyforce 10 was over the scene in pemberton township earlier this morning. firefighters have contained this fire to about four acres of land year route 70. officials tell us no buildings are in danger and there were no injuries here. no impact to route 70 traffic either. but conditions are ripe for brush fires just like that one did now. nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to talk about a red flag warning in effect. >> that's right, chris. sometimes when you get dry weather for too many days you build up these danger for fires and a red flag warning issued by the national weather service from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. today for all of the southeastern pennsylvania and just about all of new jersey. what it means is that there is an enhanced fire danger across those areas, doesn't take much
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to create the fire and spread the fire. very dry ground because of 12 straight dry days plus the gusty winds. add to that danger. it can spread any fire more quickly. by this afternoon we've got a southwest wind gusts over 20 miles an hour. as you can see by 8:00 p.m. perhaps even stronger so that's the combination that creates that fire danger. it's already up to 78 degrees in allentown allentown. 76 in philadelphia. again, the dry ground helps that temperature to go up too. 80 degrees atlantic city international. maybe a sea breeze coming in but it's going to take a little while. for today by noon we're close to 80. 3:00 mid-80s. by 6:00 perhaps upper 80s. we're going to be way warmer than we were yesterday. tell you just how warm we're going to get this week and our
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only real chance for rain with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right, glenn. let's go across the pond now to some breaking news from london where, yes, the royal baby has a name in case you haven't heard and a royal title. the duke and duchess of came cambridge have named their daughter charlotte elizabeth diana. she will be known as her royal highness princess charlotte of cambridge. there's a salute to the world's newest princess. royal guns fired at the tower of london. and a second gun salute to the princess took place at london's hyde park. the custom is for gun salutes to be fired for the birth of every prince or princess no matter what place in success they are. yesterday the new princess got a visit from her grandparents. prince charles and camilla spent several hours at kensington palace. kate's mother and pippa also
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stopped by. when prince george was born in 2013, the royal couple took two days to reveal his name so we got this one a little sooner. princess charlotte of cambridge is fourth in line for the throne. police back here in philadelphia are looking for a person who shot and killed a man in philadelphia last night. it happened on stoutton street in kensington around 10:30. police say a bullet hit the man in the arm and passed through to his chest killing him. also in kensington a man's outdoor bathroom break turned violent. police say he was relieving himself in an alleyway near k and vaenango streets. and the fire marshal's office is investigating a vehicle fire in the crescentville section of philadelphia. an suv caught fire around 5:00 this morning on. no word yet on how the fire may have started.
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and no one was hurt in a house fire this morning in north philadelphia. it broke out on the second floor of a vacant house at 5th street and indiana avenue. the cause of this fire is also still under investigation. on to decision 2015 now. the candidates for mayor offielded some questions from their most unpredictable panel yet, elementary students. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in spring garden. jesse, the kids didn't let the candidates off lightly, did they? >> reporter: not at all. kids took it seriously and so did the candidates. the forum took place inside the school district headquarters in spring garden. only a handful of the roughly 80 students who were assembled actually got to ask the questions. nbc 10 anchor renee chenault-fattah served as moderator. democratic hopefuls sat in the front of the room and responded to four questions. the topics covered a wide range. crime and punishment the police abuse of power, the city
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government and finance. fif a fifth grader said solving the problem of homelessness is the most pressing issue for the next mayor. >> people need to be cared for and helped and be put in a shelter and be fed well, stuff like that. >> reporter: as i said a total of four questions. not surprising school funding was high up on the list but what was the first question? the first question the candidates had to ask? we'll have that and you will hear their answers at 11:30. live outside school district headquarters in spring garden jesse gary nbc 10 news. we now know more about the accident involving a military vehicle on the new jersey turnpike. one soldier suffered serious injuries. it happened late friday in hamilton township, mercer county. a military convoy was traveling from ft. drum new york to lakehurst when a nissan collided with a humvee in the convoy. the driver was thrown from a
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vehicle and suffered spinal injuries. no word on his or her condition. two other soldiers had broken bones and head injuries and two people in the nissan had minor injuries. no charges have been filed. new this morning, the supreme court today rejected a challenge to new jersey's ban on gay conversion therapy for patients under 18 years old. conversion therapy is the practice of trying to quote, cure homosexuality through counseling. in the past lower courts have dismissed lawsuits challenging that ban which new jersey governor chris christie signed into law in 2013. those who filed the suit say the ban restricts the free speech of counselors and dock tors. we're following new developments in a deadly shooting outside a controversial event in texas. what officials are now saying about the two men who police shot and killed and why fbi agents are searching a phoenix apartment as part of this investigation. plus surf's up way up in southern california. the effect that high waves and rip currents are having on
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swimmers surfers, and even cruise ships. what happened to spring? feels like summer out there today, and we've gone nearly two weeks without any rain. but that may soon change. i'm tracking the approach of showers and thunderstorms and a little bit of cooler weather on the way. that's just ahead.
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we're learning more right now about the two gunmen who were killed outside an event in texas where artists were drawing pictures and cartoons of the profit muhammad. it happened in garland, just
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northeast of dallas. right now garland police are holding a news conference on the shooting investigation. the public information officer there just told us that they're not releasing the names of the alleged gunmen yet, but he said that they are investigating this ssibility that it could have been terrorist related. nbc's jay gray has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: police say that two men showed up at the curtis culwell center just as the event was supposed to end, jumped out of their car and opened fire shooting unarmed guard bruce joiner in the ankle. >> they drove up got out, and opened fire on the security officer. >> reporter: the garland police officers, including s.w.a.t. team members, had been at what organizers called a free speech event since early morning called in as added security. the show featured art depicting the muslim profit muhammad and included a contest with $10,000 for the best cartoon that
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included muhammad. >> everybody remain calm. >> reporter: officers inside the building locked down the 200 or so people attending the show before moving them to an undisclosed location. area restaurants and businesses were also evacuated. >> we got up there and the cop was frantic. he was like get out, get out now. he was telling -- if you don't get out now, you're getting locked in here. >> reporter: at the scene bomb squad technicians used robots searching the suspect's car for explosives. jay gray nbc news garland. >> and in connection with that police and fbi agents searched the home of one of the gunman. authorities descended on an apartment complex in phoenix early this morning. they won't say what if anything they found there, only that there was no one inside at the time. four people are dead after a gunman opened fire in a small wisconsin town. it happened late last night in the town of menasha, wisconsin. details are still unfolding. i just checked though and they are saying that they believe that this shooting was random,
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that these victims were not targeted, and police say the gunman is among the dead. a fifth person the only survivor, was hurt and is currently in surgery in the hospital. a new york city police officer is in a medically induced coma after being shot in the head over the weekend. the yesterday more than 100 officers packed a courtroom to face the man who's accused of shooting one of their own. daemetrius backwell is said to have shot officer brian moore in the head. they would approached blackwell because they thought he had a gun. that's when he opened fire on them. in baltimore now, a state of emergency remains in effect after last week's unrest. the curfew has been lifted in the city but police say officers will continue to deploy to quote, areas of concern. the department will also continue to monitor protest activity. last week's riots and looting followed outrage over the death of freddie gray who died from injuries he suffered in police custody. six baltimore officers face charges in that case.
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five family members of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are asking a jury to spare his life. his cousin at theed this morning that she traveled from russia to testify because she loves him very much saying he was kind and warm as a child. the defense continues to make its case in the penalty phase of the trial in which tsarnaev faces either death or a life in prison sentence. the defense claims tsarnaev was manipulated into the bombing plot by his older brother who was killed in a shootout with police. look at this. massive waves are pounding parts of the california coastline. a storm system off of new rip currents there, waves up to 14 feet high and lifeguards are warning people about the dangerous red flag conditions there. and the conditions have also caused the cruise ship carnival "imagination" to change course and divert to san diego. despite the warning, the red flag warnings there, some surfers see these conditions as well, something they like to take part in. happening now in atlantic
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county, hurricane experts are in egg harbor township talking about the upcoming hurricane season. can you believe it's almost time for that again? the crew is made up of workers from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and the u.s. air force. they're on a tour of cities in the u.s. and canada spreading the message that north america may not be spared from a major hurricane this time around. they say the first step in preparing is to find out if you live in an evacuation zone. hurricane season begins june 1st. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it really has been an amazing nine-year stretch without the nights getting hit by a hurricane, and that's perhaps the longest stretch that we've ever seen and it can't last forever. we have a red flag warning. sometimes you get too much dry, sunny weather, you get some problems with it. a very warm start to the week and we're tracking some thunderstorms for tomorrow. got a lot of blue skies around
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here. the winds starting to pick up a little bit but it's not as strong right now as it's going to be later on. the wind only seven miles an hour. the humidity very low. and, of course temperature pretty high. way higher than yesterday and we got up to 81 yesterday. there's the red flag warning from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. for much of the area for that increased fire danger and that, of course, is partly going to depend on the wind, the wind direction out of the southwest, and right now the speed is not very much at all. less than ten miles an hour and for the true fire danger it would probably have to be more than 20. so we're not there yet. it's 78 in reading and mt. holly and dover and allentown even at this hour. the average high is 70. so we've gone from like winter to summer and whatever happened to spring? we got lots of dry air along the east coast. again, we need some rain. also to push some of the pollen out of the air, and there is our
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chance. some showers, maybe thunderstorms along a cold front that's going to be approaching over the next 24 hours. we have that southwest wind ahead of it with very warm air. the front by 11:00 tonight, no showers close by. even by tomorrow morning, pt front is approaching, maybe some clouds but it's still on the warm side. maybe we're talking about some showers during the afternoon and into the evening tomorrow. we're not talking about widespread activity not everybody is going to get wet, but that is about our shot for the week. could be like a lingering shower early wednesday morning, but that moisture goes back down to the south and then eventually the warm air just comes right back at us. so unseasonably warm today and tomorrow, but as we go into wednesday, we get some relief from the very warm air, if you want that. but that's only going to last
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for a day. high temperatures into the upper 80s today. i wouldn't be surprised if some place touches 90. that's a record by the way. southwest wind 10 to 20 miles an hour. and the seven-day forecast mid-80s tomorrow with that chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, and then we're cooler on wednesday. a bit of a wind off the ocean and we start warming up again. thursday should be pretty nice and then it gets really warm for friday saturday sunday. it is an overall very warm pattern. >> on a day like today if you're going to be out in the sun for very long, you have to make sure you put on the sunscreen, but chances are even if you are putting it on you're probably neglecting one important part. on this melanoma monday the number one area that doctors say people overlook when it comes to slathering on the spf. and later, improving the relationship between police and the communities they serve. a new effort that starts today in philadelphia that uses
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basketball to strengthen ties.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> all right. did you know it's melanoma monday? the american academy of dermatology is dough voteevoting today to raising awareness of skin cancer. and one area of the body that's especially vulnerable is a part we have trouble seeing.
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>> reporter: with the return of beach weather comes some creative stretching as we attempt to put sunscreen on our backs. it's virtually impossible without help. experts say the back is the most common site for melanoma. the most dangerous form of skin cancer. >> often times patients go undiagnosed for prolonged periods because they're unaware something is growing on areas that they can't see. >> reporter: dr. ali hendi representing the american academy of dermatology which is highlighting the problem with this online video. in a survey of more than 1,000 people the academy found more than a third rarely or never even try to get sunscreen on their backs and only about a third ask others to check their backs for possible signs of skin cancer. >> the public should designate a loved one to look at their back to help prevent2 advanced melanomas from being diagnosed too late. >> reporter: the latest advice from dermatologists use a sunscreen with an spf of at least 30 every day. reapplying every two hours if you're out in weather like this.
11:24 am
and ladies while spf in makeup is helpful, the experts say it does not replace a thick even slather of sunscreen for the face. >> even if you use a lot of powder, your powder will probably not end up being that thick on your skin so it will not be sufficient alone as sun protection. >> reporter: hats and sun protective clothing are also good ways to say sun safe as summer approaches. erica edwards, nbc news. some children with adhd may be prone to an eating disorder that is similar to binge eating according to researchers at john hopkins university. they found kids with adhd were 12 times more likely to have that eating disorder which can lead to excess weight gain. well we continue to follow some breaking developments now in the jersey jam bridge scandal. we'll tell you what happening inside a federal courtroom right now involving two former political allies of new jersey governor chris christie.
11:25 am
jesse gary live in spring garden. five of six democratic hopefuls for the next mayor of philadelphia peppered by questions from school children. we'll hear that story coming up next.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> and we continue to follow breaking news right now in newark, new jersey where two of the people at the center of the jersey jam bridge scandal are in federal court right now facing charges, including this man, former port authority official bill baroni. he arrived at the courthouse earlier here and then bridget kelly, governor chris christie's former deputy chief of staff also arriving earlier this morning at the courthouse. she did not speak to reporters. a judge will arraign baroni and kelly on fine federal charges stemming from the jersey jam scandal. they have both said they're not guilty of anything. on friday former port authority official david wildstein pleaded
11:29 am
gilley guilty to two counts of skon conspiracy. it's said they caused a traffic jam as payback against a mayor who did not support chris christie. now a live look at the federal courthouse in newark. you see the podium set up with microphones. that's because baroni himself is expected to make a brief statement after he is indicted inside the courtroom and when that happens, we will bring it to you live. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> break out the shorts again today. we are in for the warmest day we've seen since mid-october. believe that or not. temperatures expected to climb well into the 80s today as we take a live look at boathouse row on the schuylkill river. and conditions like that are leading to things like this. a brush fire in burlington county. skyforce 10 over the scene of that in pemberton township
11:30 am
earlier this morning. crews are actually battling several brush fire there is in a four acre area. they say they have it contained. no buildings or no people are in danger at this time. but nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, you were telling us earlier that a red flag warning is in effect because of the dry weather we've had, right? >> and that includes pretty much the entire state of new jersey as well as eastern pennsylvania and the conditions that you need, not only the dry ground it's been 12 days straight without any measurable rain but you also need the wind. that helps spread the fire very quickly. but the enhanced fire danger 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. according to the national weather service, the red flag warning. we have that very dry ground and gusty winds developing. we do not have the gusty winds yet. but we certainly have the dry ground. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s already and already 80 degrees atlantic city international. so it is very warm and the warm air drys out the ground even
11:31 am
more but the wind is less than ten miles an hour in much of the area so we'll watch that wind this afternoon. temperatures getting into not only the mid-80s but upper 80s in parts of the area. wouldn't be surprised to see a 90 on the map later this afternoon, but no rain today. we'll see about the rain threat for tomorrow with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> well international aid continues to pour into nepal more than a week after that devastating earthquake hit that country. india has sent artificial limbs for quik survivors who lost arms and legs. a thai aircraft today brought in five tons of relief supplies including tents, sleeping bags clothes, and medicine. more than 7,000 people died in that 7.8 magnitude quake. and this comes as the u.n. has been pressing officials in nepal to make it easier to get aid into the earthquake stricken country. the main airport runway in nepal is still closed and that's causing a lot of problems for crews trying to deliver aid to the victims there. some aid groups are also
11:32 am
complaining that the nepali government wanted to tax their supplies like ordinary goods. new video this morning is surfacing showing women and children apparently escaping from bowko haram militants. this video is said to show the terrorists fleeing. the footage also seems to show women and children running out of huts where they have been held captive by boko haram. secretary of state jon kerry has honored the victims of the bombing attack in kenya. he offered condolences to the family and friends of those killed at a kenyan university last month. that's when militants killed 148 people, most of those students. secretary kerry will be traveling to saudi arabia later this week. now on to the race for mayor in philadelphia decision 2015.
11:33 am
they're not old enough to vote, but the race for philadelphia's mayor will still affect them and this morning city students are getting their chance to ask some pretty tough questions to the candidates there. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside philadelphia school district headquarters in spring garden with a special candidate forum took place earlier. >> reporter: and some very insightful questions from about 80 fourth and fifth graders inside district headquarters. a lot of questions they asked off camera would also make you range your eyebrows. they range from police brutality to fixing and shoring up the city's budget. but at the forefront, why do you want to be mayor? here is how the hopefuls answered. >> real true happiness in life is assisting others and i think as mayor i have the best opportunity to help as many people like you. >> when you come home from college i want to make sure you have a job or a career you can enjoy in philadelphia so that's why i'm running for mayor.
11:34 am
>> i wanted to be different. i encourage you to want to be different, too, and to think different sometimes means plowing a field that no one else has been before. >> i will fight as hard as i can to make sure that i can provide a great education system wherever you are. >> i'm rubbing for mayor because i recognize i have to create an environment where you can be whatever it is you choose to be. >> the six candidates here -- melton street was invited but did not show up. there will be more forums in front of voting age people coming up as we move closer to the may 19th primary. live in spring garden, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> on to decision 2015 now where you can add two more candidates to the 2016 presidential race. ben carson announced this morning that he's running for the republican nomination. he made that official in his hometown of detroit. carson is the first
11:35 am
african-american to enter the growing gop field. and former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina announced she's running for the gop nod. it makes her the first woman to join the gop race. she lost a bid for a u.s. senate seat in california in 2010. so far there are three other republicans officially in the race. they are senator ted cruz of texas, senator rand paul of kentucky and senator marco rubio of florida. the democratic side there are two declared candidates so far. former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders of vermont. and president obama right now is on his way to a new york city college to talk about a new nonprofit organization focused on helping young men. a short time ago the president departed from andrews air force base on his way to the big apple. he is set to arrive at jfk at the top of the hour around noon. president obama will introduce the my brother's keeper alliance in the bronx. that program is designed to help young men stay in school and out of trouble.
11:36 am
in one of the largest all-female colleges in the country will now allow transgender students to apply for transmission. smyth college in massachusetts previously required all applicants to have consistently identified as being female since birth. now people who were born male but self identify as female will be allowed. the board of trustees voted saturday to change the admissions policy after studying the issue for a year. >> i think it's really exciting and we've been waiting for it for a really long time and smyth is finally taking steps to move forward. so, yeah i'm really excited about it. >> smyth will not admit students who were more than female but identify as male. other women's colleges have made similar changes. the new policy takes effect this fall. well a waitress at a kansas barbecue joint had a chance to serve that state's governor, and she took the opportunity to send a political message. back in march governor sam brownback signed changes to the funding of public education in
11:37 am
kansas. since then several schools around the state have made drastic cuts to their education programs. so when the governor came in to boss hawg's barbecue in topeka waitress chloe hue decided to maybe a statement. she crossed out the tip line and write tip the schools. >> i think education is a foundation for a better country, a more progressive society. >> and huff said she received thank you messages from teachers and administrators across the 10%. happening today -- we're going to look at this. passing along hope to those who desperately need it. the partnership involving the philadelphia eagles that will help victims of domestic violence. glenn? seems like we've skipped right over spring. very warm outside today, and another day without rain. but that's going to change. i'm tracking the approach of showers and storms and a little bit of cooler weather on the way just ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> today a game for peace. philadelphia law enforcement is taking to the basketball court trying to start a conversation with young people in the community. nbc 10's matt delucia reports this happening at a time when the whole nation is talking about the relationship between police and the community. >> reporter: given what's been
11:41 am
457 happening in the country lately and what we've seen the officers around here know they have to do something. >> if they beat us they beat us. >> reporter: friendly competition on the hardwood. police hope that will be the start of a conversation to boost or in some cases repair the relationship between law enforcement and the community they serve. >> right now things are tense all over the country, and this event is a great way to kind of put people at ease and let people know that yes, the police are friendly. >> it's just outstanding. >> marshall freeman with the philadelphia human relations commission said recent events like those in ferguson and baltimore are still top of mind. >> this is going to be a real opportunity to certify the concerns of people who are directly affected by this whole
11:42 am
national discussion. >> reporter: but between the passing and jump shots tonight, the conversation won't be about those high-profeel cases. >> doesn't start with an accusation. it doesn't start with a hot button issue. it starts with what like is life here on a normal everyday thing. you get an opportunity to not talk to a person generally but to a person specifically. >> reporter: hoping the conversation doesn't end when the game does. >> just basic human nature. we tend to be more open with people we're comfortable with. >> reporter: they say it's important to start that conversation and it starts at 5:30 tonight at the james wright recreation center at 34th street. it's free and open to the public. in west philadelphia i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. all right. a new study show that is one in three americans have never checked their credit report. can you believe that? you may be one of them. according to bank that
11:43 am
includes 44% of seniors and 41% of millennials. experts say you need to check that credit report at least three times a year to protect against identity theft, and remember, you can get a free credit check so there's no reason not to do it. the nation's largest milk producer is hoping to convince people that milk it's not just for breakfast. dean foods is launching a national tv and print ad campaign today. the company tells cnbc it's pouring all ever its resources into creating a single national brand called dairy pure. u.s. retail milk prices are down 5% this year to a little more than $3.60 a gallon. i'm still exhausted from yesterday and i didn't even run the race. a lot of people did though. cars buses, and commuters have returned to broad street this morning one day after the road was taken over by 40,000 runners for the blue cross broad street run. >> runners set. >> and they were off. lots of them. the race began shortly after
11:44 am
8:00 in north philadelphia yesterday more than went straight down broad, made the turn around city hall and down to the navy yard. the runners said nothing compares to running in the blue cross broad street run. >> just packed and great crowds and cheering us on and adrenaline. it's a really wonderful day. >> and how about this? 29-year-old highly mangasha won the race finishing in 47 minutes. the top woman finisher 53 minutes. both are from ethiopia. they received a $3,000 prize. a little negative news that two runners apparently suffered heart attacks, one at the course and one at the finish line. both were resuscitated. and we are very proud to say that our team nbc 10 running team four people that represented us in that they all crossed the finish line in the run. look at their times. nbc 10's george spencer was a gazelle. look at that. followed by keith jones at an
11:45 am
hour 31. rosemary connors finished under two hours and vince lattanzio made it in just over two hours. congratulations to all four of those guys. they are certainly better than i am and congratulations to everyone who finished the race and we're not done with the coverage. you can get more sights and sounds from the blue cross broad street run on the nbc 10 app and you can look at videos from up and down the ten-mile course. we also posted some of your tweets and photos from along broad street. you can meet the runners and hear what they had to say after crossing the finish line. no more it's just a woman's issue. >> not in this family. >> not on this team. >> no more we don't talk about that. >> mo more -- >> you have seen these ads. this is the no more campaign featuring nfl stars speaking out against domestic violence. that includes eagles long snapper who lost his mother to domestic violence. he's played a big role in the campaign to help victims of domestic campaign. we'll talk about that now because that campaign wraps up
11:46 am
with a big event tomorrow that we want you to be aware of so joining us is julie hershey director of community relations from the philadelphia eagles and she's here with sheldon jones who is with verizon wireless. thank you for being here. let's start with julie. the nfl, let's face it big black eye last year given the ray rice situation and other high-profile domestic violence cases. the nfl has been working really hard to address those issues. what have the eagles done specifically? >> the eagles have been working with verizon wireless actually for ten years. >> long before ray rice came along. >> long standing partnership. sheldon and i have been working together on this for years where we've done everything from collect phones to be redistributed to families that could use them and then the parts are also sold raising money for the issue as well. so it's been something we've been doing for years. we're really really proud of it and just this campaign is the next step in that process. >> these are cell phones old cell phones that people have
11:47 am
donated. maybe they trade in and upgrade their plan and trade in for a new phone. these are phones people have donated through verizon that this campaign is turning around and giving to domestic violence victims. >> yes. for years we used to do the collection at the stadium but now it's so much more widespread. you can go to any verizon wireless store and drop off your cell phone and everybody has done their spring cleaning gone through their house and what do you find? cell phones everywhere. old pieces. if you bring them to any one of the verizon wireless stores drop them in one of the bins they can go to be useful to something else. >> the reality of this is that all of these phones the ones that are working, can make a 911 call and let's face it that's first step sadly often in getting had ep to these sheldon, tell us about verizon's effort in this. you have been doing this for a long time. what have you heard from people in the community who have benefited from these phones?
11:48 am
>> first of all i want to thank julie for her partnership. the eagles and other partners we have had have helped us raise awareness of this issue. we hear messages positive messages about the impact this program has had on lives of folks who have been the victims of domestic abuse. i think when i look at it and i look back over the 15 years or so almost two decades we have been doing this program, part of the value of it is that we started it as a program that was helping victims of abuse. now it's transformed into a program that's helping empower victims of abuse so they use our technology not only to escape an abusive situation or to have emergency contact but they can use it as a utility phone for employment job seeking. so i think what we're looking at now is we're in a rebuilding phase where ear empowering these people. >> it's an avenue to gain help in all areas of people's lives and it's made a lot of
11:49 am
difference and we know a lot of people appreciate what verizon and the philadelphia eagles have done. their campaign wraps up with an event tomorrow. it's a big event. let's tell people about it. pass along hope is at the new verizon wireless smart store in springfield, delaware county. it's a new store. >> it is a great new store. we have several in the area. it is a concept where we really bring wireless technology to our customers in a fun and interactive way. so folks who come out tomorrow in our springfield store location springfield shopping center, they're able to play with some very cool wireless devices but at the same time they'll be able to certainly lend their awareness and support for a very important cause. so we would invite everyone to come out and join us and help us close this out. >> and bring your used phones. >> bring the no longer needed cell phones. >> even if it's broken they can sell the parts. that goes to benefit this program. tomorrow 3:30 731 west sprawl road in springfield. for more information go to
11:50 am or click on the nbc 10 app. julie and sheldon both have it on their phones and use it all the time. thanks for being here this morning. have a great morning. >> thank you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> in our weather app this afternoon it's going to be showing temperatures going up and up and up getting close to the 90 degree mark in some areas. but when you get too much warmth it drys out the ground plus we haven't had any measurable rain in 12 straight days. we've got a fire threat, red flag warning issued by the national weather service to highlight that. very warm start to the week and we are tracking the possibility of some thunderstorms and, of course, we need some of this rain. it's totally blue out there now. 76 degrees already. the average high is 70 so remember we were really cold a week or so ago? in the 50s? now we're going to get well into
11:51 am
the 80s. only seven-mile-an-hour wind though and the wind picks up this afternoon and that will increase the fire threat and also blow some of this pollen around. very high today, not quite as high tomorrow, and then we drop down on wednesday because a front is coming down maybe some rain that will help wash some of the pollen out of the air. then it starts going back up on thursday and it will probably be high for friday and next weekend as well. the wind is coming out of the southwest keeping it warm but the speed still not picking up that much and so the fire threat increases as the wind increases because that makes it spread so much more quickly. we're in the mid to upper 70s across the area but it's 80 already atlantic city international. now is it 80 right at the beaches though? well let's find out with that southwest wiped. it's 66 in avalon 68 in beach
11:52 am
haven. the lake city airport is well inland and sometimes not exactly representative of what we're seeing right at the beach. a nice sea breeze yesterday walking on the boardwalk. it was delightful. the red flag warning not so delightful delightful, 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. all of new jersey and eastern pennsylvania for that fire threat. lots of dry air in the east we don't necessarily need. here somscomes come showers. this front will be coming through, but there's still not going to be that much moisture with it as you see. look at this. tomorrow morning there's practically nothing on there. the warm southwest wind. there may be some build up showers, a couple storms during the afternoon and early evening, but not everybody is going to get rain. then the northerly winds come down and it gets cooler it gets a little drier as we go
11:53 am
into wednesday, but this warm front, that's going to knock the temperature right back up and you can see the warm air that gets pushed down on wednesday is right back up there towards the end of the week and next weekend looks warm as well. sunny and very warm, some might call it hot. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. some places could touch 90. and then tomorrow mid-80s. chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. most of the day dry and parts of the area will stay dry, too. it's cooler everywhere on wednesday, and then it starts warming up on thursday. that's really pleasant but here we go into those very warm temperatures for friday and over next weekend and if we don't get the rain tomorrow we don't have big prospects for the rest of the week. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education.
11:55 am
teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
11:56 am
an update on our top story. two normer political allies of chris christie were formally charged this morning in connection with the jersey jam scandal. they arrived at the courthouse this morning. both facing nine charges. we just heard from baroni. he spoke to the media. >> i would never risk my career
11:57 am
my job, my reputation for something like this. >> baroni went on to say he's innocent. we'll see you tonight at 4:00 with much more.
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[speaking italian] kristen dimera. chad, i'm sorry for just showing up like this but after last night i really needed to make sure things were clear between us. i do care about you, and maybe that's sometng that i'm always gonna feel. but when you told me how you felt, i-- chad, can you--can you please just look at me? i'm trying to tell you something. chad, what is wrong? dad.


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