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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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en jenkin town. that's where you see the crews working right now to patch up the break and to patch up the street. they're going to be out here throughout the evening. they've been here since this afternoon when neighbors describe what sounded like an explosion that erupted right in front of their home. >> i feel like we're looking at niagara falls. it is as tall as the tray. >> just like a geyser shooting up from the earth, the water main break gave neighbors a midday show in the middle of ashborn road. >> this is unbelievable. i had to come see it for myself. >> crews began the cleanup after they stopped the water from spewing, but the damage was done. >> we don't have water. >> she was expecting twins in three months lives in one of the ten houses on the block immediately without water. >> well it's kind of tough. it's hard, i'm pregnant, you know. >> it's going to take a little while to get it fixed.
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it'll be closed for about six hours. they said the road will open probablier around 1:00 in the morning. >> despite the inconvenience, many neighbors are taking it in stride. >> this is the most exciting thing i've seen in the past couple of years. >> on the block? >> on the block. >> incredible sight. >> yeah. never happens. >> the good news of course is that nobody was injured, and no cars were driving on the street at the time. no cars were parked on the road. again, the crews will be out here through about midnight, 1:00 in the morning. nbc 10 news. now on to more breaking news we're following for you. two little boys were hit by a van. >> happened this afternoon in philadelphia's logan section. the two brothers were rushed to the hospital even before an ambulance arrived. drew smith is live at st. christopher's hospital. first and foremost, how are the boys doing? >> well the boys one of them is still in critical condition, the other is stable.
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police arrived fairly quickly at this scene, helped get the boys to einstein medical center, took them in a private car. but doctors decided they needed to come here for st. christopher's hospital for children. this happened around 1:15 this afternoon on broad street. a 2-year-old boy critical with a head injury. a 4-year-old brother of that boy has a broken leg. the mother and kids crossed the street in the middle of the block. they were not in the crosswalk. the two boys apparently darted out ahead and a work van hit them. a witness told us it was then horrible to watch as the mother tried to help the boy with the most serious injuries. and the driver of the van did stop and cooperated with police. >> it was devastating. i just really hope and pray that the children make it through it. i'm glad that the guy did stop and do the right thing. >> now, police have not charged anyone in this case. they did drive off the van that hit those kids. took it into evidence. but, again, no one charged. they cleared that scene and open
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broad street up around 3:00. live at st. christopher's hospital in philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> new at 5:00 a chester county massage therapist is accused of sexual assault. james deter worked in west ocean township. said the therapist earned the victim's trust over a number of point appointments and then assaulted her. also worked as pathways to healing in lancaster county. police think there could be other victims. if you know anything they would like to hear from you. opening statements today in the trial of an exterminator accused of murdering a doctor in philadelphia. a center city jury will hear evidence over the next several days. jason smith confessed to strangling the pediatrician in a fit of anger after she complained about his work. his attorney says that should be ignored because his client was interrogated for hours in a sleep deprived state. smith is accused of strangling the doctor inside her center city home in 2013.
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then he allegedly set up a fire to cover up the crime. dr. ketunuti worked at children's hospital in philadelphia. prosecutors say she begged for her life before being strangled. a police officer hit and killed two people walking on the new jersey turnpike early this morning. the two men were in a car that broke down on the southbound side of the road in washington township. the men were walking on the northbound side of the road when they were hit by a washington township police officer. the accident is under investigation. no charges have been filed. >> all right. we want to show you the live pictures right now from southwest oklahoma. news crews are chasing a severe storm out there. sheena it's quite a scene there out west. >> oh sure is. there's a tornado warning out for that particular storm. so the footage you're seeing is actually from a chopper that is in the air. they do this regularly. so they know how to go around these type of storms.
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so here is at one point the funnel clone actually reaching the ground. this is a tornado on the ground. it lifted back up pretty quickly. it's hit or miss at this point. you watch it wait for that funnel cloud to touch the ground. and if it stays on the ground long enough that's when we have serious problems. but, of course that's right outside of oklahoma city. and they are watching that very closely. it's still ongoing. that tornado warning is still middle of the country. but locally, we have some light showers around too. nothing severe we don't expect anything like that. around the philadelphia area up towards trenton, some very light showers around even through lehigh valley. you see some scattered light showers in parts of bucks and montgomery county. locally, though in philadelphia looking at liberty one and two, seeing just about overcast skies. so for the remainder of the evening, we'll see passing showers in the forecast. most of these staying on generally the light side. the cloud cover and the rain and the wind direction have held temperatures down 74 in philadelphia and wilmington,
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mid-60s areas north and west through the lehigh valley. wildwood atlantic city coming in at 66 degrees. 6:00 p.m. 71 degrees, still a chance of a shower still cool outside. 8:00 tonight, be a little cooler about the mid-60s. clouds hang around and 10:00, 60 degrees. another warm-up coming before the weekend gets here and a stroech of warm dry air in the forecast. i'll show you how long that will last. plus your mother's day forecast is coming up. new at 5:00 an ex-eagle fires a shot at his former coach. >> does chip kelly have a problem with african-american players? mccoy suggests, yes, he does. john, everybody's talking about this today. break it down for us. >> yeah basically new bills running back mccoy said he was done talking about the eagles right? not so much. he's back and this time he's intimating a very serious allegation. here is what he is telling espn
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the magazine. >> see how fast he got rid of all the good players, especially the good black players. he got rid of them the fastest. there's a reason he got rid of all the black players, the good ones like that. that is mccoy. shady says his relationship with chip was never great. now, former eagles offensive lineman was dismissed by chip as a coach after this past season. and he said some players felt there is quote, a hint of racism, end quote with chip. kelly responded to that claim at the nfl owners meetings in march. >> in 2015 -- >> now, this offseason, the majority of players chip kelly has brought in are black. and mccoy is expected to be replaced by demarco murray as the starting running back who is also black. just the facts. i'm john clark, we'll see you at
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6:00. >> thank you very much. in the meantime, stumblinging ingto the ground barely able to get to her feet. pushed to her limits. video of the training exercise at a new jersey military base and has a lot of people talking. cydney long explains just ahead. in the meantime oil train explosion. check out this fiery train accident out west. what officials are saying about the crash that has an entire town evacuated. and patco riders your commute may get tricky this summer. how repair work could change your ride and also make things better further down the track.
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have a look at this now. this is viral video showing a female soldier stumbling during a training exercise. >> she falls to her feet twice but manages to rally her strengths to get back up. now it's raising questions about whether the military training just goes too far. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter is live to explain. cydney? >> reporter: well, i can tell you this is one of the most rigorous mental and physical courses the military has to offer. we talked to ft. dix today, ask they told me of the 100 soldiers who signed up and mind you, they're in tiptop training shape, 80 of them dropped out
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before the finish line. proof captain cud in a class all her own. strengthened and endurance training course sara cud leans on a rifle to get up refusing to give up, even with 35 pounds on her back. >> and i never lost consciousness. i was just very weak. >> her legs turned to jell-o and she couldn't stand up straight any longer. >> i like endurance sports anyway. from my perspective, i don't think i quite reached a limit, but i was close. >> one of the toughest courses in the military but is it too dangerous or extreme? >> i think it's designed to be extreme. >> we shared the video with the college of health and physical sciences. >> does seem a little bit dangerous, though. >> seems extreme in your mind? >> yeah. but she wanted to do it and did it so good for her. >> reporter: and the personal trainer, as a former
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chiropractor for the philadelphia flyers he knows rigorous versus dangerous when he sees it. >> i saw human willingness to succeed to push themselves beyond what they normally could. >> he says it's what we expect of our nation's best. >> whether we like it or not, this is what we asked them to do for us and expect them to do for us. so these individuals when put in certain situations have to look back at this and say, i know i can do it because i've been there before, i've done something similar. >> and says there was no medical emergency, she did have an iv in the tent nearby following the endurance race. and then later that day, participated in the graduation earning her expert field medical badge. it was a huge accomplishment. live in glassboro, nbc 10 news. a developing story out of the middle east just a short time ago, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's party announced a new government.
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agreed to a deal to form a new coalition government between the parties. netanyahu will now control just 61 seats in the 120-member parliament. federal investigators are looking into what caused a fiery train accident in north dakota this morning. a train carrying crude oil derailed near the small town of. the community was evacuated, no one was hurt. and just last week we told you about new federal safety regulations for trains carrying crude oil. the new rules are in response to fiery train crashes in the u.s. and canada. federal transportation officials said thousands of older tank cars must be phased out. in their place, new tankers with thick outer shells and thermal linings to keep them from rupturing. a new electronic braking system must also be in place. the new regulations go into
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effect october 1st. developing in baltimore, investigate the entire police department. that's what the mayor wants the u.s. justice department to do. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman it's to improve relations between officers and the community. >> the national guard has pulled out and baltimore state of emergency today has lifted. but stephanie rollings blake says the federal government needs to investigate her police department. >> baltimore continues to have a fractured relationship between the police and the community. >> the justice department is already investigating whether freddie gray's rights got violated by any or all of the six cops charged in his death or by others. the new probe would look at the pattern of policing in baltimore. who gets arrested gets treated aggressively. the recent record is disturbing. 100 lawsuits. >> we have now, over the last four or five years paid out $6
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million in settlements because of excessive force. >> a federal probe of the ferguson missouri police in march found the pattern of racism. now the feds look at baltimore. >> whatever they find need to do to repair the relationship with the community and have a department that that our citizens deserve. i'm determined to get that done. >> the police in many of their supporters complain cops are being sent out to deal with broken families, bad to grow and they will likely take decades to repair. >> but good policing, most agree, might help. >> the feds will look at thousands of police records and talk to cops and citizens to uncover how baltimore was being policed before the explosion. i'm steve handelsman nbc news, washington. we may be seeing more drones in the skies. the federal aviation administration loosened the
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rules on drones, again, today. a new drone program called path finder is in the works. it lets a railroad company perform aerial inspections of train tracks. tv news crews will use them over disasters like last week's earthquake in nepal. some farmers will use them to inspect or spray crops. amazon and googling are hoping the experiment works so they can start drone deliveries. it's been a few months since we've heard the phrase deflategate. but it's back. and nfl investigation has found that new england patriots employees likely did deflate footballs. and that quarterback tom brady was, at least, generally aware of the rules violations. the nfl began the investigation after the patriots won the afc championship game in january. and that's when the indianapolis colts complained that several footballs were underinflated. the report released today said league investigators found no evidence that coach bill belichick or team management knew of the practice. listen to this now, a
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frantic mother was held hostage at knife point. she couldn't call 911. so she ordered pizza. we're not kidding here. it was actually quite brilliant. she used a pizza ordering app to secretly send a message to police. here's how it went down. the woman's boyfriend held her and her three kids hostage in a florida home. apparently, she kept sharpening a large knife in front of them. so the woman used a pizza hut app. she placed an order and included two secret messages. >> the order comes through and edited her ticket. so on the bottom it said hostage help and on the top it said, get 911, help. >> i don't know if i would have thought of it. it was something she did so naturally. the boyfriend never knew about it until he saw us coming around the corner. >> and tonight, the woman's boyfriend is in jail. the mother and her children are safe. >> well much cooler day for us today. but if you liked the 80s they
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are coming back. 80-degree temperatures will be returning as we go into your weekend. so that's great news. it looks dry as we go into mother's day. i'll show you that forecast too, in a minute. and a dry stretch of weather, really. aside from that we're watching the tropics. there is something brewing over the bahamas right off the east coast of florida. and that will ultimately change our wind direction over the weekend. and that may be giving us slightly cooler temperatures still in the 80s though. here's a live look out at center city overcast skies, and we're still continuing to see passing light showers. nothing very heavy. but don't be surprised if you see one for the rest of the evening. 74 degrees right now in philadelphia. so certainly a much cooler day than yesterday. now, as far as the pollen is concerned, today it is low. this is going to be the lowest for a while. so hopefully you're able to notice it wasn't as high today. tomorrow, it's going to jump up to a 10.2. look what happens friday saturday, sunday. that pollen shoots up there. if you need the allergy medication, you can plan on it for the next several days.
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temperatures north and west through the lehigh valley in the mid-60s. 70 degrees northeast philly 66 atlantic city wildwood 69 in dover. average high 71 degrees. we're actually a little closer to where we should be today for this time of the year. few light showers around. mainly to the north and west of i-95. so right around hamilton township, 295 in mercer county. moderate showers and light scattered showers through upper bucks county and moving into the lehigh valley around the philadelphia area. so, again, don't be surprised if you see some passing showers. and i also mentioned that area in the tropics we're watching. area of low pressure over the bahamas. it has pretty good circulation here it's slow moving but does have the potential to increase in intensity, which would be our first named storm of the season which would be ana. right now, it's an area of disturbed weather. here's what the models are predicting. and a lot of them have come together in agreement on this. so as we go through time here this area gets a better
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circulation, possibly becoming our first named storm of the season, maybe even moving into the carolinas, possibly south carolina. a lot of computer models are agreeing on that. now, it's not unusual to have a named storm before june 1st when hurricane season starts but this one may certainly be our first one. what it'll be doing for us locally, though is pulling in an onshore wind. that would mean cooler winds moving in onshore. dropping those weekend high temperatures for a bit but still in the 80s. cooler winds coming in off the water. water, 54 degrees. along the shore saturday and sunday, you can expect it to be a little cooler. inland temperatures will still be in the 80s but the farther inland you go the warmer it should be with the onshore flow because of that system to our south. for tonight, though mostly cloudy chance of early showers passing by 56 for the low in philadelphia 48 degrees north and west. then tomorrow mix of sun and clouds temperatures will be warmer right around 80 degrees. so a nice day tomorrow friday looks good too. mid-80s going into the weekend. we did drop the temperatures a
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bit because of that developing system to our south. but it still looks dry across the board. 82 trees saturday and sunday, and we stay dry starting next week. >> you're not going to like this now. patco riders should expect more delays over the summer. the reason why, track work on the ben franklin bridge is to blame. here's a live look at patco. what they want to do to finish a two-year $103 million project by november instead of next april. now, in order to do that there'll be even more train delays between july and september. there'll be fewer delayed trains -- daily trains i should say between july 4th and labor day. the schedule will be similar to the one used last year with service every 15 minutes during rush hour. are you tired? well by this time of day, it's understandable. but do you wake up exhausted? if so you're not alone. many of us just aren't getting enough sleep. next, why people in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware actually get less sleep than people in most other states. and what can be done to fix
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be honest with yourself right here. how well you sleeping these days? chances are it's not long enough. >> new research shows people who live in our area actually get less sleep than people in most other states. the average american gets nearly seven hours of sleep per night. that's an hour less than the eight recommended by sleep experts. and 40% of people reported getting less than four hours of restful sleep. now, one possible reason more than half of those surveyed say they use those electronic devices, smartphones, tablets. and they use them in bed. the light from those devices can throw off your sleep rhythms.
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so here's how our area ranks, compared to other states pennsylvania came in 26th with people getting an average of 6.7 hours of sleep. just under half say they don't think they get enough sleep. and 53% use electronic devices in bed. now, new jersey ranks 32nd. people there get slightly less sleep at 6.6 hours. and more people use electronics in bed. that's 63%. delaware has the lowest ranking in this region at 41. the average sleep is 6.6 hours per night and 71% of people use their phones tablets and other gadgets. it's so easy to do and so tempting with it being right there. but that light will wake you right up and keep you up. >> got to get rid of those devices for sure. trouble getting back on track. >> pennsylvania senators are leading the charge. break up the backlog of disability claims. next. what they say must still be done at philadelphia's v.a. plus this. >> this poppy field is hidden. >> from the jersey shore to the
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drug cartel's backyard law enforcement's long journey to columbia to battle an epidemic here on the home front. >> i'm ted greenberg, with the lessons they brought back to deploy in the garden state. come on now, you sit there and almost killed another officer, you don't think that the whole world pretty much knows what you've done? >> for seven weeks, his son's killer was on the loose and terrorizing the local community. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the father of trooper brian dixon tells nbc 10 why he's trying to forgive his son's killer. and the special way he remembers trooper dixon every day.
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a 2-year-old boy is in critical condition, and his 4-year-old brother has a broken leg after a work van hit them right in front of their mother. the accident happened when the woman and three children crossed the middle of broad street in those city's logan section. the two brothers are at st. christopher's hospital. the van driver stayed on scene. police do not expect to file any charges. sky force 10 over a water main break that sent water shooting into the air. take a look at that. this is along ashburn road in
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montgomery county. the water is now off. ten homes are without water while repairs are completed. a group including two pennsylvania senators is calling for an independent investigation of how the veterans affairs department is handling the backlog of disability claims. >> they also introduced legislation that would overhaul the process. nbc 10's jim rosenfield here with more on today's recommendations. >> in a report released today, the group points to neglected male and manipulation of claim dates as evidence of a potential department wide issue. local senators bob casey and pat toomey are part of the group that released that report. also announced legislation that would require an investigation into all 56 regional officers. the 21st century veterans benefits delivery act would create a system that can withstand surges in disability claims. it would be designed to avoid generating another veterans disability claim backlog. >> the idea that they should come home and have to wait these
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unbelievably long periods of time to get a simple adjudication of a perfectly legitimate claim is outrageous and it's unacceptable. >> backlog at the philadelphia v.a. is roughly 245 days. a recent report found extensive mismanagement at the facility including neglected male manipulation of dates to make old claims look new and alteration of quality reviews. groups including veterans of foreign wars american legion and veterans endorsed today's report and the legislation. tim rosenfield, nbc 10 news. our streak of presummer weather coming to an end. those temps nowhere to be found today. >> no heavy rain either. we dodged that bullet. sheena parveen has tonight's forecast. what are we looking at sheena? >> well looking at the clouds still sticking around and even some passing showers. don't be surprised if you still see one before the night is over. cooler temperatures today, like jacqueline mentioned. no 80s mostly in the 70s and
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60s. live look out at citizens bank park. overcast skies, few showers around too. mostly on the light side. bucks county upper montgomery county, delaware county we're still seeing light showers, even through mercer county. majority of these sitting north and west of the i-95 corridor confined to pennsylvania. and we're still seeing them through much of the lehigh valley. they're fairly light and we'll see passing showers through the rest of the evening tonight and overnight tonight, dealing with the cloud cover. not too much in new jersey or delaware, we are still seeing the overcast skies and the cooler temperatures, 66 right now in allentown, 64 redding, 74 in philadelphia, 73 in millville, we are about 10 degrees cooler today than we were yesterday. and as we go through the evening, still a chance of some passing showers by 6:00 p.m. by 8:00 mid-60s. a little cooler by 10:00, around 60 degrees. if you like the 80-degree temperatures, those will be coming back to the forecast. i'll show you that and the mother's day weekend coming up.
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one person died when a car and truck collided in gloucester township and the car crashed into a pole that created traffic problems. fire crews had to cut the roof off the car to get the driver out. he later died. four apartments are damaged after a fire this afternoon in chester county. this is monument road. the fire started before 1:00, no one was hurt. the fire marshal is investigating. well some children in south philly are offering hope to other kids almost 1,500 miles away. the fifth annual hoops for haiti at meredith elementary school. the event raises money so children in haiti can go to school. over the years, students have raised $25,000 to send 100 kids to school. got to love that. also, there's this. the highest honor, a civic honor, aptly called the philadelphia award. >> since 1920 it's been given to some 80 people who have served in the best interest of the city.
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nbc 10 tells us more about this year's winners. >> jacqueline and keith, we have to tell you now, in less than an hour from now, three people will receive the award. kenny gamble comcast founder ralph roberts and his wife actress, tv show host and philanthropist suzanne roberts. recently, we sat down and talked. >> suzanne roberts is awash we motion when asked about the philadelphia award. >> makes me so proud. makes ralph so proud. that we would get that far in life. >> she says the two met in 1937 in a ballroom at the bellevue. >> we met under strange circumstances. >> on stage was an entertainer riding a unicycle and asking for volunteers. >> and i volunteered. >> you volunteered? >> of course. that's the kind of nut i was.
5:36 pm
>> watching from the audience, a young wharton student ralph roberts. >> four years later, they married, beginning a 73-yearlong loving partnership. he went on to found the communication giant comcast. she became a star of the stage and patron of the arts. >> i love theater. and i think it can do so much to reach people. >> but she believes the family's greatest gift is the roberts proton therapy center at the university of pennsylvania. >> nothing was more exciting to me than the people who came over and said you know you saved my life, and i'll tell you, it makes me want to cry again. >> everywhere you look in the roberts home you see native american art and culture. its roots are in the '60s when the roberts took all five young children on a summer vacation to a navajo vacation. them to see what it is to give back.
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>> her passion continues recently making news by giving one of the largest private gifts ever to the johns hopkins center for american indian life. >> there's something inside me from maybe an early age that needs to help. we're blessed with wonderful children, grandchildren and our love of our home city. >> of course comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. also being honored tonight is legendary song writer producer and visionary kenny gamble. he's been given the philadelphia award for his work in serving the community. head of international records. nbc 10 news. >> thaurey're so deserving. thank you. preparing for the pope. the pontiff's visit to philadelphia this fall will be quite a security challenge. so what can philadelphia police and other officers expect?
5:38 pm
we talk to a security expert about what the pope's visit will mean. and tackling a growing drug problem overseas at its source. meet the jersey shore police detective who boarded a plane and headed to colombia.
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there's over two hundred thousand students in philadelphia. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
5:40 pm
at candidate for a school board seat in montgomery county has come under fire this week for racist internet comments that were posted under his name. scott misus running for a seat on the school board will no longer be supported by the local republican party. montgomery county gop officials dropped support after the comments were discovered online. deemed offensive to race and religion. the comments were linked to a facebook account under the name of scott misus. some of them poked fun at minorities. the republican party said they asked him about the comments and he avoided answering. >> sometimes not answering the question is answering the
5:41 pm
question. that's how we're taking it. that question was asked of him and there was a little bit of a dance that went on. and we take that as frankly, he did it. >> nbc 10 reached out to the candidate on the phone and at his house. he did not return our request for comment. his name will still appear on the ballot because it is too late to remove him. all right. get this one, the pope visits in september, philly's population could double. that's a challenge for security. talk to an expert about how police are preparing to keep everyone safe. and i'm still tracking passing showers this evening. otherwise, 80-degree temperatures make a return through your weekend. i'll show you that forecast and what it means for mother's day coming up. plus a medical marvel. this man left the pennsylvania hospital today without a human heart. what's keeping him alive and how he plans to celebrate his release.
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making sure that you know there's a medical emergency, can we get to people? can we get in and out? is there an evacuation plan? should there be any for that sort of thing? >> philadelphia's top cop commissioner charles ramsey spoke exclusively with nbc 10 just yesterday about preparing for the pope. the police commissioner talked about plans to keep everyone
5:45 pm
safe when pope francis visits philadelphia in september for the world meeting of families. so how does one department plan for an event that as many as 2 million people are expected to attend? >> let's take that question to a security expert. four months away from the pope's visit. matthew horace joins us live. an extensive background in security. the chief security officer at fjc security services. it's a company that focuses on prevention and protection. horace is a former federal agent at age 25. he also has national security experience. let's start right here. this is going to be huge in september. what kind of security presence should we expect in philly? >> well this is going to be an event of monumental proportion. nothing like the city of philadelphia has seen for quite some time. i think you can expect to see several things. one, the military will be integral in the planning and execution of the security plan.
5:46 pm
three, there'll be people brought in from all over the east coast, all over the region to help support this. 2 million people in a public space presents challenges for law enforcement. >> we know this is the people's pope, as we can see from that video. he will be very hands on with the public. he will mingle could be unpredictable. how much more difficult is it when there's that close interaction and what delphia police department is very experienced at handling parades, details, protests. this is a hands on pope. he's made that very clear throughout his visits around the world. but the secret service the u.s. department of state, the fbi, the atf, the u.s. marshals all the federal law enforcement agencies will be brought in and mobilized to support this visit. >> let's talk about the protest now. last week of course saw the large crowds march through the streets of philadelphia. how would you say police handled that situation? >> well the philadelphia police did an outstanding job. now, keep in mind they had a day and a half to two days to
5:47 pm
prepare for it. baltimore was taken totally off guard both at the mayor's level and the police level. philadelphia police is very experienced at handling large crowds. with that said, 2 million people are a lot of people. and the philadelphia police their collaborative partners at the federal level, the military they're working right now, and they will be working up until the time of the event to ensure that the pope comes in and out of philadelphia without incident. >> i know they're hoping to anticipate every scenario possible, even sending officers to rome and to the vatican to fully prepare. security effort matthew horace, thank you for joining us. count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest. get updates delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders wants to break up the nation's largest banks. today, he and california congressman brad sherman introduced legislation called the too big to fail too big to exist act. because breaking up big banks will safeguard the economy and
5:48 pm
prevent another taxpayer bailout. if passed these institutions would no longer be eligible for a taxpayer bailout for the federal reserve. >> no single financial institution should have holding so expensive that the value would send the world economy into crisis. >> the list would include bank of america, citigroup, jpmorgan chase and wells fargo. >> a cooler day for us with cloud cover, and our winds giving us cooler temperatures too. but the 80-degree temperatures will be returning after about tomorrow. we'll still be in the upper 70s. dry as we go through your mother's day weekend. anything you want to do this weekend, we have tweaked the weekend temperatures though because of something we're watching in the tropics developing around the bahamas. that may be influencing our wind direction over the weekend. now, for today, we only got to 77 degrees, so we're close to 10
5:49 pm
degrees cooler than yesterday. average high 71. tomorrow, we'll be in the upper 70s. but then by friday, we jump into the mid-80s again, and over the weekend, we should be right around the low 80s. temperatures north and west through the lehigh valley. mid-70s, philadelphia right now. 66 degrees in trenton, 74 wilmington, 73 millville, 69 in dover. so you certainly notice the cooler air today, but that is going to start to change as we go into the next couple of days. we still do have a few passing showers, these are on the lighter side across burlington county. very light scattered showers in parts of bucks and montgomery county, as well. even around the philadelphia area, moving into parts of gloucester county. these are light, nothing heavy, and we'll continue to expect those as we go through the evening. now we look over the bahamas, we're seeing an area of low pressure. it's getting a little better organized, but it is fairly slow to develop. it's a slow mover, too. but models have been pretty
5:50 pm
strong in agreement that this is going to possibly develop into our first named storm of the season. hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st. it's not unusual to have a named storm before the season starts. here's what it looks like on future weather. there you see it's slowly moving up toward the carolinas. the spin on this is expected to get better. you'll notice it looks a little bit more like a tropical storm. at that point, it would be named ana. locally, we don't expect the rain from this. looks like it should be hitting the carolinas. but it will be influencing our wind flow come this weekend. and onshore wind means cooler temperatures. ocean water is 54 degrees right now. so the wind coming over the ocean. that's going to give us cooler temperatures along the shore. and inland not as warm as we originally thought because of that system in the tropics. but the farther inland that's where you'll find the warmer temperatures as we go across the weekend. still expecting the 80s, though. chance of early showers passing by. 56 for the low in philadelphia. 48 degrees north and west. then tomorrow mix of sun and
5:51 pm
clouds. 76 to 80 degrees and we expect those passing showers like we saw today. and friday we jump into the mid-80s. it'll be warm to end out the week. saturday and sunday low 80s now because of that onshore wind and we do expect to stay warm even going into next week. but looks really nice so far, for your mother's day weekend. >> all right, thank you very much. >> check this out. in delaware a horse stuck deep in mud is back on his feet today. kentucky was buried up to his nose after running in a stream in kent county saturday. take a look. a team of about 60 people helped clayton volunteer firefighters dig kentucky out and pull him up to safety. we're told kentucky's doing surprisingly well today. some cuts and a lot of mud still in his tail. >> a large team effort. turning now to something that is a huge issue at the jersey shore. heroin overdoses, they are reaching epidemic levels. >> officers are so concerned about it they're traveling overseas. next, the field trip it takes officers right to the source of the illegal drugs.
5:52 pm
then coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00 philadelphia announces its plan to crack down on vacant businesses. but what about vacant homes threatening neighborhood safety?tm tracking down officials for answers.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
new at 5:00 the battle against our region's heroin epidemic took a group of new
5:55 pm
jersey law enforcers on an eye-opening journey to south america. >> they went to the source to bring back new skills to fight the drug trade here at home. ted greenberg with the story. >> they are easily concealed by the vast and mountainous colombian country side but glenn miller says when he walked into a field of poppy plants, he saw death. >> when i look at that little pink flower i knew someone was going to die because of that plant. >> the chief of detectives showed us these images he captured last month on a dea sponsored trip to bogota and beyond. >> this poppy field was hidden in the middle of pastures. >> there he and other members of law enforcement from new jersey fighting regional opiate epidemic got a firsthand look how the national police of colombia cultivate and share intelligence in their battle against the heroin trade. >> this is where you go to see how it should be done.
5:56 pm
they've learned from their cocaine business on how to handle eradication. >> this is the source. and we need to learn from the source and we need to see how it's being transported into our country, and how it's being transported into our county. >> miller won't go into detail. but tells me some of the intelligence skills he picks up in colombia will be put to use here involving federal, state, local authorities possibly by the end of the summer. >> it'll be an information sharing operation that we haven't done here in ocean county in any coordinated fashion. we're going to try to fix that. >> strengthened relationships between law enforcement agencies in new jersey. in far away fields to help battle havoc at home. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a father's loss. >> and i always tell him dad loves you. >> for the first time we're
5:57 pm
hearing from the father of brian dixon for seven weeks, his son's killer was on the loose and terrorizing a local community. coming up, why he's trying to forgive eric frien. two children hit by a van in the middle of a philadelphia street. more on the mother's desperate attempt to save her sons. and then a geyser of water burst through a neighborhood street. how it happened and what's being done to clean it up. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
5:58 pm
jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
5:59 pm
for the first time the father of a murdered pennsylvania state trooper talks with nbc 10 about the loss of his son. corporal brian dixon was gunned down outside the bluming grove barracks back in september. >> now he's behind bars and awaiting trial. over the weekend, dixon's mother said she has forgiven frein. >> but his father is still struggling with that. and doug shimell found out, both parents want frein to face the ultimate form of punishment. >> how easy was it for you to forgive him? >> i'm still working on it. >> corporal brian dixon's father father --
6:00 pm
>> we wanted to let people know people want to back you have a little bit and look at the big picture. >> he is charged with the sniper slaying of corporal dixon and the wounding of alex douglas last september that triggered a 7-week man hunt. >> i don't dwell on eric frein. because all it does is cause anger and resentment. he says moving the trial is pointless. >> you sit there and assassinated our son and almost killed another officer you don't think that the whole world pretty much knows what you've done? >> and when they met with governor tom wolf monday. >> he said that ain't going to happen. he said well then you understand, i had to ask because i'm his mother. >> to quell the hurt


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