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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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those train cars crushed like tin cans. fire crews and ntsb investigators were really getting up close to the wreckage combing over that scene. earlier today, searching through the debris. it will be a long and pain staking process. let's take you up above. a scene from sky force 10. you can see all of this damage and those cars just bent perpendicular, many of them, and that is where they continue to search for any survivors. they had cranes out there, as you can see, making sure that those cars were uprighted and make sure nobody was inside those cars or underneath it. and that search continues at this hour. nbc 10's rosemary connors is here at the staging area, as well. the latest from investigators where she's been getting updates through the entire day. what is the latest? >> jacqueline within the past five minutes, i got a phone call for the press secretary for governor wolf. he tells me that the governor
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will return to philadelphia. he was in harrisburg earlier today, but he will come back to philly this evening. and we'll get more details on that a little bit later. as you mentioned, the ntsb will hold another briefing one hour from now with more information on the speed of the train and the cause of the crash. we're in a building overlooking the secure zone. you can see in the distance that investigators are still out there, crews are still out there, and police are securing this site. now we want to take you back to that ntsb video, this new video that shows the investigators at the scene surveying the damage. we also know this afternoon that mayor michael nutter spoke to us within the hour. he tells us the majority of the crew and passengers have been located. but investigators are still trying to make sure that all victims and survivors are accounted for. the mayor says that president obama called him earlier today to be briefed on the details of what happened. the mayor says the president expressed sadness and offered
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support. so did pennsylvania's senators pat toomey and bob casey who toured the site of wreckage this afternoon. you'll hear from both of them today. for now, here's senator casey. he describes what he witnessed. >> it's just a scene of real horror. and as you've seen in the pictures some of the cars are just mangled as if they went through some kind of a process where they're twisted and you can't imagine anyone surviving. and yet, so many did, thank goodness. ntsb investigators have been on scene all day and they have been analyzing that data collected from the black box recovered on board the train. we will have their update and briefing at 5:00. reporting live in port richmond rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> and now to clues in the investigation. nbc 10 has a team of reporters working very hard to find out just what went wrong.
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nbc 10 was able to track down surveillance video. we want to show that to you. we can tell you that the video is a bit grainy. but a camera was, indeed rolling when the train went off the tracks. you can see there are multiple flashes of light showing the impact of last night's crash. we do want to get to nbc 10 who has been monitoring the activities at the crash site today. randy? >> reporter: well jacqueline right now, this is about the closest we can get to where the crash site is. you can see philadelphia police officers have blocked off this road that leads to the train tracks. we did get our first look at the seconds before and after impact. from the camera posted on this building across the street. you see the train speeding by and a flash of light as it crashes near the curve. the grainy surveillance video
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captures amtrak 188 heading north. you can see it speed by then a few seconds later, bright flashes light up the sky. from another angle, you can see what looks like an explosion as the train derails crashing into the ground. with the light of day, the extent of the destruction becomes clear, tracks are bent, train cars flipped. rescue crews and canine dogs search through the debris. so far officials say six bodies have been found on or near the train. and the search is ongoing. a seventh death was confirmed this afternoon. >> most of the train is actually off the tracks. we will not cease our efforts until we are absolutely sure. >> heavy machinery brought to the crash site. we've seen cranes and bulldozers access to the site is blocked on all sides. it will be a long process.
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they'll need to carefully preserve any evidence of what exactly happened before impact. >> you can see philadelphia police officers still blocking off access. we have seen a lot of neighbors, people who live in the area coming out here to try to get a look. you're not going to get a good look at the train, it's tookeifar off. and they're asking you to avoid this area if at all possible. nbc 10 news. >> reporter: randy, thank you, and here are the intersections. you can see how this road is blocked. and you can see authorities on the scene. they are going to keep this road blocked as the investigation continues and they try to get to the bottom of what exactly contributed to this crash and make sure there are no more survivors at the scene of that deadly train derailment. again, we are awaiting that news conference from the national transportation safety board that is coming up at 5:00. reporting live in port richmond jacqueline london, nbc 10 news.
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>> thank you jacqueline. we'll be going back with you later in this broadcast. >> all right. in the meantime let's check in on the investigation itself. george spencer live at east detectives. >> george the train's engineer was there, and he was with his attorney. but he's not talking? >> reporter: that's exactly right, renee. it's been a hub all day. this is the place where investigators from across the east coast are using as a meeting post. and we've confirmed that the engineer came here after the derailment. he came with his attorney. but philadelphia police confirmed to us that he declined to give any statement at all about what happened. take a look at some of the video that our cameras got here during the day. we can see a host of the scene leaders and investigators in and out of this building. we saw office of emergency management, railroaded administration and many other agencies here. as for the engineer himself,
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philadelphia police commissioner ramsey tells us the engineer was not hostile, he simply said that the engineer declined to give any statement at all to his investigators. we come back out here live you may be wondering, according to the mayor, the ntsb at least in the beginning handles what you might consider the physical evidence surrounding this derailment. it is then up to philadelphia police who operate out of this building to handle what you might consider the human evidence that people surrounding all of this. that engineer came here some time after the derailment, but declined to give any statement at all to philadelphia police. we're monitoring things that's the latest live right now from east detectives. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 getting a first look at some of the victims of the deadly derailment in philadelphia. they include associated press journalist jim gaines who was killed in the derailment as well as naval academy mid
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shipman justin zemser. also a philadelphia ceo rachel jacobs who at this hour is missing. doug shimell has been learning more about these victims. >> doug, what have you found out? >> reporter: well, we spoke to friends and family of rachel jacobs, and they say for them the excruciating part is the not knowing. but for some of the other families, the fear has been confirmed. as the stretchers came and went from the scene, names gradually surfaced of those who didn't survive. 48-year-old jim gaines has two young children and handles video software for the associated press. his colleagues say he was coming back home to plainsboro new jersey. also among the casualties justin zemser he attended the u.s. naval academy in washington. and the school says the 21-year-old was on leave and
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heading home tuesday night to see his family in rockaway beach, new york.op>> it was his high school valedictorian and finishing up his second year at the naval academy. he was a loving son, nephew and cousin who was -- this tragedy has shocked us all in the worst way. >> reporter: but as the injured left area hospitals, the family of rachel jacobs had no contact from her. the ceo of an internet apprenticeship company based in philadelphia was on amtrak train 188, according to co-workers. she is the mother of a 2-year-old and a twitter message from her company reads, quote, thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our ceo rachel jacobs. we are still looking for rachel and hope she will be with her family soon. and some members of her family her husband and sister we're told, were driving to philadelphia. we gave the family information
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and contact information for the red cross. they were presumably going to go to the family assistant center that has been set up over at 12th and market at the marriott. we also reached out to some of rachel's colleagues and we're hoping to hear from them soon. live at 30th street station, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> all right, doug. keep us posted. thanks for that update. it was a frantic race in the dark last night for first responders to get to the victims of this deadly derailment. they had to prioritize injuries. it was based on severity. nbc 10 is also tracking more about the survivors of the derailment this afternoon. and the man we just told you about who just died at temple university hospital. cydney long is live. >> that's where doctors updated us. what is the latest? >> we can tell you that of the 54 patients initially rushed here last night before the midnight hour 23 of them are
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still being cared for here. two have been released within the last couple of hours. last night where there were stretchers orthopedics out here waiting for those folks, now you can see a slew of media as one of the top doctors here at temple university was answering a number of our questions about these patients. now, so 23 of the total patients initially rushed here again, are still being cared for and eight of them in critical condition. doctors just told us that 49-year-old james marshall gaines of princeton, new jersey was not, in fact conscious when he arrived here at the hospital. doctors did try to resuscitate him. but he died a short time after midnight, they say, due to a fatal blow to his chest. he was riding an amtrak first quiet car. one of the rail cars behind the engine, and doctors had double the amount of staff here working on their level four trauma alert last night and through the overnight hours. the seat of the train does not dictate the severity of the critical injuries he witnessed.
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saying it doesn't matter if it was going 100 miles per hour or 50 miles per hour, that these passengers were critically hurt. he confirms that nearly every patient who came in suffered some type of rib injuries and internal bleeding but not life threatening. we asked how those passengers likely sustained those rib fractures. >> the rib fractures tell me they rattled around in the train cars a lot to get a lot of rib fractures. we also saw some scapula fractures and long bone fractures of the leg and fractures of the arm. i was surprised, and i think i told you surprised to see we did not have much head injury. a lot of folks who were going to have head injuries there's one person with a head injury. that was very gusz. good news. >> reporter: dr. cushing went on to say that patients came in stunned and disoriented. now the families of those loved
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ones were working with four representatives from amtrak because some of them are from out of the country figuring out once they are safe to go home how they will do so. live in north philadelphia, nbc 10 news. >> our team coverage continuing now with nbc 10's jesse gary. >> jesse, those fortunate enough to walk away from that wreckage are still -- some of them stuck in philadelphia. tell us what's being done for them. >> reporter: well the red cross has set up a victims assistant center inside this hotel behind me, the marriott in downtown. but i've been told that the red cross has pulled out their team and now these families are working with the ntsb and amtrak. the red cross will return if needed. right now, the people inside recovering, recounting their ordeal. today with uneasy steps, some passengers onboard amtrak train 188 walked away from the crash and gave firsthand accounts to the carnage inside the toppled rail cars. >> when i started hearing people i was on the side.
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and they had carried me off. my shoes are not my shoes. somewhere i lost my shoes. and a lady gave me her shoes. and a policeman walked me from the side of the train tracks to the to the sidewalk. >> former congressman pat murphy says he was seated on the left side wearing headphones and working at a table. then saw the vibrations and a second later the train jumped the tracks and rolled. >> all of us on that side basically flew over. and, you know i went head first into the next table and window. and, you know, the guy next to me -- well you know i realized that finally came to a stop there's debris and glass and everything and i just i checked my limbs to make sure i was okay and feel everything.
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and then i picked myself up. the guy next to me was knocked out cold. i kind of sat him up and i just tapped his face and said hey, brother, get up. >> murphy suffered bumps and bruises, but otherwise okay. 35 families following the crash are being cared for inside the fourth floor of the downtown marriott hotel. officials with the red cross and state police are inside. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, two representatives with the philadelphia medical examiner's office came into the hotel. a source tells me the only reason that would happen, they need someone on the inside to identify a loved one. we're going to stay right here and update you coming up in the next hour. you'll hear more stories of survival and what it was like inside that mangled train. live in center city jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> amtrak has a hot line for friends and family to check on loved ones who may have been on that train. here's the number you should call if you're looking for information. it's 1-800-523-9101.
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president obama released a statement about the derailment saying in part that spirit of loving kindness was reaffirmed last night as hundreds of first responders and passengers lent a hand to their fellow human beings in need. now, the clearest way to see the wreckage is from the sky. >> matt delucia is back surveying the damage. >> yeah we have been up here all night, all morning, and now the afternoon. let's go ahead and give you a look at what everything looks like right now. the only major change we've seen in terms of what's going on on the tracks. off the tracks right here at this spot. pretty much in the same positions they were last night when they went off the tracks. and real quickly now. we want to show you the track. now that we can see with perfect daylight out here. this straight line that these
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trains were going on before it hit that curve. you can see, they were coming up northbound, which would be in this direction here and it would hit this curve right here. and that is where you see that the trains went off that track. so we see the investigators out here all day, see the heavy equipment out there, as well. and that they're really right now trying to piece this together trying to get the evidence. they've got all that caution tape up there, as well. but even with the sunny skies out here now, it really just does put it in a better picture of what happened out here last night. when it was so dark and now we can see a lot more out here in these damgt hours and theylight hours. and they investigate this derailment. you just see the train cars toppled over on the side. some cases completely destroyed right here. we're going to be back in a few minutes and hovering over the area to give you a better look. and we'll be back, but for now nbc 10 news. >> so helpful there in illustrating how that happened last night. let's take a closer look at
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amtrak northeast corridor by the numbers. it is the busiest railroad in north america, 2,200 trains operate from washington, d.c. to boston every day. trains carry 11.4 million passengers up and down the stretch in 2030. 2013. between d.c. and boston than all airlines combined. >> so this deadly occur railment is, of course having a significant ripple effect across the region. nbc 10's ted greenberg is live in trenton to tell us about the impact there. >> ted, tell us what commuters are facing. >> well renee and jim, we've been talking with rail passengers all day who have been forced to change their travel plans because of the lack of amtrak service. and new jersey transit has made accommodations and adjustments to its own service. >> reporter: an influx of passengers on new jersey transits river line prompted the
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agency to add train cars to its route between trenton and camden. >> it's a little congested, but, you know, we've got to make it work. >> probably cost us an extra three hours. >> with no amtrak service between philadelphia and new york, he was among those who made the river line part of their trip. >> we had to take the new jersey transit out here to trenton, then we're going to transfer to the river line to pennsauken hop on a bus and head into philly. >> because of the derailment on the river line and the northeast corridor service which has also had a surge in passengers. for lori cook getting to new york today meant taking a new jersey transit train from trenton instead of amtrak from 30th street station. >> it's been a disruption for us that obviously just a terrible tragedy for so many. >> i feel blessed. >> aaron says he initially planned to take the train that derailed but then decided to stay in baltimore another night.
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>> i was grateful. sent a message to my wife not on that train. i'm sure she's grateful as well. >> reporter: we have also learned that new jersey transit will now honor amtrak and septa tickets on the southern bus division routes the river line and bus service being added between the west trenton train station and the trenton transit center. we are live in trenton, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> taking a live look at 30th street station. the derailment affecting train travel through the northeast. if you plan to take a train you want to call 1-800-usa-rail to check schedules and see if your train is running. and if it's running it's on time. >> once again, here is the latest on the derailment, the ntsb says that train, train 188 was going more than 100 miles an hour on a curve where the speed limit is 50. seven people today confirmed dead including a mid shipman
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from the naval academy and an employee of "the associated press." police commissioner ramsey telling nbc 10, the train's engineer refusing to talk to police. >> count on the nbc 10 news team to bring you breaking developments on this deadly derailment. when we're not on the air, we'll be providing updates around the clock. you can get those updates by tapping on the nbc 10 news app, smartphones or tablets. we want to take you back now to our breaking news story, today. of course, it's that deadly train derailment in philadelphia. we have the latest on the derailment for you. including, we want to talk to you about the cuts that took place after the crash. amtrak suffering a setback in washington as they were dealing with the disaster in philadelphia. the nbc 10 investigators are explaining that. plus, a look at the transit company safety records. >> not my amtrak shut down the entire northeast corridor.
4:22 pm
also, the rescuers who rushed in. some of them weren't even first responders. nbc 10 talks to some ordinary citizens who helped out when disaster struck.
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you're watching continuing coverage of the deadly derailment on nbc 10 and and sky force 10 continues to fly high above the derailment. killed 7, left more than 200 injured and the ntsb confirmed after this afternoon, preliminary indications were that train was traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour before it rounded the curve where it derailed. >> it's hard rendering what i saw last night. it was a terrible accident. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf saw the crash site firsthand last night. and nbc 10 has learned he will
4:26 pm
travel back to philadelphia later this evening. today, governor wolf ordered all state flags to be flown at half staff. reaction and condolences have been pouring in in the wake of this deadly derailment. philadelphia archbishop released this statement saying in part i urge all people of good will to join me in extending prayerful condolences to those mourning the sudden loss of a loved one. and this bit of history, a train crash happened in the same spot back in 1943 known as the frankfort junction wreck happened over labor day weekend of 1943 when a packed train heading from d.c. to new york flew off the tracks. the congressional limited was loaded with 541 holiday weekend passengers. that crash killed 79 people and injured 117 others. it remains the fifth deadliest train accident in u.s. history. but today, a closer look at rail safety. >> and the track record of transit lines, including amtrak. new at 4:30 today, the nbc 10
4:27 pm
investigators have been pouring through new data since late last night and see what they've uncovered.
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nbc 10 continuing to follow breaking news on that deadly derailment. the ntsb confirming that the amtrak train was traveling more than twice the speed limit. just seconds before it crashed in port richmond killing seven people. >> see it in the daytime. it's almost indescribable. it is painful. and it is amazing. it is incredible. that so many people walked away from that scene last night. >> philadelphia police say the train's engineer refusing to talk to investigators. >> and we have this just in from
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septa. the entire trenton line is down because of the derailment and it will be that way for at least a week. septa will be expanding service on the west trenton line starting tomorrow. trains will run every half hour instead of the usual hourly schedule. nbc 10 anchor jacqueline london is live on the scene for us. >> jacqueline tell us, what's the latest out there right now? >> reporter: renee, the investigation continues, and this road is blocked here in the port richmond area down this road is where seven cars derailed and seven passengers were killed. the investigation continues, and the search continues, as well, to make sure no one is left in those cars or underneath those cars. joining me now is tom costello. thank you for joining us. we do know that the ntsb is confirming that the preliminary data shows that the train was going in excess of 100 miles per hour. your reaction to hearing that?
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>> well in fact we heard that earlier in the morning. earlier in the afternoon, and it's really striking. i mean to suggest this train was traveling at nearly double, the posted speed. you know, immediately, you've got to look at a couple of factors. is there something going on with the engineer in terms of his performance. did he fail to notice the speed was he running that train recklessly? we don't know. but also we can't rule out mechanical. was there mechanical explanation for why this train was running in excess of 100 miles per hour? clearly early on in the investigation. it mean, this morning, i was hearing from senior investigative sources saying you just don't see this kind of significant damage to trains to that heavy metal, the twisting and breaking of the metal if it weren't for excessive speed. immediately, they were clued into that. that data reporter onboard the train. and sure enough the train that appears is traveling well in excess of the posted speed
4:33 pm
limit. >> and there are so many questions about the aging infrastructure and what needs to be done to the rails and to the cars. almost like a ball the way it was bent. and you wonder how that can happen. and when you look around the world, the money that is put into the trains there versus here. there's quite a differential. >> you know we have been doing stories for many many years about how the failing infrastructure in the united states is resulting in accidents almost on a daily basis. whether it's roads, whether it's bridges, whether it's situations like this with trains. you know there are a number of safety advancements that could be put into train systems. like positive train control. all train systems across the country are supposed to have positive train control by the end of this year the northeast corridor supposed to be done by the end of this year. but many of these railroad lines have actually been pushing congress to give them an extension until 2020. positive train control essentially is a safety device and it has many different aspects to it. but among the many aspects, it
4:34 pm
would slow the train down in the event of an emergency. if it determined that the train was traveling at an unsafe speed, and in excess of the speed limit, it would apply the brakes itself. again, that safety precaution or those systems are not in place on this stretch of track here in philadelphia. and it was supposed to be done by the end of the year. but you can see the pressure congress is under to give a lot of these rail lines a break. >> maybe there will be changes with this happening on the very busy northeast corridor. tom costello thank you so much for your time. we're, of course waiting an ntsb news conference that will happen at 5:00 about 30 minutes from now. we hope to glean more information then. reporting live in port richmond at the site of this deadly amtrak train derailment. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. >> we'll check that with you throughout the afternoon. in the meantime joe biden had this to say about the deadly derailment. amtrak is like a second family to me as it is for so many other passengers. for my entire career i've made
4:35 pm
that trip from wilmington to washington and back. shortly after the derailment happened, the nbc 10 investigators started digging into records about railroad accidents. >> they found pennsylvania has more than its share. nbc 10 investigative reporter dug through federal railroad records to find this trend. >> those records point to an upward trend for all rail lines and amtrak. it is not exception. >> when it comes to related railway accidents, equipment failure and track deterioration are often to blame. records show more so than human error. the nbc 10 investigators found amtrak had just two equipment-related accidents in all of 2014. this year it's already up to nine. also noticeable the rise in accidents caused by faulty track. last year it produced three accidents. so far this year nine. >> we need to be spending more money on that infrastructure. it's aging, i mean the northeast is the oldest a rt of estest part
4:36 pm
of the nation. >> 2014 report on transit said pennsylvania's need to become critical. when it comes to rail lines, it blames historically unstable funding and maintenance. yet, congress cut amtrak funding by $252 million. >> we need to make sure that we're investing in passenger rail lines and safety. >> ryan castillo represents pennsylvania and sits on the house transportation and infrastructure committee. >> if we shortchange funding, we're going to have a lot more long-term problems when it comes to passenger rail in this country. >> amtrak and its advocates say its money equal safety. >> now, we are also looking into how tracks are inspected and actually found a big change a year ago. we have that for you at 5:00. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. >> all right. let's talk about the impact to the street in the area around this derailment.
4:37 pm
side streets in port richmond they're still closed. >> nbc 10's brittany schiff has more on that plus the impact on mass transit this wednesday afternoon. brittany? >> well not much has changed. but let me show you exactly what we can expect. port richmond dealing with closures from frankford avenue still closed between torresdale and castor. all still closed due to the train derailment. now, to mass transit. for philadelphia, between philadelphia and new york city service is still suspended, but amtrak just released a press release saying services anticipated to the northeast corridor specifically between philadelphia and new york by tomorrow they have not released a schedule yet. still modified service between washington and philly and harrisburg and philly. the atlantic city rail line still suspended between 30th street and cherry hill. but they are honoring amtrak tickets. that is your best bet to get to where you need to go. renee? >> thank you, brittany.
4:38 pm
and count on the nbc 10 news team to bring you breaking developments on this deadly derailment. when we're not on the air, woo el we'll be prideoviding updates around the clock. well nbc 10 following other news for you today. >> including this. the verdict. it's in on the local exterminator. on trial for the murder of a pediatrician. we're going to tell you what the jury decided. we've suffered a tragedy in our city. >> this amtrak train derailed killing seven people, injuring hundreds in philadelphia. nbc 10 has crews on the ground and sky force 10 in the air. >> the cause. >> talking to survivors about how they got out. >> at the hospital checking on victims. >> with rescue crews as they search for more passengers. >> i hit my knees last night and prayed for the people on that train. >> count on nbc 10 news for continuing coverage.
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guilty of first-degree murder, that's the verdict today in the case of an exterminator on trial for killing a local pediatrician. the verdict was unanimous. in the trial of jason smith from bucks county sentenced to life in prison without parole. authorities say smith strangled dr. melissa ketunuty. the murder happened in january of 2013. after prosecutors say she questioned the exterminator's work.
4:42 pm
smith's defense attorney argued he made a legitimate house call and that detectives squeezed the confession out of him because they wanted to solve the case. marking a solemn anniversary today. on this day 30 years ago, the move move bombing left a neighborhood in ruins. may 13th 1985 one of the darkest days in the city's history. police trying to end a standoff when they dropped a bomb on a house occupied by the members of a group called move. pete kane was rolling as the bombing happened. the resulting fire killed six adults, five children and burned down an entire neighborhood. back to our breaking news. >> sky force 10 live over the scene as we keep tabs on breaking developments. a live report from the air and on the ground. you are watching extended coverage of this deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia.
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you're watching continuing coverage of the deadly derailment on nbc 10 and >> and our team coverage of the deadly derailment continues in the sky. >> nbc 10's matt delucia over the scene after the crash last night. and he's back this afternoon to give us another look. matt? >> and jim and renee, up here in sky force 10. we're about 1,000 feet in the air right now. and we're going to give you a look out here. some of the work happening down there on the ground. you can see this cherry picker that we've seen in the past 15 minutes come over one of these holes here. this would be the power line system that powers the amtrak trains as they make their way through the northeast corridor. you also see a lot of the workers that are down there on the tracks as well. we're going to pull back a little bit here. again, this is a very large scene at the moment and you can see one of the cars right there.
4:47 pm
and we're going to see more and more of these vehicles. also a maintenance car that was also here on the track, as well. more workers, there it is right there, and we see some more of those workers working at the track, as well. possibly doing repairs to try to get the system up and running back again because, again, this has a huge impact on the area because it's a very busy line for travelers in this area up and down the northeast corridor. right over here, again, you see more of these workers, the emergency workers, and then also up here, you see the really heavy damage from one of those vehicles there. we're going to stay up here on sky force 10 constantly monitoring the situation and finding new things every few minutes. for now, though, we're live, nbc 10 news. well we've seen quite a change in the weather over the last 24 hours. we've had wind cooler weather coming in. we've had this fire danger that ends at 6:00 tonight.
4:48 pm
the red flag warning for new jersey. as the wind diminishes the fire danger goes down a bit. cool and dry through the rest of the week. and then a chance of some weekend rain but neither day is going to be a washout as you'll see. more sunshine than we saw all day. 71 degrees, 18-mile-an-hour winds gusting to 29. but it's 15 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. the pollen continues to be high. and it will continue to be high until we get some decent rain. there's the forecast taking it even higher as we go into the weekend. we're in the mid-60s to near 70 degrees right now. it was 88 degrees for the high yesterday. so that is quite a change. plus, we have wind and it's still gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. 30 miles an hour gusts in the poconos right now. 29 miles an hour in philadelphia. clouds coming down from the north, but as the sun angle starts going down the clouds disappear.
4:49 pm
we've got no rain that is anywhere nearby. so there's no threat despite that cloud cover that we saw. and as we go through the next couple of days we'll find some cool weather tonight. going down into the low 40s in some of the northern and western areas during the night tonight. you're going to need a jacket in the morning. so it's clearing and cooler tonight. 48 for a low in philadelphia 40 north and west as the wind diminishes. tomorrow sunny, low humidity light winds, up near 70 degrees. so it'll be considered a beautiful day, except that we need rain. now, not much coming this weekend. it is going to be warm both saturday and sunday. sunday, very warm, just a chance of an afternoon shower either day. better chances for rain early next week as we cool down, again. >> all right. when disaster struck, investigators were fast to move. >> take a listen. >> notify amtrak shut down the entire northeast corridor.
4:50 pm
>> first responders so quick to get there on the scene. but they weren't the only ones. the good samaritans who rushed to the rescue when the deadly derailment happened in philadelphia. you'll meet them.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
notify amtrak to shut down the entire northeast corridor. we have a major -- here. we have people on the track -- a couple of cars overturned. >> nbc 10 obtained this copy of audio from when firefighters first arrived on the scene of that deadly derailment in philadelphia. that was around 9:30 last night.
4:54 pm
we know so many of those responders were working in the dark. >> that's right. we saw all those flashlights out there. well, today, we talked to some of them about the conditions of a major rescue operation at night. nbc 10's drew smith got a firsthand account today from the first responders on the scene. some of them not even in uniform. >> what are they telling you? >> well, it was a long night for these folks. and you can see where some of them walked up on to the tracks not the easiest place to walk. a lot of overgrowth as well as no street lights up there. but police officers firefighters, even some regular citizens say they put their safety at risk because they really wanted to help. >> christopher never thought a trip to walmart would end with him in the middle of all of this. >> you see a big flash come across the sky. and we're looking up and then you hear, boom! >> instead of running to safety they joined the officers and firefighters rushing to the scene. he says he helped rescue 20 people including a pregnant
4:55 pm
woman. >> she's saying my leg, my leg. i'm grabbing her from the top of the ladder and bringing her down slowly. >> reporter: he says at first people were bloody and panicking, but firefighters and police took control to get people out. >> those were the heroes. there's no doubt in my mind that there were lives that were saved by those first responders those cops and firefighters. >> patrick murphy saw a fire captain climb into the window of his train car. the danger they faced is not lost on him. he saw the live wires out there. >> they went around those live wires. >> they helped for more than an hour before firefighters told them they'd take it from there. it was on the way home when it really hit him. >> it was really sad for the first time. you've seen it in movies cartoons, everything. but to be there in person it's mind changing. >> we stopped around some of the fire houses in this area. some of those firefighters are just coming back on shift now after working that long night last night.
4:56 pm
they said it's -- it was an intense time out here but it's part of the job. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> what a job they did, drew. thank you. and our coverage of the deadly derailment continues. in minutes, the ntsb expected to brief us about their investigation so far. minute by minute we go back to those tracks. how last night's crash unfolded from the time the train left washington to the moment it left the tracks in port richmond. also this nbc 10 has video of the very engine involved in last night's derailment. this was taken last year as investigators focus on speed. what we're learning about just how fast it can go next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00 flashing lights showed the moment of a deadly derailment. >> we have people on the tracks a couple cars overturned. >> an amtrak train off the tracks. tonight, we have new information about the victims killed the dozens injured. >> and a lady gave me her shoes. >> and how fast this train was going before it went off the tracks. >> and new developments on last night's deadly derailment are pouring into our nbc 10 newsroom. >> here are the biggest breakthroughs in the investigation. the ntsb confirms the train was traveling more than double the speed limit seconds before it
5:00 pm
crashed in port richmond last night. philadelphia police tell nbc 10 the train's engineer refusing to talk to investigators. seven people were killed and more than 200 injured. and we've learned from septa that its entire trenton line will be shut down for at least a week because of this derailment. >> the amtrak train went off the tracks just after 9:00 last night in port richmond. listen to what passengers had to say shortly after disaster struck. >> and keep on sliding for about 30 seconds. and then -- >> you saw it go like that you could feel it off the track. and we just rolled and rolled. >> people were relatively calm. and everybody got seen eventually. so i give credit to the responders. >> look at this surveillance video showing the seconds before and after the train crash. the picture was grainy but you can see the train as it approached the curve last night


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