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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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that, and the day bra that.efore that. as we head into the weekend, mid-60s, and it will start to feel like the end of spring with temperatures pushing into the high 70s, finally. looking outside right now, a cloudy start to the morning, temperatures in the 50s for the poconos. 58 degrees in philadelphia. 58 currently in wilmington and atlantic city. there's a look at the light showers moving through new castle county in wilmington. a little light disturbance to the south of us going to send spray showers out there the day. no type of widespread rainfall at all. mostly cloudy skies to start and a chance of a few showers. ly 11:00 a.m., 62 degrees, 65 by 2:00 p.m. tracking even warmer weather for the weekend. let's check in with "first alert" traffic reporter katy zachry. >> hi, we have a lot.
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i want to start with the new jersey turnpike southbound just south of the exit 7 interchange. you can see skyforce 10 over the scene a few minutes ago. this is video of it. we have an overturned truck that caught fire. there are a number of emergency vehicles. this happened on the inner southbound lane. traffic is still getting by and being divert to the outer lane. you can take 295 around that. i'm seeing no restrictions on 295. moving forward now along 95 southbound heading into center city this is a look at girard avenue, like a parking lot right now. our drive tiles are showing southbound between woodhaven and the vine about 14 minutes. i would guess in the next few minutes that's going to creep up considerably because i have been watching brake lights here for the last five or ten minutes. we have a lot to get to plymouth township and jefferson street hazardous road conditions. crews are still out there. 76 westbound at city avenue there's a disabled vehicle that might slow things down but off
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to the shoulder. tracy. slick streets and speeding investigators in chester are trying to figure out if either of those factors played a role in a deadly crash overnight. matt delucia has been on the scene. matt, a witness you talked to said he saw it happen. tell us about that. >> reporter: he said it was very tough to watch. right here is where it happened on the center lane of 2nd street. one was trying to pass the truck. witness tells us he heard screeching tires, he looked out his window and saw the crash happen. both of the cars hit head on. the witness said the red car the one passing the truck wag clearly going very fast. both men, drivers of each vehicle, died at the scene. >> he kind of responded grunted a few times and it then that was pretty much it. set up road flares and that's when the police and everything came in and arrived and took over the scene. >> reporter: and the mayor of
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chester was also out here earlier, as we look at it live. we can see parts of the cars are still on the roadway. a headlight right there, a only reminder of what happened just a few hours ago. live in chester, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." the delaware county d.a.'s office is investigating after a police cruiser hit a man and killed him. sky force is over the scene. the 25-year-old was riding a bike around 9:00 last night when he was hit and killed. remembering beau biden. the final good-bye for delaware's former attorney general begins today. the memorial in the state capitol. monique braxton is live in dover. we understand it's a tribute for a favored and beloved son of the first state begins in wilmington with a procession? >> reporter: that's right, vai. the former attorney general's body will arrive here about 1:00 this afternoon. you can see there's a white fence out in front of
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legislative hall. also several road crews have been arrived. clearing this area. and the possible debris. flags are flying at half-staff as well. the 46-year-old son of vice president joe biden passed away last saturday following a two-year fight with brain cancer. today's viewing will give those who work for him and old mary delawarean opportunities to pay their respects. people are being advised to use the shuttle service provided by d.a.r.t. there there be security checks. people are urged to bring few personal items. biden served in the national guard, being awarded a bronze star. he reported to iraq for one year working as a military lawyer. no doubt, the toughest of days are ahead for the biden family. now experiencing the heartache of having to say good-bye and bury a child.
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thousands are expected to come here to legislative hall file past his coffin. he will lie in honor until 5:00 this evening. in dover monique braxton, "nbc10 news." funeral services will be held today for the new jersey state trooper who was killed when his cruiser hit a deer last weekend. governor chris christie signed an executive order yesterday proclaiming all government buildings fly at half-staff today in honor of troop anthony raspa, police say raspa and his partner were patrolling a part of monmouth county when their car hit a deer. his partner is expected to be okay. life in sentence without parole. for the killing of moses walker. rafael jones kills officer
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walker. jones shot walker in 2012 while walker was headed home from work in north philadelphia. after yesterday's sentence officer walker's mother led a prayer circle outside of the courthouse in center city. she said she's not surprised her son's killer showed no remorse. >> we know from his history that he's an animal so i expected that. i knew justice was going to be served, you know i just wished that the punishment fit the crime. >> his co-defendant mcfarland accepted a 20 to 40-year plea deal in exchange for testimony against jones. the city wants to buy a 27-acre property known as international plaza in tinicum township. and it focuses on what residents should expect as the project moves forward. nearby residents have been fighting the expansion saying it
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would diminish their property value. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. another cloudy and kind of a dreary start to the day once again with temperatures staying well below average in the mid-60s. we're at 58 degrees, grab a jacket as we're heading out the door for philadelphia. wind speeds out of the north-northeast at 9 miles per hour. temperatures aren't going to warm up too much more than what we've seen. and approaching new castle county and approaching near wilmington this morning. and a weather disturbance just to the south of that. so we'll continue to see some of this moisture streaming up as we head into the rest of today. these are spotty stray showers. and most of the area will stay dry. as you take a look at future weather with 8:00 a.m., 59 degrees in millville, a few scattered showers, same thing for dover, cape may. moving into atlantic city. this will linger into your early afternoon hour late morning hours, once we go into the afternoon, we'll continue to see
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mostly cloudy skies. another round of light showers closer to 8:00 p.m. but nothing like we saw earlier in the work week. we'll continue to see clearing skies as we go into the work week and the work week looks nice. by 8:00 a.m., by 11:00 a.m., low 60s. by 2:00 p.m., 65 degrees. and the conditions will continue for us at least for the next few days. but as we head into the weekend, that's where we see a big difference. the average is 79. 69 today. 73 friday. saturday sunday things look a lot better. 6:08 this thursday morning. it's been a tough morning on the roads. that accident in chester overnight that killed two people. the accident over on the schuylkill and one on the new jersey turnpike. >> we'll get you updated with the "first alert" traffic reporter katy zachry. what are you seeing? >> it has been a busy morning. the major disruption bordentown area just south of exit 7. here's video of skyforce 10 over
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the scene a short time ago. you can see there's an overturned semi truck in the inner lanes on the subjectouthbound side. there was a subsequent fire that happened. a lot of cones around this and track has been diverted to the outer lanes. you have the inner lanes closed. you want to avoid it for all intents and purposes but certainly, traffic is getting by. as we move forward and show you other things happening. 95 is clear. your drive time on the 42 freeway if you're headed northbound typically getting clogged this time between the walt whitman bridge we're seeing is moving. and moving west to the philadelphia suburbs, 422 at trooper road staying clear of any problems minimal volume if you're headed on that stretch this morning. the commute looks good. and we'll take a look at area bridges. 10 minutes past 6:00 the crash shut down a major highway
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in the pocono mountains. this morning, we know more about what led to the deadly collision between the tour bus and a tractor trailer. it's not the first time a tour bus crash on this stretch of road made headlines. new developments in the fifa soccer scandal. the former vice president said he will reveal secrets.
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the time is 6:13 happening today in the lehigh valley the jessica padgett murder case will take it to the next step for the accused killer gregory graf is accused of killing his stepdaughter and abusing her conversation. graf's lawyers are preparing an insanity defense. his trial is scheduled for august 3rd. police found jessica's body behind a shed last november she
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was last seen leaving her job at a northampton day care five days later. investigators say graf shot and killed her and then videotaped himself of abusing the body. the man says the abuse happened to him in the late '80s during a football camp on the penn state campus. and yesterday, his attorney filed an appeal naming the attorney general kathleen kane and two of her senior deputies. the appeal says her office met with them in late april and said it was too i would to be viable under the statute of limitations. the former penn state football coach attorneys denies the man's claims. we have new information on the deadly crash in the pocono mountains and what caused it. prosecutors say the crash here crossed into the oncoming leans
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in tobyhanna. three people on the bus died including the driver who we have learned it from new york city. four passenger listed in critical condition in area hospitals. witnesses tell us they jumped into accident as soon as they saw the accident happen. >> she reached up to the top. she just grabbed on to my shoulders and the other gentleman's shoulders and we just brought her down to the ground. >> people are coming out of the bus with blood on their face screaming. >> people were screaming and hollering. >> it was headed to niagara falls. awe lanes are now back open this morning. the crash happened along the same stretch of highway where singer gloria estefan was seriously hurt back in 1990. estefan suffered a broken vertebrae. if you happen to have our nbc10 news app, you were probably among first to find out about the crash in the poconos. you can count on the nbc10
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digital for the latest stories on your smartphone or tablet. download the app at decision 2016. a fourth democrat is now running for president. he's lincoln chafee former governor and u.s. senator from the safety of rhode island. chafee announced his and cannes yesterday calling for an overhaul of u.s. foreign policy. >> without a doubt we have prodigious work to do in italy and north africa. we have to change our thinking. we have to find a way to wage peace. chafee started his political career as a republican and then became an independent before declaring himself a democrat two years ago. and chafee joins three other democrats who already declared their candidacy. hillary clinton of course bernie sanders and martin o'malley. on the republican side there are nine declared candidates senators ted cuss rand paul marco rubio lindsey graham.
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and also former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. dr. ben carson former ceo carly fiorina and mike huckabee and george pataki. governor christie is slamming the sweeping changes made to surveillance laws that would eliminate the national security agency bulk phone records collection program. he said the changes will make our country less safe. the changes approved by congress tuesday overhauled the records. the nsa will continue to sweep our text messages e-mails and internet posts and searches. the laws were enacted after the september 11 attacks. on the fifa corruption scandal, this former vice president says he feared for his life. he went on tv in his native trinidad last night saying he never took bribes.
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and he also said he will reveal a connection between fifa and his nation's election in 2010. time to get another look at roads and traffic. >> katy zachry is watching the roads for you. >> it's a busy morning but the good thing is most of the major incidents on the major roads have cleared in a matter of a few minutes. not too long. taking a live look at 76 the schuylkill expressway right outside of center city. this is at spring garden we're seeing minimal volumes. 76 checking all the cameras, looking really good. if you're headed out of the city going on vine and the blue route it will take you 12 minutes. now is the time to be on 76 where we're really seeing the backup 95 southbound typically the girard area will take you 21 points southbound between woodhaven and 76 and 95 it will
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take you 14 minutes looking really good. finally in bordentown new jersey on the turnpike southbound the inner drive is closed because of an overturned tractor trailer that caught on fire. you'll be diverted to the outer lane. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. here's a live look outside right now, cape may, mostly cloudy skies. and we are tracking a few little pesky showers as we move into the rest of your thursday. here's a close look at the radar and what it looks like near newark. we're seeing just a few light showers. that's all part of a weather disturbance sweeping south of us. it live give late afternoon and evening showers. the current temperatures in the poconos. 56 degrees in allentown, 58 in atlantic city. 59 in dover and 56 degrees currently in trenton. today, temperatures are going to warm into the mid-60s.
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so still chilly for us by this time of year. by 2:00 p.m., 65 degrees. we'll see cooler air coming in from the northeast and that's going to contribute to the below average condition. 79 is the average for this time of year. high today of 65. and then as we head into your friday 73 degrees plus warmer weather on the way for the weekend. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. 20 minutes past 6:00. new revelations about the recent anthrax scare. of the officials now say the mistake is even bigger than first thought. and the man who flew a gyrocopter on the grounds of the u.s. capitol is facing charges that may cause him to lose his freedom. but first, he may lose something else.
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time is 6:23. the number of labs across the country that may have received live anthrax is growing. yesterday, the pentagon
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announced mistakenly sent live anthrax spores to at least 51 locations. 17 states and three fourth countries. labs in delaware received the spores but authorities say there is no risk to the general public. and there's new information on the man who flew a gyrocopter on the grounds of the u.s. capitol back in april. doug hughes said his employer the postal service, it's taking steps to fire him for unacceptable conduct. hughes was carrying letters for every member of senator for reform. the pilot is facing charges for that could land him in jail for years. and the biggest delay, new jersey the inner drive is closed because of a tractor trailer that caught on fire near exit 7. moving into pennsylvania,al
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following heavy delays on 95 southbound this is a live picture at girard avenue. coming up we'll take a look at your drive times heading into center city. first, let's get a look outside with a beautiful shot of lake wallenpaupack in the poconos. hi brittney. hi mid-50s for philadelphia. we'll only stay in the mid-60s today. cloudy in philly. well below average. we're getting closer and closer to the weekend, it looks great. i'll have the full forecast in ten minutes. we're following breaking news from overnight. nbc10's matt delucia is on the scene of a deadly crash that happened in delaware county. matt. >> reporter: one of the witnesses saw the whole thing. he said one of the cars was going very fast on 2nd street. we'll hear from him. and a bucks county mother facing sex crime charges. see what she's accused of doing to underage children. we'll have that coming up.
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nbc10 breaking news. it's about 6:30 this thursday morgue.ning. breaking news. speed was a factor. remembering beau biden. the public today will be able to pay their final respects to delaware's former attorney general as three days of service begin to honor his life. and expect another cloudy and cool day. we'll show you when you can expect a warmup. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. at 6:30 let's get you updated with meteorologist brittney shipp with the "first alert" forecast. brittney. >> that's right. temperatures are slowly beginning to warm back to average but today it's a chilly
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and cool day. and wind speed out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour today, that's going to help contribute to our cooler conditions. yesterday we were at 70. today, mid-60s. tomorrow, 73. as we push into the weekend, 73 degrees. still a little bit below that average. the highs around the area today, 64 degrees in the poconos. 67 in allentown. 63 in atlantic city. we will see a chance of stray showers as we head into the late morning hours and even into the evening. she's are going to be pesky lighting showers. i'll go over what i can expect for the next couple of days coming up. but for now, let's check in with "first alert" traffic reporter katy zachry. >> good morning, brittney. good morning to those at home just joining us it's been a busy morning. center city philadelphia. this is a live look at girard avenue. right here where you see the parking lot in the middle of the highway, that is southbound, of course.
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we've seen a lot of brake lights for the last 35 40 minutes. it's going to take you a half hour to go woodhaven to the vine. welsh road at bethlehem pike new accident. finally for the last hour and a half pretty serious crash in the bordentown area. right near exit 7. skyforce 10 is over the scene. you can see there's an overturned semi truck. this is the only vehicle involved but it did catch fire after. crews are out there putting the fire out. traffic on the inner drive is closed because of this scene. better been diverted to the outer drive. vai. >> katy thank you. 2nd street in chester delaware county is now back open after ail deadly crash overnight. the crumpled cars and killed both of the drivers in the car. witnesses say they were speeding. matt delucia is live at the scene. the witness saw this happen
6:32 am
about 1:00 this morning, right? >> reporter: yeah vai, a man watched this happen in the center lanes. of the both going in opposite directions. one car trying to turn on pusey street. and the other was trying to pass a truck. he said he heard the screeching tires at 1:00 he looked out his window and sought crash. both cars hit each other head on. the red one passing the truck was clearly going fast at the time. both men died at the scene. an emotional night for the man who tried to rescue them from the mangled cars. he talks about what happened. >> he wanted to say something. that's what kept messing with me personally. he wanted to come out of there. after a while of me talking i just as]$p i set up road flares. by the time i was done setting up the road flares he was no more. >> reporter: the mayor was here
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earlier. you can see parts of the car is still here. and you can see right now, again, pieces of cars out there the only reminder of what happened here overnight. live in chester. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." and also in chester, a police cruiser hit and killed a man overnight. skyforce 10 was over the scene at keystone road and west 13th street. investigators say the 25-year-old was riding a bike here around 9:00 last night when he was hit. the delaware county district attorney's office is now investigating. it's 6:33. remembering beau biden. the public gets its first chance to say good-bye to delaware's former attorney general today. beau biden died saturday of brain cancer. he was 46. monique braxton is live in dover. monique, beau biden's final journey to the state capitol will begin in wilmington with a
6:34 am
procession, what do we know about that? >> reporter: that's right, tracy, the body of former attorney general beau biden will arrive here. the street sweepers have cleared out. barricades are going up now to block the access to legislative hall. beau biden the 46-year-old son of vice president joe biden passed away following a two-year fight with brain cancer. this is where biden served as attorney general for two years, two terms. today's hearing will give those who worked for him an ordinary delawareans an opportunity to pay their respects. people are being advised to use the shuttle service provided by d.a.r.t. and to bring few personal items. everyone will go through security connections. biden served in the national guard. being awarded a bronze star. he was deployed to iraq for one year. working as a military lawyer. no doubt, the toughest of days
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are ahead for the biden family. now experiencing the heartache of losing and burying a child. thousands are expected to file past this coffin he will lie in honor. legislative hall until 5:00 this evening. tomorrow there will be two public viewings for beau biden at st. anthony of padua catholic church in wilmington from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and then 6:00 to 9:00. and funeral mass will be held tomorrow. president obama will deliver the eulogy. a woman is in jail charged with a sex crime allegation. tina mousley was arrested yesterday. police say mousley gave a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl alcohol and
6:36 am
condoms and urged them to have sex while she shot video of it. neighbors tell us they're shocked. >> i have three kids in this neighborhood, to find out this stuff is amazing. it's -- it's shocking to hear that. >> mousley could not post bail so she's being held in a bucks county jail. investigators discovered the victims after responding to a fire in bristol township back in 2013. prosecutors say johnson set the fire to destroy evidence. he could face the death penalty at sentencing. 2it is 6:36. and 56 degrees outside. michael nutter will go to washington to talk about rail service. he will be part of a discussion with transport secretary ray lahood. both will follow tom carper who
6:37 am
will talk about economic impact on the corridor. the amtrak train crashed last month killed eight passengers and injured more than 200 others. on tuesday, the commission gave ntsb two weeks to discuss the derailment. the philadelphia art commission approved the design for the june 5th memorial at 22nd and market streets. the memorial will feature three tall granite stones with windows representing each of the victims. six people died when that illustrated ing being demolished collapsed on to the salvation army store next door. 13 others were hurt. the demolition contractor and the equipment operator both charged with third degree murder are scheduled for trial in september. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. temperatures today, starting off in the mid-50s.
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and we're not going to warm up that much more than that. we'll stay in the mid-60s today. 56 degrees in kennett square. mid-50s in washington township. we're at 49 a cold start to the morning in poconos. 57 in reading. 50s in oxford. right along the shore here close to 50 degrees. 58 in millville. and we're seeing the wind speeds moving in from the east. cooler air is going to stick with us today. radar shows a few scattered showers and moving into parts of new castle county. part of this weather disturbance is to the south of us. stray showers moving into the area mainly towards south jersey and right along the shore, heading into the rest of the morning, by the evening, we'll start to see more of the scattered showers once again. the temperatures are pretty much going to stay in the mid-60s. this model is showing warmer temperatures. we're calling for a high of 65
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degrees for philadelphia today. as we go into friday we could see a few more showers. mainly dry conditions for the weekend. temperatures will range between 63 and 66 degrees. cloudy and cool with a chance of showers lingering in jersey and delaware. coming up i'll have the seven-day forecast and what to expect as we head into the weekend. 6:39 this thursday had morning, and it's sort of the bewitching hours we always say. >> it's an issue to deal with. let's check and see how things are moving with nbc10 "first alert" traffic reporter katy zachry. >> we had a lot of issues in pennsylvania new jersey, delaware seems to be the only state devoid of any issues. starting off in new jersey, new jersey turnpike bordentown area, exit 7, there was an overturned semi truck still out there, subsequently caught on fire. crews put that fire out, cordoned off the area and
6:40 am
converted all of the southbound traffic to the outer lane. the inner drive is closed there. moving on to the 42 freeway where i'm seeing a lot of delays. if you're heading northbound from route 55 and walt whitman bridge. what i'm hearing and seeing on the cameras it looks like it could be a little longer. just a heads-up. moving into delaware 495 and the pike delaware clear of issues. if i didn't just jinx you but things are looking good. horsham, an accident just came into us, be aware of that. vai. there are new developments in the scandal surrounding one reality tv family. one of josh duggar's sisters is may going new revelations about her brother. what she's saying about him coming up. and an officer comes upon a vehicle on fire. what the officer did next and what he's saying now about his rescue from the flames.
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we have new information about the man killed tuesday in a confrontation with boston police and the fbi. the bureau ace usaama rahim ordered three hunting knives from amazon.
6:45 am
changed his plans in a wiretap phone conversation he says he was going to go after police officers in the following days. because of that call the antitrust task force followed him. and a relative encouraged him to get rid of evidence. the entire ordeal captured on dash cam, we want to warn you this video is graphic. it shows police walking over to talk to the driver. he gets back inside his car. suddenly it explodes. you see the officer is thrown back from the car. the driver is quickly covered in flames. he opened the door manages to get out. struggles -- officers say the man had a lighter in his hand and said quote, i think i'm going to set the car on fire. the driver is recovering today from his injuries. both officers are expected to be okay. in south carolina a police officer risks his own live to pull a driver from a burning car. reports show the driver was
6:46 am
extremely intoxicated and had no recollection of being inside the vehicle when it caught fire. listen as the officer describes the frantic moments. >> i was thinking in my mind things will be good. reached in there grabbed ahold of his arm. quickly, he came to i was able to pull him out and run from the vehicle. >> luckily, no one was hurt the local fire department is still investigating. it appears the fire started in the car's engine and was accidental. 66 degrees outside. happening today, the transportation department will discuss new technology for reducing alcohol-impaired crashes. the event will highlight a driver alcohol detection system along with future advances and future developments. the d.o.t. says nearly 10,000 people are killed annually in accidents related to alcohol. happening today in washington, the washington monument reopens. it was closed several years after being damaged you'll remember during an earthquake in 2011.
6:47 am
reopened last year but quickly closed because of elevator issues. the elevator was realigned and the electric system is now running properly. preparing for the pope archbishop chaput will join young adults with a chat with chaput he'll be talking about the world meeting of families and the pope's visit. meanwhile, volunteers say they're halfway towards reaching their signup goal of volunteers the world meeting of families. as of yesterday they had more than 5100 signed up. nbc10 has exclusive and extensive coverage as we prep for the pope's visit this fall. be sure to download the nbc10 news app. former papa start rick
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santorum said leave science to the scientists. that was his reaction to the pope's recent comments on climate change. pope francis who has a degree in chemistry called climate change a sin. he said the earth is god's creation and should be protected. in the past santorum a catholic, said he doesn't believe in climate change or evolution. he says he's a big fan of the pope but says the church needs to focus more on what it's good at theology and reality. it's a scandal that keeps growing. >> another member of the duggar family is pointing the finger at alleged sexual abuse of heir season. josh duggar was accused of molesting girls but now one of the sisters said she was a victim. last night, josh's mother talked about her eldest child. >> it's been days and days i'd
6:49 am
be saying josh -- you know -- he's really sorry. >> reports say authorities are investigating josh duggar. it took the show 19 kids and counting on hold. we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning, guys. >> good to see you. coming up on a thursday on "today," the latest on that blot against boston police and plans it seems for isis beheading. we're going to have an exclusive interview with boston's police commission. if your kids let people in the house they barely knew while you're away. your kids put to the test. and then simple tips to give your closet a bit of a summer shapeup. all of that and much more as we get started on a thursday
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morning right here on "today." vai and tracy, back to you. >> our closets could all use that. thank you, we'll see you in ten minutes. nbc10 giving away free money to local nonprofit organizations. it's all part of the project called 21st search solutions. the goal is to support financial financially nonprofit organizations. you go to our website on you got to hurry. the deadline to apply is a month away on july 3rd. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good thursday morning to you. cloudy conditions expected this morning. staying below average, just a few lingering showers as well. and brighter conditions as we head into the weekend, warmer temperatures as well. right now for philadelphia mostly cloudy skies. 58 degrees. mostly cloudy conditions expected to continue out there
6:51 am
the day. 57 in reading. atlantic city 58 degrees. similar conditions out there the entire region. easterly winds we saw yesterday which made it a lot cooler at the shore. 49 currently in the poconos. 59 in allentown. 57 in wilmington. 59 degrees in dover. we're up about five degrees in atlantic city from yesterday with that wind direction shift. same conditions in allentown. a little cooler in the poconos to kick off this thursday. a closer look at our radar shot shows a little disturbance to the south of us. and that's help hadding to put showers in parts of the area new castle county newark all seeing light rainfall. it's been that way for the past hour or so. head into the late morning hours, we continue to see these light showers moving from cape may near atlantic city. and even as we head into this evening. we'll see the same thing but as we push into tomorrow we should see dry conditions of a little bit more sunshine for us and
6:52 am
warmer temperatures but today, we'll stay below average. temperatures ranging between 63 and 66 degrees. cloudy and cool wind speeds out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows we're back to the 70s on friday. saturday, sunday high 70s with a mix of sun and clouds on both days. showers return once again next week. look at that weekend. >> eight minutes before 7:00 right now. on this thursday morning, there are trouble spots to know about before you head out the door. >> katy zachry in the "first alert" traffic center helping you out with that. >> unfortunately, the people most affected of those taking the new jersey turnpike southbound into the bordentown area. we've been following this issue out there for the last hour and a half. on the new jersey turnpike southbound. here's video skyforce 10 over the scene. a semi truck overturned in the inner lanes subsequently caught on fire. so this is video from a short time ago. the fire has since been put out but the inner drive is still
6:53 am
closed off as we go to the map here, 295 is the best way around that. i've been watching 295 on the traffic cameras to make sure it's good for you. traffic is moving smoothly. a live look at route 70. your drive times are good on 295 and moving into montgomery county p.a., hourrsham, there's an accident there. we're following breaking news from overnight a crash leaves two people dead. nbc10's matt delucia is gathering details. >> reporter: vai, a witness who saw the whole thing said speed was definitely a factor. what we've learned about the investigation. we'll have that coming up after the break.
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>> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in chester where two men died overnight in a head-on collision. it happened on 2nd street in chester. you can see some of that as a result of it. both cars going in opposite directions. one car trying to turn on pusey street here. the other trying to pass a truck. the witnesses say the red car, the one trying to pass a truck, was going very fast at the time. both men died at the scene. parts of cars out here. a headlight from one of the vehicles. the crash is still under investigation. live in chester, i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." >> reporter: and i'm monique braxton where the body of beau biden will arrive here at legislative hall at 1:00 this
6:58 am
afternoon. state police have shut down all access outside the hall. beau biden passed away tuesday following a two-year fight with brain cancer. this state honor will give those who work for him and ordinary delawareans an opportunity to pay their respects. thousands are expected to file past his coffin. he will lie in honor until 5:00. tomorrow there will be two public viewings for beau biden at st. anthony of padua catholic church in wilmington from 1:00 to 4:00 in afternoon, again 6:00 to 9:00 at night. the funeral mass will be saturday morning. president obama will deliver the eulogy. we'll have coverage of all of the events. the final tribute on nbc10. live now in dover. monique braxton, "nbc10 news." good morning, it's been a busy start to this thursday on the roadways. let's start out in bordentown new jersey turnpike as you
6:59 am
approach exit 7, the scene of an overturned semi truck that subsequently caught on fire. because of that the inner drive is closed. traffic is being diverted to the outer lanes. you can take 295 around that. moving into pennsylvania a live look at 95 around girard avenue. here's the southbound side. it's been a parking lot for the last hour. still looks like that. southbound if you're headed towards woodhaven and the wein it will take you about 25 minutes. area bridges looking good. septa and patco all running on the normal schedule. cloudy through cape may and moving through the rest of the area, a chance of showers heading into the rest of today. we'll mainly stay dry, temperatures between 63 and 66. so well below average, we start to see it recover as we head into the weekend. "today" show is up next. a lot of local updates for you in 30 minutes. you can always get updates
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with the nbc10 news app with a free download at thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. good morning. sinister plot. three knive, one sharp inner and a bold plan to behead police officers. the shocking new details out of boston and word that this anti-muslim activist may also have been a target. boston's police commissioner speaks out in an exclusive live interview. worse tan we thought, the pentagon now admits to sending as many as 51 thrive anthrax samples across 17 states and it happened over the course of a decade. how did a mistake so big go unnoticed for so long. breaking their silence the duggar parents speak out for the first time about their son's admitted molestation of some of his own sisters. >> days and days i was


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