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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  June 7, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, but don't take it for granted. we'll let you know about the changes in the first alert forecast. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the warm weather this weekend, and brittney today, unlike yesterday, we're not going to have to worry about any pop-up showers or downpours, right? >> that's a big difference. plus we'll see a lot more sunshine today than what we saw yesterday. so this is a great way to end the weekend. temperatures in the high 70s, plenty of sunshine a beautiful day to head down the shore, temperatures will still be a bit cooler at the shore than our inland temperatures, and starting off right now this morning, already mild. 63 in philadelphia. 55 in washington township. mid-50s in wrightstown. 56 in allentown. and dover, 61 degrees. over the next eight hours, expect temperatures to push into the 70s by noon by the time you head out for lunch, 73 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. 77 and we will
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see our temperatures ranging between 77 and 80 degrees. here's a closer look at our future weather. it shows that we'll see a few clouds moving in but mainly sunshine for us today. changes will move in as we head into tomorrow. not for your morning commute, but the changes will come as you are heading home. so, clear conditions for us plenty of sunshine just a few clouds, but this is what i'm tracking. it's going to head our way as we push into tomorrow afternoon. it's an annual tradition in manayunk. hundreds, if not thousands will line the city streets to watch the philadelphia international cycling classic today. nbc 10's jesse gary has a front row seat of the action. he's live at the start and finish line in manayunk. and jesse, one group of cyclists has already hit the course. >> that's right, rosemary. the amateurs have already been on the course. they are passing right through here. as a matter of fact, dave bab to the right a little bit. there you go. a couple of riders right there making their way down through
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manayunk. they're riding the same 12.3-mile course that the pros will ride starting at 8:00. the difference will be the distance. they'll only do two laps. the men will do nine and the women six. i asked one of the amateurs what his plan is for attacking the so-called manayunk wall. >> you want to keep a high cadence as much as you can, yeah. up the wall and you don't want to lose momentum. that's how you progress. >> reporter: you don't want to lose momentum on the wall either. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: here's a look at the 12.3-mile course as it winds its way through manayunk east falls, and fairmont park. this means there will be street closures and restrictions on parking. if you're in the manayunk area roxborough area it's going to be on ridge, main street levering lyceum persian, where else? manayunk avenue all that -- the entire area that you see on that map on the screen if you're
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parked anywhere near there, we've seen it already this morning, the philadelphia police department is out and they are towing. so you want to move your car as soon as you can. and you can't find your car this morning, it's been towed. so you've been informed. i just found out that the mayor is going to be here in the next 15 to 30 minutes and we'll try to get a word in with him also this morning and have an update on that coming up in the next half hour. live in manayunk jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that jesse. new from overnight, a teenager in salem county is in the hospital with serious injuries after a driver ran him over and then kept going. police say the 17-year-old was walking along north hook road in pensville, just before 2:00 this morning, when he was hit and the victim is a senior at pensville memorial hospital. we are working to find out more information about his condition. as soon as we get it, we'll pass it along. in the meantime, police tell us they are looking for a hyundai elantra with front end damage. in philadelphia, a young man is in stable condition after he was injured in a hit-and-run.
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authorities tell us the 18-year-old in this case was walking on ridge avenue in strawberry mansion when he was struck by a black car, which then took off. this happened around 10:00 last night. police are now searching for the driver in this case. philadelphia police are busy. they're also looking for the gunman who opened fire and shot a man in kensington. the victim is in critical condition with a chest wound. the shooting happened around 12:45 this morning. we are working to get some more info on this victim. as soon as we have it we will pass it look. let's head now to camden county, where the manhunt for a murder suspect is over after the alleged killer committed suicide. police found michael eitel's body in the garage of a house yesterday. police say he hanged himself. police began searching for eitel last night after his ex-girlfriend, carol browne, was stabbed to death in the driveway of her house in berlin township. she had a protection order against eitel. in the lehigh valley a neighborhood is mourning the death of a 3-year-old girl after
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she and her older sister fell from an apartment window. nbc 10 was on turner street last night for a memorial vigil. people lit candles and laid teddy bears on the sidewalk beneath fourth story window. 3-year-old tamara died. her 5-year-old sister tiana, remains in the hospital in critical condition. the coroner has ruled the death an accident. police say the screen of the window was defective and loose. they do not expect to file charges against the girl's grandmother, who witnesses say was watching the girls at the time of the accident. the packed church was a testament to how much beau biden meant to delaware and to the country. hundreds attended his funeral yesterday, from the president to the general public. >> he did in 46 years what most of us couldn't do in 146. he left nothing in the tank. >> the funeral mass was held at
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st. anthony of padua catholic church in wilmington yesterday, the 46-year-old former attorney general of delaware and oldest son of the vice president died last weekend after a battle with brain cancer. many from the first state turned out to pay their respects. >> he was one of a kind. truly cared about people. and making sure that kids and the elderly were safe. >> it was beautiful, you know, hearing what people had to say about him. you knew more about him -- you felt connected because you knew more about him on a different level. >> those who couldn't make it inside the church stood along the streets outside with flags and signs for the biden family to show their support. coming up in our next half hour we'll hear the touching tribute from beau biden's sibling. you can also go to our nbc 10 news app or to our website, nbc 10 for an entire gallery of photos featuring the life of beau biden. the time right now is 7:06. still ahead, a massive manhunt is underway right now for two convicted killers.
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police in upstate new york are searching for two men who managed to escape from the maximum security prison. how they got out was not easy. hear about the escape plan officials are calling sophisticated. plus this -- >> american pharaoh is finally the one! american pharaoh has won the triple crown! >> an historic victory nearly 40 years in the making. american pharaoh now an american legend. takes home the triple crown. we'll show you more, coming up.
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good morning. plenty of sunshine expected for us today. temperatures warming into the high 70s. just a little bit below average. not quite as warm as what we saw yesterday, which was a high of 81 degree. there's a live look outside right now, mostly clear skies. just a few clouds there. and as we head into the rest of today, we'll continue to see plenty of sunshine but changes on the way. here's a closer look at our futurecast, as we go through the rest of this evening, pushing into our overnight hours and tomorrow morning. you'll notice clouds increasing then the storms move in by tomorrow night. so keep that in mind as you're making your plans to head home for tomorrow. we do expect to see thunderstorms in the area and then lingering showers into your tuesday. but as far as today is concerned, expect temperatures to range between 77 and 80 degrees. sunny and nice if you want to head out to the phillies' game today. also, our temperatures are going
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to continue to stay above average once we get through today, heading into the mid-80s by monday. i'm tracking even warmer weather and i'll have the latest on the storms coming up in my full forecast. this morning, there is a triple crown winner in horse racing and his name is american pharaoh. here's the finish at the belmont stakes in new york and the call that made history. >> and here it is the 37-year wait is over. american pharaoh is finally the one! american pharaoh has won the triple crown! >> turns out jockey victor espinoza had plenty of horse in american pharaoh for the mile and a half-marathon. american pharaoh won the kentucky derby in a battle of the preakness and the belmont yesterday in a powerful performance. trainer bob baffert claimed his first triple crown in four tries. >> it's very emotional. i wish they were alive to see
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this. i was hoping it would happen. i didn't know how it would feel. now i know. >> american pharaoh becomes just the 12th horse to win the triple crown and the first since 1978. next a boat catches fire, sending the entire crew overboard. why their rescue has now become an investigation. plus, two escaped convicts are on the run after breaking out of a maximum security prison. we'll tell you how they got out and why police say the public should be concerned.
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happening right hour a manhunt is underway in upstate new york for two convicted murderers who escaped from a
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maximum security prison. heavily armed strait trooper eded state troopers and k-9 units have been searching neighborhoods near the clinton correctional facility. that's about 25 miles from the canadian border. officials say the inmates who have been identified as richard matt and david sweat used power tools to cut through their cells and then exited through a series of manholes. >> it was elaborate and sophisticated. it encompassed drilling through steel walls and steel pipes. so this was not easily accomplished. >> officials are now trying to figure out how the prisoners got ahold of the tools. this, by the way, is the first escape from the maximum security section since this prison opened in 1865. let's stay in new york. new this morning, an arson squad is now examining a boat that caught fire off the coast of long island. the flames forced the crew overboard. the three men on the boat
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noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment last night. they told police that they tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher. when that didn't work they put on life jackets, jumped into the water, and called 911. police pulled them out minutes later. no word on a cause, but the arson squad is participateing in the investigation. president obama is in germany this morning for the start of the g-7 summit. german chancellor angela merkel greeted the president as he arrived in the bavarian alps. global economics will be the main focus of the annual summit but russia and its apparent recent aggression in ukraine is also expected to be on the agenda. scuffles like this one between police and g-7 protesters in germany yesterday could break out again today. hundreds of demonstrators tried to break through police lines. officers responded with pepper spray and made a number of arrests. now to some new information out of china, where the death toll from a cruise ship disaster
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on the yangtze river has now topped 430. you're looking at some new video of rescue workers and government officials mourning the deaths during a ceremony today. about three dozen people are still missing. the ship capsized in this storm last monday. authorities have arrested the captain and first engineer. they managed to escape and they survived it. they received a warning about the weather before the disaster. residents on mexico's baja peninsula are boarding up businesses and homes in preparation for hurricane blanca. the unpredictable storm strengthened from a category 1 to a cat 4 and weakened slightly yesterday. it is expected to continue to get weaker making landfall as a tropical storm tomorrow. a little bit of a soggy start to the weekend for parts of the jersey shore. some pop-up showers and downpours led to flash flooding in wildwood last night.
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nbc 10 meteorologist brittney shipp is here now with the first alert forecast. brittney, you had talked about this yesterday. you warned us just be aware of it. so a lot of folks heeded that caution. but still, looking at these pictures hard to believe that those pop-up showers were able to produce so much rain and so much water. >> and in some locations, we saw over an inch of rainfall. and they were really short-lived, especially if you were in philadelphia. as we head into the rest of today, we will not be seeing those downpours. in fact, plenty of sunshine and the storms will return to us and we are going to see 90s as we head into the workweek. big changes on the way. temperatures in the high 70s. right now outside, in philadelphia, year at 63 degree. our humidity is at 81%. wind speeds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. eventually we'll see those wind speeds shifting out of the south. current temperatures in the poconos at 51 degrees. mid-50s in pottstown. 56 in glassboro and 58 currently
7:19 am
in millville. our radar shot shows we're seeing quiet conditions although as we head into tomorrow, we're going to see changes on the way. we'll see a lot more moisture heading our way, pushing into monday evening. most of that storm system will stay to the north, but we'll see a front move through with it. and by 7:00 p.m. as you're heading home from work that's when we'll start to see your best chance of thunderstorm activity. not so much when you're heading to work but keep in mind as you're heading home from work tomorrow afternoon and evening, that's when our thunderstorms will start. tuesday, we'll still see lingering showers. so we have an unsettled start to your workweek. we start to see clearing in wednesday, and see our temperatures warming into the 90s by thursday and friday. it's going to take a little while for us to get there. our average for this time of year, 80. today, a high of 78. by tomorrow we'll see temperatures at 84 degrees. so slowly warming back above average. yesterday, we were slightly above average with a high of 81.
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for philadelphia 79 today, sunny and nice wind speeds out of the south, 5 to 10 miles per hour. mostly sunshine, we'll see a few clouds mixed in. temperatures will stay right in the low 70s for the poconos, 78 the high today in reading. 74 in dover. much cooler right along the shore, right in the 70s, but a beautiful day, whether you spend it at the shore or delaware beaches or in the poconos or really in the city, it's really going to be a fantastic day. seven-day forecast shows today, 78 79 degrees. on monday 84 with a chance of those afternoon and evening thunderstorms, and then showers expected tuesday 85 degrees. by wednesday, 87. take a look at thursday and friday. we expect to see a high of 90 degrees on both days hot and humid conditions. then another chance of showers by next saturday. >> looking like summer. i guess we're getting pretty close to the official start of the season. thank you, brittney. you can't hit what you can't see. that old saying means nothing in
7:21 am
beep baseball. it's designed to get visually impaired folks out on the field playing the grand old game. just watch and take a listen. >> set, ready, pitch. >> whoa! >> camden county police took on an organized beep baseball squad at pine point park in camden yesterday. the officers wore blindfolds to level the playing fields. in this game twb balls beep and the bases buzz so players can locate their positions. police and county officials are hoping that the game will urge disabled athletes to form their own beep baseball teams. next dozens of dogs in new jersey in need of rescue. how one organization is connecting man's best friend with some new families.
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this weekend, a camden county family took a stand against childhood cancer and broke a guinness world record in
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the process. the adkins family set out to break the record for the largest cup of lemonade in order to attract more donations to fight cancer. so they set up lily's big grand lemonade stand yesterday in lindenwold park. lily adkins by the way, is a 9-year-old cancer survivor. the family succeeded in breaking the record. the cup held more than 1,700 gallons. proceeds from the event go to the alexes lemonade stand foundation. an event this weekend in camden county connected rsk eded rescue dogs new families. dozens of dogs were at the wannabe adoption event in voor he's as in wannabe adopted. it's that time to get your irish up at penn's landing. pico will set off their events with the irish-american festival. if you're in the mood for music, arts, food, fun, it's all
7:26 am
happening at the grand plaza and it's free to get in. the time is 7:25. still ahead, we are about an hour away from the start of the philadelphia cycle classic. when the pros hit the road. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in manayunk where the racers and spectators are getting ready. >> reporter: some of the pros are here as the amateurs are finishing up their second of two lapse. we'll have an update coming up right after the break. and we couldn't ask for better weather for the event today. temperatures in the high 70s plus plenty of sunshine. but i'm tracking storms and temperatures heads into the 90s. that's coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, the manhunt for a suspected killer in camden county is over. how the three-day search finally
7:29 am
came to an end. and we are just an hour away from the start of the philadelphia cycling classic in manayunk. we're live at the finish line with a preview of all the action. anybody going to the cycling classic really couldn't ask for better weather, even if you're not going to be in manayunk, get outside, it's going to be gorgeous. here's a live look at billy penn in center city. expect lots of sunshine with temperatures warming up well into the 70s. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 7:30 on this sunday. let's get right to that first alert forecast now from meteorologist brittney shipp. going to be a beauty out there, brittney. >> it's going to be really nice. make sure you have plans today, get outside and enjoy it. we have changes on the way, as we head into next week. high 70s today, plenty of sunshine, beautiful conditions even at the shore, where it will stay in the low 70s. so nice to enjoy the shore of delaware beaches. 53 degrees in horsham. low 50s in chester springs. 63 waking up with us in
7:30 am
philadelphia. 57 in bluebell. 60 degrees in oxford right along the shore. we're already at 60. and beach haven, 58 avalon 61 in dover. i'll help you plan your next eight hours for you. here's our planner, by noon 73 as you're heading to lunch. 3:00 p.m. 77 a mix of sun and clouds. wind speeds start to shift out of the southeast-southeast at 9 miles per hour and as we head through the rest of today, you'll notice our clouds increase a bit, but we'll see more sunshine and then we'll see clouds. that's the big difference between today and yesterday. plus, we don't have a chance of any downpours. as you're heading to work tomorrow, we are going to be nice and dry, but changes on the way as we head into the afternoon. i'm tracking those storms in my full forecast. >> as we mentioned, the weather will certainly cooperate today for the elite cyclists from around the world who will tackle the famed manayunk wall. we're about an hour away from the official start of the philadelphia international cycling classic. nbc 10's jesse gary has a prime position along the race route. jesse, tell us about the
7:31 am
amateurs, they've already finished the course right? >> reporter: that's right, rosemary. and right now the professionals are signing in. let me move out of the way. the professionals are coming here to the starting line moving up on to the platform and they are signing up to get started, but just a little while ago, the amateurs started their race and have completed their two laps. here's some video of them as they make their way up the manayunk wall. they did the same race course or are doing the same race course the professionals are doing, but only two laps so a 12.3-mile course, only doing that twice, although twice is quite enough when you figure you have to do the manayunk wall twice. the men will start at 8:30 this morning and then the women kick off at 12:30 this afternoon. and it's is absolutely perfect weather. if you're headed out here bear in mind, a lot of street closures a lot of traffic restrictions and they are towing. so bear that in mind. live in manayunk jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> thank you, jesse.
7:32 am
new from overnight, philadelphia police are searching for a driver who hit a young man and then took off. authorities tell us the 18-year-old victim was walking on ridge avenue in strawberry mansion when he was struck by a black car. it happened around 10:00 last night. the victim is currently in stable condition. also new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who opened fire and shot a man on grands back street in kensington. the victim is in critical condition with a chest wound. the shooting happened around 12:45 this morning. we are working to get some more information on that victim. in camden county the manhunt for this murder suspect is over after he committed suicide. police found michael eitel's body in the garage of a house in west berlin yesterday. investigators say he hanged himself. police began searching for eitel wednesday night after his ex-girlfriend, carol browne, was stabbed to death in the driveway of her house in berlin township. browne had a protection order against eitel.
7:33 am
now we head to the lehigh valley, where a tragedy happened in allentown on friday night. now the neighborhood and community is coming together to mourn the loss of a victim a young victim a 3-year-old girl and her sister. both of them fell more than 40 feet from the window of an apartment building to the ground. nbc 10 was on turner street last night for the memorial vigil. people lit candles and they laid teddy bears on the sidewalk beneath the four-story window. 3-year-old tamara arnette died. her 5-year-old stir tiana, remains in the hospital in critical condition. the coroner has ruled the death an accident. police tell us that they do not expect to file charge against the girl's grandmother, who was watching them at the time of the accident. >> she, you know would never potentially put the girls in harm's way. >> it's very painful. the sad part about it is like when i look up, i can't imagine. >> police say their investigation revealed a flaw in
7:34 am
the window. investigators say the screen was loose and even the slightest push would have popped it out. a packed funeral and moving tribute to former delaware attorney general beau biden. national officials, local leaders, and the general public. the people of delaware gathered in wilmington yesterday to say good-bye to the oldest son of the vice president. beau biden died last weekend after battling brain cancer. ♪ >> beau biden brought to his work a mighty heart. he made you want to be a better person. >> he was the constant anchor for me my brothers our father and our mother. he was our protector, our mediator the captain of our lives. so beauy, see you, love you so much.
7:35 am
much. >> the first memory i have is of lying in a hospital bed next to my brother. i was almost 3 years old. i remember my brother was 1 year and 1 day older than me holding my hand staring into my eyes saying i love you, i love you, i love you over and over and over again. and in the 42 years since, he never stopped holding my hand. he never stopped telling me just how much he loves me and i held his hand and he took his last
7:36 am
breath. and i know that i was loved and i know that his hand will never leave mine. ♪ >> our producer nancy adams, put that piece together, by the way. if you go to our nbc 10 news app or if you go to our website,, there is an entire gallery of photos featuring the life of beau biden. the time right now is 7:36 on this sunday. still ahead, a royal snapshot. we've got the first pictures of prince george and his little sister charlotte. plus colorado residents are bracing for another round of wicked weather after tornadoes
7:37 am
tore through parts of north denver. and here at home i'm tracking quiet conditions for us. we'll see plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the high 70s, but storms are back in your seven-day forecast and temperatures in the 90s. i'll let you know when it's all happening in my full seven-day forecast.
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more severe weather is in the forecast for colorado which is already reeling from tornadoes, heavy rain and hail that struck on thursday. twisters damaged more than two dozen houses and several towns just north of denver. forecasters are now warning residents that conditions are ripe for more violent storms across the plains. good morning. temperatures today staying in the high 70s. low 70s closer to the shore, with plenty of sunshine. big difference from what we saw yesterday with the overcast skies to start, and also those isolated downpours. we don't have a chance of rain in the forecast today. instead, it's just going to be a gorgeous end to your weekend. and really a nice start to the morning. already mild if you're in philadelphia. 63 degrees. 62 in kennett square. 54 in chester springs, mid-50s in horsham. 54 in wrightstown. 57 in quackertown 51 in mt. pocono, right along the shore, already in the 60s.
7:41 am
probably a nice morning for a walk along the sand there. radar shot shows quiet conditions, but take a look at all the changes on your way. not so much for tonight, but by tomorrow afternoon and evening, adds you're heading home from work, this is a chance of thunderstorms here, with heavy downpours expected. and that's going to continue into our monday evening. as far as today is concerned, we are going to see temperatures warming just below average. our average for this time of year 80 degrees. today's high 78. by tomorrow we'll keep climbing. i'll let you know how warm we get coming up in our full seven-day forecast. >> from our delaware bureau if you like to fish and like it free, you can get in on some action today. you can cast your lines at several ponds in the state without a license. you will need a free fisherman i.d. number though. to get it use the nbc 10 news app or go to our website, next, will donald trump join the crowded pack of republicans
7:42 am
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police in philadelphia are investigating two shootings just blocks apart in point breeze. homicide detectives believe that they may be related. the first happened yesterday on oakford street near 23rd. somebody shot and killed a man inside of a van. the second shooting happened nearby. it was last night at 24th and reid streets. police say a man was shot more than a dozen times. he is in extremely critical condition. police have not made any arrests in either case. now to an update about an armed bank robbery in gloucester county. yesterday morning, we showed you these surveillance pictures of a man pointing a gun at the employees of the fulton bank on bridgeton pike in harriston township. the robbery happened friday night. the subject got away with an unknown amount of cash in a gray shopping bag. now police believe the same man was believed in another armed
7:46 am
robbery in west deckford. if you recognize him or have information, call 911. now to decision 2016. it already features a packed field of republican presidential candidates. we'll find out next week if there's room for a certain real estate mogul and reality tv star. donald trump says that a lot of people will be happy with his upcoming decision about whether he's going to run for president. he told north carolina's republican convention that he will make that decision in new york on june 16th. trump flirted with a white house run in 2012. singer enrique iglesias says his hand is getting better little by little. he posted a photo on instagram that showed his unharmed hand with a red "thank you" on it. the message was meant to thank his fans for their spoth. iglesias sliced his firpgs when he grabbed a drone during a concert in tijuana, next last weekend. the drone was used to provide overhead shots during the show. the singer continued to perform
7:47 am
for about 30 minutes after the injury. in his instagram post iglesias says that he would back performing in mexico in july. it seems like britain's prince george is already getting the hang of his new role as big brother. take a look at these first pictures of george together with his new sister princess charlotte. the duke and duchess of cambridge released the photos yesterday. duchess kate took them herself at the family home. the family has been there since princess charlotte was born on may 2nd. it is commencement day at p jbpcome. 265 graduates already got their white coats. now the physicians will receive their diplomats. the commencement will be held a little bit later on this morning at the kimmel center. talking weather now, great weather. couldn't ask for a better day for a ball game. here's a live look at citizen's
7:48 am
bank park in philadelphia. the phillies will try to avoid a sweep as they wrap up a series with the san francisco giants. game time is 1:35. and what a day if you head out for the phillie's game with temperatures today warming into the high 70s. plenty of sunshine so it is a sunday beauty. storms return as we head into tomorrow, and i'm tracking 90s thursday and friday. so hot and humid conditions are on the way. you better get out and enjoy it today with these really comfortable temperatures. already starting off at 63 degrees. that's a mild start. wind speeds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. across the rest of the region 51 in the poconos. 62 in westchester. 56 currently in atlantic city and 60 degrees in stone harbor. we'll start to see warming conditions, not so much right now with the difference at 8 degrees cooler in allentown, it's 12 degrees cooler from this time yesterday, and reading, but we'll start to close that gap as we get into the afternoon.
7:49 am
temperatures will be similar to what we saw yesterday. yesterday we did push into the 80s. today we'll stay just below 80 degrees, just moreaubelow our average. we are tracking a few changes as we head into the rest of tomorrow. so as you head to work tomorrow clear conditions. as you head home that's when we'll start to see the chance of thunderstorm activity moving in. it will linger into your monday night. 8:00 p.m. some of the heaviest rain will be closer to allentown, stretching out to lancaster county. and continuing on and off throughout monday night. and then once again, tuesday, we'll see another chance of showers. so the more severe weather is going to be on monday. that's when we have the chance for thunderstorms. tuesday is more scattered showers, and by wins we'll start to see clearing but we will also see our temperatures warming up. we're right at the beginning of a warming trend. after today, we'll head above average. take a look at monday 84. and we'll keep climbing until we get to 90 degrees by thursday and friday. but for today, sunny and nice,
7:50 am
wind speeds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 78 degrees will be the high in philadelphia. same thing in allentown. 70 in mt. pocono right along the shore, staying closer to the low 70s. so really you can't go wrong, whether you're in the poconos, the shore, checking out the phillies game or staying right in philadelphia. temperatures will range between 77 and 80 degrees. again, sunny and nice conditions for us. and our seven-day forecast shows warmer weather on the way. a chance of storms then showers tuesday. then warmer weather wednesday, thursday friday and another chance of showers by next saturday. a new federal report reveals that new jersey officials did not properly award $60 million in hurricane sandy contracts for storm repairs. the watchdog report from the department of housing and urban development or hud says that the state did not prepare cost estimates. according to that report those estimates were actually $9 million less after the deal was signed. the report recommends that new jersey officials repay some of
7:51 am
the money to hud. governor chris christie's office is responding to this news and admitting that the report raises issues that quote, don't square with the facts. good morning to you. i'm danny pommells. how about it affirmed in 1987 was the last horse to capture the triple crown in horse racing. that is until saturday. out of the gates, american pharaoh was in the middle of the pack, but he quickly emerged as they neared the finish. have a listen. >> and here it is! the 37-year wait is over! american pharaoh is finally the one! american pharaoh has won the triple crown! >> yeah man. it's been a long time coming. american pharaoh captures the nation. the first horse in 37 years to win the triple crown. history saturday at belmont park. >> what are you thinking? what are you feeling right now? >> it's very emotional.
7:52 am
i'm thinking about my parents. i wish they were alive to see this. and i was hoping it would happen. i didn't know how i was going to feel. now i know. >> well galloping into victory. the phillies meanwhile, held a moment of silence before their game today for beau biden, the son of vice president joe biden was laid to rest on saturday. after the game we took it up in the third inning. already 2-0. giants on top with matt duffy having a monster series. singles off and buster posey touches home it's 3-0. later in the inning this single up the middle scores two more runs. 6-0, san fran. but oau contraire. jeff francoeur, grand slam off madison bumgardner. it's a 6-4 game. but in the seventh, bumgardner can swing too, knocks in a run, giants beat the phillies 7-5. game two of the stanley cup
7:53 am
final was the night cap. game time in the third period at three, what gives. jason garrison breaks a tie with a slap shot his second goal of the playoffs. the lightning take game two, series tied one game a piece. the teams now shift to chicago on monday for game three. serena williams and lucy safarovo, serena wins her 20th grand slam title. meanwhile, the union in action against new york city fc. they blew a second half lead and this in the 87th minute completed the comeback win for new york as the union fall 2-1. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports need. i really don't know golf i admit it but i know this much. this was the worst round of tiger woods' career. that's what tiger woods shot yesterday at the pga tournament in dublin ohio. he carted a 13 over par 85.
7:54 am
he saved the worst of the worst for the last needing eight strokes on the 18th hole. we're going to take a quick break and we'll wrb. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
7:55 am
introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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it's that time of year when nbc 10 and nbc universal give away free money for organizations in our area that are doing the most good. the project is called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs.
7:57 am
the application is on our website, eligibility requirements are also listed there. by the way the deadline to apply is july 3rd. before we leave you on this sunday, let's talk about the sunday. what a gorgeous day ahead, right, brittney? >> right. i'm ready to run out of the studio, and have a good time. it's going to be so nice. 70s today, plenty of sunshine for us and then we are going to see big changes on the way, as we head into your workweek. there's a live look at cape may. let's take a look at your seven-day forecast. 78 today and nice. you can head out for the phillie's game beautiful conditions. 84 by tomorrow. we track thunderstorms as you head home from work. keep that in mind. showers on tuesday, then take a look at thursday friday 90 degrees on both days with a chance of showers next saturday. >> i only hesitate brittney -- >> why do you hesitate? >> because i really enjoy spending time here with you inside the studio and with our viewers, but it's going to be a great day, so get out and enjoy it. that's going to do it for us on
7:58 am
this sunday. have a good one.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, a far -- pharaoh is crowned. race nothing immortality at the bell tonight. >> american pharoah, fight to the end, american pharoah has won the triple crown! >>. >> what's next moreial or life as a stud? this morning, american pharoah will join us and be seen right there exclusively along with winning jockey victor espinoza and hall of fame trainer, bob baffert. prison break two convicted killers on the loose this morning after escaping from a maximum security prison using power tools to cut the steel walls. >> it was elaborate. it was sophisticated. >> the up to and community on high alert this morni


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