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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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l-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. this is the tasfacebook page of the hackers claiming responsibility. they said they were working on this issue. we checked a few minutes ago and the website is back up online. we'll keep you posted with any new developments about this hack and we'll bring you that throughout the day on nbc 10 and good morning. i'm vai sikahema. the man accused of killing philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson will stand trial. the pair appeared in court this morning.
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>> reporter: an unbelievable show of support. in all the cases i've been covered i've never seen anything like this. they said we're pulling out all the stops to make sure all of us are there. the preliminary hearing was said to take place on the third floor of the courthouse. we heard parts of the testimony. it was not presented and the criminal case will proceed. that will be next step because they have waived their preliminary hearing. this is how the grandmother and sister of officer robert wilson iii were brought to the courthouse. a police escort carried them from west philadelphia to center city. once inside a standing room only crowd including district attorney seth williams. both ramon williams and hipps are charged in the murder.
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wilson was shot six times. half a dozen witnesses were to testify according to the prosecutor including officer daniel stephenson wilson's partner. he was to say both were in uniform when the defendants passed the cruiser before they entered game stop and announced the robbery. the manager of the store was to say seven game stop employees were huddled behind counter when one of the shooters went back inside and pretended to be a customer. other officers were to talk about recovering dozens of pieces of ball lastistics from the snow. the judge said the arraignment for june 10th at 11:00 in the morning. wilson is survived by two sons two siblings and his grandparents. live outside the courthouse monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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thank you. these two candidates will face off for mayor of philadelphia inqhcny= ast night beating out five candidates. he's face republican candidate melissa bailey murray who ran un unopposed. supporters celebrated his victory after the polls closed last night. if elected mayor he promises to start in the classroom. he vows to provide universal kindergarten and he also wants to end the police tactic of stop and frisk and the minimum wage to $15. >> whether you live in cobbs
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creek, strawberry manage, mayfair, we must work together with an understanding that every neighborhood matters. >> experts say this victory all but assures he'll be the next mayor of philadelphia. kenney will face melissa bailey murray. she was officially crowned the republican nominee last night with no opponents in the race. nbc 10 was at the united republican club where some of murray supporters celebrated. voters in yesterday's primary decided nominations for more than a dozen seats for city council. the seven district spans much of north of democratic incumbanent
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maria. on the republican side voters nominated at large incumbent dave oh dennis o'brien and terry tracy. voters chose yes. question two was whether the city should create a commission for women. that measures also passed. question three asked whether philadelphia should expand the mandate of increased language services for government offices. voters decided yes to that and question four centered on establishing a commission for
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funding universal pre-k. voters said yes to that as well. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage for the pennsylvania primary. visit to find out more results from local races. six shootings, some of them deadfully a violent night in philadelphia. the shootings happened across the city in the northern neighborhoods to central and western sections of philadelphia. in the latest incident a stray bullet blasted through the front door of this house on east walnut lane in germantown around midnight. police say shattered glass hit a woman standing near the door. she wasn't seriously hurt. police aren't sure who fired the bullet. one man was shot and killed and another hurt in kensington. this surviving victim is in stable condition. police have no suspects or motive. about an hour before that one someone shot a 20-year-old in germantown. sky force 10 was in the air over
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east seamore street. no arrest or motive in this shooting either. minutes earlier someone shot man and woman in west philadelphia. the man was killed. sky force 10 was over that scene. the shooter drove away and hasn't been caught. the woman is listed in stable condition. police say a motorcycle driver may have run a red light before crashing into a cab. it happened at porter street in germantown. he was taken to the hospital along with the woman riding with him. new information this morning about the jersey jam trial. prosecutors want evidence to remain private. they want the material that they must share with defense lawyers to be placed under protective order. the evidence includes e-mails and text messages and the u.s. attorney's office making it public would reveal personal
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information about who weren't charged. cool and breezy conditions out there. look at this flag. live look at center city philadelphia. >> humidity is gone. we have a fair amount of clouds. that is keeping the temperatures down as well. it's not a total overcast. we'll get intervals of sunshine but there's nothing on the radar. it's fairly thin area of clouds. there's large area of rain coming into illinois. that will be affecting much of the area during the day tomorrow. it's only 59 degrees in allentown and redding and lancaster now. 64 in philadelphia. not much warmer to the south either. it is the cool day for this time
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of year. the average high is in the mid-70s. even with partly sunny skies this afternoon. no rain today but it's a different story tomorrow. some parts of the area could get quite a bit of rain. more on that and the latest update for the holiday weekend forecast in a few minutes. we'll see you then. beau biden is in the hospital this morning with an undisclosed illness. he's being treated at walter reed national military medical center near washington. the vice president's office has not released any information about his condition. the 46-year-old suffered a mild stroke in 2010 and had surgery to remove a brain lesion in 2013. an emotional vigil in lehigh county last night. the 11-year-old was hit by car on her way home from school. family and friends remembered her.
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she was a student at jefferson elementary. she was walking home with a friend when they were hit at the intersection the other girl survives but remains listed in critical condition. the driver did stop but no other details have been released. officials in delaware county are holding a ceremony to celebrate improvements at a historic train station. the septa station has 60 new parking spaces. the next phase will refurbish the station building which was built back in 1871. septa will construct new platforms and a pedestrian tunnel starting this fall. also in delaware county the spca will hold an open house for its new building and media. the facility will support the adoption center and and training space.
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take a look at this live picture at the wells fargo center this morning. we have beater idea of the draft pack that could be playing for the philadelphia 76ers next season. the sixers learned they will pick in next month's draft. >> the third pick in this year's draft go to the philadelphia 76ers. >> there it is. the sixers will pick third in the draft after finishing third. the team has a chance to grab additional picks from the l.a. lakers and miami heat but it didn't pan out. they will make their selection in brooklyn on june 25th. up next, race against time. crews are rushing to contain a massive oil spill on the california coastline. challenges they are facing just before memorial day holiday. biggest auto recall in u.s. history. defective air bags installed inside millions of vehicles.
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how to find out if your car is one of them. cool and breezy conditions today. i am tracking the arrive of rain in some parts of our area.
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four big banks will pay $2.5 billion in fines and plead guilty to criminally manipulating global currency
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markets. investigators say jpmorgan chase, citigroup and barclays and rail bank of scotland banded together to fix rates on u.s. dollars and euros. traders shared customer orders and used that information to profit before their clients. emergency cleanup is under way in california after 21,000 gallons of oil leaked from a busted pipeline. black tar is now on the pristine shores of california beaches. >> reporter: dozens of cleanup crews are racing to contain a the 21 gallon oil spill. >> that's a lot of oil. >> reporter: thick sludge spreading along the stretch of the coast near santa barbara drenching wildlife and forcing campers out of a nearby state park just before the busy memorial day weekend. >> we're driving out here and smell something like burning rubber. >> it's really disappointing to see this happen here.
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>> reporter: officials say one reported the smell around noon tuesday. it's how they discovered the crude oil flowing from a broken pipeline and onto the beach. it shut down the flow of oil and deeply regrets the spill. they are now making every effort to limit the impact. >> any oil spill is a big deal. people began to take notice. >> reporter: more than 40 years ago in this same area three million gallons leaked into the pacific in one of the worst oil spills in u.s. history. today there's a concern this slick could spread south. a moving target with cleanup only just beginning. >> it's not an easy process. i want to manage your expectations. this could take some time. it's the biggest auto recall ever. faulty and potentially deadly
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takata air bags will have to be replaced in 34 million vehicles. some of the makes include honda, toyota, ford and general motors. the air bags can inflate with too much force flinging metal shards at passengers. once you have you have your vin number you can use the nbc 10 app and you'll find a link to the federal database handling the recall. one week after a deadly train derailment the union for the amtrak local motive engineers are calling to put a second engineer on the train. having two engineers will be a safety backup. you'll recall engineer brandon bostian was alone when the train derailed. it's part of the ntsb investigation.
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the investigation into what we haven't wrong could take a year or perhaps longer. we have new information about a norweigan cruise ship that ran aground. there were no injuries. the ship had just set off for boston yesterday when the temporary malfunction in the steering system forced it slightly off course. passengers say everyone was calm and the restaurants and casinos were full last night. we have more breaking news in the u.s. government has released more reports based on the documents seized during the raid which killed bin laden. the documents include letters to some of his top lieutenants and includes writings about defeating america. nbc news still digging through the documents. we'll have more information about what they contain on nbc
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10 and severe storms leave behind widespread damage in north texas. the camera captured the funnel cloud outside of mineral wells. the twister came down on top of the police headquarters causing minor damage. tornadoes were reported in several other areas around north and central texas as well as western and central oklahoma. those areas could see more severe weather today. some places will have record wettest may while we are getting close to one of the record driest mays.
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well flags blowing pretty hard we have gusty winds and cooler air. we have clouds adding up to a bit of a chill. 55 in allentown. here we are in the mid-60s across much of the rest of the area. nobody will be really warm today. yesterday there was a huge difference. it's all about the wind direction. the ocean is 59 degrees.
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slowly going up. these are the current wind gusts across the area 20 to 30 miles an hour. we have seen stronger winds than that. with the cooler weather it feels on the chilly side. setting us up for memorial day weekend. the ocean is always cold memorial day weekend. 59 degrees. the sea breeze will help keep the temperatures down. it's not going to be warm. chance of showers on monday. it is a difference story back to the west. got significant rain. this afternoon here we get up near 70 degrees. then it clouds up later tonight.
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the rain does now look like it will get up to the philadelphia area here. that's going to help keep the temperature down. it's really going to be chilly tomorrow. you think today is chilly wait till tomorrow. mix of clouds and sun, breezy and cool. no rain today. high temperatures near the 70 degree mark. how about that? 59 degrees. friday is a beautiful sunny day. saturday a bit on the cool side. sunday a great day. showers possible as it gets warmer on memorial day.
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a man says he's created something that would make glasses, contacts even eye tests obsolete. a closer look at this new so called bionic eye.
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this week's wednesday child is hoping to find a forever
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family to help her realize her dreams. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> she's a very warm and friendly young lady. she's always smiling and has a passion for hair and makeup. she has dreams of becoming a cosmetologist. she had blast learning hoi inging how to get her make up done and had chance to try out her new skills. >> tap it and move your way in. >> reporter: she's in 11th grade and does well this school. she has a passion for animals and could see herself working with them if future. >> i want to be a vet or a cosmetology teacher. learn how to do makeup. >> she's a very beautiful young lady. very social. she gets along with everyone. >> the ideal family would be able to love and support her throughout her life.
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she would enjoy family that has lots of time to give her one-on-one attention. >> she would do well in family with a strong mother family. >> she has a huge heart she would love to share. >> she comes in the room and think someone not add happy she'll be there with her smile and try to kind of comfort them to make sure they will be okay. >> one, two, three. >> at least this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to help make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation go to our website and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center directly. hacking investigation that's the breaking news we're following this morning. the response from philadelphia city council after the website was targeted by a hacker. he just wanted in on fun but
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a mom's group said no to this stay at home dad who wanted to join their club and the reason why might surprise you.
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the city of philadelphia's website is back up and running after a group of hackers say they hacked in early this morning. this is what the site looked like about an hour ago. the background was changed to say i'm muslim and islam is my way of life. this is the facebook page of the hacker team claiming responsibility for that. they call themselves cyber commandoes. we'll keep you posted on nbc 10. cool spring day out there.
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here is a live look outside now. >> it's going to be a good day. we have breeze out there. a little more sunshine. the camera is shaking a little bit. there are the clouds across the area. kind of patchy and fairly thin. not going to be producing any kind of rain. it will be dry this afternoon. it will be dry tonight as well. it's not going to stay that way because look at this area of rain coming in to illinois and some of that headed to the area. this afternoon a lot of sunshine here. the clouds start to come in later tonight and it is overcast by time we get up in the
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morning. here comes some rain during the morning hours and into the afternoon. heaviest to the southeast and that's also where it's going to be the coolest during the day tomorrow. way cooler than what we're seeing now from philly south ward. 64 now in philadelphia and wilmington. 66 atlantic city international. all of these areas are going to be down into the 50s tomorrow for high temperatures. we'll be seeing a mix of clouds and sun. no rain. highs in the low 70s. we'll talk more about the timing of the rain and how much rain should fall and have the latest on the memorial day weekend with the seven day in a few minutes. these two candidates will face off for mayor of philadelphia in november. jim kenney won the democratic nomination last night beating out five other candidates. he'll face republican melissa
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bailey murray who ran unopposed. here is a look at where the numbers stand now. jim kenney received 55% of the vote. to more results now from yesterday's primary. john sabatina jr. will join the senate. he's in his nineth year as representative in the pennsylvania state house. in delaware county the results are in for the council race there in the troubled colwyn burough. here is a look at the top four. barbara williams received the most votes. she's followed by jacquelin
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stephens. in montgomery coinunty the race is onto replasce. they were running unopposed. steele is the second in command. castor is a former district attorney himself who is currently the county commissioner. you can count on nbc 10 for the pennsylvania primary. visit to find more results from local races. an activist group says isis fighters have seized about a third of the ancient syrian
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city. a british based human rights group said the militants took control of the city after heavy fighting with government forces and their allies. looking for that missing malaysian airline fight has widened their area. the expanded zone covers 46,000 square mile offense area roughly about the size of the state of pennsylvania. the flight disappeared more than a year ago. no trace of records has ever been found. at least five people are trapped inside this collapse building if southwest china. the building collapsed during land slide. government officials blame continuous rainfall. no deaths are being reported. in japan the governor of
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okinawa has renewed calls of a u.s. base from the islands. the island is home to around half of the 50,000 american troops who were stationed in japan and resident vs frequently complained about crime, noise and other issues related to the u.s. bases. majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will vote on a bill to end the national security's bulk collection of phone records before lawmakers break for memorial holiday. last week the house passed the measure which would replace bulk collection with a system to replace on case by case basis. the law is said to expire june 1st. happening today nfl commissioner will meet the media as owners meetings wrap up in san francisco. he's sure to take questions about the deflate suspension.
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he's also expected to talk about new rule changes. among the new rule changes teams will have to kick extra points from the 15 yard line instead of the 2 yard line. the kick is blocked. they can return it to the other end zone for two points. the eagles have proposed moving two-points two-point conversions from the one yard line. no word on how long the rocket will stay in space. back on land a fleet of navy ships coast guard cutters and
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naval academy boats are sailing through the new york harbor for the annual parade of ships. it's part of the 27th annual fleet week which is a celebration of our nation's sea services. walmart says it's planning to hire more veterans after the success of its pledge a year ago to hire 100,000 veterans two years ago. the retail giant wants to hire 250,000 more honorably discharged vets by 2020. the company promised to hire 1,000 veterans by 2018. they have already hired 92,000. walmart's long term plan is successful veterans would make up close to 20% of the retailers 1.3 million domestic workers. stay hat home dad says he's been discriminated against by being banned from neighborhood mother's clubs. he runs a tech start up from his california home to spend more time with his daughter. he decided he wanted to meet other local parents and wrote to
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bay area mother's club and asked if he could join. he said he have rejected because he's straight. >> we have to reject your request. the group is for mothers. if your wife wants to join she's welcome. unless you are in the same sex relationship with a child, we would be happy to accept you. >> the mother's club declined to comment. not getting the message. the alarming study shows how many americans can't taking the biggest step when it comes to preventing cancer. rain is on the way for some parts of our area but what about the holiday weekend. i'll let you know what to expect, just ahead.
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as you spend more and more time out doors in the sunny weather are you using sunscreen as recommended? researchers say probably no. a survey shows 42% of men say they never use sunscreen. women are likely to use it on faces but less than a third use it on other exposed skin like their arms. nearly half aren't sure if they use a formula protects against both uva and uvb raies. some patients who have a colonoscopy comeplain about
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waking up in a fog. the fog is a combination of drugs. with the computerized system profopol can be used. researchers say they may have found a link between hearing loss and dementia. they discovered the portion of the brain used in hearing can reorganize and even shrink. centers of the brain that are used for higher level decision making are shuffled around and compensate for the hearing loss.
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he's partnering with a manufacturer many british columbia where 50,000 lenses could be made daily. it would cost $3200 each. the obama administration has been pushing climate change agenda. this is president obama's second and last commencement address of the season. all week matt lauer has been highlighting the red nose campaign. tonight nick cannon will join the act with a 24 hour dance-a-thon. he will start dancing at 8:00 tonight and continue nonstop for 24 hours. it's happening inside the nbc
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experience store at 30 rock. the event will be streamed live on he will be joined at times by guest djs and musicians. the money will help to lift chimpb out children out of poverty in theist and the world. >> we're doing it for a good cause. openfully i won't pass out. >> it's warm up to tomorrow night's star studded red nose special. for 30 years the city of philadelphia mural arts program has worked to transform the city with amazing outdoor masterpieces. it's earned philadelphia international recognition as a city of murals. the program sgetis getting set for
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basic fund-raiser. tell me about some of the program's lishmentes. >> i think many people are aware of the murals because that's the most visible, tangible evidence of the gift of the program. what they may not know is each stroke of paint represents a number of youth that have been engaged. thousands of youth have in our programs afterschool and in school programming. we have a strong reentry program that gives a will the of people second chances and a chance to come back as protective members of their communities through our work readiness program with us. the murals themselves actually build bridges of understanding and connections so they gather and build community in addition to creating extraordinary art. >> now are there plans to design more murals throughout the city. absolutely. absolutely. this fall we have a very
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exciting exhibition going on called open source where we'll be bringing together near and far local and national and international artists to do 14 projects throughout the city of philadelphia. they're going to be things on the wall and off the wall using public art as an extraordinary way to gather in the community. >> what i love about them is seeing the city leaders iconic figures that are unique to philadelphia and even some of the sports figures over the years. julius irving. it's like seeing history on the walls. >> i think the other power of the program is because it's not just done by artists alone. they always do it in collaboration with community. those murals represent people's stories. their struggles and triumphs and hopes and aspiration. there's great ownership and it's
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accessible to everybody. you can be inspired by the power of this beautiful art. >> you can often see it just if you're riding by on septa or sitting in your car at a light. it's right there for the seeing and you don't have to get out of your car or get out of the bus. tell under the circumstances about the fund-raiser tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night we're going to have a must attend event at the electric factory. it's our annual wall ball. it's from 7:00 to 10:00 at night. it's going to be an evening of great fun, of great celebration. there will be a number of surprises for people. they're going to have great food good company and every dollar raised allows us to support the youth i talked about earlier to support the reentry program and support the creation of this extraordinary art throughout the city of philadelphia. >> it's great cause and you're doing great things. thank you so much. appreciate it for coming here and telling us about this
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program. >> hope to see you tomorrow night, 7:00 at the e lek trilectric factory. >> thank you. >> thank you. the 80s are gone. the high humidity is gone. we have some cool days and nights on the way. today much cooler than yesterday. way less humid. we are tracking rain for good part of the area for tomorrow. we'll have the latest on the memorial weekend forecast. you can see a lot of clouds here but if you look real closely those clouds are pretty thin. they're not capable of producing any rain. it's 64 degrees now. 16 miles an hour winds gusting to 26. we're cooler than we were yesterday. we're going to end up significantly cooler. we've had some rain. knocked a bit of pollen out of sky. it's going back up as we head toward friday.
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tomorrow's rain may cause these numbers to even go down more. we're not going to get into the super high levels as we head toward memorial day weekend. the temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid-60s except for that 44 mount pocono. we still have the northwest wind gusting 20 to 35 miles an hour. the winds shouldn't be too much of a factor over the weekend. it is critical of course because the ocean is cold. 59 degrees. generally too cold for anybody. you get a breeze off the ocean. it's not going to be a warm memorial day weekend. it will be nice and sunny and not real windy. 67 on saturday. lots of sunshine. absolutely sure about saturday. monday the chance of some showers. now you can see some of those
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clouds around the area but there's no rain. there's not going to be any rain today. tomorrow a different story because it's a fairly large area of rain that's moving in to the midwest right now. temperatures this afternoon getting near 70 degrees. we're near that in the poconos, of course. then as we go through the night tonight watch the clouds increase. that's going to prevent the temperature from dropping even lower than it would be with clear skies. we'll start off the day tomorrow dry. here comes some rain. 10:00 a.m. this is a solid area of rain. it's not a few showers. it's not scattered showers, isolated showers. this is rain. hour after hour of rain especially in delaware and extreme south jersey. look at these temperatures. noon, 53 degrees in dover. 55 in cape may. it's going to be a nasty day. there's 6:00.
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the rain just moving out. how much rain is likely to fall. it's one new computer model suggesting not much in the philadelphia area. that's close to an inch in dover. that is quite a significant event. a lot of places need the rain. clouds and sun. it's going to be breezy and cool today. high temperatures averaging in the low 70s. look at the high temperature tomorrow. lore that down to 59 degrees. that's during the philadelphia area. maybe even lower in delaware and higher up toward the lehigh valley and poconos. the friday forecast just a spectacular day. cooler and sunny on saturday. we warm up sunday. some clouds coming in later in the day and chance of showers or thunderstorms as we get back into the 80s on memorial day. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00 ellen is all new with comedy actor melissa mccarthy. the local police department taking on a different assignment. their campaign to help this sick
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teenager make her dream come true. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. thanks for watching. i'm vai sikahema. all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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