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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  June 6, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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e's a live look outside. dry roads. we're starting off on the mild side for philadelphia 64 degrees, 65 in wilmington 61 in trenton, 61 in quakerstown, we're in the mid 60s if you're waking up in reading. in beach haven 61. our temperatures will warm up nicely into the 70s by 10 a.m. and by 1 p.m. mid 70s with a few passing showers. here's what it looks like on radar, not a whole lot happening right now. today temperatures will range between 78 and 81. more sunshine towards the afternoon, warmer than what we saw yesterday. winds out of the east 10 to 20 miles per hour. here's what the showers look like closer to noon, 1:00 that's when we'll see these passing showers. they will be short lived. you probably just need a hooded jacket because by 2:00 3:00 they're pretty much out of the
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region. it just right in the middle of the afternoon we're going to see a few downpours and we see a little more sunshine. i'll break done yourwn your sunday forecast coming up. >> former attorney general beau biden will be laid to rest today. his funeral cast three days of public mourning in his hometown of wilmington. president obama will deliver a message and the clintons are also expected to show you. the church seats less than a thousand people so additional seats are being brought in to accommodate the mourners. beau bide i don't know died a week ago after a two-year battle with brain cancer. he is survived by his wife and two children. he was 46 years old. for more information on today's
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funeral and to watch the biden services live you can download our free nbc news 10 app. >> new from overnight, police are investigating the cause of a deadly accident on i-95 in delaware county. a car overturned in the southbound lanes just before 5:30 this morning. doctors pronounced the driver dead at the hospital. >> a man was shot nine times. philadelphia police tell us they also found a car riddled with bullets at the scene. they say the victim managed to walk 300 yards to a corner chinese restaurant on germantown avenue where he collapsed. he went to einstein medical center. police are searching for the shooter. >> police are investigating how two young girls fell from a fourth story window. the girls, who are 3 and 5 years
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old fell about 40 feet to the street below. they are both in critical condition. police are now trying to figure out who was watching them at the time. >> the man accused in the stabbing death of a woman this morning. police are searching for her boyfriend. he is considered armed and dangerous. she was stabbed to death in her driveway on wednesday. investigators tell us she got a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend installed security cameras and even applied for a gun permit. one gun shop owner we talked to said the process for getting protection is too slow. >> the time frame in which it done is atrocious. that needs to be fixed. >> u.s. marshals are offering a $5,000 reward for any information that lead to his
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arrest. >> and police are searching for this man who robbed a bank yesterday afternoon. these are surveillance photos from the multi-on bank on heritage township. he took off with an unknown amount of cash. the time right now is 5:34. there is a battle between two jersey shore beach towns over a board walk message you may have heard before. >> that popular boardwalk warning has the wildwoods and atlantic city squaring off. it looks like the dispute will come to an end without legal action. and a proposal that targets drivers who has kids in the car.
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now your nbc first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp.
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>> good morning. warmer temperatures in store for us. we're approaching our average, which is 83. i'm also tracking a few spotty showers as we head to the rest of the morning. just a few showers in mount holly and wilmington. same thing by 1:00 for philadelphia. once again, wilmington, dover into your 2:00 hour and then we'll start to see more clearing, 3:00 4:00 and temperatures will warm into the low 80s. and as we head into the rest of the weekend, we'll stay pretty close to the average of 80 degrees, 78 tomorrow and 84 on monday. we are tracking a chance of thunderstorms heading into monday as well. i'll have your full forecast coming up. >> happening this weekend, mumford and sons are just one of dozens of bands performing in seaside heights. it's all part of the gentleman
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of the road stopover festival. thousands of concert-goers are expected to attend the festival which is being held right along the beach in seaside heights. some people wanted to make sure they got a good spot so they camped in the area overnight. the time is 5:38. new jersey governor chris christie is in a war of words with hillary clinton. we'll tell you what's at the center of the controversy and what was said. plus a bear on a 300-foot tower being attacked by crows. we'll explain just what's happening here. sirloin third pound burger won't be around long. if you miss out, you'll never know how delicious 100% sirloin tastes. and that'd be a gosh darn shame. try any one for just $4.99. the sirloin third pound burgers at mcdonald's ♪
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mcdonald's asked me to remind you that their new sirloin third pound burger won't be around long. if you miss out, you'll never know how delicious 100% sirloin tastes. and that'd be a gosh darn shame. try any one for just $4.99. the sirloin third pound burgers at mcdonald's ♪ some of the most powerful people in washington will be in delaware today paying final respects to the state's former attorney general, beau biden.
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monique braxton is live there this morning. security will be tight. monique? >> reporter: that's right. the mass given isagain is at about 10:30. we've seen secret service, the air national guard several national dignitaries are expected to attend including president clinton, as well as secretary clinton. look at our video now that we've captured over the past couple of days. this is the third day of observances for beau bide i don't know. yesterday thousands stood in line where i'm standing right now to attend two public viewings. the 46-year-old son of variety joe biden following a two-year fight with brain cancer. he did not seek another term because he told people he planned to run for governor in 2016. he served in the national guard.
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there's a huge presence of national guard members here. he was awarded a bronze star. he was deployed to iraq for one year working as a military attorney. thursday the bide i don't know family were in dover at legislative hall when those he worked with and friends filed past his flag-draped coffin. security is extremely tight. most of the roads in this community are shut down. president obama will deliver the eulogy for the 10:30 service. it's also expected that biden's siblings, ashley and hunter, will also speak. we'll have more as the morning progresses. live for now in wilmington monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> we have some new information this morning about an earthquake in malaysia. today rescuers recovered the
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nine more bodies in the highest mountain. the earthquake hit yesterday and caused boulders to rain down on the climbers. eight more people are still missing on the mountain. >> more than 330 people are confirmed dead after a river cruise boat capsized in southern china on sunday. many more are still missing. crews now have the ship upright as they continue their search. over 450 people were on board when the "eastern star" overturned after being hit by a cyclone on sunday. there were only 14 survivors. >> you're looking at pope francis arriving in sarajevo bosnia today, 20 years after the end of the bosnian war. pope francis will visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families in september. you can count on us for that coverage.
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>> a change for catholics at the jersey shore. four churches are merging into one. the new parish will be in lant atlantic city. it will be formed from our ladies star of the sea, st. nicholas of polish times, st. monica and st. michaels. the future of the other properties is undecided. >> we have very dynamic, thriving communities of faith because of that. 5c have had four or five parishes we now have one very active lively parish that has all the resources it needs. >> the changes will take place later this summer on july 1st. >> now to decision 2016 new jersey governor chris christie is blasting hillary clinton for her new push to expand voter registration across the country.
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christie calls clinton idea for automatic voter registration at age 18 a ploy to commit greater acts of voter fraud. he says the democratic presidential front-runner doesn't know the first thing about voters in new jersey or anywhere else. by the way, christie has not announced a run for the white house yet. hillary clinton called for expanding the voter roll during a campaign speech in houston on monday. she accused republicans of keeping the poor and the elderly and elderly away from the polls by creating an environment of fear. >> from our jersey shore bureau looks like the wildwoods have won the battle of the beach
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towns over atlantic city when it comes to this familiar message. >> watch the tram car, please. >> the friendly warning on new tram cars in atlantic city started echoing a few months ago. that didn't sit well with those operating trams in the wildwood. there was talk of legal action. >> the fact that it's been used by us for decade its our property it's proprietary and how they obtained it is questionable. >> officials there urged the tram company to change their recording. a new message with a different voice is expected to start on monday. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. heading into the start of your weekend, we are going to see warmer weather today, pushing into the 80s, a little more
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sunshine into tomorrow and this afternoon. i'm tracking storms as we head into next week. low-hanging clouds for philadelphia. we are seeing dry conditions but another round of light showers expected for today. 64 degrees in philly winds across the south at 3 miles per hour. 63 in westchester, 65 in wilmington, 62 if you're waking up with us in millville and 59 degrees currently in atlantic city. our 24-hour temperature change map shows we are much warmer this morning than this time yesterday. up 8 degrees in pottstown, up 7 in philadelphia and 3 degrees in atlantic city. quiet conditions not seeing any rain fault right rainfall right now. if you're getting up now and heading out to your car, you're probably going to find a few rain drops out there. as we progress the model closer to 1:00 2:00 we'll see heavy
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downpours moving through. these are going to be really short lived. your weekend is not a wash-out. we'll see a few hours with a few passing showers and then a little bit more sunshine a lot more sunshine heading into sunday, lots of the cloud will go away. monday we'll see a return of the cloud and a good chance of thunderstorm activity heading into the afternoon and into the evening. so your evening commute is definitely going to be affected. by tuesday, a few lingering showers. as far as your shore and beach forecast for the weekend, as we head into saturday mid 70s, a few passing showers and a bit cooler out of the northeast, wind speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour and water temperature still chilly at 57 degrees. 80 in philadelphia 78 in potts town and low 70s in the poconos. temperatures will range between 78-81, a little more sunshine toward the afternoon and warmer than what we saw yesterday.
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afternoon showers expected in the early afternoon and then we'll start to see more clearing. seven-day forecast shows our temperatures pretty near average. if you look at monday mid 80s thunderstorms expected into the afternoon. and then by next week we're tracking hot temperatures, 90 degrees by thursday. >> take a look at this new video. this bear went through quite an ordeal to get a meal. this new video was taken after the bear climbed a 300-foot tower supporting high tension wires in canada. the animal wanted to get eggs from a crow's nest. the bear stayed focused on that meal even after the crows attacked the bear. after eating the eggs, the bear climbed slowly back down the tower and into the woods. >> looking for free money? grant money is being given away
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to nonprofits implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our web site. eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. >> next marking the anniversary of the d-day invasion 71 years later. we'll take a look back at the historic operation.
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this is "nbc 10 news." >> at 5:52 here is a live look. guess where? center city. you can barely see anything. that's because it's a cloudy start to our saturday a little bit overcast out there. meteorologist brittney shipp tells us that should clear out. today is really not going to be that bad of a day. temperatures should warm up better than they did yesterday and we will see more sun. she'll have details throughout
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the newscast. >> today marks the 71st anniversary of the d-day invasion. on this day in 1944 allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy france in the largest offensive in world war ii. more than 9,000 american canadian or british solders were wounded on the beach. by nightfall the allies had gained the upper hand in liberating europe from nazi oppression. >> some members of congress want the government to stop paying the nfl to honor the military. they've introduced legislation that would ban the government from using taxpayer money to pay tribute to military members at sporting events. >> why should taxpayers be paying for it when it really is in many instances, a ceremony to promote the league not to really honor veterans as a priority. >> instead the three senators
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are asking the nfl and other sports leagues to donate to charities supporting american troops, veterans and their families. >> and the phillies starting a series with the world series champs last night. the giants are in town and a lot of home runs. first inning ryan howard just 2 for his last 33. this is a slump buster. two-run shot gives the phil as 2-0 lead. hunter pence not playing. his replacement, justin maxwell, just in time. look where this goes! second deck, ties the game at 3. his third homer in the last four games to tie it at 4. franco with seven rbis this week. in the seventh, the tie buster. buster posey to center. phillies lose 5-4. history made last night.
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you've heard of switch hitters. how about the first pitcher throwing left-handed and right-handed for the a's. he has to indicate which hand he's going to pitch from with each at-bat. >> nick foles getting praise from his rams receivers. nick is adjusting to a completely new offense in st. louis at their practices. he was out of the shotgun for the most part in chip kelly's system. now he's behind center in a run-first team. >> there's different concepts, passing concepts that are similar, that have similar reads but it's a different offense. we're going to have different terminology, different things going on. but that's the fun of it. i get to learn more football. it's a great offense to play in. >> the belmont stakes is today. is now here. american pharoah yesterday at belmont getting ready, trying to
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become the first horse to win the triple crown in 37 years. here is his trainer, bob baffert. >> he's still sharp. that's what he's shown us during this whole campaign, that he still wants to do, that he's happy. when he goes out there, he wants to go out there and gallop and have fun. that's him. >> hopefully he has fun today here on nbc 10. 4:30 the coverage starts. the belmont stakes right about 6:50. hopefully history will be made. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend. >> the hawks scored a come-from-behind victory in the finals opener. >> the special olympics flame of hope stopped in philadelphia
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yesterday on its way to the west coast. the unified relay across america went down the steps of the art museum. runners then carried the torch across center city. the relay will end up in los angeles for the world summer games next month. the time right now is 5:57. today we are remembering former attorney general beau biden just hours from his funeral. monique braxton is live with a preview. >> reporter: we're just outside the security check point, watching the arrival of the national guard as well as the secret service. we'll have an update for you after the break. >> and i'm tracking warmer temperatures as we start your weekend. we'll push back into the 80s, plus a few passing showers. i'll let you know what to expect coming up in my full forecast.
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you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. "nbc 10 news" starts now. >> right now on "nbc 10 news" today, remembering beau biden. the president and other dignitaries are set to pay their final respect to delaware's native son. >> tragedy on the interstate. a deadly crash overnight on i-95 as a car overturns. we'll have details. >> and we are seeing some cloud
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and some showers across some of region this morning, but warmer weather will return. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news." i'm rosemary connors. it is 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to our weekend weather with first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. the showers really shouldn't be a problem today, right? >> not really no. we are going to see showers, it's in the forecast. i don't want you to be caught off guard. right now temperatures in philadelphia 65 degrees, 61 in pottstown, 62 in allentown, 60 degrees in atlantic city temperatures in wildwood 61. we're much warmer already than we were this time yesterday. yesterday high in the mid 70s. today we should push into the 80s. a chance of a few passing showers throughout your morning hours. by 2 p.m. we'll be in the mid 70s.


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