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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. you saw what it liked like there. i was driving in at 3:30. pounding coming into pennsylvania. let's get to first alert meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. the reason why you issued a first alert day. >> not just for the round of storms that we saw earlier this morning. there are going to be more rounds of storms later today, again tonight, again tomorrow. that's why we have a first alert out for today through tomorrow. very heavy showers and downpours, thunderstorms, localized flooding. there's a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. and a flash flood watch in effect basically starting this afternoon for a good bit of the area. you can see the first cluster of storms that we got today moving through right now. it's not as strong as it was. new castle county delaware was getting hit the hardest. now they have really cleared up.
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we still have rain in philadelphia out toward northern delaware and heavier rain moving through central new jersey closer to the shore. the shore has not really gotten that much rain during the day today or over the weekend. the severe weather tracker shows the greatest threat for anything severe is heavy rain by far today and tonight. there may be some lightning as we go through the afternoon, but it is really going to be an active afternoon. so we're going to have a lull here for perhaps even a few hours and then the showers and storms start to return around noon. it could be a pretty wild rush hour in parts of the area as well. now jessica has the traffic. we've had some problems already. >> yeah we -- actually we're
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just looking at the blue route just a few moments ago where we did have a road closure. traffic allowed to be moved through the area but we are dealing with a major backup behind the scene. blue route on the northbound side. vai, i'll have a camera to look at the backup. first, we'll start on 95 around broad street. that's in the southbound lanes here. you can start to see reduced visibility. it's currently a 19 minute backup. if you do have to head out the door and catch a flight earlier we had up to an hour delay for the philadelphia international airport. defarthering flights. currently no delays. out on 42 in new jersey you can see rain falling heavily behind the scenes here. southbound currently no problems. northbound is typically where we see that delay from 55 up
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towards the walt whitman bridge. still a 5-minute trip out in new jersey. we are still dealing with sinkhole emergency construction repair in berlin. white horse pike on the westbound ramp up towards haddon avenue. there are local detours. if you follow those, you'll do fine. checking in with the blue route coming up. back to you guys. 6:03. new from overnight montgomery county, one firefighter was hurt in a building fire on north york street in pottstown. late last night hit by some sort of object. fire chief tells "nbc 10" the injuries are not life threatening. the building was being renovated so no one was inside. investigators are looking to are a cause. a patriot act change that just went into effect impacts the government's access to your phone records. at midnight a counter terrorism measure expired allowing them to collect americans' phone records in bulk. the senate failed to extend
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those after republican rand paul stood in the way. the head of the cia says it's putting our nation at a security risk. >> these are very important authorities that have not been abused by the government. they're sure to safeguard americans. >> tomorrow is as soon as the senate could vote on a house bill that would overhaul how the nsa overhauls americans calling records. 6:04 and 69 degrees outside. support continues to pour in for the biden family today following the death vice president biden's son, beau. chris cato is in telling us more. >> as funeral plans are being made, it's a testament to how popular, how beloved beau biden was when you hear of politicians giving their outpouring of support but from real people in the communities of delaware where the biden family was
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beloved. he's the son of vice president joe biden. died saturday at the age of 46. a two-year battle with brain cancer. he certified fd two terms as delaware's attorney general. he planned to run as governor in 2016. that's why he stepped down and did not seek a run for attorney general this time. he was a decorated iraq war veteran, a member of the national guard and most of all known as a devoted husband and father. >> delaware's a better place because of beau. our country's a baeter place because of beau and the world is a better place because of beau biden. >> he didn't want to rest on his dad's laurels, i think that's why he didn't want to run for senate and wanted to run for governor. >> biden leaves behind a wife and two children. you saw the children in some of that video there. biden was hospitalized in early may at walter reed medical center. at the time he didn't reveal
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what was going on. two years ago he went to the cancer center of america to remove a lesion from his brain. chris cato "nbc 10 news." 6:06. new overnight, a dozen people are out of their home this morning after fire swept through a line of row homes. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live on the scene in chesterer with new information. what have you learned? >> reporter: tracy, the fire department has completed their firefighting operations. they're still searching for the exact origin point and cause of the blaze. video we can show you is the fire department said when they arrived there was heavy smoke billowing from the first and second floors of an abandoned row house towards the middle of the block and then it spread down the block because of a common roof according to the battalion chief. >> sometimes the fire wall in
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row houses does not go up through the whole row house. so there's a common roof. if one's burning you have the possibility of it spreading. >> reporter: the two-alarm fire is out. 17 people displaced because of the fire but there are no injuries to either firefighters or the residents that live here. live in chester, "nbc 10," jesse gary. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well, we've already had some flood advisories. one just extended for the philadelphia yar until 9:00 a.m. we have already seen some of those reports of flooding although this first batch of heavy rain continues to mover in the general direction of the coast line but there's still more rain to come through. it's been raining for hours in
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much of the philadelphia area. much less in the north side of town but there is another batch that is coming in. heavy showers and storms gloucester county out towards parts of ocean county and burlington county and now some rain in northern areas from northern chester county up towards the lehigh valley. that's moving into bucks county and the rest of montgomery county. we also have another bafrp, some of it on the heavy side headed right toward the shore from bringatine all the way down practically to wildwood. these areas didn't get hit hard over the weekend or this morning. on the future cast we may get a bit of a break in parts of the area during the morning hours but it's really going to kind of explode here this afternoon and we're going to be seeing a lot of rain in parts of the area. the computer models with 1 to 3
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inches of rain by tomorrow late in the day. others with even more. this system does have a lot of potential as we go through the rest of the day. showers and thunderstorms, some of them heavy, and a big temperature contrast from north to south. a whole lot cooler to the north. we had 92 degrees yesterday. it won't be anywhere near that. be back with the seven day in just a little bit. just about 6:10 this monday morning, june 1st. i was driving into new jersey. a lot of water pooling down the boulevard. that's not what theish u is. >> right. jessica boyington is reminding us where it's shut down. >> it definitely is shut down. i had a camera with a major backup in it. you can see from the cameras at the blue route on reed road it is shut down. forcing people off route 2
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between saint david's and western turnpike. that's where all of the major flooding is. to get through the area take 320. we will definitely keep you updated as soon as we can see any reopening of the blue route. you can see that's the backup for right now. you'll be stuck in that for quite some time. as for the rest of the drive times, no problems on the schuylkill or the blue route towards 95. no problems there. the problems so far we're dealing with the southbound delay of 40 minutes from wood haven up towards the vine street express qua. 10 after 6:00. police are investigating a case of animal abuse in the poconos. a dog tied up and left for dead. we'll have an update and tell why you this case is not unique. plus local firefighters sickened. we'll tell you where they were forced to move because of a mold problem in their fire house.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> at 6:14 we are following this breaking news. part of the blue route northbound is closed because of flooding. there are huge backups forming. "nbc 10's" jessica boyington has been watching the backup. she's getting us updated information on that. also our photo journalist on scene is getting video of that flooding. we'll have that video. plus chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz will be along with his forecast which includes a lot more rain for later this afternoon. that's coming up. the case of a cape may county child missing for 24 years is getting new life today. the cape may county prosecutor's office middletownship police department and the fbi will hold a news conference today to announce a partnership in the search for mark himebaugh. he was 11 when he disappeared back in 1991. funeral services will be held today for the washington, d.c. family murdered in their
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mansion last month. police say the couple their 10-year-old son and the family housekeeper were bound, threatened and killed before the house was city set on fire. daren wint was charged in the slags. he worked for the family's company in the past but the motive is unclear. 6:15. schools in nepal are open after last month's deadly earthquake that killed 8600 people. no formal plans are made. around 8,000 schools were damaged in the initial quake and tremors. unicef has built temporary replacement schools. >> police in mount pocono are searching for the person who left a dog for dead. on friday a woman found a dog hog tied to a pole in coolbaugh, montgomery county. they rushed the dog to the vet where she is being treated for a severe case of mange. they're looking for the dog's
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owner. they're dealing with an overwhelming cases of abuse. they're making a big push to bring gaming to jersey. now casino gaming has been restricted to ac since the '70s. as atlantic city continues to struggle, lawmakers from south jersey are struggling. today media is getting a sneak peak at the playground redevelopment project, formally the pier shops at caesars. the playground will offer one stop in shop entertainment and dining. the main focus is what they call t street which will feature clubs, live performances inspired by nashville's music row. it's scheduled to open to the public 4th of july weekend. today contractors will study the roof and air ducts of a fire house to solve a mold issue that's making fire crews sick.
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the problem is at fire station 1 at maryland and at lachb particular avenues. the mold is forming in the ceilings and air ducts. they're suffering from dry eyes and they've set up tents next to the fire engines. we have a warning for families living near the nuclear plant in limerick. expect sirens to go off at 2:00. it's just a test. 6:17. a lot of rain overnight in some areas. now we have some flooding that has shut down the blue route. >> here's "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington with all the details. jessica? >> thank you, guys. dealing with major delays on the blue route. happening live right here in our cameras. this is the northbound side between saint david and westchester pike dealing with some major flooding. forcing all vehicles off right around route 2.
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for right now you can take route 20 to get by. you'll see you're sitting in this for some time. not allowing any vehicles on the northbound side to get through the areas that are flooded. as well we're dealing with flooding problems on new jersey transit. river line shut down for a while. you'll have to deal with some shuttle bussing. all cars are moving along nicely but still definitely some wet roadways. we're going to check in with the blue route and schuylkill expressway coming up. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> all of those problems is one period of rain and thunderstorms. there will be more later today and tonight. we have a first alert out for that period including tomorrow. showers and storms, some heavy
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enough to produce localized flooding. we've already seen some of that. we'll be seeing more of that before all of this moves out. everything is wet right now around the philadelphia area after a very dry month of may. 70 degrees with rain. the wind is very light out of the south. the biggest threat for anything severe over the next 24 plus hours is the heavy rain. that's likely to cause some problems. the lightning threat and high wind threats are fairly low as we go through the next 24 hours, at least compared to the heavy rain that is going to be the main thing. still pretty cool to the north. not much more than 60 degrees. it will be getting into the 80s farther to the south with a little bit of sunshine. here's the area flood advisory. out towards delaware county across the river into parts of
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camden and gloucester counties. and a flash flood watch that starts at noon and goes until midnight for much of the area. there's the one batch that has moved through. it's really tapering off even in the philadelphia area right now getting heavier in parts of south jersey and we're getting some rain farther to the north where we weren't seeing it earlier earlier. showers and thunderstorms, some of them heavy. temperature contrast from north to south as we go through the day. then everybody improves tomorrow. high only 67. 92 yesterday. then it's still cool on wednesday. chance of showers during much of the week and then it clears up over the weekend. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. a dangerous situation in new york city. debris rains down on the manhattan street injuring people and damaging buildings. we'll tell you what went wrong. plus this -- a landmark leveled.
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see what iconic sports venue was imploded and find out what new attraction may replace it.
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6:24. ten people recovering from minor injuries after an air conditioner fell several stories in new york city. the unit fell from a crane and crashed to the ground. the unit sheared off the side of a 30 story building as it fell to the ground. they were lifting the unit to the top floor when suddenly the cable snapped. luckily no one was hurt. everyone is okay. and 75 years of racing history was brought crumbling to the ground over the weekend in southern california. the hollywood park racing grandstand was cleared to make
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way for a $2 billion stadium, entertainment and residential complex. track was built in 1938. closed in 2013. and good morning, everyone. still problems on the blue route. we're looking at this live. these are the northbound lanes between saint david's and westchester pike. dealing with major flooding through the area. the road is being closed. take 3:20 to get through the area. flooding between walter land transportation center and the entertainment center. delays all over the place. we want to update you on driving conditions on the schuylkill expressway and blue route. coming up is a check on the forecast with meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. yeah jessica low clouds fog, rain in philadelphia right now. we have a flash flood watch that begins at noon and goes till
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midnight for a good bit of the area and a flood advisory that covers much of the philadelphia area. that goes until 9:00 a.m. that's for the flooding that goes on now. that is not the end of the rain. we've had some pretty heavy stuff move through now. more coming later. we are continuing to follow a situation in delaware county that has forced people from their homes. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live on the scene for us. jess? >> reporter: vai, 17 residents displaced due to an early morning fire. we'll have the latest on the investigation into the cause coming up. and there were national security changes overnight. as of this morning the nsa no longer has authority to collect american's phone records in bulk and search them for terrorist ties. the loss could change again. we'll tell you when.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. and we're following breaking news this morning. part of the northbound blue route is closed because of flooding. this is video that just came into the newsroom within the past ten minutes. the work being done to clean it up. and here's a live look at some of the backups. the massive backup caused by the closing. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will show you all the problems happening on this messy monday commute. and a first alert radar is tracking rain rolling through our area and more wet and stormy weather is expected later this afternoon. chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz making a morning appearance as as much as 5 inches of rain could fall in parts between now and wednesday. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. your morning commute, you might experience very wet conditions for your morning commute. drivers in bala cynwyd needed
6:31 am
their windshield wipers. let's talk about it with meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> we'll get a break, several hours' worth, but the rain will return. the atmosphere is very moist. we have a first alert weather day for not only today but into tomorrow. some heavy showers, even thunderstorms and localized flooding as a result of all of that. we already have a flood advisory for the philadelphia area until 9:00 a.m. it includes philadelphia, lower montgomery county, much of delaware county and parts of new jersey just across the river. then a flash flood watch for all of that area in green covers the whole corridor from trenton down through the philadelphia area through wilmington. that starts at noon and goes till midnight. so even though you see that one main area that's moved through, that's not the end of it.
6:32 am
there will be more developing even though northern delaware has finally dried out, it's not going to stay dry. i'll get the timing on that coming up in just a few minutes. now the latest on the traffic mess with jessica boyington. >> thank you, glen. we are still monitoring the blue route where we're dealing with a northbound closure. you can see the backup behind this scene. they are forcing off all cars right around route 2. this is the flooding between saint david's and west chester pike. you can see a major backup. these are our cameras at reed road. take 320 to get by the area or you'll be stuck in traffic for quite some time. from the schuylkill expressway you can see red in some spots and flooding in different parts of the schuylkill expressway as well. you can see the drive times being affected by that eastbound from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. that's a 20-minute trip. we're dealing with flooding around 24th street. slow going by that scene as
6:33 am
well. westbound not dealing with much better 17 minutes from the vine street expressway towards the blue route. time is 6:33. new from overnight, we are following the impacts of a fire that forced more than a does people out of their homes in downtown delaware county. jesse, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: tracy, just got a note from the fire battalion chief saying this was originally a three alarm fire but it was pushed up to three alarm -- i'm sorry, originally two alarms but pushed up to three alarms. it stewarted in the abandoned row house here in the middle and then it spread down the block. interestingly enough there was a fire at the far right side in that row house. that's still under investigation. residents tell me one of the ways they knew this was worse they could smell the smoke a lot closer than it was on friday. this morning's fire they could tell it was close to their homes. that helped alert them and get them out. there were no injuries but 17 people have been displaced by
6:34 am
this fire. no injury to firefighters. now the search for the ignition point and the cause is on by the police department here in chester. no word on that yet. meantime also new from overnight montgomery county one firefighter hurt in a building fire in pottstown on north york street late last night. he was hit by some kind of object but the fire chief tells us his injuries are not life tlitening. the building was being renovated. no one inside it at the time. the fire is under control and investigators are looking for the cause. u.s. security officials say the patriot act expired. they failed to extend it after republican rand paul stood in the way. tomorrow is the soonest they could vote on a house bill to overhaul how the national security administration handles american calling records. it is just about 6:35. from delaware to washington
6:35 am
people are mourning the loss of beau biden this morning. the son of vice president joe biden and delaware's native son. "nbc 10's" chris cato is live in the digital news center. >> tracy, beau biden was planning on running for governor in 2016 which is why he did not seek a third term as the office's first state in delaware delaware. his track record as ag is impressive. he went after identity thieves and pedophiles and also going after people who abused the elderly. he also successfully prosecuted a lot of companies that ripped off consumers. this morning delaware is grieving the man behind the politics. described as a regular guy who just went to church with his family every sunday. >> in politics our friends come and. >> but our enemies accumulate. that might be true for his dad and me but that was not true for beau. people loved him. reveered him.
6:36 am
>> he was the most popular elected official in the state. he was so down to earth, so decent, so genuine. he was good to everybody. he was respectful to everybody. >> beau biden died on saturday after a two-year battle with brain cancer at the age of 46. there's a great article in the washington post this morning. i just read it. it's about joe biden who spoke at yale's commencement ceremony talking to graduates there. he told them about how much you'll accomplish in life and he said quote, no matter how much you accomplish reality has a way of intrueding. then he told the story in 1972 how he lost his wife and young daughter in the car crash and what those students didn't know at the time two weeks ago and joe biden knew that reality was intruding again and his eldest son was dying. chris tatecato "nbc 10 news." you can download our "nbc 10 news" app for any new information as to the funeral arrangements.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. >> it's been a rough morning out there. a good bit of the area and you can see that some of the heavier showers have moved to the east or have weakened and so we're getting into some gradual improvement over the next few hours. there's still rain in philadelphia. a little bit heavier in parts of delaware county right near the blue route, as if they need anymore rain. you continue to see the rain in gloucester county camden county, burlington county. a lot of new jersey is covered with rain except for cape may county. they still haven't gotten much. you're going to get some later on. the main threat for anything severe in the next 24 to 36 hours is the heavy rain and the
6:38 am
result of the heavy rain meaning flooding rather than lightning, strong winds, hail that we sometimes get. so that is the story for today. we have showers and storms still around. they're going to be moving out and we're going to be getting a lull and you might think it's all over with but it's not. it's going to be coming back. redeveloping perhaps around noon and a flash flood watch in effect for a good bit of the area from noon until midnight. we'll get more into the hour-by-hour timing along with the seven day in a few minutes. 6:38 this monday morning. we have some issues on the new jersey turnpike. the river line has a suspension. >> we also have a problem on the blue route. let's get you updated with "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> guys i haven't moved my camera. the cars on here a moment ago you can see in the same shot. nobody is moving at all on the blue routd.
6:39 am
northbound lanes due to flooding. between saint david and west chester pike. they're forcing people off around route 2. take 320 to get by the scene. you'll be dealing with a lot of backup. if you have to head out in this direction, take the backup. residual delays will be massive. this has been there for an hour. major delays on the eastbound side right around route 23 in upper merian. septa dealing with delays. new jersey river line currently suspended. amtrak having a problem. a child is critically injured at a major u.s. air port. she was hurt when a car crashed into a terminal and the girl wasn't the only one injured. we'll have details straight ahead. also, a woman is rushed to the hospital after an encounter with a rare reptile.
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at 6:43 we have a live look at the blue route which is experiencing huge backups northbound near the blue mall because of flooding. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will have more on this and other problems happening because of the rain.
6:44 am
we'll also check with first alert chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz whose in the house this morning. he's tracking heavy rain this morning and this afternoon. we'll get the timing coming up in a few minutes. catholic church members have a message for their leaders. they believe it's hypocritical to celebrate the pope coming while shutting down churches. they want the philadelphia archbishop to review and reverse the decisions. they claim many of the churches were closed without an appeals process. >> but we were not afforded an opportunity to come up with different ideas. we were told so many churches had to close and that was it. >> they plan to continue holding these rallies throughout the summer. >> the country of qatar has agreed to temporarily suspend travel bands on five leaders
6:45 am
released last year in exchange for sergeant bo bergdahl. the restrictions were set to expire. the ban will remain in place until a long-term solution is complete. the pool of republicans running for president could get a little more crowded today. south carolina senator lindsey graham is set to announce he will run. he's one of a few in the field who has military experience. he's running for president because, quote, the world is falling apart. graham will join eight other candidates. a 9-year-old girl is currently hurt after a bunch of crashes at los angeles international airport. the girl was walking in the terminal area. the driver and the passenger were not injured. the driver mistook the gas for the break. >> a woman was bitten by a
6:46 am
komodo dragon over the week. the dragon bit her hand. she was taken to a nearby hospital and given stitches. now look at this video. this is new video this morning of enrique iglesias during a concert injuring his hand in tijuana, mexico. he grabbed a drone that was used in overhead shots. that's not the first time he did it. he p he put his hand in the blade. he got help and continued for 30 more minutes. china has imposed the toughest ban on smoking. smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places including offices, shopping malls and airports. china is considered a country of smokers. 69 degrees at 6:46. the average price of gasoline
6:47 am
has gone up 4 cents in two weeks. according to aaa the national average is $2.74 a gallon. prices will top out as long as there isn't a big price in crude oil. we found gas selling for $2.87 in the ogontz section. gas prices across the delaware county. the average in the five county area is $2.86 a gallon. drivers can expect to pay $2.67 in delaware. south jersey where it's always cheapest is $2.49. the drought can cause a problem for one of california's largest largest crops. >> almonds. it takes a gallon of water to produce a single nut and that figure is getting a lot of
6:48 am
criticism as they struggle with water supply. >> i gladly tell people i need it to grow almonds. we're not the villain. we feed a hungry world. >> some growers are putting profits into new irrigation technology that uses less water. critics say it may be necessary for growers to cut back on the output to help save water. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> after a very dry may we're getting a whole lot of water around here as soon as the calendar went over to june. first alert weather today, tonight and tomorrow. localized flooding. i don't expect widespread flooding, but a storm gets stuck over one spot there will be problems worse than what we're seeing this morning. cloudy skies, wet streaks out there at the moment. 70 degrees with light rain in
6:49 am
philadelphia which will be east southeast at 7 miles an hour. much cooler to the north. 62 in allen town. still 61 in trenton. it will warm up a whole lot more from philadelphia south ward. well into the 80s. we already have a flood advisory until 9:00 a.m. the rain is already falling. goes from delaware county. flash flood watch covers a good bit of the area from noon until midnight. more will develop. this is the first cluster that's come through. see a lot less lightning. the rain is tapering off. goes into parts of new jersey and in berks county. getting much much less. still not getting much in cape may county. as we go through the afternoon hey, it looks dry.
6:50 am
not going to stay that way. watch what happens as we go into early afternoon, especially with the heating of the day. especially with the tremendous temperature contrasts across the area. you can get some really big showers and storms developing. if they don't move much there will be a lot of flooding. tomorrow with the east wind everybody is cool. highs only in the 60s. some more rain especially in the morning. then some more showers possible as we head towards the rest of the week. temperatures warm up by next week end. thank you, glenn. let's head to new york now for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show. we're all anticipating hearing from tracy morgan. >> let's talk to matt and savannah about that. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hey, guys. good to see you. coming up we have that
6:51 am
exclusive interview. the first time since that terrible car accident that nearly took his life tracy morgan will speak out. he's going to join us live here in studio 1a talk about the accident, his recovery and his goals for the future. also ahead, the impact of this heated senate showdown that has stopped the nsa's bulk collection of phone data for the moment anyway. is the country less safe this morning? >> got those stories and we're bringing the excitement of american ninja warrior live to our plaza. savannah is going to take on that obstacle course when we get started on a monday morning here "today." >> really? >> yeah. she can do that. >> let me get this straight -- >> go ahead. >> you won't get close to the sharks but savannah's going to do the ninja challenge. i get it. >> she -- when you look at -- when you look at savannah she screams ninja. >> don't you think? i mean take a look at these arms. do you think i can't do the salmon ladder? >> dig the salmon ladder.
6:52 am
>> we look forward to it. see you at 7, thanks. >> thanks. now let's get you updated on the problems that we've been having on the roads because of flooding. >> jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. jessica? >> we've been dealing with a lot of weather-related issues for the morning. we are starting to see some volume lighten up a little bit on the blue route due to flooding in blue mall. the north route was closed on the north side. forcing the traffic around route 2. it seems that traffic is allowed to move through. avoid the residual delays in and around the area take 320 to get by if you don't want to chance taking the blue route so far. as we head out to 422, this is around trooper road. a massive backup headed eastbound towards an accident scene. flooding in general. city avenue, almost completely
6:53 am
to a stand still westbound heading towards king of prussia. eastbound not doing so well. flooding along 24th street as well as if you have to take the new jersey transit line so far for the morning it is suspended due to flooding in the area. you want to check before you go. a lot of delays. >> thank you jessica. we've been following the situation throughout the morning in delaware county forcing some residents from their home. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live on the scene. jess? >> reporter: 17 people vai, have been forced from their homes. some of them being cared for by the red cross. others staying with families as fire investigators try to determine what started this blaze. we'll have an update coming up after the break.
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just before 7:00 a.m. monday morning. live look at i.-46. blue route opened at the blue mall. closed for an hour because of flooding. it just reopened a few minutes ago. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will have more in a moment. >> three minutes before 7:00. in delaware flags are flying at half staff in honor of beau biden. he died saturday after a two-year battle with brain cancer. "nbc 10's" chris cato is live with a look at the life and legacy of the vice president's son. chris. >> looking forward. we're waiting to hear today or tomorrow on the funeral arrangements for beau biden. we continue to hear more about his service, commitment to country, family. he's being remembered from d.c. to delaware. he served two terms as attorney general. he planned to run for governor in 2016. he declined a lot of media requests for
6:58 am
ad what was described at the time as a lesion removed from his brain. now we know during the ensuing two years he was battling brain cancer and died on saturday. biden was an iraq war veteran. he served in delaware's national guard. because of that he is entitled to a military funeral. we'll keep you posted on the plans. chris cato "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in chester. 17 residents forced from their homes due to an early morning fire at the 400 block of beckly place. the flames started in the middle row home and spread down the block to neighboring row homes due to a common roof. there are no injuries and the search for a cause and emission point is ongoing. live in chester, jesse gary "nbc 10 news." good morning everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're out on the vine street expressway right now.
6:59 am
major jams. almost a ten minute trip headed towards the schuylkill expressway. you can see traffic completely at a stand still. the rest of the drive times slammed at center city on 95 42 minute trip and the schuylkill expressway in center city as well. septa dealing with weather-related delays and the new jersey transit line is currently suspended due to flooding. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> well aside from the problems we've had this morning, we have a flash flood watch that starts at noon and goes until midnight. so even those things look like they're quieting down it's not going to stay that way. so keep that rain gear handy. we've got a lull coming in during much of the morning hours, but it starts to get active again at noon and there could be some similar types of problems for the afternoon rush that we have seen this morning and problems lasting into the night tonight. >> okay glenn. >> "today" show is up next. we'll hear from tracy morgan for the first time since the
7:00 am
accident and we'll have local updates every 25 minutes. you can always get updates with the "nbc 10" app and weather app. check it out. good morning. breaking overnight. are we less safe? the nsa loses its power to collect your phone records after a heating showdown on capitol hill. kentucky senator and presidential hopeful rand paul leading the charge to block an extension and calling out his critics. >> some of them i think, secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> i've run for president twice but i wouldn't stupe to something like this. drenched. thunderstorms right now. the flood threat from washington, d.c. to new england while in texas flooding there leads to one very unusual


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