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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 5, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. we are following breaking news in philadelphia. an off duty officer stops a pizza shot robbery. gunfire is exchanged and the suspect is dead. details coming up in a live report. plus lily pulitzer lockout. standing their ground outside of oaks. we are telling you why they are camping out tonight. the skyline of philadelphia. we're seeing some showers this morning but it's going to be a nice friday and even better weekend. what you can expect in the "nbc 10" first alert forecast. it is 4:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's check with meteorologist
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brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures are improving. we'll head back into the 70s. mild conditions expected. here's a look outside. you can see the clouds in the background. temperatures 57 in allentown, 56 in atlantic city, 57 in wildwood and dover. a few sprinkles for us this morning but we'll mainly stay dry as we head into friday. temperatures will stay mild for a change. if you take a look at the next eight hours, you'll see a few sprinkles. 57 degrees by 6:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m. 59. temperatures at lunchtime 65 degrees. our temperatures will range between 71 and 74 degrees. i'm also tracking even warmer weather as we head into the weekend. i'll break it on down for you in my full forecast. let's check in with katy zachry. >> you know full well some of us may be waking up with wed
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roadways that moved in overnight. it shouldn't be causing you any delays. a live look at the schuylkill expressway, this is a live look at girard avenue. you see the headlights there, that's eastbound. you may find some construction between girard and it should be lifting. westbound, very light volume. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine things are running smoothly as are they between the blue route and 76. the area bridges all free and clear this morning. it is 4:02. we are following breaking news in philadelphia's lawn dale section. aen off duty officer killed a suspect trying to rob a pizza shop. monique braxton is live. >> reporter: moments ago that officer who was involved pulled off in his own vehicle from the scene, but i can tell you right now, this is still a very active investigation. a few detectives are still here outside rising sun pizza.
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crime scene also just left the scene. now that officer will be interviewed by internal affairs as well as homicide detectives. let's look at some video of what it looked like just a few hours ago. this is what we were told by police, two men, one of them armed entered as the off duty officer was waiting for his order. the robbers then snatched $20 from the detective and ordered him to the floor. he did so but when the robbers focused their attention on the pizza shop workers, a 22-year-old owner and another employee the officer identifies himself and pulls out his weapon. immediately a gun battle begins. two shots are fired at the detective. he returns fire. one suspect is hit in the left side of his chest but both of the men flee the store. one suspect collapses and dies outside in ther ot. he's extremely lucky that he was not killed. the owner of this pizza shop and
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the employee are very fortunate that there was an off duty philadelphia police detective inside this pizza shop. >> reporter: a loaded revolver is also found inside the pizza shop on the floor. the dead suspect appears to be in his late 20s to early 30s according to police. we're also told that both of the men were wearing hoodie sweatshirts covering their faces and at least one of them was armed. now in the next half hour we're going to bring you exclusive video of the police officer and tell you what's next in this investigation. live in lawn dale monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." this morning all three men suspected in the abduction and assault of a woman on jeweler's row are now in jail. last night authorities arrested two additional suspects in the case. they captured kayhree gay. they kidnapped her from the
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chestnut street parking garage threw her in a van. the victim was tasered, robbed, then released at a cemetery in darby. >> the victim suffered but survived a brutal horrific assault. these arrests hopefully will bring some measure of relief to the victim. to the business that these three men allegedly targeted to the business community in jewelers row and to the public at large. >> the victim is recovering at home from a concussion and broken ribs. the two suspects arrested last night will make their first court appearance later today. this morning police in camden county are on the hunt for a suspect who they say murdered his ex-girlfriend. he stabbed and killed carol boun in her driveway in berlin township. we did some digging into his background and found a 2006 kidnapping charge that we're told involved an earlier girlfriend. it is 4:05 and 56 degrees outside. happening now, customers looking to get deals at the lily
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pulitzer warehouse sale in oaks are angry they're still waiting outside. it's supposed to run until 8:00 last night but the doors closed at 6:00 with hundreds still in line. the lily pull litser company says there are more customers than would able to be safely get in so they told people to come back in the morning and people decided to wait outside. also happening today, family members of an 8-year-old philadelphia girl who was seriously injured by a hit and run driver are bringing awareness to the dangers of careless driving. she's already undergone two major surgeries. her right arm was broken in four places. today's rally in love park will focus on saving children and pedestrians from reckless pedestrians. today marks the deadly market square collapse. the mayor will join people for a
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memorial service this morning. it was june 5th 2013 that the building being demolished collapsed on the salvation army building. six people died. the demolition contractor and equipment operator are scheduled for trial charged with third degree murder. it's 4:0 7. remembering beau biden. people paid their respects. he lied in honor at the statehouse yesterday. mourners offered comfort. beau biden died saturday of brain cancers at the age of 46. >> i've never met him but i felt heart broken. >> i felt like they are a well-respected family and i'm honored to be here. >> had he been able to run for governor, i'm sure he would have been governor of delaware. he was an amazing person. >> during the service the governor awarded beau biden
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posthumously thewo honors. today there will be two public viewing for biden, one at saint anthony's, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. president obama will deliver the eulogy. because of the viewings and the funeral, several streets in downtown wilmington will be closed today and tomorrow. here's a look at the streets surrounding the church. they'll be closed off from traffic from 6:00 this morning until 2:00 tomorrow after noon. you will not be allowed to park on several streets in the area. you can get more information about the traffic and parking situation. you can watch the beau biden services as they happen on our "nbc 10 news" app. >> just went to an alert 2. the whole airport just shut down. >> an imagine landing last night at philly international left a
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plane nose down and travelers dealing with hours of delays. the plane took off from a small airport in monmouth county but the pilot realized his landing gear wasn't working. they responded to a plane after it skidded 1,000 feet. all five passengers walked off safely but the ripple effect was felt by hundreds of other passengers. >> circling for an hour. >> there was a gentleman sitting next to me very nervous. he was a bit upset. >> flights are expected to arrive and depart on time this morning at philly international. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will push back into the 70s for a change. so mild conditions as we end your work week. you'll have nice weather for your friday night plans. a closer look at current temperatures, 53 degrees in the
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poconos. mid 50s in wilmington. 57 degrees currently at wildwood and we're at 56 degrees in atlantic city. yesterday was a miserable day down at the shore. today our temperatures will improve a bit and wind speeds shouldn't be that bad. we're seeing wind speeds in philadelphia pushing into lancaster county. over the next eight hours expect temperatures to warm up nicely. 60s by the time you head out for lunch. 9:00 a.m. 59 degrees. 6:00 a.m. temperatures at 57. for today we'll range between 71 and 74 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. mild conditions. just a few stray showers mainly in the morning. wind speeds out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. temperatures pushing into the 70s for today. 75 degrees in philadelphia. 74 in wilmington towards the shore at 67. i am tracking a dry weekend but a warming storm is on the way.
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>> ten after 4:00 right now. usually a quiet time on the roads but let's check. first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. where are you watching? >> start things off at 95. typical trouble spot at cottman avenue and girard. center city philadelphia it gets really backed up. cottman avenue very light volume. you might find overnight construction, part of the project on 95 it's not affecting drive times. 13 minutes to go from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. pennsylvania turnpike you will see overnight construction out to the left around 5:00. drive times between the exits at route 1, 20 23 minutes in both directions. finally moving into new jersey things looking good on 295 and the 42 freeway. tracy. it may be the biggest cyber attack in american history. the u.s. government says millions of americans had their private information stolen and we'll tell you who they say is
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behind this massive data breach. plus they left the classroom and they headed for city hall. see how local students are taking up the fight for school funding.
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it is 4:14 and 56 degrees outside. a live look at the bridge. brittney shipp says it will get better. details in a minute. take a look at this video. today people in two colorado towns will be repairing the damage left behind by a pair of tornadoes. this is video taken when one of those tornadoes touched down last night. at least three homes were destroyed and another dozen were damaged. there were no reports of any injuries. also in colorado there's
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growing concern about a serial sniper after several shootings since april. the latest victim was gunned down on wednesday. two weeks ago a man was shot dead while riding his bike and in april a woman was shot in the neck while driving. investigators say all of the attacks happened within a mile of each other. they're looking into reports of car windows being blown out in the area. well it could be the biggest cyber attack against america ever. millions of government workers hacked and suspected culprit, china. "nbc 10's" vai sikahema is live in our digital operations center. vai, information is still coming in but what do we know? >> reporter: tracy good morning. this is according to nbc news sources say that hacking of u.s. computer files could have put at risk the personnel files of up to 4 million former and current former federal agents and employees. the stolen data includes names and also birthdays and social
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security numbers. the fbi is investigating. in the past cyber attacks from china have come from this army building in shanghai. officials say the hackers went after records in the office of personnel management. that's the agency that screens and hires federal workers and does security clearances for 90% of the government. officials tell nbc news that the data breech could potentially affect every federal agency. u.s. officials tell us that they don't think cia covers have been blown. meanwhile, the chinese embassy has not responded to any calls about the hacking. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema, "nbc 10 news." it is 4:16. for the first time we're seeing the weapons of the man who bolted inside the white house in march. these show guns knives ammunition that omar gonzalez had in his car. he rushed past guards and made it all the way to the east room.
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he pleaded guilty to entering a restricted building and assaulting a secret service agent. >> the secret service had to categorize the threat this is like a death kon 5. >> they're recommending prison time and years of supervised release. they have added temporary metal spikes to the top of the fence. a friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev will be sentenced today. he was convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. that was for removing his backpack and laptop computer from the building after the bonlings. prosecutors have recommended a four year sentence. two philadelphia teens are behind bars in connection with a string of robberies targeting temple students. police say the 16 and 17-year-olds are responsible for at least five holdups within the past three weeks. investigators think they may be connected to even more robberies. police still haven't decided to
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charge the teens as adults. two camden men are wanted after this video surfaced showing them lighting an suv often fire. they captured the incident near hyland and garden. police believe the same guys lit two other vehicles on fire. students are taking up the fight for funding of philadelphia schools. students left their classrooms for city hall marching through the halls and holding up signs. more than 80 principals signed on to support the $105 million plan to bail the schools out of debt and add resources. mayor michael nutter wants property owners to pay more. during yesterday's council session educators voiced new opposition from the new prison that will use up dollars so desperately needed for school. >> i'm so proud to stand here with council members that will help our children for art, for
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nurses, for counselors for the teachers. >> i think the way to go about it is to go after delinquent taxpayers and do tax lean sales. raise the money that way. >> council could discuss that. >> imagine a car that makes you take a breathlizer test before you could drive it. yesterday mothers against drunk driver got a sneak peak at a driver alcohol detection system. it includes a breath sense ser but a button that shows alcohol blood flow running through a driver. it's at least five years away. changes to pat could he transit could mean more money coming out of your pockets. you'll be able to use your patco freedom fare card but the 50 cent discount on transfers that you may be used to will go away.
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patco also announced a special fare plan for the pope's visit in september. you'll be able to get an all day pass for just $5. >> now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. you are taking a live look outside right now. we are seeing a mostly cloudy start to the day but as we head into the rest of the weekend we'll actually see a little bit more sunshine peeking through and we have earned it after the last couple of days with these temperatures well below average. there's the possibility of our first 90 degree day. as we head into the weekend we'll see warmer temperatures as well. we're at the beginning of a warming trend that will push us into the 80s by next week. mild conditions expected today. warmer weekend for us and then storms again heading into next week. we'll see a nice break for the
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weekend. right now conditions at 58 degrees in philadelphia. wind speeds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. across the rest of the region at 58 in reading, 56 degrees in atlantic city with mostly cloudy skies. as we push into the next few hours here temperatures will move into the 60s. right now mainly starting off in the 50s. 58 in philadelphia 56 in wilmington, 56 degrees in atlantic city. 24 hour temperature change that shows similar conditions to what we saw this time yesterday. our radar shot shows a few little sprinkles and those will start to go away as we head into the rest of today. throughout your morning hours we'll see a little chance here of a few passing showers but as we head into the afternoon we'll see a little bit more sunshine. more of a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures pushing into the low 70s. nice to return back a bit closer to average. temperatures will range between 71 and 74 degrees today. mostly cloudy. mild with just a few stray showers in your morning hours.
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wind speeds still out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. seven day forecast shows that temperatures will continue to warm up as we head into the weekend so we are tracking nice conditions on tap for you. >> 4:22 right now. let's check the roads for your friday morning commute. katy zachry is watching those. what are you seeing katy? >> hi tracy. a little bit of wet roads but it shouldn't be tying you up. new jersey cherry hill 295 at route 70 very light volume. garden state parkway or atlantic city expressway. route 42 freeway, things are looking good as the maps went north between route 55 and walt whitman bridge. you can see it's only taking you five minutes. that will only get worse. moving into pennsylvania no accidents on 95 76 or the blue route. there is some overnight
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construction but i've been monitoring it. some of it is clearing right now on 95 tracy. >> thanks katy. philadelphia hosted its first ever transgender health conference. it's catelyn jenner's picture that gave them a push plus the little pink pill that got a push this week.
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it's 4:25. this is being called a major victory for a drug that's compared to viagra for women. yesterday an fda panel voted to approve this pill which is supposed to increase a woman's sex drive. but they said its manufacturer has to work to decline the
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fatigue symptoms. with catelyn jenner's debut making headlines this week transgender health is getting some extra attention. philadelphia hosted its first ever transgender pride flag raising ceremony yesterday at the annual trans health conference in center city. the event offers workshops and activities focused on the health and well-being of transgender people. earlier catelyn jenner introduced herself in the new issue of "vanity fair" magazine. happening today, the special olympics unified relay across america comes to philadelphia. here's a live look at the art museum where this morning children's hospital of philadelphia patient and special olympian john rosatti will be standing on the steps. after it passes through philadelphia it will continue to
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los angeles for the 2015 special olympics world games. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> and we'll see a mild day today. temperatures warming into the low 70ed. it will be a nice day to head out for the phillies game. we have a beautiful weekend on tap. i'll let you know all the details coming up in my full forecast. katie? good morning, brittney. i am following things overnight. construction has cleared in this area which is great for drivers heading to the airport this morning. we'll check out the airport for any delays. you may be waking up with wet roadways. i'll let you know if that causes any problems. breaking news in philadelphia, an off duty police officer gets into a gun fight with a would-be robber and it gets ugly. details coming up.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. right now, one accused robber is dead and another is on the run after getting into a shootout with an off duty officer in a pizza place overnight. live at the scene gathering new information about the search and the second suspect. plus more people will say their final farewells to beau biden today. we'll tell you about some of the traffic problems you may have to get around this morning. and live look outside right now. center city skyline. there are some showers in some places right now but we are getting ready for a weekend warmup. another chilly morning. 56 degrees outside. 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's chilly but it will be a nice day today. we'll get a little break from the rain. let's get right to meteorologist brittney shipp with the forecast.


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