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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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acking this warm weather. sheena? >> that's right. warm and dry weather. temperatures the warmest we've seen yet near 90 in allentown, in redding, 88 degrees in those locations right now. 85, pottstown, 87 in philadelphia. 87 northeast philly currently 88 degrees in trenton. closer to the shore, there is relief from the heat. temperatures there in about the mid-70s in wildwood. now, it is hot and dry, but there is rain close by. it shouldn't be moving in as we go through this evening. i think a majority of it will stay just up to the north and west. it's on the lighter side. we are still dry. we're seeing plenty of sunshine, though. and if we zoom into the poconos kamm camel beach, the skies are dark the showers are to the north. but camel beach, not too many people out there on this tuesday afternoon. temperatures, though, certainly warm enough to cool off in the water. 6:00 p.m., 84 degrees, still warm and breezy and still sunny and dry. 8:00 tonight around 80 degrees. still warm. then we go into 10:00 tonight, and we are only in the 70s.
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it is going to be very mild evening tonight, tomorrow though, we do have a better chance for storms moving through, and we do need the rain. i'll show you the timing on it coming up. >> nbc 10 bureau reporter cydney long spoke with several people trying to beat the heat. >> some cities are asking to cut back on water. >> that is sort of what they do every single year. we did check with the d.e.p. and right now, in a definite dry spell. but there are no drought watches or warnings in place. but for people out here who work outside or feeling the burn of the calories they say the mercury rose a bit too fast. >> kind of a shock, you know, to my system. >> all of a sudden summer's here. >> ice cold water, folks. look at that beautiful bottle. >> cortez is quite the salesman at the transportation center where city workers and those who rely on public transit opted for
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a spot in the shade. >> it's a little too early. i feel like we skipped spring and went straight from winter to summer. >> it's pretty hot. >> with temperatures hitting the 90 degree mark today coupled with breezy winds, it is the hottest day of the year so far. the forest fire service warn the risk is high for brush fires. a hot day is a good day for business at the car wash. but workers are exposed to the elements. >> they get breaks. they get a chance to hydrate. >> while some towns across south jersey enforce strict water conservation measures each summer, there is no blanket restriction on watering your garden or lawns that may start to turn brown with the sudden heat. when it's hot and dry like this he conserves water as a courtesy using more recycled than fresh water, a measure you may not be able to match at home. >> and we're between 25 to 30 gallons to wash one car.
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if you were washing your car in your driveway. >> for ruben cortez his water bottle business usually doesn't heat up until mid july. >> no, i wanted like 95 with no wind. >> that's when you make your money? >> that's when i make a killing. >> obviously the key to beating the heat finding that cool shady spot and the breeze also staying hydrated. summer officially begins on june 21st. it is 27 days away. live in audobon, nbc 10 news. >> thank you very much. plan ahead for this warmer weather with our nbc 10 news and weather apps. download them for free to get the 7-day forecast and interactive radar right on your smartphone or tablet. we are following developing news involving the irs and a massive theft of taxpayer information. >> nbc 10 investigator harry hairston is tracking down these details for us. >> jacqueline and keith, in the last hour, the irs announced
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thieves access information from $100,000 taxpayers. they used an online service right on the irs website. some more details we dug up. the service is called get transcript. it's designed to allow you to check your own information. thieves target the system from february to mid may. the information stolen includes tax returns and other information on file with the irs. right now, the service is now temporarily shut down. the irs says it is notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. an infant is rushed to the hospital from bally's casino in atlantic city. and now police are trying to figure out what happened to the baby. we saw officers on the scene at bally's all day. ambulance crews were called around 7:30 last night because the 2-month-old was having trouble breathing. >> 14-18 medic 1 bally's 1900 boardwalk.
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utilize south pop lloyd entrance to room 3940, pediatric respiratory distress. >> the infant was airlifted to the hospital. the atlantic county prosecutor's office is leading the investigation. new at 5:00 a rash of robberies targets temple university students and now police believe the hold-ups are related. check out the surveillance video of one of the gunpoint hold-ups as it's happening. according to police one person likely a teen holds the gun, then flees with another person. one of the suspects was spotted with a red bicycle. cell phones, money, backpacks have been taken so far. if you recognize the suspects, call police. and the six most recent robberies have happened within blocks of each other west of the temple university campus in north philadelphia. a big change is coming to amtrak trains that run on the northeast corridor and it's all because of that deadly derailment in port richmond two weeks ago. today amtrak announced it will
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place cameras that face inward in the locomotive. the goal is to be able to monitor engineers at the controls. the cameras will be installed by the end of this year. brendan, bostian was the engineer when it derailed may 12th. he told investigators he doesn't remember anything in the moments before the wreck. we spoke to riders today about the cameras. they tell us they like the idea. the reason, the video could help investigators determine the cause of any future crashes. >> i don't know. not paying attention to the rules. >> amtrak says it's still developing plans for video cameras on locomotives and other trains. philadelphia police are looking for a predator on the loose. detectives believe and they tell us that the same intruder attacked two women in their homes. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for right now. twice in three months a man attacked women in their homes in
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south philadelphia. the first was in march, the second yesterday. in that case the 36-year-old victim was sexually assaulted and robbed. authorities worry if he's not caught soon, he might strike again. >> i think this individual is dangerous and that he may be looking through the neighborhood, as the time to case the area, to look for any weaknesses in the neighborhood. >> police are looking over surveillance video. they're also checking dna evidence from the victim's stolen car in hopes of identifying the suspect. meanwhile, a philadelphia father pleads guilty to strangling his wife in a park last summer. christopher murray pled guilty to third-degree murder at a hearing today. he'll serve 20 to 40 years in prison. murray strangled his wife connie after an argument. then reported her missing last august. her body was found the next day. police say murray confessed to killing her a few days later. murray said he followed his wife after she left for a walk then
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killed her as they argued over his texts to another woman. we have new information about the former revel casino in atlantic city. the 47-story building will stay closed until legal battles over electricity get ironed out. glenn straub is betting a judge will give the okay. but acr which currently powers safety lights in the building first wants straub to pay off construction debt. it's now in the hands of a federal judge. two local men have been charged with ripping off the university of pennsylvania. allegedly billed the university for work they never did, according to investigators. the pair had vendors inflate invoices for workers at the hotel. the men allegedly kept the extra cash. a taxi cab crash that took the lives of a famous new jersey math me
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mathematician and his wife. nbc 10 investigates the loopholes and state laws and seat belt safety. plus why members of the obama administration took a tour of downtown wilmington today. and a popular attraction for children that comes with several safety risks. new at 5:00 what caused this bounce house to take flight? and what experts want parents to know about these inflatable hazards.
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flood waters continue to ravage much of texas. good samaritans rescuing people in houston this afternoon. at least three people were killed in overnight storms. >> while a dozen are still missing after flash floods in central texas. nbc's jay gray has the story from one of the hardest hit areas. >> from the air and in the light of day, the streets of houston look more like canals after flash floods swept across the area overnight. more than 10 inches of rain in some areas in just hours, cars trucks, even tractor-trailers were no match for the rising flood waters that overwhelmed dozens of city streets. response teams carried out more than 500 high water rescues
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throughout the night and into the day. >> use good common sense. stay in stay out of the high water. don't drive into the high water. >> the search continues for 12 people still missing after the blanco river rose more than 28 feet in just an hour cresting at more than 40 feet saturday night. we have over 12 missing, over 30 unaccounted for. >> among the missing, two families with children. >> the flood waters took their cabin. >> the house we were in the roof collapsed, and we are now floating down the river. call mom and dad, i love you and pray. >> her husband was found 12 miles down the river, her kids are still missing. >> the blessing is she is with her children.
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and she is with her babies and she will be with her babies always in heaven, and we know that as a family. >> a family like this area torn apart by the water and still searching for answers. >> a search that forecasters say will include more rain over the next several days here. jay gray, nbc news wimberly texas. from our delaware bureau. do people who live in parts of wilmington need flood insurance? that was part of a discussion today with john carney mayor dennis williams and members of the community. carney says neighborhoods near the christiana river are vulnerable because of climate change. the group toured that area then met with fema to talk about how to prevent floods. they also spoke about what flood insurance would cover. loved ones came together to remember an omaha police officer killed in the line of duty. the family of roscoe friends
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and fellow members joined. roscoe was helping serve an arrest warrant last wednesday when she was shot during a gun battle. she was supposed to start maternity leave and her daughter was finally leaving the hospital. u.s. representative frank lobiondo got a tour of the high school today. he got a firsthand tutorial on the s.t.e.m. program. prepares students for careers in those fields. legislation to help financially strapped atlantic city is heading for a vote next month in the new jersey legislature. several bills make up that package. the first includes an effort to stabilize the casino industry. it has been struggling since four casinos closed last year. another would reallocate taxes on casino gambling revenues to pay some city debts. another authorizes state aid to city schools.
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and another would end the atlantic city alliance, which heads up marketing for the city. with the beautiful weather we had over the holiday weekend, a lot of people just made it a point to get outside. i hope you did. and business owners in chester county tell us it's a big boost for their bottom line. in downtown west chester, store owners say so many people packed the streets, it almost looked like a parade. some restaurants had to turn people away. shop owners tell nbc 10 all that foot traffic brought in big bucks. >> it was the whole weekend. we were closed on monday but the whole weekend was really great. lots of new faces, lots of returning customers. >> with all the great restaurants in town and other boutiques, we really you know it's a real shopping destination to come and spend the day. >> and business owners tell us they hope it becomes a money-making trend right into the summer. to this a 10-year-old boy drowned while swimming in a lehigh valley pool over the
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weekend. happened saturday afternoon in upper nazareth township. police say kelly was under water for about three minutes. cpr was given to the boy, but he died last night at the hospital. okay. you've got to see this right now. it was supposed to be a fun way to spend memorial day turned into quite a dangerous situation. look at this the national weather service here says it was an ef-0 tornado that lifted this bounce house on ft. lauderdale beach yesterday. three children were inside at the time. they were taken to the hospital. experts say most bounce house accidents happen when people don't follow instructions. you need to remember to properly secure it. >> first you want to get the right stakes. at least an 18-inch stake. >> keep it at a 45-degree angle. you want to drive it into the ground, go as much as you can. >> you don't see it? >> you don't see it anymore. >> experts say when the wind gets up to 15 to 20 miles an
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hour, bring the bounce house down. well another hot day today, today, so far, the hottest day that we've seen. we got up to 88 degrees in philadelphia. it's going to stay hot as we go through tomorrow and the rest of the week and even to start the weekend. thunderstorms, though, returning to the forecast not really tonight. we do have storms nearby. but tomorrow we have a better chance of storms moving in and we do need the rain so the rain is very welcome. we've seen a lot of dry days. but we will be cooler as we go into sunday along with some more rain by the end of your weekend. i'll show you the forecast in a second. here's a live look out at cape may, beautiful conditions today. plenty of sunshine a little breezy right along the shore in cape may. winds are gusting near 30 miles an hour, 70 degrees is the temperature out there and it is pretty nice and cool along the shore. not compared to temperatures inland. 88 redding, right now. 87, ben salem in philadelphia,
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83 wilmington 86 in dover, and then you see the contrast when you get closer to the shore. 79 atlantic city 68 degrees right now in stone harbor. >> locally, we are dry across the area another dry day. we do need the rain. it's really just north of the poconos. and there's some more rain back off to our west. but our better chance, that's going to come tomorrow evening. here's future weather. so tonight, we really remain mostly dry. clouds increase a little bit overnight. early tomorrow morning, trying to show at least a few showers moving in. but i think the best chance will be in the afternoon. once we get nice and heated for the day. 4:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. showers, maybe thunderstorms through the lehigh valley. that line could be moving through the city later on in the evening, maybe between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. and moving through parts of new jersey, i don't think everyone will see the rain tomorrow but at least we have a better chance than we have today. then we go into thursday morning, mostly dry, then through the afternoon, thursday, we could see rain and maybe some
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thunderstorms a little bit more widespread. for tonight, though, clouding up, chance of a late shower mostly overnight. 64 degrees areas north and west. and then tomorrow another hot day with late storms in the forecast. 88 for the high in allentown, 88 quakertown 88 degrees for norristown. tomorrow, chance of late thunderstorms, 90 philadelphia 89 chester, 89 degrees west chester. 90 degrees, still those late storms. but closer to the shore about the upper 70s and many locations, mid to upper 70s. inland like dover, could be closer to 90 degrees. then we go into thursday still another hot day with the thunderstorms around. near 90 degrees, friday 87, going into the weekend. we still stay in the mid to upper 80s. definitely a summertime pattern. average highs actually 77 degrees. so as we go into sunday we're going to have rain around, it will get into the upper 70s by next week we're going to be closer to normal back down into the mid-70s. >> yeah such a difference between this week and next. thank you.
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dozens of layoffs just days before the end of the school year. nbc 10 is asking how cuts for atlantic city schools could affect students next school year. plus the special honor for parents dedicating their time to children who aren't even their own.
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the words today of some of the best parents you'll find anywhere. for the first time philadelphia's department of human services honored foster parents of the year today. nbc 10 at city hall to recognize some of the most dedicated and compassionate families who opened their hearts and homes to children in need. and we want to show you this breaking news right now. this is taking place on route 422. we are being told there's a large buckle across the road. for some reason that road has buckled. we're not sure why. but as you can see from the camera shot it is causing major delays. again, on route 422 eastbound past oaks. and they are making some repairs. we don't know how long it's going to take them to fix that and get that situation cleared up tonight at 5:24. but we'll keep you updated. >> the good news.
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conditions along montgomery county are about to improve. the bad news drivers will have to deal with construction on that road while repairs are made. take a look at the road ahead of penndot crews. they'll begin tonight repairing and resurfacing 11 miles from the bucks county line to the philadelphia line. most of the work will be done at night between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. construction is expected to be completed in late july. it's a good thing that some parents and volunteers say can also be a hassle. >> new background check requirements in pennsylvania are causing some confusion. still ahead, nbc 10 sorts out the information parents and volunteers need to know. who was forced to meet those requirements and the steps you need to take to comply with the state. more money trouble for atlantic city now hundreds of teachers are facing layoffs. we're asking how this will affect students next at 5:30.
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feeling the spring heat. today was the hottest day yet this year for our area. a live look along boat house row. we really need rain. >> the relief could come in the middle of the week. first alert radar tracking a chance for storms headed our way tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the warm weather and a chance for rain. >> sheena june is not until next week but already feels like summer outside. >> yeah we're about 10 degrees above normal for this time of
5:29 pm
the year except we don't have those summer-like showers popping up. so we're still in a relatively dry pattern. we definitely need the rain. it's 87 right now, philadelphia northeast philly. still very warm at this hour. lehigh valley is the 88 in redding, 88 degrees, allentown, even the poconos are around 80 degrees. the relief is at the shore where temperatures are closer to the 70-degree mark in some areas. but the warm air, it's not just here it stretches up into parts of canada. and that warm air is going to stay around for the rest of this week and even going into part of the weekend. live look out at camel beach. dark skies up in the poconos. nobody at camel beach right now. and that's really where we see some of the closest storms just north of monroe county. we are also watching storms down to our south and off to our west. this is severe weather moving through the southeast. but this moisture will start to move in at least for parts of the area as we go into tomorrow. so that's going to set us up for our next chance for thunderstorms. in the meantime as we get closer to 8:00 tonight, skies
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stay sunny. temperatures stay warm too, right around 80 degrees by 8:00 p.m. tonight. coming up, the timing of the storms tomorrow and if they'll last into your weekend. >> all right, sheena talk to you then. bucks county may not be experiencing an official drought, but it's starting to feel like it. take a look here the spillway on the back of the lake that fills an unofficial swimming hole is bone dry. pennsylvania, fish and boating officers say this is how it normally looks and doesn't usually dry out until the end of summer. and south at the farm the lack of rain means pumping water two months early. and officials are hoping the irrigation pond doesn't run dry. >> i think this year's going to tell that tale. we're not sure. we've always made it in the past. we run it pretty low. but we never started this early before. so i'm hoping we can make it this season. >> at the farm they say it hasn't been this dry in 48 years. the heat is on for more than
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100 professional golfers in our area. and we're not talking about the competition. hot temperatures today at the 19th annual haverford pga classic. nbc 10 montgomery county. this year's tournament features the first place prize of $100,000. some of the best competitors in the region are taking part. and you can download our nbc 10 news app and weather apps to track this spring heat this week and the chance for any rain. get interactive radar and an hour by hour forecast on your smartphone or tablet. job cuts for an already struggling jersey shore city. >> dozens of teachers and staff for atlantic city schools are receiving pink slips today. the school district serves 11 schools, dozens of layoffs came days before the end of the school year. that's in addition to 150 nontenured positions cut earlier this month. >> jersey shore bureau reporter drew smith found out how these cuts could affect students. drew? >> yeah jacqueline and keith,
5:32 pm
we do expect the same number of students to return here to atlantic city this fall. but the number of teachers is expected to drop. and that meeting will be starting here in about 30 minutes. the state has decided that these job cuts are necessary to maintain the budget here. >> well, a lot of people are just uncertain right now. >> steve mccormick is one of the teachers who feels fortunate to still have a job after the district laid off and reassigned more people today. >> there's some really good teachers that got laid off. it's a shame to see them go. >> he says the atmosphere inside atlantic city schools is still uncertain. the ripple effect from casino closings pushed tax revenues way down. and that means tens of millions of dollars needed to run the schools are now missing. >> it's a terrible time. we're trying to help our members as much as possible. >> the teachers union is bringing in a crisis team to sort out seniority issues and help with potential legal fights. >> devastated. they're angry. they're very upset. >> teachers expect class sizes
5:33 pm
will go up and the whole district will look different next year. >> i think it's terrible. >> she feels bad for the people laid off but also worries how this impacts the children. >> i don't see how effectively we can run classrooms and train our children properly without enough help. >> and you can see there are already people filing into the board room here. this is a lengthy agenda tonight and looks like number 78 on the agenda is this issue. it's going to be a long night for these folks here. live in atlantic city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. the school reform commission met with city council today. the group is pushing for more money. now that the election is over school leaders hope city council members will be more receptive to the proposal for a tax increase to help fund local schools. in last week's election voters approved a non-binding referendum to disband the commission.
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administrator director was in wilmington today to see how some businesses have taken advantage of sba loans and resources. chris coons and carper walked the cabinet member to shops on and around market street. they stopped at the bruhaha and two others to take advantage of programs. >> are the today's job creators but they need a lot, they need an adeal optimal ecosystem to be able to continue to spur the job growth rate we're experiencing. >> the small business administration tries to help entrepreneurs find access to financing, government contracting, and technical help. they might need to launch and expand their businesses. >> from our south jersey bureau a 23-year-old man faces charges after police say he was seen waving a knife around in a road
5:35 pm
rage incident. last thursday, police were called to route 70 in burlington county. witnesses say a man waved a large knife out of a window at another driver. both cars were stopped in medford township. police found a knife and arrested that man. new at 5:30 can you identify the three men here in this video? they're wanted in connection with a robbery in germantown. a 34-year-old woman says she was leaving a rite aid store last thursday when these three men robbed her. one demanded her cell phone. if you recognize them call police. well now that the memorial day holiday is over the celebrations are long gone there's time to look ahead to the next big summer holiday. july 4th. >> celebrating our independence of course, and time for food, fireworks and wawa welcome america. the performers for the philly fourth of july jam were unveiled today. r & b singer miguel and country
5:36 pm
singer jennifer nettles will headline the concert and the roots will serve as the house band. >> the eight day event is about more than that. there'll also be free movies admission to local museums, block parties and celebrations of history. >> we'll join the nation in recognizing the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act of 19 1955. the 50th anniversary of lgbt civil rights movement. >> the welcome america festivities begin june 27th. and you can find out more about the lineup for this year's welcome america celebration as well as all the other events by tapping on the nbc 10 news app for your smartphone or tablet. a famous new jersey mathematician and his wife killed in the backseat of a cab
5:37 pm
while on the way to receive another award. nbc 10 found out more about the driver behind the wheel of john and alicia nash's cab. plus why seat belt laws could've prevented the tragedy. and the summer's expected to be one for the record books when it comes to air travel. how you can avoid those additional fees when you book the next flight.
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newlyweds may want to think twice before marrying their finances together. it's best to check your spouse's credit score first. if your beloved has a blemished record your credit score may suffer when you sign on as an authorized user. keeping separate checking accounts along with a joint account is okay as long as both spouses agree on how to divide them. paid sick leave in philadelphia will be back on the table during a meeting thursday at city hall.
5:40 pm
state senator larry farnes will chair the hearing at 10:00 a.m. a law that went into effect earlier this month requires business owners to offer paid sick time with ten or more workers. they passed a bill that would overturn the new law. thursday morning's hearing is open to the public. airline travel fees can add up quickly, especially this time of year. so here's some tips to give your wallet a break. the most common cost, of course, those baggage fees. if you can't go carry out only you might want to pick up a new travel credit card. they often waive the fees on your first bag. so choose carefully. taking a middle seat instead of an aisle or window, not many people like that but it can save you money. >> good to know. well tonight, health officials are warning about a spike in lyme disease all caused by an explosion in deer ticks this season. why we're seeing an increase of the insects. and what you need to know to
5:41 pm
protect yourself from getting a bite. and another hot, dry day. thunderstorms return into the forecast, though. and those can last into at least part of9p)uá weekend. we'll take a look at the timing of it coming up. do you know what's happening inside your child's day care? well inspectors in pennsylvania have uncovered numerous health and safety violations. and now, one day care's been suspended coming up, all new at 6:00.
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in new jersey the middlesex county prosecutor will investigate the turnpike deaths of professioneror john nash and his wife this weekend. he was on his way home after receiving yet another international award.
5:44 pm
nbc's brian thompson has the story. >> reporter: the scrape on the turnpike's barrier wall is still visible. john nash and his wife died this weekend after their taxi hit that wall throwing them both from the vehicle. >> welcome to princeton. who among you will be the next einstein? >> nash whose game theory revolutionized the way experts analyze chance in everything from war to soccer was portrayed by russell crowe in the film "a beautiful mind." chronicled his struggle with paranoid schizophrenia. >> the point of mathematicians the game theory work is a fraction of a fraction of what he did. >> the cab driver who lives in this house was not home today. while his driving record is relatively clean, news 4 new york obtained this police report from union township in 2009. police then ticketed him for running a stop sign and causing an accident that injured several people. nash and his wife were on the way home from newark airport
5:45 pm
after he received the prize for mathematics from the king of norway. nash's care giver said she was heart broken but did not want to speak on camera. a flower on the mailbox marks a small memorial. flowers also at the door to the hall on campus where at age 86 nash would come in almost daily to engage with students and faculty. he tells me his colleague won his battle with schizophrenia by sheer will power. >> somehow just by sheer will and interest and desire that he was able to bring himself out. >> the movie about him "a beautiful mind" had been scheduled for a special encore performance here at this downtown theater. that show will go on. and what had been planned as a celebration afterward of his award will now also become a remembrance of his life. in princeton, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. now the deaths of john and
5:46 pm
alicia nash sparked a national conversation about seat belt safety. today the governor's highway safety association spoke about the importance of the seat belt safety laws. we think this is a great opportunity for states to take a look and revisit their laws. it's really important. it sends a strong message when you require someone to wear their seat belt. >> and seat belt laws are divided into two categories. primary and secondary. primary seat belt laws allow police to ticket a driver or passenger for not wearing their seat belt. but secondary seat belt laws only allow police to issue these tickets when there's another citable traffic offense. new jersey has primary seat belt laws for everyone in the car except for those people in rear seats. health officials in pennsylvania meanwhile, are warning people against lyme disease. >> that's because there's been an explosion of deer ticks recently. living in the woods is one of the joys for the family.
5:47 pm
but it's also become a danger because they're finding more ticks on them than ever before. he says he's picked ticks off his son and daughter as well as the family dog. they've gotten into the habit of wearing insect repellant and checking each other for ticks when they come inside. >> out playing, running around and in the morning, one of us will have a tick on us. or i'll be out here we'll find it crawling up us. >> if you find a tick on you, doctors recommend removing it with tweezers and then wash that area with soap and water. never use alcohol because that can kill the tick and make it hard to remove. turning now to breaking news emergency crews are on the scene of a serious accident. we learned a woman fell out of the back of a pickup truck and was struck by a vehicle. a medical helicopter is responding to a scene right now. this happened on route 70.
5:48 pm
again, a woman struck by a vehicle after apparently falling out of a back of a pickup truck. this is burlington county. as soon as we know more information about this story in addition to her condition, we'll make sure we get it back to you. >> well despite the warm temperatures plenty of people hit the boardwalk today. heat likely drove many others to seek relief in the water since the water temperature is only around 60 degrees. but if you're along the immediate shore, not as hot inland. it will be staying hot into the weekend. thunderstorms return into the forecast tomorrow. and this is good news because we do need the rain. we've seen way too many days without rain so far. but it will get cooler into sunday. heat sticks around into the weekend. but by sunday, you'll notice a little bit of a relief. right now, near 90 in allentown, mid-80s pot pottstown.
5:49 pm
87, philadelphia right now, 80 degrees in millville. 86 in dover. but in stone harbor quite a bit cooler, 68 degrees right along the water. now, our average high 77 degrees, today, we were over 10 degrees above that. we hit 89 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow, we expect to be around 90, same thing thursday and on ?! friday, still warm around 87 degrees. and those thunderstorms are going to stay in the forecast, too. radar right now, though is dry. the closest rain is up to our north and also pretty far off to our west and southwest. that's where we find severe weather tomorrow. we'll have our own thunderstorms around. so finally getting the rain that we need. future weather here showing us staying dry overnight tonight. maybe a late shower mostly overnight hours. tomorrow morning, though we'll see more cloud cover around, maybe a couple of showers. the best chance is going to be in the afternoon. here's 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. we could see a line of storms moving into the lehigh valley up into the poconos, nearing philadelphia by the evening commute. maybe 5:00 6:00 in the evening.
5:50 pm
up to trenton, down to wilmington, as well. and we could keep a few showers in later tomorrow night, too. by thursday we could see the rain a little bit more widespread for south jersey and delaware. it'll still be a very warm day as we end out the week especially going into thursday and friday too. for tonight, though clouds increasing chance of a late shower. mid-60s north and west. tomorrow, it'll be a little more humid, staying hot with some late day thunderstorms. temperatures still near 90 degrees through the area. and we keep that in the forecast for thursday too, by friday still the chance of some showers going into saturday a warm start, a little drier, though. then by sunday we're going to see temperatures in the upper 70s. monday and tuesday big difference, we'll be down into the mid-70s and a little bit drier. but overall, we do need the rain but be tracking the thunderstorms into each afternoon. >> thank you very much. there's now a new set of laws designed to keep your child safe. >> but they're causing confusion
5:51 pm
among parents and volunteers. rosemary connors is live to explain. >> reporter: let's say you're a parent who regularly helps out with their kids' activities. well, you want to continue to be a member of the team. you've got to get a background check. details ahead. plus a student project in chester county is about more than getting a good grade. it could change two children's lives. we'll explain coming up at 6:00. i've got a to-do list and five acres
5:52 pm
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to those parents and volunteers who work with children, there are new laws in pennsylvania that you need to know about. >> they're designed to keep your child safe. but the new requirements following the jerry sandusky case are causing confusion for some. nbc 10's rosemary connors explains why. >> remember, use your legs. >> it takes a dedicated kind of dad to be as involved in his kids' activities as bill hillman is. he's a father of two. hillman leads the cub scout pack of penn valley documenting many of their outings and events. a new law in pennsylvania would require any of his regular parent volunteers to receive background check clearances by july 1st. >> i like the idea that it's a state law that all organizations must have a background check. that's going to keep -- help keep the predators away.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: he says the process can be tedious and costs money. between $20 and $50. it depends if you've lived in the state for the past ten years. he wonders if this will discourage parents from participating. >> we have a saying, nobody volunteers for a hassle. it's one thing to fill out a paper with your date of birth and social security number and your address, it's another thing to have to go home, sit online for up to an hour maybe longer. >> volunteers at all schools including the preschool at ardmore united methodist church where timothy thompson hull is the counselor would need to be checked for child abuse history. >> i think mostly kind of ugh at first. because it's something they have to do as kind of a nuisance almost, is what it feels like. but then they realize well if it was my son or daughter i'd want them to be in a very safe place. >> under the law, volunteer is
5:56 pm
anybody who has direct regular contact with kids or is responsible for their well being. so for example baseball coaches like the one here. today i spoke with kathy watson a sponsor of the legislation. she says if there's any confusion, don't worry. she tells me she's working on a new bill to spell out exactly who would need to get a background check. keith, jacqueline? >> once a volunteer fills out the paperwork, how long does it take for them to be cleared? >> well initially dhs was flooded with applications in the beginning of the year when part of this law went into effect. however, dhs has hired more workers. state rep watson tells me that the turn around if you're doing the application online should be a few hours if you send it by mail, about two weeks. >> live for us in ardmore, thank you, rosemary. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> thank you, jacqueline and keith. coming up next moldy bathrooms, falling ceilings and dangerous debris. inspectors say they found it all
5:57 pm
in pennsylvania day cares. the violations they found, including criminal charges against children. well, right now, it's hot and dry. but we're hoping one of those is going to change. i'm tracking rain that could move into our area. plus, how long is the heat going to continue. plus think this man already attacked two women, and now they worry he could be capable of anything. next at 6:00 what police want neighbors in philadelphia to know about this attacker.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
bold brazen and threatening. that's how police describe the man who attacked at least two women in their homes. and tonight, he's still on the loose. the attacks happened almost two months apart. but philadelphia police now believe these attacks are connected. nbc 10's jesse gary joins us live from the police special victims unit with new information on the investigation. >> we have the sketch of the suspect. but have police had any luck finding surveillance video of him? >> renee, i checked in with detectives inside the special victims unit behind me. they are looking at several sources of video, trying to see if they can find an image of the suspect leaving the scene. but so far nothing. they haven't had an image yet. they do want people living in south philadelphia to be vigilant, lock doors lock windows. if possible put up extra lighting. they say do this because they believe the suspect is from that area.
6:00 pm
>> he says he recognizes the suspect pictured in this police composite sketch. detectives say he's wanted for two attacks on women in south philadelphia. >> i've seen that guy before walking around. he's usually in the corners just watching the area. that never looks good. police say the most recent crime took place early monday morning. the 1800 block of rosewood. investigators believe the suspect slipped in through an unlocked window, sexually assaulted a 36-year-old woman, and then robbed her. neighbors caution the quietness here can be misleading. >> they know your car is not in front of your house. and they know you are working, they usually go inside the house. >> on march 26th police say a similar crime, a 35-year-old woman was attacked at her home in the 1700 block of chadwick. the suspect demanded she perform a sexual act. her children eventually helped fight him off and force him to


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