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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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lightning with it now but at the rate that it's moving it would be near allentown right around 5:00 this afternoon. that's what our future cast shows for 5:00. you can see most of the activity is in the pennsylvania counties. it is mostly this evening, after 6:00 or 7:00 and any of these areas in red could potentially have thunderstorms that would produce damaging winds. there's 10:00 and now we're getting closer and closer to southeastern pennsylvania. we will continue to update this and go hour by hour through the night in just a few minutes. when we're not on the air, get storm updates by following me on twitter. i will be posting tweets with updated storm forecasts all night long. in the meantime to other news. nbc 10 has some new developments this afternoon in the weekend hit and run of a south jersey teenager. sky force 10 over the vehicle believed to be the one that hit the boy. 17-year-old kyle pszenny is in
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critical condition. he's a football player from sale im m county. >> rosemary connors is live where the hit and run happened. finding that car today is a big step forward in the investigation. >> reporter: it is. it is. we want to show you what's happening right now. if you can turn around you can see the suspect in the blue shirt, the driver who has been identified as 23-year-old zackary mcdonnough. he is being charged with aggravated assault with an automobile failure to report an accident and leaving the scene of the accident. according to police he came to the station to tell investigators he was the driver over the weekend. he realized he had hit something but wasn't sure what it was and he was scared to come forward until now. until police tracked down his car. >> all they had to do was stop. pull over to the side of the road realize they had hit somebody. >> reporter: it didn't take long for police to track down the
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suspect's car, a gray 2002 hyundai accent with a search warrant investigators will look for any evidence of the hit and run early sunday morning that left 17-year-old kyle pszenny, a pennsville high school football player, in critical condition. >> he's worried about being found out, obviously. even if he waited the next day and came to the police station, said look i think i hit a deer last night, i hit something, he didn't do that. he covered this up. >> reporter: according to the police chief, the suspect must have known he clipped pszenny while the teen was riding his skateboard on north hook road. investigators say the suspect hid his car under a cover that was stolen from a neighbor's front yard. >> a report was made on the car cover taken from a house over that way. >> justice needs to be served. what he did was wrong. the fact that he just kept going just shows he's not a good person. i can't believe it. >> reporter: friends in football gear gathered across the street from the suspect's house where police found the car, about a mile from the scene of the hit
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and run. >> in football he was always the best teammate. always picking everybody up. always positive. he was never a downer. he has really good grades. he's a solid kid. >> reporter: again, the driver whom you saw just a moment ago being taken into the court nearby to be processed and arraigned on those charges i mentioned. he has been identified by police as zackary mcdonnough. police say he told investigators he had been out earlier in the evening at a few bars he did say he had a few drinks but because police were not there at the time of the accident to give hem a breathalyzer to determine if he was intoxicated, at this point the charges are not related to that. we will have more details on this investigation coming up at 5:00. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. family and friends will gather in a few hours from now for a vigil in memory of a philadelphia teen killed by a prospective drunk driver last night. today they placed mementos at the site where the 17-year-old
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was hit while riding his bike in hunting park. his uncle says what happened to him could have happened to anyone in that neighborhood. >> every sunday they drink there, they come through this light and they don't stop they don't care who's around. there are kids around here all the time. >> so far, police have not filed charges against the driver. sky force 10 over philadelphia's ben franklin high school as the fire department hoses douse the fire inside a classroom. everyone inside got out as firefighters worked to bring that situation under control. nbc 10's keith jones live in the dimgt digital operations center to tell us about the impact of the fire. >> the fire alarm went off before 10:00 this morning. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to get it under control. at the time, there were 457 students inside the spring garden building. they went home early because of the fire. according to officials, a teacher discovered the fire in the ceiling of a fourth floor science classroom. students and staff were
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evacuated and the fire was put out before it could spread. right now, officials aren't sure what caused the fire but detectives were at that school earlier today. we just made a call. there is still no word as to when the school's going to reopen. keith jones, nbc 10 news. take a look at this close call. that's an oil truck that flipped over right next to a home in south jersey. the accident sent oil spilling into the street. sky force 10 over this scene around 10:00 this morning on birchfield drive in mt. laurel. the driver doesn't appear to be hurt. no other cars were involved. there could be a big break in the case of a south jersey boy missing for more than two decades. >> yes. police are naming a man they hope someone can confirm was in the area when mark himebaugh vanished. mark was just 11 years old when he disappeared from middle township cape may county, back in 1991. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has been covering this story for years.
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>> now ted's live with new information that could shed light on what happened nearly a quarter century ago. ted? >> reporter: since this new push for leads began last week i have been digging more into the himebaugh case and a face from the past has surfaced again. >> we are looking at everything that has been done in this case. >> reporter: that includes taking a new look at this man. middle township police want to hear from anyone who might have seen him in cape may county in the late '80s or early '90s. >> investigators have focused on any connections to cape may county in the past and that continues to be our focus with this new effort. >> reporter: authorities are now confirming that the convicted sex offender is one of several persons of interest in the november 1991 disappearance of 11-year-old mark himebaugh near his middle township home. some of those who knew butcavage
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believe there's a strong resemblance between him and this sketch of a man seen talking to himebaugh shortly before he vanished. >> his name has been out in the media previously. that's why we feel comfortable responding to any inquiries about him. >> reporter: a 1993 story in the philadelphia inquirer detailed how police searched his haverford township home after a tip linked him to the himebaugh case a claim his lawyer says he categorically denies. we dug up pennsylvania court records that show six years later, he pleaded guilty to numerous sex crime charges involving underaged boys in chester county. he continues to serve a prison sentence of up to 32 years. >> the connection to cape may county is something that's been lacking in our efforts related to him and that's why we would ask anyone with any knowledge to contact us. >> reporter: since launching a
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partnership last week with the national center for missing and exploited children local authorities say they have received dozens of tips by phone and at this command post near the spot where mark himebaugh was last seen. police now in the process of investigating those leads and those tips and as you heard, they definitely want to receive more tips. live in middle township ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with an off-duty wilmington police officer accused of taking a celebration way too far. >> investigators say the corporal was drunk when he bashed down someone's door thinking it was his own. turns out he picked the wrong residence. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong tells us it really touched off a scare. i can imagine. >> reporter: certainly a scare for the people in the house at that point. the paperwork shows the wilmington officer fell asleep in his car after drinking at a party. he then went in and kicked in a door. to be clear, he says he thought it was his own house. to be extra clear --
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>> it happened in the early hours of this saturday morning. delaware police say michael spencer got drunk at a party down the street, fell asleep in his corvette and kicked in the door of what he says he believed to be his own house. the homeowner told me the story on the phone. we got the court documents with the account. they show michael spencer, seen here in a facebook photo, kicked through the door frame at the house. the female homeowner jumped out a window to go get a neighbor. her husband held spencer at gunpoint. documents show spencer yelled it's a mistake, don't shoot, i'm black, i'm a cop. delaware state police did not include spencer's employer in the spot where it's supposed to be listed on the paperwork. sources do confirm for nbc 10 he is a corporal here and although the department spokesperson won't confirm it we were told by other sources spencer was at work today but in street clothes, not on his normal duty. wilmington police just a few minutes ago confirmed that yes, corporal spencer is now on administrative duty. that is departmental policy. i did try calling corporal spencer to see if he had a response. i have not heard back. i also called state police i
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wanted to ask why they didn't list the employer on the affidavit. there's a spot where you are supposed to put in the employer name. i wanted to know why they chose not to include he's a wilmington police officer. i have yet to hear an answer on that. hopefully we will have something later in the newscast. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the red cross is helping a family of four after fire burned through an apartment building in southwest philadelphia this morning. sky force 10 was over the scene in the 6100 block of eastwick terrace. no one was hurt. a thief made an unusual entrance at a south jersey burger king this morning. police tell us he crawled through a drive-through window. these are surveillance photos from the restaurant on route 73 in maple saidhadeshade. police say the man pulled a gun and forced an employee to open the safe. he made off with about $7,000. a local priest admitted he tried to lure children into having sex. 56-year-old mark haynes pleaded guilty to using the internet to sexually exploit children.
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he also admitted to having child pornography and then trying to destroy it. federal investigators say the former priest at st. simon and jude church in west chester pretended to be a 16-year-old girl on a teen dating website. authorities say he used that site to entice girls to send him sexually explicit pictures. he could go to prison for life when sentenced coming up in september. well it's a brand new law in pennsylvania but changes are already being considered as a state legislative committee is weighing whether stronger background checks for people who work with children is too much of a burden. some fear the law will force groups to cut back on programs limiting the new law will save workers and volunteers from having to go through duplicate background checks. a revision of the child protection law would offer free background checks every three years. right now background checks cost as much as $48. representative madeline dean who drafted the bill said quote, this legislation would ensure that the measures intended to protect our children do not create an undue burden for volunteers and the organizations
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they serve. the number of pennsylvania lawmakers who have pleaded guilty to taking cash for favors is now up to four. the latest is state representative michelle brownlee who admitted to tag $2,000 from an informant posing as a lobbyist looking for favors. now she has resigned from her elected position. she will serve 18 months probation. the case was originally dropped by pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane who said it was too flawed for conviction. philadelphia's d.a. seth williams pursued the case. camden county seeing a steep rise in heroin overdoses and now officials there have issued a safety alert. in the past week more than 30 people have overdosed, three of them died but four were saved after camden county police officers gave them a drug that counters the effects of the heroin. there were six overdoses just yesterday alone. new information in the showdown over who will run the pennsylvania state police. today the republican controlled state senate is rejecting
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governor tom wolff's nominee for police commissioner. despite today's developments the governor says he will keep colonel marcus brown in the post as acting commissioner. some retired troopers criticize brown because he wears a trooper's uniform but didn't attend the state police academy. republicans question how brown can leaved the agency without rank and file support. this morning, the governor withdrew his name from consideration but the senate went ahead and moved the nomination ahead for consideration. in a statement, the government said in part it is common practice for governors to recall nominations to allow time for additional discussion. historically the senate honors a governor's decision. a group of low-wage workers at philadelphia international airport protested inside city hall today. baggage handlers and airplane cleaners representing the service employees international union say they are living in poverty making as little as
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$7.25 an hour. they want city council to pass a bill they feel will protect workers from irresponsible contractors. >> i have a family of four. my son's right here and i'm fighting for my kids. i need a living wage. what they pay me is not a living wage at all. >> the protesters say it's important their message is heard now, especially before the world meeting of families come september. trial got under way today for relatives of a man who shot and killed two women in a delaware county courthouse. the three are charged with cyberstalking and conspiracy. jury selection began today for the three accused of stalking david's ex-wife, christine belford, because she was shot and killed by david's father. she and her friend were killed by belford's former father-in-law back in 2013 as she walked into the new castle county courthouse. matus' wicz shot and killed himself after exchanging gunfire with police. according to officials the
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family members conspired for years to harass and stalk belford. they deny stalking her or knowing he was going to kill her. a new survey finds penn state's former president was the highest paid public college president in 2014. his total compensation was nearly $1.5 million. the chronicle of higher education says a significant portion of the pay was because he took ownership of his balance in a university-sponsored life insurance plan valued at nearly $600,000. now to a developing story today. two killers who broke out of a maximum security prison in new york state are still on the run. >> the men made their escape on saturday. nbc 10's jacqueline london has the latest on how police are working to try to find the pair. >> reporter: this is an escape straight out of a movie. the convicts drilled, dug and clawed their way out of the prison. the killers somehow got out of the clinton correctional facility in the town of
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dannemora. the prison is more than 100 years old, built of stone walls several feet thick. the escape was so sophisticated that many are wondering if the men got help from someone inside the prison. the murderers used power tools and a lot of know-how. new york governor andrew cuomo says he doesn't believe any prison guards helped those escapees. the prison is very close to the canadian border. searchers say the killers could be anywhere by now. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. texas police officers now on administrative leave after this video was posted online. you are going to see an officer pushing a 14-year-old girl right there, to the ground. then he pulls his gun on two boys. police say the incident began when officers responded to a report of a disturbance at a neighborhood pool party. >> it is our hope and prayer that the chief of police the mayor of this city handle this
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situation by not only firing this officer but taking his license because this was simply based on race. >> the police chief says the video raises concerns that are being investigated by the department. south african athlete oscar pistorius' days behind bars will soon be over. officials say the convicted killer will be released on good behavior and go under house arrest in august. that means he will serve just ten months of his five-year sentence. pistorius was convicted in october of culpable homicide in the killing of his model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, in 2013. president obama says the pentagon is still working on a plan to ramp up the fight against islamic state fighters in iraq. the fight against isis was among the issues discussed at the g-7 summit in germany today. president obama met with iraq's prime minister there and the president said the u.s. doesn't yet have a complete strategy because the plan requires
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commitment from the iraqis. mr. obama reiterated that isis will be defeated though there will be setbacks and lessons learned along the way, he said. the president also pledged to boost training and assistance for iraqi security forces to help them take the offensive as well as be on the defensive. it's a pretty stormy late afternoon in central pennsylvania and some of that activity is moving this way. that's why we have a first alert out for tonight. severe thunderstorm threat with damaging winds, lightning, downpours and even the possibility of one or two tornadoes in the area. the threats for heavy rain are moderate to high. the lightning and gusty winds, pretty high especially for the high winds. the hail threat is higher than normal even in a normal severe thunderstorm situation and a tornado threat is significantly
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higher than in a normal severe weather situation around here although it's never really really high around here. 85 degrees for the temperature, the winds south at 16 gusting to 26 miles an hour. that's eight degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday, and it is plenty warm and plenty humid out there. southerly wind at the shore keeping things a little bit cooler. there's that southerly wind and it's a fairly significant one, 16 to 24 miles an hour. that's one of the ingredients into this severe weather episode that we have now. the watches and warnings the general area yellow is a tornado watch, it's now been extended to include the poconos, lehigh valley berks county lancaster county until 10:00. this area in red is a tornado warning based on radar but generally headed in the general direction of the lehigh valley. so we'll track that one along with some of these other ones in central pennsylvania. now, the first one that was
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headed toward lehigh valley looks like it's weakened a little bit but this one back here that is the one we are tracking now. it goes until 5:46 in allentown, 6:07 in easton. if it continues on its path. the futurecast hour by hour shows the heavy thunderstorms up in lehigh valley by 5:00 and by 7:00 we are still getting the majority of the activity north and west although there could be some activity developing in southeastern pennsylvania, too. here's 10:00 and again, the lehigh valley and berks county and down toward chester county that's the peak of the time i think will be the threat of severe weather. the remnants of those storms comes right through the philadelphia area later tonight. so it's in the middle of the night tonight. so as we go through the night tonight, we have the showers and storms spreading from west to east. tomorrow, a chance of some leftover morning showers but we are not anticipating severe weather. it's going to be a little drier
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in the afternoon and the high temperature in the mid to upper 80s. seven-day forecast another warm day on wednesday but likely dry and then the heat comes in. thursday looks pretty hot. friday perhaps even hotter. and more humid, with a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. and higher chances of storms on saturday before we dry out a bit. the brand new kiosk on drexel's campus that will diagnose your mental health on the spot. we are asking the university why they think it will be beneficial to students. plus new jersey residents can now sell from their home and it's not inspected by the state. how close local law makers are to allowing new mothers to get a prescription for breast milk coming right up on nbc 10 news.
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of prussia service plaza located westbound on interstate 276 in montgomery county because construction work is being done to fix a section of pavement in the parking lot. so if you need gas, you can go to the service plaza on 76 in chester county. 150 days that's how long an amnesty will be in place for companies that help illegal internet gamblers in new jersey. after that companies that operate illegally will be prosecuted. new jersey gambling regulators say the companies won't be approved for legal internet gambling if they apply in the future. breast milk bank could soon be a reality in the garden state. today, a senate committee is considering allowing facilities to process and store human breast milk. the idea is to help women who have trouble nursing or need breast milk for medical reasons for their children. now back to one of our top stories at 4:00. >> that's right. a break in the case of a weekend hit and run involving a local teenager. police have tracked down the driver of the car shortly after finding the vehicle that struck
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a 17-year-old high school football player in pennsville. he was critically injured. also this a duck that needs direction. new in our second half hour the brightly colored character that just arrived in our area and in search of its mother. i'm tracking a line of storms that could pack dangerous wind. find out if it will have an impact where you live in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert storm forecast. coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 watching your health. how local researchers are using the apple watch to help patients fight breast cancer.
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right now at 4:30 nbc 10 first alert weather technology tracking storms as they fire up
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out to our west. they're moving this way. count on nbc 10 to track them for you and the potential impact on our region. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back now. >> tell us where the storms are right now. >> they are still in central pennsylvania one of them traveling along i-81 and generally moving in our direction. that's why we have a first alert out for tonight. some of these storms are pretty powerful. they contain some damaging winds and hail. the main threat is in our pennsylvania counties closer to where the storms are now. damaging winds and hail are quite possible. there is a tornado watch in effect in this entire yellow area. you can see it involves many many counties. right now it also includes the poconos, lehigh valley and berks county. we have tornado warnings that were issued and now have expired here to our west so that is
4:31 pm
good news in the short term but you can still see there's plenty of activity right there in the middle of the state, including flash flood warnings because some of the storms are tracking right over the same areas. as we go in a little bit closer this one storm that had a tornado warning has weakened a little bit. it continues to move to the east and will arrive in allentown about 5:18, and the other storm that's more powerful would be about 5:51 in allentown. so there are multiple threats for thunderstorms that would go through the evening. the first threat lehigh valley but there may be some other storms developing farther to the south and as we go through the evening, we do expect these storms to continue and get a little closer to southeastern pennsylvania. we will track them for you for the rest of the afternoon and tonight. >> thank you, glenn. if you downloaded the nbc 10 news app for your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to
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track these storms using the same realtime radar that glenn and our first alert weather team use right here in our weather center. other news now. philadelphia police still trying to figure out who left a woman shot and bleeding early this morning in hunting park. she's in the hospital now in critical condition. this happened on north franklin street. investigators say two gunmen were involved but police are questioning a witness. so far, no one has been arrested. a robbery at a rent-a-center is caught on tape and now police are asking for your help in tracking down the thief. this all happened may 23rd at the store on aramingo avenue in kensington. the police say a suspect threw a bag on the counter and demanded money, then pulled out a gun and demanded more money from the safe. if you know who this guy is please call police. a trash truck slammed no into a utility pole in northeast philadelphia and sparked a small fire. fortunately, no one was hurt. to delaware now, where state
4:33 pm
troopers arrested a man and charged him with his seventh dui after they say he was involved in a crash at south state street and west birdie lane sunday night. troopers say they smelled alcohol when they approached his car. he has six other dui arrests dating back to 1987. look at this. heavy smoke and flames pouring out a home in camden this morning. this was the scene from sky force 10 around 6:00 a.m. took crews about 90 minutes to bring this fire on langham avenue under control. there was a man inside when the fire started but he did make it out safely. a morning fire at a pennsylvania chemical plant had nearby people trapped in their homes. the fire started near hanover at the miller chemical and fertilizer plant. take a look at this twitter video captured as the fire was still out of control. look at that. officials say they kept neighbors inside as a precaution because the burning chemicals were not toxic. however, people in the area
4:34 pm
reported burning eyes as well as a bad smell. there are no reports of anyone getting hurt. officials say they will continue to monitor the air quality there. from our south jersey bureau this afternoon, police are telling us robbers trying to break into a fur show instead started a fire. happened at the highlight fur center on route 38 in maple shade. police say burglars broke into the building using a blowtorch to cut through a metal wall. several furs were burned by the fire that caused more than $100,000 in damage. a local police chief was also a bicycle repair man over the weekend. the upland police chief saw a group of kids having trouble with one of their bikes at a shopping center. he asked if they needed help. the chief called in reinforce reinforcements who brought tools and the chief and another officer had the bike working in no time. the handymen didn't realize it at the time but a shopper snapped this picture of the rescue. nice of them. today, concert chaos. >> nbc 10 with the video of some new jersey state troopers
4:35 pm
clashing with ticket holders who say they should have been allowed into the show. also the big yellow visitor. colorful character that just arrived in our area looking for its mom and why there's a good chance you could be seeing a lot of him. cooking up cash? the plan that would help you earn serious dough with your own kitchen recipes without a visit from the health department. then all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00 going public. the whistle blower who took down a fraternity at penn state is speaking out. how he says the school looked the other way when he came forward with hazing allegations.
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physically injured. that's according to a new study that finds exposure leads to high rates of depression and anxiety. those children tend to join gangs and carry a weapon themselves. one in four kids has been a victim of gun or knife violence. one in 33 has been directly assaulted. kate moss reportedly was booted from an airplane after police say a passenger was disruptive. happened yesterday on a flight from turkey to london. authorities confirm a passenger was escorted off the plane but did not name moss. they say no one was arrested. moss was apparently returning from vacation. this warning to some local residents. >> an automated call could get your phone ringing. don't fall for this trap. we have the latest on that. also make dough from home? today the measure that would allow at-home bakers to create sweet treats and cash in without having the health department getting involved in your kitchen creation.
4:40 pm
emi'm tracking the potential for severe weather. find out when the storms make their way to our region and the impact they could have in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert storm forecast. plus this. students left in limbo. officials have found a problem with the s.a.t. tests taken over the weekend. how it could affect students' scores. that's coming up at 5:00.
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crowds clashed with police creating chaos at a concert in north jersey over the weekend. police arrested 61 people. ten new jersey state troopers were injured in this clash outside the hot summer jam concert at metlife stadium.
4:44 pm
the arrests came after police tried to climb fences and push past security to get into the sold-out show. we have a warning this afternoon about an irs scam in delaware. numerous residents have called state police complaining about automated calls. this scam involves a person claiming they work for the irs who demands payment and if the victim refuses they are threatened with arrest deportation or suspension of their driver's license. some sweet news for new jersey residents with a flair for breaking. >> it could soon be okay to make money off your treats. a new bill is being considered that allows the sale of homemade baked goods as long as customers know the kitchen was not inspected by the state. the bill excludes home bakers from regulations that commercial bakers have to follow. well, this one won't exactly fit in your bathtub but the ten foot tall rubber duck is just the right size for a ride on the delaware river. rocky the baby duck arrived in philadelphia and took shape
4:45 pm
outside 30th street station. now he's looking for his mom who just happens to be the world's largest rubber ducky. mama duck is a whopping 61 feet tall and is coming to town for the tall ships festival which takes place from june 25th to the 27th. until then baby rocky will need the public's help to find his way around as he makes stops across the area. and that duck's going to get wet tonight, most likely and a lot of the rest of us are as well. take the rain gear certainly. we have a first alert out for the storms coming in tonight. we are tracking them moving from west to east. there is even a chance of a tornado or two at least in parts of the area. the general risk is of course heavier for some of these other things. lightning and especially the high winds, damaging winds. the hail threat is elevated today, as is the tornado threat
4:46 pm
even compared to a normal severe weather episode. everyone is different. they have different ingredients and that's why we put the tracker out to give you an idea of where the threats are relatively speaking. 85 degrees right now, winds at 16 gusting to 26 miles an hour. eight degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday so it is a warm and very humid afternoon. the humidity is really gone up since this morning. you can feel it out there with those southerly winds and they are gusting pretty strong down in southern delaware and at the jersey shore, up to 30 miles an hour. 26 miles an hour at philly international. now, we see the tornado watch in the light yellow covering a good bit of pennsylvania. these little bit darker areas, those are severe thunderstorm warnings. we no longer have any tornado warnings. of course, that's good news. the other piece of good news is that these cells as they start approaching our area have been weakening a little bit.
4:47 pm
there's that original one that had the tornado warning with it. this one was a little bit stronger too. but the area that's getting clobbered is right around harrisburg. this cluster here looks like it would time out to about 5:50 in allentown, at 6:10 in easton. there will be others developing some coming in from maryland. that's what we have to watch in the philadelphia area not so much this stuff coming down from allentown. you can see that there's going to be a lot of rain thunderstorms and in some cases, there are going to be forming and traveling over the same areas to create some localized flooding possibly. late this evening, there's a lot still on the radar and once it moves past at midnight that's not necessarily the end of this thing, because the general area of showers looks like it's going to hang around for a little while. here we are on tuesday and there may be some showers in the morning but that southerly wind is going to push the temperature
4:48 pm
way up into the 80s. not nearly as stormy tomorrow as it is today. as a matter of fact much of the afternoon should be dry and pleasant. then we start to get a northwest wind on wednesday and that is going to drop the humidity. so we will be noticing that, too. the scattered thunderstorms spreading west to east during the evening hours. again, the potential for gusty winds and hail and we will keep tracking them for you. chance of some morning showers around tomorrow not like the thunderstorms tonight, though. sunny and fairly warm in the afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 80s. the average high is now 81. we are going to be above that all week probably all through the seven-day period. wednesday, 87 generally dry. then it starts to heat up more on thursday and friday and the humidity starts to go up and by saturday we have a front coming through with some thunderstorms
4:49 pm
likely with the lower humidity coming on sunday. but that may just be a temporary thing. so looks like we are getting into a summertime kind of pattern here. some of that includes the thunderstorms. but those are way warmer numbers than we saw last week. >> sure was. all right. thank you, glenn. big birthday for barbara bush calls for a big family gathering, of course. the former first lady being surrounded by relatives at the bush family summer compound in maine as she's celebrating her 90th birthday. the family will mark the milestone with a gala later tonight. >> wow. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. want to tell you about it. the project is 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application's on our
4:50 pm
website, you will find eligibility requirements there and the deadline to apply is coming up on july 3rd. you have some time. to this now. it looks like an atm. >> but instead of dispensing cash it dispenses potentially life-saving help. nbc 10 shows you this screen saver now on one local college campus and how it can lead troubled students in the right direction. plus big question here. will tim tebow make the team? a player from the phillies is trying to help the quarterback improve his game. tebow tells us all about it, that's coming up on nbc 10 at 5:00.
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nbc 10 first alert weather tracking the chance for severe weather in our area. our first alert weather technology tracking it right now. you see the storms in our west. live look at the poconos. this area could see some of the rough weather. count on nbc 10 and first alert weather to bring you the latest on these approaching storms as well as the potential impact they could have where you live. 50 high school students will be able to attend rowan university for free thanks to a $1 million gift from the give something back foundation. this fall the foundation will identify school districts they will work with and the first class chosen for scholarships will begin college in the fall of 2019. drexel university is trying to help students take care of both their minds and their bodies. >> that's right. they have developed a unique way
4:55 pm
to make this all happen. now the university rec center is a one of a kind tool to help diagnose mental health. the mind care kiosk allows students to take a quick test and get immediate results about their current mental state. >> the kiosk is an attempt to in that regard bring mental health to the forefront and encourage students to be in direct ownership of their own minds and how they cope. >> an additional kiosk is being installed for patients and community members at the 11th street family health services center in north philadelphia. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. we continue to track a first alert for potentially severe storms. glenn? >> yeah we have a tornado watch to the north and west. i'm tracking the latest radar movement to see where the storms are going to go and what they can bring. plus it took authorities seven weeks to track down suspected trooper killer eric frein but now the man in charge
4:56 pm
of putting him on trial could soon be out of a job. plus new developments in the hit and run that seriously injured a high school football player from south jersey. nbc 10 was there as police took their suspect into custody. within the last hour we will go live to pennsville for the latest on the case, next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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4:58 pm
right now at 5:00, a tornado
4:59 pm
watch for parts of our area. nbc 10 has issued a first alert as we track the potential for severe storms. >> let's get right to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" skwarts schwartz? what's the latest? >> the tornado watch has been extended and does cover part of our area. we issued the first alert this morning because of the threat that was going to be coming later today and tonight with the chance of severe storms. the main threat in our pennsylvania counties and the damaging winds and hail are possible with this particular setup. the tornado watch in this area in light yellow covers a lot of the state of pennsylvania and maryland and new york state. this one red area that's a flash flood warning in central pennsylvania. some of these storms not really moving a whole lot, especially just west of harrisburg. you're just getting clobbered. washington is about to get clobbered. you can see there's virtually nothing between reading and philadelphia. a lot of lightning with these
5:00 pm
and we track them to see which way they're going. this particular cell that's moving to the east that had a tornado warning with it an hour ago and so did this one. this one back to the west is the stronger one. so that will be closer to 6:00 in allentown if that continues at a certain speed. now, this futurecast and other models showing developments in maryland that could kind of sneak in from the southwest here. that's showing that by 6:00 7:00. don't just wait for this stuff back in central pennsylvania to come in. there may be the remnants of what's in washington now. you can see 8:00 9:00, 10:00, there's a lot of activity around. sometimes these storms will bump into each other and create some localized flooding. there's 11:00 with the heaviest right on top of the philadelphia area. so we have many many hours to watch and to track these storms.


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