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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. that breaking news is this. a search for a missing teenage girl in philadelphia and disappeared late last night and still missing and we are live on the scene where police are combing a wooded area and looking for clues right now. new overnight a new lead in the hunt for the two escaped killers and escaped prisoners in upstate new york and tell you where police are looking now for the dangerous convicts and how neighbors are helping in the search. near record heat. that is what we are staring at today -- the potential for the first heat wave of the season. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. here is bill henley with the
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first alert forecast. >> a few spots warmer than yesterday. up by ten degrees this morning. that is just the beginning. wind blowing southwesterly wind and heat and humidity is coming into our area riding in on that wind. temperatures holding at 72 in northeast philadelphia. 70 at philadelphia international. lots of 60s. yesterday with we were seeing 50s. pottstown and doylestown and rox burr rox borough at this hour. by 9:00 close to the 80-degree mark and into the middle 80s and still climbing at lunch time today. an hour by hour look at the future weather in ten minutes and show you how quick things are going to warm up. first alert traffic reporter here is jessica boyington. >> this is around broad street. each stretch on eastbound and westbound side they are closed off all lanes.
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so you just -- if you just pay attention to the local due tours they will get you around. all traffic diverted off at broad street so plan your trip accordingly. 10 or 15-minute delay there. 422 no problems. eastbound eight minutes up to the schuylkill expressway and no problems for mass transit. the breaking news now. police looking for a missing teenager in upscale neighborhood in the chestnut hills section of the city. police are following leads in the area of germanytown avenue and cresheim valley drive. the girl was with her parents before she disappeared, right? >> they are out here right now hoping their daughter will be found safe. 4
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police are telling us right now the girl was at a concert over at the at a concert in camden. they end. up here near cresheim demands to be allowed out of the car to relieve herself and she ran off. they found her purse and keys and cell phones. her parents were visibly upset after police showed them photos of those belongings. was this girl abducted? did she run away? questions we are trying to get answers to right now as well. the focus at this particular time is finding this girl. we are working to get a photo. police have been shining flashlights in than wooded area you see out here and getting ready to use key sensors in hopes that will help them find this girl this morning. matt delucia, nbc10 news.
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a viewer sent us this video of this fire. it's burning strongly there. people living in apartments above the store made it out safely. the firefighters had the flames under control soo than and no one injured and no word on what caused it. new information now on that situation in new york. police in new york state could be closing in on those two escaped convicts who broke out of a maximum security prison on saturday. nbc10 tracy davidson is live with us. >> reporter: police are focusing on a town near the new york/have the border and trying to find of two escaped killers. the video overnight showing police blocking off a main road in west plattsburg new york. the road will stay closed through the morning while they investigate a lead.
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they are asking neighbors to keep their front porch lights on. yesterday, authorities say it's possible the prisoners may have crossed state line from new york into have the. police say they have gotten 500 tips from the public and nothing so far. investigators are still questioning that corrections worker if she helped the convicts escape with the use of power tools. people hope these billboards in the northeast will help them capture david sweat and richard matt. some of the billboards are flashing in pennsylvania and new jersey. the billboards display details of that $100,000 reward being offered for information leading to their capture. live in the digital operation center, tracy davidson nbc10 news. a judge will sentence the philadelphia woman known as the black madam who killed a woman with a silicone injection. in march path winslow was convicted of third-degree
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murder. winslow was not licensed to practice the procedures. she faces up to 70 years in prison. also today, a philadelphia judge will arraign rashaan roberts, the suspect in that hit and run that left a temple honors student athlete in a coma. in april, rachel hall was riding her bicycle near campus and police say she ran a stop sign and roberts car slammed into her and roberts took off. they said if roberts had stopped he could have avoided the felony scene of leaving the accident. her mom posted her facebook page saying rachel is progressing slowly and i can see rehabilitation will be a slow process one step at a time. last week, five weeks after the accident, her mother posted quote, i wish life mimics the silver screen but i know rachel will not jump out of board and eating sno-cones with her friends at the jersey shore this weekend. rachel has a very long and challenging life ahead of her. investigators are looking into whether there are more possible victims of a former
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chester county boarding school teacher who is locked up on sexual assault charges. matthew scavitto lived on campus at all boys school in malvern. he often went to a campus apartment to teach a 17-year-old about sex. they say there may be more victims out there. >> you look at the period of time the abuse took place. you look at the grooming and the betrayal of trust by this defendant, those are all red flags. >> officials say the phelps school is cooperating with the investigate and fired scavitto. in atlantic city a principal is accused of stealing from her own school. police arrested la keshia himan at her home yesterday. she is accused of pocketing
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$10,000 meant to be used for the up town school district. authorities investigated this case for a year. hyman is on paid leave since february and now charged with theft and official misconduct. we are waiting to learn what is next in the investigation into last month's deadly amtrak detrailment in philadelphia. they reveal the train engineer was not using his cell phone at the time of the crash. according to the ntsb no calls, no text messages no data used on brandon bostian's cell phone. investigators say they are not finished looking at the phone and it could have still been on airplane mode. if it was, he still would have been able to use an app. the ntsb reiterated that this probe is expected to take a year. bostian was at the controls of train 188 when it left the track and doubled the speed limit in
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port richmond. eight people died and more than 200 injured. delaware's former chief medical examiner is set to plead no contest to charges of official misconduct. dr. richard t. calorie was fired last july after a drug lab was shut down because of theft and tampering. and drug convictions in hundreds of cases in delaware. the doctor is set to plead no contest today on misdemeanor offenses. fallout from that scandal has been costly for delaware. the state has spent 1.6 million to send drug evidence to a private out of state lab. the public defender's office has filed 1,000 motions to overturn past drug convictions and in more than 700 cases the attorney general's deal has approved to dropped charges.
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coming up on ten minutes after 4:00. it is a warmer start this morning. we are on our way to a hot and humidity afternoon. talking 90s for today. the heat and humidity is likely to fuel showers and thunderstorms and tracking a threat for parts of our area later today. and the heat and humidity is not just today but possibility high temperatures into the 90s and into the beginning of the weekend. right now, not all that hot just yet but it is a little warmer than yesterday. doylestown 68. millsville 67 and running 10 degrees warmer at the warmest this morning. no sign of any showers or thunderstorms just yet in center city. no sign of the high heat but change in a hurry. your hour-by-hour feels like temperature the heat and humidity combined will feel like 91 degrees by 11:00 this morning. upper 80s for laenelallentown and redding. tracking a few light showers
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this morning. very scattered light showers and most of the areas will stay dry this morning but i'm expecting this line to produce storms later on today, especially in the northern and western suburbs. allentown. most of the day try and steamy. 83 in the afternoon from mt. pocono. sunshine bright this morning. a quick warm-up. 90 for doylestown and warmer for norristown and mt. holly. atlantic city will be in the 90s└-i upper 80s for rehobeth. it gets less likely for sunshine as you go into delaware. the weekend forecast i'll have that back in ten minutes. >> we are counting on it! >> i thought you would be chris. >> more 90s probably the way things are going.
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11 minutes after 4:00. your ac in the car will get a workout this afternoon. not too bad out there right now but let's see if there is anything that can slow you down. jessica boyington is here with more. >> construction projects end up at 5:00 this morning. black horse pike active work zone here and taking out part of the right-hand lane and right hand shoulder along the southbound lanes and moving by counsel to two lanes as opposed three. the drive times doing okay still. 13 minutes southbound from 38 up towards this point at the black horse pike. heading down the p.a. turnpike no problems. 23 minutes from route one to valley forge. taking public transit in philly is about to get easier
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and smart money app to get commuters from point a to b. the pope's visit to philadelphia is still a few months away. coming up i'll tell you what work is being done here now to help get ready for his visit.
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the pope's visit is in september but people are helping to spread his message and katy zachry is live for us in north philadelphia. they are spreading that message through action right? >> reporter: that's right. i spoke to some of them yesterday. they say the work they are doing this week has special meaning because the pope is coming so close when they are here in
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philadelphia. behind me is st. joe's press housing 150 students from across the country. every day this week, they file out of st. joe's prep and head over two dozen work sites where they repair and rebuild. most of the people's homes, summer schools are all here in philadelphia in this neighborhood and shared by st. joe's prep. the school spent the last several months organizing where these students would work. i talked one-on-one with a woman who was being helped just a few blocks from where i'm standing and she explains why some of her neighbors were reluctant to accept the help but she says that has changed this year. we will talk about that coming up at 5:15. reporting live in north philadelphia katy zachry nbc10 news. a world meeting of families in philadelphia begins september 22nd. pope francis arrives in the city the weekend of the 26th after making stops in d.c. and new york. count on the nbc10 news team to bring you new information about the papal visit as it draws
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closer and we will send out updates you can get through your smartphone by tapping on the nbc10 app. happening today, the irs will unveil a new plan to protect taxpayers from identity thieves and changes following a three-month joint effort of the public and private sectors to guard against hackers. cyberthieves broke into an irs system and stole personal information and filing data from tens of thousands of taxpayers a couple of weeks ago. today in harrisburg the how house judiciary committee will hold a hearing on tom wolf's temporary ban of the death penalty. the house approved a resolution urging him to reverse it. house members said the governor cannot overturn the state's death penalty without first going through the legislature. a congressional hearing sitet
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today. in 2011 bipartisan act was signed into law. it provided treatment for health conditions resulting from those terrorist attacks. but the act is about to expire next year unless reauthorized. today's hearing will have a bill do just that. more u.s. forces are headed to iraq. yesterday, president obama ordered up 450 troops to the anbar province to train and assist iraqi forces battling isis. that raises the total of american troops in iraq to more than 35 hundred,500. isis is in control much of that province not far from baghdad. texas police officer who was caught on camera confronting teens at a pool party and then resigned is now apologizing for his actions. a witness recorded this incident in a dallas suburb last friday
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and shows officer eric casebolt pulling a girl to the ground and pulling his gun on other teens. he had two suicide calls that took an emotional toll on him. the officer quit the force on tuesday. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for two men charged with killing a philadelphia police officer robert wilson 1928. the brothers face a capital murder trial. the two suspects are accused of shooting and killing officer wilson when he interrupted their robbery of a video game store in north philadelphia in march. officer wilson was in the store to buy a birthday present for his son. the suspects will be back in court at the end of the month. a warm start this morning. we will see sunshine. looking for relief. you'll find cooler temperatures at the shore. right now some very light fog showing up in the camera.
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fog doesn't look like an issue but heat and humidity will be. we will see bright sunshine on this view later on today. occasionally scattered clouds during the morning hours and any storms will wait until later in the day and when we will seal the 90s. right now, 70 degrees in philadelphia. humidity running higher. you can feel is this morning at 78%. clear view from the comcast center in center is it i. clear now and watching for showers and thunderstorms later on. high clouds are getting ready to move in from the north and west. these are scattered clouds producing a few showers in the pocono mountains and it is this line that is going to be moving into the area and could help trigger showers and thunderstorms this afternoon as the heat and humidity get pumped up into our area today. 90s this afternoon. late day storms more likely north and west of i-95 so parts of northern chester and
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montgomery and bucks county and pocono mountains will see more likely to see showers and thunderstorms thunderstorms. the weekend we could see 90 saturday afternoon. that would be the third day in a row. first heat wave of the season. a nice change on sunday. we will see sunshine and less humid conditions as the temperatures stay in the 80s. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. so this is the day that you probably won't want to take a long bicycle ride to work given the heat this afternoon especially. let's find out if you're heading out on the roads what things look like now. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> we have ongoing instruction. police activity here around eighth street on westbound side. he just moved out of the way so just now some signs through the area. and we are in the process of cleaning up the ongoing construction diverting all traffic along broad street.
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if they are closing it off still when you make your way through, follow the local detours and you'll be just fine. the rest of the drive times. 95 southbound no problems. 12 minutes on the schuylkill. if you are in new jersey in cherry hill westbound 70 construction soldier cornell avenue and lexington avenue. one lane getting by heading up to the philadelphia area. if you have an iphone, apple's new software could make your trip on public transit in philadelphia a little easier. starting this fall apple maps will display real-time public transit information. philadelphia is one of only six cities to get the enhanced version of those maps. users will also get step-by-step directions to the closest public transit stop. kids who misbehave in class
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may not be a bad thing and next how it could help some children learn. when you were born you could predict your risk for disease. in fact, when you were born could predict your risk for disease if i read that correctly. next the birth month that had the most in a new discovery. do you want to see what happens behind the scenes when we are on air? a lot of things do. now you can find out. hey! someone behind the scenes is shoving me now. we tell you this because most mornings we are on the video app parascope. >> it's fun! >> i'm looking at you now and you're seeing it. i won't explain that. any way follow us on parascope and get a live look what is happening here during commercial breaks and all of the things that we are going through to bring this broadcast to you. join us.
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26 children were measured when they took cognitive and related tests. it showed they were significantly better when they were moving compared to when they were still. a new study out this morning that links your health with the month in which you were born. if you were born in may have the lowest risk of disease and in october have the highest.
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it could help scientists discover new risk diseases. skies are clear right now. the temperatures are running a bit warmer. 69 degrees at 4:27. got some storms on the way for parts of the area later today. if you're going out the door jessica boyington is here with a look at your traffic. >> blue route. no problems. few ongoing construction projects. i'll show withdrew they are coming up. a teenage girl is missing in the chestnut hill neighborhood of philadelphia. this is a live picture here of chief inspector scott small giving our matt delucia an update and we will tell you what that update is in a moment. stay with us.
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that breaking news right now nbc10 is following the search for a missing teenage girl in chestnut hill. police are searching woods for any clues that could help bring her home. we got an update from investigators on the scene. nbc10 matt delucia will have new information and he is standing by. near record heat. that is what is ahead for today as the 90s return and the potential for the first heat wave of the season and it's already 69 degrees at 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it will feel like summer today. bill is here with his first alert forecast. >> humidity will help showers and thunderstorms develop later in the day but no sign in the immediate area this morning. a clear view from center city. a few scattered light showers tracking through the


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