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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. nbc 10 breaking news. >> new reports of injuries have emerged overnight following a tornado outbreak in the midwest and we have new video of those twisters and the damage they left behind. and some breaking news here at home. an intersection shut down and police officer injured after a car t-boned his cruiser. a live picture of the cruiser and the damage to it. we are checking out how other victims are doing as well. the search continues for a teen robbery suspect who escaped from custody in handcuffs. hear his mother's plea to her son on the run. a live look at center city philadelphia this morning. 56 degrees. we're off to a cooler start this morning but looking ahead to the return of the 80s and we're not talking aqua net and acid wash kreens.
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this is nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. we understand meteorologist bill henley has a piano keyboard tie in his closet. >> good morning, chris. we have a beautiful start to the day. mother nature has changed her tune piano keyboard tie or not. we will see sunshine. not need umbrellas. the showers cleared out and enough sunshine to warm us in the low 80s. it is cooler down by 15 degrees for trenton, northeast philly and writestown at 50 while 60 in wilmington, current temperature is falling there, 56 in roxborough northeast philadelphia 56 degrees, as well. stand by for a beautiful day ahead, a nice pleasant start, 60s by 6:00 9:00 66 and then low 70s and climbing as lunch time today. getting ready to climb into the vehicle, head out the door and get a traffic report jessica boynton in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning. we're still quiet as it would normally be around this time.
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dealing with ongoing construction on the vine street expressway. our cameras around broad street. see drive times hardly affected by this. westbound lanes over there you can see that lane restriction. only one lane getting through from broad street up into the schuylkill expressway. still under five minutes headed westbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway. as we check out the rest of our majors, no problems for 95 schuylkill blue route headed southbound. i'll check with mass transit coming up. some breaking news back to this. a philadelphia police officer was injured on his way to a call. this happened when his car collided with a pe p patrol vehicle at an interskion. matt delucia is live on the scene in southwest philadelphia. >> both vehicles the people inside were taken to the hospital for minor injuries and observation. right now we're at 58th and woodland. see right here the damage to both of these vehicles. police say that white car t-boned the patrol car you see over there in the distance. you see
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idual here investigators have been out here taking pictures of this scene and as of this moment here's what we know. a little before 3:00 this morning the officer was responding to a call for help in the area with emergency lights on. the crash happened right here in the intersection sending that police suv into a traffic pole. the officer injured his hand and may have a concussion. there were three people in the other car, including a child. they were taken to the hospital as well for observation. the injuries as i mentioned to all considered to be nonlife-threatening and back live on the scene, see 58th and woodland is still shut down. it could be for a little while longer as the investigation continues this morning. i'm still getting new information but yeah a lot of damage out here to the front of this vehicle. even a traffic light out there by that police suv where that officer is right now. traffic light was completely knocked off the pole. so again, quite a bit of a scene out here at the moment but again, those injuries not
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considered to be life threatening. we will be back again in 30 minutes. live in southwest philadelphia matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we're breaking news in the midwest. tornadoes tore through several states last night causing damage and injuries. you're looking at storm chaser video of one of the twisters that hit kansas. also this morning, oklahoma,'s governor is preparing to declare a state of emergency. nbc 10's tracy davidson live in our digital operation center tracking the damage. >> the tornados have damaged, have destroyed dozens of buildings. there are some injuries so far, though officials say no one has died. first let's show you more of that tornado that was caught on video near lincoln, kansas. it touched down just south of the city snapping trees and power lines. now to oklahoma where there's a lot of damage in and around oklahoma city. tornadoes flattened the self-storage facility there. the winds damaged trailer park where officials say at least a dozen people were hurt and taken to hospitals.
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the severe storms that spawned the tornadoes brought heavy rain to the region. some areas reported getting up to 9 inches of rain over several hours. a flash flood emergency is in effect in the oklahoma city area and flooding still a concern in oklahoma. we will monitor new information and new video coming out of oklahoma and bring it to you when we get it. live in the digital operation center tracy davidson, nbc news. a 19-year-old in critical condition after being shot near came brie ya street and indiana avenue. investigators fell a dozen shell casings from two guns at the scene and indicates a likely shoot-out. the other gunman was not there when police arrived, still looking for him. new from overnight one person was injured, two others shaken up in a crash on roosevelt boulevard in olney. it happened in the southbound lanes of the boulevard around 11:30 last night. police say one car clipped another before crossing the median and smashing into a
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treep. the driver of that first car suffered head and neck injuries. a woman and a toddler in the other car were taken to the hospital as a precaution. now to a developing story, police continue to search for a teen robbery suspect who escaped from custody in west philadelphia. police say a private prisoner transport company was taking 16-year-old hasheem singletary to the police station last night when he jumped out of the back of the car as it was slowly rolling down 55th street near cedar avenue. he's a suspect in two gunpoint robberies that happened in university city in february. last night his mother made this plea to her son. >> i love you. i want you to turn yourself in. it's going to be all right. it's enough you didn't hurt nobody, didn't kill anyone. we want this over. i want you home honey. please. >> now when singletary escaped he had his hands in front of him and wearing a black hooded sweat shirt, black pants with a dark
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blue stripe and blue shoes. the philadelphia woman accused of helping isis is expected to be back in court. keyana thomas faces arraignment. a federal grand jury indicted her on charges she tried to aid a foreign terrorist organization. prosecutors said thomas who called herself the young lioness on social media planned to fly to spain in hopes of reaching syria to fight with isis. information on the latest penn state football coach jerry sandusky. his new lawyer called for sandusky's child abuse conviction to be thrown out. the lawyer blamed pretrial publicity, leaks and unprepared defense team. prosecutors are vee viewings the petition. sandusky is serving 30 to 60 years in prison. prosecutors say a talented young doctor begged for her life as an exterminator strangled her inside her home. the murder trial of jason smith began yesterday in philadelphia.
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police say he confessed to killing dr. melissa ketunuti in 2013 during an argument about his exterminating work. smith's attorney asked a judge to throw out that confession saying it was coerced. the judge refused. the judge allowed the prosecution to show graphic photos of the crime scene. now ketunuti was a pediatrician at children's hospital of philadelphia. prosecutors described her in court as a talented researcher who saved children's lives, but could not save herself. this morning, a 16-year-old is recovering after being shot in the leg. officials say that teen left chester high school early yesterday on his own accord and was shot about four blocks away from the school at tenth street and concord avenue in chester. police have not found the shooter. today in new york a group supporting convicted police killer abu jamal will call for outside medical treatment for him in prison. the free coalition delivered a letter with that request to governor tom wolf. the group wants outside doctors to diagnose and treat abu
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jamal's diabetes and the skin condition eczema. he is serving a life sentence for murdering philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in 1981. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in delaware this morning pushing for tougher gun control laws. she was shot in the head in 2011. today she's announcing her support of a plan that would require anyone under a restrain restraining order to hand over their firearms immediately. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting ready for a beautiful day ahead. lots of sunshine. it will be nice and bright and the temperatures are going to be back into the warm zone this afternoon. after showers kept us cooler yesterday, right now we are shower free. the radar showing no activity in the area. the showers are completely out of the picture for the next few days. hour by hour forecast for today, 73 degrees in mount pocono, up to 80 for allentown and 78 in quaker town. sunshine a few scattered
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clouds, 78 in doylestown, 80 the afternoon high for trenton and mount holly and at the shore, 73 degrees in atlantic city. just inland from the beach at the airport, 80 in cape may, while rehoboth is 68 degrees this afternoon. 74 for dover and warmer temperatures inland and as you saw yesterday stuck in the 70s with clouds and showers. today into the low 80s for philadelphia and drexel hill. wilmington and westchester close to the 80s this afternoon. and the warmup continues. the weekend forecast when i come back. all right. bill sounds good. ten minutes after 4:00. see how the early morning thursday drive is shaping up. jessica boyenton watching the road for us. we're jammed everywhere chris. no. this is one of the times we're only happy with the schuylkill expressway around 4:00 a.m. montgomery drive moving fine. eastbound lanes hardly any cars moving towards the center city area. 12 minutes or 11 minutes in or
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out of the city. 202 the same story. drive times free and in the clear. still 11 minutes headed from 30 to the schuylkill expressway. northbound 11 minutes if you're headed southbound in the opposite direction. definitely good news here for mass transit. don't look at that. here actually all on time. we have road work on some of the area bridges i'm going to tell you all about which one it is coming up in 10. >> thank you, jessica. 11 after 4:00. the list of republicans running for president keeps on growing and growing. next, a pennsylvania native that's joining the race. plus patco says its upgrades are ahead of schedule but that could mean trouble this summer for commuters. delays that riders will soon see. and are you suffering from allergies? a lot of people are. it turns out the pollen count now is exceptionally high. higher than it usually is. why? i'll answer that question after the break.
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happening today, in new orleans, millionaire robert durst is expected to enter a plea on federal gun charges. his arraignment on the charges is linked to a murder in los angeles he's accused of committing. the judge in new orleans will hold a hearing on two louisiana gun charges to which durst has pleaded not guilty. a woman who police describe as a serial stowaway has again tried to board a flight without a ticket. it's something the 63-year-old has done successfully at least three times. chicago police arrested her in late april when she tried to board a flight at midway airport. she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. sunday police busted her again at a checkpoint in midway and filed few charges. now to the decision 2016. presidential race. former pennsylvania senator rick
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santorum plans to make another run for the white house. nbc news confirmed he will announce the presidential bid this month. santorum finished second to mitt romney in 2012. former hewlett-packard ceo zy2k carley fee rene no and surgeon ben carson entered the race on sunday. mike huckabee on tuesday. then senators ted cruz rand paul and marco rubio among the candidates. democratic side former secretary of state hillary clinton and vermont's bernie sanders have declared their running for president. new jersey governor chris christie will be in new hampshire as he moves forward with his possible presidential bid and plans to visit a drug treatment center in new hampshire and the key ♪ speaker at a republican dinner. this trip follows last week's indictments in the jersey jam bridge scandal. two people with ties to christie were indicted and another pleaded guilty stemming from charges to a scheme to shut down lanes on the george washington
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bridge. philadelphia mayor michael nutter is defending commissioner charles ramsey after a candidate for mayor said he would replace ramsey. during tuesday night's mayoral key bait anthony hardy williams said it's time for ramsey to go. he's apparently changed his position since the nbc 10 debate when williams said he would keep ramsey. here's how he explained his change of heart. >> countless numbers of mothers and young men i've met across philadelphia who said we appreciate your perspective of stop and frisk which i started well before this campaign said to me if you don't replace the person who is the greatest dependent and executer of stop and frisk doesn't mean anything to us. >> during both debates candidate street said he would also get rid of commissioner ramsey. mayor nutter defended the commissioner saying hiring him was one of his proudest moments and pointed out that homicides and violent crime in philadelphia are at their lowest levels in decades. new information on the chaos in colwyn.
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the state is preparing to take over that borrow's finances. pennsylvania's community and economic development secretary determined that colwyn is financially distressed. the state will appoint a coordinator to develop and propose a recovery plan for the borough in delaware county. colwyn's financial troubles came to a head in recent weeks with a $1 million budget shortfall and the firing of its manager who acubesed council of mismanagement. president obama will present a special award to the u.s. air force academy football team today. this is video of 2013 when the navy football team visited the white house for the same honor. obama will present the air force team the commander in chief trophy for beating the other service academies during last year's season. a lot of you living with this watery itchy eyes, runny stuffy nose allergy season is upon us this spring and things are a bit worse than usual. katy zachry is live in center city. we see the yellow stuff all over
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the cars and the sidewalks out there. so it's no wonder that we're all kind of suffering, right? >> i know. it's a shame. relief does not look to be in sight. i checked in with the head of allergy and immunology at cooper university hospital who says blame it on the rain. yeah the wet rainy april we had coupled with the cooler temperatures, has led to an absolute explosion of pollen now that it's this warm may weather. if you're an allergy sufferer you're getting it from the trees and grass. those levels are off the chart since we're experiencing this summer like weather. it's worse when the nights are cooler and warmer days. what we're having over the last few days. coming up in the next hour around 5:15 you will hear from some of the worst allergy sufferers in our area about what they do to relieve symptoms and a doctor will weigh in on some natural remedies she says works. reporting live in center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meteorologist bill henley you heard katy talking to
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allergy specialists saying a lack of rain isn't helping with the situation. can we expect mother nature to help us with the pollen? >> yesterday with the rain it helps to tamp it down. we got a break from the high pollen levels yesterday. we're going to enter a stretch for the next couple days where those levels will steadily go right back up. here's pollen forecast. if you've been suffering you can expect for that to continue and maybe even get worse as we go into the weekend. humidity will be climbing and there's a chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms. now over the next few days the mornings won't get as cool as what we have this morning but looks like it's entering prime time for the pollen. if you're heading out the door it's pleasant outside. cool clear skies. live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. 58 degrees in philadelphia. and just a little bit of a breeze. so you won't see the wafts of pollen blowing. the winds will stay light. nice and dry in the pocono mountains. the showers have cleared out.
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sunshine and just a few scattered clouds. smee of the cloudiness on the radar but the rain/clouds we had yesterday, they've already pushed to the south and we are out of the rain picture for the next couple of days. there is a chance we could see a shower over the weekend, however. temperatures will be climb inging inging showers not happening today but saturday a possibility. looks like sunday could see a pop-up shower not an all day rainfall, and the temperatures will be going warmer 83 degrees on saturday up to 87 on sunday. full seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> all right. 20 minutes after 4:00. check of the roads. this time of morning we have construction projects that can get in your way if you're traveling early this morning. see what else we've got going on. nbc 10's jessica boynton with traffic. >> that's all we have going on. 95 first around state road through the work zone here, some light rerestrictions on the exit ramp and hardly volume of cars traveling through the area.
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southbound side 11 minutes from woodhaven roads towards the vine expressway. no problems there. as we take a check on the pa turnpike, drive times free and in the clear. westbound, eastbound, under 24 minutes from route 1 up to the valley forge. check on the area brinls no problems on the ben, still dealing with construction taking out the right-hand lane into philadelphia, westbound side no problems on the betsy or the walt whitman bridge. we'll check in with new jersey in five. speaking of new jersey if you use patco brace yourself. you can expect more delays over the summer. you're looking live here at the ben franklin bridge where the track work is going on for the train tracks across the bridge there. patco says it wants to finish its reconstruction project by november. to do that there will be more train delays between july and september. also fewer daily trains will be running between july 4th and labor day. patco's schedule will be similar to the one used last year with service every 15 minutes during
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rush hour. plans to extend a new castle area pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the christina river are moving ahead. officials started taking public comments yesterday. talking about cleanup and environmental restrictions needed during an after bridge constructionp. no word on when actual construction is expected to begin. stuck in the mud and in need of a lift. next, a team effort to get this delaware horse out of a mucky spot. you'll see pictures. plus a prickly problem at a bucks county school. an alert for parents after a student's assault.
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. some cries of relief there, rescuers in camden county pulled a dog from the bottom of an abandoned well off columbia avenue in water ford township. the fire department reunited the dog with his owner. the well is being filled up to keep anything like this from happening again. now to delaware where the person, the animal in need of a rescue was bigger. a horse stuck deep in mud. his name is kentucky. he was buried up to his nose after running into a stream in kent county saturday. a team of about 60 people helped the volunteer firefighters dig kentucky out and pull him to safety. >> it was probably the scariest moment i've ever had. i knew he was in serious trouble. >> kentucky has a few cuts but he's doing well considering what he's been through. good job by them getting the horse out of the mud. in mercer county we're told a dozen people including 11 firefighters, will be okay after being treated for injuries during a fire yesterday. this happened in hamilton
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township and the fire department there gave us these pictures of the fire tearing through a detached garage on broad streetp. egts investigators tell us the fire started in the garage and spread to a second garage and shed. burned two cars and bottles of chlorine. the firefighters and neighbor inhaled some of that chemical. everyone will be okay. investigators are looking for the cause of the fire. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. a cooler start this morning, 56 degrees at 4:26. we will see some sunshine today. looking for a warmup. looking for an easy commute, let's find out what's going on. jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. if you are looking for an easy commute you have one. look at the new jersey turnpike around route 55 in millville, nothing going on. that's a good thing. southbound, northbound you have no problems. we're going to check in with 422 and see if that's the same story there coming up. >> plus push to the limits. many of you have seen this video by now. the extreme soldier challenge
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that has some questioning the army's training tactics.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> at least a dozen people are hurt homes leveled, cars slipped, power lines down. a line of tornadoes hit the midwest. here at home a cooler start to the day than we saw yesterday but today the 80s return ahead of an even bigger warmup this weekend. this weekend. >> we can officially start talking about the weekend. >> we started on monday. >> good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> i'm chris cato. >> check in with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert
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forecast. >> thinning out will see enough sunshine to push our temperatures up this afternoon after spending the day in the 70s for much of the day yesterday. it's into the 80s later today. and even warmer weather to come. right now, 50s for most of the area. it is a cooler start. it's 60 in wilmington, 52 doylestown wrightstown in the low 50s roxborough at 56 while 59 in south philadelphia. getting a pleasant start today. leave the umbrella at home grab your sunglasses 60 at 6:00. by 9:00 up to 66 and in the 70s at lunch time today. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i come back in ten minutes. right now time to check in with jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. >> good morning, bill everyone. happy thursday. it's almost the weekend dealing with not a lot going on out on 422. right around trooper road you can see some good news here. the eastbound lanes you can see any taillights scooting by. that's about 8


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