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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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n in a very short amount of time. many of the people who were in those cars needed assistance from high water emergency vehicles to get them out of their cars and get them out of the flood zones. we have some video that we've been getting in, home video. you're seeing that there. luckily no injuries have been reported. and, again, this is not just in toms river. this has been in other parts of that part of ocean county including seaside heights and seaside park. flooding severe flooding also reported on route 35 in the seaside. also some lightning strikes reported as well in seaside heights, oceangate, and berkeley township. again, no reports of any injuries from that lightning. or from any of the flooding. it has really been a mess. 60 mile an hour wind gusts reported in seaside as well. in fact emergency vehicles very large emergency vehicles from seaside park were requested by the ocean county sheriffs department to cross the bridge go west into toms river, to help folks get rescued from homes.
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it wasn't just cars. it hasn't just been cars that have been stranded in the water. people have been stranded in their homes who are in some of these really flooded areas. but, again, no reports of any injuries. and police are hoping that the water will gibbbegin to recede soon. renee? >> ted i got to ask you, you know this area really better than anyone. is it common to have these sorts of stranded situations in toms river and seasides when the rain comes down like this? >> reporter: well, you know, toms river and seaside heights and seaside park certainly see their share of flooding. postally, though from tidal issues. this was not a tidal issue, though. this was not a result of the tide getting too high. they do see flooding. but not to this extent. this was really way too much rain that came down in short amount of time -- in a short amount of time. when you have 4 inches come down like that storms -- the storm drains just can't handle that and can't drain the water back out into barnegat bay fast
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enough. so that's what happened here. yes, they have flooding but not typically this bad. >> all right. ted, thanks so much for putting it into perspective for us. let's get to nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking these heavy downpours. glenn, you heard ted say, 4 inches of rain. that's a lot in a short period of time. >> yeah we've been tracking this all afternoon and telling withdrew this was the one danger area. this is very isolated. the rest of the jersey shore for the most part is doing just fine south of long beach island. but the area that's gotten hit, seaside heights down to toms river, at least the rain has moved out and the lightning has shists shifted to the south. so conditions are going to be allowed to improve now. heavy storms gown down long beach island. fortunately they are weakening as well. because you don't want to see a repeat of this. we still have a flash flood warning until 7:45 for that portion of ocean county. and the radar estimates, 4 1/2
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ink inches of rain near toms river. 4.1 right at seaside heights. and that is just in about three hours just to put it in perspective. in houston, they had three times that amount in just one day with the flooding you've just seen. way more widespread than what this was. we're going to be drying out as we head through the evening, but we do have more storms before the weekend's over and i'll tell you about that with seven day in a few minutes. we want to get more breaking news to you right now. this is out of the point breeze neighborhood of philadelphia where police are looking for a sex assault suspect. they're serving a warrant at a home. this comes after new pictures and rewards to find the suspect. police believe this suspect is linked to other crimes. nbc 10's drew smith live in point breeze and, drew what are police telling you? >> reporter: well police actually just pulled out of here a few minutes ago and we went in to talk to the person who lives
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here. you see her right there. she says she is the mother of the person that police are looking for right now. police, again, came to this home just within the last hour started searching through. they say that their search was prompted by all of the tips that were coming in today. the u.s. marshals were also here on scene. we saw the detectives coming in and out of the home with bags of evidence. they also attempted to get through around the back to check other parts of this home. now, chadwick street is significant in this investigation. police say their suspect who they accused of breaking into a nearby home stole a car and drove it to this street. and police also said they believe he then went back to the home where he originally broke in and then sexually assaulted a woman. now, police are also investigating a sfrat crime that they they are tieing back to that suspect. this crime also happened here on chadwick street. again, we just spoke with the woman who says she is the mother of the person police are searching for right now. she said she has a message for him and she says that is to turn
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himself in, to come home and cooperate with police. we'll of course stay on top of this and let you know any new developments as soon as we hear of them. live in point breeze tonight, brew smith nbc 10 news. and more breaking news from skyforce 10 to tell you about. a body has been found in a suitcase near the old westinghouse plant. this is in tinicum township delaware county. the body was discovered by someone walking a dog. the body is of a man in his 20s. right now we're gathering more information and will bring it to you as soon as we get it. the president of amtrak will face questions from congress about the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. the house transportation committee is holding a hearing next tuesday. amtrak president joseph boardman will testify at that hearing along with members from the mtsb and federal railroad administration. amtrak train 188 derailed in port richmond just over two weeks ago. eight people were killed that night. more than 200 others hurt. we've also learned that amtrak
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has been in contact with passengers about recovering their belongings. a spokesman tells us "amtrak teams are in the process of assessing, cataloging and returning personal property items to passengers from train 188. we are working as quickly, carefully, and respectfully as possible to expedite this process." new at 6:00 tonight, gloucester county dozens of activists gathered outside the paulsboro oil terminal and lewd plant today calling for governor christie to undo a controversial deal with exxonmobil, the site's former owner. they say the ground water is contaminated here and exxon is being let off the hook. under the deal exxon would pay $225 million for damages at 18 industrial sites and more than 800 gas station across the state. that includes the paulsboro oil terminal. the deal sets aside a million dollars for cleanup at the
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terminal terminal. original estimates came in at more than $80 million zbla are the richest oil company in the united states and they are one of the biggest and richest corporations in the world. and yet they what about to leave paulsboro holding the bag. >> as part of the settlement exxon is also cleared of any wrongdoing. now the group is calling on governor kpristchristie to go back to the bargaining table with exxon to come up with a new deal. police and school officials met in delaware county to prepare for the upcoming papal visit. septa was there as well. it will play a major role as many people are encouraged to take public transportation in and out of philadelphia. the secret service and local security officials talked about concerns not only in the city but the suburbs as well. they expect many visitors will want to visit nearby restaurants and tourist attractions. >> public transit will be the only way that they're going to be able to move in and out of the city of philadelphia. and it's going to be you know
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every bus and every train that comes into that platform are going to be full of people. moving one after another. >> he also says delaware county will be at the forefront of the pope's visit and has security detail assigned to present the pope when he arrives at philly international. delaware port authority is putting together its plan for the pope's visit. there are 121 days before the world meeting of families in philadelphia. drpa is working with regional transit systems to create a plan centered on safety and strategy. >> we're expecting as many as 4 million people in the city. we're talking about how we can best handle all those people and talking about how we're going to keep them safe and as specific as i can get right now. >> patco is coordinating with septa and n.j. transit and wants a more definitive plan in place by mid-september. count on nbc 10 for special coverage of the september world meeting of families and the
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papal visit. find out more any time by checking out the nbc 10 news app for your smartphone or your tablet. well septa is changing the way it approves ads for its vehicles. the board voted today to change its standards after the controversy surrounding an anti-islamic ad. that ad featured adolf hitler plastered on septa buses in april. they were forced to rule them when a judge said they accepted other political and controversial advertising. well right now we're getting new information about flooding along the jersey shore. new pictures are coming in tonight. we'll go back live to the jersey shore to show you. and take a look at this rain pounding the dover, delaware area. heavy rain came down on drivers. this is along route 13 just a short time ago. glenn? and those heavy downpours bringing a lot of lightning in some areas. i'm tracking it all in a first alert update is just ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> the options to text 911 is coming to camden county. freeholders voted today to move forward with a $700,000 upgrades to its 911 system. 90% of 911 calls in the community are made from cell phone texts will now be read by a staff of 130 dispatchers already in the 911 call center. the program will not go public until the end of the year, though. there are more than one dozen counties in pennsylvania that wruz use this system. the service is not available in delaware. philadelphia's new paid sick leave law took center stage at city hall today. state lawmakers talked about this new law. a new bill in harrisville says
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it will overturn it. it gives workers in the city up to five paid sick days a year but a state senate bill would overturn it if it's passed. the legislation was the topic of discussion when the state and house democratic policy committees held a public hearing in philadelphia this morning. a delaware county man is recovering at home tonight after he was zapped by lightning in his driveway during last night's storm. take a look at the lightning strike over the broomall area from nbc 10's first alert radar. this was last night. delaware county man's back home after being knocked to the ground by that lightning. john says he was walking from his car to his home wednesday afternoon when the bolt struck the tree he was under. he says he's oak. he did go to the hospital to get checked out. paramedics say this is severe weather season and people need to pay attention to weather forecasts and know when to seek shelter. they say you also need a plan if someone is actually struck by lightning. >> nowhere the external deity.
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defibrillator is. know cfr. >> the aed helps to reset the heart's electrical charge after a lightning strike and says cpr should be used if a portable aed is not available. all right. let's head back now to the jersey shore and jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg for an update on today's flooding rain at the beach. ted? >> yeah, renee, i just got off the phone a couple nnts sminutes ago with the seaside heights police chief. the water there, flooding is tart starting to slowly recede however, with that said many streets in seaside heights, seaside park are still flooded. he described this as heavy duty flooding. take a look at some of the video we got a short time ago from seaside park and see what caused all of this flooding. basically torrential rain. inches of it. 4 inches of rain in a very short amount of time came down.
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pounded the seaside. and parts of toms river and surrounding communities in that part of ocean county. island heights. ocean gate. berkeley township. those areas in ocean county and some of the hardest hit areas are in toms river from vaughn avenue east to the seaside. that basically includes the eastern part of toms river. all the way to the barnegat bay then across the mathis bridge until you get to the seasides. 20 to 30 people 20 to 30 vehicles got stuck in the flood water in toms river. many people had to be removed from their vehicles with heavy duty vehicle -- heavy duty machinery machinery, heavy duty trucks. but luckily, at this point, we are told no one has been hurt. renee, back to you. >> all right, thanks for your reporting, ted. here's nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartzs who's tracking these heavy down towers and flooding that are out of that area now, right, glenn? >> yes, and the good news is they continue to weaken too, so
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they're not harming other areas anywhere near the degree what we saw in ocean kdcounty. we have a few showers and thunderstorms around. most of the jersey shore totally dry today. the area of toms river seaside heights now dry. long beach island was getting some really heavy rain and thunderstorms. that has really dried up just in the last hour. that is amazing. and that is great news. and up in the upper portion of ocean county not so great news. 4 to 4 1/2 inches of rain estimated by radar in just a three-hour period of time. let's see what's going on closer to philly. we have a shower coming through center city and south philly. it's weakened as it's approached. it's just isolated. rest of the area really not seeing much of anything. we did have one little downpour in dover, but even that storm has weakened. so as the sun starts getting lower in the sky we're going to
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be seeing all of this stuff weaken. delaware and south jersey. very little, if any activity tomorrow. then over the weekend, friday and saturday is looking pretty good at the shore, but cool because of the wind coming in off that chilly ocean. and then on sunday,s at least afternoon showers and thunderstorms are likely. now, those storms are going to hit the poconos earlier. and so much of the day sunday looks to be a washout. 66 degrees there. but saturday looks pretty good. and warm. 78 degrees. 80 degrees on friday. now, this front back here that's going to change everything. we still have the warm weather. was 89 again today. third day in a row. the average high 77. but as this front approaches here's saturday night and still far away. but sunday it's coming down. and that's why the poconos are going to get that rain on sunday. eventually coming down south. but high pressure is going to
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build behind it. and dry us out and the temperatures are going to plunge and we're going to get a lot of rain as that front stalls right nearby. scattered thunderstorms early. then less humid late tonight. 50s in some of the coldest spots. mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. less humid than today. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. again. saturday warm. again. but sunday, different story. showers and storms spread from north to south and monday we get some of that much-needed rain but a lot of people are not going to be happy with that day. it's going to be cold and wet. and we'll be right back.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey i'm john clark live at the nova care complex. we got to see the new look eagles on the field for the first time today in 2015. sam bradford he is not a full participant, but chip kelly says he is right on schedule. take a look at sam out on the field today when he was throwing the ball. he did look good but he's got that brace on his left knee. did have a bit of a limp. he's coming off two knee surgeries. he's missed the last 19 games. but sam, do you have any doubts you can come back and do this? >> no. you know it feels great. the staff here has done a great job. you know, i would say in the past, you know six to eight weeks, you know, things really kind of turned the corner and made a lot of progress. >> we're just kind of taking it on a day-to-day week-to-week basis. continuing to push the knee. doing more things every week. as long as it continues to respond well we'll keep adding
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more of that. >> chip says sam can start doing more stuff next week and it's an open competition at quarterback with mark sanchez then there's tim tebow. he is going to try to meat out mad barkley for the third stream job. this is tim's first time in a camp for two years. he's worked real hard for the past two years with a throwing guru. i asked him what chip told him about his opportunity here. >> i think you just go out and compete and you try to earn you know whatever you can. so it's just about competing, trying to get better every day and, you know that's the goal. i feel a lot more comfortable. i feel a lot improved. you know hopefully when you dedicate that much time you do get better so -- >> reporter: and chip says he does look better and chip also responded to lesean mccoy's comments for the first time today. take a look at chip and lesean in better times. of course shady mccoy said that chip kelly got rid of all the good black players.
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and there's got to be a reason for that. chip says he still has not spoken to shady. he's tried several times to call him, but shady refuses to talk to him. >> i've got great respect for lesean. however, in that situation, i think he's wrong. you know, i -- we put a lot of time in looking at the characters and factors that go into selection, and retention of players, and color's never been one of them. >> the comments like that they really don't warrant a response. and i think that you know come a few years he might come to regret those statements because that's not -- that's not a professional way to handle things. in my opinion. >> strong comment from jason there. there's the new eagles running back demarco murray seeing him on the field for the first time as a bird. his former teammate joseph randle yesterday said he had a good season last year but left a lot of meat on the bone. today demarco says he hopes joseph is hungry for some meat this year.
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>> we're -- the running back like i said i'm a quiet guy, and, you know i try to -- i'm not worried about it. not worried about it at all. >> maybe someone left a lot of meat on the bone. maybe that means he's not a big eater. thanks guys. >> reporter: chip kelly with the quote of the day. i'm john clark at the nova care complex. back to you, renee. >> all right. thank you, john. of course nbc 10 is your official tv station for the philadelphia eagles. catch every preseason game right here starting august 16th against the indianapolis colts. we're right back.
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take you back to our breaking news. and a live look now from skyforce 10 over toms river where, glenn, some 20 to 30 cars were stuck here today because of the flash flooding. >> yeah 4 to 5 inches of rain in just a three-hour period. and that's what it did here was a severe storm and very isolated. most of the rest of new jersey got very little.
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>> all right. well, i know you'll stay on top of the weather for us as we take one more shot of the flooding there in ocean city. for glenn and all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. on this thursday night, breaking news. the former speaker of the house dennis hastert indicted for lying to the fbi. secret cash payments millions of dollars to cover up past misconduct. who was he paying off and why? new evacuations and new rescues in texas. as we see for ourselves the relentless force of the water tearing through homes and hear from a father about the heart breaking final phone call from his daughter trapped in rising water. and anthrax scare, what we have learned about other lethal parcels being routinely shipped across the country. and the hacking of america. when you're on a plane and you log on to the wi-fi who else is seeing your private information? "nightly news" begins right now.


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