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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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official is stemg down after an undercover operation showed some serious flaws in airport security. we're following that breaking news overnight and the changes on the way after dozens of fake weapons made it past security. and too much too fast. storm force 10 is out looking for troubled spots after hours of heavy rain and the wet weather isn't done with us just yet. "nbc 10" first alert radar shows the rain still ahead for us today but nothing like yesterday. it is cooler. 65 degrees at 5:30. good morning and welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz and his first alert forecast. good morning, glenn. >> good morning. more of a light rain, drizzle at times, not the type that produced flooding. at the shore it's not exactly the most pleasant looking right now but at least we're not getting pounded with rain like yesterday. there was some serious flooding at the shore. this is cape may of course from the marquis de lafayette.
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this is center city philadelphia. see, there's a flag there. that's atop the aramark building that is normally much easier to see. the flash flood watch is going to be expiring at 6:00 a.m. the reason well we're not seeing anymore heavy rain in the area. the yar we're going to be watching most though is up to the north and west. that area is appearing to grow and our computer models suggest that that, indeed will happen. the areas that got hit the hardest generally between philadelphia and dover and atlantic city. some of those places got up to 6 inches of rain. and you can see how cool it is. the temperatures are way down. we are in the 50s across most of the area and it's going to stay in the 50s to only the low 60s for much of the day. so you might want to take a coat. i certainly did, and i felt nice when i needed it. "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington may have better news with the
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traffic. we're doing okay so far for the predominant part of the morning here glenn. we have one of our first big incidents of the day. an accident is involving a downed poll now on route 70 westbound between 73 and north crock well road. not closed right now. right lane being blocked. if you don't want to chance it you want to get around the area. clean it up and block off roadways. take old marletown west. rain falling in the distance on the 42 freeway. 5-minute trip still headed northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge. you can see headed north a little bit slow as we approach the bridge. not affecting the overall drive times. as we check out on the schuylkill express way, montgomery drive, things are looking dryer. eastbound towards the center city area right there from the blue route up towards the vine still a 12-minute trip and no problems headed westbound. tracy. storm force 10 is on the roads checking roads. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is
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checking on conditions in atlantic county where some places have already gotten more than 5 inches of rain. matt, what are the conditions and what have you found? >> right now we have some wet roads out here. this is white horse pike. we were actually just coming up heading into atlantic city and we spotted a little trouble spot here and turned around. not so much on the roadways, more off the road towards one of these jug handles out here where you make some of the turns. so pretty much in most of the areas we're not seeing a whole lot of issues. you see some of the areas right out here we have some of the ponding that's out on the grassy surfaces so, again, not too much in the way of an issue for people who are driving in this area right now. definitely a good spot to watch out for if you are heading out this morning. make sure that you -- what they say, turn around don't drown. you see this spot here. we're going to turn around. you see coming into this little side street. most of the area here not experiencing too much of an
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issue. we're going to back up now so we can get back on the roadway here headed to atlantic city. so at this point we're going to keep an eye out here at storm force 10. i'm live matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 5:34. with more rain on the way you can count on "nbc 10 news" for the "nbc 10 news" app for the latest forecast and road conditions. also you can check the first alert weather radar to check for your neighborhood and your route to work before you leave. 5:34 now. 53 degrees. there's new fallout this morning over the government's undercover tests that exposed some major flaws at airport security check points at the nation's largest airports. late last night the tsa's acting administrator melvin carraway was reassigned to a new job. vai sikahema is live with the report. vai. >> reporter: 95% failure rate is not good enough at check points. yesterday they ordered an overhaul of airport security
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procedures officer training and also screening equipment testing. so you're going to see more of that. an internal review found undercover agents were able to get mock weapons and explosives past tsa check points. tsa officers failed to detect 67 out of 70 attempts however, former tsa chief john pistole calls the secret agents super terrorists. they knew the tsa's weaknesses coming in. >> plus they could construct devices in the lab. they're not out in a desert in yemen or syria or someplace like that. >> the homeland security chief says he takes the findings very very seriously. tsa agents screened a record number of passengers and they seized a record number of prohibited items. i'm live in the digital operations center vai sikahema "nbc 10." today federal safety regulators and amtrak officials face questions at a
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congressional hearing on capitol hill. lawmakers want to know why technology called automatic train control was only in place in some sections of tracks. accident investigators have said amtrak's train was going more than 100 miles an hour just before it derailed on that curve with a 50-mile-an-hour speed limit. eight passengers were killed about 200 were hurt. pope francis the doll. there it is. one of many items just unveiled to help celebrate the pope's historic visit to philadelphia this fall. we'll take a look at some of the other merchandise in the making and the local company that is making it. and making progress but also a setback. we have new information about leah still's cancer fight plus the award she's about to get for her bravery. and this is a live picture of center city, at least part of it because the tops of the buildings are cut off by low clouds. not exactly a pretty day today, but less dangerous than yesterday. the forecast coming up.
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now your "nbc 10" weather with meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> it is kind of cloudy gloomy. citizens bank park. phillies are supposed to be playing. they'll get to play. not exactly the most beautiful baseball weather. it's going to be cool. the flash flood watch expires at 6:00 a.m. you can see that we have just a little bit of rain across the area. it's not that impressive right now. and you can see the areas north and west that's getting a little bit heavier. we'll keep an eye on that. the amounts of rain estimated by radar between philadelphia and down to dover and across to atlantic city that is 3 1/2 to 6 inches of rain. that is pretty amazing. what we're going to be seeing as we go through the day is this
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stuff weakening to the south and building up to the north and west. you're not seeing the yellows and the reds and all of that. so we're not expecting flooding rains up there, it's just going to keep things cool. we're in the 50s and we're going to stay in the 50s in some areas north and west of philly as most of the rain starts falling north and west of philly. we'll be back with the seven day in a couple of minutes. 50s for highs in june. how about that? 20 minutes until 6:00. let's hope that the drive to work isn't too crazy for you. >> "nbc 10" traffic reporter jessica boyington will tell you. jessica? >> guys we're surprisingly quiet this morning. that's a good thing. we know drivers are being safe and there's not a lot of volume out there. we have an incident on route 70. an accident involving a downed pole in the area on the westbound side of 70 73 and north cropwell road. it's not closed. it's blocking the right-hand
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shoulder. if you want to avoid it take old marleton pike west on 95 around cottman avenue, through an inactive work zone. the right-hand shoulder being blocked off. signs from the construction. not active. southbound from center city, that's where you're starting to see volume. 14 minutes from woodhaven road. more drive times coming up. it is 5:41. committed to solving a south jersey cold case. we'll tell you what the fbi is doing today in hopes of generating new leads in a mysterious disappearance. and this little boy is about to be hit. when you see the video you'll understand why he's lucky to be alive.
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look at this video. dash cam video from a mississippi police cruiser shows the lightning strike very close to the car barely missing the cars. in fact the only sign of damage is the missing chunk of concrete on the bridge on the interstate. back in this area we saw a lot of lightning. the thunderstorms have moved on out. still a little moisture you see on the lens on the camera perched atop the camera on blue rock. meteorologist glenn schwartz is
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tracking the last of the rain. 53 degrees in philadelphia. it will be dreary. glenn will come back to tell us when we will have another shot at sunshine. 5:45. starting today federal authorities will have a command post at the cape may county park at the center of a decades old cold case. analysts from the national center of missing and exploited children arrived yesterday. they're working to generate new leads in the mysterious disappearance of mark himebaugh. he was 11 when he disappeared from cape may park in november of 1991. >> we are going to be conducting new interviews but we're also going to be re-interviewing people. >> it gives me hope. they told me that they feel really good about this that this is going to be our year and i believe that. >> officials say the command post at the park will be set up for the next couple of weeks. has a special section devoted to finding missing people from across our area. you can access it using the "nbc
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10 news" app, finding the forgotten lets you search the faces of the missing from our area and learn about their still unsolved cases. well philadelphia woman says she wants justice after someone shot her 13-year-old daughter. mildred didn't want to reveal her last name on television, but she is pleading for someone to come forward with information about the man who shot her daughter diamond, on daughter. diamond was sitting on the front porch of her home in kensington with some friends when two men came down the street shooting at each other. diamond was caught by a stray bullet bullet. it hit her in the stomach. >> the community get together do something about it. let other people hear our voice right now. but they're not. they're not. they're just okay just another kid. >> diamond is still in critical condition this morning. from our delaware bureau now, police in wilmington have a new plan to make streets safer there and hopefully cut down on murders and violent crimes that have plagued that city. this is in response to a recent
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crime commission investigation. they will hire an inspector that will be in charge of crime fighting strategies. they will also add more officers to the city's homicide division and more than two dozen officers will be assigned to community policing units. >> my honor i will never betray the badge. >> i will never betray the badge. >> the camden county police department promoted 10 lieutenants and 3 captains at its headquarters yesterday. among them linda alacea. she grew up in north camden. her promotion to lieutenant makes her the city's highest ranking latina police officer ever. >> great honor. it's a time that i'm able to represent for the females, especially in our community and of all races, but all of the females in our city and everywhere. >> lieutenant alacea's family comes from puerto rico. yesterday's ceremony marked the beginning of a month of celebrations honoring puerto rican culture in camden. another patriot act showdown
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as lawmakers will once again try to reach a deal on the nsa's surveillance program. the law authorizing the collection of americans' phone records expired yesterday. congress is now debating some changes to a house bill. experts say no matter which version passes the nsa will no longer be allowed to collect or restore calling records. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> we've had a lot of warm weather lately including several days close to 90 degrees. drastically different today. wet and chilly. you may want to take a kota long with the umbrella. more showers coming along as well. and a lot of clouds for the rest of this week. speaking of clouds they're very low and they're bothering you with the view of the building. the top of the aramark building. there's the flag you can barely see it. not that it's that foggy the clouds are close to the ground.
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54 degrees. northeast at 16 miles an hour. 16 degrees colder than at this time yesterday, and it's 50 degrees in trenton. 51 in pottstown, 52 in alan town and reading. that's kind of chilly but the fact that it's not going to go up very much that is even more significant. dover was close to 70 now it's down to 61. so even southern areas you're going to be cooler. now the flash flood watch expires at 6:00 a.m. and for good reason. the area of rain continues to shrink. we have some up to the north and west that we'll be watching. that may increase a little bit during the afternoon. and speaking of the afternoon here's the future cast. watch the area of rain expand a little bit north and west. watch the temperatures staying in the 50s across some parts of the area and certainly nothing close to 80 anywhere. much, much less going on than what we saw yesterday. you can see once in a while we
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got some showers because we can't get rid of the rain. we can't get rid of the clouds. we can't get rid of the east wind and so we get a little bit of rain. damp and chilly. most of the rain this afternoon north and west of philadelphia 59 though in some of those northern and western suburbs. another cool day tomorrow. cloudy with a little bit of patchy rain. another cloudy day on thursday with some showers possible. and we might start to get a little bit of sunshine by friday and saturday allowing the temperatures to go up a bit. 10 minutes until 6:00. let's see what awaits you when you hit the road for your morning drive. >> "nbc 10" traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads. where are you looking, jessica? >> guys we have an accident on route 73 and north crockwell road. we're dealing with a lane restriction on the right-hand side due to an earlier accident and a downed pole over the
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roadway. traffic still moving through and police activity on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. for the time being you can take old marleton pike west. one of the few cameras we have seen there are definitely wet roadways. typically that's where most of the volume accumulates in the morning hours. 8 minutes still from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway and through the work zone here on the westbound side currently no problems there as well. mass transit doing okay. we have a 10 to 15-minute delay on the 402 train. no problems or delays for new jersey transit or amtrak. chris. we have new video this morning we're going to show you this. it shows an out of control car hitting a boy on a sidewalk in brooklyn but first we want to warn you that this video is graphic and you may find it disturbing disturbing. this happened yesterday afternoon. the car plows over him after hitting a small tree.
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the boy was pinned beneath the car. witnesses called police. they even tried, you'll see in a moment, to lift the car off of the boy as they waited for the first responders. firefighters and pair aramedics did arrive. the boy is expected to make a full recovery. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. cincinnati bengals star devon still is giving us an update on his daughter leah's battle with cancer. still says she's doing better and thanks for the prayers. going on to say we are making a little progress. he found out that he and leah will be recognized for their very public fight against cancer. they will receive the jimmy v. perseverance award at the 2015 espy's. it's an award for those who overcome obstacles from perseverance and determination. she's battling cancer while the
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father continues to share her journey. pasta wards winners are stuart scott and rutgers football star eric legrand. the wild west of flight. we're talking about drones here. a man was caught flying a drone over citizens bank park at a phillies game. this has prompted new questions about security at outdoor events and why it's hard to enforce it. the first for this soccer stadium. we'll talk to you about the big concert coming to tpl park this fall.
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5:56. a live look at -- rather hazy look at citizens bank park here in philadelphia. we're still seeing rain move through the area this morning. meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz is back for a minute on where that was going. fans at the park were looking for a clear view of the game but they spotted a drone hovering over the stadium. that is raising questions about risks to the public and legal issues surrounding drone technology. as the phillies were finishing their series against the rockies, police questioned the man who flew the drone over the stadium. he was trying to capture some
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sky view images here. sky philly is pennsylvania's first commercial drone company to be licensed by the faa. they're weighing in on the incident. they describe drones as flying lawn mowers that sometimes can be very dangerous. they say even though the faa regulates commercial drones not all companies follow the rules. >> that's highly illegal because of the no fly zone around philadelphia. it's in class b air space. so it's very interesting to see how it's kind of the wild west now of the industry. >> no charges were filed against the drone operator at least not yet. the faa is still investigating. big concert announcement here. tickets go on sale for the monster allegiance festival at ppl. rob zombie korn and god smack headline the october 10th. from god smack to religious prophets of sorts, a philadelphia based company is serving as the official
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retailer. aramark has been tapped to provide 200 pieces of merchandise. the pope doll that was unveiled yesterday. also t-shirts hats religious based items like rosaries and crosses. pope francis will be celebrating mass on the ben franklin parkway when he visits philadelphia in the final two days of the world meeting of families. they say their retail collection should be a big hit. the items will be available online at the ind of the month. the world meeting of families is at the end of september. pope francis arrives on the 26th. millions of people are expected to travel here. as we get closer to that historic visit you can count on "nbc 10 news" and the "nbc 10" app for updates on the event and its impact on the region. 1.5 to 2 million people here. it will be a sight. >> welcome to philly. >> by the way, aramark, a local company, they've done things for the olympics. they're all over the world.
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they'll be great. >> thank you very much chris. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. "nbc 10" first alert weather breaking news. get ready for another soggy day. nothing like yesterday, but it will be wet and chilly. first alert radar is tracking rain. it's still moving through our area. we'll tell you when things will start to dry out. and police are investigating several suspicious car fires, all set overnight. we'll update you on the investigation. it is just about 6:00 a.m. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. fans of the phillies who may have tickets to tonight's ball game cincinnati reds are in town may be wondering when things are going to dry out. let's get to "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> it's not going to totally dry out but not enough to postpone a game. it will be a little bit uncomfortable. you need to take some coats to
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the game and to work and to school because it's not going to warm up much. partly because of the low clouds that are blocking the tops of the buildings out there. you can see on the radar there's really not that much out there at the moment. we have all of the watches and advisories. we'll be watching pretty closely over the next few hours. the area that got hit hardest was from philadelphia south ward yesterday. those areas in those bright colors had over two inches of rain and many places had between 3 and 6 inches of rain. that's pretty amazing. and as we go through the morning, we're going to be seeing just a few more showers and it will be increasing to the north and west a little bit later. temperatures are in the 50s for the most part and that's about where they're going to stay. all right, glenn. people across the area are


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