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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 2, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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see the southern portion of the radar really shrinking. at the top of the screen it looks like it's increasing. that is up north and west of the lehigh valley. look at the light rain now in the areas that got hit the hardest. boy, did they get hit hard. look at the areas in red and purple from around the philadelphia area down past dover and in that purple generally, generally 3 1/2 to 6 inches of rain that fell. that's pretty amazing. as you can see with the future cast we're going to be seeing patchy areas of light rain and it's going to be especially to the north and west. but it's also chilly. 54 in philadelphia. 56 in wilmington. it is not going to be anywhere near as warm as it was yesterday so may even need a jacket today along with the umbrella because it's going to be damp and it's going to be chilly. by afternoon, most of the rain will be north and west. i'll be back with the seven day
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in just a few minutes and see when it's going to warm up. now jessica boyington has the traffic. >> thank you, glen. yeah we're on the vine street expressway right now looking for some areas with some ponding. i can't find any. that's actually definitely a good thing. eighth street headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway, no problems. a 2-minute trip from 95. that's definitely good news. 95 southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway, a 2-minute trip there. the schuylkill and blue route is doing just fine headed southbound. there is some rain falling in some parts. it's not resulting in a lot of ponding. you can see out in new jersey on the 42 freeway behind here on our radar, rain actively falling at this point. you can see the cars still free and in the clear. no problems heading up towards the walt whitman bridge. we'll check in with the rest of the area bridges coming up in 10 chris. jessica is watching the roads with her computer. we're watching the roads from
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storm force 10. matt delucia is in the passenger's seat checking the roads where some places got more than 5 inches of rain already. what are you seeing out there now? >> reporter: well, chris, at this point we're starting to see the rain really taper off out here. we haven't seen much in the way of rain in the past 15 or 20 minutes or so. so it is giving the roads a little bit of a chance to dry out here but, i mean of course we're expecting a little bit more as the day goes on. as glenn was talking about, as we look at the roads here this is philadelphia avenue, we just got off of the white horse pike we're in egg harbor city. there's a well-lit area. the roads are wet. not much of the ponding on the side of the roads. as jessica was talking about, a lot of the roads aren't seeing too much in the way of flooding at this moment. things are looking pretty good from what we've seen out here in and around atlantic county south of jersey as we were coming into this area. so really not too bad. some slick spots.
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some ponding on some of these smaller side streets. we've been talking with some of the people out here in the town within the past 30 minutes. they say not many spots that have a lot of flooding at this point, which is very good news. we're going to stay out here in storm force 10. keep driving around this area in south jersey because this area did get a lot of rain overnight. so we'll be back in about 30 minutes. for now i'm live in storm force 10, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." thank you for that. as more wet weather moves around you can count on the "nbc 10 news" app for the latest forecast and road conditions. you can check first alert radar's drive for work before you leave. 5:03. a lehigh county jury has found the son of allentown's police chief not guilty of pointing a gun at detectives. 23-year-old christopher fitzgerald is the son of joel fitzgerald. he pointed a gun at two undercover detectives following alleged road rage incident. jurors deliberated for 5 hours before acquitting christopher
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last night. 5:03 now. 53 degrees. lawmakers are calling amtrak officials to capitol hill today for a hearing on last month's deadly train derailment in philadelphia. one of the goals of this hearing is to find out the status of the investigation and determine what safety changes can be made. preliminary reports by the national transportation safety board revealed that the train was traveling over 100 miles per hour when it derailed on may 12th. the speed restriction in that curve, by the way, is 50 miles per hour. 8 people died 200 were injured. investigators were trying to find out who set fire to three cars in camden county overnight. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live in pennsauken where two of the cars were found. tell us more about this, jesse. >> reporter: well, tracy, investigators don't have any leads or motives for the crimes committed within blocks of each other. this is one of the scenes at royal and woodlol avenues. the mercedes has some burn damage and the tires have been flattened. there's another scene around the
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corner from where i'm standing and a third in pennsauken. in each case someone used a type of accelerant to burn the cars. the fires are all suspicious but they have not made any arrests. i'm going to call the camden metro police to get an update. we'll check in in an hour. live in pennsauken camden county "nbc 10 news", jesse gary. the time is 5:05. happening in delaware county a judge will sentence a former elementary school teacher on charges he inappropriately touched nine students. paul hauschwender pled not guilty which the judge treated as an admission of guilt. also today, a woman charged with running down a romantic rival faces a preliminary hearing. philadelphia police say precious coleman had an ongoing dispute with another woman over a man. she drove her suv into beatrice
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spence. the suv pinned spence into the front porch of a home breaking her leg and doctors had to amputate it. 5:05. gun violence led to a frighteningly close call. it happened in edge more gardens. someone shot a man on bedford drive. one of the bullets went through a home and hit a crib where a 9-month-old baby was sleeping. a neighbor says his son was also in that house. >> come running outside and i see my buddy standing over here on the back side of the car screaming. >> i can't even like have my kids in the living room. i don't even know which room is safe. >> now the baby thankfully, wasn't hurt. the shooting victim is expected to survive. police are still looking for the shooter and another person. this morning we are waiting to learn about funeral plans for beau biden, the former delaware attorney general and son of vice president joe biden died of brain cancer on saturday. he was 46. yesterday biden's friends and colleagues remembered him as a
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kind-hearted family man who worked hard and made his own name and they say he did it fearlessly. >> at times he would walk in the west center city area with no body guards. i used to get upset with him and send our people down to find him. yesterday mayor michael nutter ordered flags to be flown at half staff. biden graduated from the university much pennsylvania and he once served as a federal prosecutor in philadelphia. the white house has set up a tribute page in memory of beau biden. we have links to that so go to or "nbc 10 news" app will connect you. thoughts, prayers and messages on the page will be shared with the biden family. 5:07 now. turning to decision 2015. it's primary day in new jersey. a relatively quiet one. experts predict a small voter turnout at the polls. they'll choose democratic and republican candidates for the assembly man position. there's little competition.
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only 5 of new jersey's 40 districts are contested. also on the ballot some free holder and county executive races. polls open bright and early at 6:00 a.m. you can cast ballots until 8:00 p.m. check the "nbc 10" app for results as soon as they come in. 5:08. the city is giving its youngest citizens a chance at a better education starting today. later today the mayor, school superintendant and other officials will launch an early learning program for children up to 5. it's called running start philadelphia. the goal is to prepare kids for school starting with the most vulnerable. in new jersey a new teacher evaluation city system rated 98% of educators in the state as effective or highly effective. the numbers were released yesterday. the system is highly controversial. it ties job evaluation to8d ether the system is biased against those
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who teach special education or in poor communities. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well, the watches and advisories related to the flooding are expiring. as you can see on the radar, things are improving. we've already got rain that we need in parts of the area so it's time to let it go. now you can see a little bit of light rain in and around the philadelphia area and points to the south that got the heaviest rain yesterday and now the area north and west even of allentown is increasing and that is perhaps the trend for the day there. so we're going to be watching that. the area that got hit the hardest you can see from philadelphia down to just south of dover all the way across new jersey to the shore and some of these places had over 4 inches of rain. had a radar estimate near the atlantic city expressway halfway
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to the shore of around 6 inches of rain. now as we go through the day today we're going to see -- watch what happens up here to the north and west while the area of rain down to the south just shrinks. so this area increases but it doesn't necessarily get real heavy with thunderstorms or anything like that. it has more rain in southern areas as we go into the afternoon. right now it's in the 50s. these areas that are going to get significant rain this afternoon are maybe not going to reach 60 degrees. 59 degrees up there near 70 to the south. it's going to be damp and chilly overall and most rain especially from midday on will be especially north and west of the philadelphia area. i'll be back with the seven day and see when the sun returns coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. 10 after 5:00 right now. usually it's quiet on the roads. let's check. >> "nbc 10" first alert traffic
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reporter jessica boyington always looking for anything that can slow you down whether it be construction some accidents that may pop up. anything out there this morning, jess. >> with the wet roadways a lot of the construction projects we're used to seeing are inactive. that's good news. not a lot setting you back just damp roadways. 95 around girard avenue. you can see a little bit of volume gathering in either direction. not really anything setting anybody back. 13 minutes heading northbound or southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. these are the northbound lanes where the headlights are coming through and currently no problems. all lanes open as well. out on the pa turnpike rain falling in the distance. the roadways are being hit with rain currently as you look at the radar. 23 minutes. currently all the cars are in the green headed westbound from route 1 up towards valley forge. no problems there. all area bridges free and in the clear. open in all directions. a little bit of ponding in the area. give yourself extra time when
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heading into the area. 11 minutes past 5:00. spend it here keep it here. we'll tell you about a new push to buy local in one part of our area. wait until you hear what a difference just $10 could make. caitlin jenner makes her debut and breaks a world record in a matter of hours. what she did that even surpassed the president.
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sky force 10 out in the traffic. wet roads. not flooded roads like they were yesterday. the reason for that you can see on the radar, the area of rain especially south of philadelphia that caused so much trouble yesterday is shrinking. it's mostly light rain but more is on the way and i'll have that forecast coming up. call me caitlyn. with those three words and this picture, well it created a social media meltdown after caitlyn jenner, formerly bruce jenner, spoke with "vanity fair." caitlyn says bruce jenner was always telling lies. caitlyn jenner doesn't, quote, have any lies. she set another world record. she reached 1 million twitter followers in just four hours. faster than anyone in history including president obama. local transgender advocates say it's a game changer in the eyes of the people who made the transition in their own lives.
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>> see something like this garner so much attention, a lot of it positive some of it negative but it is going to bring a light, an awareness. >> for the first time in the city's history philadelphia is raising the transgender pride flag at city hall to mark the trans health conference which is expected to bring 5,000 people to philadelphia later this week. 5:16 now. 53 degrees. enrique iglesias is undergoing reconstructive hand surgery in los angeles now after his fingers were sliced during a concert. it happened, we showed you this video yesterday morning, when he grabbed a drone during his performance at a concert in mexico on saturday. he did receive some treatment at the side of the stage to stop the bleeding and then he kept performing for about half an hour. he'll resume his tour on july 3rd. also getting ready to resume his tour secretary of state john kerry, he arrived at a boston hospital last night to continue getting treatment for the broken leg.
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he broke the leg on sunday after a biking accident in france. a state department spokesman said kerry is in good spirits. the state department has a back story. >> two senior officials have been removed from duty as part of an investigation into improper behavior themselves. a government audit showed that the assistant director of the department hosted a party at her house and invited employees. the report also found be that the wife of another employee was paid to tell fortunes at that party. senior leaders are told to avoid personal relationships with employees. the inspector general says that the situation was a misuse of their positions. from our south jersey bureau now, there's a push to buy local in camden county and help boost the local economy there. the camden county free holder board has created a pair of mascots. bob and betty will travel around the kunnycounty to encourage
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residents to buy it here and spend it here. officials say if every household spent 10 more dollars in the county every month, the economic boost to the county would be about $35 million a year. >> interesting math. 5:18 right now. let's check the roads as you're getting ready to head out the door. >> "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington watching all of her cameras out there. any problems popping up? >> i've been checking all of the cameras for the areas that were hit the hardest yesterday with rain, parts of new jersey, atlantic county ocean county we're doing okay. on the 42 freeway around the atlantic city expressway. you can see headed northbound, southbound currently no problems. still a five-minute trip if you're headed from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. no problems on the walt whitman bridge as well. the blue route, you can see the rain falling in the distance. all of the cars moving along nicely. nice and green. definitely good news. 15 minutes headed northbound from 95 up towards the schuylkill expressway.
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a great alternate this morning if you don't want to get in the car. septa, new jersey transit or amtrak all running on time with no reported delays. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well the flood watches and advisories are going to be expiring and now we just have the damp and chilly day ahead. so a different type of day than yesterday. we have more showers, not just today but later in the week and a lot of clouds this week. wind is coming in off the ocean. until that wind direction changes, it will be hard to get sunshine. the phillies should be able to play tonight. not going to be the greatest baseball wetterather, but at least we're not expecting rain. it's not going to warm up a lot. you need a jacket today in most of the area. 51 in pottstown, 50 in trenton and the only places in the 60s,
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dover. they were 66 a couple hours ago. so they're cooling down. now the severe threat tracker the heavy rain threat was high yesterday really high. way down there now. we don't have much threats for other types of severe weather either today. look at this. 10 to 20 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. wait until you see those numbers this afternoon. the flood watch will be expiring. the flood advisory expires just a matter of minutes. and the radar shows why. you can see everything is getting lighter except up to the north and west. this is the area that got hit the hardest. you can see on the radar estimated rainfall that is a lot of rain. over 4 inches that fell in just a short amount of time. damp and chilly today. by afternoon most of the rain is going to be falling north and west of the philadelphia area. not real heavy but nasty. 59 degrees up there.
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70 degrees to the south if we're lucky. seven day forecast another chilly day tomorrow with some patchy rain we'll have clouds. clouds around on thursday with some showers. gradually get out of this thing but we still expect more showers friday and into saturday. all right, glenn. turbulence at the tsa. we're following breaking news overnight in the undercover operation that uncovered major gaps. a hearing focused on the defective airbags that prompted the largest recall in history. we'll talk about the changes that the company is making and the one thing that they say they need to do to keep drivers safe. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. 5:24 and a live look at citizens bank park in south philadelphia. an area that has seen a lot of rain like most parts of the area has over the past 24 hours. some getting more than 5 inches of rain in delaware. we'll continue to see major heavy rain which is over. the cooler air, 53 degrees this morning. that will be the big weather change today. meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is back in a moment with a look at when we may see some sunshine again. more baseball weather is needed around here. free money alert. "nbc 10" and nbc universal are giving cash to organizations that help people in this area. it's a project called 21st century solutions. we've done it for a few years now.
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nonprofits are implementing solutions. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. we're now a few hours away from an important congressional hearing surrounding that massive takata airbag recall that affects 1 in 4 cars. landon dowdy is here with cnbc business news. tell us what's going to happen today. >> reporter: hey tracy. congress is holding a hearing on the takata airbag recall and written testimony. the company says it will stop producing certain driver's side airbag inflators which can explode in a crash and will be linked to six deaths. they will still use ammonium nitrate as the propel lent which they say is safe if properly manufactured. the head of nhtsa will tell lawmakers that the agency needs more money to keep motorists safe. over on wall street futures went to a lower start. investors digesting a mixed bag of economic data. consumer spending was
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disappointing, but a report on manufacturing was better than expected. data on factory orders today. the dow raising 29 points to 1804. the nasdaq up 12 to 5082. tracy, back up to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. well we sure had a rough day yesterday. it's not looking real pretty out there today, but it's not going to be a flood type of day or severe thunderstorm type of day. this is lake wallenpaupack. this is one of the areas that will see most of the rain during the day today. i'll have that forecast coming up next. and we're looking live right now at route 309 right around the intersection of 202. everything moving along just fine. you can see the roadways looking a little bit damp but that's okay. not a lot of volume going through the area. i am getting word of an accident in east hampton township.
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i'll tell you exactly where that is coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in storm force 10. some wet roads out there for your morning commute. not so much in the way of rain at this moment. we are crossing over into jersey city. we'll have another look at the roads after the break.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. the tsa's top official is
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stemg down after an undercover operation showed some serious flaws in airport security. we're following that breaking news overnight and the changes on the way after dozens of fake weapons made it past security. and too much too fast. storm force 10 is out looking for troubled spots after hours of heavy rain and the wet weather isn't done with us just yet. "nbc 10" first alert radar shows the rain still ahead for us today but nothing like yesterday. it is cooler. 65 degrees at 5:30. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz and his first alert forecast. good morning, glenn. >> good morning. more of a light rain, drizzle at times, not the type that produced flooding. at the shore it's not exactly the most pleasant looking right now but at least we're not getting pounded with rain like yesterday. there was some serious flooding at the shore. this is cape may of course from


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