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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  June 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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"nbc 10" breaking news. right now, one accused robber is dead and another is on the run after getting into a shootout with an off duty officer in a pizza place overnight. live at the scene gathering new information about the search and the second suspect. plus more people will say their final farewells to beau biden today. we'll tell you about some of the traffic problems you may have to get around this morning. and live look outside right now. center city skyline. there are some showers in some places right now but we are getting ready for a weekend warmup. another chilly morning. 56 degrees outside. 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it's chilly but it will be a nice day today. we'll get a little break from the rain. let's get right to meteorologist brittney shipp with the forecast. good morning brittney.
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>> good morning. mild conditions. nice way to end the work week. temperatures into the mid 70ed. by the weekend back into the 80s. live look at cape may. our current conditions in philadelphia at 58 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. humidity is up at 81%. wind speeds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. still dealing with a few sprinkles. we can't quite get out of the semiwet pattern. we will dry out as we head into the weekend. a few little sprinkles expected into your morning hours. after that we'll see cloudy skies. by 9:00. light showers. 59 degrees by noon 65 and then today 71 to 74 degrees. by the week end we are heading back towards our average. i'll be tracking all the details and what you need to know for your weekend coming up in my full forecast in 10 minutes. first we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter katy
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zachry. >> some people may be waking up to wet roads. that doesn't seem to be tying things up or affecting traffic. schuylkill expressway at girard avenue right here. eastbound side headed into center city philadelphia. drive times looking good. 13 minutes. 11 minutes going westbound in the same direction. we talked about 76. no problems there. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine where we typically see that backup 13 minutes to go that stretch. looking really good as is the blue route between 76 and 95. the ben, the betsy, the walt all looking good. we are following breaking news in philadelphia's lawn dale neighborhood this morning. >> off duty police officer was picking up dinner when he stopped a robbery killing one of the suspects. "nbc 10's" monique braxton is live for us at the scene. give us details about how this all went down. >> reporter: hi, vai and tracy. you can see the crime scene tape remains at the scene. detectives are still inside the
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rising rising sun pizza shop. look at our exclusive video of the uninjured off duty police officer a detective from northwest walking with police. we're being told this morning he is lucky to be alive. here's what investigators tell us about what happened. two men one unarmed enter. the robber snatched $20 from his hand, then ordered him to get on the floor. he did so. but when the robbers point a gun at the pizza shop workers, the officer identifies himself and pulls out his weapon. immediately a gun battle begins. you see the shattered glass behind the counter. two shots are fired at the detective. he then returns fire and this morning that detective is being haild as haled as a hero. >> he took action. it was very brave. very heroic. he's very, very fortunate that
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he's alive. he's fortunate he was not injured. right now we're concentrating our efforts on finding out who the second perpetrator is. >> police also tell us one suspect collapsed here in the parking lot. a gun. a revolver was found inside the store. in the next half hour we're working to bring you analogy that the officer gives us about how similar this is to what happened to officer robert wilson iii. live in lawndale monique braxton. "nbc 10 news." a murder suspect who's the subject of a policeman hunt in camden county. carol bown was stabbed to death in her own driveway in berlin township wednesday night. prosecutors say that her ex-boyfriend michael aye tell did it. police talked to shop owners where bown worked.
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bown had gotten a restraining order, installed cameras at her home and even applied for a gun permit. >> she was worried. she feared he would do something. >> we dug up this background on itell. 2006 kidnapping charge on an ex-girlfriend ex-girlfriend. all three men suspected on the kidnapping of a woman on jewelers row are in jail. they captured khayree gay shortly after the kidnapping in april. they kidnapped her from a chestnut street parking garage threw her in a van, tried to get her workplace security codes. the victim was tasered, robbed and thrown out. the two suspects arrested last night will appear in court later today. happening now in oaks montgomery county angry customers are still waiting in
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line after they got shut out of a lilly pulitzer warehouse sale. the expo center in oaks here it is. the event was supposed to end at 8:00. the doors closed at 6:00. hundreds of people still in line. the lily pullitzer company said there were customers more than were safe to get inside before closing. they stayed in line until this morning. remembering beau biden. people paid their respect at the statehouse yesterday. joe biden and his family stood tearfully as mourners offered comfort at a memorial service. beau biden died saturday of brain cancer at the age of 46. today there will be two public viewings for beau biden in wilmington. one from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon and the other from 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening. funeral mass is tomorrow at
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10:30. president obama will deliver beau biden's eulogy. as a traffic note. several streets in downtown wilmington will be closed today and tomorrow because of the viewings and funeral for beau biden. take a look at these streets here surrounding the church. it will be closed off from traffic from 6:00 until 2:00. you will not be allowed to park on several streets in that area. of course more about the traffic and parking situation and to watch the beau biden services as they happen use our "nbc 10 news" app. well today marks two years since the deadly building collapse in center city. >> this morning we're working to find out when that memorial there will be finished. and we're slowly inching closer to where we should be for this time of year. temperatures head back to the 80s by the weekend. today 73. i'll track all of the details coming up in my full forecast.
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it is 4:39.
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today is the second anniversary of the market street collapse. a building being demolished collapsed under the salvation army store next to it. mayor michael nutter will join other city officials and the victims' families for a remembrance ceremony at 23 and market. that's where plans are in the works for a memorial park. these are drawings of that park. we talked to the architect about the design. >> saw through the memorial and every aspect of it from the way the families are commemorated to how the public can perceive it at night and during the day. >> earlier this week the project got approval from the city art commission commission. the next step is putting together permit drawings. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of your friday temperatures will stay mainly in the high 50s throughout the morning hours. by the time you head out for
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lunch we're in the mid 60s. for today towards the afternoon into the 70s. mild conditions returning to us. still dealing with a few scattered showers throughout the area but mostly cloudy skies expected by the afternoon. here's a closer look at the future weather showing the light showers moving through the area. they should pretty much be out of here by 11:00 a.m. giving way to a mix of sun and clouds towards the afternoon and temperatures still below average but warmer than what we saw yesterday and eventually will push back towards our average as we head into the weekend. yesterday temperatures were at 70. 73 today. 80 degrees heading into saturday. drop down a few degrees sunday but close to that average which is 80 degrees. coming up i'll be talking about a dry weekend for us a warming trend on the way. temperatures should put us towards 90 degrees. i'll let you know when. i'm also tracking the return of storms. that's coming up in my seven day forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> focus on the weekend. that's what i say. >> 56 degrees out there.
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4:41 this friday morning. i like driving at this time of the day. >> quiet? >> it's quiet and it's cool out there, you know? >> let's see if it's still quiet. we know it's still cool. katy zachry is watching the roads. >> when you are walking out to your car, the driveway and streets are wet. it's not tying anything up. vai and tracy, you're right, great time to be out on the road if you have to be like we have to be. taking a look at 476, drive times between 95 and 76 about 15 minutes in both directions. you can't get much better than that on the blue route. moving in to the delaware, the cameras going back and forth because of the weather. live look at 495 at terminal avenue very very light volume now. expect the weather conditions in that stretch delaware. if you're heading to the airport, light showers at the airport. no delays to report. if you're taking mass transit to the airport, taking septa, on or
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close to transit, new jersey transit and patco following that. philadelphia's job numbers show fewer people are without work. >> but there's a down side. why the new unemployment report is good and bad for city workers. plus, police are closing in on two sus smekted arsonists in camden.
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it's quarter to 5 and 56 degrees outside. officials in china say they found more bodies overnight in the cruise ship that capsized in the storm three days ago. the death toll stands officially at 97. they pulled the eastern star upright and they're now searching for more than 343 people who are still miss joog a volcano in indonesia is now silent two days after people were at their highest level of alert. the 8500 foot mountain has erupted on and off for the past year and a half. people in the area evacuated as a precaution. this is located on what's known
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as the ring of fire. two camden men are wanted after the surveillance video surfaced showing them lighting an suv on fire. security cameras captured the incident near hyland and garden avenues. police believe the same guy set two other cars on fire a few hours later in pennsauken. anyone with any information should contact police. in philadelphia police tell us they know who they're looking for in the case of a man who left a toddler and a gun inside a car after a chase. police say the suspect drove off after a traffic stop in west philadelphia. this was wednesday night. they chased him for a while before finding his car in upper darby. the suspect was gone with a 3-year-old boy. the child is okay. this morning the fbi is looking into what could be the biggest cyber attack in american history. the target millions of current and former federal workers and china is the prime suspect. nbc news sources are calling it a massive hack of the u.s.
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government computers. u.s. officials say personal information of at least 4 million employees may have been stolen. they say previous hacks from china. the data breech through the office of personnel management or opm could potentially affect every federal agency. >> because opm is the agency that holds security clearance, that's given a potential enemy like china very valuable information. >> the chinese embassies denied the attack. the fbi says usama rahim planned to behead someone in new york. he told a friend he would begin attacking officers that day. he was shot and killed when police and federal agents confronted him.
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last year's had a chet atchett attack on an nypd officer were part of an isis spoiled attack. 2016. another one is in the race. jeb bush tweeted that he'll make his formal announcement at miami-dade on june 15th. his announcement will follow a week-long trip to europe that begins on monday. meantime former texas governor rick perry is now officially in. he's taking a second crack at the white house after an unsuccessful run in 2012. perry said this election will be about leadership. >> this will be a show me don't tell me election where voters look past the rhetoric to the real record. >> perry is the tenth declared gop candidate. bush is expected to be the 11th. new jersey governor chris christie is still undecided
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about his entry into the race. on the det crack at this time side hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley and lincoln chafee are in the race. philadelphia's numbers are down but they're above the national average. as of april the unemployment rate sits at 6.5 but the big drop in march was 7.1%. data shows philadelphia returned to its prerecession level of employment faster than the rest of the state and the nation as a whole. the stu added 4300 jobs between march to april. meantime union employees recently voted to go on strike. contract talks with the local newspaper gild of america are stalled. here's the sticking point, health care and protecting seniority. employees at philly.comb approved strike planning. philadelphia media network insists that all three outlets will continue publishing. subway is joining other food
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companies in dropping artificial ingreed yenlts. the sandwich chain says it's removing artificial flavors, colors as it comes from its discussions. the change will take sometime but won't be completed until 2017. other food companies include taco bell mcdonald's, kraft and nestle. listen to that. that's hail hitting buildings outside boulder, colorado. tornadoes, high winds and hail closed roads last night. no one was hurt. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bit any ship. >> good morning. temperatures slowly improving. our conditions are improving as well. cloudy conditions for today. a few light sprinkles throughout the morning and then we'll see
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more of a mix of sun and clouds towards the afternoon. warm weekend on tap. temperatures pushing back to 80 degrees. i am tracking the return of storms. philadelphia 58 degrees. wind speeds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour. across the rest of the region 58 in reading, 58 degrees in philadelphia, mid 50s in atlantic city with mostly cloudy skies. expect temperatures today to be a little bit warmer than yesterday but still slightly below our average. 50 degrees in the poconos 57 in allentown, 56 in trenton. millville 56 degrees. 58 in dover. there's a closer look at the scattered showers throughout the philadelphia area. we'll continue to see just really light rainfall heading into the next few hours here. by 11:00, 12:00 we should see a little bit more clearing more of a mix of sun and clouds. that will set us up for a really nice weekend, both on saturday
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and sunday. they look fantastic. 80 degrees is our average for this time of year. today 73. closer to that average. by saturday we will be there with high pressure back in control. our shore and beach forecast as we head into the weekend, saturday and sunday look great. mid 70s here on saturday. partly sunny skies and warmer than today. by sunday we'll see temperatures at 70 degrees. water temperatures cold. 17 will be the high in the poconos, 77 in allentown, mid 70s in quaker town. expect a high of 73 in doylestown. along the shore, low 70s. 68 in rehoboth beach. a few little passing stray showers in the morning but again clearing as we head into the afternoon. seven day forecast shows it warms back into the 80s. sunday, 78 and then mid 80s expected on monday. possibly 90 by next thursday. >> 8 minutes before 5 clock,
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friday morning. give you a check of the roads so you know what to face. >> here's katy zachry. >> hi, vai and tracy. fortunately it was within the 5:00 hour -- 4:00 hour. i'm speeding things up. maybe on a friday i do though. getting to the traffic, live look at 309 right at the pennsylvania turnpike where you do see some wet roads out there. as brittney said, there are light showers moving through our area so you'll likely walk out to your car and find the wet roadways. drive times fing on there look really good. taking a look at 202. drive times from route 30 to 76 the drive times are 10 11 minutes. you can't beat that. between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge about 5 minutes. walt, ben, betsy, all bridges looking good. "nbc 10" and nbc universal are giving away money.
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to local nonprofit organizations. it's all called 21st century solutions. people who are innovating new programs. the deadline to apply is a month away. you have to hurry. july 3rd is the deadline. looking good. that's what the trainer' pharaoh is saying about his horse with the triple crown at stake at belmont park in new york. it's a race for history that you can watch right here on "nbc 10" tomorrow with the trainer of a triple crown hopeful is saying about his horse and the chances of victory.
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just about 5:00. we have a recall to tell you about. big lots recalled hanging chairs. they can tip over and flip
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sideways. five people have suffered injuries. if you have one, bring it back to big lots for a refund. a group of mothers aren't backing down against violence in our city. >> a group known as mothers in charge is heading to washington today to attend a congressional hearing on whether murders should be labeled a public health epidemic. dorothy spate lost her son to gun violence in 2001. >> what we want to see with homicides are programs. better educational programs mentoring programs for youth that are at risk. >> tomorrow mothers in charge chapters from across the country will hold an antiviolence rally at the lincoln memorial. "nbc 10" was in blackwood yesterday for the camden county police academy graduation ceremony. nearly 70 recruits graduated. in north jersey, a large
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round object found in a backyard turns out to be a cannonball. how it got there is anyone's guess. it was found in the homeowner's backyard. authorities turned the cannonball over to the army for analysis. two minutes before 5:00 right now. looking good. that's what the trainer of american pharaoh is saying about his horse with the triple crown at stake tomorrow at belmont park in new york. here's a look at american pharaoh being worked out on the track yesterday. the kentucky derby and frequentness winner trying to become the first triple crown winner in 37 years. belmont is the marathon of the three races at a mile and a half long. trainer bob baffert says his horse won't know that until it unfolds. >> he doesn't know that he has to go a little extra distance. we're going to surprise him on that one. >> right now i'm focused on getting him up there putting the saddle on him.
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then he's on his own. >> american pharaoh has the number five post position. considered favorable in belmont in an eight horse field. you can catchall the excitement tomorrow afternoon. belmont stakes coverage starts at 4:30. get ready for that. >> love it. >> using a fake killer whale to scare away sea lions. the bogus okay ka which is actually a boat tipped over on its way to the docks in that story. crew hs to tow it away and call off the mission for the day. they may try this again this weekend. who knows. the town is trying to sho away sea lions. >> if you're making breakfast. hold on. >> it's national donut day. you can get one or two free. >> i thought that was monday. >> krispy kreme locations are
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giving away donuts one per person until they run out. dunkin donuts, you can get a free donut when you pie a drink. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10" breaking news. >> 5:00 and we're following breaking news. a pizza place shootout leaves a suspected robber dead and another on the run. this morning an off duty police officer is being haled a hero to arrive on the scene with overnight developments. plus marking a tragic day in philadelphia. how they will pay tribute to the deadly center city building collapse victims two years later. taking a live look outside right now. some parts of the area saw rain. things are expected to dry out for a nice friday and you're going to want to hear what's in store for the weekend. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it is 5:00 a.m.


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