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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a chance of showers and we're seeing showers now. not as bad as the thunderstorms. low hanging clouds and light rain moving into the city. rainsing at the airport. south of philadelphia we're seeing very spotty showers. bring a jacket with a hood on it. temperatures in the high 40s. 53 in trenton, 55 in philadelphia. temperatures at the atlantic city airport vg1v next eight hours i'm tracking warmer temperatures. by the time you head out for lunch, in the low 60s. bring a jacket with you today. temperatures will range between 72 and 65. wind speeds at 10 miles per hour. i am tracking a return of our temperatures closer to average
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coming up in the seven day forecast. "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> brittney we are still watching kelly drive where we have a downed tree blocking the east and westbound drive. while they're cleaning that up you can take reservoirs drive for your alternate. as we advance from trooper road and germantown pike we're dealing with a disabled vehicle. over on the schuylkill expressway. no problems. 12-minute trip from the blue route to the vine street expressway. eastbound lanes in here inactive work zone. signs over in the shoulder. nothing setting anybody back. something to watch out for. currently no problems headed towards the king of prussia area westbound. no problems or delays for mass transit. we'll check in with new jersey roads. 5:31. breaking news overnight. fire investigators in chester are investigating three row home
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fires in the same block since saturday. the latest fire on bickley place broke out friday night. it left 2 dozen people homeless. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live in chester. matt, neighbors have to be angry about what's happening? >> reporter: right. tracy, these fires are still under investigation. neighbors believe this is a whole lot more than coincidence. this was the first one that went up in flames saturday. another fire on monday. right down here at the end of the row you can see that is a home that caught on fire last night. folks who live on this block don't know if their home could be next. one thing in common firefighters say is the homes are vacant and under renovation. that's doing little to ease concerns at 4900 block of bickley place. this one started in the back of the home and quickly spread to the roof. there were no injuries but this is the third fire in the matter of four days. in all six homes have been
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damaged. neighbors want this to stop. if this is a case of arson, they want it to stop. >> we are looking at how this thing is happening and why it's happening. we'll continue to do so. >> i would say there's something going on if there are three fires. >> now the mayor of chester was there a little while ago talking about the efforts to protect this neighborhood. close to 2 dozen people were forced out of their homes. some have been allowed back inside. you can see police at the corner of the street here. there is now a 24/7 watch out here until the cause is found. we're told city officials are planning a news conference to address the string of fires. one resident has lived on this block for 50 years. he fears this place he calls home is just burning down piece by piece. we're going to hear from him
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coming up in 30 minutes. live in chester, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." 5:33 now. 55 degrees. jury deliberations continue today in the trial of this man, marcel johnson. he's in bucks county. he's accused of murdering a pregnant woman and her 4-year-old daughter. investigators found the victims after responding to a fire in bristol township in 2013. they say johnson set the fire to cover up evidence. he could face the death penalty if convicted. today an alleged victim of alleged child molester jerry sandusky. they say he molested the man while he was a penn state coach. he's serving 30 to 60 years in prison. the man's attorney will make a statement in bellefonte. there's new information on a corruption case that forced a state lawmaker to step down. the house speaker is expected to
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set a date for a special election to fill the seat. ron waters pleaded guilty to conflict of interest charges on monday and officially resigned. they took plea deals that will keep them out of prison. charges stem from secret recordings in which an informant offered cash in return for political favors. three other lawmakers face charges. none has entered pleas in the case. state lawmakers in delaware have approved legislation that will treat simple marijuana possession and simple use in public like a traffic violation. the legislation makes possession of an ounce or less of marijuana a civil offense which is punishable by a fine of $100 rather than a criminal offense. law enforcement groups oppose this measure. one jackpot down one more to go. >> someone did win last night's $253 million mega millions
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jackpot. here are the winning numbers, 2, 9, 11 22 23 and the megaball 12. the winning ticket was sold in illinois. you have another chance to win. the drawing for tonight's powerball jackpot is up to $188 million. you can play both multi-state games in pennsylvania new jersey, and delaware. >> or if you're watching us live on periscope in illinois give us a call. we'll give you ideas how to spend the money. someone is parting ways with the people preparing for the pope. this morning the man behind the music for the world meeting of families says he's walking away. we'll tell you why. >> plus this bizarre bust on the boardwalk. a mysterious find that has people scratching their heads. >> i'm tracking a dreary start. temperatures will be warmer than what we saw yesterday. they're not quite what they should be for this time of year. a warmup in store.
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i'll let you know when it expect it in my full forecast.
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now your "nbc 10" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> a dreary start. mostly cloudy skies. a few showers are moving through. the rest of the afternoon, keep an umbrella handy. yesterday we stayed dry. 50s yesterday. today we'll warm close to 70 degrees. 49 for the poconos. temperatures in wild wood in the mid 50s. future weather shows us that we'll see the clouds kicking around. a few spotty showers. once we get in heading into thursday another round of spotty showers. even friday it looks like we could see a few showers as well. by the weekend, saturday and sunday looks really good for drying out and our temperatures start to warm up. as far as today is concerned,
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showers and clouds. 10 miles per hour. cooler air coming in off the ocean that. will keep us nice and cool towards the shore. near philadelphia 68 degrees. to the north and west of the city we'll even push into the low 70ed. so quite a temperature spread for us as we start into the afternoon especially with the easterly wind speed. dreary again. tracking warming temperatures and i'll have a sneak peek at your forecast coming up in my seven day in ten minutes. >> let's get the sunshine out for the weekend. 20 minutes until 6. let's get a check of the highways. >> "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is looking at the roadways. >> guys an update on kelly dry clear due to a downed tree blocking the east and westbound side. definitely good news there. they got the tree out of the way. it is now reopened. good news. out montgomery county watching a disabled vehicle on trooper road and germantown pike.
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if you see someone traveling through there, 95 right around state road. you can see 13 minutes headed southbound from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. currently no problem in the southbound lanes right here. you can see starting to gather in a little bit of volume. 5:41. 55 degrees outside. philadelphia's dragon master came up big for autism. santino stagliano donated $2500 yesterday. he raised half the money through sale of dragon t-shirts that he created and then a foot and ankle center matched that donation. surveillance in the sky. this morning we are learning more about a sophisticated and secret program that allows the fbi to lock on to your cell phone.
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a real head scratcher down at the shore. this 20 pound clay bust has police in ventner stumped. it's had them stumped since november. no one knows where it came from. an officer found it on lafayette avenue. the only possible phrase is hilda72 etched on the bust. >> it's obviously important to somebody. >> police found the bust shortly after a string of home
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burglaries in the ventnar area. police figure somebody stole t figured out it didn't have value and left it. it's quarter to 6:00. former rhode island senator and governor lincoln chafee is expected to announce his bid today. he began as a republican and became an independent before joining the democrats. there was new development on the republican side of the presidential race. we will soon know if louisiana governor bobby jindal will enter the fray. at midnight he announced he would make a major announcement three weeks from today. he visited three key primary states. jindal with join a crowded field. lincoln chafee plans to become number four today. it's 5:45. we have developments this
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morning in two secret surveillance programs by federal agencies programs that are not so secret anymore. nbc's vai sikahema has more in the digital operations center. vai, we're talking about planes and phones here right? >> reporter: yeah, chris. we're learning more about the fbi's sky spies program. it uses ordinary planes for surveillance surveillance. can lock in on your cell phone. the associated press had an investigation when they found the fbi controls a fleet of possible bloi more than 100 planes with video cameras. they have cell phone towers on the planes that can force the phones to respond back. they use fake companies on the planes. that's to protect pilots and the secrecy of their operations. the bureau says the surveillance is done legally. mean while, the new freedom act is expected to take effect in a couple of days with a few days
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to go here. the president put his signature on the bill late last night. it's a replacement for the patriot act that expired on sunday. this allows the government to resume collecting phone records. the difference is the phone companies will largely be responsible for collecting that data, not the government. live in the digital operations senator, i'm vai sikahema, "nbc 10." a florida lawmaker who assisted with starting the tsa after the 9/11 attack said he's not surprised showing security lapses at check points. the agency's director was reassigned after reports showed undercover agents were able to get fake explosives and band weapons through security checkpoints 95% of the time they tried. >> government at its worst. it should be government at its best. >> this story is different that it's a broad number of airports. it's a lot more tests. it really shows that the problem
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is everywhere. >> the tsa is vowing to make reforms to stop the security breaches. the obama administration nominated a new tsa director in april. the senate has not scheduled a vote. there's more information about the 9/11 terror attacks. >> this is called the 9/11 victims act t. asks president obama to release details. the national chair of the 9/11 families and survivors said the public is entitled to know the truth about the attacks. more than 3,000 americans died that day. >> for the sake of the american people not just those that suffered injuries or drift apart, but for all-americans, the entire truth about who attacked us on 9/11 needs to be aired. >> a total of 28 pages were classified in that 800 page report. it's 5:48.
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if you're heading out the door there's an issue on 295 that popped up. >> jessica boyington is watching. is it still out there, jessica? >> guys it is. our cameras are moving all over the place. we can zoom in on the spot if we're lucky. 295 around route 130. police activity on the scene. completely blocking off the off ramp. i've been watching the counter for several minutes. officers keep coming to the scene and leaving and getting out of their cars vehicles walking around through the area. i've checked all of my sources. we don't have any information. this has just popped up why this is happening. use caution when traveling through the area. every time a vehicle drives up they're stopping on the roadway and swerving around it. on 295 around 130 we'll definitely keep you updated as soon as we get you information on what is happening out there. route 42 currently no problems on the drive times. northbound from 55 near the walt whitman bridge a 5-minute trip.
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headed southbound it's a 5-minute trip there as well. we're watching an accident scene also montgomery county on east norris germantown pike and a disabled vehicle there. more updates to come out on 295 in new jersey. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it's another dreary start for us. seeing quite a soggy work week. it's going to continue heading into the restréd of today. more showers expected for us. we'll start to warm things up and definitely dry out. we have a slight chance of showers today, tomorrow possibly friday. a live look at cape may. you can see the rain soaked streets for philadelphia 55 degrees. wind speeds out of the east northeast at 8 miles an hour. take a look at the temperature trend. well below average. slowly climb a little bit closer to average. it will take a while. yesterday at 58 degrees. 68 today. 68 on thursday. by the time the weekend rolls
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around we'll be pretty close to 80 degrees. that will be nice. 49 right now in the poconos. 55 in allentown. in the mid 50s in wildwood. 54 in atlantic city. radar shot shows scattered showers. moving into the northern parts of burlington county and then the central and southern parts of sussex county. our central and southern parts of delaware i should say. live look at citizens bank park. you can see the live shots and we'll continue to see the spotty showers heading into the rest of the day. we'll zoom you into cape may to show you that picture one more time. that's what we're seeing. moderate downpours. they're iso lated. future cast shows us today and heading into thursday evening and once again as we push into friday afternoon. closer to 5:00 p.m. he'll notice the spotty showers towards
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vineland. this isn't the widespread thunderstorms. this is the lingering spotty showers which will continue. highs around the areas today, mid 60s. 68 in philadelphia, low 70s in allentown. seven day forecast shows we'll stay in the high 70s. heading into the weekend, close to 80 degrees. three months before the pope's historic visit the head of liturgical music is stepping down at the end of this month. he's citing quote, irreconcilable differences with archbishop john chaput. he was in charge for five years and he was supposed to be planning the music for the pope's outdoor mass but he's stepping down because he and archbishop chaput can't agree on the role and style for the september 27th mass. three months away from pope francis's visit for the world
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meeting. >> hotels are filling up. the archdiocese are asking people to offer space in their homes. tracy thought that hosting a family would be a great experience. her limerick home is already booked. not a surprise when you consider she's charging $1. >> these are religious people. they're here for religious reasons. i don't want to take advantage of that. >> people who rent their homes through homestay can charge whatever they want. homestay gets 10% commission. yesterday students started working on a muriel in honor of the pope's visit. "nbc 10" has extensive coverage as we prepare for the pope's visit this fall. be sure to down load the "nbc 10" app. a popular fishing destination in delaware could be back in business. it may reopen in lewis as early
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as september. it's been closed since october for repairs. the fix is only temporary though. state officials are trying to decide if they want to rebuild the entire pier. speaking of fishing, here's one place you should not do it. the unusual warning going out in the wake of the wet weather we've had and the video that flops along with it. thanks but no thanks. this morning the man that just reflected to -- just re-elected i'm sorry, to leave fifa is walking away from the job. we're following all the developments in the growing international soccer scandal.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. a new development in the fifa scandal. this morning interpol put men on a most wanted list. there announcement comes one day after sepp blatter announces he's stepping down as head of fifa. last week 14 people were indicted. they were accused of fraud and bribery. blatter is not charged with a crime. you know this group of baluga whales is getting a lot of attention along the east
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coast now. there are fears that the whales could be at risk. they're normally found near canada. they were caught on video near sandy hook and then into shrewsbury but they haven't been seen since. the brigantine stranding center says the balugas could be back in the ocean which means they're on a collision with mary lee that everyone has been tracking near cape may county. >> if she continues north and the balugas continue south and run into each other, there's definitely a problem there. i'm sure they would become prey to the great white. >> the stranding center has volunteers on alert for the whales. experts say if you see them keep your distance. they do want you to take pictures or video if possible and contact the marine mammal stranding center right away. strandings of a different sort. a warning from health officials in newark. don't eat fish you find in the streets. like that guy just did. >> you have to see the video to believe it. >> he's not going to eat it.
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he's just picking it up. this is because of all the rain we've had. it's flooding streets. officials say the fish are probably contaminated and could make people sick. >> yes, i like fish. do you guys like fitch? >> love fish. >> i'm not going to eat fish i find in the sewer on the street. >> don't find most -- don't eat most things you find in the street. that's good advice. >> you heard it from him. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 starts right now. "nbc 10" breaking news. >> breaking news from overnight a row home fire in chester and it is the third fire on the same block in less than a week and this morning neighbors are fed up. >> new developments in boston after police shoot and kill a man who was under surveillance by terror investigators. this morning another person is under arrest. >> it is a misty morning around our area. we are expecting showers off and on throughout the day and we are
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expecting a warmup. 55 degrees. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. do you like the rain? >> i like it but we've had a while. >> i like the rain. i like to sleep in the rain. i like the free car wash. let's get to "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good way to look at it. i like your positivity this morning. >> yes. >> we are going to dry out as you head into the work week. a few showers but not widespread as we've seen. there's a live look outside. a cloudy, dreary start. we are going to see improving conditions over the next couple of days. 50 degrees in pocono 53 in trenton. temperatures in the low 50s in atlantic city. low 50s in wildwood and over the next eight hours expect the temperatures to warm by 11 dlk a.m. into the 60s. 66 degrees by 2:00 p.m. a closer look at the


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