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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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first responders just rescued a window washer. >> reporter: happening here at the bank of america building they call it an eight story building but it's higher than that. some of the stories are double stories. i want to direct you to a different one just to demonstrate the point. you see the motors right there. one of the two motors failed.
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i kept going down and down. it was lopsided. take a look at the other guy. it left his hanging over king street for about 25 minutes. about 100 people gathered. i talked to guy off camera. he tells me he's okay but it's not a happy moment. his supervisor had a pit in his stomach watching his friend hanging there. take a listen. >> he's fine. he's been doing this 30 years. it ain't the first time it's happened. >> everything was rigged safely. he just hail failed equipment. >> reporter: the guy there was sent home to relax. they train for this type of situation. all their protective gear worked as it was supposed to. they will spend time checking out the motor. the guy pushed the down button and it kept going down and it
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wouldn't stop and the other engine wouldn't keep pace. it's a primary day. all eyes on the biggest race. the democrat race for mayor of philadelphia. these are the six candidates. the winner will face the lone republican candidate, melissa bailey murray in the november election. the polls open at 7:00 a.m. the you haven't voted the clock is ticking. you have until 8:00 tonight. a little under nine hours. in delaware county voters are heading to the polls.
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he faces kevin steel who is the number two guy. both are running unopposed. ahead in our next half hour we'll look at some of the other race onss on the ballot. you can count on nbc 10 for coverage for primary day in pennsylvania. look for full results on air and online. we're seeing gray skies over much of our area this morning. here is a live look at center
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city. some of us woke up to sun and showers. >> it's still kind of muggy out there. it's been quite warm month for may and the clouds break up it's going to be another very warm day. you can see lots of clouds across the area but practically no rain. we have one or two showers in central new jersey and that is about it. there were a couple of showers earlier today. it's warming up in south jersey. already the mid-70s in atlantic city. it's all about the sunshine. if the sun comes out this afternoon the temperatures goes up. also the chance of some isolated thunderstorms going up. temperatures getting into the 80s in parts of the area.
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we'll talk more about the changes coming and update on memorial day. this was the scene this morning. two tractor trailers caught fire. a car and a bus were involved. investigators are looking at how this crash happened. grief counselors are at lehigh school after an 11-year-old was killed and another injured. abigail was walking with a friend when both were hit by car. police have not said how the car hit them. the friend is in critical condition. we're following new developments in last week's deadly trailn
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derailment. he accused of amtrak of negligence and carelessness in last week's crash that killed eight people and injured more than 200 others. the conductor is still in the hospital. we'll her from the lawyer at 11:30. rail service is up and running again. federal investigators say it could be a year before we know why amtrak train 188 derailed. four passengers filed lawsuit against carrier yesterday. a florida senator introduced a bill on pay outs in amtrak crashes from $200 million to $500 million. yesterday three more victims of the crash were laid to rest. federal authorities meet ruled out the possibility of a bullet hitting the wind shields
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but they still believe something may have hit it before it derailed. a septa engineer said his train was hit by a rock moments before the amtrak crash. people throwing objects at passing trains is fairly common. we checked but septa police don't keep track of how many times rocks or other objects hit trains. on may 3rd this man was many the target store when he picked up someone else's cell phone off a counter and walked away. store surveillance captured the entire thing on video. if you happen to recognize this machine holding the baby you're asked to give police call. police are trying to track down a burglar who sergeanted a sew ta company. this surveillance video on may 1st. police say the man broke into the building just before 5:00 in the morning, grabbed cash from an office and ran off.
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philadelphia police are working to identify a man who died after being shot 17 times. nbc 10 was first on the scene in west philadelphia. investigators say they found a gun in a nearby car along with shell casings on the street. they are trying to figure out a motive in this murder. lawyers representing convicted philadelphia cop killer say they filed a federal lawsuit to get access to their client. his lawyers are seeking a court order to allow them and his wife to see former death row inmate at a hospital in central pennsylvania. his lawyers say authorities took him to hospital last week for treatment. the 60-year-old is serving life in prison for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faukner. the man who saved the day is no stranger to acts of bravery.
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we'll explain. man robs a neighbor and might have gotten away with the alleged crime if he hasn't left behind a trail leading to his door. we'll tell you about this accused criminal's mistake, coming up. we have some nice weather coming in starting tomorrow. is that going to stick around for the holiday weekend?
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the iraqi military sending
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forces to retake a city. this video from an isis affiliate. nbc news has not been able to verify the authenticity of this video. authorities in waco texas are on high alert for doemestic terrorists. that's what they're calling the motorcycle gangs involved. biking gangs were ordered to shoot and kill uniformed officers. >> we are able to handle any tleft that threat that comes toward us. >> they have been instructed to
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arm themselves and head to texas. it's all supposed to be retaliation. the blood bath is destined to happen. >> it's nasty dirty, vomit covered existence. >> reporter: sunday ease showdown was said to involve a rumble over turf in texas. the so-called out laws have a heavy presence in the midwest and south. as the pagans thrive in the
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east. the gangs can number in the thousands. >> it's about money. it's about control. you probably haven't seen the end of it. >> that was nbc miguel almaguer. >> police say because officers were involved in the shooting they are now targets for retaliation. the trial for james holmes continues today. he is accused of opening fire in a movie theater in 2012. jury members could by suede by publicity by boston marathon bomber's death sentence. police departments across the country can no longer count on receiving military vehicles from the pentagon.
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grenade launchers and other high caliber weapons. equipment like this can give the feeling that law enforcement is quote, like an occupying force. his announcement comes nine months after people complained about officers using riot gear and armored vehicles to con front protesters in ferguson missouri. last fall the nbc 10 investigators reveal these kinds of weapon bought by police in our area. the feds give the philadelphia police department assault rifles. the police have received more than 15,000 pieces of military equipment while delaware police received nearly 24,000. you can read more about the
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president's announcement and local impact on the nbc app. a montana teenager was accidentally shot by a friend during a sleepover. he have spending the night at a friend's house. around 2:30 in the morning they decided to walk to another friend's house to wake him up. the tineeen got startled. he pulled out a gun and fired through the window. man rescues a crash victim and it's all caught on camera. three people trapped in the two vehicles that collided over the weekend. the video shows the man in the red shirt pulling one of the victims from the scene. he helped save all three people who were trapped in the car. that man is a u.s. army captain. he said it was his duty to help. >> calling to do whatever we have to do. today i was called to be there at that spot at that time. >> police charge one person with
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causing the collision. in california mountain lion was captured after roaming around a neighborhood. residents alerted wildlife officials after spotting the lion several times. officials cornered the big cat to a backyard where they hit it with a train quillizer dart. the lion will be released. trail of grease led police straight to the home of a burglar suspect in oklahoma. he broke into this home stole two tvs, golf clubs and air-conditioner and a deep fryer. when officers spotted the grease stains they kept following the trail and led them right to the suspect's burglar's house. >> he's great character a family man. >> it wasn't just neighbors who were surprised but the victim as well. she says she with friends with the suspect and he returned her
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belongings. we had four straight days in the 80s. this will be another one if the sun comes out this afternoon. the average high is only 75. we'll be above average regardless. just some isolated thunderstorms developing later on during the day. we'll have the update on the memorial day weekend. still lots of clouds out there. helping to keep the temperature down from where it would be otherwise. 68 degrees. no wind. that's 18 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. remember we were already getting up to about 87 degrees. the temperature dropped 20 degrees by dinner time.
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we get a little bit of sunshine. we're starting to get some unlimited visibility. the fog is lifting. we're still seeing reports of cloudy skies everywhere except right at the shore where we're starting to see at least partly sunny skies. there's a lot more sunshine back to the west. eventually we'll be seeing some of that later today. there's nothing really of significance on the radar. close by or even far away. we'll have to wait for development of any kind of showers or storms. as we go into the afternoon temperatures climbing into the low 80s on average.
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most places not getting rained on but some can get brief downpour and gusty wind with this thing. this evening the humidity starts going down. the sky start to clear out. there will not be a repeat of the fog for tomorrow morning. then what happens after that. it's a nice cool comfortable day tomorrow. here is wednesday morning and temperatures for the memorial day weekend a big interest here. water temperature will help keep the temperature down. just a chance of showers on monday.
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some beautiful weather later in the week. look at all that sunshine for the beginning of the holiday weekend. friday, saturday. the moisture starts to increase and by monday memorial day we do have a chance of some showers. thank you. a new list of america's fittest cities has been published. where does philadelphia rank and why? find out straight ahead? men and women talk to their baen babies differently. how do their styles differ?
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researchers say nfl players with history of concussion could suffer brain changes that affect memory in the future. players had smaller brain volume and scored lower on memory tests. athletes with a concussion history and mild cognitive impairment performed the worst on verbal memory tests. a brand new report ranks the 50th fittest cities and philadelphia is on the list. philadelphia comes in at number 22. our area gets high marks for having lots of parks and people
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biking walking. it doesn't do well when it comes to the number of smokers, people with asthma or considered to be obese. text messages could help teen girls stay on top of birth control appointments. half of the 150 females got automated calls as a reminder. the other half got personalized daily tests. teen who is receive text reminders were likely to show up on time. moms and dads have different ways of talking to babies. recording devices were placed on infants and parents. mothers use higher pitch. fathers spoke more like adults. both types of baby talk help
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infants learn language. canine flu is spreading. we'll show you what you can do to protect your dog, coming up. unusual weather in texas. see what was pounding one part of the state when we come back.
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it's primary day across philadelphia. former court judge nelson diaz arrived at the polls with his wife sister and parents. they all voted in chestnut hill. jim kenney just voted within the last hour at old first reform
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church in old city. a recent poll conducted by nbc 10 philadelphia inquirer and daily news show kenney with a wide lead. here is former philadelphia gas works executive doug oliver arriving in north philadelphia where he voted this morning. former state senator street senior casting his ballot at the recreational center in north philadelphia shortly after the polls opened before the day. >> 10 was there as state senator anthony williams voted at cobbs creek. the winner will face the lone republican candidate melissa bailey murray. she voted at the society hills dance academy early this morning at the same time as lynn abraham. stopped and took a picture. voters will choose council members from ten districts plus
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select seven at large candidates. voters can pick no more than five candidates from each party. some candidates will be eliminated after tuesday's primary. the second district which covers southwest philadelphia and parts of south philly has been the most hotly contested race. vandals targeted a property he was developing in point breeze last month. they smashed windows and put red markings over the real estate develop company's signs. her competitor was under fire after bigoted)i in onfdu m1)p?
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city. they got in on&ps the action. th z symbolically=t voted yes on the ballot measure. district attorney seth williams was there as a show+çr3 of support. the ballot also included a wnoá hould be abolished.zí""uáu can countde checking out our top e new jersey turnptl o northbound lanes could5yd v!á closed for several more hours between exits one and two as crews clean up aíó morning. two÷ad÷$gbc tractor trailers caught fire ecoqoihdhzuwpsóhieájj car and an empty buskg43 k2
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fter being rescued this morning. this happened at the bank ofm> america building. one ofpr' motors stoppedo9á(x working. crews were ableé?4r to get0skr him to the ground ó the project gñ[ atm?jynp the targe8t store earlier thisx7
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st sort of mbqjuiyñ÷y what's being said. >> reporter: he says his client h?ns"t&ive wires as theyñmllã > tried to make it to safety. t hisov/ñ% hospitalized.rk8u8ó÷rl.i s:y183,urt(ujujé-0 say the train wasfkii traveling more than twice the&÷ out gunfirec xí. shield of thezwv locomotiverñlp as sjslssible cause. he was in a÷" u:l first car as the9bt;b&r' spread through.9$(y&m heoxñ suffered a broken 6÷neck back finger of blame medçw? tinku:k at5m amtrak for safety devices installed. íayrñzhs%rjup
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t8;&ound theççh┌3' lawsuitsy÷6(rpá will-@gñ followm-kyrd will bring a focus that the2í#fk safetyí éx mechanisms werezl this e southbound train. theutq reasonúg-o is toç northbound t j8 approaches=&he p curvesé at about ø
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wing objects at passing trains is fairly common. they don't keep track of how many rocks hit trains. after a foggy and soggy start we're heading toward another unseasonably warm day. muggy out there. how hot will it get today? glenn is here to answer that for us. >> it's all about the sunshine and the more sunshine we get, the warmer it's going to get. the atmosphere is very warm. getting a little bit brighter conditions in the pocono mountains now. perhaps a sign of things to come for this afternoon. you can see plenty of clouds
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except around atlantic city. drier air coming in from the west and there's really nothing on the radar as ominous as the clouds might look. there's low clouds left over from the fog and that will be gradually lifting throughout the afternoon. here is the future cast hour by hour. you can see some isolated showers or thunder storms developing during the afternoon and moving through the area. once this does, we're going to be seeing some really nice weather for a while. it's up to 69 degrees now. 79 in atlantic city. you can see how quickly it warms up once that sun comes out. we'll talk more about how much cooler it's going to get and how long the dry stretch that's on the way is going to last. will it last through the whole holiday weekend. that's coming up in the seven day in a few minutes. take a look at this.
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the hailstorm in west texas. the hailstones coming down hard. some of the size of tennis balls. look at that. same storm prompted a tornado warning. happening today, a hearing is scheduled in the fight between see caesar's atlantic city and the man who wants to build it up. he took over the lease last fall for nearly $3 million. the caesar's filed a federal lawsuit saying it never signed off on the transfer of the lease. hillary clinton is wrapping up campaign trip from iowa. she's facing new questions about her use of personal e-mail account while serving as secretary of the state. kristen welker reports. >> reporter: she's trying to get up close and personal with iowa's voters. >> i want this election to be
11:39 am
about us. >> reporter: this morning new criticism over lingering issues including her use of a personal e-mail account. chris christie slammed her. >> i think the server at home business is just absolutely incredible that you would be secretary of state and working off private e-mail and deleting and destroying that stuff is incredible to me. >> reporter: this comes after clinton disclosed she and bill ranked in $30 million over the past 16 months mostly through speeches. >> are you satisfied that secretary clinton has been transparent enough? >> she hasn't been particularly transparent on a lot of things from her e-mail accounts to her work as secretary of state. >> there's something wrong when
11:40 am
the average american ceo makes 300 times more than the type cal american worker. >> reporter: clinton is keeping her distance from the press avoiding questions for the past three weeks. >> the question is about why clinton doesn't take questions. new jersey governor chris christie is calling for larger military. he made the remarks while delivering the speech on foreign policy in new hampshire yesterday. the governor criticized obama's handlesing of the deal with iran. his his third speech in the early voting state as he lays the ground work for an expected presidential campaign. an important warning for all pet owners. canine flu is spreading.
11:41 am
>> reporter: dog lovers are on heightened alert as a dangerous flu virus could be threatening their pets. >> it spreads nose to nose. i don't want her saying hello to a dog that's sneezing or drooling. >> reporter: a newly reported case of canine flewu is under investigation in the atlanta area. test results are expected later this week. >> they will go more in depth about the strain of the flu but like any virus it can spread depending on what that dog or who that dog was exposed to. >> reporter: concern is growing. another case is growing near houston, wisconsin indiana and ohio. >> it's an epidemic. it's not something that people should panic about. >> reporter: what can you do to
11:42 am
prevent it? keep pupties and away from other dogs. if you suspect your dog has the flu, consult your vet. it's most contagious in the first four days. humans can't get dog flu but they can spread it. wash your hands after petting a dog. it's college graduation season but just because grads are leaving school that doesn't mean they'll be entering the real world. how long do grads expect their parents to support them financially once school ends? find out. chances are on the way. cooler, less humid weather is coming. tell you how long that will stick around ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests.
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the front suspension coil spring could lead to punctured tires of brake line damage. this is not a recall. the preliminary evaluation is the first step in the process. walmart is testing a new 50-dollar a year prescription that could give customers free shipping when shopping online.
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the orders will arrive in three days or less. the service is invitation only and is expected to compete against amazon prime which offers $99 per year program. starbucks is teaming up with spotify to create a new online music service. they'll be able to influence the music play list in each store. the service will be rolled eded out in the fall. a study shows college grads expect to be supported after graduation. they expect to be supported for as long as two years after graduation. they also would be willing to pay rent. researchers say students and parents are becoming more accepting of the new normal. nay served our country and now they deserve a chance to
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succeed in the private sector. comcast has already hired approximately 42,000 veterans since january of 2012 and the company had just set a new goal. we're joined by comcast vice president of acquisition. he's in the navy and former reservist. tell us more about the hiring heroes and outline what comcast's new goal is for hiring vets. >> absolutely. one important thing to note is hiring vets is nothing new nor comcast. ralph roberts was of that. we have hired 4200 vets over the last three years. we're ready for some more. nothing better than folks coming from our military to join us. >> the unemployment rate is
11:48 am
higher than that of other veterans. tell us why that is and why you think that's the reason and why hire a hiring program like hiring our heroes is needed. >> a lot of times there can be misper sepgs to be out there rapidly offering our opportunities to these veterans and making connections between going to virtual job fairs, physical job fairs. we have a military skills translator on our website. we're seeking the employees and looking forward to adding 10,000 of them over the next ten years. >> tell us what you learned in the military that what skill sets did you bring back because you served in the military? >> leadership and responsibility comes with the territory as well as working on a team. comfort working under stress under pressure. very trainable and the ability
11:49 am
not only to lead but twork in teams. these are all things we see every day among veteran employees that we have at comcast. we think it's a competitive advantage for us to compete for our fair share and more of these veterans going forward. >> i expect because of unique circumstances and doing whatever folks do there's a certain camaraderie. >> it's why you want to see vets helping fellow vets. our vets are eagerly out there looking to reach out and identify this next generation of veterans and bring them to comcast. >> thing for coming in and telling the us about this hiring program. we thank you also. appreciate your service to the country. >> thank you. appreciate it. overall it's been a very
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warm and very dry month of may. we're going to have some more warm weather once the sun comes out. temperature averages 75 for the high. we should go past that even with cloudy skies. this isolated thunderstorm is developing this afternoon. still a lot of clouds around but they are not quite as thick as they were an hour ago. that's allowing the temperature to go up it's going up two degrees just in the last hour. what's going down the pollen. it's pretty low today. it will go up to moderate levels for the rest of the week but nothing like the high levels for much of the month of may. temperatures getting into the 70s in south jersey where the sun is out near 80 in atlantic city there's the southwest wind.
11:51 am
69 degrees avalon. it's going to be cooler right at the beach. this is typical for memorial day weekend because the ocean temperature is only about 57 degrees. saturday, i expect lots of sunshine. virtually no chance of rain. sunday, perhaps a little more cloud cover. monday the only real significant chance of any kind of showers at the shore. it's looking like a really nice weekend overall. fog is continuing. we're starting to see some sunshine. more and more places we'll see the sunshine this afternoon.
11:52 am
that sun will help push the temperature up and will also trigger thunderstorms. high temperature getting into the 80s. much cooler breezy. less humid on wednesday. look how cool it gets thursday and friday morning. 40s in many of the suburbs. a high of 67 on thursday and as we go into the holiday weekend just a gorgeous day on friday. a little bit cooler saturday but beautiful looking. the clouds increase sunday. best chance of any kind of showers is memorial day itself. it doesn't look like a wash out. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00 ellen is all new with drew barrymore. this afternoon a recipe revamp. the feds will make an announcements from something that will be removed from almost all of your favorite foods. nbc 10 explains at 4:00. chief meteorologist here with a look at your weather. still cloudy out there? >> as soon as the sun starts
11:56 am
peeking out the temperature shooting up quickly. it's warm atmosphere. as the temperature shoots up some showers or thunder storms will be developing later on today. we'll keep an eye on the radar for you. get our weather app. you can see the radar yourself and see if you're about to get wet. then nobody's getting wet tomorrow or thursday or friday or saturday. thursday is a slight chance especially in delaware. the rest of the day just dry and comfortable as we head into the holiday weekend and starts to get a little bit warmer, a little bit more humid towards memorial day and that would be the day wooedse'd have best chance of showers of. >> which is the unofficial beginning of the summer especially with folks on the shore. >> can't wait for that after the wind winter we had. >> i'm vai sikahema. all of us here at nbc 10 have a great day.
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a part of what standardized tests don't measure, very frankly they don't measure the diligence, the potential passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance. is that a real measure of ability and intelligence? what you can do in one minute on a problem? get out of here.
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