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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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police officials and the mayor telling us these four injured officers are, quote, pretty banged up. but otherwise in good spirits. all of them, we're told, are suffering nonlife-threatening injuries after this incident that occurred at three locations across the city. take a look at some of the video we got earlier. that is apparently from what we're hearing so far, the wild viewer video that we showed at the top of the newscast. the man appeared incoherent but got back in the car and hit three officers kept driving to another location where a fourth officer was struck. the fourth was injured, and two police officers discharged their weapon striking the suspect. he was able to keep driving even after being hit and finally his car ended up at 1900 colonial. that's where philly police were finally able to arrest him. but only after four of their officers were injured. and the suspect himself was hit
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by gunfire from two officers. again, as we come back out here live the very latest information we have from city officials is that these officers were just doing their job trying to respond to a car accident. that accident hit multiple vehicles before investigators arrived. and the course of all of this, four officers injured, but the good news at this point none of those officers' injuries appear to be life threatening. obviously, we're still gathering information on this. we'll bring you the latest details as soon as we get it. for now, though, that's the latest here at einstein. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> other crews fanned out on this story. let's go to where the one-man crime spree ended. >> harry hairston is live in west oak lane in the 1900 block of colonial. harry? >> this is where police say it all ended. you can see the investigators on the scene now. they've been looking at the car, the suspect's car. you can see on the passenger car
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where it has been damaged, apparently from what happened with the earlier events that were taking place here. we still do not know why the individual came to this location. but i am told by various people in the neighborhood that they all know who the suspect was, the man that was shot that they've seen him and cannot believe that he was involved in anything such like this. they're telling me, he did have some type of medical condition, some type of operation. right now, we're trying to vet out what the individual's name is and contact family members. all ended here a short time ago. crime scene investigators are on the scene. they're dusting the car down and they are taking whatever evidence and clues they can get from here. more information as we get it. >> more team coverage now. >> nbc 10's drew smith is live in west oak lane where the police tried to stop that car. drew what do you know?
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>> reporter: well, this is where it all began. harry was talking about where it ended. you actually take a look down the street here. there's a little bit of a dip in the road. and that is where officers originally responded to a car wreck. a man had hit a wall. we've talked to several witnesses here. and they were telling us they were here around 2:15. and saw the man appearing to have some sort of medical problem. officers were here, called here for that issue. and that's where things got combative. we're talking a fight here on the street. and then the car took off. witnesses telling us car was going very high speeds a dangerous situation for everybody involved. let's listen to one of the witnesses. >> the officer trying to reach in and grab the keys. he went to reach in and grab the keys, other officers like directly officer in front of the car, and he hit him. and he went on the wall.
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>> again, this is one of three police scenes that are still blocked off right now. and you can see the tape is up here. we just spoke with some officers they say this is probably going to be closed for another two hours. so if you're traveling in this area, obviously, still an investigation going on. and because there are three scenes, there was a lot more for officers to do to figure out what happened here. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. >> here's a recap of how four police officers were injured today. this all started around 2:15 when police arrived for an accident. the driver got out of his car, he was incoherent. and then he started fighting with officers. he got away in his car and then ran over three officers. then, at stenton, the driver hit another officer. his fellow officers opened fire and shot the suspect in the chest. the suspect still managed to keep driving. eventually, he was arrested in the 1900 block of colonial. four officers who were hurt are expected to recover.
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>> they were banged up. you got back injuries, you've got leg injuries. so some arms that were bleeding. and one officer, i believe, went to c.a.t. scan briefly. >> yes. >> and you can watch more of that video. we've posted it for you on you can watch it of course on your mobile devices and the nbc 10 news app. and stay with us for more live updates throughout nbc 10 news this afternoon. a rescue mission turned into a recovery in chester county today. sky force 10 over sadsbury township where crews found the body of a missing swimmer this afternoon. officials tell us the man went underwater this morning and did not resurface. investigators have not released the victim's identity. it's the hottest day in eight months. nbc 10 in camden county today. construction workers battling the heat as they laid new black
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top along ferry avenue. >> meanwhile, others out elm brating the warm temperatures. children and adults were all out soaking up sun. but, things are, well, they're stifling out there. the humidity is going down. the winds picking up. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is here with the forecast. and change is coming? >> yeah we're already seeing some of that or feeling some of that as the humidity drops late this afternoon as the wind is bringing in the eventually more comfortable air that's coming in tonight and into tomorrow. the only showers anywhere in pennsylvania are up in the northeastern portion of the state, not going to bother anybody around here. it's 86 degrees in philadelphia we've been as high as 87 and the 80s in most of the rest of the area mt. pocono at 72 atlantic city, 88 degrees, and georgetown, delaware, 87, as well. so, go through the night. we're going to see that temperature drop pretty quickly.
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the humidity is going to drop quite a bit. but it is going to be dry. it's going to be a whole lot cooler when you get up tomorrow morning. we'll see when we're going to get some much-needed rain with the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, glenn. well nbc 10's doug shimell out in the heat in bucks county this afternoon. >> folks you spoke to are taking it easy in this spring heat huh? >> and it's been a deceptive kind of heat. when the sun goes behind a cloud, it's actually sort of passable, but when it comes out from behind a cloud like it is right now, it changes in an instant. >> dave knew he had to start the day earlier. >> it's going to be really hot. supposed to get up to 90, i heard. >> at ben salem's community park mya's parents know the warning signs. >> she tells me mommy, i want water. it's too hot. >> shawn fitzgerald knew the quick spike in hot weather was coming, but the wind sprints had
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to be done and they will come at a price. >> just want to go home, take a cold shower and lay down. >> the lunch time raffle is more packed than usual at bristol township senior center where they extend their hours in a heat emergency. >> you get overheated. >> and how important is it to come here? >> very important. >> for many seniors who may not have a fan or air-conditioning the center is a lifeline. >> we know who those people are. we watch for them. we have one person right now that we're worried about, and we're looking to try to find out where she is. >> reporter: and the folks at the bristol township senior center say if nothing else today's spike in temperatures should just be sort of a practice run for one thing you should do throughout the hot summer weather, always check on your elderly neighbors. live in ben salem, nbc 10 news. >> good advice there, doug. thank you. the drought is already having a big impact on local farmers. several farmers tell us they're
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not planting as many crops as normal. others say they're having to use their own water to keep the crops going. others insist, it's not panic mode just yet. >> not necessarily, not yet. but if it continues on this pattern for the next couple of weeks, yeah it's going to be crucial. especially during planting season. >> new jersey is more than an inch below normal rainfall levels for this time of the year. with the changing spring weather, be the first to know the first alert forecast at the nbc 10 news and weather app for your smartphone and your tablet. we're following a developing story overseas this afternoon, a new earthquake. it has killed dozens of people in nepal. amateur video captured the 7.3 magnitude quake which spread fear and misery across a nation struggling to recover from a devastating quake nearly three weeks ago. and now at least 42 more people are confirmed dead. more than 1,100 injured. but authorities expect that death toll to rise. today's quake struck in a remote
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mountain region near the border china. last month's quake was centered west of the capital and killed more than 8,000 people. within an hour of today's earthquake there were at least ten strong aftershocks, including one measuring 6.3. also triggered this landslide in a village north of the capital. rescuers once again searching for survivors. nepal's health ministry say workers managed to pull three people to safety in kathmandu. rescue helicopters sent where landslides and collapsed buildings may have buried people. people set up shelters outside where they prepared to camp out for the night. today, we talked to two local people in the quake zone helping with relief efforts when this most recent earthquake hit. we're going to hear from them about their experience. that's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00. here at home sky force 10 over a smokey scene in south jersey. look at this. heavy smoke and flames pouring from the roof of this house on 6th and mt. vernon streets in m
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ka den. not clear if anyone was living in the building and no reports of any injuries. new video into nbc 10 of a house fire in new castle delaware. investigators trying to determine what started this fire in dallas road shortly before 9:00 this morning. you can see the heavy damage left behind. one person was taken to the hospital with injuries. >> everyone was able to escape a fire at this home in new castle county earlier today. fire crews found out about the fire when a resident ran to the fire department from the burning building. officials say the house was likely to be a complete loss. no one was hurt, though. >> and police in delaware are on the hunt for a group of armed men who forced their way into ha newark home early this morning. police say the family was asleep around 1:30 this morning when they heard a loud thumping on their front door. moments later, they say five armed suspects entered their home. the men demanded money and took off in their suv. the vehicle was found about two hours later.
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police are still searching for the suspects. philadelphia student injured when a rock went through her bus window made another trip to the hospital today. the mother of the 20-year-old special needs student sent us this picture from the hospital. the student suffered injuries when glass shards went into her eye. police say a group of kids threw a rock the a the bus in west philadelphia yesterday afternoon. they're asking for witnesses to come forward. 6:00. a woman pulled out of a crushed car under u.p.s. truck says she could be released from the hospital soon. we brought you the rescue on the pennsylvania turnpike live yesterday. on nbc 10 news at 4:00. today, we talked to her husband who says she's being fitted for a new leg brace. she escaped serious injury though, after firefighters delicately got her out of the smashed car. >> looked at my mom and me and i just thought, we're alive. and i just -- this is absolutely miraculous. >> police tell us the u.p.s. trucker tried to switch lanes
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and didn't see the smaller car. a couple of microscopic bugs are causing big concerns. >> because of where they showed up. we're talking bedbugs at school. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter live outside atlantic city high school. >> ted, what are school administrators doing to try to stop this problem from spreading? >> well jim and renee, we started asking questions after we got this e-mail from a parent worried about what she believed was a bedbug infestation here. but officials tell me, that's hardly the case. >> i think we've been very cautious. >> atlantic city school district administrators say three classrooms and a group of lockers were emptied, disinfected and cleaned by an exterminator because of concerns about bedbugs found inside the resort's high school. >> every report we've heard, we've tried to give it credence. >> nbc 10 obtained this e-mail
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sent today to high school staffers from the principal asking them to follow certain procedures if they believe a bedbug is in their classroom. officials say between wednesday and today, there have been two confirmed bedbug sightings, one involving a student who was bitten. and three unsubstantiated incidents. >> do you believe there may be more in the school? >> i don't. >> still, students are being urged to keep their book bags off the floor. one parent who asked not to be named told us she's keeping her son out of school. >> i picked them up and don't see them returning without these bugs being gone. i don't want an infestation in my home or at my work. >> i say send your children to school. there's no infestation or anything of the sort. i believe that it's over. >> and officials tell us the entire school will continue to be checked for bedbugs and extra cleanings are also being done.
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live in atlantic city i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted. a masked burglar caught on camera breaking into a hair salon. he shattered the front door of the hair salon. once inside, he rummages through drawers and what appears to be a supply closet. he even tried to knock out the store's surveillance cameras. made off with an unknown amount of money and hair products. police in bucks county searching for a suspected shoplifter also wanted for attacking a grocery store worker. tried to stop this man from making off with $900 worth of groceries. that's when investigators say the suspect attacked the worker. police say the man in this picture was also involved. if you recognize either of them, you're asked to call police. voters in delaware still have time tonight to make a decision about the future of education. voters can elect school board members across the first state. the polls close at 8:00 tonight and you don't need to be a registered voter to take part.
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just bring your i.d. and prove you're a delaware citizen and at least 18 years old. choosing a school board is important. they do the hiring and firing of top school leaders. primary election just a week away now. we're counting down to the pennsylvania primary election. the big race of course philadelphia mayor. there are still six candidates in the race. doug oliver, milton street and anthony williams. on the republican side just one candidate in the primary, it's melissa murray bailey. you can read more about the candidates for mayor and where they stand on the issues by tapping on the nbc 10 news app for your smartphone and tablet. governor chris christie revealed his plan to lower taxes in the early voting state of new hampshire. christie spoke to students at the university of new hampshire. he says the middle class has been hurt the most during president obama's time in the white house. the governor laid out his plan for 4% growth, includeing lower income tax rate for all americans. christie wants to lower the top
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rate to 28% and limit deductions. >> it should take 15 minutes to do your taxes, not days weeks or months. >> a simple outline for a tax code that is flatter, fairer simpler. and as a result, more pro-growth. >> christie says he'll make a decision by next month whether he will run for the republican presidential nomination. >> back to our breaking news for philadelphia. all started around 2:15 when police arrived. and after an zpent. the driver got out of his car, became incoherent according to authorities and fought with officers. got away in his car and ran over three officers. then at stenton, the driver hit another officer. >> his fellow officers opened fire and shot the suspect in the chest. the suspect still managed to keep driving. eventually, he was arrested in the 1900 block of colonial. four officers hurt, they are expected to be okay.
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>> they were fighting this guy. he was very strong. i understand he's a pretty good-sized guy. and there were at least three officers at that location. and so for him to be able to get back into that vehicle says a lot. >> and i'm keith jones live in the operation center with more on this breaking news. just a few minutes ago, we tracked down the police dispatch radio moment by moment as this thing went down. take a listen. >> took off in the car. ran like four of us over. we are now northbound on 7th street. >> police arrived and only for an accident. the driver got out of his car, became incoherent and fought with officers according to police, he got into his car, ran over three officers there. then the driver hit another officer. and that's when officers fired at the suspect. they hit him once in the chest. the suspect managed to keep driving. eventually he was arrested in the 1900 block of colonial. four officers hurt or banged up.
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but they are expected to be okay. we heard police say that just moments ago. stay with nbc 10. we have multiple crews out there at every single scene of this thing. make sure you stay tuned to the next two hours of our newscast. we'll bring you the most updated information on this story. for now, live keith jones, nbc 10 news. back to you. well on average, our high temperature's about 73 degrees. we were about 15 degrees higher than that. the hottest day since september of last year. we've got a big cooldown coming over the next 24 hours. no allergy relief. we haven't seen the rain. we're just getting a lot of wind blowing the pollen around. pretty decent conditions for the phillies game tonight. but it is going to be breezy. 86 degrees, the wind west-southwest at 16 6 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the pollen continues to be high. and there's no change in that
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until, perhaps, the weekend if we get a bit of rain to wash some of the pollen out. it's in the 80s across just about the entire area. but we don't have to go too far west to see much cooler air. it's 52 in buffalo, 54 in detroit, with the northwest wind. some of that air is coming here. it's going to be -- not going to be that cold but it is going to be much, much cooler than today. and the temperatures tonight are going to drop pretty quickly, too. the humidity goes down so by tomorrow morning, when you get up, it's going to be in the 50s where it was near 70 degrees this morning, first thing. and then in the afternoon, we're going to struggle to get out of the 60s. it's going to be kind of breezy as well. for the rest of the night tonight, we are going to be seeing that significant temperature drop down to 56 in philadelphia windy, cooler less humid. and you'll feel that change tomorrow. high temperatures barely to 70 degrees. but gusts up to 30 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine during the
4:21 pm
day. 7-day forecast. cool start to thursday and a comfortable thursday and friday. but we need the rain. just a chance of a shower on saturday, a little better chance of some showers on sunday. the day looks like a washout and a warm weekend, too. now, i've posted a new blog on the pollen and its impact on your allergies and why there's no immediate relief in sight. check it out on and the nbc 10 news app. >> all right, glenn. we're tracking breaking news with live team coverage. four police officers are hurt and the suspect has been shot. take a look at the video, again, of one part of this one-man crime spree in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. this is from an nbc 10 viewer. and their video captures the moment it all unfolded. count on nbc 10 news to bring you new information on this breaking news story. later on traffic jam on the
4:22 pm
beach. this is happening in our area. what's being done to stop this from happening again.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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delaware county officials unveiled a new marketing campaign today aimed at bringing more businesses and families to the area. the campaign's called "the edge." because the county is so close to philadelphia. get the edge in delaware county is part of an aggressive 10-year economic development plan. >> the schools are great. there's hospitals around if you need it, pharmacies, doctors. plenty of shops. the people are generally nice a lot of the communities have sidewalks, which is nice for children. >> another goal of the campaign is to bring businesses to the water front near the philadelphia international airport. all right. nbc 10 following breaking news for you. >> four philadelphia police officers are injured in the line of duty. take a look.
4:26 pm
these four philadelphia police officers were injured today. it all started around 2:15 when police arrived in olney for a call on an accident. police tell us drivers got out of the car and started fighting with the officers. he got away in his car running over three of the officers. and then the driver hit another officer. you see it here. then, the fellow officers opened fire. they shoot the suspect in the chest. the suspect still managing to keep driving. eventually, though he was arrested in the 1900 block of colonial. four officers hurt. they are expected to be okay. coming up later, cushion control. new in our second half hour, the new bumps in the road and what they're designed to make you do.
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y go! go! >> viewer video showing four philadelphia police officers getting hurt by a hit-and-run driver. all happened about two hours ago in olney. the suspect escaped and drove for another mile or so before getting arrested. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live where the suspect was shot. >> what's the latest from your vantage point? >> reporter: crime scene investigators are out here. they've roped off this area where the suspect was shot. they're continuing their work. trying to piece this all together. here's what we know. i got this information from a
4:31 pm
lieutenant on scene. he tells me that this is where police encounter the suspect after he allegedly fled the first scene at 7th and chew. as we've seen from the video, this is where police say the suspect used his car to injure the officers four officers. that's when they opened fire. only two shots went off. it's unclear if just one or both of those shots hit the suspect. and then as you mentioned, police say he continued on down to half a block away colonial street, that's where the car came to rest. and that's where police scooped him up and took him to einstein medical center. again, out here at the shooting scene, you can see a few police cars. they're taped. this area is taped off, because these cruisers right here, see the shattered glass on the ground, they were involved in this incident. one cruiser has a flat tire and damage to the front end. police are trying to sort this out, gather the clues and put it together. we're going to continue to keep you updated on this. reporting live.
4:32 pm
before we get going, though i was told we do have sound from mayor michael nutter who spoke on this incident today. take a listen. >> again, unfortunately, an indication of some of the dangers that philadelphia police officers encounter out on the streets of our city. trying to do their job, trying to make sure the city is safe. all for injured by one individual in a car and used the car as a weapon. >> mayor michael nutter speaking on this incident today. police are continue to be out here throughout the afternoon gathering their evidence. as we mentioned, that suspect is now at ian style medical center not too far from this scene in critical condition. reporting live rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> all right. and we have much more to show you. you can see that viewer video posted for you on you can watch it on your mobile device using the news app. and stay with us for more live updates throughout nbc 10 news this afternoon.
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should be a warm night for baseball as the wilmington blue rocks host potomac. first pitch at 6:35. >> here in kammcamden where the river sharks are hosting at 7:05. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back with more. >> it was feeling more like summer today. more like july. pretty nice night for baseball at citizens bank park as well. but the wind is really up there. and this month has been pretty exceptional. we've had very little rain. only .03 of an inch of rain so far this month. and actually in the last 21 days. temperatures, more than 8 degrees above average, which is pretty amazing. and then today, was the warmest day since september 6th of last year. nothing really on radar up near the new york state border.
4:34 pm
that's the closest anything is. we're well into the 80s right now, but the humidity is dropping. we'll see how much the temperatures drop and when we're going to see some of that much-needed rain with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. it's the toughest subject for educators in camden today. >> math and how to fund public schools which could be facing more staffing cuts. south jersey bureau reporter cydney long spoke to the superintendent. >> what kind of cuts are we talking about? >> we're talking about 78 teacher positions. also school nurses guidance counselors, even gym teachers that will not have a job to come back to next fall. we've been talking to the superintendent about it. and he tells us that fewer students does mean less state funding. he realizes and admits the emotion of letting go of good teachers is the toughest part of his job. >> whenpvyp ls are about to lose more teachers. 31 of them the district can't afford. low enrollment and a one-time
4:35 pm
revenue stream last year are to blame. 47 underperforming teachers would have been let go anyway. the financially broken district came under superintendent watch two years ago. >> is there a push now for measure charter schools over public schools in camden? and if so, why? don't you lose money on that? >> well there's a push for grade schools here in camden. and that's what our system desperately needs. in camden has been one of the historically underperforming districts in the country. >> she graduated in the 1980s and loved her education says the district right now -- >> the first graders have to be in school with sixth or seventh graders -- >> isn't safe or strong enough for her grandchildren. she sends them to pennsauken. and here's the breakdown of how much per pupil they receive from the state. $21,000 for the state and $10,000 less for the charter students.
4:36 pm
olivia dropped out of camden high her second year. now the young mother wants better for her own kids. >> they didn't really teach you nothing there. that's one of the reasons why i left. >> what can you report as far as statistically what has changed under the leadership in the past two years? >> there are some signs of progress. our graduation rate has gone up by six points from 56% to 62%. >> and that special school meeting about these teacher cuts will happen tonight at the dudley school while the overall enrollment here in the district is down. said pre-k and kindergarten enrollment is at its all-time highest, climbing some 20 percentage points since he took this position two years ago. live in camden i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> atlantic city school board turned down a proposed budget that would've included 226 layoffs. the man appointed to monitor the district says he'll be meeting to discuss the vote. the proposed $147 million
4:37 pm
budget. it's almost $20 millionless than the current one. on -- one school board member says such large reductions will hurt the children's education. from our delaware bureau the state house set to vote on a bill that would make it easier for people with juvenile records to clear their backgrounds. that includes people with misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. supporters of the bill say the publication of juvenile criminal histories could be a barrier to getting a job, education, housing and credit. two major phone service providers are forced to pay up for allowing phony charges on the customer's monthly bill. the practice known as cramming. the settlement involves sprint and verizon wireless. both charging for daily horoscopes, trivia and sports scores. the settlements include $158 million to payments to consumers. philadelphia's 76ers hope a new logo will help the team when the nba draft lottery next week. here's a look at the old logo.
4:38 pm
now, check out the new design. it'll be shown off for next tuesday's lottery. old time 76 players will show off the new uniforms at the actual draft day next month. the sixers say the new looks are inspired from the '60s, '70s and '80s era. >> other taxes could be going up. also crash concerns the grades are in on mid-sized suvs. nbc 10 with the results and why some didn't do such a good job. next translating the talk. nbc 10 with the new findings on baby talk.
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the 2015 mid-sized suvs got put to the crash test for the seven tested they didn't
4:42 pm
perform well. the nissan murano and four-door jeep durango faired the best. the dodge journey got the worst pick, a poor rating. and these tests replicate what happens when the front corner of a vehicle collides with another vehicle. when it comes to baby talk, it's these little ones who would rather listen to other babies than adults. in a recent study, researchers found infants listen to baby sounds almost 40% longer than they listen to the adult sounds. experts say these findings shed light on how babies learn to talk and could help develop language skills for hearing-impaired infants. >> love those pictures. well they're called cushions. >> and they're meant to change your habits behind the wheel. nbc 10 explains where drivers can expect to find them. and what these will mean for your commute.
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there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch
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we have a traffic alert to tell you about. the department says it plans to install several of these speed cushions to crack downen o speeding drivers in the city. they're basically low profile speed bumps that don't jolt your car as much as regular ones. the speed cushions will go on to more than a dozen city streets. pennsylvania state lawmakers are expected to debate a proposal to cut billions from local school property taxes and then replace the money with higher sales and income taxes. the republican penned proposal would cut $5 billion in property taxes, a sales tax would increase in much of the state, and the personal income tax would go from over 3% to 3.7%. >> hundreds of runners are making their way to washington, d.c. right now as part of the 19th annual law enforcement memorial run. it stepped off this morning from the navy yard in south philadelphia. many runners are embarking on
4:47 pm
journeys with heavy hearts. >> it's meant to honor all of our fallen officers as well as the surviving families. and to just bring awareness to this being law enforcement memorial month, as well as this is law enforcement memorial week. >> the run will end thursday with ceremonies in washington, d.c. more like a july day today, but the humidity starting to go down. it was the warmest that we've seen since last september. 87 degrees for the high so far. it did hit 90 in washington, d.c. today. we've got a big cooldown. starting tonight actually and you're going to feel it by tomorrow morning. and for the next couple of days. but that's not going to help those allergy sufferers. because you need rain to wash the pollen out of the sky. all we've had a fair amount of sunshine today, sometimes the camera's shaking here because the wind is really picking up.
4:48 pm
it's 16 miles an hour at the airport now, gusting up to 30 miles an hour. 86 degrees at the moment. and it's in the 80s across just about the entire area except for mt. pocono at 76 degrees. 88 in millville and atlantic city international. and it's going to be not nearly as warm tomorrow. just a little bit cooler at the shore. temperatures may go up a little bit as the wind turns into the northwest. some of the winds coming across pennsylvania and it's really gusty. gusting at 32 miles an hour in redding, 30 in lancaster, and 40-mile-an-hour wind gust at mt. pocono as this colder drier air starts to come in from the northwest. so it is going to be a windy evening. the pollen going to get blown around by those winds and not washed out of the school. thursday's forecast to be the highest so far. the cooler air, back to the west west not too far west.
4:49 pm
buffalo, cleveland, detroit, only in the 50s right now with a northwest wind. and so as we go through the night tonight, temperatures dropping pretty considerably. this morning, it was near 70 degrees. tomorrow morning, mid-50s. and north and west in the 40s. so quite a change and the humidity way down tomorrow and on thursday. but then we need the higher humidity to help produce the rain that can wash the pollen out of the area. but that is not happening. and there's wednesday evening, we're already going down into the 50s for that. now, as we go through the night tonight it's going to be mostly clear, but windy, especially this evening, 15 to 25-mile-an-hour winds there. and less humid, 56 for a low in philadelphia, 51 north and west. nice and comfortable tomorrow highs only near 70 with the wind gusting up near 30 miles an
4:50 pm
hour. and then the 7-day forecast a cool start on thursday and a cool day. and then pretty comfortable on friday, too. no real prospects for rain for the rest of the week. now, saturday we have a chance of a shower, a little better chance on sunday. doesn't look like either day will be a washout. and we have some chances into next week, too. we don't see any big weather systems. but right now, i'd settle for one little good 15-minute soaking that would help. >> it would help. >> yeah. >> all right, glenn. well it's days like these that have us excited about hitting the beach. >> others would rather steer clear. and here's the reason. there it is. bumper-to-bumper on the beach. this is in our area. today, the changes that local leaders are hoping will prevent a scene like this from happening again.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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4:54 pm
today's hot weather has a lot of us thinking about hitting the beach. >> but there's a controversy at the coast. traffic and lots of it. >> not talking about getting to the beach, but on the sand itself. tim furlong has the story. >> who doesn't want to drive their truck on to the beach? >> it's awesome. are you kidding? >> but rich king says traffic gets a little hairy on the beaches. >> in the weekends, it's a mad house. >> stacked four or five deep in spots. firefighters have traditionally gotten free beach plates, now wants to give them to lady auxiliary members, too. it potentially means more trucks on the beach. about 5,000 plates in circulation this year. the firefighters aren't the problem. it's any of the so-called faux
4:55 pm
fishermen dropping an unbaited hook in the water and walking away. >> people put 20 50 people around the vehicle and have a beach party and ruins it for the guy next to him who is trying to fish. >> reporter: you could argue about who should or should not be getting free tags but the real issue seems to be enforcement. and, of course you have too many rule breakers. >> i have no problem when they ask for my bait. what's at the end of the line. >> he's new to surf fishing. probably happy to hear that officials announced from now on it's one single row of trucks allowed. beach spots fill up you don't get to drive on. this will also mean more rangers have more time to do fishing checks. >> it boils down to people visiting these parts local or out of state are not following the rules. you have to fish. >> in lewis, delaware. >> this is a fishing beach. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> all right. you have to fish renee. >> i believe them. i believe them.
4:56 pm
>> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. all new breaking details about multiple police officers injured. >> there are multiple crime scenes and we have reporters at every single one of them. there's a crime scene and we have crews at the hospital, as well. what happened, how the officers are doing next. and a very warm day, our hottest so far since september, but tomorrow huge cooldown in the forecast. i'll show you how cool we'll get coming up. and a bolt bus explosion. passengers were onboard just before it erupted in flames and blew up. how they made it off safely. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
y right now at 5:00 nbc 10's viewer video shows the frantic moments as several philadelphia police officers are hurt this afternoon. >> it all started near 7th and chew streets. then at stenton and ogontz. that's also where the suspect was shot. then, the final scene, the 1900 block of colonial where a suspect was finally taken into custody. >> and look at this. sky force 10 was overhead as one of the officers was taken away on a stretcher.
5:00 pm
>> we have nbc 10 reporters at all of the scenes. drew smith along olney avenue. you spoke with eyewitnesss. >> i did. and we are now getting our first look at the street opened. you can see the police tape has been cleared just in the past half hour. it was over there on the wall where the driver hit a wall and then when police and medical help tried to come down and help him out, that set off a chain reaction. >> reporter: it started around 2:15. neighbors saw a man crash a crash into a wall. >> got out the car and said the guy having a seizure. >> they call d 911, and within minutes, help was on the scene. >> officers trying to reach in and grab the keys. >> reporter: video from an nbc 10 viewer shows the chaos. >> and then the car backed up. and took off. >> and after the car left it wasn't the last they saw of it. neighbors showed us where the driver came upon a dead end. they say he smashed into this police car and hit another suv. >> had to do like


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