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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  June 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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this video will help them find a suspect involved in a shootout with a police detective inside a pizza shop. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. jesse, you've been talking with detectives and neighbors, what are they telling you? >> reporter: neighbors are saying this crime is shocking but they don't want to go on camera and talk about it. too many are scared since the surviving suspect is still on the loose. police hope this surveillance video will bring the case to a close quickly. they say the man on the left
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side of the screen is wanted in connection with several gunpoint robberies across the city. he and 33-year-old andrew ellerbe tried to rob rising sun pizza. offduty officer was inside at the time. he pulled his weapon and fired after ellerbe fired first. ellerbe was killed and now his search is on for his accomplice. i checked in with homicide officers, and they say they don't have any arrests or information at this time. i'm talking to the pizza shop owner. you'll hear his comments coming up at 11:30. live in lawndale jesse gary "nbc10 news." the new jersey state supreme court has sided with governor christie in fight with public workers union over pension funds. the workers wanted the state to pay more into their pensions after governor christie reduced the pension payments last year. it told christie and legislature to work out pension increase contributions.
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getting a little warmer out there. a little hazy as you look at boat house row. there could be a shower or two hanging around depending on where you are. nbc10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> that's right. we're still seeing showers in our area. in the last i'd say, 10 15 minutes, most of the shower activity has pushed offshore. we're starting to see a little more move into the lehigh valley area. niece are short lived, spotty showers. that's the trend as we head into the rest of today. don't be caught offguard if there are a few lingering sprinkles where you are. we have a chance to see a spotty thunderstorm a moderate downpour or even a little lightning. a heads up as we head into the afternoon. that's something we're tracking but our current temperature is on the mild side. 78 degrees in northeast philly. 77 in philadelphia. we're close to 80 degrees in wildwood. 77 right now in allentown and 70
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degrees closer to the poconos. so heading into the rest of today, we'll be well above our average which is 81 for this time of the year. 84 degrees by 4 p.m. by 7 p.m. a little sunshine left over in the day and temperatures at 8 2. our range today between 85 and 88. once we get through the showers, we'll see sunshine peeking through. i am tracking a warming trend, which will send us into the 90s. i'll let you know when in my full seven-day forecast coming up in about ten minutes. >> heads up for drivers. right now crews are making emergency repairs to the northeast extension between lansdale and mid-county exits on the southbound side. the problems could last through the evening rush hour. if you usually head south toward the turnpike you may need to give yourself a little extra time. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who struck and seriously injured this 68-year-old man in
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center city. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning near 11th and market streets pment victim. the victim is michael toner, an actor who is blind and just finished a show for the amaryllis theater company. he lost a leg in the accident. he was supposed to start rehearsing for a show for walnut theater. police don't have any information about the vehicle that hit toner and he had need your help solving this case. in montgomery county a pretrial hearing is under way in the case of a woman accused of having sex with a potts grove high school student. police say they caught a married mother of three having sex with a 17-year-old in potts grove last fall. they say she met the student while volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading team. philadelphia police are still searching for a man they say helped up a seven-11 store in mayfair. they say after 1:00 this morning the man walked into the store on
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tyson avenue and pulled a revolver. he did get away with $300. officials tell us no one was injured at a fire at this mixed use building in southwest philadelphia overnight. the three-story building was filled with smoke when fire crews arrived on the scene on gould and woodland streets. the fire is under control. no word on how it started. dozens of people in mercer county are assessing the damage this morning after a six-alarm fire damaged 20 homes in hamilton township. a scene from skyforce10. you can see the flames eating through the rafters and smoke billowing beneath the roof. took more than 100 firefighters to control the fast-moving flames. the fire chief says he believes the fire started near a spot where roofers had been working. police have arrested a second suspect in the murder of a man whose body was found in a suitcase near philadelphia airport. crystal libhart of philadelphia is charged with robbery,
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hindering and obstruction of justice after police arrested thomas brennan, charging him with the murder. police say brennan beat and stabbed to death scott bernheisel and stuffed his body in a suitcase. a man walking near the airport with his dog found the suitcase and alerted police. they say the victim had been staying in a house in south philadelphia where brennan also stayed. philadelphia's carpenter's union says it promise not to interfere with pope francis' visit to philadelphia in september. the pope will visit philadelphia on september 26th and 27th. he'll preside over an outdoor mass at world meeting of families. the carpenter's union has been protesting against the philadelphia convention center the site for the world meeting of families. the regional counsel of carpenters says it's a dispute over a deadline for signing a customer satisfaction agreement. the protests continue but
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yesterday the union sent a letter to archbishop promising not to interfere with the papal visit. a philadelphia high school is using social media to get the pope to visit them during his trip to the city this september. >> we're inviting you, pope francis! >> pope francis! >> we're inviting. >> pope francis! >> st. joseph's prep in north philly made this video and posted it to their facebook page #tophilly. it's about a minute long. if you want to watch the whole thing, logto on to our website get details using the "nbc10 news" app or smartphones for your phones and tablets. atlantic city is trying to bounce back from the closing of four casinos in 2014. this afternoon officials are set to announce a big push to bring in more tourism dollars.
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the plan will involve the atlantic city sports commission and caesar's entertainment. the new initiative will have a significant economic impact on the future of the city. nbc10's jersey shore bureau reporter ted green burg will be live although the announcement. we'll tell you what will happen this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. the battle between the new owner of atlantic city's former revel casino and power company is cooling down for now. a federal judge approved a deal between glenn straub's north polo country club and ac energy partners. it will keep power flowing to the new revel building for the near future. atlantic city is one step closer to building a giant observation wheel. the president of steel pier just got back from italy where some of the parts are being made. the 200-observation wheel will include climate-controlled gondolas and promises sweeping views of the ocean and the
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atlantic city skyline. a young delaware county firefighter is being hailed as a hero. police say his quick thinking may have saved the life of an umpire during a baseball game in fullcroft. he just hit a double. while on second base he saw the umpire collapse at home plate. here's mike. he jumped into action performing cpr until medics got there. that umpire is recovering in the hospital and listed in stable condition. the hunt continues for two men who broke out of a new york city prison. as the search intensifies, so does the investigation into how they got loose. we'll tell you who investigators are questioning. >> stay out of my way. >> a reporter's question gets an angry response. see what led to her being assault on the sidewalk. i'm tracking a chance of lingering showers as we head into the rest of the morning.
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police, warmer temperatures on the way, even the possibility of a heat wave. i'll show you what to expect in my full seven-day forecast.
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despite a massive manhunt, still no word on two prison escapees. they're hoping one of those workers may hold clues as to how
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these convicts got out. >> reporter: with each hour added urgency outside the prison walls and now within. this morning new confess as investigators turn their attention to prison employees. according to a law enforcement source, did a woman who worked at clinton correctional facility help them pull off their elaborate escape? >> what's hard to understand is hue the correction security staff was not aware of this. >> reporter: with 150 civilian employees working inside the maximum security lockup the internal probe could take days. this as law enforcement sources tell nbc affiliate wetz the convicted killers waited for a getaway driver who never showed. the duo cutting and crawling through a steel plate and pipe smashing through a brick wall only to surface at this manhole cover, forced to flee on foot. >> if they had inside help do,
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they have cell phones communications, who did they call? >> reporter: now an all out search of abandoned buildings. this one directly next to the prison. not sure if the fudge tifrs aregitives are holed up nearby. richard has done it before broke out of a new york jail convicted of killing a man in mexico. one police captain calling him the most vicious, evil person i've come across. both men convicted of brutal murders but now back out with little to lose as a former inmate. >> the moment they're not in their cell anymore, they're attempting to escape at least in theory, you know, deadly force would be authorized. >> that was nbc's miguel ailreporting. pilot returned to the st. petersburg/clearwater area after
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crew reported smoke in the cabin cabin. passengers had to jump down emergency slides. >> it's a little drop. a few people did fall. a couple children were crying and such but all of the passengers were wonderful helping each other out. >> in the terminal passengers were given pizzas and drinks and told they would get full refunds and $200 voucher. belgium police arrested 16 people suspected of being islamic extremeistsextremists. most of those in the country are chechen. police carried out 21 raids across the country, focused on two islamist groups with jihadists links. investigators were able to zero in on the suspects after they intercepted cell phone communication with the help of u.s. authorities police say there was no sign of an imminent attack on belgium. thousands are battling a
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fire in kiev ukraine. three firefighters are missing after the fire triggered a violent explosion. flames spread through at least 16 fuel tanks. crews are trying to prevent the fire from spreading to other tanks. a woman assaulting an australian reporter who was trying to interview her with a lit cigarette. take a look at this. >> stay out of my way. >> after the woman, who was pulling a baby stroller blew smoke in the reporter's face as you saw, she then stubbed her cigarette onto her face. police charged the woman with public nuisance. a reporter was trying to interview the woman outside of a courtroom. she was there to suspect a defendant charged with murder. good morning. i'm tracking isolated storms as we head into the rest of this
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afternoon and a few passing showers. hot and humid conditions especially as we get into the next couple of days. then 90s in the forecast. even the potential for a heat wave. a look outside for philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies. we are going to see the possibility of a few passing showers heading into the afternoon we'll see a little more sunshine. it will be a nice day on the warm side. 77 degrees right now. winds out of the west/southwest so the feels like temperature is already at 79. across the region we're at 77 in allentown. we have an even spread with our temperatures. we'll see above average conditions as we head into the rest of today. throughout the rest of the region, low 70s in the poconos. 77 in coatesville. 73 degrees in kinnette scare. along the shore, 72 in avalon. 78 in dover.
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we've improved with our temperatures in the poconos about 11 degrees from this time yesterday. we're up 5 degrees in allentown. satellite radar shows a few light, spotty showers in the area. mainly near the poconos and pushing into the lehigh valley. you can see how isolated these are. we'll continue to see this type of weather as we head into the rest of the morning and afternoon. future weather shows us the chance for a few isolated downpours. it's not out of the realm of possibility we'll see a stray thunderstorm or two by 1 p.m. if you take a closer look closer to 2:00 3:00 we're dealing with a slight chance of showers lingering. by tonight we see things clearing up. as we head into tomorrow plenty of sunshine expected. we'll still hold onto warmer temperatures. tomorrow will be nice but we'll also be dealing with a chance of spotty showers as we head into the rest of this afternoon. not really into the evening, though.
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warmer temperatures on the way. by tomorrow, 87. plenty of sunshine. we start to warm things up as we head into thursday and friday. that's when we'll see our temperatures push into the 90s. staying there as we head into the start of your weekend. hot conditions on the way for us. our humidity is also going to return to us as well. today's temperature, low 70s in the poconos. 83 in allentown. 82 in redding. warmer temperatures for philadelphia than philly. 87 degrees. 91 on thursday. friday, 93. chance of storms to start the weekend on saturday with temperatures still in the 90s. a tony winning musical is playing in philadelphia. it highlights a chapter of african-american history. ♪ some day ♪ >> the musical "memphis" tells
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the story of a white deejay who introduces white audience to music of black performers. now thanks to a grant, they can offer two community performances. joining us to tell us more about these special performances is rob wineeisteen, associate director of theater. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> tell us about this grant and how it's enabling you to take this to different audiences. >> we were so proud of pnc, a tremendous supporter of arts in philadelphia and around the country. they've given us a grant this year to do community engagement and outreach with the african-american community. tomorrow we'll have 1100 high school students from camden and philadelphia at the theater from 15 schools. on the 28th of june we're partnering with 17 organizations that serve the african-american community and they're bringing 1,000 people to the theater. many of whom this is their first
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theater experience. >> i suspect a lot of those high school kids have never been to the theater. why is it important for you that various segments of the community have access to the arts? >> we believe the arts are so important. theater is an accessible art form that appeals to anyone no matter their social background or race. this is a perfect show. it's very accessible. it has great music, great dancing. and a story that will really appeal to everyone. we want to with the help of pnc, bring these folks in and sort of break down any sxhik barriers. >> one of the great theaters in the history of this country. "memphis" runs from now until july 12th at walnut street theater. for more information go do our website,, or "nbc10 news" app. a virus outbreak has claimed lives.
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we'll show you where this is happening and what's being done to stop the spread. a breakthrough in artificial limbs. see what this new prosthetic can do that previous versions could not.
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seven people are now confirmed dead in a mers outbreak in south korea. investigators from world health organization are helping south
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korean health authorities find out why the virus continues to spring there. hong kong is warning people not to travel to south korea because of the mers outbreak. health officials in illinois are trying to track people down who may have been in contact with a woman with a rare and deadly form of hard to treat tuberculoids. she's now in isolation at national institutes of health in washington. only three or four cases are reported each year in the u.s. officials are working with the centers for disease control and prevention to find people with whom the woman may have had prolonged direct contact in close quartz. scientists in austria say they've developed the first prosthetic leg that can feel. they integrated artificial sensors into the soulle with makes contact with the ground which moves it to the brain. the patient can use the prosthesis like a regular
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artificial leg. this man says he can feel whether he's walking on asphalt or grass. something he's never been able to do before. he was once one of the most powerful politicians in the country. this morning dennis hastert is in court to face charges of possible sexual abuse. and rocker jon bon jovi has made his choice for 2016. we'll tell you what he's doing to help hillary clinton straight ahead.
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just about 11:30. take a look at this video. the other suspect seen in that video was shot and killed last week.
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nbc10's jesse gary is live in lawndale. you've been talking with neighbors and detectives in this case. what have you learned? >> reporter: i've learned they have not made an arrest yet. i've been talking to the owner of a pizza shop behind me. doesn't want to go on camera, but he says he and his wife feel terrible even the suspect himself, even though he was doing something illegal. they say he has a family and they feel bad for that family. police are trying to catch the one surviving suspect. let's take a look at the video vai mentioned. the person on the left-hand side of the screen. investigators say he is wanted for several armed robberies in and around philadelphia in the last several weeks. last thursday he and 33-year-old andrew ellerbe tried to rob this pizza shop. ellerbe was killed by an off-duty detective who was inside at the time. the video they're using to try to find his accomplice. coming back live i've been talking to people up and down this stretch of street on rising sun. there's a day care way down here.
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everybody along this block says the same thing. they don't believe the people involved in this are from the area because this particular pizza place as well as some other eating establishments on this block frequented by police so they don't believe anyone would knowingly go in there because very often there's a police officer either on or off duty eating inside that shop. they don't believe this suspect people are looking for is from anywhere around here. we'll update this story throughout the day as new information comes in. live in lawndale jesse gary, "nbc10 news." let's take a live look now down the shore this morning. here's the scene in cape may, new jersey. after yesterday's wet weather our region is experiencing a warming trend. how hot will it get. nbc10 first meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the answers. >> temperatures will warm into the mid to high 80s and 90s
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thursday, friday. we could have a heat wave on our hands. our temperatures are starting off on the mild side. close to 80 degrees for philadelphia. 77 in chester springs. 77 in quakertown. 78 in redding. mid-70s in oxford. along the shore we're at 76. sweets bore swedes borrow at 77. most of these showers have pushed offshore. i want to zoom you into the poconos and near the lehigh valley where we're starting to see a few more pop-up showers move into parts of the poconos. just be careful if you're driving. you could find yourself within a moderate downpour and isolated thunderstorms on and off throughout the day. as we push into the afternoon, we'll see our chance of thunderstorms going down. by 4:00 we don't have any chance for showers. we'll start to see more clearing. we will clear up overnight tonight into tomorrow. that will give us mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures once again. our humidity will increase as we
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head into thursday and friday. we're also be dealing with breezy conditions. wind gusts close to 30 miles per hour for the poconos. your highs around the area today at 72 in the poconos. 83 in allentown. mid-80s for philadelphia. right along the shore here low 80s for wildwood stretching up to the atlantic city airport. i'm tracking warmer weather. i'll go over the details and how warm we'll get in my seven-day forecast in a few minutes. california's historic drought has prompted several cities in northern california to turn off their fountains. parks that would normally be packed with children running through water are empty, even though some fountains use recycled water. city officials in san jose say they still plan to keep all six of their swimming pools in their communities open for the summer season. we have new information about a delaware mom who was abducted nearly a year ago. tim furlong, head of our delaware bureau s live in new castle where investigators wrapped up a news conference
11:34 am
there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: literally wrapped up a couple minutes ago. they're making another push here. working with the fbi to try to help this family find this woman. you see her here on this missing persons center in the emergency operation center here in new castle. you see her occupy the screen the poster she was in a 2000 acura. she went missing from outside her house last year, june 30th. neighbors saw her being shoved into a car. the billboard will be going up from maryland up into new england. now $30,000 in reward money. the family spoke today basically saying they've cried a lot. now they're just angry because they hear a lot of misinformation floating around. they're asking anyone to search properties wooded areas garages in new castle county. they have no idea where she is. they think somebody has to know. they seem to think she's local. they heard a lot of rumors about what might have happened to this woman. a housekeeper in chris.
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she worked odd hours, in the middle of the night. the family wants to hear more information. police say at this point some leads are drying up and the head of the police department in new castle county says that's completely unacceptable. we hear from colonel setting. >> the big mistake not to tell the police something, i just spoke to the family moments ago and said to them the real tragedy is not realizing when you have information, they can solve this case and bring them some type of closure. the heart ache they're suffering. i think that supercedes this code of silence. >> reporter: it sure does. again, the number is you saw it there on your screen 1-800-call-fbi. you see nefertiti trader she goes by nefi. if you have any information,
11:36 am
1-800-call-fbi. i'll put this on my social media pages today. if you want to share and retweet that, that would be helpful. everyone wants to bring this woman back to her family. stay with us more information, the latest on any developments in this story that is now almost a year old. live in new castle county police headquarters tim furlong, "nbc10 news." >> thank you. meanwhile, an undercover operation broke up a burglary spree in montgomery county. montgomery township police arrested three juveniles for a series of break-ins on pioneer drive, country club drive, bellows way and veronica lane. police had kids under surveillance and saw them break into a home on pioneer drive. police arrested them friday when they mp leaving the property. detectives searched their homes and found money, jewelry and video games worth more than $15,000. a montgomery county mother makes a daring escape with her children during a home invasion robbery early yesterday morning in cheltenham. two masked men broke into the
11:37 am
home and tied up the man and wife. the woman broke free grabbed her sleeping children and escaped through the window. the thieves got away. campbell's soup company made another move to expand camden based company to more than soup. they're buying salsa maker garden fresh gourmet for $231 million. they make humus dips, tortilla chips and brought in $100 million in sales last year. garden fresh is based in michigan and will become part of the campbell's fresh division. former house speaker dennis hastert will stand before a federal judge in chicago this afternoon to face charges he lied to federal investigators for bank withdrawals. it was supposedly used to cover up sexual misconduct accusations when he was a high school coach. >> reporter: the former house speaker dennis hastert hasn't
11:38 am
spoken or been seen publicly since the indictment was announced two weeks ago. that should change this afternoon at the federal courthouse in chicago where he will stand in front of a federal judge and alongside what question now know is his attorney, a high-powered washington attorney, robert green, who has represented other political figures for decades. look, he's being charged with lying to fbi agents as well as illegal money transfers. all of this according to prosecutors, as he was paying hush money to a former student at yorkville high school. hastert was a coach and teacher at the school who allegedly molested at least two students during his time there. this is likely just a legal formality this afternoon, the hearing in which he'll be formally charged. he will announce his plea and likely be released on his own recognizance. that's the latest from here in chicago. jay gray, nbc news.
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now to decision 2016. even though he hasn't officially announced a decision new jersey governor chris christie was back in new hampshire this morning. christie appeared at politics and eggs breakfast. he spoke to potential voters but still isn't saying if he'll run for president in 2016. so far ten republicans have declared they're running for the gop nomination. at least five more candidates are expected. new jersey rocker jon bon jovi is backing former secretary of state hillary clinton's presidential bid. the singer is hosting a fund-raiser for clinton on june 29th. according to an invitation posted on her campaign's website. prices start at $1,000 for general admission and 3 grand for priority seating. the location is only known to those who are attending. clinton is up against three others for the democratic nomination. bernie sanders, marp tin o'malley and lincoln chafee are also in the race. they say a picture can be
11:40 am
worth 1,000 words and soon pictures of certain foods may be worth 1,000 calories. we'll tell you about a calorie-counting app that could soon analyze your food photos. i'm tracking a chance of showers today but also warmer weather on the way. we're pushing into the 90s. i'll let you know when coming up in my full forecast.
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probably won't fit in your bathtub, unless it's gigantic but this ten-foot rubber ducky is perfect for the delaware river. arrived in philadelphia yesterday and now looking for his mom, who happens to be the world's largest rubber duck. mama duck is a whopping 61 feet tall and coming to town for the tall ships festival which takes place later in the month from june 25th to 28th. until then maybe duck will -- baby rocky, that's his name will need the public's help around town as he makes stops across the area. many people post photos of food on social media. now google is working on a new tool that could soon reveal the calorie counts seen in all those food pictures. here's how it works. you take a picture of your favorite food or whatever food you're eating post it to instagram, and then the tool
11:44 am
google is developing would analyze the estimated calorie count of that meal. some say the calorie information would be beneficial to dieters but others say they're not looking forward to seeing the number of their calories listed next to their favorite dish. and dunkin' donuts delivery. it could soon be a reality. the company's chairman and ceo told cnbc quote, delivery is clearly a big opportunity. he says the company is already developing mobile ordering and going on to say the next frontier is serving tech-savvy customers in a delivery service. nbc10 and nbc10 universal -- nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. it's part of a project called 21st century solutions. we want to hear from local nonprofits that have come up with new and innovative programs that help their communities. the winners will receive grant money. it's free. groups have until july 3rd to apply. you can find out more information on our website at
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helping women get their lives and careers on track by providing them with a -- just the right wardrobe. that's the aim of career regard robe an organization dedicated to assisting women successfully transitioning to work. they are holding their annual fashion show. joining us is sherri coale. thank you for joining us. >> nice to see you. >> career wardrobe has been around for 20 years and we've helped 80,000 women with the essential interview suit resume review and job skills they need to move primarily from public assistance and homelessness back to work. >> a fashion show is a big part of what you guys do so tell us a little about it. i understand monique braxton and katy zachry from nbc10 are participating, is that right? >> absolutely. i have to give a huge shout out
11:46 am
to katy and monique. monique has been at every career regard robe fashion show we've held for the last 15 years. a perfect fit on thursday is our big gala fund-raiser. i can see some of your ladies walking down the runway there. we combine our mission and love of fashion together. we pair women like monique and katy who are wearing a suit they will then donate to help another woman get back into the workforce. with clients who have been through our program, who are now working. and providing some inspiration to the women who come up behind them. >> denise nakano another colleague who helps out. tell us how people can help out your organization. >> we would love for folks to come on thursday. if you've got a free night and would like to come it's at the crystal tea room. you can go on our website, we have about 20 tickets left. if thursday doesn't work four there are plenty of ways to help
11:47 am
us. please volunteer. you can shop. we actually have a resale store at 19th and spring garden where things that aren't appropriate for women are put in our retail store along with high-end con assignment items. everything sold directly empowers another woman to succeed. of course, we want you to clean out your closet. and, vai, you can clean out your closet now, too because we are taking men's shirts ties and belts as well. >> how about that? i think i'll do just that. from the other side how do these folks, as they receive this gift, clearly a gift for them, tell me what it does for them. >> career wardrobe is about instilling individual self-confidence. if you think about the last time that you had to apply for a job, look for a job or ask someone for anything that can be a very difficult experience, to hear no. i always say for every open job, there are 50 or 80 people standing in line for that
11:48 am
position. especially entry-level jobs which a lot of women who are living in poverty on public assistance really don't have you know the communication skills and the other skills that will help set them apart in the job search. so when they come to career wardrobe that's what we help them with. in addition to the sult which improves their self-confidence and their self-esteem, we help them learn about time management. learn about communication skills. learn about how to do a job in the 21st century. you just talked about the 21st century grants which we are applying for. you know how do you network via linkedin, have the right kind of social media profile, so that when an employer looks you up online, they're going to see a professional image for you. all of that stuff goes into all of the services that career wardrobe provides. >> sheri cole we thank you for the services provided. that's a great thing you guys are doing. once again, the fashion event,
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perfect event: fashion future for women, is thursday 5:30 to 9 p.m. crystal tea room in center city. for information, go to our website at or nbc10 mobile app. good morning. temperatures today pushing into the mid to high 80s. well below average but still tracking a stray storm heading into your early afternoon hours. hot and humid conditions for us. 90s this week. by thursday we should be in 90s where temperatures will stay well above average. here's a look outside for philadelphia. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures at 79 degrees. wind speeds out of southwest at 15 miles an hour. the feels like temperature already at 81%. that's partially due to the increased humidity. temperatures throughout allentown in the high 70s. same thing in cape may, 77 degrees. we'll see a mild start and warm
11:50 am
conditions as we head into the afternoon. right now we're at 71 degrees in poconos. 77 in quakertown. 76 in pottstown. mid-70s for washington township. 77 in trenton, along the shore temperatures are at 77 in avalon. you'll notice the wind direction, south westerly wind speed. that brings up more moisture and warmer air to us. satellite/radar shot shows barely any clouds but we're checking outs a few spotty showers. mainly near the poconos and also drifting toward the lehigh valley. you can see how isolated these showers are. it's not out of the question we could see some heavy downpours over 476. maybe within the next two or three minutes or so. this is going to be the trend. they'll be isolated, short-lived, quick-moving showers that are going to move through our region as we head into your early afternoon hours. by 3:00 or 2:00 trenton could see a little downpour there. once most of the moisture moves offshore, we'll start to see a little more clearing heading into tonight. that's going to set us up for
11:51 am
plenty of sunshine heading into tomorrow. plus our temperatures stay warm. our average for this time of year, 87 -- or average is 81. high today is 87. same thing heading into tomorrow. just when you thought that was pretty warm, take a look at what happens as we go into wednesday and thursday. we see hot air making its return up from the south. that's going to be sitting over us as we head into friday. that's one of the hottest days of the week friday pushing into the mid-90s. the feels like temperature will be in the high 90s. you want to make sure you stay hydrated especially if you work outside. 72 degrees in the poconos. that's the high today. 83 in allentown. 80 degrees in quakertown. a high of 82 in doylestown. along the shore, low 80s. cape may, 85 degrees. around the philadelphia area temperatures will push into the mid to high 80s. still warm today. temperatures ranging between 85 and 88. with a stray shower expected as we head into your late morning hours and also into your early
11:52 am
afternoon hours. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures stay warm today, tomorrow. 90s by thursday. the warmest day of the week on friday. then a chance of showers and maybe even a heat wave if we see three straight days in the 90s. vai? >> we're following breaking news just into the newsroom. a live picture here. this is in west philadelphia. police are investigating a shooting. this is a shooting with an unusual twist. listen to this. investigators say the gunman took a taxi cab to the shooting scene on ogden street. after he shot the victim he got back into the cab and drove away. police are searching for the shooter as well as the cab. we'll continue to follow this breaking news. we'll bring you new information as soon as it becomes available. we'll be right back.
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father's day is less than two weeks away. people are expected to spend nearly $13 billion this year on their dads. mostly socks and ties. no i'm just kidding. that's according to the national retail federation's father's day spending survey. the average shopper will spend over $115 on gifts and nearly half of those surveyed say they will opt for experience gifts like tickets to a ball game or a
11:56 am
special meal with their family. very nice. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 "ellen" is all new with favorite moments from season 12. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00. it's a spot where investigators track down an accused cop killer. now investigators want to turn the space where eric frein was hiding out into a family fun resort. why the community is divided over the plan and why they don't want that kind of project in their backyard. this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. our first alert meteorologist brittney shipp with a final look at the weather this afternoon. >> we're going to still see a chance of a stray storm or two. not like the widespread thunderstorms we saw yesterday. but there is a chance and it will clear up as we head into the late afternoon hours. 87 degrees today. plenty of sunshine tomorrow warm 87. thursday, hot and humid. we still with the humidity and hot temperatures right into the weekend. >> yeah she's worked ten straight days so she'll get
11:57 am
three days off. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. have a great day. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. no carrier
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