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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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game and to work and to school because it's not going to warm up much. partly because of the low clouds that are blocking the tops of the buildings out there. you can see on the radar there's really not that much out there at the moment. we have all of the watches and advisories. we'll be watching pretty closely over the next few hours. the area that got hit hardest was from philadelphia south ward yesterday. those areas in those bright colors had over two inches of rain and many places had between 3 and 6 inches of rain. that's pretty amazing. and as we go through the morning, we're going to be seeing just a few more showers and it will be increasing to the north and west a little bit later. temperatures are in the 50s for the most part and that's about where they're going to stay. all right, glenn. people across the area are keeling
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dealing with this morning's wet weather. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is tracking what all the rain did to the roads. he's in storm force 10. matt, where are you exactly and what are you seeing? >> reporter: tracy, right now we are on route 50 in hamilton township. we'll go ahead and give you a look at the road right now. you can see most of it is just wet at this point. we've seen a little bit of ponding on the side of the roads here and there. overall, really not too bad. drivers are taking it a little bit easier on the roadways this morning. this area did get a lot of rain over the past couple of days here. let's go ahead and show you some video from earlier this morning. we were in hammonton where we saw a sinkhole on pratt street. a pretty big sinkhole opening up 2 to 3 feet deep. the weather is having an impact on some areas. some areas a little bit differently than others. a lot of major roads not experiencing issues. another live look out here, this is route 50 in hamilton township. main streech out here not
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looking too bad. a lot of the majors atlantic city expressway not looking bad. as jessica has been pointing out, some areas are a little bit spotty where people are slowing down a little bit because of the wet conditions but overall really not too bad at this point as we expect a little bit more rain to be moving through this area. for now we're live in storm force 10 matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." we have matt in storm force 10 dispatched and we have jessica in house looking at cameras. >> what are you seeing jessica? >> turning out to be a pretty good typical commute. we have good news. we have a thumbs up graphic. route 70 westbound between 73 and crockwell road. we had a downed poll due to an accident. on 95 around cottman avenue starting to see the southbound delay right here. through an inactive work zone as well, this is typically where we see the volume. still only about a 15-minute
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trip. that's 5 minutes slow headed towards the vine street expressway. no real problems. we can expect that to jump up in a couple of minutes, maybe half an hour. on the pa turnpike roadways here, 22 minutes westbound and eastbound from route 1 to valley forge. we are still experiencing 10 to 15-minute delays on septa's warminister train. no delays for new jersey transit or amtrak. >> remember when you're away from your tv count on the "nbc 10 news" app to check your forecast. you can check the radar and road conditions as the rain moves through. you can check the first alert bother radar and also your route to work. new from overnight, a septa officer is hurt after a scuffle with a homeless man. this happened at the north philadelphia station at broad and lehigh. this happened about 2:30. septa tells us the man was
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trying to be removed from the area. he cut his head. investigators are trying to find out who set fire to three cars in camden county. this happened overnight. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live in pennsauken where two cars were found. jesse, what are you hearing from police? >> >> >> reporter: vai, i put in calls to the police. so far no word. now that the sun is coming up you can see the damage done to the mercedes at royal and woodland avenue. the tires on the vehicle have been flat jenld. there's another scene around guard and woodland. and there's another one on the line dividing pennsauken and camden. the calls came in within minutes this morning. each time investigators say someone used some type of accelerant to burn the vehicles. the fires are all suspicious. they don't have any arrests. if you have any information in this case you're asked to give
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police metro or pennsauken, a call. neighbors waking up shocked about this. camden county jesse gary "nbc 10 news." thank you. a lehigh valley jury has found the son of an allentown chief not guilty. prosecutors have argued he pointed a gun at two undercover detectives following an alleged road rage incident of the jurors deliberated for five hours before acquitting christopher fitzgerald last night. turns now to decision 2015. it is primary day in new jersey. with fewer elections experts predict a small turnout -- voter turnout at the polls. voters will choose democratic and republican candidates for november's assembly election. every seat is up for grabs this year but there is little competition. only 5 of new jersey's 40 districts are being contested. also on the ballot, free holder and county executive races.
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the polls open up just a few minutes ago and it will close at 8:00 tonight. gun violence in new castle county led to a frightening close call for a family. a stray bullet barely missed a sleeping baby. police say someone shot a man on bedford drive in edge more gardens last night. one of the bullets went through a home and hit a crib where a 9-month-old baby was sleeping. a neighbor says his son was also in the house. >> could have been him getting hit, you know? he could have got shot. he could have been killed. >> the baby was not hurt. the shooting victim is expected to survive and police are still looking for the shooter and another person. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well, kind of a gloomy start to the day, but at least it's not going to be one of those flooding days or severe thunderstorm days. this is the top of the aramark building.
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you see the flag blowing. that wind is coming off of the ocean. a northeast wind. those low clouds are likely to hang in for a good bit of the day. as a matter of fact, all day. and very little on the radar right now. we see this area to the south, that is really really diminished, and the areas to the north and west that is still up there. that one may expand during the afternoon but not necessarily get real heavy. so as we go through the morning hours, you may see some showers to the south, but during the afternoon the attention is generally going to be focused north and west of philadelphia. you can see more and more of the area covered, but this is mainly light, perhaps moderate rain as opposed to the heavy rain and thunderstorms that we saw yesterday. look at that. fairly large area of rain and so we may even get some this evening as well. temperatures are low. way lower than they have been and they're not going to be
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going up a whole lot during the day today. so that's the issue. high temperatures only in the 50s in parts of the area especially to the north of the pennsylvania turnpike and perhaps near 70 to the south as most of the rain falls north and west but it's a damp and chilly day. seven day coming up in a couple of minutes! 6:08. 53 degrees out there. you saw in that camera from glenn how visibility is low in a lot of places and also the roads are wet. that's going to have an effect on drive time. >> let's find out exactly where jessica boyington is watching the roads and what the slowdowns are like. >> guys we are starting to pick up volume all across the board but everything is still moderately under control on the roosevelt avenue. you can see slight reduced visibility and fog in the area. all of the roadways moving along fine. southbound on the schuylkill expressway currently no problems and no problems headed westbound as the volume is still relatively light.
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the roadways are still a little bit dryer. the conshohocken curve, all the cars eastbound or westbound are still moving. they're moving into the center city area. about a 13-minute trip. good news if you have a flight this morning. currently no weather-related delays at the philadelphia international airport. we'll definitely keep you updated and more drive times coming up. 6:09. a new study of new jersey teachers. we'll tell you how many new jersey teachers are rated as effective. this time yesterday none of us knew the name caitlynen jenner. this morning she's a public name. we'll tell you how she may change public perception.
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at 6:12 53 degrees outside.
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we continue to track wet weather through our area. take a live look outside. much cooler temps. "nbc 10" meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz has more joompt this morning we will hear about funeral plans for beau biden. he died of brain cancer on saturday. he was 46. yesterday biden's friends and colleagues remembered him as a kind-hearted family man who worked hard and made his own name, and they say he did it fearlessly. >> sometimes he would walk in west center city area with no body gaufrdsuards, and i used to get upcity set with him and send our people down to find him. yesterday mayor michael nutter flew flags half staff in honor of biden. he once served as a federal prosecutor in philadelphia. meantime, the white house set up a tribute page in memory of beau biden. to visit the site go to "nbc 10 news" app.
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you can leave thoughts prayers and messages. they will be shared with the biden family. happening today in delaware county a judge will sentence a former elementary school teacher on charges he inappropriately touched nine students. paul hauschwender pleaded no contest which the judge treats as an admission of guilt. he was in the southeast delco school district and radner school district. also today, a woman charged with running down a romantic rival faces a preliminary hearing. precious coleman had an ongoing dispute with another woman over a man. in april coleman drove her suv into beatrice spence while spence was on a sidewalk in nicetown. this pinned spence to the front porch of a home breaking her leg. doctors had to amputate it. the city is giving its youngest citizens a chance at a better education starting today. later this morning the mayor, school superintendant and other officials will launch an early
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learning plan for kids under 5 years old. it's called running start philadelphia. in new jersey a new teacher evaluation system rated 98% of educators in the state as effective or highly effective. the numbers were released yesterday. the system has been controversial because it ties teachers' performance and job security to standardized testing results. the state's largest teacher's union wants more information about whether the system is biased against those who teach special education or in poor communities. bruce jenner is now catelyn jenner. she made her public debut on the cover of "vanity fair." she spoke with the magazine chronicling her transition from man to woman. catelyn jenner says bruce jenner was always telling lies. catelyn jenner doesn't have any lies. she set another record. she reached 1 million twitter followers in just four hours.
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faster than anyone in history including president obama. it's a game changer in the eyes of people who made the transition in their own lives. >> see something like this garner so much attention, a lot of it positive some of it negative but it is going to bring a light, an awareness. >> for the first time in the city's history philadelphia is raising the transgender pride flag at city hall to mark the trans health conference. it's expected to bring 5,000 people to philadelphia later this week. it is 6:16. getting ready to head out the door let's check the roads for your morning ride. >> here's jessica boyington. >> hey guys. quiet morning so far around hamilton county. one of the areas that got hid heart. right around sloan avenue. you can see not a lot of volume in the area. foggy conditions and slightly reduced visibility headed southbound from this point. no problems and just past that point from 38 up towards the black horse pike a 12-minute
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drive time. no problems there. if you're out on 202, you can see rain in the distance. actually hitting 202. 10 minutes headed northbound up towards the schuylkill expressway. a smooth drive there. starting to see slowdowns on 95 southbound. a 21 minute trip. typically in the morning that's an 11 minute trip with no delays. currently no delays for the schuylkill expressway into the center city area. a 13-minute trip in or out of the city on any of the area bridges. the ben franklin bridge starting to see some volume headed into philadelphia. reduced visibility there as well with the clouds. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well we have no more flood watches or advisories or warnings out there. it's still not exactly the most beautiful day. it's going to be wet and chilly but we're not expecting the flooding or severe thunderstorms. more showers are coming after
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today as well and it's going to be pretty cloudy for much of the rest of the week. it is certainly cloudy now. looking outside the station and this is the way it looks or worse across just about the entire area. we're not seeing any sunshine early today. it's 53 degrees. a little bit of light rain or drizzle at philly international. northeast wind at 16 miles an hour. we're 17 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. it's not going to warm up a whole lot. you need some kind of jacket along with the umbrella that you'll probably need from time to time. the temperatures mostly in the 50s. even it's dropped to 61 degrees in dover. it was near 70 a couple of hours ago. flash flood watch, that's gone. expired at 6:00 a.m. last three hours, just some patchy light rain across parts of the area. a little bit more north and west of allentown. we'll watch that area because that may grow later on during
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the day today as you can see on this future cast computer model, but you can also see temperatures staying in the 50s across a good bit of the area and not getting anywhere near 80 degrees. up to 88 degrees in dover yesterday. look at those temperatures there today. it's more rain coming up tonight and into tomorrow as well. so this is not exactly a dry weather pattern, but it's not as dangerous as what we saw yesterday. as far as the additional amounts of precipitation, really not that much. certainly not enough to cause flooding threats. here's the forecast for the day. damp and chilly and this afternoon much of the rain should be north and west. some places will stay in the 50s. it's possible that it will even stay in the 50s in the philadelphia area. tomorrow it's cool again with some patchy rain. cloudy. cloudy on thursday with some showers. finally get a little bit of
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sunshine. by friday it will help push temperatures up a bit. 20 minutes past 6:00. health care costs on the rise. a lot of people may see their premiums go up this year. we'll tell you why. breaking from overnight. new fallout from tsa failures. see what changes are being made after tests expose security weaknesses.
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to you they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. we have information on a scandal at philadelphia's veterans affairs department. >> two senior officials have been removed from duty as part of an investigation into improper behavior. a government audit showed the assistant director of the department hosted a party at her house and invited employees. the report also found the wife of another employee was paid to tell fortunes at the party. senior leaders are told to avoid personal relationships with employees. the inspector general says the situation was a misuse of their
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positions. health insurers say hier than expected costs will drive up the price of premiums next year. dozens of companies say they have to hike the premiums by more than 10%. some more than 20%. insurers say they were blindsided by costs from customers they gained under the health care overhaul as well as the rising expense of prescription drugs. it is 6:24 and 53 degrees outside. "nbc 10" and nbc universal are giving away free money to local organizations that are helping people in our area. it's called 21st century solutions, and the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. you can win $50,000. all you have to do is apply at the deadline is july 3rd. and good morning, everyone. we're looking live right now at the platt bridge right around
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95. so, what you can see is there's not a lot of volume. what we're dealing with is reduced visibility and fog. several different portions of new jersey are dealing with fog as well on 42 295 and as we look at the rest of our area bridges, ben franklin bridge not a lot of fog. the tacony-palmyra and the walt are currently in the clear. we'll check in with the schuylkill expressway and more areas of fog. for now we'll send it over to glen schwartz with a live look at center city. yeah jessica, you can barely see some of the taller buildings and the real tallest buildings you can't see at all because the clouds are really low to the ground. kind of a light fog and we have light rain across parts of the area, too. it's just kind of patchy across there right now. maybe a little bit more developing to the north and west, but overall things are going to be much quieter than yesterday. we're going to expect more rain developing so you need the umbrellas during the day today
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along with the jackets because it's not exactly going to brightenbright en up here. that means it's not going to warm up. temperatures holding in the 50s at least through the morning. as glenn said we are tracking rain across our area this morning. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in storm force 10. right now we are in buna and we are just seeing some light drizzle out here. we're definitely feeling the cooler temperatures. we're going to keep an eye on the roads. give you another live look coming up after the break. and a cruise ship cap sizes. this morning rescue efforts are underway in china. we'll have the details on the search for survivors.
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"nbc 10" first alert weather breaking news. it is just about 6:30 and we are off to a wet and chilly
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start this morning. temperatures will feel a lot cooler when you step out the door today. here's a live look at the first alert radar. the rain has let up in the past couple of hours, but we are expecting to see more rain in parts of our area later today. also breaking from overnight while you were sleeping a shakeup at the tsa after agents failed 95% of security tests. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 6:30. let's get to meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz talk about the rain today. glenn? >> this is a lighter type of rain or thunderstorms. it doesn't let the temperature go up very much. look at the site of citizens bank park. phillies supposed to be playing tonight. well there may be some rain. definitely going to be chilly but it's not going to be real heavy rain. as you can see on the radar, things are pretty light
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especially compared to yesterday. and then north and west of allentown, a little bit more rain there. we'll watch that area and see if it grows later on this afternoon. some of the computer models show that as we go into the afternoon hours. the radar gets a little bit more covered as you can see there by 4:00 during the afternoon rush. that may be wet as well. temperatures, if anything are going down. it's down to 53 in philadelphia. 51 in reading. it's not going to warm up a whole lot during the day today. only 56 at 7:00 a.m. still in the 50s for much of the morning as the rain kind of expands. more with the seven day coming up. people across the area waking up to wet weather this morning. "nbc 10's" matt delucia tracking the rain for us and checking on roads in storm force 10. matt what are you seeing out
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there? you're in buna atlantic county? >> reporter: yeah vai. we leave buna and now we're in franklin township. this is on route 40. we've been driving around for the past few hours. we've seen spotty showers here and there. at this point as glen mentioned, in south jersey it's tapering off. right now we have a little bit of a mist out here at the moment. not affecting the roads too much as jessica has been talking about for quite some time this morning as well. wet roads out here. a little bit of ponding on some of the side streets but for the most part we haven't had too much trouble. we were on the atlantic expressway. not much of an issue there as well. the one big factor as glenn just pointed out, the drop in temperatures. we can even roll the windows down here as we get some of the breaks in some of the rainfall. we can really feel the cool air coming in in the 50s in this area that we're in right now. you talk about buna, franklin township. this area had more than four inches of rain in the past day
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or so. this really has been hit pretty hard. i'm looking at some of the farm land out here off to the left and right. you can see some puddles out there in some of the crops. you can see a little bit of that pojd ponding on the right side of the road. we have a little bit more rain coming at our windshield. it seems like we're getting back into more of this rainfall. we'll keep driving in storm force 10. on the roads take it easy this morning for the morning commute. live in storm force 10 matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." matt now you know what the roads look like in atlantic county at 6:33. let's check the rest of the roads. >> matt has good advice to take it easier. let's check in with jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> guys, having a quiet tuesday with the rain and reduced visibility in the area. got word of an accident on the blue route southbound approaching the schuylkill. police activity on the scene there. you can see rain drops covering our cameras here around 95 at
6:34 am
cottman avenue. starting to gather in volume in the normal spots headed southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. just under half an hour there. no problems headed northbound out montgomery county on 422. you can see rain actively falling behind the scene right there. 15 minutes starting to gather in the normal volume eastbound from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. no problems headed westbound. check in with mass transit coming up. we know you can't be tethered to your tv. if you happen to be away from your set count on "nbc 10's" news app to give you the latest road conditions as the rain moves through. you can check the first alert weather radar for your neighborhood and route to work. 70 times. 70 times. undercover agents tried to smuggle weapons through the airports. 67 times they were successful at doing that. that startling number has led to a shakeup in leadership at the
6:35 am
tsa. late last night 9 tshe tsa's acting administrator was reassigned. chris cato is live in the digital media center. tell us more chris. >> reporter: tracy, it was an internal investigation. the department of homeland security used so hf called red teams, undercover agents posing as passengers to pumll off the tests. they're not telling us which ones. as you said 67 out of 70 times the agents were able to sneak fake bombs, guns and other contraband through screening check points. a 95% failure rate. in one case an alarm went off but even after a pat down the tsa officer failed to find a fake plastic explosive taped to an agent's back. scary stuff, right? the former tsa chief is downplaying these findings a little. he's calling the secret agents super terrorists. they have inside information and they know the tsa's weakness bes going in. >> plus they have the benefits
6:36 am
of being able to conduct devices in a lab. they're not out in the desert someplace in yemen, syria someplace like that. >> now when those initial findings came out yesterday the homeland security chief acted immediately. he reassigned carraway. he implemented an overhaul of airport security procedures officer training and he ordered the testing of that airport equipment. a lot of times alarms didn't go off. now acting director mark hatfield, there he is will lead the agency until a new administrator is appointed. president obama's nominee to become the permanent administrator is still pending senate confirmation. live in the digital operations center. chris cato. "nbc 10 news." today federal safety regulators and amtrak officials face questions at a congressional hearing. lawmakers want to know why technology called automatic train control was only in some places on some sections of the track. accident investigators have said
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amtrak's train was going more than 100 miles an hour just before it derailed on a curve with a 50-mile-an-hour speed limit. 8 passengers were killed and more than 200 injured. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> no more flood watches or advisories out there. there are plenty of low clouds. you can see them cutting off the tops of buildings. that's going to help keep the temperature down along with the east to northeast wind. not much on the radar nearby. just some patchy light rain. a little bit more up to the north and west. far north and west, even north and west of allentown. that area may be expanding a little bit. the future cast shows some of that as we go through the late morning and into the early afternoon. not all that heavy but a little bit more widespread. so you'll need the umbrella and the jacket because, boy, there is some cold air out there. and as we go into wednesday, yeah there's still more showers
6:38 am
around to watch as we go through the next couple of days. it's in the 50s across most of the area. 61 in dover is a warm spot. they were near 70 a few hours ago. their temperatures going down. the forecast for today temperatures holding in the 50s in many areas north and west near 70 through the south. it will be damp and chilly and perhaps a little bit more rain coming up north and west of the philadelphia area. now remember we've had several days with temperatures close to 90 degrees and now we're talking about high temperatures in the 50s. it's quite a shock to the system and it's not going to warm up a whole lot. i brought a jacket in today and i'm glad i did. i'll be back with the seven day a little bit later. >> we know umbrellas and take the jacket as you head out the door. >> all right. sounds like we have an accident out there on the roads someplace. we have jessica boyington who's
6:39 am
going to fill us in. >> jessica, where is it? >> we're out in new jersey. we have a lot of reduced visibility in new jersey. wet roadways there as well. you can see a vehicle accident here. crew on the scene trying to get it out of the way. 295 on the black horse pike. on the northbound, that's where less volume tends to accumulate. they're working around it on either side to the left and to the right and police activity there as well. we'll definitely keep you updated oen that and the backup on that scene as well. we also are dealing with the accident taking out the center median on the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway. police activity on the scene as well. out towards the philadelphia international airport you can see rain in the area 7 minutes north or southbound from name mess road on the blue route. if you are taking a flight in the philadelphia international airport, currently no problems and weather-related delays for any of your flights this thorng vai. thank you, jessica.
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a flash of lightning caught on camera. look at this. we'll tell you where this happened and we'll tell you where the damage was left behind the lightning. a car winds up on a collision course with a young boy. we'll show you what happened next and why the child is very lucky this morning.
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now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> at 6:43 here's a live look at citizens bank park where the phillies are hoping to get their game in tonight. we are in for more wet weather today. meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz will have an update in a few minutes. now come to your tv and look at this. this is new video that we want -- that you'll want to see. dash cam video from this mississippi police officer's cruiser shows a powerful lightning strike that barely missed him. the only sign of damage was a missing chunk of concrete on the interstate bridge. ford is recalling a million mustang and gt sports cars because experts say the driver's side airbags could potentially explode. this is all part of a growing list of vehicles affected by a previous recall of airbags made by the japanese company takata. last month takata announced it was recalling more than 33 million vehicles in the u.s. because of airbag problems. today lawmakers will hold a hearing on takata's defective
6:45 am
airbags. takata and be the head of the national highway transportation agency are expected to testify. a top executive is expected to replace airbags with newly designed ones that don't contain a volatile chemical. it's linked to 6 deaths and more than 100 injuries. new from overnight rescuers pulled six survivors to safety after hearing cries for help inside a capsized cruise ship in china. more than 400 passengers were on board. they're searching through the area to make sure everyone is accounted for. new video this morning showing an out-of-control car hitting a boy an a sidewalk in brooklyn. we want to warn you the video is graphic. it's disturbing. the boy will be okay. you can see the boy walking along and then he gets hit as the car runs off the road, hits
6:46 am
the tree and he is run over. witnesses call the police and they try to lift the car off the child. when firefighters got there, they were able to rescue the boy. he was taken to the hospital. he's expected to make a full recovery. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. south carolina's senior senator lindsey graham is joining the 2016 republican presidential race. >> i'm lindsey graham and i'm running for president of the united states. >> graham formally announced his candidacy in his hometown of central south carolina yesterday. he pledged to battle domestic issues citing much needed reforms for entitlement programs. >> join me if you want to tackle the problems at home that have been kicked down the road because they're too hard to fix or too easy to demagogue. >> graham also promises national defense and vowed to defeat our enemies. he is one of nine declared candidates.
6:47 am
the race includes ted cruz rand paul marco rubio, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, dr. ben carson karly fiorina, mike huckabee and george pataki. there are just three declared candidates meanwhile on the democratic side hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. >> on my honor. >> on my honor. >> i will never betray the badge. >> the camden county police department promoted 10 lieutenants and 3 captains. among them linda alecea. this makes her the highest ranking latina police officer ever. >> great honor. it's a great -- it's a time that i'm able to represent for the females, especially in our community and of all races, you know, but all of the females in our city and everywhere. >> lieutenant alecea's family comes from puerto rico and yesterday's ceremony marks the beginning of a month of
6:48 am
celebrations honoring puerto rican culture in camden. cincinnati bengals star devin still is giving us an update on his daughter leah's battle with cancer. still says thanks for the prayers. going on to say we are making a little progress. on friday he explained that leah hit a serious complication from the stem cell transplant that she received. meantime devin and leah will receive the jimmy perseverance award at the 2015 epsy's next month. the honor is given to a member of the sporting world who overcomes obstacles through perseverance and determination. 5-year-old leah has been battling cancer at the children's hospital while her father continues to share her journey. let's go now to new york for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show this morning. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> hey guys. >> nice to see you. coming up on the show this
6:49 am
morning, we're going to have a lot more on the major shakeup at the tsa after undercover agents smuggled mock weapons. 95% of the time they didn't see it. >> we're with tracy morgan as he makes an emotional return to the snl studio. it's his first trip back since his serious accident. then the article everybody is talking about this morning. catelyn jenner on the cover of "vanity fair." this morning the man who wrote that article spent many many hours with jenner. >> michael j. fox is going to join us. we'll have an interesting, always interesting conversation with dr. ruth when we get started on tuesday morning right here on today. vai and tracy, back to you. >> that's a packed show. >> dr. ruth. we'll see you guys in ten minutes. >> you've got it. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> well, certainly looks threatening out there, but it's a totally different kind of day
6:50 am
than what we saw yesterday. we're not expecting flooding rains. we're not expecting severe thunderstorms. we are expecting a wet and chilly day. it's a lot colder than it was yesterday. be warned about that. we have more showers coming even after today and we've got a fairly cloudy week ahead with wind coming in off the ocean. these little clouds are cutting off the tops of buildings. they're going to be tough to get rid of. temperature only 53 with a little light rain or drizzle now. wind north east at 13 miles an hour. 17 dyeegrees colder than yesterday. 15 degrees in pennsylvania and south jersey. dover delaware warm spot at 61. then they were near 70 a couple of hours ago. temperatures dropping as well with a north wind. you can see on the radar, not much around. just some patchy light rain or drizzle. a little activity north or west of allentown.
6:51 am
that area may expand a little bit during the afternoon a kording tokord ing -- according to future cast models. temperatures hanging in the 50s. even these numbers may be too high compared to what is actually going to happen. you can see as we go through the afternoon, most places are in the 60s at best. then some more showers come up from the south so we continue to see the clouds. we continue to see the northeast wind and things don't change. you can see the wind direction coming out of the northeast. as long as that happens we can't really clear out. how much more rain is likely to fall? generally less than an inch could be a little bit more down towards cape may over the next couple of days but we're not talking about multiple inches of rain like we saw yesterday. some places had over 5 inches. it's damp and chilly for the day.
6:52 am
a little bit more rain north and west as we go through the afternoon. temperatures holding in the 50s in parts of the area. near 70 south. another cool day tomorrow. cloudy with some patchy rain. clouds on thursday as well with some showers and then we finally get at least some sunshine to push the temperatures up towards the weekend. 8 minutes before 7:00. if you're heading out the door there's a problem on 295 you need to know about if that's part of your morning commute. >> jessica boyington will fill us in. i see traffic lights and it looks like it's moving. that's little consolation to the people out there. >> an accident on 295 on the northbound side near the black horse pike. an accident in the one of the center lanes. all traffic was going to the left and right. a huge backup. now they have crew out there trying to help out the situation. we're blocking the left-hand lane and one lane over. one lane getting by the northbound side.
6:53 am
a large gaper delay. heading towards the walt whitman bridge and the 42 a major delay on the southbound side because of that scene. we're starting to see backups and slippery road conditions as well. 95 around the commodore barry bridge northbound/southbound jammed solid. schuylkill expressway we're definitely used to this. westbound near city avenue headed towards the king of prussia area. just a string of brake lights. vai. we're getting a closer look at the wet driving conditions out there. matt delucia is live for us in storm force 10 this morning. matt? >> reporter: vai, we've been driving around all morning in storm force 10. we have a little bit of mist out here at the moment but for the most part things are starting to dry out here in south jersey. 322 in mullican hill in glassboro. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in camden county where some residents are waking up shocked and angry over acts of vandalism. i'll have the latest on this story coming up.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
at 3 before 7:00 we are following breaking news at philadelphia international airport. right now police are on the scene of what the airport is calling a police investigation. we received some pictures from the scene. it looks like police are focused on a plane. we have a crew on the way. we're working to get you more information. as soon as we get it we'll put it on the "nbc 10 news" app here on "nbc 10 news" and on our website >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in camden county new jersey. where residents in pennsauken and camden waking up with shock and anger over acts of vandalism. this mercedes has a flat tire. the relative of the owner said he doesn't have any idea this happened. three cases overnight starting around 1:00 this morning on the
6:58 am
border of pennsauken and camden. police say some type of excel accelerant was used to burn three vehicles. if you have any information call camden metro police or pennsauken police. jesse gary "nbc 10 news." >> reporter: i'm matt delucia. live in storm force 10. we've been driving around all morning taking a look at the conditions especially out on the roadways. let's give you a look here on route 322 in glassboro now headed towards mullica hill at this point. you can see it's a little wet out on the roads. we haven't seen too much in the way of standing rainfall out here in the past hour to two hours. really a light drizzle and be a little bit of a mist at this point. still drivers really taking it easy. if you're heading out the door this morning, leave yourself a little extra time. at this point we're keeping an eye on the conditions. a lot of ponding mostly on the side roads and side streets. for now we are in storm force 10. i'm matt delucia, "nbc 10 news."
6:59 am
and we're looking live right now on the schuylkill expressway right around the vine street expressway. on the east bound side you can see completely almost at a stand still right here due to an accident up ahead and 295 in new jersey still dealing with an accident scene taking out the center lane and left-hand lane. traffic squeezing by that as well. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. well the radar picture continues to improve. a little bit of patchy light rain out there. may see a little bit6içç later today but nothing like what we saw yesterday. so for today the biggest issue is it's cold out there and it's going to stay cold out there across much of the area. some places not getting out of the 50s with a little bit of rain mainly to the north and west of the philadelphia area by this afternoon. that's a big change from 80s. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. the "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
we'll have local updates in 25 minutes. >> you can get updates on the "nbc 10 news" app and we'll keep you updated on the breaking news at philly international. good morning. heads rolling. the leader of the tsa is out this morning after a scathing report finds screeners and airport tests failed to detect mock weapons nearly every time. a shocking 95% fail rate. what happens now? breaking overnight. aruise ship capsizes in china with more than 450 people on board. the search for survivors is on as cries for help are heard from inside the overturned vessel. close call. the video just in of a lightning strike hitting dangerously close to a police car. and new thunderstorms bearing down on the east with new threats of flooding. and call me


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