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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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uture weather shows right now. we're in the 60s overnight. we're going to keep dropping down some areas north and west in the 40s. most of the area in the low 50s. by 8:00 tomorrow morning. all the clouds around by the middle of the day tomorrow, rain moving in. hook look at the temperatures 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s or low 60s for most of the area with the rain. it is going to be a chilly rainy day for much of the area. don't let it fool you, though as we go into the weekend, we'll see more changes. let's talk about the rainfall. we do need it over the last 30 days, we have seen less than half an inch of rain. that puts us at almost a deficit of three inches over the past 30 days. so, yes, we do need the rain it is going to come with cooler temperatures. more changes come going into your memorial day weekend forecast. we'll look at that coming up. >> sheena thank you very much. take a look at this. believe it or not, this is the website for philadelphia city council, but it was hacked this morning by hijackers who set up
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links to council member web pages, visitors were greeted by a message reading in part i am muslim and islam is my way of life. >> it stayed that way for an hour or so. nbc 10's drew smith is live in the digital operations center. how did this happen? >> well that is still being looked into. but right now you can look at my ipad, it is loading up just fine, the website. that was not the case earlier. the good news no sensitive information appears to have been hacked during this. the bad news is heard from a local cybersecurity expert, this site was a prime target. hacked, the morning after the pools closed probably not a coincidence. >> because of the election. >> reporter: rob davideo says the hackers who took the website down weren't after money or information. >> this is a very low disruption type of activity. >> reporter: in fact they even passed on some advice. >> your security is very low. patch your security. >> reporter: the international hacking group cybercommandos
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claimed responsibility for replacing the council's web page with this a reference to islam, but there is no way to know if they're muslim. >> we call this hacktivism. >> reporter: council says they have no idea who the hackers are, but insist all sensitive information is safe. the video says the group targets government school and tech companies. they probably use a web scanner to pick up a vulnerability. one missed software update can open up a hole. he says the use of an outside provider to manage the site may have also played a role. >> if you're not vigilant not on it on a daily basis, things like this tend to happen. >> reporter: city council had one of its website managers download a new software update to address the vulnerability issue. they're working with police now to make sure there are no future attacks. live in the digital operations
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center drew smith, nbc 10 news. new information about last week's deadly amtrak train derailment. >> the ntsb released details about the engineer's cell phone. deanna durante is live to ex- explain. what did we learn? >> reporter: the ntsb says ail note cell phone was used last tuesday, it still has a lot more work to do to determine if the phone was used at the time of the derailment. the ntsb says it has the cell phone of brandon bostian and record shows calls were made and texts were sent and data was used but it says now it must look at the times the phone was used and match the times with information from the train's data recorder. and train cameras to determine if the phone was used while the train was being operated. the ntsb says there were no issues with the rail signal system. and the ntsb confirms what nbc 10 news told you yesterday that bostian was heard on the radio,
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talking about a stopped septa train minutes before the crash. investigators are finishing up documenting of the train equipment and railcar damage and are still talking to those who were aboard the train. philadelphia's police commissioner says his detectives remain working as a support role to the ntsb and says at this point he's not been notified of anything that points to criminal activity. >> right now i'm not aware of anything that is going to result in criminal charges but it is possible. a d.a. can review this. there can be something i'm not aware of that would lead to that. >> reporter: now the commissioner says the ntsb is the lead investigating agency on this, and detectives are acting in a sport roleupport role. we learned that they have interviewed a septa conductor, he says he saw the amtrak pass him as he was stopped on the tracks and the minute before the derailment but saw nothing out of the ordinary. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. philadelphia's fire commissioner is praising the work of his department during last week's derailment.
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>> sad event, but it is good in that the city of philadelphia got to see their fire department perform and work in action and show that they're prepared. >> derrick sawyer made the remarks today at an event honoring the city's paramedic of the year. you'll meet that paramedic ahead at 5:30 tonight. the philadelphia daily news is paying tribute to those who rushed to save victims of the derailment. this cartoon by wilkinson appears in today's paper. you see police and firefighters with paramedics and doctors. the caption reads, not on the ballot, but they get our votes. a reference to yesterday's election. speaking of the ballot the election today, the two candidates attended a community reception to mark day one of their face-off. there they are. democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey greeted each other with open arms at the broad street ministry in center city.
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the candidates talked about the important issues of the race including universal pre-k for children in the city. >> how do you fund universal pre-k. >> that's the question. it is easy to say we want these things done but harder to figure out how to fund it. >> how do you fund stadiums convention centers, the things we pay for? it is all about priorities. >> the candidates also talked about the police department's stop and frisk policy which they both said would end if elected. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, a beloved atlantic city radio host called out sick for his show for first time in 56 years. pinkie kravitz missed his show. kravitz underwent heart surgery. coskey says the prognosis is good. kravitz is 87 years old.
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volunteers are needed for a new state animal response team. it will keep animals safe during emergencies and disasters. volunteers are needed with experience with small and large animal care training shelter, rescue. veterinarians and their assistants can help as well as anyone interested in animal welfare. the deadline to sign up is monday, june 1st. there will be training. for more information, call 302-255-4628. we also have details on facing danger and saving lives is part of their job. today, close to 70 philadelphia police officers were honored this morning. nbc 10 at the philadelphia police department's xhoencommendation ceremony. some were honored for arresting armed suspects. others put themselves in harm's way to rescue someone. >> we're oftentimes the first ones there. and whether it is running in a burning building whether it is
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dealing with armed robbers or people armed and dangerous people with guns that's what they do every single day. and god bless them. >> five officers received a valor award named after murdered sergeant robert wilson for extraordinary acts of courage. >> happening tonight in delaware, a look at the future here are just a few images detailing what is on the drawing board. the plan to breathe new life in an old steel plant. ahead, wait until you hear how many new jobs it will bring to delaware and beyond. a city of green. fair monte park hosts thousands of acres wedged around city neighborhoods. that's still not enough to give us the title of best city park. philadelphia's not even close. and hardly moving. get it? hardly moving. check out this slow speed chase. had nothing to do with traffic as you can see. how cows ended up on an interstate.
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new jersey governor chris christie signed an executive order to protect the state from cybersecurity threats. the order establishes what is called integration cell. a new organization designed to improve information sharing and live threats and coordinate with federal law enforcement. >> i'm hoping that the steps we're taking today will allow us
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to get out in front of the problem and try to deal with it in a way that is not only creative, but effective. >> christie has stressed the threat of cyberterrorism to national security. developing news from the nfl, the league's commissioner is addressing the flap over deflated footballs. and the punishment that followed. commissioner roger goodell says he wants to hear directly from patriots quarterback tom brady. he was suspended for the first four games of the season. brady appealed that suspension. the commissioner will hear the appeal the nfl player's soccer wants a neutral party to oversee t today, the commissioner said it is his job and rules are rules. >> i have great admiration and respect for tom brady, but the rules have to be enforced on a uniform basis, and they apply to everybody in the league. >> along with brady's us is
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pepgs suspension, the league hit the team with a fine and ordered the team to forfeit draft picks. the patriots are not appealing that part of the punishment. you might be affected by this here. there are a lot of questions about the biggest consumer recall in history. the government the manufacture, nor automakers can say how to fix faulty air bags or whether your car might have one. here is chris clackum. >> reporter: the faulty air bag recall affecting one in four cars nearly 34 million vehicles on the road today from 11 different automakers is setting up a rush on already overwhelmed dealerships. >> dealer will say i have ten air bags in my stock right now. and you're call number 75. >> reporter: adding to the anxiety is the admission from takata that they only think they know what's causing their air bags to explode with such force that left five people dead another 100 injured. >> we have a lot of work to do
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especially with regard to why this happened in the first takata has not identified the root cause of the defect. >> reporter: even the website was overwhelmed on wednesday, consumers are being told to go to to verify whether they are or not. >> check back a few days from now, a week from now, and see if your car might have been added. >> reporter: as upsetting as the recall is some analysts found a silver lining. >> this is not the sort of defect that in the middle of traffic, your air bag suddenly explosively deploys. >> reporter: the air bag still only deploy in accidents, so they say as always drive safely. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. a rising tide helped free a stuck norwegian cruiseship that ran aground off bermuda. the cruise line says the
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passengers and crew are safe. the ship had just set off for boston when a malfunction in the steering system forced it slightly off course. passengers tweeting on board say everyone remained calm and restaurants and casinos were full last night. crews searching for the missing malaysian airlines flight have widened their search area. the expanded zone covers 46,000 square miles, an area about the size of pennsylvania. the flight disappeared more than a year ago. no trace of wreckage has ever been found. mental health took center stage in washington today. a pennsylvania congressman pressed lawmakers to reform the country's mental health system. tim murphy was joined by dozens of families at a hearing on capitol hill. the families have been affected by mental illness. they're hoping their tales will inspire congress to reform laws to make it easier for people to get treatment. >> mental illness doesn't know any boundaries here.
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no matter your race your gender, your income level, your political party, your age. it doesn't care. >> congressman murray is from the pittsburgh area. earlier this year the republican introduced a congressional resolution declaring may as mental health month. quite an odd sight for drivers on a kansas turnpike. take a look. these cows walking on a turnpike near lawrence kept traffic from moving. the cattle escaped from a nearby farm and police rounded up this herd as well as others standing on the side of the road. the roving cows did not cause any accidents and all made it home safely. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather, with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well definitely a cooler day today. we had clouds around. and also a lot of sunshine. no rain but we're tracking rain as we go into tomorrow. parts of the area seeing the rain, we'll also see much cooler temperatures.
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so if you thought today was cool tomorrow will be on the chilly side. we could call it. some areas may not get out of the 50s tomorrow. but don't let the weather fool you. as we go into your memorial day weekend, it will start to change for the better. so i'll show you that forecast in a second. live look out near the ben franklin bridge our camera has been shaking all afternoon. winds gusting near 25 to 30 miles aprilmile s an hour. rees now in philadelphia. only 61 in allentown. 62 pottstown and westchester. 66 now wilmington. 67 bensalem. 70 degrees closer to the airport there. that's because they have more of that offshore wind 68 degrees now in millville and dover. a cooler day today, but tomorrow will be even cooler than today, and that's going to come with rain for parts of the area. we still have the clouds around mostly lehigh valley poconos, areas north of philadelphia. plenty of us are still seeing sunshine.
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now we look back off to the west, that's all the rain that will start to move in tomorrow so, again, don't let tomorrow's weather fool you, because it is going to be a colder rainy day. nice changes coming for the weekend. here is the future weather for tonight. we do stay dry. look at the cloud cover increasing. now here is thursday tomorrow is 8:00 in the morning. we expect to be dry at this time. it is just going to be mostly overcast skies. then by the middle of the day, when the rain should start to move in here is 2:00 p.m. mostly philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. this is going to be the best chance for rain. the best chance for heavy rain that's going to face out for philadelphia. through the afternoon, it just lingers around philadelphia and points south. there is a chance that if you're in the lehigh valley or poconos, you could see a shower i think a majority stays south of philadelphia. leaving as we go into friday friday will be windy and mostly dry day despite maybe a few passing showers, but i think we'll stay mostly dry. going into saturday there you see the start of your memorial day weekend and we are looking at nice, dry weather setting up
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for us. so for the weekend in the poconos, saturday sunny, 59 degrees, cool there. by sunday, clouds around, 68 degrees. a chance of a thunderstorm. now if you're heading to the shore, the delaware beaches, saturday and sunday look good. nice and sunny. and it will be dry for any barbecues, really anywhere you go. temperatures cooler though 65 saturday, 67 degrees on sunday. monday will be the warmer day, 74 degrees. but that's going to come with the chance of maybe some thunderstorms. for tonight, clouds increasing it will be cool 51 for the low in philadelphia. 41 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow a cool or chilly day, especially areas south could only be around 57 degrees with chilly conditions with the rain. 64 degrees areas north. going into friday. we dry out, 57 and windy. cool start to the weekend, however, we warm up to the end of it. >> supporting parents in camden the isabelle miller community center will be a resource center
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for parents. the center staff will give guidance to parents and help them take an active role in their child's education. >> a lot our families are asking for additional support and resources to help them raise their children. and so this is that additional support. >> the new center is the first of four neighborhood parent centers that will open this year in camden. >> check out the number of trees along this stretch of kelly drive in fairmount park in philadelphia. with more than 2800 acres, the park offers wide variety of fitness options such as hiking trails and sports fields. a survey looked at parks in 75 of the largest cities in the nation. >> philadelphia came in at 19 the survey was part of a trust for public lands fourth annual park score index. take a look at the map here all of the areas highlighted in green are parks in philadelphia. 9200 acres are dedicated to parks. so why did philadelphia rank so low? park score looked at park size
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access facilities and investments. the survey says its goal is for every american to live within a ten-minute walk of a park. >> are you expecting friends or family to fly in this summer? a new study is out and philly international doesn't get great grades. we have when you'll need to know.
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new information about the jersey jam trial. prosecutors want to keep a lead on evidence in the george washington bridge lane closure case. the u.s. attorney's office filed an order to keep evidence it has gathered and must share with the defense lawyers under a protective order. the evidence includes more than 1 million pages of documents including e-mails and text
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messages. bridget kelly and bill baroni two allies of governor chris christie christie, were indicted in the case. david wildsteen pleaded guilty. governor christie was not charged. the trial will begin in july. they are celebrating improvements at a historic train station. delaware county officials showed us 60 new parking spaces at in cliffen to height en to cliffton heights. the building was built in 1871. the upgrades aren't done yet. here is a look at phase two. this fall septa plans to build new platforms and a pedestrian walkway. here is the stat you're probably not going to like. philadelphia international ranks at the top ten for the worst on time arrivals during the summer months. according to mile they rank seventh on the list. they analyzed travel data from the past ten summer and found
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chronically bad arrival times at philadelphia. also among the worst, new york's laguardia and jfk airports honolulu international ranked number one for on time summer arrivals. followed by salt lake city at number two. >> that means we should go to honolulu. a new study shows the majority of the time when your credit or debit card company sends you a fraud alert, it is wrong. according to credit, seven in ten americans have received at least one faulty fraud alert. the charges end up being legitimate purchases wrongly flagged by the card issuer. right now, if you look at it doesn't look like much. >> the future is looking very bright for 400 acres in northern delaware. tim furlong is live to explain. >> a steel mill for 99 years. now a new life. which delaware town could be getting 5,000 new jobs. >> like the sound of that. we have been telling you how
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cool and wet it is going to be across our area tomorrow. look at what other parts of the nation are dealing with now. we take a closer look at some of the most extreme spring weather. tomorrow on nbc 10 news today, wait until you see what one man gave the pope during a trip to italy. >> what that small gift could mean for the world meeting of families. >> plus -- >> might want to take an umbrella. i'm taking showers before you head out the door. >> see how your donations to red nose day are helping kids in our area. >> he'll see you back here tomorrow.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> all new at 5:00 looks aren't everything. this now closed steel plant has called northern claymont delaware, home for nearly a century. nothing happened here for a very long time. but the future is looking bright. we have the sketches to prove it. >> people live there get to see them up close and could see what is soon developing here. the sprawling site takes up 425 acres near the delaware pennsylvania border in claymont. the property is in a key spot with close access to 95 495, route 13 and the septa rail
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lines. tim furlong is live. the appropriate question how does the future look? >> reporter: let's start how it looks for the immediate people here in here. when they looked out their houses over the trees that's what they have seen, a big rusted steel mill. won't be that way for much longer. >> just smelled it. it moved on. >> reporter: for 38 years this guy smelled the dust and dealt with the noise from claymont a few feet behind his backyard. now the 425 acre site is getting a new life. >> i like the idea. >> reporter: a missouri company bought the land because it sits along 95 and 495 and major rail lines and the delaware river. after two years of environmental cleanup, this spot will become first state crossing. >> yes, a couple of air punches and this is a game changer for us. >> beyond happy with this plan. he's been leading the charge to get claymont booming again.
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he says new stores and houses are going up. but talk of 5,000 new jobs here a mix of office, research and industrial spaces, and open spaces, a new port area and a brand-new septa station that will replace the hard to get to current location well that has brett and many others giddy. they think first aid crossing will encourage spots like the entire tristate mall complex to make improvements as well. add it all up and they believe some pretty good times are ahead. >> it is a very good time. if you're thinking about moving to delaware give us a look. >> could be good for the real estate market. this was made for the steel workers back in the day. they're holding an open house for residents at the crown plaza hotel on namans road. to give you perspective, you're trying to figure out what this will look like. one guy told me today, he envisions it looking like the navy yard in south philadelphia but with much more public access, many more trails crisscrossing the area and just like the navy yard project,
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jobs jobs jobs. that's that it is about. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, a lot of people are complaining it was too warm. so today it feels a lot more like spring in center city. cooler temperatures moved in overnight. and temperatures will continue to dip tomorrow. cool and wet is what we're talking about. >> get it over with before the weekend. we do need the rain. that's what some people are telling us. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us. what can we expect? >> yes, we do need the rain. yes, it will be coming before the weekend. so that's the good news. we'll have nice changes going into your memorial day forecast. right now, we're seeing some clouds around. overall, we still have a lot of sunshine out there. the rain is back off to the west. that's the area in the middle of the country we're watching. this will be moving in as we go into tomorrow. aside from the rain we're also talking about some very cool temperatures. cooler than today. today we're in the 60s.
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we'll watch overnight, the clouds increase early tomorrow morning, you'll notice pretty much overcast skies, but we should be rain free in the morning. look at the temperatures though in the 50s. areas north and west could be in the 40s. and by the early afternoon hours, the rain starts to move in, and some temperatures may not even get out of the upper 50s. so a very cool kind of chilly rainy day tomorrow. so don't let that fool you for the weekend. we will have nice changes in the memorial day weekend. last 30 days though the rain has been less than half an inch. and we're at a shortage of three inches. we need the rain. we'll get the rain tomorrow. some areas could see close to an inch of rain tomorrow. not everybody. but, again, we'll talk about the timing of it coming up and how it looks going into your memorial day weekend straight ahead. >> new at 5:00 a school bus accident caused delays in the roosevelt boulevard. no children were on board. the accident happened around 2:00. one adult was on the bus. they went to the hospital.
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this is near the ridge avenue exit in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. >> happening now, a community meeting to discuss the proposal to bring camden county's police force into pennsauken township. pennsauken's mayor, town council and local police departments are hosting a local community meeting now at the municipal complex on crescent boulevard. they want to consider partnering with the police force. the proposal to consolidate could save the township nearly $5 million a year. it also means cutting some positions. two brothers accused of murdering a philadelphia police officer waved their preliminary hearing today. attorneys for ramon williams and carlton hipps are hinting at a plea deal. they wanted to avoid playing the graphic march 5th shootout from inside that north philadelphia game stop. officer robert wilson was gunned down as he tried to stop a robbery. >> multiple shots exchanged. police officer wilson is in the corner. he had no cover whatsoever.
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there are multiple civilians crouched down, hiding fearing for their lives behind the counter. >>eors say they have enough evidence to warn the death penalty. today, mayor nutter and superintendent dr. william height stopped by south philadelphia. mayor nutter had a serious sit down with three students who talked to him about losing their -- then going to to see the two-way language immersion program that strengthens students' english and spanish speaking skills beginning in kindergarten. >> it is budget time. school district and the school superintendent has asked for additional funding to educate our children. but i get to see very much on the ground and the hands on fashion what our children can do if we properly support them.
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>> dr. height chose the schools for the mayor to see. he's hoping for additional funding to establish and help grow the programs. >> the philadelphia fire department is recognizing its paramedic of the year. fire service paramedic thomas respi jr. received the award this morning. he followed in his father's footsteps and joined the fire department in 1995. he's currently assigned to philadelphia international airport. over the course of his career he's received several commendtory letters and citations for his work. his colleagues say he loves his job. >> when asked what he loves most about the job, thomas replied, caring for the sick and injured. in an ever changing fast paced environment. >> we would like to offer sincere congratulations. new at 5:00 documents dump. what a pile of just released
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papers belonging to osama bin laden revealed about the terrorist mastermind and what he may have been planning. also ahead, talk about an education of pennsylvania college students received a master class in life saving. how he helped a man with leukemia get a second chance.
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new at 5:00 for thousands of people battling certain forms of cancer their cure is just one match away. a susquehanna valley college student found that out first hand. last spring, a wilmington native was asked to participate in the be the match drive. he and other members of the lacrosse team donated bone marrow. his marrow machdtched a man dying of leukemia in seattle. the two recently met. >> i went around the corner i saw him, it was like everything melted and i was extremely happy. the happiest i had ever been in
5:40 pm
my life. >> almost two years, a treatment for leukemia the person that is responsible for saving my life is here. >> just amazeing. donating marrow takes a little time and requires a schwabwab from inside your cheek. conner barwin will be honored by the mural arts program. it has been a busy summer of giving back to his adopted city. this is video tweeted yesterday of him doing push-ups with youngsters and talking to philadelphia police as part of the nfl's play 60 initiative. the initiative encourages youngsters to get outside and play. for barwin it is the cause dear to his heart. >> as a player and living in this community, i think it is only right that i try to encourage kids to be active and the importance of being active and what it can do for their health physically and mentally. >> tomorrow night's gala with the mural arts foundation is called the wall balls. a cool day today, but now
5:41 pm
we're attracting rain for tomorrow and even cooler temperatures. i'll tell you if that will impact your memorial day weekend forecast. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, how police say this 911 operator stole from soldiers fighting the war on terror.
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the obama administration released what it called a
5:44 pm
treasure trove of osama bin laden's documents. >> the well founder urged the factions of al qaeda that would morph into isis to unite and attack america. here is steve handelsman. >> reporter: the material seized by s.e.a.l. team 6 and the raid that killed osama bin laden reveals a man who called until the end for attacks on america but seemed out of step ten years after 9/11. bin laden wrote an islamic state with territory would be vulnerable to u.s. attack. opposing what is working now for isis. likewise bin laden's application form for al qaeda asks about an older tactic. do you wish to execute a suicide operation? he had books about conspiracies to control america, and one on u.s. intelligence capabilities by analysts. >> he wanted to think through what the chances were we would track him down. >> reporter: the obama
5:45 pm
administration is making the bin laden stash public after four years as some in congress pushed to limit nsa, whose intercepts the white house credits with locating bin laden. liberals and libertarians demand president obama end the program that stores our phone data. the court has informed him that the program is illegal. he has every power to stop it. and yet the president does nothing. >> reporter: the fbi director said today using what is collected takes a court order. >> if we lose that authority, which i don't think is controversial with folks, that is a big problem. >> reporter: a debate over how best to protect americans from those who after bin laden are still waging jihad. and lawmakers are in a rush the patriot act put in place after 9/11 to allow more nsa surveillance expires june 1st. steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. for a closer look at documents, watch "nightly news"
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at 6:30 here on nbc 10. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well a nice cool day today if that's what you like. we staid niceyed nice and dry. now we're tracking rain. most of the rain in parts of delaware and south jersey tomorrow. that will come with some chilly temperatures. so it is going to be cooler than today. especially with that cloud cover locked in place tomorrow. memorial day weather will be different. don't let tomorrow fool you. we will see changes going into your weekend. i'll show you that in a second. right now, low 60s in allentown and pottstown. trenton, 63. 65 in glassboro. 67, philadelphia. 68 in dover and millville. and one of the warmest spots, that's the atlantic city airport at 70 degrees, all because of the wind direction. the average high is 75 degrees today. this afternoon. we have gotten up to 68 degrees. tomorrow we drop to the low 60s. friday near normal.
5:47 pm
saturday, cool start to your memorial day weekend. upper 60s. if you're heading to the shore and delaware beach, going to be in the 60s. i'll show you that in a minute. we're watching rain to the west. this will move in tomorrow will bring us cooler air with it too. before you head out, grab the umbrella. i don't think everyone will see rain all day. but if you're in south jersey and delaware you'll want the umbrella tomorrow. right now, only seeing the cloud cover areas north of philadelphia, rest of us enjoying sunshine for the rest of today. future weather, keeps us dry as we go through tonight. cloud cover increases, you'll notice that tomorrow morning. 9:00 a.m. overcast cool temperatures and look at the rain moving in by 2:00 we should be seeing rain around philadelphia. south jersey and delaware. in the yellow that shows us where we could be seeing more moderate rainfall. that continues through the evening commute. especially if you're in new jersey and delaware you're going have the best chance of this lasting pretty much all day. areas through the lehigh valley on the dryer side. but still chilly. then into friday and it will get
5:48 pm
windy, but we do dry out going into the weekend. so your saturday looks pretty good. we'll see sunny skies, cooler temperatures. in the poconos, 59 and sunny to start your memorial day weekend. sunday, 68 degrees, more clouds around. by monday, that's the warmest day, 75. but a chance of thunderstorms. if you're heading to the delaware beaches or jersey shore, saturday and sunday look to be in the 60s. the breeze coming in off the water. that's going to cool things down. water temperature near 60 now. we're looking at 65 for saturday. 67 on sunday. it will be cool along the shore and beaches. monday the warmest day, mid-70s. we throw in the chance of thunderstorms. for tonight, clouds increasing cool, 51 for low in philadelphia. 41 degrees areas north and west. look at tomorrow's highs, cooler than today. in some locations. now some of the warmest spots tomorrow would be points north and west that don't see the rain like we'll see in south jersey and delaware. 62 for allentown and quakertown. 60 for the high in doylestown.
5:49 pm
around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, we could be right near 60 degrees. some areas in south jersey and delaware may not be getting out of the upper 50s tomorrow with those clouds and showers around. then we go into friday we clear out, it will be windy, 75 degrees for saturday. sunny, 68, by sunday, upper 70s. that's nice. memorial day monday temperatures warm mid-80s. 90s next week. our weather at home has been relatively quiet and dry. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is keeping an eye on wild weather across the country, including where our rain might be. >> our rain totals are just sad. to the west plains states are shattering rainfall records. the westttest may ever. we start in norman, oklahoma, a lot of flash flooding in this area. look at the video here. oklahoma city is close to closing in on a new record with almost 14 inches of rain and that's just for the month.
5:50 pm
now we'll head over to san angelo texas. 4 1/2 inches of rain shut down the airport. and flash flooding stranded trifertrif er drivers and the wild weather continues in runaway, texas, 50 miles north of ft. worth. you see a tornado completely damaged all these homes here. and leveled condos and you wouldn't believe it but we're days away from the unofficial start of summer. look at the spring snow in denver and some of the higher elevations, they picked up nearly 14 inches of snowfall this week. a chance of snow in the forecast through friday. it doesn't look like we'll stay dry for too long with rain in the forecast for tomorrow. in the nbc 10 first alert weather center i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. >> think it is too late to find a place to stay at the jersey shore this memorial day weekend? think again. you could even save some cash. >> we want to get the folks down here. >> i'm ted greenberg with deals
5:51 pm
designed to lure you to the beach. then coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00 bird flu concerns. the steps pennsylvania is taking to keep the destructive disease out of the state.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
new information about this fire in ocean city saturday night. investigators have ruled it was an accident. the fire destroyed the seventh
5:54 pm
street surf shop. it appear to be an electrical fire. the exact cause is still under investigation. the store did not have working smoke detectors. the fire caused some minor damage to neighboring businesses. new at 5:00 the u.s. travel association expects the average person to spend more than $300 over the memorial day weekend. aaa says 37 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this weekend. that's the highest number in ten years. all of that traveling gives the u.s. economy a $12 billion boost. that's up nearly 5% since last year. and if your memorial day weekend travel plans have you headed to the jersey shore, good news for you. >> there is still places available, plenty as a matter of fact. turns out doesn't have to break the bank if you're interested in going down there. ted greenberg is live in ocean city. everyone wants a shore house. are there any available? >> reporter: there are. the most popular way to rent a
5:55 pm
house here at the shore is through a real estate agent. they tell me you probably won't have much luck being able to negotiate a price this early in the season. but there is more than one way to find a deal. >> there is a customer for every option. >> we found a number of homes available to rent for memorial day weekend, all along the jersey shore. on the online lodging site air b & b, including this eight bedroom guest house in stone harbor for 1300 bucks a night. tourism experts say having more lodging choices is good for the region. >> it is an opportunity for those folks to reach out to a customer that we may not see through our own advertising and promotion. >> the hope is to start the season off with a bang. >> reporter: a told out memorial day weekend would do just that at ocean city's wild dunes inn. >> longest summer season we possibly can. >> reporter: to attract holiday weekend hotel guests the wild
5:56 pm
dunes has a $550 special for four nights less than a normal three-night stay plus they'll throw in an additional night for 50 bucks. >> we want to get the folks down here. >> reporter: the sea port inn and motel is offering a special night for three nights. at the sea garden motel, three nights are $599 down from the regular rate of $749. in wildwood $374 gets you three nights at the blue palms resort plus a couple of park passes for moreys piers. you can see they still have vacancy at the seaport inn. but one place where you won't find any rooms available, tropicana in atlantic city. i'm told the casino is entirely sold out for the holiday weekend. live in ocean city i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next nbc 10 news
5:57 pm
at 6:00 you may have a hard time getting a hold of your mechanic. >> repair shops are being flooded with cars that contain those defective air bags tonight, mechanics show us why fixing the problem could take longer than drivers would like. summer-like weather will disappear. how chilly it is going to get starting tonight and the band of rain that is headed our way. plus family members and fellow officers filled the courtroom as two alleged cop killers face a judge. how prosecutors re-created the heroic actions of sergeant robert wilson next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> all right we're going to begin with the weather. dry out there. that's what we've been used to so far this may. that's going to change fast. >> check out the nbc 10 first alert radar. line of showers in the midwest heading our way. and it could bring some much needed rain starting tonight. also you're not going to need the air conditioner. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to explain it all. >> you really don't need the air conditioner during the day today. much cooler than it was yesterday, plus you see the camera shaking here. the wind is still gusting over
6:00 pm
20 miles an hour in parts of the area making it feel even cooler. there is no rain around here right now. it is back to the west. it is a fairly large area. not especially heavy. but we need some rain. it has been a long time over the last 30 days we have had less than a half inch of rain in philadelphia. that's close to three inches below the average amount for that period of time. let's see who is going to get the rain and who isn't. as we go through the night tonight, into tomorrow morning, there is nothing going on. but here comes the rain by noon time especially delaware especially extreme south jury sy you can see they're getting it hours of rain there, some of it on the moderate side with the yellow. we're just on the edge of it in philadelphia area itself. we're not going to get a lot of help there. it is also going to get the temperatures down. cooler tomorrow than it was today. 66 no


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