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tv   Today  NBC  May 5, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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how about bill's singing there serenading us. >> nice. good morning. >> lyrics. >> "today" show is next. we'll see you back here in a few for local updates. . good morning. breaking overnight. isis claims responsibility for that shooting in texas at an event featuring controversial cartoons of the prophet muhammad in what would be the first attack by that terror group on u.s. soil. the families of the two gunmen e speaking out. exercise accident. the husband of facebook coo sheryl sandberg died after collapsing on a treadmill. the tributes pouring out over his life including one from president obama. rising threat. torrential downpours in texas. triggering evacuations and floods. al says more rain is on the way.
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and sheer delight. beyonce, kim, j. lo dazzle in daring looks at the annual met gala. one of the most fashion forward nights of the year and we're taking you inside today. tuesday, may 5th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. tamron is here because savannah is jetting her way home from australia. meanwhile, there are red carpets and then there are red carpets. >> and there are dresses that defy gravity. we'll give you a rundown on the dresses that stole the show. >> more on that but now to our
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top story that is breaking news. the look at the attack in texas as the terror group isis claims responsibility overnight. jacob rascon is in garland. jacob, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is a first for the terror group claiming an attack in this country make a claim on their official radio station calling the gunman behind the texas shooting their soldiers and brothers. this as we hear from relatives for the first time saying they struggled to understand how this could happen. it's the first time isis has claimed responsibility for an attack on u.s. soil. the terror group saying on its radio broadcast that the two gunmen killed by police in the attempted attack at the anti-muslim event for soldiered for the caliphate. saying we tell america what is coming will be even bigger and more bitter and that you will see the soldiers of isis do terrible things. monday this video showed pamela
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geller organizer of the contest being interviewed just as the gunman opened fire. >> we've got to stop this right now. >> go go. >> reporter: now the focus of the investigation turns to phoenix. home to the e two roommates killed in the gun battle with police. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: the president of the islamic center phoenix says he attended for years but never thought of him as violent. >> he was not that kind of person that you would think to carry a shotgun and go and try to kill other people. >> reporter: simpson was known to the fbi added to a terror watch list five years ago after talking about plans to move to africa. sufi was not on any list and his grandmother says he's not a terrorist. >> that wasn't something nadir would do. >> reporter: new evidence --
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isis offered no new evidence to support their new claim. one of the gunmen did pledge allegiance to the caliphate on twitter just before the attack but the profile picture on that account was on a former al qaeda leader a rival terror group. all of this no doubt, part of the fbi investigation. matt? >> all right. jacob rascon in garland, texas, covering this for us. thank you. meantime other parts of texas being hit by severe weather. >> that's right. let's show you video out of kansas. heavy flooding. kansas state university having to shut down some classes. kids ready to take finals had to postpone that. also hail. now take a look at this. this is in lubbock, texas. i should say central texas. look at this hail on the ground. i mean it is in some places four inches deep. and that's from some severe thunderstorms that hit. and then in lubbock, texas, they
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had heavy flooding. in fact, some areas picking up 3 inches of rain in an hour. look at the streets turned literally into rivers. and we've got more of that potential again today. here's what's happening. in fact you look at the radar right now, we have not only severe thunderstorms but also flash flood watching stretching just south rotating around the system. this area of severe weather and the risk of severe weather continues today. in fact throughout parts of new mexico all the way into texas, oklahoma 2 million people at risk. flash flooding a big possibility. this goes into tomorrow moving into kansas oklahoma and texas. wind gusts of 75 miles per hour. tornadoes possible. and we've got flash flood watches and warnings from colorado down into texas. because we're talking about anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain. guys this is a long-lasting threat. it's going to go right on into the weekend. and we're also tracking the development of a possible tropical system that's causing
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big problems already for the coast of florida. we'll have that and more coming up in a bit. >> all right, al. thanks very much. hillary clinton is taking her presidential campaign to nevada today. dogged by new questions from political rivals over her family's foundation benghazi and her e-mails as secretary of state. andrea mitchell good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. hillary clinton is going to try to focus on immigration today including a path to citizenship. speaking at a largely hispanic high school. even as her campaign is today launching a new website and social media campaign trying to counteract all those questions about donations to her family foundation. hillary clinton hit this campaign trail today in nevada. the scene of her fierce battle with barack obama when they ran against each other in 2008 leaving democrats here bitterly divided. clinton won the popular vote while obama won a majority of
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delegates. as clinton tries to mend fences here her and her husband are facing a bigger hurdle. the clinton foundation donations. in an interview with cynthia mcfadden, the former president insisted those donations were not influenced and he defended his wife. >> not a single solitary fact has been produced she's done anything wrong. people should live to be as honest as she is. >> reporter: republican candidates are pouncing questioning the clintons' press worthiness. >> bill clinton is saying what hillary clinton has said on many occasions. just trust us. just trust us. and unfortunately, trust is earned through transparency. and i think they have not been particularly transparent on a whole host of things. >> reporter: with the new book "clinton cash" officially released today, analysts say the controversy is not going away. >> it looks really really bad and it's more than i think,
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what bill clinton says. it's not just a perception problem. it's a reality problem. >> reporter: and on another front, clinton's lawyers have told the house investigating benghazi she will appear once to testify about both benghazi and her e-mails. but she will not appear to testify at two separate hearings as the republicans have been demanding. >> all right. thanks very much. so how is this impacting clinton's campaign? our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll says her image is taking a hit. her unfavorable rating now up to 42%. only 25% say she's honest. but she is holding her own against republican rivals and hypothetical matchups.
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president obama just one of the people paying tribute to silicon valley executive dave goldberg. and we have new information on his tragic death. joe fryer is in los angeles. what are you learning? >> reporter: good morning, matt. authorities in new mexico are saying he died while exercising during a vacation in mexico. he was married to sheryl sandberg and will be remembered at a memorial service today in california. dave goldberg and sheryl sandberg were vacationing with family and friends last friday when authorities say he was found on the floor of a gym at a luxury resort outside of puerto vallarta. it's believed goldberg was on a treadmill when he fell and hit the back of his head. eventually discovered by his brother, goldberg died at the hospital from head trauma and a loss of blood. no autopsy was performed in mexico. so it's unclear why 47-year-old goldberg may have fallen. in america the safety commission says injuries related to
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exercise equipment send nearly 460,000 people to the emergency room a year. >> i think that's what the poll results say. it's early. >> reporter: meanwhile, goldberg is being remembered in the tech world as an successful ceo and entrepreneur. >> silicon valley is full of people who want to tout themselves and hype themselves. and david was the antithesis of this. which is why this is huge for the community. >> reporter: overnight president obama posted a facebook message saying david goldberg embodied the definition of a real leader. someone who was always looking for ways to empower others. adding we're heartbroken by him leaving us far too soon but we celebrate a remarkable legacy. mark zuckerberg left a comment, thank you for this beautiful tribute. goldberg leaves behind two children. for his memorial service today, men are reportedly urged not to wear ties because of what they're calling goldberg's
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life-long hatred of the neck wear. matt and tamron? >> thanks very much. seems like such a freak accident. though we were talking before. people fall off treadmills all the time. it appears he lost consciousness and hit his head in a terrible way. >> he was alone. our hearts go out to his family and children. meanwhile, natalie is on assignment. sheinelle is here. you have an emotional scene that played out in new york. >> yes. a new york city police officer died monday nearly two days after he was shot on saturday. fellow officers saluted the ambulance that carried the body of brian mooar from a queens hospital. moore was shot when he and his partner approached a suspect suspected of carrying a gun. mayor bill de blasio called moore one of new york's finest. >> we lost one of the best amongst us. young man who was called to do good for others to serve others who was willing to put his life on the line.
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that is not most people. that is one of the finest amongst us who will do that. >> demetreus blackwell is now charged with first degree murder. a change is coming for the u.s. military. president obama will name joseph dunford as the next chairman of joints chief of staff. dempsey is completing his duty in october. former arkansas governor mike huckabee plans to make an announcement in his hometown of hope arkansas. he won eight states in the 2008 primary. he will join five other candidates in the race for the white house. a chaotic scene in brazil after a championship soccer match. police had to fire stun grenades as fans stormed the field.
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they attacked with sticks and parts of the stage. the brazilian military police said 600 officers were on duty during the game but only 14 were stationed on the field. a garbage can sparked an explosion on the subway tracks. a piece of wood is being used to dislodge the garbage can from the electrified rails. when a deafening boom rings out. but amazingly he is okay. police are investigating. president obama made his eighth and final appearance on the late show monday night as david letterman gets ready to retire. the president told letterman he's given viewers a great gift. and the two joked about what they'll do in retirement. >> what will you do when you're not president? >> well i was thinking you and me we could play some dominos together. >> dominos. all right. and i plan to teach law at columbia.
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>> that's good. that's good. you know i'd be interested to sit in on that class. >> letterman's last show is may 20th. >> coming fast. >> eight appearances. maybe not his last on the late show stephen colbert probably will snag him. >> can you imagine them playing dominos in the park? >> al two for today. what else you have? >> as we look across the rest of the country today, we're looking at the risk of strong storms through texas. showers and thunderstorms moving through the upper midwest. chicago included. there may be some airport delays there. gorgeous day again in the northeast with temperatures into the 80s down into the southeast as well. but a little cooler as you get up into northern new england and the central great lakes. we're going to get to your local forecast com
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ready for another warm day. during the afternoon there's a chance we'll see showers and a possibility of some thunderstorms, too. a break in the heat tomorrow. back to normal for this time of year. 70 degrees for the high. still a chance for a shower but not an all day rainfall. warmup, back in the 80s for thursday. friday, 85. weekend, high temperatures in the upper 80s. have a great day.much. so could the so-called fight of the century between floyd
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mayweather and manny pacquiao now lead to criminal charges? >> what? >> willie is here. this has nothing to do with people feeling like we were robbed because the fight was boring. >> they may feel robbed if they paid 100 bucks and felt like they watched half a fighter in the fight. after the fight pacquiao says a shoulder injury may have stopped him from being his best. now he could face a charge for not revealing that sooner. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the fight of the century. drawing in more than 3 million pay per viewers, mayweather versus pacquiao quickly became the richest fight of all time. nevada athletic commission chairman francisco aguilar says they will look at why a day before the fight pacquiao checked no on a commission questionnaire asking if he'd had a shoulder injury. as a licensee of the commission you want to make sure fighters
7:17 am
are giving you up-to-date information, aguilar said. after a unanimous loss to mayweather pacquiao spoke about his injury. >> it wasn't bothering me, the loss right now. because i fought a good fight. i did my best and i think the people are happy because even though i hurt my shoulder i didn't complain in the ring like that. but, you know it's -- it's part of the game. >> reporter: according to on espn reporter who spoke with well-known orthopedic surgeon, pacquiao will undergo surgery later this week to repair a significant tear in his rotator cuff. the doctor confirming he examined him on monday in los angeles. in a joint statement monday pacquiao and his promoter said the fighter saw a doctor after the injury and it was decided that with short rest treatments and close monitoring manny could train and on may 2nd step into the ring against floyd mayweather.
7:18 am
pacquiao claims they were told about the injury and top rank filed paperwork requesting he be allowed to receive an anti-inflammatory shot and one was approved. commissioner aguilar, however, said the commission was not told of the injury until 6:30 p.m. pacific time on fight night. that's two hours before the fight. pacquiao's surgery date has not been released. and guys tamron is on this one. she said during the piece they're setting us up for the rematch. saying this is not pacquiao at full strength. let's see it again. >> i was reading in one of the papers they've been thinking of that before the match. and after the lackluster performance, there was less interest in that. but we'll see if this rekindles it. >> 100 bucks a pop. coming up a rossen report you need to see even if you have one of those co detecters in your home. are they installed correctly? we'll show you the right places to put them to protect your
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family. plus sophia vergara brakes her silence on her former fiance's fight for her frozen embryos. why she's saying his lawsuit makes no sense. and an inside look at the biggest fashion event of the year. the annual met gala and one that literally shut down the red carpet. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up on "trending," the best thing you'll see all day. jimmy fallon and jack black's remake of the '90s ballad "more than words." >> and jenna bush hager takes her mom and her daughter on a special trip that will warm your heart. but first your local news and my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho?
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. 7:26. a gorgeous tuesday morning and a warm one. let's get your forecast now with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> chris, how are you? warmer than yesterday. 64 degrees. we have sunshine. notice, too, the clouds. that's something we did not see for most of the day yesterday. the clouds will be increasing leading to a chance of thunderstorms later on. already it's warmer. 66 now in northeast philadelphia. 65 in atlantic city. 60s across the pennsylvania area and a few showers that we're tracking on the radar. those showers are a possibility, especially this afternoon. all right. let's find out where the backups are on the roads. "nbc 10's" first alert traffic
7:27 am
reporter jessica boyington has that jessica. >> thanks chris. the backups are pretty much everywhere. we're starting to see jams all over the place. 422 on trooper road where you can see a really heavy trip. 21 minutes headed eastbound from route 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. take a look at the rest of these, 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. there is an earlier disabled vehicle cleared out of the way. schuylkill expressway 37 minutes eastbound. happening today. closing arguments will begin in the corruption trial of six former philadelphia narcotics officers. only one of the defendants testified and he denied charges that his squad regularly stole cash and drugs from suspects over a period of six years. the prosecution built its case on the testimony of suspected drug dealers and one former officer who pleaded guilty. i'm chris cato. we're back with another local update in about 25 minutes.
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7:29 am
there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
7:30 am
all right. 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. cinco de mayo the fifth of may, 2015. nice cinco de mayo crowd out on the plaza. meanwhile welcome inside studio 1a. >> and let's take a look at what's making headlines. one of the two gunmen killed by police after opening fire at an event in texas featuring cartoons of the prophet muhammad had been on the radar for years. elton simpson was placed on the terror watch list five years ago. his family released a statement saying they are struggling to understand what happened. new round of severe thunderstorms possible in west texas today. heavy rain triggered widespread flooding in lubbock last night. several homes and businesses had
7:31 am
to be evacuated. and you can add another new name to the republican field for president. mike huckabee who won eight states in the 2008 primaries is back in his hometown of hope to announce his candidacy later this morning. coming up do you have carbon monoxide detecters in your home? and if so are they installed in the wrong place? on rossen reports, eye opening information that may save your life. all right. let's begin with a controversial legal battle. this one is getting a lot of attention. sophia vergara is speaking out for the first tomb about her ex's fight to bring their frozen embryos to term without her consent. stephanie gosk is here with what vergara is saying. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. sophia vergara's ex-fiance captured headlines in "the new york times" arguing for custody of the couple's frozen embryos. she said she didn't read the column and in her first public response tells howard stern she's much more focused on her up coming marriage to someone else than the legal battle with
7:32 am
her ex. sophia vergara is breaking her silence in the legal battle over the embryo she created through ivf with nick loeb. their relationship ended over a year ago, but loeb has gone public in his lawsuit over the embryos. the "modern family" star spoke out on the howard stern show. >> you guys break up and you say, look. i don't want to have a baby with you. i'm not involved with you anymore. >> can you blame me? >> i can't blame you. a child needs a mother. >> a mother and a loving -- and a -- more than a mother it needs a loving relationship of parents. >> reporter: loeb is suing for custody of the embryos writing in a "new york times" op-ed, in my view keeping them frozen forever is tantamount to killing them. this is not just about saving lives, it is also about being pro-parent. loeb admits the couple did sign a consent form before going forward with the ivf stating that nothing could be done with
7:33 am
the embryos unless they both agreed. but he says the form did not specify would what happen if they separated. something required by california law. legally experts say loeb will have a tough battle in court. >> there has to be extraordinary circumstances for them to put aside an agreement like that. i don't see that here. >> reporter: vergara does not sound concerned. >> so are you upset about all of this? >> no. >> you're okay? >> i'm okay because i'm doing the right thing. i didn't do anything wrong. you know, because somebody changes their mind. >> reporter: this case is getting a lot of attention because of who is involved but this could become a much more common dispute. there are an estimated 600,000 frozen embryos in the country and legal experts agree that fertility treatments are far out pacing our laws. it is controversial territory and politicians tend to stay away from stuff like that. >> and it's a hard subject. there's no compromise there. you either go forward or you
7:34 am
don't. these two are obviously locked in a battle over it. >> and everyone signs these agreements. >> with the technologies ahead of legislation, this is one of those examples. >> stephanie, thanks very much. we'll hear more of nick loeb's side of the story. he'll join us for a live interview here on thursday. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by soma. your new bra destination. >> we're also watching right now the tropics and the southeastern u.s. we're looking for an area of development. about a 30% chance in the next five days. and slowly moving northward. already we're seeing waves of heavy rain coming in from palm beach all the way down into key west. we're watching this as this forms not only will you see heavy rains but we're also going to see strong winds. so they're going to be developing strong rip currents
7:35 am
high surf likely beach erosion is a possibility. all the way down to miami. whether this gets named or not, if it was it would become ana. but we are watching that. also wet weather stretching back into the midwest. few showers in the pacific northwest. high surf advisories down in southern california with a high of about 67 in that's what's going on around the country. he good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for another warm day. summer like temperatures in the mid 80s. during the afternoon there's a chance we'll see showers and the possibility of some thunderstorms, too. a break in the heat tomorrow. back to normal for this time of year. 70 degrees the high. still a chance of a shower but not an all day rainfall on wednesday. then a warmup. we're back in the 80s for thursday. friday 85 degrees with sunshine. look at the weekend. high temperatures in the upper 80s. have a great day. your weather when you need it. go to weather channel on cable,
7:36 am online. >> thank you. coming up the most daring looks from the oscars of fashion last night. the annual met gala. and next a rossen report safety alert. >> coming up the silent killer. carbon monoxide. so many cases of people hurt or killed as they sleep. so we're in the suburbs doing spot safety checks with the local fire department. do you have a carbon monoxide detector? is it in the right place? plus ♪ we will rock you anthem ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ call 1-800-royal caribbean or your travel agent today
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back now at 7:40 with a new rossen reports. this morning a hidden danger in your home. with recent cases of people being sickened or killed are you prepare fire departmentd for a carbon monoxide leak? >> they call it a silent killer for a reason. you can't see it. you can't smell it. you might not know you're in danger until it's too late. we all know we need smoke detecters for a fire. that is not enough. you need co detecters too. this morning we're showing up at
7:41 am
your door to reveal a scary truth. so many families are at risk right now. try this house here. we are hitting the street knocking on door after door. hi jeff rossen from nbc news. we have teamed up with the st. paul minnesota, fire marshal helping to protect you. when you do these spot checks do you find most people do or don't have them? >> we find most people don't have the alarms. they don't know they're supposed to. >> reporter: how are you? >> good. >> reporter: this man invites us in. and right away we find this. >> we're in a hall way leading up to a bedroom which is an ideal spot to put one. >> reporter: the headlines tell the story. just weeks ago seven children killed along with their father when carbon monoxide filled their resumes. they did not have detecters. days later, this couple in new york poisoned in their home.
7:42 am
so today officials are trying to prevent another tragedy. you're supposed to have one on every loefl your house. >> just plug it in the wall. >> thank you. >> reporter: hi. jeff rossen from nbc news. this owner is confident his family is prepared. >> we've got them in our house. >> reporter: but the fire marshal spots a problem. >> there's a bedroom here and there and there's no carbon monoxide alarm. >> reporter: there should be outside of every bedroom? >> yes. within ten feet if they're close together like this you can get away with one. >> reporter: he's going to give you a free carbon monoxide detector. >> great. >> reporter: remember, it can kill you in your sleep without warning. that's why you need these detecters. when we knock at this door a surprise. we meet someone who tells us a co detector recently saved her
7:43 am
life. >> alarms were going off. had someone check it out and found out it was the chimney. >> reporter: and it was carbon monoxide in your house. >> it was. >> reporter: they saved your life. >> they did. saved three people in this house and our dog. >> reporter: fire officials say leaks often start at the heating source like your chimney or your furnace. >> reporter: how you doing? >> just fine. >> reporter: at this next house we go straight to the basement. >> there's no carbon monoxide alarm here. should have one outside the furnace room. >> reporter: why? >> because this is the source. this will catch it first. >> reporter: you don't need to buy one. the fire department is applying them free. >> thank you very much. all right. >> reporter: tips to keep your family safe. >> you'll never know how many lives we saved doing this. >> reporter: this is one of the alarms in my hand. it's different than a smoke alarm. it's rectangular. they cost about 50 bucks or less at any big box store. i want to make it clear how easy
7:44 am
it is to put these in. unlike the smoke alarms like they have to go on the ceiling. not so with this. carbon monoxide floats all over the house so you can plug this into any outlet. even knee height. >> but it has battery backup. >> we had a furnace back up and had the fire department show up luckily because our co2 is wired right into the alarm system. >> in some states by the way -- >> it's required in some states for new construction homes. there are a lot of old construction homes and it's not required there. for new construction and a lot of states in the 20s. 29 states now require it for new houses. >> good information. thank you. >> we both felt the same way. coming up two legends live in studio 1a. why jane fonda and lily tomlin are teaming up after the classic 9 to 5. >> and the one thing stars were
7:45 am
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7:49. the fashion world abuzz this morning. that's "what's trending" in the orange room right? >> that's right, matt. i feel a little underdresseds for this segment. incredible night at the metropolitan museum. they do it ever year. the biggest stars in the world come out with the most over the top fashion you've ever seen. let's take a look at some of these. anna wintour had a no selfie rule in place. i'll give you a couple guesses who violated it. biebs. he got off one on instagram with lady gaga. kim kardashian madonna, kanye west. and kerry washington. as for the fashion itself, these are the ones people are talking about this morning. what do you think?
7:50 am
sarah jessica parker or as matt calls her sjp, with some beautiful head wear. >> i think she stopped by the king and i. >> funny or die said it looks like the fire emoji you have on your phone. here's another one. this dress was incredible. that's a cape actually that rihanna's wearing. inspired this parody. looked like the top of an omelet apparently. we want you to tell us on "today".com who you thought was the best dressed last night. beyonce, jennifer lawrence sarah jessica parker kate hudson amal clooney. we narrowed it down. we'll see who you chose and reveal that in "trending." >> can i ask you a question with that rihanna dress. that room is packed. how do you attempt to navigate that room without 30 people stepping on that thing? >> that was a cape she wore over the dress. so if i have it right, tamron correct me if i'm wrong, she walked up the stairs wearing that and then probably took it
7:51 am
off inside. >> she walked up with the assistance of about four men. there were cape holders so it stayed the perfect piece around. thanks willie. also coming up more of our week-long tribute to mothers. jenna bush hager takes her mother and daughter to a special place for their family. but first your local news. when hollywood's premiere jewelry designer neil lane, creates a ring for today's biggest stars... ...he designs it to look fabulous from every angle. and for his collection at kay jewelers... ...he does the exact. same. thing. yes! neil lane bridal. uniquely beautiful hand-crafted rings at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. my collection is vintage inspired... ...with flowing lines that evoke a sense of timelessness. because i want every woman to feel like a star. every kiss begins with kay. (playing harmonica) get your own liquid gold.
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7:56 am
"nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm chris cato. 7:56 on a warm tuesday morning. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? a beautiful morning ahead, chris. it's this afternoon that could turn stormy. at least now we're enjoying plenty of sunshine. look at the shore. that's a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the temperatures will warm up with sunshine this morning and showers will hold off until the middle afternoon. 65 in philadelphia. already up to 66 in wilmington and northeast philadelphia is at 66 degrees. there you can see sunshine and a few scattered clouds. by lunchtime today, 80 degrees. plenty of brake lights out on the majors. let's get a check on the majors with "nbc 10's" jessica boyington. >> we're not seeing a lot of incidents. what we're seeing is volume. case in point, the schuylkill
7:57 am
expressway around route 1 east westbound jammed solid. over half an hour in or out of the city. so you can see there. give yourself extra time. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, 45 minutes there. we're dealing with some small delays for septa. if you want to check before you head out the door no problems for new jersey transit or patco line. crews are cleaning up a mess on east locust avenue in germantown. police blocked off the sidewalk but no one was hurt. later today chester county officials will release the names of three women killed in a mobile home fire. it was a tragedy on top of tragedy. the fire broke out on hill road on west caln township. two women and children did escape the fire. a family gathered to mourn the loss of a relative who passed away sunday. the cause of the fire is under investigation. it's not believed to be suspicious. i'm chris cato. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, seeing red. >> red nose day is coming. >> we take you inside a special event here at nbc as we get set to kick it off in a big way. >> back on the road for red nose day. then three generations of bush women celebrate mother's day. jenna takes her mom and daughter on a family trip and gets some words of wisdom along the way. >> i think what you do is you really do begin to see what is most important. and your relationships with people are what are most important. and 35 years after "9 to 5" two legends are teaming up
8:01 am
again. lil la tomy and jane fonda are here. today, tuesday, may 5th, 2015. ♪ >> hello, minnesota! >> i came all the way for her birthday. >> hi mom in santa barbara. >> hey, matt, how about a kiss? >> we're back now. 8:00 on a tuesday morning. it's the fifth day of may 2015. and we are in a sea of white here. >> yes. beautiful. >> because we've got a concert coming up in our 8:30 half hour from ciara and this is her stage. >> looking very nice. >> anyway savannah is making her way home from australia. we're joined from tamron hall. and later should be joined by
8:02 am
lily tomlin and jane fonda. >> meanwhile, a check of the top stories. sheinelle is in for natalie. good morning. >> good morning. isis is claiming responsibility for the shooting in texas on sunday? what would be the first attack by the terror group on u.s. soil. jacob rascon is in garland, texas, this morning. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the terror group made that claim on their official radio broadcast calling the gunmen behind the shooting brothers of the caliphate. and soldiers. what remains to be seen and what law enforcement is looking into is whether this was an opportunistic claim. whether there was some inspiration for these gunmen for this attack. or whether there was an operational influence. did isis supply weapons or did isis supply money? the terror group has announced more terror attacks on u.s. soil. they did not offer evidence to support their new claim. all of this will be part of the federal investigation.
8:03 am
>> thank you. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will focus on immigration reform during an event today at a largely hispanic high school in las vegas. she has vowed to create a path to full citizenship for millions already living and working in this country. meantime her attorney has told the house committee investigating the benghazi consulate attacks that clinton will appear at a single hearing to testify about both benghazi and her e-mails. she will not accept republican demands for two separate hearings. at least seven school children suffered bumps and bruises when their school bus flipped to its side monday. there were more than 40 students on board at the time. they were returning after a field trip. the driver said the brakes failed as he was heading down a steep hill. one man got a scare when a soft drink truck spilled on the sidewalk. nearly clobbering a pedestrian.
8:04 am
he was able to duck and cover and was not hurt. hawaii's kilauea volcano put on an awesome show when part of a crater wall collapsed this weekend. the impact of the falling rock released gas in the lava lake. that triggered an explosion that went 300 feet into the air. the first italian woman in orbit is now the first barista aboard the international space station. the atstronaut has started brewing in the name of science spp she uses a machine delivered last month. the espresso breaks are part of an experiment. to learn how hot fluids react in a weight less environment. it is now four minutes after 8:00. let's send it out to everyone outside. >> announcer: red nose day on the plaza is brought to you by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> sheinelle, thank you very
8:05 am
much. this morning we're proud and excited to announce a really special event here at nbc. it's called red nose day. it's a star studded primetime special that will air on may 21st. the mission is to raise money for children living in poverty all around the world. so what exactly is red nose day? meet the man behind the movement and take a look at how we're getting things started here on "today." ♪ >> reporter: red noses here there, and everywhere are popping up all across the u.s. in britain, red nose day has been a national tradition for 30 years. a day of giving uniting people around the country to raise money for those in need. and as they say being funny for money. buying a red nose dancing, painting faces, rowing, swimming, and baking cakes. >> it's the day to make people laugh. >> it's about raising money, having a bit of fun raising
8:06 am
money but for all over good causes. >> reporter: the drives force behind red nose day is film director richard curtis whose resume includes "four weddings and a funeral," and "love actually." >> i think it's the best thing i do. thing i'm most proud of. >> reporter: the life-defining moment for curtis a 1986 trip to africa when he saw famine first hand. >> i came back and tried to work with my friends how to do something. we decided we'd do a sort of long tv show with as much entertainment and as much comedy in it. we decided we get everyone in the country to buy a red nose. >> reporter: a call to action answered by celebrities all across the uk who take on epic challenges to raise money for
8:07 am
the red nose fund. a 24-hour dance marathon. >> why are you still dancing? >> reporter: white water rafting for five days. and scaling the peak of mt. kilimanjaro. along the way, the brits have raised over $1 billion for charity. and now it's our turn to prove america is up for the red nose challenge. >> red nose day is coming. >> reporter: this may red nose day is coming to the u.s. for the first time. and i'm taking on something i've never done before. riding 230 miles from boston to the big apple over hills, through treacherous terrain. to raise money for red nose day charities. and with days left until my tour de red nose it's time to put the pedal to the metal. >> let's go, let's go. >> reporter: three hours of training three days a week. >> back on the road for red nose day. >> reporter: and a couple of
8:08 am
well-earned snack breaks. >> we're going snickers. snickers satisfies. >> reporter: so come along for the ride and see how a little red nose and you can make a big difference in the lives of children around the world. all right. so it all starts on sunday. i'll take off riding my bike from boston and hopefully will arrive here in new york on thursday may 21st. hopefully i say because as meghan trainor says it's all about the bass. >> how are you feeling? >> it's all about the bass. >> how's your bass feeling? >> my bass is a little hurting today, to be honest with you. >> well you're going to do it and we will be rooting you on. >> if you want to donate and support matt during his five-day ride head to nose day or text today to 80077. and if you want to get in on the red nose action you can buy one at your local walgreens. >> keep your nose on.
8:09 am
>> i might need a bigger red nose. >> it is a tight fit. >> we'll have much more red nose coverage these coming weeks including interviews with jack black. it comes to the u.s. for the first time with a live star studded broadcast on may 21st and that is right here on nbc. >> and already our crowd sporting their red noses for us. good stuff. up next on "trending," why thousands of high school seniors are not exactly celebrating being accepted to a certain college. >> plus some more of our mother's day celebrations. jenna bush hager and her mom and her daughter mila lets you in on one of their favorite activities. >> and two legendary talents never afraid to speak their minds teaming up once again. jane fonda and lily tomlin. we'll talk to them. but firs
8:10 am
♪ join red nose day, a national event to help lift children out of poverty. it's easy: buy a red nose, exclusively at walgreens and start making a difference. it's a good laugh for a good cause. tune in on may 21st to watch the red nose day benefit live on nbc. ♪ ♪ at edible arrangements we want mother's day to be every bit as perfect as you do. to order your freshly crafted arrangement, visit your local store or go to today. new flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. so go ahead, inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
8:11 am
♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. on autopilot when it comes to sensitive teeth? stop numbing. now you can repair. new colgate sensitive toothbrush with built in sensitivity relief pen shields exposed nerves. releiving pain by repairing sensitive teeth. stop numbing. start repairing. hi. looking for a prius, i bet. it's high-tech too with the latest safty features. and available entune app suite. and, i'm sorry... i don't mean
8:12 am
to drone on. honey, stop messing with jan. during toyota time, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2015 prius. offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit enjoy your prius. thanks, jan. look out people, coming in hot. toyota. let's go places. 8:12. that makes it a good time to trend. let's get started on a tuesday morning. >> we are kicking things off with a college admissions letter that came with a big surprise. university of florida accepted more than 3,000 students as freshmen for the fall. but there was a catch.
8:13 am
they would only be admitted if they agreed to spend their first year taking online classes and that's not all. the students were not told about this online program before they applied. "the washington post" saying they wound up as part of an admissions experiment. as you could imagine, students parents not really happy about it bombarding the schools with calls. university says it hopes the program attracts more students. >> so they don't get to go to classes at the university only online? >> no. and you're being told you're an experiment. never good. >> not fair. >> hard to do a kegger there. >> you ever wonder how the writings on "the tonight show" come up with their material? last night they had jack black as a guest. someone thought this would be great. remember the song from 1990 everyone knows this one and loves it and recreated the music video. here's what they came up with. ♪ more than words ♪ ♪ is all you have to do to make
8:14 am
it real ♪ ♪ what would you say if i took those words away ♪ ♪ when you couldn't make things new ♪ ♪ just like saying i love you ♪ >> wow. >> that of course is "more than words" from extreme. with the recreation of the original music video shot for shot. i love that. we'll now have that song in our ear the entire day. >> just take my words. >> jack black is great. >> that's something they can do that nobody else can do. >> and you've seen jack black in so many funny movies you forget he's a great musician with a great voice.
8:15 am
>> yeah. tenacious d. that's right. this morning we have an exclusive clip of bruce jenner discussing his transition with his family and the news prompts an emotional reaction from one of his daughters. >> i'm going to get a tissue. >> he's the most amazing person i know. i couldn't ask for a better dad. like he taught me how to ride a bike and be the tomboy that i am. every single day we went to school 45 minutes away from home he'd drive us to school. he'd be the first in line to pick us up. >> here comes our kids. they're so excited about the first day of school. here's kimberly our teenager. >> i've had secrets all my life. it's tough not to have secrets. i always do my -- see. >> your feet are actually way more feminine than i ever would have imagined.
8:16 am
>> thank you. >> i am impressed. >> actually they come out pretty good and i do it all myself. >> you do that yourself? >> yes, i do all my nails myself. >> really? >> yeah. actually i do very good in the makeup department. i could do your makeup. i can do it all, baby. >> well you can see the full "keeping up with the kardashians" special may 17th and 18th at 9:00. that is on our sister network e!. >> going to get a lot of response out of that. all right. we've been talking about the met gala all morning long. it's been known as the super bowl of fashion. and e!'s brad goreski had a front row seat on the red carpet. good morning. >> good morning. >> so who did you think were the big winners? >> there were so many good looks last night. but of course the top were sarah jessica parker and rihanna for me. they closed down that carpet. >> did you like their looks because it was all about dazzling and they went the extra mile? >> i did. i thought they really
8:17 am
incorporated the scene which was china through the looking glass into their looks really well. sarah jessica parker looked amazing in this custom hat and her gown was h & m which she codesigned with them. in person i'm just telling you she carried this off with such elegance and grace. she looked stunning. >> now other looks that caught your eye. lady gaga and solange knowles. >> lady gaga the coat actually looked like it was made out of rubber. it was like a cage around her. so the construction of this look was incredible. and there was a full beaded body suit underneath. she hit that carpet and lit up like a disco ball. it was really beautiful. >> i love that description. >> it was a great thing. >> and solange. >> solange knowles, she's known for taking risks. it's off theme. it was more intergalactic than
8:18 am
it was china through the looking glass. but i love she takes risks. and she's always one of those people on the carpet that makes a statement. >> how about jennifer lawrence? >> we haven't seen her on the red carpet for a little bit but she was in a dior couture gown. i thought they did a good job of incorporating the theme but also keeping it young and fresh. i thought she looked young and gorgeous and it was nice to see her back on the red carpet. >> back to rihanna's dress. we were wondering. the tight fit, you have all of the afterparties. what did she do with the cape? >> when she got to the carpet there was not a soul on those stairs. everybody just cleared out and made way for her. she was wearing this custom piece by a beijing based designer. i thought it was cooled. there were a couple of pieces by them in the collection. and i love rihanna does the search. >> what was under the cape? >> what was under that was a hot pink corset and panties. that's it. >> okay. >> can you say panties on
8:19 am
morning television? >> you just did. you said there was no one else on the stairs. can you imagine you're getting your picture taken and everybody turned. and you go then there's that. >> that's what happened. >> on we asked people to vote on their favorite. the viewers overwhelmingly chose amal clooney. so brad what do you think of that? >> i thought it was beautiful. she looked -- the intricate details on this gown were really really gorgeous. i thought it was a nice return to her from the red carpet. >> by the way, brad will have a full wrapup tonight on e!. >> coincidentally willie's 40th birthday he looked like a giant disco ball as well. >> that's "what's trending" today. straight ahead, jenna bush hager shares a special day with her daughter and her mom. but first a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we've got going on right now. if we could put the weather on
8:20 am
the monitor. boom there it is. i ask and it shows up. fantastic. we've got showers and thunderstorms out there. as we look right now live austin texas, a lot of fog. and fog in chicago as well. as we look at -- watch this system make its way across the country. we do have the risk of strong storms today making their way from texas into new mexico on into parts of western oklahoma. 2 million folks at risk flash flooding possible. strong storms stretching down to texas as well on wednesday. with gusts up to 75 miles per hour and flash flooding going to be a big issue over the next couple of that good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for another summer-like day. during the afternoon there's a chance we'll see showers and a possibility of thunderstorms, too. a break in the heat tomorrow. back to normal for this time of year. 70 degrees is the high.
8:21 am
still a chance of a shower but not an all-day rainfall on wednesday. a warm-up then. back in the 80s for thursday friday friday. 85 with sunshine. the weekend, high temperatures in the upper 80s. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. guys? >> announcer: mom i love you because is brought to you by minute maid. tell mom she's doing good. >> it is day two of our special week-long series counting down to mother's day. "mom i love you because." and it's jenna bush hager's turn to share her tribute. jenna, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. when i got this assignment i was trying to think about what i like to do most with my mom. i kept coming back to the simple things. both of us love to read we love the outdoors. when my husband henry and i moved to new york and started a family of our own, so much of my
8:22 am
mom and what she taught me too came along. >> this is fun to visit the library with mommy isn't it? >> reporter: these days it's the sweetness of simple times we cherish the most. >> here is your favorite part. you want to pick a book? >> reporter: with a visit to a new york public library with the biggest important decision is which book to read first. my 2-year-old daughter mila loves to read with her grammy. >> what does a colt say? a baby horse? nay. >> reporter: these times with my mother and daughter are my most precious. they remind me of my own childhood. my mom was a librarian and as far back as i can recall books were a special part of our lives. do you think loving reading a genetic? >> well i certainly learned to love to read from my mother who loved to read. and i know you all learned to love to read from me. but i actually think people's love of reading is taught. everyone loves stories.
8:23 am
once you can read your own stories, people -- their lives expand. >> reporter: that's why it's important to read to babies. >> that's right. from the first minute they open their eyes. i can remember reading to you and barbara and the books you liked best and how much fun that was for me. >> reporter: my mom comes to new york city often to see her girls. my sister barbara has lived here for years. and i also call it home. especially since my daughter was born here two years ago. when my mom's here we love to walk along the river. >> one of the things i learned from bar, your grandmother, is last summer in maine she walked her dog on the beach every day twice a day. because she knew she didn't have that much longer to walk on the beach. what i learned from her is all we know we have is now so take advantage of your life as it is which is why i want to come see baby all the time.
8:24 am
i think what you do is you really do begin to see what a most important. and your relationships with people are what are most important. >> reporter: she's still close to her childhood friends from midland, texas, and still travels each summer with them to a national park. and so to celebrate mother's day while mila went home for a nap i took my mom to the national park in my own back yard. there's the statue of liberty. most people don't know that's a national park too. lady liberty is a sight that never gets old. >> perfect for instagram. >> reporter: then on to governor's island. it was once a fort built to protect new york and it, too is a national park. i like to come here because it's so close to downtown manhattan. my mom and i share a passion for the outdoors. i got engaged in the arcadia park in maine. >> we invited our girls to go with us when we did the grand
8:25 am
canyon trip. we floated on the colorado river and then hiked out of the south rim of the grand canyon. as i remember you and all the girls hiked out in four hours and i and all the old mothers hiked out in seven hours and we barely made it out. >> reporter: we were ready to get out. we shared a tent. >> we shared a tent. i had to wear goggles every night because the sand blew and it got into my contacts. >> reporter: i was leading you around. where are my contacts? but those trips were fun. >> that was the nerd in the national park. >> reporter: you are a nerd in the national park. she may be a nerd in the national parks, but she's also one of the finest ladies i know. so i asked for some words of wisdom. what is your advice since mother's day around the corner for a new mom about how to do a job like you've done? >> well i would say to treasure every moment of being a mother. and being with your children. because they grow up so fast. before you know it, they're 33.
8:26 am
those are really the special moments of life to treasure. you know, time passes and it's over. good morning. i'm chris cato. 8:26. sunny and warm start to your tuesday. bill, any clouds out there yet? >> a few scattered clouds. you can see scattered clouds in the city. to the west of our area these clouds are starting to produce a few rain drops. live view from the mellon bank building in center city. lancaster county and western chester county little rain right now. just a few rain drops to start with. steadier showers and possibly thunderstorms coming this afternoon. you can see them already moving in to the pittsburgh area at this hour. let's get a check of the morning rush with first alert
8:27 am
traffic 10 jessica? >> northbound lanes not doing too much better. 42 minutes southbound from woodhaven up toward the vine street expressway. out on the schuylkill expressway, drive times are pretty heavy. if you're headed eastbound through the blue route into center city 37 minutes. chris, back over to you. happening now, breaking news. sky force 10 is on its way to a house fire in bechltrks county riechlt now we don't have any word on injuries. unconfirmed reports someone might be in the house. we've not confirmed that. we'll have updates as soon as the chopper gets there. i'm chris cato. we're back in 25 minutes with another update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices. woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target.
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8:30 now on a tuesday morning, may 5th, 2015. big crowd on rockefeller plaza checking out the stage that's literally set for a musical performance for ciara. >> she's over there hugging and signing autographs. ciara having fun with the fans on the plaza. we'll check in as you said with her. plus "9 to 5" reunion live in studio 1a. we are psyched about this one. jane fonda and lily tomlin.
8:31 am
why they are back together 35 years later. >> very cool. also we're going to get the inside scoop on the "full house" reboot from d.j. tanner herself. candace cameron. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we've got the risk of strong storms in new mexico all the way to texas and oklahoma. eastern third of the country looking good. rip currents southern florida. they will continue tomorrow. a risk of more storms in texas right on into nebraska. some more wet weather in the pacific northwest. showers in the mid-atlantic states tomorrow into the ohio river that's what's go good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for another warm day. summer-like temperatures. back in the 80s this afternoon. during the afternoon, there's a chance we'll see showers and the possibility of some thunderstorms, too. a break in the heat tomorrow.
8:32 am
back to normal for this time of year. 70 degrees, the high. still a chance of a shower but not an all-day rainfall on wednesday. then a warm-up. back in the 80s for thursday, friday. 85 degrees with sunshine. look at the weekend. high temperature notice ups in the upper 80s. >> ciara fans right over here. and there's a little girl with a birthday right over here. mia is 7 years old. happy birthday mia. >> thank you. >> where are you from? >> new york. >> new york very nice. came all the way from new york to here. i hope that's your dad and your brother and your mom there, right? all right. good to see you, everybody. all right. let's head back inside to mr. lauer. >> thanks very much. been 35 years now since we first saw jane fonda and lily tomlin together on the big screen in the 1980 hit movie "9 to 5." now they're reunited in the netflix series called "grace and frankie." it's about two women whose husbands announce they're leaving their wives for each
8:33 am
other. and the women start to bond in ways they never expected. take a look. >> what do i do? >> you should probably brace yourself for some light vomiting followed by life-altering hallucinations. >> i'll talk about this show in a second, ladies. welcome. it's great to have you here. 35 years since "9 to 5." which one of you have changed the most? >> me. >> no. i've changed the most. >> you have? no i don't think so. you're the same as you were. i'm three husbands later. >> why did you guys decide to do this? you both have earned a little time sitting back and relaxing. doing a show like this is hard work. >> we can't relax. >> are you kidding? what does that mean? we stayed friends in between and we both wanted to do a television series about, you know -- >> women of our age, older. >> and marta kaufman the co-creator of "friends" pitched
8:34 am
us this idea developed for the two of us. >> you mentioned you stayed in touch over these 35 years and remained friends. what's it like to have this kind of relationship in this business where so many relationships can be fleeting? >> it's really hard with her. she disappears in a hole and i have to fish her out. >> are you a bit of a recluse? >> no no i'm not. i guess i'm always traveling or doing something. but that's not entirely true. although you are -- >> it's been ten years since you invited me to your house. you've been to my house a lot more. >> welcome back to breakfast with the bickersons. tell me about your characters. how is each one different. >> mine is very bohemian free spirited. >> irresponsible. >> irresponsible. >> you were not on camera take a shot of jane. there you go perfect. >> that's her. then the scene that was shown, she was on a peyote trip and i
8:35 am
accidentally took some without knowing it. i'm real straight. >> she's very -- >> ocd. >> and organized and -- >> responsible. >> every half hour is on the record. you know charted. what do you call it? scheduled. >> yeah. you obviously can both sink your teeth into these characters. and you mentioned this in passing a second ago. is it hard to find great roles? you hear a lot of complaints from mature women in hollywood all the time that it's hard to find -- did you like that word? from mature women that it's hard to find great roles. >> yeah. they're all stereotyped. or we're the butt of jokes. we wanted to do a show that would get into the reality of being older. and that means you're braver right? >> yeah. you have arthritis, things like that. >> i look at the positive side. >> you don't care what people think. >> the fu 50s as we call it. >> every time you're on our
8:36 am
show i get nervous. we have the seven-second delay on. >> but i didn't say it. >> no regrets among the two of you, i imagine. if i could give you one do over careerwise what would it be? >> oh my goodness. that's like admitting to -- i guess i would -- oh, goodness. >> too hard. >> that's very hard. i think i would do over the last do over i had. >> i'm not sure what that was, but that's okay. jane do you have a do over? >> no i don't. i don't think in terms of do overs. i think in terms of going better forward. i'd like to redo my whole life and do it better. i just don't think about that. >> you'll say after the commercial break, af feeling. jane fonda, lily tomlin thanks ladies. >> thanks matt. >> you can watch the whole first season in six and a half hours.
8:37 am
>> binge watch. it premieres on netflix this friday. up next why all the stress in your life may be good for you and why that bucket of ice cold water has my name on it. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:39. we've all been there. that moment when stress takes over. your heart races, your hands get clammy you get uncomfortable in your own skin. but can stress and your reactions to it actually be good for you? kelly is a lecturer at stanford university and the author of "the upside of stress" which sounds like an oxy moron to me. >> nice to be here. >> before we start, you want me to put my hand in this bucket of ice water. >> yeah. >> okay. we'll talk about that in a second. but let's talk about stress. the common belief is it is terrible for you and it can kill you. why do you think it can be a good thing?
8:40 am
>> stress is basically a physiological reaction that happens when something you care about is at stake. it's what your brain and body do to meet a challenge. >> we've had experts come on the show saying you must do everything you can to eliminate stress in your life. yet you think you can turn the tables on stress. >> i used to be one of those experts saying that. we know chronic stress is associated with negative outcomes but there's this whole other side of stress that doesn't get addressed. >> can i take my hand out of this bucket now? it starts to hurt. why did you want me to do that? >> that's a quick way to start your stress response. did you notice in ig? >> i started to get uncomfortable. i started to get jittery. what should i have done to react to that other than ask tho take it out? >> when we view symptoms of stress we view it as a problem and try to repress those. if we embrace the symptoms of stress we can make them work to
8:41 am
our advantage. >> so you want us to reset. you want us to turn the negative feelings in some form of positive feeling. >> yes. but trusting the signs of stress. >> how do you teach people to do this? it's not our natural instinct. >> yeah. you do it in moments of stress. and you notice what's going on in your body when you feel stressed. for example, you mentioned feeling a little bit jittery. one thing people notice is the heart is pounding or the palms are sweaty. >> should i not say calm down relax. >> exactly. your body is trying to give you energy. and it shows it can help you do better under stress. >> you say under stress your brain releases something called a love molecule. >> oxy tocin. it makes you more caring and want to interact with others. so you might want to hug or talk to someone about it. >> so you need social interaction? >> yeah. and use that instinct. >> here's what i do -- i
8:42 am
completely lost feeling in my hand. here's what i do. when i go through periods of stress and they're finally over instead of stopping and enjoying the fact that they're finally over i tend to rehash in my mind what caused me stress. so it's like i'm reliving it again. >> and that's actually a good thing too. the ability to learn from stress is built into the biology of your stress response. you're actually releasing a hormone called dhea that is a neurosteroid. it helps your brain learn from stressful experiences. other than learning about the fact you're thinking about it as part of what makes stress helpful. >> in a perfect world, you would have them try to eliminate some stress in their lives, right? except if you have to have stress and we all do deal with it better. >> yeah. i think that even the idea that we could eliminate or avoid stress can be harmful. because it suggests when our life is stressful, there's something wrong with us there's something wrong with our life. and research shows people who have a more meaningful life also
8:43 am
have a more stressful life. so i think we can change the way we think about stress? general and embrace it. whether we can control it or not. >> can't control it. nothing ki do about it. >> you really can. if you choose to see the upside you can actually transform the effect it has on you. >> let's say it's an opportunity to shine. >> yes. stress can be an opportunity to learn and grow. >> kelly, thank you so much. appreciate it. again, the book is called "the upside of stress." up next will she bring back the bangs? candace cameron on "fuller house," raising teens, and her new movie. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back to "today." lovely crowd out there. inside candace cameron bure has been delighting audiences for over three decades including her
8:46 am
time as part of the cast of "full house." we'll talk to her about the reboot in a moment but first her latest project is called "just the way you are." she plays jenny who's so busy working and taking care of her kids that she and her husband lose that loving feeling. so to recapture the spark, they go on a blind date with each other. >> you know what? i feel a little silly. i haven't been on a blind day in a hundred years. >> yeah. just think of it as our courtship. ground rules. we're meeting for the furst time so in discussion about our lives or children. we're just two people seeing if there's any chemistry between us. >> that's a good strategy. good morning, candace. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> not only do you star you are the executive producer of this film. what was that like for you? >> well it was great. you know i had just finished writing my second book "balancing it all" talking about being a mom, a working mom,
8:47 am
being married, how hard it is to juggle those things. kind of came up with the idea to develop this movie for mother's day to really show that a lot of times we -- life can get the best of us. especially when we have kids and we've been married. it's not we fall out of love with our spouse but we really need to reconnect. and find those things that we originally fell in love with. and so i was so happy to create this movie and show it for mother's day. >> i think a lot of people will be blown away to know that you've been married nearly 20 years in addition to wanting to know the secrets to a successful marriage i want to know who made your dress. but let's talk about the marriage here. i mean what's been the secret for you and your husband? >> you know for us my faith plays a huge role in that. i mean we're christians and i think -- i mean god's the partnership. it's three of us. together in the marriage. but, you know communication is just huge. and honoring and respecting each
8:48 am
other. you know putting each of us on a pedestal to honor what my husband loves and for him to honor me and the things i love. >> you have three teenagers in the home ranging in age from 16 to 13. >> yeah. >> how do you balance that especially now with i'm sure college and some of the teenage things that come up? >> sometimes i really have no idea how we balance it. but our schedules are pretty crazy. we're always together. and as much as my husband and i travel and even my boys travel. they play hockey. we -- everything we do is a family. so we work it out. usually if i'm traveling, my husband is home. if my husband is traveling, i'm always home. >> so what are they going to do when "fuller house" starts? because i believe this will happen. is it going to happen? >> oh yeah. we're definitely doing "fuller house." we're going to start taping this summer. my kids i hope they'll be at the set every day. >> d.j. tanner your character. will there be aquanet involved?
8:49 am
>> i hope not. >> no aquanet bangs? >> i don't think so. maybe for a flashback episode. of course we have all of those already. you can pull up a clip. but it's definitely a fresh take. we're not doing the old show. it's not a reunion. it's a spinoff show. so it revolves around my character d.j. who now has three kids but a widowed and she asks her best friend and daughter stephanie to come help her raise her kids. >> it's going to be fun to see that. a reboot of it. congratulations on everything with the family and 20 years of marriage. candace cameron bure. "just the way you are" airs this saturday on the hallmark channel. up next are you ready? got a live performance from ciara. get your dancing shoes ready. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> so 11 years ago ciara's debut album elevated her to superstardom. >> now she's out with her sixth studio stardom. her first tour in six years and a new tv show. nbc's "i can do that." nice so see you this morning. >> good to see you. >> mother's day is at the end of
8:52 am
the week. you've given your mom the greatest gift. you named the album after your mom. >> yes. now that i'm a mom i can see what it's like to be in her shoes. it's the coolest thing to happen to my life. that's why i titled it "jackie." >> we love your openness and beauty. i have to bring up the white house state dinner dress. that was spectacular. >> thank you so much. >> the date wasn't too shabby either. mr. russell wilson. so what's the scoop? >> life is amazing and i had the most amazing experience in the white house. i was so blessed to have an exclusive tour. we had a great time. got to go to the conference room got to see the west wing the oval office the royal garden. it was amazing. life is definitely sweet. >> what are you going to sing now? >> i'm going to sing my song "i bet." >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, ciara.
8:53 am
♪ >> are you guys ready to have a good time this morning? it feels so good to be here right now. here we go. ♪ this is the remix ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ this is the remix ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ so i'm supposed to believe that it's fellini's calling your phone ♪ ♪ i'm supposed to believe that they're asking you if you're home ♪ ♪ i wasn't born yesterday not me ♪ ♪ can't get that over me not me ♪ ♪ i love you but i won't be a fool for you ♪ ♪ that's just something i
8:54 am
wouldn't do babe ♪ ♪ i mean i would stay if you could tell the truth ♪ ♪ but you can't no matter how much time i can ♪ ♪ is that your chick over there giving me the ugly stare ♪ ♪ the one with the silicone and the brazilian hair ♪ ♪ you ain't going to respect me no no no 'til i'm not there ♪ ♪ see i got you comfortable now you ain't really scared ♪ ♪ but i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ as soon as i start loving someone else ♪ ♪ somebody better than you ♪ ♪ i bet you start needing me ♪ ♪ as soon as you see me with someone else ♪ ♪ somebody other than you ♪ ♪ and i know that it hurts ♪ ♪ you know that it hurts your pride ♪ ♪ but you thought the grass was greener on the other side ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ as soon as i start loving someone else ♪ ♪ somebody better than you ♪ ♪ baby tell me what it's going to take to keep it all the way
8:55 am
100 ♪ ♪ until you go away ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ as soon as i start loving someone else ♪ ♪ or somebody better than you ♪ ♪ i bet you start needing me ♪ ♪ as soon as you see me with someone else ♪ ♪ somebody other than you ♪ ♪ and i know that it hurts ♪ ♪ you know that it hurts your pride ♪ ♪ but you thought the grass was greener on the other side ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ ♪ as soon as i start loving someone else ♪ ♪ somebody better than you ♪ ♪ this is the remix ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving ♪ ♪ i bet you start loving me ♪ >> should we get this party going this morning right now? america! are you ready to party? put your hands up like this and jump. here we go! ♪ oh ♪
8:56 am
♪ oh ♪ ♪ i bet you ♪ ♪ i bet you ♪ ♪ i bet you ♪ ♪ i bet you ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ i bet you ♪ ♪ i bet you ♪ ♪ somebody other than you ♪ at 8:56. sky force 10 is over the scene in bechlt rberks county three-alarm fire. it started ate home on east laurel street. crews are starting to put out the flames. this is affecting somewhere between four and six homes there
8:57 am
on east laurel street in reading. updates on air and the nbc 10 news app for. let's get your forecast now with meteorologist bill henley. >> reading is reporting calm conditions light winds most of the day. sunshine with a warm start. another warm afternoon back into the 80s. view of the pocono mountains. nice breaks of sunshine and the temperatures are climbing. already in the pocono mountains, 67 degrees, 68 in allentown. 70s at this hour in philadelphia. >> philadelphia city council is pushing for stricter safety standards after the nbc 10 investigators dug into this propane explosion that killed two people in north philadelphia last summer. council members want to limit how much propane those trucks can carry and implement mandatory inspections every 90 days.
8:58 am
they can inspect propane tanks on those trucks because right now it has no authority under state law. they're working to change that. the aclu is challenging a law in delaware that requires gps monitoring of certain sex offenders. the organization filed a complaint yesterday against the law that says high-risk sex offenders has to be monitored. the aclu says that law is unconstitutional because it infringes on the rights of those being monitored. i'm chris cato. another update in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," grammy winner ciara on music motherhood, and her bright future. then why this waterfall video has been viewed more than 6 million times. and sophia vergara speaks out about the embryo battle with her ex. coming up now. >> annoucer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> all right. welcome to "today." it's a tuesday morning, may the 5th 2015. happy cinco de mayo. i'm willie along with al and tamron. ciara just rocked our plaza. >> she did. >> she'll sit with us in a
9:01 am
couple minutes to hang out. >> how sweet she dedicated this album to her mom jackie. i love her. >> i liked it. all the white. >> we should try that. >> go all white? >> an all white. >> it's very clean. very south beach. >> that's a good idea. >> we put white slip covers on the couch. >> wear a white suit. >> you just want to pick a random day? >> no. always. >> no no, just one day. >> like a choir? we'll march in? we'll pick a day and wear white. you can join us at home. have a white party. >> ellie kemper said her mom told her she was very impressed that she learned how to do this. >> are you back to that? >> i'm going to live off this thing for weeks. >> tell us again. just tell us. >> for people who didn't see, ellie kemper and jane krakowski were our co-hosts. >> because your family, we were off working on assignments. >> abandoning me. i think you were on vacation. >> no. i was on assignment. >> assignment in the caribbean.
9:02 am
anyway, they were here with tina fey. and it was the greatest "today's take." >> and you said it was the best show of your life. >> it was fantastic. >> what do you think of that willie? >> he threw us under the bus. >> i did. >> and he'd do it again in a heart beat. >> in a new york minute. >> if denzel washington calls, he can sit in that seat. i won't miss you. >> i'm toast. it would be al who. >> i wouldn't get al out. mean while -- >> so this sophia vergara story is getting out there. about the battle with nick loeb about their frozen embryos. he has filed documents to stop destroying the embryos. she plans to keep them frozen. here's a bit of the interview with howard yesterday. >> you guys break up and you say, look.
9:03 am
i don't want to have a baby with you, i'm not involved with you anymore. >> can you blame me? >> i can't blame you. and a child needs a mother -- >> a mother. and more a loving relationship of parents that get along that don't hate eep other. >> you hate each other now? >> well i don't hate him. but obviously he has a problem with me. >> yes. well, when you break up with a guy, there's a problem. >> yeah. you know, but a family -- a kid needs a parents. i wouldn't imagine anyone saying that is saying to bring to the world, you know kids that are already set up everything wrong for them. it would be so selfish. >> okay. so here's the legal deal on this story. sophia says that they signed two sets of contracts. she and nick did. as they had two rounds of fertility treatments and that they required mutual consent. they both had to agree to create the life. loeb admits they did sign the consent form before going forward stating that nothing
9:04 am
could be done with the embryos unless both parties agreed. but he says the form did not specify what would happen if the two separated. which is required by california law. nick loeb by the way is going to be on this show with matt i think on thursday. >> so is he saying that because the contract did not say if we break up, this then will happen that's his case. >> a lot of legal experts are saying he's got a really long road to hoe on this one. >> if his motivation is to hurt her because she's moved on, that long road benefits him because he remains a thorn in her side. legally i don't know where it stands. but if her allegation and what many see is just this bad relationship it lingers. with court we know litigation can go on and on. and you can challenge even if you have no hope of winning. can you imagine like the ex who won't go away? with something so serious as these embryos at stake.
9:05 am
>> we'll find out from him on thursday. >> yeah. no. he's made his side clear. he was in the op-ed. there are both sides to it. nevertheless it's something that could go on for both of them for a long time. >> as more and more people are involved in this, you're going to see these battles. >> stephanie gosk -- i think there are around 600,000 frozen embryos. so you're right. there's something there. >> if you take the common sense test. those are her eggs and you can't create a child that's half hers without her consenting to it. >> but his argument is they're half his. >> okay. >> i agree. absolutely. >> it almost takes solomon-like wisdom. >> meanwhile, what's your hair say about you? >> nothing. >> great transition. >> what? well, you have hair. >> no. i've got known. >> you have short hair around the sides. >> no. i've got a fringe.
9:06 am
>> you've got eyebrows. >> you shave your head right? >> i do. >> so that means you have something. so ten things your hair says about you. here's some of the highlights. >> i get it. hair highlights. >> blonds make more money and gentlemen do prefer them. >> my wife is a brunette, so no. >> it said you make more money. blonds meaning men or women make more money. >> i was referring to the gentleman part. >> your hair a brown? >> yeah. when i was little it was white blond. now it's a sandy brown thing. is that a thing? i don't know. >> it's a paint color at benjamin moore. >> moving on. men are more likely to date women with the same hair color as their mother. >> no. >> what color is your mom's
9:07 am
hair? >> blond. >> black. >> okay. so who made this study? okay. bald men perceived as intelligent and shaving your head makes you look tougher. >> i will take you down. >> cojack. bruce willis. >> vin diesel. the rock. >> but what about the theory, though, if you do shave your head and you are a fairer skin, tough tan it out. >> really? >> because it makes it to pale. >> i think over time -- >> over time it gets brownish or tannish? that's good. good grooming equals higher wages for men but not women. so clean men win, dirty women don't. >> what is this? >> i'm just reading this. beards equal socialable. mustaches equal introverted. okay.
9:08 am
last one. stubble equals smart and social? >> for men and women? >> well, i say because i wax my lip every three weeks. i don't know. but i was saying, you think that's true? why would it equate smart and social? >> because they're kind of hipsters. >> stubble? >> with the stubble, you know. i don't know. i don't know. here's a deal. sleep on this. >> is that a real thing or did you make that up? >> no. this was provided by our staff. >> where'd this study come from? >> "time." >> it's >> do they even still publish? i'm just joking. it's a joke. >> you're just picking friends everywhere. >> here's the deal. i think this is fantastic. i don't know if you've seen this. 6 million people have lulled themselves to sleep by watching an eight-hour loop of our show. no. of a babbling brook in ireland. watch this.
9:09 am
[ water running ] >> you just watch it and feel so much more relaxed. you feel peaceful. just very nice. just relaxed. and you feel like you're transported somewhere else. >> stop snoring. >> snoring? i'm more of a drooler than snorer. so how do you feel? rested? >> yeah. >> was that worth it? >> i feel good. >> that's a long youtube video. eight hours? >> it's like the yule log that people put up at christmas. i have on my alarm christmas the sound scapes. why are you whispering? >> just really good. >> you want to see another
9:10 am
youtube video? >> will this one wake me up? because i'm now asleep. >> this one's been viewed over 24 million times. real or fake, you decide. over a million in 24 hours, like i said. >> no way. >> nope. >> all right. >> no way. >> that's not real. >> no way. >> i didn't even see where that went. no way. >> it's on a loop now. >> not buying it. >> not real. we get it. >> we vote that's not real? >> no. >> what do you say? >> i don't really care. it's so good this morning. >> still. give him the babbling brook. >> he is a babbling brook. >> i'm going to walk over there. >> come on. you can't -- you've got to wake people up. it's 9:00. people want to have energy. they want to get the kids going and get out the door. >> and maybe not.
9:11 am
you go. if you don't, what happens? [ water flowing ] >> look at this. oh yeah. [ laughter ] good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for another warm day. summer-like temperatures. we'll be back in the 80s this afternoon. during the afternoon there's a chance we'll see showers and a possibility of thunderstorms, too. a break in the heat tomorrow. back to normal for this time of year. 70 degrees is the high. still a chance of a shower. not an all-day rainfall on wednesday. then a warm-up. back in the 80s for thursday friday. 85 degrees with sunshine. look at weekend. high temperature notice upper 80s. have a great day.
9:12 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> oh brother. >> going to be a long show. >> yeah. this is no way to get ciara out here to talk. >> oh, ciara. oh. wait a minute. why didn't you mention that before. >> like a smelling salt. grammy winning superstar ciara is back with new music and a tv series and first tour in six years. she just performed on our plaza and she's coming inside now to hang out with us. >> and a wardrobe change. she is a fashionista. look at that. hello. ♪ ♪ ♪ if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before giving you healthier gums in just two weeks. innovation and you. philips sonicare.
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capri sun. with no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. those are your rules. their rules? there's five people who are it. you gotta hit the target. you can go over, or under. let them figure 'em out. yes! everything they love and now with no high fructose corn syrup. guys, i found tenth base! capri sun. go ahead, let 'em push play. all right. it's always a good morning around here when we're treated to a live concert on the pla sap. especial especially when it's ciara on the stage singing "i bet" off her sixth studio album named after her mother jackie. >> after it was released yesterday it shot straight to
9:16 am
the top three on itunes. congratulations. good morning again. >> thank you so much. good morning. >> so this is beautiful. we were just talking about your mom and this dedication. what was her reaction when you told her this? >> my mom was like, say what? you know, she is my executive producer anyways. i made it make sense with her anyway. like that's mie title. that's right. then she jokes saying i'm going to be signing autographs at the show. >> momma jackie in the house. >> definitely in the house. >> you are a momma. and the first album since you became a mom. did it change your approach to your music now that you're a mom? >> absolutely. having my son has changed everything. >> look at that juicy baby. >> yeah, having my son is just changed my life in a great way and inspired me. kind of like grounds you, you know? and my voice -- i'm just so expressive these days. and i thought i'm a woman. and i'm embracing everything that comes with it. and it just gives me a whole
9:17 am
other level of confidence. and it definitely has inspired me in a great way in the recording process. >> he was in the studio with you. >> yes, he was. he's actually on one of my songs i did with diane warren. she wrote it and he is featured on that song. and he has a cute little laughing moment. he has the best spirit around. he's one of my little good luck charms. and just a ball of energy, a ray of light and truly the best thing that's happened to me. >> beautiful little guy. >> thank you. >> you're back on tour now for the first time in six years. kicked off the tour in chicago the other night. what did it feel like to be back on stage? >> oh, my goodness. the crowd was so amazing. they made me feel good about the whole tour. like, they were screaming so loud -- like i really felt like it was the best show date for me. >> i was purr rusing the internet when you were in concert. when you did the back flip and the lucky fan that got up close and personal. and it looked like ciara gave
9:18 am
the time of his life. >> i've never done that on stage before. >> basically you call a guy up. >> it was the guy's birthday. it's a part of the show where i do a little dance with them. and it was very fun. >> it was willie's birthday sunday. >> no, no. >> just a couple of days ago. >> it's a birthday. >> come to the concert and we'll do it there. >> you talked about this, i'm waiting for the video. >> it's not for morning tv. >> not today. >> it's not dirty, it's just very -- >> it's fun. >> -- sexy. >> you want to keep it clean and classy while doing it. but it is fun to have that cool interaction with a fan and give a special experience. that's what my tour is about. it's about the special time with my fans. >> you are so beautiful. you're always so well styled. i'll see you around town and you're always perfect. one beauty tip for the ladies out there? >> tons of water. but more than anything, have fun. if you're having a good time, it
9:19 am
just comes out. you can be wearing a plastic bag and it'll be fly. you just have fun feel good about yourself. >> tip for the guys? >> for the guys? just keep it cool. don't try too hard. keep it real cool. >> al roker. >> that's why i like that river. >> thank you so much and congratulations. wish your mom the best from us as well. >> absolutely. >> and up next, it is cinco de mayo and we have the guest guac recipe. >> you like guac? >> i do.
9:20 am
one of the cool perks of this place, is you can eat as much cereal as you want. you can go to any line that's running, and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) ladies we need to talk... ... about haircolor. it's garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme. rich, radiant... ravishing color! nutrisse nourishes while it colors. plus it has avocado, olive, and shea oils. garnier nutrisse. nourished hair, better color leftovers. the unsung hero of meals. they get re-heated. re-nuked. and re-baked. and when leftovers are done... there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food. so go ahead,
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9:22 am
and new at kohls gaiam yoga apparel and more. this tuesday and wednesday. find your yes. kohls. >> announcer: "today's" kitchen brought to you by chili's lunch combos fresh is happening now. >> hey. it's cinco de mayo. but for most of us a chance to
9:23 am
enjoy great american food like guacamole. chef, good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> all right. let the celebration begin. >> what we do we do the salsa. normally people do fresh avocado with the ingredients on top. we start with this. the salt on it. >> wow. how much salt is that? >> a lot. >> ciara, do you cook? >> i do. every now and then. >> then we put in some habanero. and mint instead of cilantro. then some apple. >> what does the app doll? >> it's more tart. >> and you like a chunky guacamole. so slicing up the avocado is where people run into trouble.
9:24 am
>> a lot of people mash it. i do like this. >> you can get those presliced avocados. >> i never know where to find those. >> so what we do, we cut it like this. we use lime juice. let it sit about five minutes. so all the flavors are around. and then we just scoop it out just like that. so it's nice and clean. of course with the magic of television -- >> that's right. are we ready? >> and then we never mash it. >> how long will you let that sit? >> you just mix it until creamy. boom. >> oh wow. >> what do you have on the grill? >> this is something that caught ciara's eye. >> this is a tortilla. you can find them here. and it's just a crispy tortilla. instead of frying, we just toast them. put a little bit of lime and then it's crispy. >> i like you already have your cup. >> i'm ready. >> and we finish it with some
9:25 am
pomegranate. >> nice. >> chef, thank you so much. the recipes are on great. >> muy bueno. coming up the gear you want to get this year. first your local news and weather. we aren't looking for just any college students. we're looking for ones who aren't messing around. students who want to take courses developed with input from leading companies. so when they graduate, they're ready to be hired by all kinds of companies. and hit the ground running. no messing around. if you're this kind of student you're our kind of different. devry university. different. on purpose. now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos. stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go.
9:26 am
chili's. fresh is happening now. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> tracy, warm start and temperatures are already climbing. sunshine. few scattered clouds. we're tracking some showers, most likely this afternoon for our area. so far, dry in center city. 73 degrees new no northeast philadelphia. 70 in wilmington millville. and climbing. sunshine and clouds this morning. showers a possibility this afternoon. even a chance of a thunderstorm. >> sky force 10 is over breaking news we're following for you in reading, berks county. crews on the ground tell us the
9:27 am
fire is now affecting as many as six homes. one person was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. officials think a fire started because of an electrical issue. we'll keep a close eye on the situation as it develops. we'll have updates on air and on our nbc 10 app. we are a little more than two weeks away from the pennsylvania primary. when you will get to vote for philadelphia's next mayor. nbc 10 was at the temple performing arts center for a debate between the democratic candidates. six candidates will compete for that party nomination tuesday may 19th. the winner will take on the only republican candidate, melissa murray bailey in the november general election. philadelphia police looking for the person who shot a man in the leg ann along north 9th street in hunting park overnight. that man is in critical condition right now. it's not clear why the man was shot. i'm tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes. especially as the rain moves in on the nbc 10 app.
9:28 am
it's a free download. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. thanks for watching.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. researchers in london say it's time to change the way we approach the tests for ovarian cancer. results from the largest trial of its kind found that tracking blood levels of ca-125 protein over time may be more effective. the tracking method detected cancer in 86% of women with invasive ovarian cancer. where the typical one-time test would have identified fewer than half these women. the largest study ever done on the popular heart drug digoxin found it increases the risk of death in patients with certain heart problems. patients who use it should have regular blood tests to regulate the amount in their system.
9:31 am
does sleepwalking run in the family? a canadian study found kids were three times more likely to be sleepwalkers if one of their parents had a history of sleepwalking. and more than 60% of kids with two sleepwalking parents became sleepwalkers themselves. the findings show genetics play lesser roles in night terrors. the department of transportation says airlines collected $3.5 billion in baggage fees last year. that's a 5% increase over 2013. $3 billion was made on reservation changes. not all airlines are rolling in the dough. some fees, though. southwest still lets customers check two bags or change the reservation for free. panera bread plans to cut at least 150 artificial ingredients from its restaurant menus by the end of next year. however, artificial ingredient wills remain in some items such as soft drinks.
9:32 am
one man got quite a scare. look at this. when a soft drink truck lost its cargo on a curve near rio di jaer in row. he was able to duck and cover. he wasn't seriously hurt. let's get another check of the weather from al. good morning. >> that had to be frightening. >> isn't that scare y i in. >> i wonder if he got the deposit on the bottles. just kidding. as you can see, we've got a risk of strong storms texas into new mexico. parts of western oklahoma. wet weather extending into the central plains. and back into the mid-atlantic states. beautiful weather on the west coast. high surf advisories central and southern coast of florida as well. we are looking tomorrow at the strong risk of storms. sunshine continues but cooler out along the west coast. and cooler weather starts to make its way back into the northeast with wet weather moving in. sunshine warm due to th
9:33 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. get ready for another warm day. summer-like temperatures. back in the 80s this afternoon. during the afternoon there's a chance we'll see showers and the possibility of some thunderstorms, too. a brick in the heat tomorrow. back to normal for this time of year. 70 degrees the high. still a chance of a shower but not an all-day rainfall on wednesday. then a warm-up. we're back in the 80s for thursday, friday. 85 degrees with sunshine. look at the weekend. high temperature notice upper 80s. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. if you've been wondering when at long last someone will make a grill the size of a briefcase your day has come. >> it's just one of the gifts we have for your summer. with us is our expert katie. >> it's going to be a fun segment. i'm going to start it off with a bang with a first look at a gadget called one wheel.
9:34 am
this is awesome because it goes the speeds of up to 14 miles per hour. it's as close to a hover board you're going to get. no controls. you actually lean forward to go or lean back to stop. >> inventor and ceo. >> wow. that's like a suicide segway. >> it recharges itself in 20 minutes. >> crazy. >> very cool. >> let's get to the grill. >> this is pretty cool. this portable stainless stale briefcase you can pick up transforms into a mini grill. you have a charcoal mini grill in here. just add kebabs. $80. >> beautiful. >> look who it is. >> ellie mason making her debut. in the mamaroo.
9:35 am
this company makes gadgets to make me want to have kids. it's amazing. it's the first controlled infant seat. adorable. what's awesome is you can change the moouchls on the app. using your phone you can change the sounds or movements. and you can also increase the speed. so we're going to get her up. >> that's a happy baby. >> and her mother standing right there. >> wow. all right. >> moving right along. for us girls that love shoes, here is an addictive site. this is shoes of awesome because you can customize your shoe from the material to the heel size. you can go from gladiator to ballet flats. this is awesome. i've inscribed my sister's name into the shoe. how fun is this? you can also use the ipad and work this at nordstrom if you have one by you. but it's about personalizing your shoe. it's one of the comfiest pairs of shoes i've had.
9:36 am
and i think you made a pair of shoes. >> did you? >> me? oh i did? yes i remember that. >> for tamron. >> yes. thank you for the gift that you remembered giving me. >> how are they? >> i didn't open it yet. >> oh. >> and the cool part is if you don't like them, you can return them. with free shipping. >> it's the moment of truth. ellie is bored with this. oh, you made these for me? >> i like that. >> and put on inscription inside there. >> what does it say? >> oh. designed with love by willie. >> did i? i remember that. it was great. >> and the other says designed by love by al? >> al designed you a pair you'll get later on. this is awesome for graduates. how about a hover lamp. that's right. it's using the power of magnets. and it's from home depot. it's an $80 lamp. it's cool because it is an ultimate modern statement piece
9:37 am
as you can see there. it is using the power of magnets. pretty awesome technology. >> hover lamp. cool. >> these shoes are crazy. this is like the best thing. >> aren't they comfy? >> okay, look. >> shoes of prey. >> my gosh. these are amazing. >> and you can actually customize the heel length, the material, the style everything. >> okay. i'm gone now. thank you. >> edible greeting cards. and last but not least, take a pin. because one of my favorite shops are some awesome balloons that are awesome confetti that really go out with a bang. >> yeah! whoo! that's a banging gift. all right. well, if those gifts don't blow your mind this will. new music from jamie foxx. but we mark your entertainment calen ♪ ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh)
9:38 am
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9:42 am
as the weather heats up, so does the month of entertainment. we've got the music and movies that are hot for may. >> entertainment weekly radio host jessica shaw is here with the dates to mark on your calendar. always great to see you. >> hi. >> let's dive right in. may 8th "hot pursuit" hits theaters. >> sophia vergara and reese witherspoon. she's a cop and this is going to be a great summer for women in comedy. we'll see amy schumer coming out later. melissa mccarthy next month. the pitch perfect sequel. >> and we've got a new novel from john grisham. >> theodore boone has a dog named judge. and this is when he started this
9:43 am
series a few years ago it was his answer to harry potter because he joked that he didn't like that jk rowling replaced him as best selling author of all time. >> we were talking about the "mad max" move. >> the trailer is beautiful. >> it's an action movie in the '70s and '80s. it is. same director same creator completely rebooting the frds. now it stars tom hardy and charlize theron who shaved her head for it. >> i love the original. it was good. let's go to billboard music airing may 17th. chrissy teigen and ludacris together. >> they are hosting together. taylor swift has 14 nominations followed by sam smith and iggy azalea. van halen and my favorite example of life imitateing art
9:44 am
imitating life. the actors are singing their songs from a scripted show on an actual awards show. >> wow. mind just exploded. then the day after that jamie foxx comes out with a new album. >> yes. he worked with pharrell on it. he worked with chris brown. he got a lot of heat from the boxing match this past weekend. so on some level he's probably thinking i can sing, don't worry. >> may 22nd "tomorrowland" and the same day, "poltergeist." >> yes. george clooney plays a former boy genius and he teams up with a gifted teenager. had he travels to this place called tomorrowland which is caught between space and time. if it sounds very confusing, it is supposed to. disney is keeping it very under wraps. it's from one of the creators of
9:45 am
"lost." and "poltergeist," reboot of the 1982 horror classic. they wanted to contempt rise it. and so you're thinking a contemporary poltergeist, demons coming through tinder. no. just a house traumatizing a little kid. >> you know what traumatize my kids? on the bus stop, the clowns posters. and may 29th, a movie called "aloha." >> yes. this one bradley cooper stars as a defense contractor who goes to hawaii maybe to rekindle things with his ex-girlfriend played by rachel mcadams. he falls in love with emma stone. this was supposed to star reese witherspoon and ben stiller. but rescheduling happened. bottom line, beautiful people beautiful scenery. >> i love it. >> you said that right. can't wait.
9:46 am
sorry, sorry. >> jeez. >> bradley cooper i don't know what it is. i blush. anyway ways, jessica, thank you. and thank you for being you bradley cooper. >> wow. it never stops. mother's day is sunday so i'm celebrating by making my mom's secret recipe. it is one of my favorite desserts. i promise you you will be licking it clean. and guess what. you don't have to turn the oven on to make it. after this. how does it feel to lose the first 10 pounds on weight watchers? ♪ let's go! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ join for free at and lose ten pounds on us when you sign up before june 1st. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid®. right.
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9:50 am
and that's exactly why avocados from mexico are grown with love, all year round. we are kicking off our mother's cook best. we're gearing up for mother's day. don't you steal that cookie. the four of us will be honoring our moms by sharing their recipes we cherished over the years. i'm up with a recipe you'll go bananas for. >> bananas for. >> my mom admittedly is not a big cook. my dad did most of the cooking. but my mother does a really tasty banana pudding. and whenever she makes it, it's the first thing that's gone. my mom's quite proud of it. and she should be. because it's tasty.
9:51 am
my mother is the most loving person. she was at every track meet, every science fair. but the thing that i love most about her is that come passionate spirit she has for anyone. it is mixing. you're mixing the instant pudding with the milk and the cool whip. yes. i said cool whip. i am southern. my momma's southern too. so you whisk and you whisk. and it's good muscle exercise. and you whisk. and you just smooth it all out. i like to layer the vanilla wafers first. then a layer of put pudding and banana. my mother often makes two of these these. one for guests and one for me. then you go in. >> whoa.
9:52 am
>> wow. >> at home they call me the dinner shoveller. are you ready? you take the whole milk with the instant vanilla pudding. i use whole milk. if natalie were here i'd lie and say i used skim. i'd tell her i was using skim. but i use whole. i'm a moderation person. then you want to go with the condensed milk. add a little gooey sweetness to it. and i have a sweet tooth. so you put that in. and then you fold in -- i'm giving you the fast version of this. so then you fold in your cool whip. and i use the whole cool whip. god bless you if you use the low fat. not for me. all right. so then you fold that in like that. then i layer. as i said, i like a crunchy bottom.
9:53 am
so i put my wafers. and al and i are sensitive. i can use generic for other things but not this. >> no. >> then add the banana. keep folding, keep folding. here we go. got that all done. the chefs make it look so easy, right? so then you layer like that. >> then a little more cookie. >> oh, whoa! >> may we? let's go in. >> look how beautiful this is before we destroy it. here you go. locals coming up. somebody just said it. i know. it's on is the recipe. we're back. this is "today" on nbc. >> that's good.
9:54 am
9:55 am
there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure
9:56 am
they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them. good morning. let's check your first alert forecast with bill henley. seeing warm-up. boathouse row not as brilliantly sunny as it was yesterday. showers just cleared the pittsburgh area. they'll march across pennsylvania and arrive here later this afternoon. so far, we are warming up in spite of the clouds that are
9:57 am
moving into the area. we'll be back in the 80s this afternoon. fire crews in berks county just contained this three-alarm fire. officials tell us it was affecting as many as six homes along laurel street in reading. an electrical issue, they think, is to blame. one person was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. new from overnight, crews cleaned up debris left overnight after a wall collapsed in germantown on east locust avenue. no one was hurt. closing arguments begin in the corruption trial of six former philadelphia narcotics officers of the only one of the accused officers testified and denied charge that is the squad regularly stole cash and drugs over a period of six years. they built their case on the testimony of suspected drug dealers and one ex-officer who pleaded guilty. i'm tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10
9:58 am
app. it's a free download. thanks for watching. have a great day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ >> it's boozeday tuesday. lucky for us cinco de mayo baby. our band is mariachi. >> by the way, if you're wondering the only mariachi band named by the city of new york as new york's finest mar rathje. >> perform every friday night at the meza aztec ca restaurant in brooklyn.
10:01 am
celebrates the victory against the french. >> nice. >> it's not mexican independence day, i know that. ♪ >> i'm kind of digging this. ♪ >> nobody can hear us. >> what? >> this is great guacamole. holy guacamole. we have chips and guac and something -- ♪ something is missing. ♪ >> how are you? >> chef juan pablo. >> in mexico. >> by the way -- ♪ >> by the way, thank you, guys. that was awesome. gracias. by the way, the road to -- >> she has not stopped talking about it. >> thank you, guys. that was awesome. >> what are why you mixing up today? >> we did a cilantro margarita,
10:02 am
some spicy rim. i got the syrup and lime juice. >> should we try? >> please. >> we don't want to be rude. >> have some for the guys as well. >> one for you. >> did you know hoda was there when she was there? >> yes. >> yeah. >> did you make a big fuss over her because she's such a big star or treat her like everybody else? >> everybody is a star there. >> by the way -- >> yummy. >> do everything but come in and take the sweat out of people's belly buttons from what i hear. >> what we do is put a lot of love and people are always happy. >> thank you so so much. thanks for coming to see us. >> i'm glad you like it. >> salud. >> the dessert margarita cupcakes from jones bar here in new york city. >> right. >> it's got lime cake with orange zest tequila, tequila lime. >> give one to you. happy cinco de mayo. it's got buttercream frosting and everything. >> how is that? >> delicious? all right.
10:03 am
thank you so much. thank you so much. >> we've got a big show. melissa rivers is here, we know her as the daughter of our dear departed joan but hoda and i could hear each other in our dressing room screaming our pants off so to speak, laughing. she's written such a funny book. >> you know what, when you open it, because she wrote it a lot during the grieving process, but we were both yelling out lines. did you see this part, that part. >> it's just really, really funny and it just made me miss her all the more, didn't it. >> and here's something earth shattering we are having a presidential candidate on the fourth hour. i mean, how awesome is that. >> we might actually be newsworthy which never happens. >> this is a first in all the years we've worked together, seven years, right. we never had a presidential candidate until now. carly fiorina is brave. >> very brave and so is her husband frank who is with her. we look forward talking to her.
10:04 am
>> the talented willis family here with 12 kids. they're all downstairs. >> i kept mistaking some for the hours others. a lot down there. >> these are not the duggars. these are the williss. >> david letterman is winding down his run on his show and he's doing a lot of look backs and things and guess who was mentioned and shown as a special guest on letterman. kathie lee. >> all right. here it is. we want to see. >> okay. so i was singing "happy birthday" to him. we can't play the audio because we're not allowed. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> where is the rest of it? >> what was the point of that? to make me feel bad about my body now. that's my old body and i want it back. you know i did -- >> you filled in. >> look at me that lasted for five minutes. >> oh, my god. you were tight. >> i know. >> okay. >> i have a couple of great
10:05 am
memories of working with dave and going over to the letterman show. when he had his heart scare. >> bypass. >> yeah. rob his producer called he up and said do you want to be the first woman to ever host "late night with dave letterman" it's one of the things like when they ask you to sing the spar spangled banner you say yes because it's such an honor but then what have i agreed to. >> were you nervous? >> much more nervous to host late night than sing the star spangled banner. >> when you cracked jokes and people lafrds were you fine? >> i knew that was a night my life was going to change. the next day i told regis i was going to leave the show. i know. with him. not because i didn't adore regis. i just wanted to feel that -- >> feeling again. >> of why i had got noon this business begin with to just do -- work that challenges you. it was great.
10:06 am
>> you're forbidden from going on any late night talk shows here on out. >> why? >> in case you decide. >> hoda. >> dave's final show airs may 20th. he's done more than 6,000 episodes and steve colbert will take over. >> when i decided to retire i went on letterman and he leaned over to me, you wonder what he's saying to people. he goes, you're so much smarter than the rest of us. you're getting out. i want to get out. i'm getting out soon. that was 15 years ago. >> here he is. >> taken him a while. we wish him all the best. >> a big night in new york. >> tell us about it. >> the big fashion night, oscars of fashion the met gala happens at the metropolitan museum of art. some of these looks are so crazy but the theme here was china through the looking glass. here are some of the glamorous looks on the red carpet you may love or hate them, who knows. kim car dashen west in roberto ka valley. hard to see but the whole thing was sheer.
10:07 am
>> a nude body suit. >> good crowd dress. . >> around. >> everybody will step on your tail so to speak. >> if you look there were a lot of people who had the same -- that, by the way, beyonce, wore that dress. >> a couple years ago. >> in 2012 and kim wore the white version it looks like, even though different designers and stuff. anyway -- >> they have to outdo themselves every year it seems. outdo each other. a lot of pressure. >> the sheer theme was in. that's beyonce and that's j. lo. i have a feeling those dresses will be the hot ticket. >> only if you have bodies like that. you cannot wear those dresses unless you -- there's no underwear there, hoda. those girls are commando. >> and no bra. >> of course not. >> three people under that one. >> rionda na did it big. yellow train. people were having fun with that dress. a lot of people loved it and thought it looked royal and a lot thought it was way too much. >> yeah. >> that's what i think. way way too much.
10:08 am
>> okay. >> but i'm used to seeing rihanna naked so it's nice to see her way too much. >> lady gaga on the left. kerry washington looks great. >> always an elegance to her. >> yeah. >> sarah jessica parker is wearing -- >> she loves crazy hats. i wish we could see a close-up of that. >> yeah. >> she's wearing h and m by the way. which i guess she represents now. >> yeah. >> and then the classy couple of the night. >> oh, my gosh. >> in g a aliano. >> that are so elegant. >> effortlessly almost. >> right. >> it oozes from them. >> here are the ladies who were in our age group. cher and -- >> helen mirren. >> cher is a little older than we are. >> how old is cher? >> 1946 she was born? >> 70. >> she looks fantastic. you're 50. >> right. >> by the way what i've been blown away by, talking last
10:09 am
night on my podcast donna mills here last week the show called "queens of drama". >> yeah. >> donna mills, she actually told me she is 75 years old. she looks 30. she looks exactly like she looked when i first met her. >> a daughter here in her 20s. >> she adopted her when 20 years old and she goes, i was 55 at the time. look at cher. we have coming up jane fonda and lily tomlin they look amazing. there's hope for us. >> all right. so britain's got talent is like "america's got talent" but airs over there. they were auditioning people one was a 27-year-old singer named lewis who shocked the judges and audience with his performance. take a look at what happened. ♪ and if you feel like i feel baby ♪ ♪ oh, come on ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ ♪ look here look here ♪
10:10 am
♪ you know that i'm a ♪ ♪ because at the end of the night ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ baby baby please don't go away ♪ ♪ you better run run run away baby ♪ ♪ run run run away baby ♪ >> okay. . i guess there was a mike issue and they decided to play right through. >> that's called show business, what you do. >> then everyone was naked. i don't know what happened but it looked fun. >> it was a performance group called forbidden nights. >> they went magic mike on them and that was cool. that's what it was about. okay. let's move on. all right. >> this friday as all fridays we will have give it away again, five people, special prize, you
10:11 am
can enter, you have to enter once a week if you didn't win last week enter again or you're not eligible, okay. >> we must have a lot of money because we have good prizes. >> i don't think we pay for it. >> you're right. >> for the rules and regulations how to enter for a chance to win this week's prize go to hit the connect button. >> all right. what's going on besides guacamole. >> her life was an open book but nobody knew joan better than her daughter. >> we will catch up with the lovely melissa rivers. find out how she's doing and share some stories you never heard before. they're hysterical. carly fiorina is with us and her husband frank looking forward to meeting the question i get the most is probably do you feel fear? what's the closest you've ever come to death? they're boring. i have a website because i need a way to put myself forward in my own way. this is my story and this is how i want to share it with people. i'm alex honnold and this is my squarespace.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
now in a tribute to her mom, melissa rivers has written a book filled with memories and hysterical stories. called "the book of joan" tales of mirth mischief and manipulation." >> welcome. >> great to see everybody. >> she will be so happy with this book. >> she would love -- >> she would be laughing. >> we were in our dressing rooms reading things out loud and yelling across the dressing room. >> i wanted it to be. >> yeah. it was part of the grieving process because this is unbelievable to me. we all went to the beautiful service that was held for your mom, and a publisher just put -- >> oh, come on. they weren't that bad. they waited like 72 hours. >> oh, okay. i thought it was -- we read it was at the event. >> i make a joke about that. no, they waited like i think two three weeks. >> okay. that's respectful. >> i love the fact that everybody believes that which is -- but if you read that whole passage there's a thing about someone else's book she would
10:16 am
have preferred to read because she knows you only be spoken of well. >> that's true. i don't know. seemed -- what was your -- you say your initial reaction was oh. >> absolutely not. i'm not writing a memoir, i'm not writing. they came back and said would you like to write an advice book, like advice your mother gave you. >> yeah. >> i went -- >> maybe. >> and then they told me how much. >> you are your mother's daughter. >> and then i started to say no and i woke up in a cold sweat and thought maybe i would be haunted and said yes. >> what would your mom have said? >> she would have said, why did you even hesitate. our running joke my mother wanted to write a book called "comedian daersest" and put in a safety deposit box so upon her death i could immediately publish publish. >> was it hard writing nis book during the grieving process. >> it saved me.
10:17 am
>> i know. it was cathartic. >> it gave me permission to laugh. as much ass there's warmth and heartfelt it's a funny book. >> yeah. >> and it allowed me to remember stories and laugh and be joyful. >> because did you ever feel like your -- sorry, that your family was normal? did you know ul all along your mother and father the three of you was not your typical american family? >> you're asking me that? >> well -- >> one of my mother's friends. >> i mean your mother was your mother and you talk about how your mom at the end of the day was mrs. rosenberg and she was melissa's mom. >> i like to say on the scale of cleaver to adams. >> yes. >> where are you? >> we skewed closer to adams but not all the way. >> yeah. >> it was a traditional household within a crazy world. >> that makes sense. >> right. >> says another mother, you know. whose kid is terrific.
10:18 am
the drinking and the phone -- >> is she talking about my children? >> she is. >> they're calling me going she's drinking on air again. >> they're used to it. >> what do you want to ask her? >> your humor comes through and some of them are bitty things. you talked about how your mom wanted to buy prince charles a gift because they were pals and she decided to get him a $50 coupon to forever 21. all of that stuff is vintage joan. >> adored her. >> they loved each other. when i describe what they found in her purse. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i mean just -- and the fact that she traveled with money in milk duds boxes and if you take a milk duds box and dump them out it's a good travel wallet. >> two things she was the daughter of russian immigrants and so money was -- she was going to work. >> yes. >> she was the hardest working woman i've ever known in the business and the other thing was death. she was -- i mean obsessed with death. >> always. >> read the obituaries and not
10:19 am
anything else in the newspaper. >> no. i would get these phone calls left on my voicemail every time she would travel just so you know, if the plane goes down, i want the insurance company to hear this i had everything with me. i was -- i took all of my jewelry. i've got paintings in the suitcase. like so sick and so wrong. but you know -- >> yeah. >> that was so joan. >> so her. >> the grieving process is interesting. i think if anyone lost a parent there's a time where everybody rallies and call every five minutes and want to hold your hand and a time when everybody goes back to their lives. was that a difficult window in there when you -- because you're not surrounded the way you were initially by everyone. >> yeah. i got -- there was such an outpouring from the public and from her friends and my friends, that at one point you go like -- i need a minute to breathe and i
10:20 am
had to be very, very -- >> selective. >> selective, thank you. because it became i would go to dinner every night and suddenly i was absorbing everybody else's grief. >> it's exhausting. >> i was like thank you, i need my life back. >> we have to ask, how is cooper doing? >> cooper is great. he's doing well. i talked about this the other day about six, eight weeks ago he came into my room and said something 14-year-oldish. it was suddenly like, oh, my son is there. i saw the fog lift. >> that's great. >> amazing. >> we can't recommend the book -- >> the book is amazing. >> you can't? >> more highly is what i said. >> just hysterical funny and will make you -- remind you of the reasons we so loved your mom. >> by the way -- >> i will see you thursday night. >> see you thursday night at the bernnard. >> and see you tuesday night. >> the pictures in "people" magazine of you and cooper,
10:21 am
gorgeous. >> he's taller than me now. >> stop feeding him. >> if you don't feed them they don't grow. >> if you're graduating this year or know someone who is "modern family" star sarah hyland has advice. >> and she's run a company and now hoping to run the country carly fiorina shows a more personal side to politics coming capri sun. with no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. those are your rules. their rules? there's five people who are it. you gotta hit the target. you can go over, or under. let them figure 'em out. yes! everything they love and now with no high fructose corn syrup. guys, i found tenth base! capri sun. go ahead, let 'em push play.
10:22 am
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10:25 am
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a living. it's just what you do for family. but it's hard to build a future if you can't see past today. that's why walmart is investing in the most important part of our company - our people. because a raise in pay, raises us all. good morning. let's get your warm first alert forecast. bill. >> it's a nice warm one. sunshine to start with.
10:27 am
we're watching scattered clouds this the pocono mountains. those will be thickening up leading to a chance of showers and thunderstorms. look at toms river. 77 degrees now. even 70s in coatsville. it will be in and out of clouds this morning. it's this afternoon that could turn stormy. breaking news in philadelphia that we're following for you. on the seat of crash involving a septa bus and a car at the intersection of broad and bristol. the driver hit the bus. we don't know if anyone was hurt. they do have minor injuries. this is a story we'll have much more on ahead during nbc 10 news at 11:00. today chester county officials expected to release the names of three women killed in a mobile home fire. it broke out yesterday afternoon on hill road. two adults and two children were able to escape.
10:28 am
the cause remains under investigation investigation. new video showing a laundromat robbery. he appears to ask employee a question before pulling out a gun. the suspect forced the worker to give him money before he took off. anyone with information is asked to call police. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in about 30 minutes. you can get the latest news anderand weather with the nbc news 10 app. back to the today show.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this brain teaser tuesday. >> what's the answer. >> we gave you the riddle what do you throw out when you want to use it. >> but take in when you don't want to use it? i don't know. >> yes, you did. the answer is an anchor. >> yes. >> so now to a brand new series we're excited about called candidates uncorked and we're kicking things off with carly fiorina who just yesterday threw her hat into the ring for president of the united states. >> yeah. after working up the ladder through at&t, carly entered the public eye when she came ceo of hewlett-packard the first woman to lead a fortune 20 company and campaigned for senator john mccain during his bid in 2008. she later ran for the u.s. senate in california in 2010. we've been extremely lazy. >> a terrific book called
10:31 am
"rising to the challenge my leadership journey" very different from the one that melissa rivers wrote and here with her husband frank fiorina. welcome. >> hi guys. >> thank you. >> congratulation on this big decision. >> well thank you. >> how does it feel to be -- we've never had a presidential candidate on our show. you brought some beverages. our first and maybe our last. >> well we're so honored to be your first. thank you so much for having us. >> what's great about you as a couple before we get to the other stuff i was reading how you were on your third date with frank and a lot of girls like when she shower you with compliments. frank said to you, one day you're going to run at&t the company you worked for. >> you were a little ahead of her at the company at the time, right? >> i was. >> was that the sweetest thing a man could have said to you on the date? >> yes. first of all he was cute beyond belief. >> he still is. he's a stud muffin. >> thank you. he is. but secondly when you're a young woman, i started out as a secretary, when you're a young woman trying to make it in a man's world it's such a relief
10:32 am
to be taken seriously. >> yeah. >> by someone. particularly someone who's kind of really cute and you like. >> we heard there was making out, in your book making out that happened after the date. >> i remember looking out of the car windows and not being able to see anything so anyway. >> we like that in a presidential candidate. >> it's funny people do google searches on the first day someone runs and the two things people are google searching about you was carly fiorina like party, republican or democrat and carly fiorina age. what it shows me, you're starting with a clean slate with people. people are get to know you, although you've been in the public spotlight for a long time. >> what would you want them to know? >> yes. >> since you are unfamiliar to many people and a long way to go to convince them you would be a a great president. although you have your followers. why would you be? >> i started out as a secretary in a nine person real estate firm and ultimately became the chief executive of
10:33 am
hewlett-packard. that's only possible here in this country which is why i love this country so much. frank started out as a tow truck driver and became an executive at at&t. our stories are only possible here. but i understand how the economy works. i understand how the world work and who's in it. i know most of the world leaders on the stage today and understand bureaucracies and technology and executive decision making and all those things i think qualify me and i think americans are tired of the professional political class. >> sure seems that way. i am. >> what do you think of look once you're in the arena it's a new ball game, were you thumb's up from the beginning or unsure? >> well, about 18 years ago, similar to the ceo comment i made, i knew about 18, 19 years ago, and told her she was going to be president some day. >> oh. >> it wasn't necessarily encouraging her. please don't misunderstand. >> but she had what it took. >> she's a -- from the very first time i met her, she's one of the hardest working
10:34 am
smartest and has more integrity than you know, most anyone i've ever met. >> wow. >> so it was -- it's a really good begin fashion. >> we want to play a get to know you game. >> okay. >> we like to call it on our program, spin the bottle. >> okay. . >> so i am going to spin the bottle. >> all right. >> and go. >> here's the first question. >> okay. if you are working out at the white house gym, what song will you be blasting? >> what's your workout jam song. >> you know, i think the song that makes me happiest is one that our daughter laurie loved by reba mcentire. "man shirt short skirts". >> i love that song. >> by the way we have another one. >> when you first roll out of bed on a saturday what's the first thing you do? you wake up open your eyes? >> coffee. i have to have coffee. >> yes. >> all right.
10:35 am
when was your last belly laugh? beating the carpet tears rolling down. >> i don't know. i find life pretty funny. maybe last night actually. >> right before. >> all right. if you -- first chick flick you'll show at the white house when you all your friends there. >> chick flick, my favorite movie i have to say is "secretariat" about a woman, i'm not sure it's a chick flick, but a woman who exceeds expectations. >> and the horse is good too. >> the horse is good too. >> solution to a bad hair day. we've all had them. >> see, i have a perspective on bad hair days. i started my campaign bald as a cancer survivor so any day with hair is a good day to me. >> all right. how many times have you practiced writing president carly fiorina. president carly fiorina. >> none. >> none? >> none. it strikes me as a little presumptuous. >> it is a pleasure to meet you both. >> thank you. >> cheers. >> good luck with your campaign. >> thank you. >> stay happy. god bless you both. >> thank you. all 14 of them wowed the crowd
10:36 am
on "america's got talent". >> the willis clan is not about to disappoint. they will perform for us. >> if that's not enough "modern family" sarah hyland will tell us about happy anniversary dinner, darlin' i'm messing up every dish, pot, and plate... show my love. ta-da! all this devotion only calls for a little bit of dawn ultra. now even more concentrated. just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this other liquid. you still got it, romeo. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. every time a bargain trash bag breaks you throw your money away. bargain bag users go through 60 more bags a year than glad users. glad. strength that saves. believe me, i put this hair through a lot every day. l'oreal's total repair 5 shampoo system fights 5 signs of damage.
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10:40 am
imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. actor sarah hyland only in her 20s and already a tv, film and stage veteran. >> caught the acting bug early and got into the business when she was 4 years old doing voiceover work and taking roles in commercials. >> played howard stern's daughter in the film "private parts" and brooke shields daughter in the 2008 show "lipstick jungle". >> hoda and i were in it. >> the minute we got on it was canceled. >> sarah has been part of the cast of "modern family" and also produced and stars in the new movie "see you in valhala". >> lovely to see you in new york. >> i can't believe you pulled up the olive garden commercial. >> was it the beginning of it
10:41 am
all? >> no. i did olive garden when i was 18. i look like i was 12. >> how old are you? >> i'm 24. >> you look like a little -- is that good? do you like looking that young? >> i'll enjoy it when i'm 40. >> life is gooded for you now. all kinds of stuff going. did you ever think "modern family" would become the monster hit that it became? >> i think as an actress you always hope for something like that but i don't like to get like too high on something so you all hope for it but you never expect it especially with something like this that's so big. >> when the cast is together, the chemistry, the way it reads is amazing. is the chemistry and all that stuff present when you are just on set? >> it is. >> are you real friends? >> it's present when we go to dinner or if we go on a trip to hawaii or australia -- >> which you have done. >> yeah. it's so much fun and everyone really is like my family and it's -- the kids especially because you get to see them grow up and come into their own and, you know, get like boyfriends
10:42 am
and like kiss girls and everything, like -- >> since you brought up boyfriends. >> whose's yours? >> he is darn cute. >> tell us about him. >> in the taylor swift video, someone said. >> yeah. >> okay. >> very girly. >> you are giggling. >> oh, you got it -- >> which one? that's him? >> oh she's smitten, as my mother would say. >> cute. >> you like taylor swift too, you like the song? >> yeah. i'm friends with her. >> of course you are. >> she's amazing and she's so talented and they -- we've all been friends for a long time and just so happened she had him in it. >> how awesome. talk about your producing now this deal, was that -- did you enjoy producing? was that something you liked? >> it was so fun. it was a blast. my friend brent who wrote it and produced it and his brother jared directed and produced it we had a blast making it. when i was actually -- i was doing a film called "vampire
10:43 am
academy". >> i loved that movie. >> thank you. >> i didn't see it. >> i'm sure you didn't. not a lot of people did. but -- but i was doing post production -- not post. preproduction for the film there. i was like wearing my producer's hat on the side of being a vampire. >> it's great because you're starting early doing that. that can take you anywhere you want to go. >> yeah. >> how was the kentucky derby? did you have a blast? >> i had so much fun. >> first time? >> it was my first time and all the hats. i had hats galore and my friend katie and i had the time of our lives. >> some people go and they don't even -- look at you. is that katie? >> that's my friend katie. >> you all are crazy. i want to hang out with you two. >> great to see you, great to see you're feeling good and happy and giggling like a crazy girl in love. >> today we have an event at the plaza for hawaiian tropic. >> you are a paid spokesperson for. >> yeah. we have a new line island sport coming out. >> okay.
10:44 am
>> it has amazing sun protection while nourishing your skin the hawaiian tropic scent everyone loves and you can workout outside and it stay on you. >> you smell great. >> thanks. >> like the part ridge family they have a bus they're tv's newest flock of song birds. >> the talented willis family, all 14, and they will perform for you exercise. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. so cigna's got your back and your knees, 24/7. cigna's there to answer your questions. or when you need some coaching. in sickness and in health, cigna's there, helping you to get well and stay well. that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna. keep up with everyday messes with the help of roomba from irobot. sensors automatically guide roomba around your home, vacuuming up dirt and debris
10:45 am
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your mom's got your back. your friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do.
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we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education.
10:48 am
teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
10:49 am
♪ last summer everybody in the country was talking about the 14 talented mu sigs known as the willis family. they became known for their show stopping performances week after week on "america's got talent" which took them to the final round. >> now we are getting a glimpse inside the life and adventures of this modern day partridge family on the tlc show called "the willis family." take a look. >> amazing and beautiful children that are talented and good looking. >> jessica. >> jeremiah. >> jenny. >> jennette. >> jackson. >> jasmine.
10:50 am
>> juliette. >> jamie. >> joy. >> jaeger. >> jada. >> how adorable this family. >> we have all 14 of them with us. brenda and tobey. >> wow. >> i thought it was carrie underwood and she had 12 children. >> that was quick. >> a huge compliment. >> what a beautiful family you all are. >> did you know you had a musical group right away? could you feel that. >> when jeremiah put on his sister's tight and started dancing to "the nut cracker" we kind of had an idea. >> would that be you? >> that would be me. i will say that i was 4 years old. >> 4 or 5. >> well putting your family out there on a reality show is exciting but also has some drawbacks. were you concerned about that whole aspect of putting everyone in the limelight? >> a little bit. but you know what, the kids you know, we wanted them to get -- people to see the music and stuff they do. it is a bigger stage.
10:51 am
>> such a stable happy family as opposed to a lot of what we see on reality television. >> do you like the cameras? >> what happened in vegas? >> oh, no, we're not going there. >> the cameras weren't with us in vegas. >> exactly. >> nobody is going to spill the beans. >> oh, no. >> what happened in vegas? >> she was asleep. >> don't go anywhere. the willis family will perform for us. >> this is "today" on nbc. is that you all? ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ we're back with the willis family and they have a new album coming out may 19th. tomorrow dr. oz is going to stop by. >> and from "unbreakable". >> kim my schmidt. >> very funny. >> now a performance by this family we have fallen in love with the willis family. >> singing "heaven."
10:55 am
take it away. ♪ i could stay like this forever wrapped up safely in your arm ♪ ♪ why would i ever want to leave i won't let go ♪ ♪ so this is what it feels like ♪ ♪ to hold forever in your hand ♪ ♪ so this is what it looks like gazing on where angels stand ♪ ♪ if there's such perfection within this fallen world i
10:56 am
wonder what will heaven be like ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so this is what it feels like to hold forever in your hand ♪ ♪ if there's such perfection within this fallen world ibz; wonder what will heaven be like ♪
10:57 am
>> the willis family! [ applause ] >> oh, my gosh. we love you guys. >>
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
news. sky force 10 is over philadelphia where one person was taken to the hospital after reports he was shot. we're really working right now to find out exactly what happened. who this person is. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it on air and on our nbc 10 app. also isis in the u.s. the terror group is now claiming responsibility for a deadly weekend shoot out in texas as we learn about the gunmen behind the attack. isis is vowing to carry out more attacks like the one in texas. jay gray tell mes us about the statement released over an isi


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