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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  May 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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michelle grossman has the weather for us. we have some light showers right? >> we do have some light showers. we have a chance of seeing those showers throughout the day and seeing thunderstorms throughout the day. it's warm it's muggy, it's going to spark some of that wet weather. here's a live look outside, mostly cloudy in philadelphia. you can see especially to the north and west and parts of northampton county and lee high county and into the poconos as well. can you see sports of yellow and orange indicating heavier downpours, this would be the story throughout the day. a few this morning, more this afternoon, especially later on this afternoon. otherwise it is mild already, 67 in philadelphia 70 already in wildwood, 69 in lang caster and 60 in mount pocono. as we head out by lunchtime,
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temperatures 81 degrees. also watching chances for those thunderstorms later on today and we'll look at the rest of your weekend in just a few minutes. >> breaking news we want to make you aware of. the pentagon says u.s. commandos captured officials and the official's wife. no u.s. forces were killed or injured. we're going to continue to follow this and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. >> in our area police in cherry hillary responded to the inn of the dove hotel this morning, possibly to investigate a report of gun fire. police won't confirm why officers were there but an employee of the hotel said he called 911 because he heard gunshot in the parking lot. the employee tells us it's unclear if anybody was shot. we'll keep you posted with any updates on this one. investigators believe speed may have been a factor in an overnight car crash in north
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philadelphia. the woman driving the car struck a pole. the car flipped over and then pnd pinned her underneath the vehicle. she went to the hospital in critical condition. today the fbi fbiwill continue investigating whether something hit the windshield right before the derailment. the amtrak train and a septa line may have been hit by something. jesse, what's happening there right now? >> reporter: rosemary workers are busy mind repairing the damaged section of track. their goal of complete service restoration by monday is pushed now to tuesday. late last night crew members said amtrak 188 and a nearby septa plane may have been hit by
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projectile moments before the crash. septa officials said they don't believe they were hit by a bullet but it may have been a rock or other projectile thrown at the train. it's happened before. and just minutes before it headed into the frankford curve and jumped the tracks. yesterday the engineer told ntsb investigators he doesn't remember too much of anything after the train passed north philadelphia. >> he recalls ringing the train bell as he went through the north philadelphia station. that's not a normal station stop for him butch he's required by regulation to sound his bell. i may have said horn. he's required to sound his bell as he goes through -- past the
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station stop and he did that. he recalled doing that. but he has no recollection of anything past that. >> ntsb investigators say they're not going to speculate on the role of projectile may have played in the crash. they're focused more on the speed of the train, which entered the train at twice the speed limit for the turn. a third train we mentioned that may have been hit also we'll talk about it in the next half hour. live in port richmond jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> amtrak's plan to get trains running isn't going to happen on schedule. they had hoped to begin limited service at the start of the work week but now the schedule has been pushed back until tuesday at the earliest. crews are repairing the track. the train was going twice the speed limit, over 100 miles an hour at the time of the derailment and the nbc 10 investigators have learned that a safety system which experts say would have stopped train 188
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is installed on philadelphia tracks but it's not ready to use. the technology is called positive train control or ptc. it's a gps system that relay as train's position and speed. it's also capable of stopping a speeding train. documents from the fcc obtained by the nbc 10 investigators showed amtrak received approval in recall march to use radio frequencies in our area for track-to-train communication. amtrak officials told members of congress on thursday that it's still testing ptc and that it's not asiesies as flipping a switch after getting approval. amtrak and all railroads are legally obligated to have it in place by the end of the year. amtrak says it will meet that deadline. a memorial service will be held for rachel jacobs one of the eight victims killed in the derailment.
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the 38-year-old mother was the ceo of online company apprennet. hundreds gathered on long island to say good-bye to justin zemser. he was described as a caring person who mentored chrn with autism. classmates said he was their high school valedictorian and often returned to speak to younger students. >> now more breaking news we're following overseas. police in germany report two dead and 20 hurt in a train accident. a train hit a truck at a road crossing in western germany. ambulance and rescue teams from near towns are now rushing to scene. we'll keep you updated with any new developments in the case. back here at home police need your help as they investigate a woman's concerns about a possible baby in southwest philadelphia. this picture shows a couple
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walking minutes after she thinks she saw the man drop a baby over a bridge. sheep said she saw the woman cradling the baby but it's what may have happened next that prompted the witness to call police. >> then she sees the male take the baby give it a kiss she believes on the forehead and he leans over this cement rail toward the track area. >> the operator of a passing train confirmed he also saw the couple on the bridge but police searched three miles of railroad track and found nothing. here's another look at that surveillance video. philadelphia police are hoping to speak to the couple who may be in their late teens or early 20s. the woman was dressed in muslim garb and had a flowery head dress. the man was wearing a shirt and jeans. if you have any information, detectives would like to hear from you. >> philadelphia is remembering a fallen firefighter.
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lut nn joyce lieutenant joyce craig is the first female firefighter to lose her life in the line of duty. a charity event kicked off at rollland and ryan eavesavenue at 8:30 this weekend. tomorrow you can take in the annual mayfair farmer's market. >> certainly busy along the schuylkill river. high school rowers across north america are competing on this day two of the stotesbury cup regatta. athletes from 120 high schools are rowing along the schuylkill.
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dragged down the block by her backpack. it could have been much worse for this young student. next how an eyewitness finally got the driver of the school bus to stop. >> they call it a super cell an impressive storm that brought lightning and hail to the great plains. could it impact our week ahead? details after the break. ools versus charters. i think they're both's making sure they all get a good education. teachers should have their contracts respected. they also should be held accountable. and it's wrong philadelphia gets less school funding than other parts of pennsylvania. i'll work with harrisburg to change that. but if they refuse i'll take them to federal court. as mayor i'll do what's right for them.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. it's a mile start to the day. some temperatures in the 70s already. here's a live look outside. we're looking at plenty of cloud outside. mostly cloudy if not cloudy throughout the area. to the north and west we're mild also. mt. pocono 67. it already made it into the 70s in dover, 69 in woodbinh and 70 degrees at the atlantic city
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airport. here's a look at where the showers are falling now. everyone has a chance for seeing a shower especially this afternoon and also a thunderstorm. a warm day today, feeling like summer. summer-like once again on sunday. we'll look at your seven-day in just a few minutes. >> a storm supercell over western nebraska created a storm of lightning and hail. there was hail the size of golf balls. no reports of any injuries. meteorologist michelle grossman said this weather could have an effect on our forecast for the week ahead but the storm would not be as severe. >> taking the bus home from school ended in a rough ride for a young student from kentucky. check out this video. an elementary student stepped off her school bus when her
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backpack got stuck in the door. the driver didn't realize it dragging the girl about a hundred feet. the child suffered road rash but is expected to be okay. another driver cut across somebody's lawn to alert the bus driver to stop. police and school officials are now investigating. the time right now is 9:12. when we come back, we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday's child. it's a 2 for 1. plus a muggy saturday on tap. we are tracking some showers out there. michelle grossman will be back with your first alert forecast.
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this week's wednesday's child is the story of sisterly love. two girls with an breakable bond hoping to find a family together. >> this is much easier for them to eat this way. >> sisters unique and tianna make up an inquisitive team. they both enjoy learning new things about undersea life so we headed to the adventure aquarium in camden new jersey. unique loves dancing. >> unique is more of a tom boy and more friendly and outgoing with her friends. >> tianna is 12 years old and loves being girly. >> tianna is very bubbly very energetic. definitely a girly girl enjoys dressing up baby dolls.
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>> reporter: unique enjoys her social studies class and wants to join the track team. ityian -- tianna was student of the month. >> they would bring a lot of joy, laughter sense of humor to a family. >> reporter: the ideal family would inspire them to reach their goals. >> they are really looking for a family who is going to love them and remain committed to them through the good times and the bad. >> reporter: unique and tianna are this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to help make their dreams come true or of any child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation you can go to
9:17 am or call 1-866-do-adopt. >> we are tracking some showers. that's going to be the deal today. a little humid outside, a little sticky. it's summer-like this weekend and things begin to improve over the weekend. right now we're tracking showers. better chance for gusty thunderstorms later on this afternoon pap repeat performance on sunday. we're going to have the heat and humidity back and the chance for more storms. right now 67 in philadelphia mostly cloudy skies, winds out of the south, southwest at 8 miles per hour. looking at radar, not a whole lot going on but we have stuff going on heavier showers in parts of lehigh county. we could see a shower at any time, a better chance being later on this afternoon. mostly cloudy outside, looking a
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little grate in philadelphia. we're looking at temperatures in the 70s, you can tell where it's raining right now, 59 in allen allentown, it's rainy and cold. and a very mild 71 degrees in dover and delaware. a mild start and warm finish as we go throughout the next couple of hours. 81 in philadelphia 79 in allentown. look at the coast. temperatures pretty cool there throughout the afternoon. future weather as we go throughout time. humidity will be the major headline today. that's going to spark the chance for those thunderstorms later. that time stamp at 5:00. if you're north and west of philadelphia, you may see scattered thunderstorms with heavy downpours. by 9:00 getting a little closer to the city. if you have saturday night plans, keep that in mind.
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still yseeing a chance for heavy downpours. still humid overnight. we kind of repeat this whole thing on sunday bringing back a chance for scattered showers on sunday, especially later on in the afternoon. so today's highs are right around 83 in allentown, 78 in mt. pocono. in bucks county 84 in down to the south and east temperatures around 83. it's going to be a warm one, a humid one. still warm and humid on monday and tuesday. we're keeping the chance of showers and forms in the forecast. but look at this switch on wednesday. really nice thursday, lots of sunshine temperature in the low 70s.
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>> it is graduation day at st. joe's university. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will give the commencement speech this afternoon. not. >> is happy to hear him speak. a local group of catholics is upset with the mayor's support of the lbgt community and same-sex marriage. >> philadelphia university will also hold its commencement today at the pennsylvania convention center. the class of 2015 is the largest with nearly 1,200 students earning diplomas. there will be a split ceremony with graduate students taking the statement this morning and then the undergrads that much. a live look now where this evening more than 1,200 guests will come together to celebrate the nation's oldest medical school.
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>> it is the final weekend before the mayoral primary in philadelphia. what voters care about the most as they get ready to cast their ballots.
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let's head to beijing where secretary of state john kerry is urging chinese officials to reduce tensions in the south china sea region.
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chinese's foreign minister rejected that request. the u.s. is concerned about china's dispute with other asian nation s nations over an area of island. >> voters will head to the polls in three days to cast their ballots in the primary election on tuesday. registered democrats will choose among six candidates. the winner of the democratic primary will face the only republican candidate in november. when it comes to issues in the race for mayor, education is at the top of the list. that's the latest finding from polling philadelphia our exclusive independent survey. the poll asked about 600 democrats what their most important issue is. by far education topped crime and jobs. in fact, on 2% of democrats between the ages of 35 and 44
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thought jobs with a top concern. >> i think the unemployment rate is down. people are feeling confident. they're pleased with the mayor, with the member of city council that represents them. in philadelphia at least with our governor. and that's why i think that number is just so low. >> we have interviews with each of the candidates so that you're informed before you cast your ballot. mayoral candidates talked to nbc 10 recently about the race and why each believes that he and she should win the nomination. take a listen. >> i have a big, fat baseball bat and i'm going to stand at home plate and i'm going to swing at the big problems that have come across the plate that people tend to shuffle off to the side. >> i think what you see now is
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the real jim kenny. it's more disciplined because the job you're asking for requires more discipline. you also have to be authentic with people. i'm a philadelphian through and through. >> you can hear more from the the candidates tomorrow morning at 11:30 right here on nbc 10. >> still ahead the investigation into the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia has taken some turns overnight. jesse gary is following the story. >> reporter: federal agents looking into the fact that three trains may have been struck by an object, this as work progresses to try and get these tracks back open by tuesday. we'll talk about it coming after the break. >> we're mild this morning seeing shower activity in some spots, also tracking a very warm weekend. we'll do that in just a few minutes.
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this is nbc 10 news. this morning a cracked wind windshield is leading
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investigators in a new direction at the amtrak derailment in philadelphia. it is going to feel more like summer than spring today. here is a live look at the citizens bank park where the phillies will take on the diamondbacks again. it's warm and muggy. we are tracking the possibility of showers and thunderstorms later on. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. it's 9:30 on this saturday. let's get right to the weekend weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. a little bit of sun out there but we know those clouds could produce some rain as the day continues. >> it's going to be a lot like last saturday where it looks like it's going to rain any second. some spots are seeing showers also. it's a little bit of a mixed bag. that's going to be the story throughout the day. we are looking kind of gray in philadelphia and we're looking milder than this time yesterday across the area. you're going to feel that when you step out this morning, especially to the south and east of philadelphia temperatures anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees warmer than this time yesterday,
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8 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago in philadelphia. that's mainly putting us in the 60s and also the 70s in some spots. you see that southerly flow bringing up that warm air, that humidity that will spark. 67 in philadelphia, 59 right now in allentown, 64 in lancaster, 69 already in millville and 72 in wildwood new jersey. a mild start to the day. we're going to end it in very warm temperatures feeling very summer-like this afternoon, into the 80s. by 3:00 p.m. up to 83 degrees. a warm one today, another warm one on monday. and we're going to cool it down during your seven day. i'll show you that in just a few minutes. >> it is 9:31. we are follow breaking news out of eastern syria. according to pentagon, u.s. commandos have killed a senior isis official during the raid. they also captured the
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official's wife. no u.s. forces were killed or injured. >> in our area police in cherry hill were at the inn of the dove hotel this morning possibly investigating a report of gunfire. an employee of the hotel says that he called 911 because he heard gunshot in the parking lot but police won't confirm exactly why officers responded. the employee tells us it's unclear if anybody was shot. we'll keep you posted with updates. new information on the crash of a pickup truck into a house in gloucester county. we learned that a mother her daughter and granddaughter were all inside the house at the time. the american red cross is now helping them with food and a place to stay. police tell us that the pickup truck struck the guide wire of a telephone pole before smashing into the house on thistle down court. no word if the driver was hurt
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or anyone else in that case. we'll keep you posted on this. >> the fbi will investigate whether something hit the windshield of the amtrak train right before tuesday's deadly derailment. investigators say it very similar to what happened with two other trains on those tracks. jesse gary joins us from the scene of the crime. talk to us about the progress out there. >> reporter: rosemary it's slow and steady. just within the past couple of minutes, four large sections of permanent track were just brought in by truck here right down frankford avenue behind me. this will be put into place. it's slow and steady work the goal was to have this all reopened by monday but it looks like it will be pushed to tuesday to get the busiest section of rail in the country back up and running. we're learning a third train was hit by a projectile.
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we were told the train was struck shortly before tuesday's deadly crash. that's in addition to what amtrak crew members said about train 188 and a nearby septa train. both may have been hit by projectiles minutes before the crash. septa released this photo of a cracked windshield. they don't believe the train was hit by a bullet. it may have been a rock or other object thrown at the train. she said that's happened before. crew members say their train was also hit by something tuesday that cracked the lower left side of the locomotive's windshield minutes before it jumped the track. eight were killed 32 injured. brandon bostian, the engineer of the train, yesterday talked with ntsb investigators. >> our investigator found the engineer to be extremely cooperative. he was accompanied by his lawyer, which is not at all
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unusual. and the engineer encouraged us to contact him further, contact him again if we needed anything else. >> back live here ntsb officials say they won't speculate on the role a projectile may have had on the crash, they're focused on the speed, which was twice of what it should be going around the curve. they are making their way to put those sections into place, service hopefully to be restored by tuesday. >> today a memorial service will be held for philadelphia ceo rachel jacobs in her hometown of southfield, michigan. she was one of the eight people killed in the derailment. yesterday the first of those victims was laid to rest. hundreds gathered to say good-bye to justin zemser.
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mourners described him as a caring person who mentored children with autism. he was his high school valedictorian and returned to the school often to speak to students. >> police need your help as they investigate a report of a possible crime with a baby. this surveillance videos show as couple holding handsments after a woman said she saw a man drop a baby off a bridge. she told police she saw the woman cradling the baby and then the man kissing the child before leaning over the rail of the bridge. police searched three miles of railroad track and found nothing. if you know anything they'd like for to you give them a call. >> let's head to atlantic city where authorities believe a 23-year-old woman missing since last year is likely dead. police say her boyfriend, kevin
9:37 am
shelton, committed suicide after telling family members that he did something bad and was going to jail for a long time. police suspect shelton mi mei have had something to do with wiggins' disappearance. they're asking anybody who may have seen may have remembered seeing a blue porsche 911 or gold ford escape parked on the side of the road on october 17th or 18th in that area to give them a call. still ahead, taking a closer look at school testing. that's what some new jersey lawmakers are planning to do next week. we'll have the details coming up. and we are just hours away from the preakness here on nbc 10. we'll tell how is the odds on favorite to win the second leg of the triple crown.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. we're looking at clouds at the pocono mountains. we're seeing some showers in parts of the poke knows. scattered showers. we're not going to see much with this. we're going to actually get better over the next couple of hours before we see showers and gusty thunderstorms later on this afternoon. so temperatures right now are mild. we're looking at the southerly flow and that's going to help to warm us up today. 57 in philadelphia 59 in allen town 72 already in wildwood. by this afternoon temperatures into the mid 80s.
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in philadelphia warm and muggy. >> next week new jersey state lawmakers are sit to review a new package of bills in response to the criticism over the park exam. on monday the senate education committee will examine parcc. some of the bills are already coming under attack. a new outlet mall is coming to south jersey and bringing new jobs to the area. the gloucester premium outlets will be located on robert pelley drive on route 42 in blackwood. the developer wants to hire 800 employees for its new stores. there will be a job fair june 12th. they are expected to open in mid
9:42 am
august. >> we are in for a warm and muggy day. we'll have your complete forecast with michelle grossman right after the break. plus the phils and the diamondbacks do something they have not done since last august. we'll show you the highlights in sports.
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we have an update now on that breaking news that we've been following overseas. two people are dead and more than 20 others are hurt after a train accident in germany.
9:45 am
now officials say three of the injured are in severe condition. according to investigators, the train hit a truck at a road crossing in western germany. first responders say the truck got stuck when the driver tried to drive overs train tracks. the driver was not injured. >> the wreckage of a helicopter carrying six u.s. marines has been found deep in the woods and mountains of nepal. eight bodies have been recovered, two of them believed to be nepalese army personnel. the bodies are not recognizable and have not been officially identified yet. authorities are at the site of the crash and they continue to investigate. >> victims of the boston marathon bombings are reacting to a jury's decision yesterday to have dzhokhar tsarnaev put to death. tsarnaev showed no reaction as
9:46 am
the jury determined his sentence of death by lethal injection. >> to me i think it was the just conclusion but there's nothing happy about any of this situation. >> tsarnaev is now on death row but his case is likely to go through years of appeals. >> today you can learn to ride a motorcycle for free if you're an active reservist or veteran. it will go from today and continue until june 13th. you can take advantage of offer by visiting any harley davidson
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dealer. >> in case you haven't stepped out yet, we're about 15 degrees warmer compared to yesterday in some spots. we're only going to go up from there, temperatures into the mid 80s. a warm day, a humid day, that is your first headline. the humidity can spark a few showers, a few thunderstorms. we're seeing a few showers now. the gusty thunderstorm comes later this afternoon. warm and muggy with a chance of thunderstorms. 67 in philadelphia, most lily cloudy skies, helping to bring that warm air up. a few showers on radar, mainly to the north, the poconos and lee high valley. what is about it for now. later this afternoon, a better chance for more showers and a gusty storm with winds. outside we're looking gray looking hazy looking a little gray outside actually.
9:48 am
temperatures outside are mainly in the 60s, 63 in mt. pocono 67 in philadelphia. a look to the south, temperatures into the 70s, 71 in dover, 70 in atlantic city and 72 in wildwood. we're only getting warmer from here up to 84 this afternoon. with that humidity in place, we'll have to pop some of those storms. i stop this right around 6:00. to the north and west you see the thunderstorms. where you see the darker shading, maybe some heavy downpours. this will move through philadelphia around 8:00 9:00 tonight. everyone has a chance to see these storms. by 2:00 a.m. scattered storms warm overnight, still humid and that will be the same on sunday as we repeat this process with clouds in the forecast humidity in the forecast. it will be warm once again and
9:49 am
thours showers and thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon. keeping it warm and humid, temperatures mainly in the 60s in philadelphia right around 67 64 north and west. you might need the air conditioning tonight if you don't have it on already. by sunday 85. a little more cloud cover but still a chance for showers and thunderstorms. tuesday another warm one, 80 degrees. look what happens on wednesday. we're looking really nice. partly sunny skies, windy, 75. by thursday lots of sunshine low humidity low wind. still nice on friday to end our week. partly sunny, 76. the kentucky derby winner is the odds on favorite for today's preakness stakes in baltimore. american pharaoh rallied to win the derby two weeks ago. he drew the rail at pimlico.
9:50 am
we is the running of the preakness for you at 4:30 only on nbc 10. >> this guy, that's former presidential candidate mitt romney. he stepped into the ring with five-time champion evander holyfield. it is all for charity. romney is leading efforts to improve health care in poor neighborhoods. romney lost after two rounds. here's john clarke with the rest of your saturday morning sports. >> hey, some changes with the phillies last night. franco called up 0 for 4 in the game. phillies trail the diamondbacks 3-1. but freddy galves does it given.
9:51 am
bring two homes, hitting .355. free freddy. bring him home! that is what jeff francoeur does. then there's reliever luis garcia. phils win 4-3. we have not said this since last august. phillies have won three straight games. here's franco. >> yeah just be like let a game come to me and not try to force nothing, just whatever happen happen you know what i mean and just to know sometimes you going to have good game but just keep your head down keep your head up and just get through. >> a cubs win like this is on their bucket list. lazy fly to right. should end the inning right? what the heck happened?
9:52 am
gregory polanco. oops. that is an unbelievable walkoff win for the cubs. >> what a finnish the nba series with the hawks and wizards. seconds left. pull pierce looks like the ball was still on his fingertips. his nickname is "the truth." look at his face. the truth hurts! hawks win that series. they're going to the eastern conference finals. >> the nfl world lost a great man yesterday. former kick garrelln yupreman.
9:53 am
brain cancer took him yesterday. he was 70 years old. i'm john clarke, enjoy your weekend.
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everybody remembers that scene. toys "r" us is closing it's fao schwarz flagship store. they say the location is just too darn expensive. i believe it. rents in new york sky high. the company is looking for a new home. the store will close july 15th. it says it is the america's largest toy store. toys "r" us bought the brand in 2009. >> if you are looking for something to do today, you may want to head down to boathouse
9:56 am
row. it will be a little busy down there on the schuylkill. high school rowers from all across america are competing in philadelphia this weekend. or rowing not your thing? head down to the italian market. this philly institution -- south philly institution is celebrating its 100th anniversary. there are three concerts and all the good food. it's been a while but you've got some great spots. >> you can pick up anything. >> that would be awesome today. it just fun to go down a you want to keep in mind it may downpour later with a thunderstorm. we're not talking about a
9:57 am
complete washout. showers right now on radar especially in the poconos and lee high valley. monday and tuesday we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, chance for more storms before we dry out on wednesday, thursday friday. >> michelle will see you right back here tom morning. have a grood -- great weekend.
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for more storms before we dry
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