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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  May 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. on this memorial day, the nation is remembering fallen service men and women. here is a live picture from arlington national cemetery in virginia where, as you can see, president barack obama, or you will see in just a moment, he's going to be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. in philadelphia this morning there was also a wreath-laying ceremony and memorial service at most holy redeemer cemetery. it was a prelude to the city's longest running parade in the bridesburg neighborhood. many will spend the holiday at the beach. from our live camera in cape may, you can see plenty of people are enjoying the warm weather.
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i'm rosemary conners. today marks the unofficial start of the summer season. it certainly feels like summer and as matt delucia reports from ocean city the crowds down the shore are taking advantage of it. >> reporter: a few people on the boardwalk tell me this is the best memorial day weekend weather they've seen in recent memory and that can translate into big business but will it last? >> i found it. >> reporter: whether it's finding seashells. >> just came to celebrate memorial day and enjoy nature. >> reporter: or collecting something a little bigger. >> have a little bit of fun. try to find some money, diamond rings. >> reporter: the not so hidden treasure this weekend has been that the sun and surf are spot on. >> this is the start of the summer, so we want to start off with a bang. >> reporter: at the original fudge kitchen, these ladies have been waiting for the season to begin. this is the weekend that some shop owners use to gauge the
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rest of the summer at the shore. some folks say business was slow the year after sandy, but last summer things really started picking up. >> we're tired of sitting on our butts, and we're ready to make some money and make people happy and serve good food. >> reporter: throughout the weekend lines were long in the shadow of the red, white, and blue. a memorial day weekend to remember. and the ho ep is folks like them keep coming back. one thing helping that is the gas prices are still fairly low, about 96 cents lower than this time last year. in ocean city i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we want to take you back to this live picture from arlington national cemetery in virginia where president barack obama is expected to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. this of course happens every memorial day right at this hour at 11:00. afterward, the president will be giving a speech. most likely he'll be talking about families and their loved ones who have lost relatives who have served in wars and in
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battles overseas. we'll continue to watch this and keep you posted throughout the newscast. organizers of outdoor events in our area could not have asked for better weather. here is a live look at the battleship "new jersey" along the camden waterfront where sunny skies greeted some new citizens who are near for a naturalization ceremony earlier this morning. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the dry and clear conditions outside. bill? >> it's really wonderful, isn't it rosemary? i can't remember a nicer memorial day weekend. we had some clouds overnight but they're completely out of the picture now. this is a live view from the nbc 10 studios. the wind is light but it's starting to pick up at times and at times you will see some pretty good gusts. gusts at philadelphia international and northeast philadelphia have already started to pick up. at northeast philadelphia airport, 80 degrees right now and the humidity that number continues to come down as the temperature goes up. we are running eight degrees warmer than yesterday and it's
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going to stay warmer through the afternoon. but going stronger will be those gusts which are now at 17 miles an hour. winds are steady at 13 miles an hour at philadelphia international. a little bit stronger in dover and wildwood now getting 13-mile-an-hour winds. you will really see stronger winds along the coastline today. by 4:00 this afternoon, winds steady at 16 miles an hour with some higher gusts possible in philadelphia. but look at the winds along the coast for cape may and atlantic city. more than 20 miles an hour. so it's going to turn into a windy one today. but our skies will stay nice and sunny. satellite shows we have really cleared out. the only clouds that are left from overnight are just a few scattered clouds moving through the pocono mountains. these are passing by. no sign of any wet weather for today. you'll need your sunglasses through the day. bright sunny skies, southwesterly winds at 16 miles an hour. that's at 1:00 this afternoon. up to 85 degrees. the winds still steady out of the southwest helping to boost temperatures during the late afternoon hours and as we get closer to sunset tonight at
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7:00 it will still be warm at 82 degrees. it's about to get hot though and more humid, too. summer-like conditions heading our way. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back later this half hour. >> thanks bill. this morning in philadelphia folks are lining the streets for the area's largest memorial day parade. this is the scene in bridesburg just a short time ago. the parade pays tribute to our fallen soldiers and shows support for military men and women. groups of veterans marched through town. the parade provides some entertainment by showcasing spring bands, high school marching bands, fancy brigades and much more. from our delaware bureau this morning, a memorial day parade is marching through smyrna. veterans, community members, and children all took part. a former prisoner of war will be speaking at a special rededication ceremony later today at 12:30. ralph galati will be the keynote speaker during a ceremony to rededicate the philadelphia
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vietnam veterans memory yacht at penn's landing. it has undergone a major makeover to repair damage and make it more visible to the public. history buffs are certainly welcome at valley forge national historical park this afternoon for a memorial day observance that includes an audio tour and a bell concert. today american soldiers in afghanistan took time to remember our fallen soldiers. officials held a wreath-laying ceremony at a base in kabul to honor those killed in combat in afghanistan. more than 2,300 u.s. soldiers have lost their lives over the past 14 years there. before you head out to your memorial day observances and barbecues this evening, you can keep an eye on the holiday forecast with the nbc 10 app. we'll keep you up to the minute with weather alerts and with breaking news. the holiday is, unfortunately, off to a violent start in philadelphia where police are investigating two deadly shootings from overnight. officers found a man shot in the head near a basketball court at 41st and aspen streets. the victim was taken to the hospital, but he did not
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survive. about 20 minutes earlier, somebody shot a man several times in the nicetown section of philadelphia. you could see shell casings on the street at 17th and luzerne. medics rushed the victim to the hospital, but he died. no arrests in this case either. in camden investigators say someone shot a man in the chest at sheridan and norris street. there's no word on the age or condition of the victim and police have not made any arrests. a fire in montgomery county that started in a car quickly spread to a garage and now the cleanup is under way. a viewer sent us this picture from the scene on norristown road in horsham last night. nobody was hurt. investigators are trying to determine the exact cause. a camp fire in northampton sparked a wildfire on blue mountain. a group of campers did not properly put out their camp fire on saturday and it skorvecorched a couple acres. the fire has been contained but four firefighters suffered minor injuries. the flames did not damage any houses or buildings.
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this morning many are remembering the nobel prize winner who inspired the academy award-winning movie "a beautiful mind." princeton university professor john nash and his wife alicia died in a car crash over the weekend on the new jersey turn bike. it happened in monroe township on saturday. police say they were in a taxi coming home from the airport in newark when the driver lost control. nash who struggled with schizophrenia, spent much of his career at princeton university. some of his young colleagues who are new to the school say they wish they had more time to get to know the man they passed in the hall. >> extremely shocked. i always wanted to at least have lunch with him once. i felt like i missed an opportunity, that i really should have talked to him more. >> princeton university says the school is in the process of putting together a formal tribute to john nash which should be announced in the next few days. the time right now is 11:08. a country overseas rattled by a natural disaster. cameras in tokyo, japan, capture the moment an earthquake shook
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the city but experts insist this is nothing like nepal. details next. plus a suspicious car discovered too close to the capitol. what police in washington say they found inside that may be cause for concern on this memorial day. it's what people are finding outside that has everybody smiling on a day like this. lots of sunshine. perfect day for the parades and the remembrances across our area. already 78 degrees and the humidity is staying low. a look at the shore and what you can expect for the rest of the day when i come back.
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in japan there are no reports of injuries or major damage after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. trains stopped down for ten minutes while trains expected the tracks but service is back up and running. there is no threat of a tsunami but the area could feel some aftershocks over the next few weeks. in nepal people came together to mark one month since thousands died in an earthquake there. they prayed for the thousands of victims killed when the 7.8 magnitude quake struck on april 25th. many are still out of their homes. reconstruction efforts are estimated to cost billions of dollars. there is growing debate in washington over the u.s. strategy to stop isis. critics argue that recent air strikes are falling short, and as nbc 10 national kornlt tracie potts reports, some lawmakers
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are calling for boots on the ground. >> reporter: as rolling thunder veterans mark another memorial day in the nation's capital, washington is debating how to defeat the islamic state. >> we need to have a strategy. there is no strategy. >> reporter: senator john mccain insists air strikes are not enough. we need boots on the ground. defense secretary ashton carter disagrees. he says the problem is iraqis don't want to fight. >> we can give them training. we can give them equipment. we obviously can't give them the will to fight. >> reporter: the iraqis have gained ground since isis took ramadi a week ago but the islamic state in iraq and syria is now the size of a small european country. >> we are losing. there is no doubt about it. >> reporter: even democrats worry air strikes alone aren't working. >> clearly isis has gained momentum. >> reporter: some worry isis could get a nuclear weapon. >> we don't wait until they get it before we take action. >> reporter: but some lawmakers say it's not just a question of
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military strength. >> we still have a lot of work to keep the pressure on the iraqi government to fully incorporate the sunnis to appeal the sunni tribes away from isis. >> reporter: complex politics in the middle of a war zone. and it's not just isis taking cities. they are destroying some of these ancient cities, the ruins in those cities and killing people. more than 200 in syria just in the last week and a half or so and that includes children. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. we want to show you more of this new video of president obama at arlington national cemetery on this memorial day. the president placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and paused for a moment of silence thereafter. we are expected to hear from him a little bit later on this morning as he will address military members and their families. in washington police have made an arrest after a suspicious vehicle with a pressure cooker inside of it was left near the capitol building.
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officers noticed the device and smelled gasoline so they called in the bomb squad. the bomb squad destroyed the pressure cooker which can be used as an explosive device. this all took place just blocks away from a memorial day concert at the capitol. nobody was hurt. the virginia man whom police arrest sd now facing charges related to driving without a license. this morning in cleveland a judge arraigned 58 people during rare holiday court proceedings. it's the legal aftermath following protests from the acquittal of a city police officer accused of shooting two unarmed people during a high-speed chase. patrolman michael br leshgeelow was acquitted. some other protesters are facing felonies. they will be scheduled for later court appearances. talking weather now, more
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rain is expected today in oklahoma and texas where floodwaters killed at least three people over the holiday weekend and destroyed more than 1,400 houses. three people are still missing. one of the victims who died was a firefighter. he's being hailed a hero today. captain jason farley died helping neighbors escape and evacuate from their flooded homes in clairemore oklahoma. investigators say the fast-moving water swept farley into a storm drain and he drowned. [ bleep ]. >> oh my god. stop, stop stop. he needs to get out! >> these frightening moments were caught on camera just outside of san antonio, texas. witnesses say the driver tried to continue on the flooded road when the rushing water swept his suv away. bystanders were able to rescue the driver. later today in texas the governor is expected to visit some of the hardest hit areas of the state. also out of texas, a water rescue was caught on camera after this kayaker got into some trouble. his kayak flipped in the water
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and he struggled to stay afloat. he managed to swim to the shore where witnesses threw him a rope. lets head to california where seaworld is helping some animals sickened in the recent oil spill on the pacific coast. experts are treating those animals at seaworld's oiled wildlife care center. they just took on another elephant seal and two more sea lions. unfortunately, a different lion died over the weekend. seaworld has deployed two of its specialists to help with the rescue effort. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11:17 and warming up quickly with bright sunshine and the wind that's starting to pick up. a warm breezy day. lots of sunshine today. the humidity fortunately stays low today, but over the next couple days it's going to turn more summer-like. the heat will ramp up and with that heat will come more humidity, and the combination of the two will lead to showers and some thunderstorms. that possibility will start
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wednesday, especially areas north and west in allentown and reading. 76 degrees right now in doylestown. just a few scattered thin clouds in philadelphia. 79 degrees and millville is up to 78 degrees and look at that. there's the thin cloud right now. you can see it over center city. live view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. nothing but sunshine today. look at the growing crowd in cape may. this is a live view from the marquise de lafayette hotel. the temperatures are warming up nicely inland and at the shore. 80 in northeast philadelphia. wrightstown and trenton both at 80 degrees. 76 in pottstown and there's that 78 in millville. look at north cape may at 79 degrees. while right on the beach and at the harbor it's a little cooler 68 degrees right now. but north wildwood is at 73 degrees. right along the coastline, ocean city, sea isle city now 77 and still climbing. and it's 80 degrees in northfield while atlantic city at the marina is 68 degrees.
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we'll see the wind kick in and it will limit temperatures along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches today. for new jersey lower 70s at 3:00 and 5:00. the wind out of the south at 18 miles an hour. 5:00 it will still be blowing. at 8:00 the temperatures start to come down. 70 degrees at 8:00. everybody will see sunshine and no activity here until we get later in the week and then once the threat of showers moves in on wednesday, it looks like it will stay for most of the rest of the week. for today though enjoy the nice weather while it's here. mostly sunny skies for the pocono mountains. just a stew scatfew scattered clouds. quakertown hits 83. 84 for doylestown trenton, and mt. holly. breezy conditions at the shore, especially that will limit temperatures in the 70s for atlantic city and rehoboth. move inland and you will see the heat that will be on this afternoon. we will feel a healthy breeze for wilmington drexel hill and
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swedesboro. that will help boost temperatures warmer. 86 in philadelphia. we hit that four times this month but it looks like it's going to go warmer starting even tomorrow. the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. it has long been a concern for new parents and in many ways it is still a mystery, but now new research has uncovered another possible risk factor for sids. it has to do with where you live. we'll explain. plus speaking of new parents, see what some hospitals are now doing to discourage mothers from using formula and encouraging them to nurse instead.
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this is nbc 10 news. at 11:23 on this monday new research suggests that higher altitudes may boost a baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome or sids. researchers in colorado found the sids rate is double there compared to babies who live at lower altitudes. still, doctors point out the number of deaths was very small, and they cannot make a direct link between elevation and a higher risk for sids. so for now doctors recommend that parents focus on known risks. some advice no stomach sleeping or bed sharing, avoid soft bedding and pillows in cribs, and keep infants away from cigarette smoke. there is a new push from hospitals in the u.s. to encourage new mothers to
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breast-feed. many hospitals have stopped giving free formula to moms before they leave the hospital. government researchers suggest that providing the formula discourages women from nursing. a new study finds that children with dyslexia are no more likely to have trouble seeing than other kids. researchers say more than 80% of the kids in the survey with severe reading impairments had normal vision exams. doctors now believe vision-based therapies are not likely to help. in the wake of the sandusky scandal, tributes to joe paterno began to disappear g, but one lawmaker in pennsylvania wants to create a new memorial for the late football coach. we'll tell but his plans coming up. it may be memorial day but it's also national wine day and that means wine lovers could save some cash today. we'll explain how coming up. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types of channels you want and not the ones you don't now, fios brings you a totally new way to customize your tv. starting at $74.99 per month with no annual contract.
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organizers of today's parades all across the area
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really couldn't have asked for better weather. here is a picture of what was happening in margate earlier this afternoon as you can see hundreds of people line the streets to watch some of the marching band and to honor our fallen soldiers. now let's take a live look on this memorial day at the place where many people are spending the holiday and where many others wish they could be, the jersey shore, of course. picture perfect weather for sitting on the sand in cape may. a few people wading into the water. the question is how long will this pleasant weather last? we check in with meteorologist bill henley. >> let me just say you better take advantage of it. no matter where you are, we have beautiful weather at the shore but inland gorgeous weather, too. even though it's warming up quickly and unseasonably warm. our normal high it weretemperature is 77 doution. we've exceed that at philadelphia international at 79. wrightstown at 79.
11:29 am
roxborough and south philadelphia are minutes away from seeing the temperature climb into the 80s. the humidity stays low today, but that starts changing tomorrow. as clear as the radar screen is we're watching showers and some thunderstorms as this line that is going to be inching toward us over the next couple days and as it nears, the humidity will be ramping up. you will feel the difference as we go into tomorrow. for today though your hour-by-hour forecast showing 2:00 this afternoon, just a few scattered thin clouds. mainly sunny and warm. no sign of any showers this afternoon or this evening. so no problem getting around during the day. sunglasses will do the trick today. but umbrellas will be going up later this week. the seven-day forecast with the timing of the storms when i come back later this half hour. >> thanks bill. beachgoers have certainly enjoyed beautiful weather so far this holiday weekend, and businesses down the shore are benefiting. this is the scene over the weekend at point pleasant beach in ocean county where the boards were backed. business owners tell us this has been their best memorial day
11:30 am
weekend in recent years. >> today has been a beautiful day, a very busy day. you can definitely tell people have been wanting to get out and get down to the jersey shore. >> business owners tell us a strong memorial weekend is important to kick off the summer season and the rain keeps customers away. that's why they're thankful for that sun. whether you're at the shore or in the city or in the mountains, you can keep an eye on the holiday forecast with the nbc 10 app. philadelphia is the only major city without a memorial to honor the battle of the bulge and a local veteran is trying to change that on this memorial day. world war ii veteran stan wotuzic is leading the effort to build it on the mile. but he says he's getting some pushback as that section of the city is devoted to the revolutionary war. it needs federal approval and
11:31 am
$100,000, but he tells us it's worthwhile worthwhile. >> they should remember the sacrifices that these guys put up their first baptism of fire of going into battle. >> we reached out to congressman bob brady's office to find out if he would get on board of such a project. his office tells nbc 10 that the congressman is interested in learning more about the proposal. a proud day for the garden state. many of us know of course that the "uss new jersey" the battleship that's docked in camden, well now a new submarine will bear the exact same time. the secretary of the navy made the announcement. it will be the third u.s. naval vessel to be named the "uss new jersey." we're going to check in now at arlington national cemetery. i'm being told by my producer president obama is expected to speak there any moment. let's take a listen in.
11:32 am
>> chaplain members of our armed services veterans and most of all families and friends of our fallen it is my deep honor to share this day with you again. for 147 years our nation has set aside this day to pay solemn tribute to patriots who gave their last full measure of devotion for this country that we love. and while the nature of war has changed over that time the values that drive our brave men and women in uniform remain constant. honor, courage, selflessness, those calls lived ed values lived in the hearts of everyday heroes who risked everything for us in every
11:33 am
american war. men and women who now rest forever in these quiet fields and across our land. they lived in the patriots who sparked a revolution and who saved our union. they lived in the young gis who defeated tierney in europe and the pacific, and this year we mark a historic anniversary, 70 years since our victory in world war ii. more than 16 million americans left everything they knew to fight for our freedom. more than 400,000 gave their lives, and today i ask all the family and friends of our fallen world war ii heroes spouses, children brothers and sisters and fellow veterans of world war ii to please stand if you can or raise your hand so our country can thank you once more. [ applause ]
11:34 am
the same values lived in those who braved the mountains of korea, the jungles of vietnam, the deserts of the middle east. and in the past decade we've seen these values on display again in the men and women of our 9/11 generation. for many of us, this memorial day is especially meaningful. it is the first since our war in afghanistan came to an end. today is the first memorial day in 14 years that the united states has not engaged in a major ground war. so on this day we honor the
11:35 am
sacrifice of the thousands of american service members, men and women, who gave their lives since 9/11 including more than 2,200 american patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan afghanistan. as an arizona kid, wyatt martin loved the outdoors. he started fishing when he was 2 years old. his dad says he was pretty good for a toddler. wyatt grew to 6'4" became a hunter and wore flannel shirts every day so his friends nicknamed him paul bunyan. he planned to go to college and work in the arizona game and fish department so that he could protect the land and waters he loved so much. wyatt's life was animated by the belief that the blessings that he and his family enjoyed as americans came with an obligation to give back an obligation to serve. so before he pursued his dream
11:36 am
of being a good steward of the great outdoors he enlisted in the army and when he deployed in afghanistan as a combat engineer, there was no doubt in his mind that he was doing the right thing. last summer wyatt told his sister, if something happens to me, know that i went happy. ramon morris was born in jamaica, moved to queens as a teenager, and like so many proud immigrants, he was called compelled to serve his new country. he, too, enlisted in the army, and he even recruited his older brother, marlon, to join as well. he served five tours, including several in iraq. along the way@qu?! fell if love with an army reservist named christina and they had a little girl and named her arianna. ramon was the kind of leader who would do anything for his men on and off the battlefield, but
11:37 am
nothing was more important to him than being a great father to his little girl. specialist wyatt martin and sergeant first class ramon morris were 15 years apart in age. they traveled greatly different paths in life but those paths took them to the same unit. those paths made them brothers in arms serving together in afghanistan. in december an ied struck their vehicle. they were the last two americans to give their lives during our combat mission in afghanistan. today here in arlington in section 60 ramon lies in eternal rest, and we are honored to be joined by his brother sergeant first class marlon laidley who is deploying for germany tonight. thank you, marlon.
11:38 am
thank you to your family. [ applause ] these two men, these two heroes you saw them passing on the street you wouldn't know they were brothers, but under this flag in common cause, they were bonded together to secure our liberty, to keep us safe.
11:39 am
my fellow americans, this hallowed ground is more than the final resting place of heroes. it is a reflection of america itself. it's a reflection of our history. the wars we've waged for democracy, the peace we've laid to preserve it. it's a reflection of our diversity, men and women of all backgrounds, all races and creeds and circumstances and faiths willing to defend and die for the ideals that bind us as one nation. it is a reflection of our character seen not only in those who are buried here but also in the caretakers who watch over them and preserve this sacred place and in the sentinels of the third infantry regiment who dutifully, infailingly watch
11:40 am
over those patriots known only to god but never forgotten. today a grateful nation thanks them as well. most americans don't fully see, don't fully understand the sacrifice made by the 1% who serve in this all-volunteer armed forces. the sacrifice that preserves the freedoms we too often take for granted. few know what it's like to take a bullet for a buddy or to live with the fact that he or she took one for you, but our gold star families our military families our veterans they know this intimately. whenever i meet with our gold star families like i did this morning, i hear their pride through their tears as they flip through old photos run their
11:41 am
fingers over shiny medals. i see that their hearts are still broken and yet still full of love. they do not ask for awards or honors. they do not ask for special treatment. they are unfailingly humble in the face of unspeakable loss they represent the best of who we are. they're people lycraike ramon's mother who could carry hate for the people who killed her son but she says i have no anger no, bitterness even for the person who did this. i feel sorry for them and i ask god to change their hearts. that's one gold star mother's amazing grace. folks like wyatt's parents, brian and julie martin, who said of their son, he is not just our kid, he's everybody's. he's an american soldier, and as an american soldier, he belongs
11:42 am
to everybody. they are the siblings like the gold star sister who wrote to me of her brother, private first class steven bennish who gave his life in iraq in 2004. she said remember him not as the 1,253rd war casualty but the 6'7" burst of light and positive influence he was on the world. these sons and daughters, these brothers and sisters who laid down their lives for us they belong to us all. they're our children too. we benefit from their light, their positive influence on the world, and it's our duty, our eternal obligation, to be there for them, too. to make sure our troops always have what they need to carry out the mission, to make sure we
11:43 am
care for all those who have served to make sure we honor all those whom we've lost. to make sure we keep faith with our military families. to make sure we never stop searching for those who are missing or trying to bring home our prisoners of war. we are grateful for the families of our p.o.w./m.i.a.s. this may be the first memorial day since the end of our war in afghanistan, but we are acutely aware as we speak our men and women in uniform still stand watch and still serve and still sacrifice around the world. several years ago we had more than 100,000 troops in afghanistan. today fewer than 10,000 troops remain on a mission to train and assist afghan forces. we'll continue to bring them home and reduce our forces further down to an embassy presence by the end of next year, but afghanistan remains a
11:44 am
very dangerous place, and as so many families know our troops continue to risk their lives for us us. growing up in massachusetts, john dawson was an honor student who played varsity soccer. loved the bruins loved the pats. was always up for fun, running into a room while spraying silly string or photo bombing long before it was in style. john was passionate about service. he shared the same convictions of so many we honor today who wanted nothing more than to join a common cause and be part of something bigger than himself. he channeled his love of cycling into charity bike rides with his church. he joined the army and as a combat medic he fulfilled his dream of helping people. he loved his job. in april an attacker wearing an afghan uniform fired at a group of american soldiers and army
11:45 am
corporal john dawson became the first american service member to give his life to this new mission to train afghan forces. the words on john's dog tag were those of scripture, greater love has no other than this than to lay down your life for your friends. the americans who rest beneath these beautiful hills and in sacred ground across our country and around the world, they're why our nation endures. each simple stone marker arranged in perfect military precision signify the cost of our blessings. it is a debt we can never fully repay. but it is a debt we will never stop trying to fully repay.
11:46 am
by remaining a nation worthy of their sacrifice, by living our own lives the way the fallen lived theirs a testament that greater love has no other than this than to lay down your life for your friends. we are so grateful for them. we are so grateful for the families of our fallen. may god bless our fallen heroes and their families and all who serve and may he continue to bless the united states of america. [ applause ] >> we have just been listening in to the president address military members and their families at arlington national cemetery. the president remarked that this is the first memorial day in 14 years that the u.s. has not engaged in a major ground war. he made special mention of soldiers who have lost their lives in afghanistan, and he called all of our country's fallen heroes honorable and
11:47 am
courageous. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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children who have lost a parent can face tremendous and long-lasting emotional around social challenges, but there is a local organization that's leading the effort to help them. it's called brave hearts and strong minds, and members will be holding a charity walk next month. here to tell us more are joe spouse the executive director of the organization and abby benner. you are a member of the girl
11:50 am
scouts and also volunteer at the organization. thank you for being with us on this memorial day. >> absolutely. thank you for having us. >> first, if you can, tell us about the organization and then a little more about the event next month. >> sure. our organization was founded in 2012 when we lost a local community member named tom riley. we saw how the community came together to help, and we wanted to create an avenue in which we could make a bigger impact with unthat could leave ripples for a lifetime. we do have every year. this year june 20th, the saturday before father's day, we gather community members businesses, and local recipient families for a day of fun, family, and all funds go to college education funds for children who have lost an income-earning parent. >> and why is it to important to focus on children when there's a devastating loss in the family? >> it's a great question. and the real way we look at it is we want to take away the long-term worries so the mothers or the fathers or the children who are left can worry about the now. they can worry about each other,
11:51 am
and we really believe in the pay it forward model, that once you are a recipient family you come back for future years to help run for other families which is how we come across great volunteers like abigail benner. >> abby so you have volunteered with the organization and for the event. tell us about it and tell us why you're involved. what compelled you to get involved? >> well my uncle had passed away a couple years ago, and their family went to the organization, so i decided to pay it forward as well and help out. >> and what's your experience been like working with the organization and helping others? >> it's been really nice. they're all really nice there. i've tried to help as much as i can and they're really accepting it. >> both of you guys the big event is happening next month. what can people expect? >> right now what we're looking for people to do is register online at www.big hearts for strong enjoy each other's companies and
11:52 am
honor the loved ones we lost. >> and hopefully the weather will cooperate. >> fingers crossed. >> exactly. want to give you some more information. we'll pull it up on the screen. this is the brave hearts for strong minds charity walk. again, it's saturday june 20th as joe said. right before father's day. so should be a great family event. it's going to be at la salle high school in wyndmoor pennsylvania. you can go to for more information or the nbc 10 news app.
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today, of course is memorial day but it is also national wine day. that means some wineries bars and wine shops are offering discounts to help you celebrate. if you're shopping for some wine today and it's open the shops near you maybe in new jersey, you can call ahead to see if you can get a deal. a pennsylvania lawmakers wants to name a bridge after joe paterno. representative michael regan says he plans to introduce the bill to rename a turnpike bridge over the susquehanna river as the joseph paterno memorial bridge. the bill would have to pass the house and senate and be signed by the governor. earlier today the ncaa restored more than 100 wins to paterno and penn state.
11:56 am
coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's "ellen." actress jennifer garner is on the show. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon scouting out a senior. the local teenager who may on on the brink of becoming a big hit from high school to a career in the major league. learn about the talents that have pro scouts eager to see what he can do with his pitching arm. >> it is gorgeous and it continues today. what a perfect memorial day for all the celebrations and for the remembrances. the temperatures in the 80s but the humidity stays low. it's the wind that's picking up. that wind will carry into tomorrow and along with it will come some humidity. you will feel the difference and it will be a hot one tomorrow afternoon and again on wednesday and starting wednesday, good
11:57 am
possible itsility of seeing showers and thunderstorms. >> we knew this fabulous weather wasn't going to last forever but we'll take it for now. i'm rosemary conners. for bill henley and everyone, happy memorial day.
11:58 am
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absolutely amazing out there. >> unbelievable. >> nadal keeps making history. >> the french open on nbc is presented by longines. we welcome you on this holiday monday, of course memorial day in the united states. it is also a holiday in


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