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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  June 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. we are following breaking news this morning in chester where nine people are out of their home after an overnight fire. here is a live picture from the scene. we are working to get details about how this started. also this morning, we're watching these storms move through the area on first alert radar. some of you got drenched several inches rain. >> here's a live look outside. some areas dodged the weather. we're expecting widespread rainfall.
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it's 4:30. 69 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm trace kri davidson. >> i'm chris cato. people wanted rain boy, oh, boy it came down quick. this is a first alert weather morning. let's begin with glenn hurricane schwartz. glenn. >> in some cases the lack of rain increases the flood threat because the ground is so hard that the rain just runs right off as you can see over the past three hours the storms moving through especially in delaware. first let's take a look to the northeast. some rain up towards the trenton area and the northern side of philadelphia things are quiet. wow, northern delaware just really getting pounded with showers and thunderstorms. look at how heavy that rain is right along 95 i-95 near newark and especially glasgow,
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christiana, tremendous amounts of rain. that's going to be the main threat during the day and into tomorrow and the reason for the first alert. so showers and storms as we go through this morning, but there's going to be a bit of a lull. once this area in delaware moves through there will be a lull. that's not going to be the end of storms for the day today. we should start popping up again around noon and becoming very heavy across parts of the area. now let's take a look at traffic with first alert traffic reporter erer jessica boyington. >> glen we are around route 70 and around kings highway. not a lot of traffic through the area. you can definitely see the rain has come down in this area as well. new jersey and parts of new jersey the schuylkill expressway, 95 that's where we're seeing most of the rain on our cameras right now. on the 42 freeway, you can see rain falling in the background
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here. northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge that's generally where we would see some delay or backup. we can't see any right now. 5 minute trip. cars moving along nicely. no problems southbound as well. just a little bit of a slippery conditions and slippery ride. elsewhere in new jersey, berlin a sinkhole condition westbound ramp towards haddon avenue. follow the local detours and closures through the area and you'll do just fine. as well as we head out the door going towards the airport today, you have to catch a flight you are dealing with up to an hour delay for departing flights. you want to check with your airline to see if that affects your commute this morning. back to you guys. >> let's get back to some breaking news out of delaware county. we brought you a live picture a half an hour ago. nine people had to flee their homes this morning because of a fire at a series of row homes in chester. "nbc 10's" jesse gary just arrived on scene gathering enough information for us. jesse, what's going on? >> reporter: chris, we've learned that the fire started in
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this middle row home that you see and then it spread to the left of your screen displacing nine residents. interestingly enough, the row home on the far right, that caught fire previously so that's previous damage, but the current fire started in the middle and spread to the left. nine people displaced. still a lot of firefighters here on scene. the flames are out. of course heavy rain is helping. we just arrived on scene so i'm going to try to gather more information for you and we will update you in the next few minutes or so. live in chester, jesse gary "nbc 10 news." at 4:34 also new from overnight montgomery county a building caught fire late last night on north york street in pottstown. a firefighter was taken to the hospital after being hit by some kind of object while battling the fire. his injuries are not life threatening. the fire chief says the building was being renovated. no one was inside. the fire is under control and investigators are on scene looking for a cause. 4:34 now. from delaware to washington
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d.c., people are mourning the death of beau biden. the son of joe biden but delaware's native son. "nbc 10's" vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center with a look at beau's life. what strikes me after hearing so many people talk about beau, yes, he was this, did he this and this and that. everyone says he was a really good person a regular guy. >> reporter: that's what he hear from everybody who knew beau. the bide dense are to delaware what the ken disare to the state of massachusetts. everybody in the state loved beau biden. his legacy will live on from his work as attorney general of the state of delaware. he went after people that ripped off people and people who hurt children. he went to church with his family every sunday. >> in politics things can go but
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enemies accumulate. that might be true for his dad and me but not true for beau. people reveered him. >> he was the most popular elected official. he was so down to earth and decent and genuine. he was so good to everybody. he was respectful to everybody. >> reporter: that is why his family said in a statement he is simply the finest man. he died on saturday 46 years of age. funeral arrangements have not been finalized. you can count on "nbc 10" for complete coverage of the passing of beau biden. download our "nbc 10 news" app for any new information and funeral arrangements as we get it. beau biden, by the way was hospitalized in early may at walter reed. at the time vice president joe biden's office declined to say what he was being treated for. live in the digital operations center i'm vai sikahema "nbc 10." a burlington county man has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in connection with the death of his wife. kyle crosby could face a life sentence if he's convicted of killing erika crippen.
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her body was found along a rural maryland road. her mother pleaded not guilty to charges she allegedly provided assistance to her son while he tried to hide her death. 4:37. we have new information on a patriot act showdown on capitol hill that just wrapped up a couple of hours ago. changes that are now in effect that will impact the government's access to your phone records. plus we're now officially in hurricane season. the experts have a warning for protecting your home from mother nature. and this is a wet morning out there, and it may be a wet late day, too. some heavy showers and thunderstorms today. i'll time it out for you coming up.
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4:39. today starts the atlantic hurricane season. >> they say it will be a quiet hurricane season. they forecast a 70% change of
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fewer than normal hurricanes. the reason is the effect of el nino. weather experts say that doesn't rule out the chance of a major hurricane. it only takes one to be devastating. they suggest to prepare now by taking inventory of what's in your house. >> taking pictures of or videoing or keeping a log of elder personal property. >> insurance experts say now is a good time to review your homeowner's insurance policy. >> now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> i have a blog explaining the start of the hurricane season and the number of reasons for the lull in activity there. we may be seeing the lull coming up in a little while, but right now there are parlgts of the area that are just getting pounded with showers and thunderstorms and that's why we have the first alert out here.
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this is new castle county. very heavy rain lightning. this will be moving across into salem county. it's moving right up i-95 right over christiana now. it will be crossing delaware bay and parts of south jersey will get some really really heavy rain. here's a batch of heavier rain in parts of chester county and delaware county that will be moving right through the philadelphia area just in the next hour but farther to the north it's a whole lot lighter. they've got their rain last night and some of yesterday afternoon. some of that was very heavy. the severe weather tracker, the main threat out of all of this is the heavy rain not so much the threat of hail or tornadoes or anything like that. heavy rain. localized flooding. so for the rest of the day, 72 with showers and storms at 6:00 a.m. we have a lull coming in the
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middle of the morning, and then the showers start redeveloping around midday. so it's going to be a very active day. more on the hour by hour what to expect coming up in just a few minutes. >> glenn, we know you'll keep us posted as the changes roll in. 4:42. hopefully no changes in terms of your morning drive this morning. >> it's early but there is a little bit of ponding, some wet roads. let's find out. jessica boyington what are you watching? >> guys live on 95 to see the ponding through the work zone which is not active right now. 14 minutes still headed southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. cars moving along nicely. the roadways definitely wet and slippery. use caution moving through. an accident on new jersey turnpike blocking the left-hand lane blocking exit five. out on west conshohocken there is a transformer fire that is closing front street east and westbound. that's between balodomingo road and 320.
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take the schuylkill expressway to get through the area. all of the area bridges are clear. no problems in or out of the city. slippery. you can expect ponding in and around philadelphia there. give yourself a couple of extra minutes. 4:43 and 69 degrees outside. the field of presidential candidates could get a bit more crowded today. >> yeah we'll tell you the next republican senator who may be throwing his hat into the ring in just a few hours. plus injury on stage. we'll show you what happened when this star tried to grab a drone while he was performing.
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quarter to 5 on a monday morning. lawmakers tried to strike a last-minute deal and it didn't work. key provisions of the patriot act have expired. "nbc 10's" national correspondent tracie potts has more for us. >> reporter: the government can no longer collect phone records, track lone wolf terrorists or
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use roving wire taps to trace suspects who change phones. >> this will give us better ability to see the tactical moves that various groups or individuals are making. >> reporter: those provisions of the patriot act expired at midnight. >> isn't this program as critical as it's ever been since its inception given the fact that the middle east is virtually on fire and we are losing everywhere? >> reporter: fellow republican rand paul blocked it. he's running for president. critics accuse him of putting politics over national security. >> some of them i think secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> on this vote -- >> reporter: the senate failed to renew the patriot act or pass an alternative the u.s.a. freedom act that would leave phone records with phone companies but allow a government search. >> i'm strongly in favor of protecting privacy rights about you we also have to be aware that we're under threat. >> reporter: the senate could fix this within days. majority leader mitch mcconnell
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says he'll back the freedom act which he had opposed. in a statement the white house is urging the senate to act quickly. tracie potts, nbc news washington. the pool of republicans running for president could get more crowded today. south carolina senator lindsey graham is expected to announce his candidacy. he's one of the few in the republican primary field with military experience. he says he's running for president because, quote, the world is falling apart. graham joins eight other candidates. pennsylvania governor tom wolf could face an uphill battle at the state capitol this week. >> the senate is expected to take a vote on several of wolf's top advisers but some of his nominations may not be a slam dunk. marcus brown is his choice to lead pennsylvania state police. he's getting resistance from the state troopers union. they say brown will not have enough votes to win. confirmation for secretary of state have controversy. they blame pedro cortez for the
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bombing of an abortion clinic. quigley was nominated for the department of environmental protection. in spite of early concerns that he might be seen as anti business lawmakers expect him to be confirmed. a new urban garden will help feed families in need in camden. the garden state discovery museum helped spearhead the idea. volunteers teemed up to plant a two acre urban garden at the neighborhood center at 2nd and kane. it will have fruits, vegetables and herbs. it will host community programs like cooking classes, festivals. the growing drought could cause a problem. almonds are exploding in popularity. you're seeing them everywhere. california grows 80% of the world's supply of al mopds. in the last decade as farmers
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produced it the price tripled. it takes a gallon of water to produce a single almond. california is struggling with limited water supply. >> i gladly tell people i grow almonds. >> you're the villain. >> yes we are. it's a shame. we are not the villain. we feed a hungry world. >> now some growers are putting profits into new irrigation technology that uses less water. critics say it may be necessary for growers to cut back on their output to help save water. ♪ ♪ >> is there anything better than that music from "jaws"? today movie goers celebrate 40 years since the release of that classic more rorhorror flick. it will be re-released on the first official day june 21st. tickets are already on sale for some theaters in our area. now your "nbc 10" first
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alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well, after one of the driest mays on record, we are seeing some from the timepretty heavy rain in the area. some got some last night, some now, others will get it this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. that's why we have a first alert. showers and storms some of them heavy with some localized flooding. there's a lot of moisture up in the atmosphere and there's a storm front nearby. that will help trigger showers and storms. it's raining in philadelphia at 70 degrees. south southwest winds at 7 miles an hour. big temperature contrast from north to south today. it's only 60 in allentown. 63 in trenton while it's 70 in philadelphia and into the mid 70s in dover. so dover is maybe going to get to 85 and in the lehigh valley we'll be lucky to get to 75.
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still flood advisories. this is the one until 6:15. one for the philadelphia area appears to have been canceled. now you can see the area of the heaviest rain in new castle county delaware. it's about to move out of that county. as you can see, the western part newark area really diminished. some of the heavy rain crosses delaware bay into salem county. still some very heavy rain in delaware. here's another area of at least moderate rain coming through philadelphia itself while the northern suburbs are not seeing a whole lot right now. we are going to be seeing some very heavy rain. we had that in parts of the area last night and this morning, just a couple of inches of rain just in the last few hours in parts of new castle county. that gives you an idea of how
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moist the atmosphere is. showers and storms some of them heavy with the big temperature contrast from north to south. the seven day forecast way cooler tomorrow with more rain including some in the morning and then it's cool on wednesday but then we start to warm up towards the end of the week. it's 8 minutes before 5:00 right now. we know you have wet roads. windshield wipers, depending if rain is coming down or not because we can have on and off today, let's find out what else is on the roads you should know about. >> here is "nbc 10's" traffic reporter jessica boyington watching everything. jessica? >> first we're starting on the roosevelt boulevard where you can see the roadways have been hit with rain at some point. doesn't seem to be actively raining. drive times doing well. schuylkill expressway currently no problems heading northbound as well. we are watching an accident scene out on the new jersey turnpike right around exit 5-541 in west hampton township.
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taking up the left-hand lane. cars moving by through the left-hand side. towamencin there is an accident there. now rain falling behind the pa turnpike right here. the drive times are doing okay. cars all in the green. 22 minutes headed westbound or eastbound towards valley forge. we'll check in with the philadelphia international airport coming up. chris. scary video. video of enrique iglesias injuring his hand. it happened saturday night. he grabbed a drone that was being used to get some overhead camera shots. apparently he stuck his hand into the blades. he began bleeding and he got temporary treatment but he continued to perform for about half an hour after the incident. for the first time tracy morgan is about to talk about the new jersey turnpike crash that
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almost took his life landing him in the hospital for weeks. we'll have a preview of his "today's" show interview with morgan on his long road to recovery.
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time is 4:56. >> james door-mile-an-hour was shot and killed while she was out walking his dog.
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they're trying to get illegal guns off of the street. >> most of the murders that we have seen or heard lately have been done with illegal guns. the two guys that killed my son, they had illegal guns. the guys that killed james, they had illegal guns. >> the group calls for an end to straw purchasing. that's when someone buys a gun for someone who can't legally do it for themselves. it has been nearly a year since a crash on the new jersey turnpike left actor oror tracy morgan seriously injured. today he sits down with matt lauer. a limo flipped on its side after being hit by a walmart tractor-trailer. the crash killed morgan's friend while the actor suffered brain trauma. he also broke his leg and ribs. this morning on "today" tracy morgan will join matt live in studio 1a for the first interview since the accident. stay tuned for the exclusive interview after "nbc 10 news today." some catholics in philadelphia have a message for
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their church leaders. they believe it's hypocritical to celebrate the pope coming for the world meeting of families when local parishes are closing. members rallied and collected signatures in frankfurt yesterday. they want the archbishop to review and reverse the closures. they claim many churches were closed without an appeals process. >> we were not afforded an opportunity to come up with different ideas. we were just told so many churches had to close and that was it. you had to reach the quote a. >> now they plan to continue holding those rallies throughout the summer. of course the world meeting of families planned for late september in philadelphia. well a roller coaster ride of a game for a high school baseball team out of washington state. >> imagine winning, getting your points called back and then winning again. with the bases loaded bottom of the eighth inning looked like mercer island high school would capture the title.
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the potential game-winning run didn't matter while they never made it to the home plate. >> they didn't cross home plate because they were too busy partying? >> saying, yeah we won, we think we won, we're almost there. >> baseball's equivalent of spiking the football. >> never good. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. "nbc 10" breaking news. >> we're following this breaking news out of chester where fire has destroyed several row homes. a live picture of the scene here. you can see the burned out damaged homes. we just spoke to the fire chief on scene. we have new information on what's happening there. also this morning, get ready for the rain. we take a live look at the first alert radar. there is some wet weather now for your morning commute, but the afternoon commute could be even worse. just about 5:00 a.m. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson.
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>> i'm chris cato. you may have heard the thunder rumbling through. let's check in with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz making a morning appearance for us. good morning glenn. >> good morning. northern delaware has really been getting pounded over the last hour or two. that is moving into south jersey. we have a first alert out for not only what's happening now but for what's going to happen later today and again tomorrow. flood advisory for new castle county until 6:15. you can see on the wider view that cluster of thunderstorms in new castle county. they have been getting hit hard right along i-95 and just to the south of it and you can see crossing the delaware river, delaware bay into new jersey now now. getting some very heavy rain. to the northeast, philadelphia getting moderate rain. northern suburbs, very


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